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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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nonpartisan voters could have more power than either party. his statements have been outrageous...yet his popularity continues to grow? donald trump is a political that has stumped the pundits. eric:"four months ago i would have said trump will fade...implode...whateve r. but he's captured what i call the anger demographic. it's i'm mad at government..i'm mad at washington...i'm just mad." and it seems to be in all categories... trump :"we won with the young...we won withi the old....we won with the4 highly educated....we won with the porrly educated...i love the poorly educated!" and...he's pulling in the indepedent voters. new hampshire allows non partisans to vote in their caucuses...and herzik says ... they made quite eric:"they voted disproportionately in the republican party...and for donald trump...he won that demographic."
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growing. comparing last month's registration to january of our last presidential election....registration has grown equally for both main parties. but the non-partisan registration has outpaced the three times. and check this out....the difference between republican and democratic registration right now is 18- thousand. the 234- thousand nonpartisans currently registered are heard. eric:"one reason so many independents...or non-partisans ...especially those who have registered recently....are just: i'm fed up with washington...i'm fed up with you guys...that's the visceral part of american politics, and donald trump is capturing it." now whether that trend will continue is still a question. and whether trump will get the nomination is still up in the air. but i think we'd all agree it's all been entertaining to watch this election as it develops. covering campaing 2016, erin
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today governor sandoval issued a statement saying he has notified the white house he does not want to be considered for the a supreme court seat. the governor said he also notified senators reid... heller and mcconnell of his decision. in a statement he said in part quote: the notion of being considered for a seat on the highest court in the land is beyond humbling and i am incredibly grateful to have been mentioned. it still doesn't look like there's much of a chance of any showers as we go through the weekend. temperatures will spike on friday ahead of a weak cold front which will kick up some brisk winds in the afternoon, but most of the precipitation from the front will likely stay to the north of the reno area. temperatures will drop saturday into the low 60s and will fall a bit more into
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another weak cold front passes through sunday night. turning to the crime beat... reno police are looking for two men involved in a home invasion near reno high school. yesterday police responded to foster drive for a possible burglary in progress. there they found an elderly man injured inside a home. he was hosptialized with non-life threatening injuries. police are looking for this
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the driver's side, a sunroof, and a spoiler. the suspects are light-skinned black or hispanic men. one is about 6 feet tall with a thin build...the other is 5-foot-8 with a heavy build and a tattoo on one arm. police believe they are connected to other burglaries in the area. and sparks police are looking for two suspects who stole an s-u-v yesterday. the theft happened at greg street and spice island drive... around 4-30 p-m. the victim told police she was hit from behind by another car. she got out to check the damage, and when she turned around a man was in her s-u-v. after demanding money ... he left in her vehicle. the man was white, in his 30s, with a bald head and tattoos near his left ear and on both arms. the driver of the other car, who also fled the scene... is a white woman in her 30s... with blond hair. she was driving an early 90s dark green g-m-c or chevy yukon... with a u-n-r sticker on the back window. if you have any informaton that
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or the foster drive home invasion... call secret witness at 3-2-2 49-hundred. ky- "teachers arne't the only ones with tremendous impact on students. im ky sisson part two of our series on social and emotional learning is coming up." but first -- a new masters program at the university of nevada is offering students a chance to help in the health care field. find out what medical job you could be trained
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in school watch today... there is a growing need for more health care providers in our region, so u-n-r is creating a new physicians assistants program at the school of medicine. students wanting to get their masters in the field will now be able to in nevada, starting next year. amanda ketchledge joins us live in the studio with more. amanda-- starting in the summer of 20-17, 24 students will be enrolled in the physician assistant program to ultimately help the primary care need in our community. brian lauf, director of pa program: "adding qualified health professionals to meet that access need, will only benefit the entire population in nevada. especially the rural and under served areas." brian lauf is the founding director of the new physician assistant program that will start classes at the unr redfield campus in south reno next year. students will get a hands on experience... gloves ....dealing with patients in family medicine, women's health,
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like ben hogan at a renown urgent care. ben hogan, physician assistant for renown: "we essentially are physician extenders. so we're trying to help the physicians do more." ben hogan, physician assistant for renown: "we see patients independently. we can diagnose and prescribe treatments, medicines." blood pressure machine renown health is giving 500 thousand dollars to help kick-start the program in northern nevada. because officials tell us there has been a shortage of physicians and physician assistants in the area. dr. max coppes, renown: "we thing we'll be able to recruit physicians if they know that they're not going to be overwhelmed by all the things that they need to do. because we'll actually have physician assistants in our community, helping them." since most pa's will have health care experience prior to admission, they won't have to complete a residency program after their education. because when they graduation, pa's can immediately begin working in the health care industry. covering school watch, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. yesterday, we told you about how the washoe county school district is being nationally recognized for their social and emotional learning program.
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how this curriculum doesn't just effect students, but the entire school community. ky sisson has more. when it comes to the integration of teaching life skills such as empthay, managing stress, and dealing with adversity in washoe county schools... social and emotional learning isn't only integrated in the class room. hey guys! from custodian. to secretary. to principal. the school district requires sel training for all 8,000 staff members. this what tells what self awareness is. toni rader is a professional learning cordinator for the washoe county school district and trains staff members on social and emotional learning. she says that this training teaches practical skills for staff members to use such as how to develop relationships that students can emulate. rader- "some of these people, these custodial staff and secretarys these are the people that our students develop the strongest relationships with." and that is just the case at lemmon valley elementary school. head facilities manager and
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probably the most popular guy on the playground. velasquez- "how to approach, not just come, what's going on, no you go through those steps that they show you, its been helping me a lot all this training they've been giving me." principal denise hausauer of damonte ranch high school is giving a presentation to educators from around the country today on the importance of teaching social and emotional learning in all aspects of the school. hausauer- "it becomes something where students see that it is real and it does exist in our community." and they become much stronger citizens for the community." with all of these resources being poured into total integration of sel in washoe county schools, how is it all being paid for? the district tells us that they have been able to secure 250 thousand dollars in grant money yearly. as the program reaches every washoe county school by this fall and the curriculum permiates throughout, the
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shaffer- "having it present in everything that we do has been a way that we have mitigated the financial burden." covering school watch, ky sisson, channel 2 news. mike will have a look at your forecast next....
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numbers to see just how effective social and emotional learning is for our local
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of those animals have had some recent conflicts with people's pets. coyote sightings are more common in the urban interface areas -- where the city meats the wildlands. places like damonte ranch, spanish springs and sommersett. and in the last two months, there have been multiple reports of coyotes attacking people's pets -- right in their own backyards. beth cabral's dog, jax, was attacked last month. beth "my son ran out there and he actually saw this lanky animal, which appeared to be a coyote, and it sprung over the fence as soon as my son started yelling." jax was battered and bloody -- but survived. wildlife officials say this is somewhat common -- especially in the warmer months. they say it can be avoided if you keep dog food and trash out of your yard -- and do your best to make coyotes feel unwelcome. the last few weeks have been warm for february in northern nevada. but with the warm weather comes the beginning of allergy season. right now the pollen count is in the medium category for
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juniper. there is no sign of weeds or grasses just yet. this year's allergy season will be different than years past due to the increase in moisture. experts are expecting it ramp up very soon. wendy hanson manzet: "this year if we stay on a normal path we're going to be dry. things will start blooming, start getting winds and people will start having bad allergies probably in may and june easily." junipers are usually the first to bloom in reno. the pollen count forecast keeps us in the medium category through the weekend. it still doesn't look like there's much of a chance of any showers as we go through the weekend. temperatures will spike on friday ahead of a weak cold front which
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the afternoon, but most of the precipitation from the front will likely stay to the north of the reno area. temperatures will drop saturday into the low 60s and will fall a bit more into the upper 50s on monday as
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through sunday night. it still doesn't look like there's much of a chance of any showers as we go through the weekend. temperatures will spike on friday ahead of a weak cold front which will kick up some brisk winds in the afternoon, but most of the precipitation from the front
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the reno area. temperatures will drop saturday into the low 60s and will fall a bit more into the upper 50s on monday as another weak cold front passes through sunday night.
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"now here's sports director garrett dearborn with channel 2 sports." the division one state high school basketball tournament is underway with semifinal action at lawlor events center. dallas colodny joins us live a lawlor
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yea garrett its state tourney time here at lawlor... and it is north versus south today... the reno boys and girls team are in action today... along with the bishop manogue girls and the carson senator boys... going on behind me right now is the huskies boys against perninial power bishop gorman... colten crom hits a 3 david kyle with the turnaround one hander. huskies looking for the upset against cenntennial. 1. mallory mcgwire misses her first shot
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all the games and results later on tonight but for now from lawlor dallas colodny channel 2 sports. what will reno's new united soccer league franchise be we found out. "we are officially reno 1868".....applause 1868 was chosen after an online contest saw more than 3-thousand fan entries...its of course when reno was born f-c was added for football club. there's another cool fact about that, is we're the only first and only north american team to use a date in our team name. it's common around the world but not something that's been done in north america team logo, and colors are yet to be announced. reno 1868 is
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it still doesn't look like
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showers as we go through the weekend. temperatures will spike on friday ahead of a weak cold front which
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>> welcome to movie week. we've got some of the most fanatical movie buffs in the country playing our game today, hoping to create their own hollywood endings. will someone ride off into the sunset with $1 million? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. thank you, welcome to the show. are you guys ready for movie week? [cheers and applause] it's been a great one. and we have a returning contestant who comes from a family of diehard movie fans. please welcome back, from astoria, new york, miss joni gallagher. [cheers and applause] joni, welcome back.
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>> come on over. playing this game superbly. >> thank you. >> we've had a good time, and now you're back to continue this journey to $1 million. right now, you are 8 questions away from that $1 million. >> wow. >> you have two lifelines, "50/50," and your "plus one." we didn't talk about who your plus one is. >> no, we didn't. >> who's with you? >> i brought my younger brother, johnny, with me. he is a television and film actor, so he's a pretty good >> you call him johnny. >> i call him johnny, yeah. >> i think the rest of him know him as-- >> john gallagher, jr., yes. >> how you doing? good to see you. >> good, thanks very much. >> huge fan of "newsroom." >> oh, thank you. >> love that series. have you ever seen the movie "jonah hex"? >> i have seen "jonah hex," yes. i own "jonah hex" on dvd. >> if there is a "jonah hex" movie, which your brother was in, perfect time for the "plus one." >> mm-hmm. >> all right, well so far, you have done just fine without him, and you have gotten yourself to


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