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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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nevada. they ran a very aggressive, effective campaign and i applaud them for their efforts." south carolina is next on the democrats' primary schedule, on february 27-th. super tuesday comes on march 1-st. we have team coverage of today's caucuses. ryan canaday was in carson city and he will join us in the just a minute. but we'll start with erin breen, who was all over the biggest little city today. erin, it was pretty hectic out there today, wasn't it? that's a good word for it.... but really the problems were all with the checking in.... some who registered online had to wait in the general lines if they didn't have cell phones. and they could have used more volunteers helping, because the backlog meant for lines. and when i say lines...i mean serious lines... lines that crowded the hallways...wound around corners and led right out
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lines that wore on those waiting in them. norma:"i thought it was a little disorganized and there was to use of automatic counting and technology that i think should have beeen employed." david mandel:"the registration was slow they were all volunteers and they clearly could have had more training and practice i think." -----you go this way go that way...- the caucus we were following was too big for the first room we moved. do we bring our chairs? the second room didn't work out we moved to the cafeteria. once we got settled there.. it undecideds to sway... urging ----okay times up. ----- ellen:" we had 140 people and both undecideds came over to the bernie side." doug:" it was a little scarey but they all had good points nad i'll vote for either one that gets the nomination."
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few eyes. nathanial jones:"i got a few dirty looks when i came in but this is a knock off hat. i'm feelin the bern " it took longer to get in.... than to get through the process. and that concerned some. betty: in 5 minutes i will have been here for 3 hours this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever attended!" but there were those who felt it went well and accomplished just what it was set out to do. ellen:" i thought it was fantastic. such a great turn out. ellen: this has been phenomenal!" there were 14 precints at mcqueen high school today. and it was amazing how fast things went after the bottleneck of registration was over. covering campaign 2016 erin breen channel 2 news. thanks erin-- but that wasn't all the caucus action from today. ryan canaday was down at carson city high school earlier. he joins us now live in the studio.
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jen organized chaos was the best description we heard while we were down there. organizers believe more than thirteen hundred people filed through the doors at carson high to caucus today, which was way more than originally expected. "g through l" the lines just kept on coming at the democratic caucus in carson city today. "follow the signs down this hallway sir" as more than a thousand people came to support their favorite democratic candidate. support bernie and hopefully we end up with more bernie people than hillary people i really want hillary because i know she'll approve on the affordable care act. many of whom were caucusing for their very first time this is my first caucus, i've always done primaries new kind of interesting and different." others weren't so thrilled with the way the caucus was organized. my neighbors, some who i know, some who i don't all agree that we would rather be in a booth, where we are checking our nominee. everyone began the caucus
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door...they then split into one of thirteen separate precincts.. then once the final person walked through the door..the commotion died down...and everyone got down to business. "calm and somewhat organized, not back and forth too much at all." precinct leaders began by counting the amount of members in their group. "one, two, three, four" they would then split the room by support for bernie or hillary. "52 here, 38 here" after that, it was time for the math..allowing each precinct to determine the amount of delegates they could elect. "so the 2.3 for hillary, is rounded down to 2, 1.7 for bernie is rounded up, so it's two to two. and the delegate count ended up very close for all thirteen precincts. hillary got 4 and bernie got three pretty close to even, in our group hillary had a few more than the bernie supporters but it was very close to 50-50. but in the end, not even the long lines and commotion of cacucus day could keep could keep nevadan's from doing their
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they felt valued and part of the process and i think they'll do it again." it sure was a crazy and fun time down there in carson city today. be sure to stay with channel two news as we continue to follow caucus coverage and what the results mean for the presidential race covering campaign 20-16 live in the studio ryan canaday channel two news and some late-breaking campaign news into our newsroom. jeb bush has suspended his presidential campaign after another poor showing, this time in south carolina. bush received 8-point-1 percent of the vote, with 74-precent of precincts reporting. meanwhile, the frontrunner in the south carolina republican primary has won. cbs news projects donald trump is tonight's winner. craig boswell is at ted cruz's rally in columbia with the latest. cbs news projects donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. ted cruz and marco rubio trailed close behind. earlier, volunteers at cruz's call center worked to get
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"it's crunch time, so you bring all your family and friends to vote too, ok?" today, cruz attended the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia. this week- south carolina governor nikki haley endorsed rubio which helped some voters make up their minds. "i really think it's up to rubio." jeb bush is in the bottom three. he greeted voters at a polling location in greenville, south carolina... with a message about donald trump. "trump can't win, plain and simple." john kasich is out of town.campaigning to standing-room-only crowds in massachusetts ahead of super tuesday. craig boswell, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. and as we approach super tuesday, be sure to stay with channel two news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage of campaign 20-16.
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cloudiness this afternoon come up from the south, but other than that the weather is rather quiet. highs today were in the mid 50's. lows were near thirty degrees. sunday will be very similar. a weak system will move north of reno on sunday giving us some cloud cover, but we have lots of dry air at the surface. winds right now are fairly light, coming out of the southwest at five to ten. we have an update to a missing woman investigation in douglas county. the california highway patrol found carolyn batchelor's car in the area of inspiration point overlooking emerald bay.
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where the vehicle was located-- for batchelor, who-- officials say-- was last seen by her roommate at approximately 5:10 p.m. on february 15-th. batchelor is 5 foot, 7 inches tall, weighs approximately 180 pounds, and has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. if you know where she is, call the douglas or el dorado county sheriff's office at the numbers on your screen. "supreme court justice antonin scalia was laid to rest, remembered for his devotion to the country, and god. i'm weijia jiang in washington with that
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looking around the nation... supreme court justice antonin scalia was laid to rest today. he was remembered as a man of faith, with deep love for his country and family. weijia jiang has more from washington, d.c. church bells tolled for justice antonin pallbearers carried his flag-draped casket into the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. "let us pray." father paul scalia - the justice's son - presided over the mass and delivered the homily. "god blessed dad with a love for his family." father scalia was on the verge of tears as he talked about his dad's love for his wife of 56 years and the couple's nine children. "to have each other for support, that's the greatest wealth parents can bestow. and right now, we are particularly grateful for it."
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the first for a supreme court justice held here at the nation's largest roman catholic church. religion was an important part of his life." "it was a reminder that there were more important things in his life than the job he did every day. he loved his church and loved his country both." and, he loved his friends...says dick coleman, who went to college and law school with scalia. "it gets me when i hear in the media he's a curmudgeon. he was the warmest, funniest guy i know." mourners from both sides of the aisle including vice presidents joe biden and dick cheney.and senator ted cruz came say goodbye. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. meteorologist angela schilling will have a look at your
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we're seeing some high level cloudiness this afternoon come up from the south, but other than that the weather is rather quiet. highs today were in the mid 50's. lows
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will be very similar. a weak system will move north of reno on sunday giving us some cloud cover, but we have lots of dry air at the surface. winds right now are fairly light, coming out of the southwest at five to ten. futurecast shows quiet conditions the next few days. the ridge strengthens on monday. we'll see a few clouds
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it was a busy day for high school basketball-- as the regional championship games were played this afternoon... dallas
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northern nevada high school basketball as northern regionals played out... however the division 1 north finals still in progress up at spanish springs high school... the girls just wrapped up a little bit a go... where bishop manogue repeats as division 1 north champs topping the reno huskies 72-59. as for the boys they are in progress... as it is carson versus reno... at last report they are about midway through the second quarter and carson leads 17-14... full highlights and results tonight at 11. the lower division games are done... lets start with the d 1-a boys... elko and south tahoe... 1st quarter... ethan strain blocks the shot... and sprints up court... as his teammate tommy cefalu will find him for the wide open transition layup.. vikings with an early lead... but here comes the indians... dustin baum's shot gets blocked under the basket... but he gathers it backs up and decides a three is a better idea... and it was... swishes it home... this one also came down to the wire as elko has now won 5 straight northern titles... 45-43. how about the d 1-a girls... churchill county undefeated on
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something to say about it... down 9 in the 4th... comeback starts now... caitlynn cooper creates space and banks one in from under basket... that cuts the lead to 7... but with 10 seconds left the buckaroos down 2... and its alyssa kuskie... steps back beyond the arc and this girl has ice water in her veins... she nails the three... its the game winner... and lowry shocks the greenwave winning the di-a north 40-39. lets go to the division 4 ranks... mineral county from hawthorne and whittell from up at the lake... and whittells palmer champlin has a real nice shot... from beyond the arc... ker-splash... that gives the warriots a 1 point lead... and then this is not an instant replay... because from almost the exact same spot on the floor... chaplin spots up again... and another three that is nothing but net... whittell pulls away and win the division 4 north 60-44 as for the the girls... in the division 4 ranks... it is mcdermitt beating owyhee 76-38. and finally the division 3
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for the boys.... pershing county and yerington went to overtime... whree it was the lions winning 75-64... and for the girls incline tops west wendover by 2... 41-39. two words that gets sports fans in the silver state fired up.... nevada... unlv... as the two schools meet again on the hardwood today... you might recall the nevada mens basketball ended a 2-game skid with the rebs back on january 23rd with a 65-63 win at lawlor events center. the the win was the pack's 4th in the last 6 meetings of the governors series....but this time the pack has to play in the rebs house. the pack is 4-3 on the road this year...tip set for 7 at the
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mack center it will be televised on cbs sports network. the nevada womens basketball team hosted unlv in the play for kay yow game today... as they helped raise funds for the kay yow foundation... early on reed grad nyasha lesure goes to work and lays one in... pack up by 5... later its stephanie schmid... nevada's sharp shooter...dialing one up from distance and its good... and the nevada wolf pack women's basketball team is able to knock off the rebels... 71-65. and the nevada softball team is now 6-2 on the season after topping portland state 4-2 in the wilson demarini classsic this morning... megan sweet... amanda weis and hannah harger all hit home runs... while brook bolinger pitched a complete game and struck out 7.
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and struck out 7. then angela will have a final look at our weather. you're watching channel 2 news -
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