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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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department, and highway patrol and we had a helicopter involved and at this point we have not located them." police say the men, who are in their 30s are not truckee residents were not believed to have been wearing life jackets at the time. the search was called off around 7 p-m due to the dark.. but will resume in the morning. today the carson city sheriffs office located the body of a man.. inside an suv connected to a missing person's case. around 12 noon.. sheriffs were notified of a vehicle about 3 to 5 miles east of carson in the pine nut mountain range.. with a possible dead person inside. deputies responded and discovered an s-u-v they say was associated with a missing person's report from december 7th. inside they found a gun.. and the body of of an adult man, about 50 years old. the sheriff's office is awaiting
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positively identify the man. they have been in contact with the family of the missing person. tonight a deputy is recovering from a gunshot wound to the hand after being shot by a suspect at a silver springs casino. the deputy returned fire and the suspect was killed... another was injured and two others are in custody. sparks police say the suspects first stole a red chevy cruz at gunpoint at the 1000 block of el rancho drive... near paradise park around 8:30 last night. a lyon county deputy found the vehicle parked at the nugget casino and one of the suspects opened fire on the deputy. the deputy returned fire - and one of the suspects... identified as 19-year-old tristan conti of reno... was killed. another... a minor... was hospitalized. two other suspects in the car - who are also jueveniles- were arrested. the deputy involved will be placed on paid administrative lead pending an investigation from the nevada division of
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tonight we have an update on the murder trial of a silver springs man. today a jury found cody wallace not guilty of murder and manslaughter in connection with the death of his girlfriend's two- year-old son- thomas o'connell the fourth. however he was convicted of child abuse. a bail hearing from wallace has been set for next week. the washoe county sheriff"s office has arrested two bartenders from incline village who are accused of selling narcotics. after undercover operations about a month ago... investigators arrested juan lepe and nicholas webber earlier this month after they say they successfully bought cocaine at their bars. they also seized just under 10 grams of the drug. and a south lake tahoe gas station has had its liquor license suspended for 20 days after an undercover operation. south lake tahoe police say american gas on south lake tahoe boulevard lost its license after an undercover operation in
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owner... stefka dimitrova was arrested after selling a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine. the number of copper thefts around the area seem to be leveling off. those who deal in metals say part of the reason is that the price of copper has dropped to less than half what it was a year and a half ago. and not only are prices down-- security is up. as an example.. at reno salvage.. you can't just walk in to sell copper anymore. teri hill: "they have to have a vehicle and a valid driver's license. then we take a picture of everything they have and of that vehicle." and businesses that use a lot of metal are increasing security at work sites to deter thefts as well. a run-down apartment complex near the university of nevada has been completely renovated -- and now offers
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matthew "welcome to village at north" veterans have first priority to live at the village at north -- with rent as low as 300-dollars per month. only residents, making about 20- thousand dollars or less per year can qualify to live here. officials say some are at risk of being homeless -- and providing low rent apartments could help them get back on their feet. matthew "we believe in a housing first model, and what that entails is basically making sure somebody has a roof over their head, first, and once you've accomplished that, we believe all the rest falls into place." fleming says this building is more than 50 years old and was on the verge of being condemned. buying, designing and remodeling the structure cost about 5- million dollars. turning to campaign 2016.. donald trump stopped his closest rivals in their track today.. with a high-profile endorsement that surprised
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democratic side.. the candidates are down to the wire in south carolina. weijia jiang has more from the white house. "i endorse donald trump for president of the united states! former gop presidential candidate chris christie endorsed donald trump... saying he's the only one who can defeat the democrats. "who is the best person to keep hillary clinton from every getting in the white house again, and it's donald trump. ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville.. but later, he played it cool: "well listen, i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling to the rubio campaign." "what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist!" marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate. but the billionaire businessman fired back. "once a choker, always a choker! it never, ever changes." the republicans have their sights
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democratic candidates have to get through the south carolina primary first. "hello, south carolina state!" hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina, but she's campaigning there until the very end. "we are fighting to break down barriers wherever they may be." rival bernie sanders also held a rally at a university.. "what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities." south carolina voters head to the polls saturday.with their priorities. weijia jiang, channel 2 news. donald trump said it's too early to say whether he'd consider christie for a running mate. tonight a partial ceasefire goes into effect in syria. the quote "cessation of hostilities" was scheduled to begin at midnight local time. if it holds.. it will be the first time international negotiations have brought any degree of quiet in syria's five-year civil war. but no one is holding out hope. "none of us are under any
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the many pitfalls..but history would judge us harshly if we did not do our part in at least trying to end this terrible conflict with diplomacy. " success requires adherence by multiple armed factions. the ceasefire is also made more fragile since it allows fighting to continue against isis and the nusra front-- al qaeda's branch in the country.. which could easily re-ignite broader warfare. half of syria's population has left the country since the war began. an estimated quarter of a million people have died. and it was a big day in iran today... ballots there were cast in one of the most critical elections the country has had in decades. voters will have their say on the makeup of two institutions: the parliament.. and the assembly of experts. it's a
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hardliners who are wary of closer ties with the west. this is iran's first vote since the nuclear deal with world powers. mike will have a look at your
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"channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see daytime highs in
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next chance for showers while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see
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the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a
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saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see daytime highs in the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers comes midway through next week. that's it for us tonight. but keep it here for 2 the hoop!
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let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. welcome to 2 the hoop, alongside dallas colodny and paul nelson, i'm garrett dearborn...time to talk playoffs but first... and get involved with us... send us a picture... tell us about your team just hashtag 2 the hoop and keep it clean and we
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let's begin with division 1-a action...the number one north seed elko indians taking on the number two south seed clark chargers. 1.chargers get off to a great start...darius jackson gets the steal and takes it to the other end...finishing with the finger roll...but nearly losing his shoe in the process...charger s open with a seven to nothing lead. 2.elko would finally get on the board with this spot up three from erik klekas..splash...bu t it's the chargers who would continue to roll. 3.moments's jackson again...but this time goes under the basket with the reverse..count it.. chargers win 54-37 here's the other division 1-a's the desert pines jaguars against the south tahoe vikings. 1.let's take you to the second half...jags up twelve and would add to that lead..when capri uzan takes it coast to
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falling down...jags have the momentum 2.but with the crowd counting down the final moments of the third quarter... denzel perez throws it up and makes the three...a much needed spark for the vikings. 3.but in the fourth..everythin g going the jags way..especially when bryan penn-johnson throws it down... desert pines wins this one big...53-33 so the division i-a is a an all south final tomorrow night. pershing county head coach lance condie retiring after the season the mustangs looking to send him out on top... 1. but they are playing catch up with the meadows... ethan rhodes knocks down the three from straight away center... 2. about 5 minutes of game time later... pershing county down 8... and its the coaches son lane condie
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to make it a 5 point game... 3. the school from lovelock not giving up as they continue to connect from long distance... william gattral hits his three pointer. but its not enough as the meadows wins ... 63-54. yerington and mountain view... 1. lions on the run early daniel sciarani who is wearing the eye patch because after getting hit with an elbow he has double vision in that eye... but it doesn't stop him as he gets the layup... 2. more from the lions now... check the pass from chris brown to dakota aiazzi and he is able to lay it in... lions with the lead... 3. and the lions able to control the glass too... off the miss chris brown taps it in... and the yerington lions go on to win... 52- 46. so tomorrow at lawlor it'll be north vs. south yerington will tip things off with the meadows just before one. now for the division four
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warriors taking on the number two see adelson lions. 1.after a close first half...the warriors take control in the third..sharing the ball well and getting it to palmer chaplin who buries the three pointer...they go up five. 2.continuing there run in the's chaplin again...but doing it alone...takes it past the defenders and rolls it in...warriors now up thirteen. 3.but brandon pappas goes to work here for the lions..he gets the quick layup...and shortly steal...the ball goes back to pappas...and he does it again.. with the back to back baskets but it's whittel moving on after a 56-41 win. serpents fans have their yellow things 1. close game in the second -- andre davis steps in front of the pass and it's a race to the other end -- nice play to get the layup -- serpents trail by one. 2. more from mineral county -- robert mcfalls with the crossover to get to the baseline and take it to the hoop. 3. this one goes to overtime -- and the eagles make the most of it -- elijah hoye takes it inside for
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heading to the big game so the division iv will have whittell battling word of life for the title at 4:30 the division i state title game was an all south affair between bishop gorman and coronado... 1. quite frankly all gorman... they get a steal.. and they are off in transition... and its chuck o'bannon who will throw it down with two hands... that was the first basket of the game... 2. later more from gorman.. this time christian poppoola will work his way down low and get the friendly roll... the gaels scored the first 13 points and never looked back... winning state for a 5th straight year.... 83-63. dont go anywhere we're checking in on the ladies after the
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now don't you go anywhere, we're going to check in on some girls'
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break. welcome back to 2 the hoop, with paul and dallas i'm garrett, lets check in on some girls action.... lets start in the division 1-a with the previously undefeated churchill county taking spring valley.... 1. close game third quarter action... leta otuafi gets the pass and she will drive and score off the glass but the greenwave down a point. 2. moments later lelani otuafi on the drive her shot is no good.. but megan mccormick has her back gets the board and her shot is good... in the end....fallon's season is over 64-52. now for the lowry buckaroos and the faith lutheran crusaders. 1. this one was close in the closing minutes...brooklyn backus gets the steal...and she finds mckenna jones who not only makes the layup but also draws the foul...her free throw would tie the game. 2. but then the crusaders find the hot hand at the right time... it's bobbi tharaldson who comes in clutch making back to back three pointers.. that would be enough as faith
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the division ia all south tomorrow, tip set for 6:20 a whole bunch more girls action to talk about so lets check in the other part of our 2 the hoop squad....zac mooney and ryan canaday.... thanks garrett-- first lets check the division three semi finals... where the north was well represented tonight. we start with the incline mountaineers and the agassi prep stars... 1. the highlanders turning defense into offense... taylor redfern... she is only a freshman gets the steal.. and will race to the other end... the easy layup gives her team the lead early.. and the incline transition game was really the difference in this one... here, briana barraza gets the outlet and works it up to christine schwarts, right back to barraza for two. incline goes on to win 60-47. white pine taking on west wendover...
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low... off the miss lilia lopez wrestles the ball away and then puts it in to make it a three point game early. more from west wendover... sydney reamer's short jumper misses but it falls right into the arms of anahi esparza. she takes it strong, to the hoop and gets the shot and one. but it's not enough... the bobcats top the wolverines... 45-27 so two teams from opposite borders meet for the state title game tomorrow. the incline mountaineers take on the white pine bobcats tomorrow morning at 11. lots of owyhee fans made the trip to reno in their game against round mountain. 1. the braves dominated this one -- macee mckinney sends it out to cree-lynn raining bird -- she doesn't waste any time knocking down the long two. 2. then they turn on the gas -- kaylani smart with the long pass to mckinney -- she does the rest
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in the other matchup -- it's pahranagat valley taking on mcdermitt. 1. early on -- deandra dave gets the rebound and feeds it inside to andrea smart -- she gets the contact and the foul -- bulldogs take the lead. 2. more from mcdermitt -- lydia northrup drives to the hoop and gets the layup. bulldogs win 62-48 that sets up the mcdermitt bulldogs and and the owyhee braves in the division four title game. they play tomorrow at 2:40 inside the lawlor events center well zac being the first timer here on 2 the hoop..i'll tell you it's been a pleasure and a lot of fun and it has been great having you on the team.. until next time, he's ryan canaday, i'm zac
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and there's more girls results to talk about, paul. division i girls state title game between the number 4 team in the country according to usa today centennial and liberty. 1. third quarter centennial on the run... and jayden eggleston gets to the basket but its no good... bulldogs get the board and kick it out to bailey thomas and she calls glass on the three... centennial rolling... 2. later more from them... off a miss and megan jefferson corrales the rebound... and puts it back.. centennial wins the state title 78- 62. don't go anywhere, we still have
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the wolf pack men will be looking for a second straight win with colorado state...but they may have to do it without their leading scorer. marqueze coleman is still considered day to day after
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in this win over utah state on wednesday. but the good news is it checked out as just a bad sprain, no break........and that's a big deal, he's fifth in the out as just a bad sprain, no break........and that's a big deal, he's fifth in the
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