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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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hail and snow and wind and rain. it is not over yet. we will have details on an active weather system moving through the bay area. they are here, denver bronco and the carolina panthers touched down today with one week to go before super bowl 50 at levi stadium. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. we will begin with wild weather
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around the bay area. a hailstorm, it left a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. mark is here now with a look at today's temperatures and also that wind advisory that is in effect, mark? >> >> reporter: yes, gusty winds, cold front, snow on mount hamilton. in fact, here is our live camera. a little bit of daylight left if you can see the snow covered peaks here. snow up in the hills earlier today. felt like the snow. in terms of rainfall totals. and we are out towards brentwood and antioch and lafayette, lafayette picked up more than that. a lot of activity. in fact, this tweet is sent to us from lafayette, you can see the hail on the grounds thank you for sending in that report
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there. and a lot of hail reported. a lot of people are thinking it looked snow out there with the ground covered. here is what happened. of course, a front moving through to the south earlier this morning. the main action moving in this afternoon. ifthabgt you noticed a lot of sunshine moving to the north and the east. seeing big cloud build ups out there. here is a closer look with the showers and the thunderstorms moving across the bay area. this is the radar loop. a lot of reports from out towards antioch and towards discovery bay. brentwood out towards the north bay as well with the widespread hail and some pretty intense downpours. right now the main action is to the south. down towards -- you can see it approaching the hillside here. radarring signature. then it looks like more intense downpours between san jose and that. we will have activity towards the fremont area as well. the winds will continue to be a
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story. we will talk about the gusty winds, gusts topping 40 miles an hour and talking rain chances in our five-day forecast. the sound of chain saws filled the air today clearing debris from toppled trees. the first here near saint francis wood. did damage to that white mazda. the other tree fell, damaging a passing car. no one was injured in either case. the neighbors told us there were some very gusty winds at the time the trees fell. another large tree came down on the peninsula, knocking out power to 1 home. the fire department tweeted this picture of the fallen tree here on new hampshire boulevard. the tree took out other things like the tarp and the swing set. we have not heard reports of injuries. to keep up with the ever- changing weather patterns be sure to download the free weather app for live radar and
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your extended bay area forecast. now, super bowl 50. both teams the denver broncos and the carolina panthers touched down today at the airport. they have a week to go before coming down in santa clara. football fans flocking to it. noelle walker spent the day there, live now in san francisco, noelle? >> reporter: heather, the people that live and work here in san francisco have had to make a few accommodations. now that it is here, open, some of the guests are san francisco and bay area locals. >> even as workers put the finishing touches on it. >> open them before you get to the metal detebgtors thank you. >> reporter: and lined up. >> it is exciting -- detectors thank you. >> reporter: and lined up. >> it is exciting. >> reporter: by early afternoon this super bowl city within the city was packed with
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football fans. >> the broncos. >> reporter: this family is a transplant from denver. >> we are not giving it up. we are denver bronco fans to the core. >> denver broncos, of course. >> reporter: he is from san jose and three guesses what her team is, they are not playing next sunday. >> even though it is not my team i support the sport. i love football. >> that is what the super bowl is meant to do. getting fans together, cheering the game, the player, the teams, no matter what jersey they wear. >> just a big party theme. everyone gets together. people route terror for other teams that are not their own teams. >> most people at super bowl city are not going to the super bowl. this is as close as they can get to that experience. waiting in line to buy super bowl gear. >> yes, why not, when is the next time it will come to the city? so, might as well get a
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souvenir for it. >> reporter: the best souvenirs are the memories. they are free and the oncerts are, too. >> one republican is friday. >> reporter: for many super bowl fans it is a religious experience. [singing] >> reporter: and the best part about this whole thing is admission to super bowl city it is free. heather one note, if you are coming down here today was a gorgeous day. it was a little windy. within super bowl city it gets shaded quickly. so, bring layers. you will node them. >> yes, good advice. >> what are the crowds like? how would you characterize it there? >> everyone is kind of looking around like this -- they don't -- it is like going to disneyland where you don't know where to start first. there is so much to look at. because it is free you can come back as many times as you want if you don't hit everything you want to see. >> all right, thank you very
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much, noelle. remember, download our app to stay connected during super bowl you can learn about the back ups and what the weather will be like. if you are heading down there you might want on bundle up. if you need ideas on the best events including the free ones it it is all right there. >> the iowa caucuses are now less than 24 hours away. candidates from both parties in a last ditch push for support. as ktvu reports the campaigning appeared to get ugly down the homestretch. >> reporter: in the midel of the last-minute campaign frenzy -- >> take it leps lips. >> reporter: now, more cont-- take it ... >> reporter: now, more controversy for cruz. they are grading people on their voting history and giving them low marks for not caucusing. >> i saw the copy of it. over the top. it gives politics a bad name.
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>> reporter: bad name the republican party wrote it is false. >> you can expect a lot of this hours before a caucus. >> reporter: hours before, the latest and the last poll shows trump is ahead. 28-25%. and analysts say those percentages are close enough to change. >> you sway just a few people you are on your way. >> reporter: donald trump is campaigning to keep the sways his way. he, too has new controversy. >> you become president you might overrule the decision on same sex marriage? >> i would strongly consider that, yes. >> don't tell me we can not raise incomes for everybody lips lips. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton strongly campaigning -- everybody ... >> reporter: now, hillary clinton strongly campaigning. all while sanders continues to surge polling now showing him and hillary in a statistical dead heat. >> i am not hearing people
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talking about e-mails but college and health care and education. >> reporter: even after richard dreyfus not talking about it. >> i am here as an observer. >> after meeting the candidates is none deserve his endorsement. >> are you disappointed with the whole field? >> i think all of america has been disappointed in the whole field for months. >> reporter: we have gone from months down to days now to hours before the caucuses begin. the polls are all in. that have been wrong in the past. it begins tomorrow. in des moines, ktvu fox 2 news. well o this day, the last day of january. the police are investigating their 5th homicide of the year. officers responded to a shooting near clemens avenue and walnut woods drive on the southeast side. it happened 1:00 this afternoon. that is when they found a man had been killed and a woman injured. that woman is expected to survive. the two escaped inmates
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captured yesterday in san francisco are back now in a southern california jail. the sheriff's department released this video arriving at the jail early this morning. he escaped from the jail more than a week ago. a third escapee turned himself in on friday. yesterday's capture happened after an alert by standard recognized one of the men at golden gate park and alerted the police. they are still searching in campbell for 26-year-old woman accused of using a stolen car to ram a patrol cruiser. it happened saturday morning. officers say that two men riding with her ran off. the 35-year-old is still at large. the 22-year-old reyes take stpoepb custody. the patrol car was recovered later in the day. california is giving people extra time to sign up for health coverage as long as you start by midnight. once you get the application going or make an appointment
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you will have until midnight saturday to finish. the officials with the state health care exchange say 10ss of thousands of people rushed to enrole this week and insurance counselors have been busy. under the affordable care act the penalty of not having insurance is 2 1/2% of the households income. that is $700 for each adult. the world health organization will hold a meeting if the zika virus outbreak should be a health phurpbs. the voy russ spread from africa to brazil last year and has now been reported in 25 countries and terrortories. including the u.s. and california. 2 cases in san diego and one in los angeles. the voy -- the virus has been linked to when babies are born with abnorm alley small heads. boosting parking fees tomorrow.
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b.a.r.t managers say the daily park, rate will increase. the hike is the result of a program that evaluates parking usage every six months. noses are raised 50 cents a day at lots that are full. b.a.r.t requiredses can can use cash, bart tickets to -- riders can can use cash, b.a.r.t tickets to pay for the parking spaces. hear why rescuers were at risk when they were trying to help.
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isis claiming responsibility for a deadly triple bombing in syria today. the syrian officials say they set off a car bomb and when
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rescuers rushed in, two suicide bombers set off more explosives. they say more than 60 people died and more than one10 were injured. the attack happened as peace talks got underway. the united nations hopes to resolve this first with a cease- fire and then with a political settlement. 18 will-year-old winner making an appeal to world leader his thursday. the teenager said she is set to speak at a conference in london. now she will ask government leaders to commit $1.4 billion towards educating syrian refugee children. an estimated 7,000 syrian children are living in refugee camps. she was shot for helping girls get an education, she was awarded the nobel peace prize
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in 2013. a plane had to be turned back after a mechanical issue in chicago. the airline said the captain of the boeing 777 detected a technical problems three hours into the flight. one passenger said after the plane landed he learned three of the 5 landing gear assemblies were working properly. despite all of that, the landing was smooth. we have developing news out of the sierra. interstate 80 is shutdown east of truckie at this hour because of a huge pileup. 25 vehicles and 4 big rigs were involved in the wreck. it happened this morning in snowy conditions. no word on injuries or when the highway will be back open. community is backomy tonight after severe flooding briefly cut off access to at
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least 500 moments. a bulldozer called in early this morning to move rising floodwaters today at the entrance to the serene lake subdivision where hundreds were stranded. >> it was deep three feet. >> reporter: snow melt caused thing south fork of the river to rise. and then freezing temperatures created ice jams on the river. forcing julie to flee to higher ground. >> we better, you know, start to figure out what to do and get the heck out of here if we need to. not sure if we keep flooding or with what the story was. >> it cascadedda across the entrance of the ski resort that was shutdown -- it cascaded across the entrance of the ski resort that was shutdown. >> it was creating an ice dam. >> this is snow melt? >> this is snow melt. >> emergency crews called in this machine it to break up the ice jam with the goal of digging out the channel to unclog the river. >> that was mike reporting.
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quite a situation there. >> interesting mark, it is cold here but they had snow melts up there in the sierra? >> yes. two phases with the storm. warm part and then the cold part. looks like that is how we have snow right now. amazing last year. we can not find a cloud in the sky. the sunny days, this year,'s different story with tphaoupl rous storms out there. today, an active weather day. not only here in the bay area but -- different story with numerous storms out there. today, an active weather day. not only here in the bay area. truckie, out towards kirkwood as well. moving the maps closer to the bay area. the main event happened quickly this afternoon with the thunderstorms developing in parts of the north bay and moving to the south and right now the action is focused in the south bay. you can see scattered rain showers right around parts of the bay itself. parts of the east bay, towards richmond as well. right around fremont, the main action, to the south of san
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jose, approaching san jose and gilroy. the winds a big factor. wind advisory in place across the bay area until 4:00 a.m. on monday. sfo winds out of the northwest, 36 miles an hour. outside right now, looking towards the bay bridge, clouds out there. sanfrancisco, in fact, relatively sunny day per a good portion. the winds definitely saw a lot of white caps off shore. a wind advisory in place until power clock a.m. on monday. winds strongest for -- until 5:00 a.m. on monday. winds strongest for this area. tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up, partly cloudy sky, temperature its in the 30s, coolest spots, patchy frost out there. widespread, 40s for the bay area as l. san francisco forecast, super bowl city for tomorrow. should be dry. we will have a few cloudsa at 11:00 a.m. 52 degrees on track to reach the middle 50s, here is the sunday system for today. another one developing, it looks weak.
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a factor in our tuesday forecast. tonight, of course, talking about the gusty winds coming in from the north. and then tomorrow it will be dry. frost, partly cloudy skies, keeping an eye on the cold front that can generate the rain showers on tuesday. tomorrow, partly cloudy, even mostly sunny and then tuesday morning we could have rain showers making a comeback. 10:00 a.m., scaling back on the probability in the afternoon hours, wednesday, a chance of a few showers, the main action could be up to the north. we will have to keep an eye on that. highest chance on wednesday will be for the northern half, towards santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow, a lot of 50s, a cool weather pattern sticks around for the next couple of days. warming up the numbers as you can see the five-day forecast, showers on tuesday. a chance on wednesday. just a sun/cloud mix. through the weekend we are talking a lot about the super bowl forecast and here it is. >> all right. >> the reveal. >> yes. drumroll. >> expecting partly cloudy
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skies, mild conditions, the temperatures in the sects. complete reversal. last week i was jumping on board and raising my hands, heavy rain. >> yes. concern. >> yes. >> it looks good. >> all right, thank you. coming up, the warriors continue their road trip back east. >> yes. in fact, tonight, in the big apple taking on anthony and the the nicks. sports is coming -- the knicks, sports is coming up next
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super bowl 50 now one week away. we have been covering bay area sports for more than three decades, over the next week they will bring us their favorite super bowl memories. tonight we have one of those to share with you. mark tells us hoe he got star struck with a super model back in 1989 at the super bowl in miami. >> the next time i want to the super bowl the 49ers were playing the bangels, joe montana led them down the field 92 yards for the game-winning touchdown. in all honesty it did not exceed the thrill of the pregame. >> hi, mom, hi, dad, welcome to south florida. i need a ticket! >> reporter: we were looking for stories to add to all of
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our packages sending back to the bay area. and billy joel was going to sing the national anthem. i spotted billy and of course at that time he was dating the beautiful super model christie brinkley. we went over there and i asked christie for a little interview and billy joel and here is what happened. christie brinkley starts doing the interview with me. she was extremely friendly and very nice and i noticed there was a big piece of green lettuce on her front tooth. and i look at my cameraman and i said stop. christie, i know you don't know me very well, but you got a big piece of salad on your front tooth. and she turned beat red, gave me a big hug and could not have been more gracious and thankful for telling her about the lettuce. i have to say, 49er victory, pretty high, hug from christie brinkley, super high. the best memory from that super
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bowl. in fact, that is is all i remember. [ laughter ] >> i love it. thank you, mark. >> good memory. >> i was there. i never saw her. >> would you have told her? >> i don't think i would have let her do the interview with lettuce. >> yes. >> warriors in action. >> yes. warriors trying to make it 2 wins in as many nights. they are on the big stage where the current head coach saint john's hewn versity is here. they played their third straight floppy quarter. a convincing jam -- johns university is here. they played their third straight floppy quarter. a convincing jam. they rallied to score 37 points in the quarter. stop scorer, now o this possession, they are late in the 3rd right now. we will have it all for you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. anticipation was high for
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the cal basketball team when the season began. the bears have not lived up to that. the team, at colorado. trying to win on the road for just the second time all season. the buffalos up 12 in the second half, adding to the lite, josh scott, a base lineup move. leading to colorado with 18 points. then cal, sloppy with the ball. on this next possession, it will be xavier here. now, coulier can not convert. king makes the hoop. got within 4 late and lost 80- 62. they fall 14-8 overall. 4-5 in the pac-12. history held true to form in today's men's finals with the australian open. djokovic was perfect in 5 finals and andy murray would not stand in his way for a 6. now, djokovic, hitting a winner on the straight-set's win, murray more competitive in sets 2 and 3 but djokovic wrapped it up with an ace.
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perfect in australian finals, tying with 6 tittles, murray has been the runner-up 5 times with 11 grand slam titles he is within 5 of federer's record. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00, ktvu exclusive. >> we will get an inside look at the crack down on human trafficking and prostitution as thousands head to the bay area for super bowl 50. thank you for so much for watching tonight. >> and we are always here for you on-line. facebook, twitter and all of our apps. watch out for the lettuce in your teeth. see you tonight at 10:00
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it was a nice retirement party. i guess. still, it's a shame professor rothman was forced to step down. what choice did the university have? he snapped. it happens to theoretical physicists all the time. i wonder how long sheldon's got. these shrimp are all the same size. there's no the logical order to eat them in. can't be very long. hey, look, there's rothman's empty office. sad. mm, indeed. yeah. so sad. dibs. (tape measure retracting) what's up, fellas? what are you doing here, kripke? ah, measuring my new office for drapes. this is not your office.


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