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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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and. it is super bowl week in the bay area. the festivities leading up to the big game. good morning and thank you for joining us. monday morning, february 1. i am pam cook. i am brian flores. parts of the area are cleaning up from the latest el niño storm. >> it looks like it is snowing.>> a woman's car was covered inhale in morgan hill. in napa, hail covered an entire street. this was in brentwood. in lafayette, hail fell so fast it looked like snow. there was a dusting of snow on area peaks. these are some of the videos that ktvu your centex. the storm also brought strong winds that knocked down trees.
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this is what it looked like at the springtown golf course in livermore. in san francisco a large tree fell on top of a part, but fortunately no one was inside. one driver had a close call when a tree fell in her path and she was making a turn. >> we saw it come down. and for my son and i we said oh my god. there was no way we could have avoided it. >> the public works department says they were 100,000 trees in san francisco and just 11 arborist to maintain them. the strong winds called -- caused a woman's death. a tree in san diego pacific beach neighborhood was uprooted and crashed into a home at three parked cars and a four car that was passing by. the women in the passing car was killed. the winds reached up to 70 miles per hour in los angeles
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and ventura county. i used to live a block down from where the tree was uprooted. pretty scary. time now is 4:01 am. let's check in with steve for the forecast for february. >> that thunderstorm, i was in sunshine yet the sky was as dark as i have seen it in the distance. like yesterday afternoon and around 4:00 it was sunny and then it was dark. i bet the temperature dropped 11 degrees in five minutes. it got cold. >> it was sunny all day in marin county.>> we believe the hail over to you. >> the system is in southern california where you get the cold air entries for some. a sunny and breezy in chilly cold day.
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everything coming down now. you'll get cloud cover their but everything is in southern california swinging into san diego. la is not done yet. that is a cool dynamic system. it is not 103 in napa. there is a problem with the thermometer there. they will get that fixed. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be in the 30s. but the breeze is holding the temperatures up. 33 degrees. novato 41. two n., gusting to 26+ and northwest, 21. around lake tahoe, lots of teens. it is called out there. enjoy it but it will be a wendy" day. the next storm will ride up and over. breezy and windy here.
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50s for highs. this will be below normal temperatures so temperatures will not be warm today. the rest of the week coming up. we're keeping an eye on traffic. a big game over the weekend so we all know what it is. in case you don't know. bay bridge toll plaza, looking light. some cars heading into san francisco. 10 minutes to get across the span. traffic all around in oakland, you can see the camera shaking. it is wendy on some parts of the bay area. there is a wind advisory issued by the chp so be careful of that. so far so good on monday. us department of justice is planning to review the san francisco police department after the shooting death of mario woods.
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details this afternoon released. words were shot 15 times by five officers on december 2. the deadly shooting sparked protests and calls for police reform. greg suhr will be alongside agency officials but many protesters have demanded the resignation since the shooting. embraer theravance family said this may start the healing process. super bowl 50 is upon us. the panthers and denver broncos have arrived in the bay area. super bowl week is underway. let's go to san francisco. it is going to be a busy week. this is a live look at the mass cadoni center -- mess county center. interactive football theme park opening up 4:00 this afternoon. a lot of traffic around the area and traffic around super bowl city. super bowl city is free and opened up on saturday in justin
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herman plaza. their interactive games and six lines and activities. >> everybody gets together and we group teams. >> it is not my team but i can support the sport and i love about. >> along with the activities there is a lot of food, drink stands and super bowl gear for sale. super bowl city will play host to free concerts this week. tonight is grammy nominated singer ella black. [ music ] concert will take place super bowl city in san francisco at 6:00 tonight. his performance will be shown at the big-screen in san jose. other major performers include the band perry. on friday one
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republic. alicia keyes will close out the series on saturday. was talk football. fans are enjoying festivities, the broncos and carolina panthers will be hard at work starting today. scott reese was there as both teams touchdown at san jose airport. 's emac -- >> reporter: camera crews hanging out in a hangar awaiting a sign from the sky. just before 3:00. the broncos scored the first touchdown of super bowl week. gary kubiak and wife rhonda leading a star-studded cast onto the tarmac including denver quarterback's past and present. elway and manning. peyton likely walking the walk for the final time as a player. looking is back in town, vernon davis.
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he was traded from the niners to denver midseason. about an hour later the panther played -- plane arrives. ron rivera played college football and the bay area and plenty of star power on this flight as well. unlike his bronco counterpart the carolina qb. the drama. it was worth the wait. cam newton sporting the first saatchi pants and fashionable and flexible. the dual threat quarterback using his speed to federal bomb a teammate excited for his first ever super bowl experience. those are some plants. the media family will continue today during a media day in santa clara. it is back to work for both teams. carolina will practice for a week at san jose state.
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the broncos will practice at stanford university. stay connected, we have a list of events leading up to the big game and find out what the weather will be like. that is the main question. we'll talk about traffic backups on ktvu news app. something they are talking about today. condoms handed out to middle schoolers. the idea being considered by public school leaders in san francisco. who will have the latest in the race for the white house as voters get ready to cast their votes for their favorite candidate this morning. the rain and storms are gone but the cold air entries is in place. will have the temperatures coming up.
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the presidential candidates have made last-minute pitches to iowa voters and it is that islands to decide the favorite candidates. caroline shively is in des moines and talking about the latest. good morning.>> reporter: this race is so tight on both sides. iowa is still up for grabs. republicans and democrats are fighting for the future of political parties. the campaign down to the wire republican presidential frontrunner donald
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trump doesn't seem to repent boycotting the debate last week. >> people respect the fact that i skipped the debate because i wasn't treated right. >> one candidate the republicans are set on defeating. >> clinton thinks she is the best candidate to be the gop. on the republican side where a lot of the same. and particularly when it comes to the economy. this is one of the biggest dividing lines between me and the republicans. it is starting to look like vermont senator bernie sanders could take iowa away from clinton. >> told eight months ago and it had us 41 points behind. we have come a long way in eight months. >> ace sanders win in iowa could be a setback for the clinton campaign. >> maybe the firewall would held but i wouldn't bet on that. if vermont senator bernie sanders winds.
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>> the focus turns to new hampshire and the primary is a days away. microsoft will be put to the test later tonight. the new smartphone app will be used to tally the results from caucus precincts and iowa. the app has been designed to cut down on human error and speed up the reporting process. republicans and democrats are expecting strong confidence in microsoft despite suspicions of corporate influence. the new caucus reporting apps will replace the old polling system of calling in results by phone. stay with us on-air and online. a live report coming up later. you can follow ross online. world health organization
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is holding an emergency meeting today on whether the zika virus outbreak should be considered an international health emergency. fillovirus spread from africa to brazil and now reported in 25 countries. the virus is affecting international events. olympic organizers in rio de janeiro are preparing as brazil has 1 million cases. >> there being taken with special vehicles so this is work that has been done so far and will continue. we are sure it will be okay. >> tegan wren -- pregnant women face the greatest risk for zika virus. microcephaly is a side effect. a plan to give condoms to middle school students in san francisco is being considered. the plan was introduced by the
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superintendent of the san francisco unified school district. the examiner reports student would need to meet with a squirrel norris -- nurse or social worker to get the prescription. >> there will be strong opinions on both side. let's check in with steve. it is looking like it will be nice for super bowl sunday. >> sunny and warm and 70. seven days or six days before we get there. it's a little cold this morning for those of you who live anywhere around the vicinity of the napa airport the smartphone probably says it is 103 degrees. they have an issue there. it is warm and vallejo. it says 112. it has cooled off from went on to one of three, laughing. maybe in napa.
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it is a close one out there and everything is coming out of the northwest. cold rain falling in san diego. even into las vegas, a lot of low 40s. if it wasn't for the bries, calistoga says 34. that is outside of town that low 40s. mctague abbi 40 degrees. vacaville and eastern solana it is ripping along good. it will be in northwest breeze most of the day. teens around tahoe. last friday they were 54. system coming in will give us increasing clouds later tonight. today look sunny. this will cloud as it tonight
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and give us rain tomorrow. roy moore system on wednesday. after that high pressure will take an big time but clear and cold this morning and breezy in windy. sunny to mostly sunny and 50s for the highs. we do have a few systems here that have to play into the weather. one is tomorrow that will give us rain to the north. and then it clears out thursday and it sure likes sunny and mild towards the weekend. the snow made for dangerous conditions on i-80. chp had to shut down the highway near truckee for three hours after a crash involving 29 cars. it happened 330 3:30 pm yesterday. chp said the accident involved 25 cars and. semi trucks. no word if anyone was seriously hurt. this was the largest of several accidents on the interstate yesterday there was a 10 car crash near norwood. nevada county, soda springs,
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folks can get to and from their homes after floodwaters left them stranded. flooding from storms caused the yuma river to rise and cut off access to soda springs road. 500 homes in the serene lakes resort community affected. we started figuring out what to do and we weren't sure if it was going to keep letting. -- flooding. >> royal gorge ski resort was forced to close during the day. but cut into lot of activity. time now is 4:19 am. coming up, questions remain of an escape from prison. the latest on that investigation. facebook is tackling the issue of gun sales. more on that in policy that has
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groups of plotting the social media giant.
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china's economy and oil prices are once again affecting stocks around the world. chinese stocks fell due to a weak manufacturing report for the six-month. japan saw gains after the central bank introduced a policy designed to boost
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lending and ignite economic growth. oil prices down putting pressure on stocks and the futures for the dow and s&p 500 down one half-day be -- one half of a percent. we will continue to follow the markets throughout the morning. toyota announced they will start making vehicles for a few days because of a parts shortage. it will last for six days in japan. extends from the january explosion at a japanese steel plant. it is affected several of toyota's art of products used in transmissions and chassis. the suspension is from february 8 through february 13. central valley almond growers basing a drop in prices. the sacramento bee reports they are getting pre-dollars a pound compared to five dollars a pound last summer. pharmacy a downturn was inevitable after rising prices and explosion in production. and key markets such as china contributing. gun-control groups are
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praising facebook's decision to tighten its policy on online gun sales. it says that private individuals are banned from advertising or selling guns on facebook. the policy is different for licensed gun retailers. they can advertise but they can't sell their guns on site. the policy applies to instagram which is owned by facebook. bart welp boost parking fees today. that rate will increase to two dollars in heyward and 50 in richmond and eight dollars in which oakland. parking lot usage rather is evaluated and bart said the stations are full so the fee was increased by $.50. riders can use cash or cards or tickets to pay for parking. americans will be watching the biggest sporting event of the year. super bowl 50 kicks off a
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quarter of the planet will be busy celebrating the year of the monkey. in china 1.4 billion people will celebrate chinese new year. in the bay area 1.5 million asian america will welcome new year's eve. 50 years of the super bowl versus 50,000 years of tradition. either way a very busy weekend. puppy bowl is taking on its own span and the bay area. the animal planet puppy bowl won't take place in san francisco but the network is bringing and optical -- adoptable pets. 11 am until 8 pm february 4. all weekend. and 11 am until 3 pm on separable super sunday. you have to meet these animals. hopefully many of these guys will get a new home. the panthers and broncos are preparing for the super bowl and the other teams check the field in hawaii. jerry rice and michael urban with opposing teams. seahawks quarterback russell
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wilson playing for three touchdown passes yesterday. he was named offense mvp. the raiders quarterback derek carr had one touchdown pass for team rise. it was charles woodson's last nfl game after 18 seasons. president obama will honor the warriors nba championship this week. they will be at the white house on thursday. one day after playing the wizards. the wares are heading to the nations capital after being the new york mix yesterday at msg. madison square garden. thompson led the way with 34 points. the warriors are 44-4. unbelievable. they will be back home on saturday to host the oklahoma city thunder.
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4:26 am. new developments in the mario woods a shooting. the announcement expected today about a federal review of the police department. we're counting down to the super bowl. a look at super bowl city.
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good morning. monday, february 1. i am brian flores. i am pam cook. we are raring -- wearing red for heart health awareness for women. we are bringing awareness. steve is helping us with letter
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-- weather. never too early to plan ahead. we just had christmas. we do have a cold condition and no thunderstorm activity. we had hail all over the place and the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be colder. it will cut rates are you. there will be clouds off the coast and cold air over the warmer water. still active in southern california and los angeles to palm springs. it is not 103 now. they are having problems. don't worry about it. 40s on the temps here. walnut creek and dan ball, 37. mid-40s for some. a brisk day and the breeze out of the northwest with the west and it will be guin


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