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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the longest- serving member of the court. "he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court." scalia was often seen as the keystone of the conservative, five-justice majority on the high court, which frequently split with the four more liberal justices. president obama said he would nominate a replacement... setting up an epic battle with republicans on the direction of the court. presidential candidate "there's a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year. presidential candidate "he can nominate someone; the senate's not moving forward on it until after the election." "mitch mcconnell, the senate's top republican vowed to block any obama appointment to the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. democrats lashed out." presidential candidate "it is totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles." presidential candidate "it is beyond my comprehension and it just speaks to level of republican obstructionism from day one." funeral arrangements for scalia have not yet been announced. mark albert, cbs
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and be sure to stay with k-t-v-n and c-b-s news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage. in the final week before the south carolina primary, a new cbs news poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead in that state. craig boswell has the latest from greenville, south carolina. florida republican senator marco rubio was out looking for votes sunday in south carolina. if you nominate me, we will unify and grow this party and we will unify and grow this country,. rubio is riding a wave after saturday night's debate. 32 percent of republicans and independents in a cbs news poll declared him the winner. "i thought rubio did a very nice job." donald trump finished 2nd in the poll. the billionaire businessman clashed with rubio and sen. ted cruz. "right now as a candidate he supports funding for planned parenthood" "you know you are
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worse than jeb bush." "the sudden death supreme court justice antonin scalia has also been on the minds of the candidates and some voters should president obama nominate the next justice? "yes he should. he has the choice and he has the ability to do that." "obama may nominate someone but it won't get through the senate this year." for the democrats, sen. bernie sander made the rounds on the sunday morning news programs.while hillary clinton campaigned in nevada. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina hillary clinton will be making her way to northern nevada tomorrow. she will be at adobe middle school on jennings way in elko for a get-out-the-caucus event. doors will open at 8 a-m then the former secretary of state will travel to reno for a woman's health meeting at u-n-r.
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then she will be at truckee meadows community college for another get out the caucus event. doors will open at 2:30 p-m on dandini boulevard. to r-s-v-p to the elko or reno get out the caucus events, head to our website k-t-v-n dot com and click on the blue newslinks button. it was another nice day in reno with highs in the lower to mid 60's. wer'e seeing a decent amount of cloud cover tonight. winds have picked up, gusting up to 25 miles per hour at times. high pressure is still in place for now. keeping the storm track up to our north. temperatures this morning were in the mid 30's, tomorrow will be very similar
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highs in the mid 60's. if we can get some wind, we'll see less cloud cover. next storm it was another nice day in reno with highs in the lower to mid 60's. wer'e seeing a decent amount of cloud cover tonight. winds have picked up, gusting up in the mid 30's, tomorrow will be very similar with lows in the getting married on valentines day has become a bit of a tradition here in the biggest little city. in fact- this holiday weekend could prove to be a record breaker for the local wedding chapels. ryan canaday has more. "camera" asiel castillo, his wife shannon and their daughter lasa traveled to reno from the bay area on friday, so the two love bird's could tie the knot this valentines day. "well we've been here over the weekend and we've been planning this for a long time, and today is our anniversary so it's
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and the folks at the "arch of reno wedding chapel" say it's not just the perfect time for asiel and shannon to get married. but for many couples like the castillo's who come to northern nevada to exchange their vows on valentines day. "it was the perfect weekend, every piece fell into place with the city, the weather and the people, it's our day of the year for this industry where we perform ceremonies". so many ceremonies in fact, that marino expects more than 300 marriage licenses to be issued in washoe county this three day weekend alone--potentially breaking a record. "friday it started very well for us, we were a little bit thrown off guard for a second and today we're going to do, i could only guess the count be more than 40." and with so many couples traveling to town ...often times with their families... marino says the weddings on valentines day helo the reno economy. "they stay a few nights in the
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restaurants, they come here and get married, they come and enjoy up and down virginia street." and that's exactly what the castillo's were able to do this weekend. a quick trip to reno with their friend and their daughter...for a celebration they'll never forget. "it's never too late to marry the person you love. it feels good, it feels definitely good, we have a family so it feels awesome." and tomorrow is president's day, meaning another big weekend for the ski resorts. at alpine meadows and squaw valley, skiiers were enjoying one of the most snow- packed winters in the past few years. officials are expecting a full holiday weekend "we have a 10 foot base up hare, and we've gotten 25 feet of snow. so the message has definitely caught on. there's a definitely caught on. there's a lot of happy faces up here." squaw valley alpine meadows is also kicking off a week-long kid-o- rama. it coincides with ski-skate week, where students in mountain schools have the week off to take advantage of the conditions. pr manager liesl
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draw for both the kids, and the resorts. "we've got a ton coming up this week. tomorrow is big truck day. both alpine meadows and squaw valley will have all kinds of fun machienry, snow cats, fire trucks, snowmobiles. the kids can come out, get inside, check out the controls." all week long, there will be live music, hula-hooping, tubing, mini snowmobiling, and skating for kids and families. hundreds of thousands flock to pope francis' sunday mass. i'm adriana diaz in mexico city. detrails coming up.
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that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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pope francis had another whirlwind day in mexico. it included an outdoor mass and a visit to a children's hospital. adriana diaz has the latest from mexico city. pope francis visited a children's hospital in mexico city where he gave a sick boy medicine. displaying his affection for the young, he asked the children to pray for him. a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of ave maria. "mexico city has been pope francis' hub since he arrived from here he's taking daily trips around the country." earlier in the day, the holy father traveled by helicopter to ecatepec, one of mexico city's poorest and most violent suburbs. there he celebrated an outdoor mass before more than 300,000, the largest event on his six day historic visit. in his homily, the pope urged
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equal opportunity for all. an estimated two million people lined his motorcade route, many waving vatican flags and balloons. "it's amazing! amazing, i'm nervous!" ad: why did you like him? porque te gusto? yz: porque andaba en un carro blanco y a mi me gusto tu carro ad: you liked his car? te gusto su carro? yz: si! tomorrow, pope francis flies to the region of chiapas to meet with indigenous people on mexico's southern border. ad, cbs news, mexico city. angela will have a look at your weather forecast but first... the music industry's biggest night is almost here. coming up next, we'll show you the final preparations for the 20-16 grammys.
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just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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welcome back.. the biggest names in music are getting ready for tomorrow night's grammy awards. suzanne marques caught some of the rehearsals, and a sneak peek at what the artists will take home.
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shakes" is preparing for monday's grammy awards. the southern rockers are up for the big prize - "album of the year" - and lead singer and guitarist brittany howard admits.they're starstruck. "we come from a little town. it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like pharrell, and adele, and prince. it's wild! "alabama shakes" joins a diverse lineup of performers from across musical genres. but host ll cool j says the closing act is still under wraps. "the appetizers will be amazing and dessert will be spectacular!" this year, the trophy is outfitted with "a grammy cam" --- which will capture video from the winner's circle. "when the grammy award is given to an artist you will literally be in the hands of your favorite artist, you'll see their point of view and their perspective from the stage." "even if they don't take home a trophy, every artist is invited to the backstage grammy gifting lounge - where they can choose anything
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to jewelry." "something like - that they get two huge bags... one that's pre-stuffed and one to "trick or treat" through the lounge were his words." two-time nominee miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. miguel is performing a cover of "she's out of my life" - - celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album, off the wall. suzanne marques, cbs news, los angeles and we have a programming note regarding the grammys. we will be airing the grammys live tomorrow evening, with coverage beginning at 4 p-m, and a rebroadcast immediately after. we will not have a five or 6:30 p-m broadcast. we will have a special edition
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it was another nice day in reno with highs in the lower to mid 60's. wer'e seeing a decent amount of cloud cover and sunshine. winds have picked up, gusting up to 25 miles per hour at times. high pressure is still in place for now. keeping the storm track up to our north. temperatures this morning were in the mid 30's, tomorrow will be very similar with lows in the mid 30's and highs in the mid 60's. if we can get some wind,
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storm rolls in here wednesday night. futurecast shows the storm track well north of nevada with onshore flow bringing in some cloudiness at times. tuesday will be similar with a few extra clouds and winds picking up. seven day shows another storm moving in wednesday night with highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. it was another nice day in reno with highs in the lower to mid
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seeing a decent amount of cloud cover and sunshine. winds have picked up, gusting up to 25 miles per hour at times. high pressure is still in place for now. keeping the storm track up to our north. temperatures this morning were we'll see less cloud cover. next storm rolls in here wednesday few extra clouds and winds picking up. seven day shows another storm moving in wednesday night with highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. coming up in sports....we will take a look back at the wolf pack's overtime win over fresno
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it took more than 40 minutes last night but the wolf pack was able to grind out a 77-72 overtime win against longtime conference rival fresno state. three wolf pack players finished in double figures.... tyron criswell had a double-double... 13 points and 11 rebounds... d.j. fenner led nevada by tying his career high of 24 points... and cameron oliver had the best game of his young wolf pack career... 20 points and a mountain west record 24 rebounds... the wolf pack had a 13 point lead in the second half... but the bulldogs clawed back... and marvelle harris would tie with left... in overtime nevada spotted the bulldogs 5 points but fought back... fenner and oliver would knock down jumpers but it came down to free throws and rebounds... nevada up 3 with six seconds to go... criswell looking to put the game on ice... but he misses... yet cameron oliver would grab rebound number 24...
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a pair of free throws to give nevada their 15th win... afterwords a lot of the talk was about the freshman forward's mountain west record. " we told him at half time he had to get 20, we keeping talking him about him having so much potential. we feel like we can get a lot more out of him cause he has such unbelievable athletism and a great combo of strenght speed and explosiveness. tc and cam out rebounded their whole team." " 24 boards man , i am pretty speachless. it tells mwhat i am capable of doing in this league and college basketball period." next up for the pack game 1 of a 2 game road trip... they will visit san jose state on wednesday at 7pm.. thespartans are still at the bottom of the conference but are much improved than last years
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you can stream the game on the mountain west netowrk or on jane albright her ladies can follow the mens team lead and grab a win over fresno state... teige zeller goes to work down in the paint... and she will flip it up and in... nevada would take the lead in the second quarter... a little later the wolf pack playing some defense down low... they get the block... kelsey kaelin with the ball in transition... she will deliver it to aj cephas who gets the lay in.. nevada led the pack had a three point lead at the half... but the bulldogs took over from their winning 65-56. the wolf pack softball team started their season in tempe arizona at the kajikawa classic this weekend... on day 1 of the tournament they beat bradley and indiana... but dropped games to yesterday... so they were looking to get out of the grand canyon state with a winning record today... and they were able to just that topping the east carolina
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2 run homer in the 4th inning... brooke bolinger was solid in the circle pitching all 7 inning allowing 7 hits and 1 run. the ladies will be in las vegas next weekend for 5 games in the wilson/demarini classic. coming up..... the nba all star game played out tonight... and there was a lot of points...
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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the nba all-star game played out tonight... and if you are a fan of defense... then you hated tonights game... a record number of points were scored... also it was kobe bryant's final all star appearance... so lets head north to canada for this one. the mamba definetly the center of attention... first quarter kobe backing up into the lane and his jumper... goes round and round and falls through... the mamba not done... second quarter and kobe stops beyond the arc... and gets the friendly bounce... kobe had 10 points 6 rebounds and 7 assists... here is one of them... the nifty pass to russel westbrook who dunks it in... he
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of defense... yea nobody gets back to cover paul george he nails a three pointer... 123-113 west in the third quarter... 4th quarter now... bryant running the fast break... he throughs the alley to kevin durant who finishes with the oop... the west sends bryant off a winner in the all star game 196-173... that is 369 points scored... russel westbrook was named the games mvp. vaughn taylor has only won two pga tournaments in his career... both being the reno tahoe open more than 10 years ago... but he was in contention in the final round of the pebble beach pro am... his approach on 15... plays a little croquet with the other ball on the green and comes to a stop just feet from the cup... he would birdie the hole.... now on 16... for birdie... he is putting from egypt... and this one will go to its home from 40 feet away... he would head to the clubhouse at 17 under but phil mickelson one of the best to every take to the links coudl force a playoff with this short putt... and it lips out...
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beach pro-am... that also qualifies him for the masters... and any other tournament he wants for the next two years. qualifying for the daytona 500 was today... and no that isn't jeff gordon in the famous 24 car... he is retired.... that is 20 year old rookie chase elliot son of 1988 sprint cup champion bill elliott... and he will be the youngest ever driver at just 20 years old to lead the field to green next sunday... he took the pole at an average speed of 196.314 miles an hour... former series champion matt kenseth will start next to him... the rest of the starting order will be decided on thursday in the can am duel races. after the break, we'll show you some very cute valentines-- you
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