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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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-- weather. never too early to plan ahead. we just had christmas. we do have a cold condition and no thunderstorm activity. we had hail all over the place and the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be colder. it will cut rates are you. there will be clouds off the coast and cold air over the warmer water. still active in southern california and los angeles to palm springs. it is not 103 now. they are having problems. don't worry about it. 40s on the temps here. walnut creek and dan ball, 37. mid-40s for some. a brisk day and the breeze out of the northwest with the west and it will be gusting 25%.
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the system will roll into night giving us clouds and rain and when more system on wednesday. after that it is sunny and warm or. clear and cold and breezy and windy. high clouds coming in late. a lot of mid-50s here so bundle up. let's look at the traffic this morning on the bay bridge toll plaza. that camera keeps going off and on. we are keeping an eye on it. no major problems this morning. you see the camera shaking. fairwinds. chp said high winds on the altamont pass. also a problem in castro valley. apparently a car went into a powerful and there are reports of customers without power this morning. this was east cantor valley boulevard. here is a look at the top
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stories we're following for you this morning. parts of the bay area cleaning up from el niño. it looks really weird to have hail and so cruel. it valid sarah bleau -- it fell in several bay areas. trees were brought down by the wind and power outages. in southern california the strong winds turn deadly and killed one woman. a giant tree at san diego pacific beach neighborhood was uprooted and it crashed into a home, three parked cars and a fourth card that was just passing by and a woman in that car was killed. la times reports winds reached up to 70 miles per hour in ventura county. department of justice will announce their plan to review the san francisco police department. after the shooting of mario woods. five police officers participated. the shooting has sparked
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protests and calls for police reform. authorities in southern california are interviewing inmates who escaped last saturday. the video released by elsie sheriff's department said orange county nayeri and jonathan tieu being let into the jail. the two were caught in san francisco saturday after someone recognized one of the fugitives and flag down police. the third inmate turned himself in on friday. they cut you a great and climbed through plumbing tunnels. the super bowl days away and law enforcement is cracking down on human trafficking. our cameras were there as officers in the south bay conducted a today undercover operation at a downtown san jose hotel where they made 12 arrest. smith gives us an inside look at a story you will see only here. >> reporter: this is no ordinary phone call, a add-on
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line with a greed and meet for sex. but the men don't realize is the woman is an undercover police officer. this is video from a hidden police camera inside the hotel room. in another room a dozen officers from a human trafficking task force comprised of san jose and police and the fbi. in this case the man tries to broker a deal for his friend saying her asking price is too low but the super bowl around the corner. people are taking a stand. zero tolerance toward human trafficking and child exploitation. >> this man was willing to exchange $35 in marijuana.>> lonely and again i wanted to
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have a woman's touch. >> he claims this is his first time. i asked him how long it took to find a date online. >> 20 minutes. people can search and you scroll down. >> the task force tries to get john's off the street. the purpose is to find miners soliciting sex.>> another undercover cop looks for ads where the girls look young. most of the time the photos aren't real. when they do find underage prostitutes they don't arrest them but offer help. >> it is a shock. and the rise of the numbers are increasing. the calls for service. >> the youngest they have encountered are 12 years old. they hope this will send a strong message as visitors make their way to the bay area for super bowl 50. >> if you believe you are coming to san jose and come exploiting a young lady or mail
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you will be wrong. you should focus on super bowl because i am focused on you. time is 4:35 am. the carolina panthers and denver broncos have arrived here in the bay area. super bowl week officially underway. alex savidge live at super bowl city. with what you can expect. >> all of the excitement will be ramping up in a big way. we had seen that the foot of embarcadero has turned into a super bowl party. this is super bowl city, what we call this area now. you can see they have the tents and the booths set up and ready to go for what will be a big week. this will be a lot of activity and lots of festivities and concerts happening. as we force the countdown to the big game here in the bay area. with super bowl city opening up on saturday it is free to any
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fans or anyone who wants to come down. it is here in john stemberger plaza. they have interacted blues and games ends up lines. what we saw this weekend was not just broncos fans and pakistan's making their way out here to san francisco to take part in super bowl city. they were football fans from all over to see what was going on and take part in the fund.>> it is a party scene. >> even though it is not my team it is a cruel sport and i love football. [ music ]. this is so cool. a member of free concerts will be happening this week. tonight is ellie black will perform at super bowl city at
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6:00. that is a free concert. other big performances include terry on thursday and on friday, one republic will perform. big firework show in the city that night. alicia keyes will be closing out the super bowl concert series on saturday at justin herman plaza. quite a few folks will be attending. we bring you to a live picture. security extremely tight. there are a number of areas fenced off and took it into super bowl city you have to pass through metal detectors and go through the security procedures. this is important for folks coming down. you can't have bags larger than 18 inches across. that is really key. people need to remember that. they will try to come down to super bowl city.>> we were out there last friday and saw the metal detectors being installed.
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it will be tight for security. a lot of fun as well. >> what to get inside it will be a good time. super bowl 50 signs can be seen over san francisco but they had been the target of vandals. the sign in alamo square was removed yesterday. vandals have altered words and knocked it over a few times. the committee said it was taken away for repairs and may be brought to a different location after it was fixed. there is a statue in front of city hall that has been vandalized but it does remain in place.>> hospitals are gearing up for patients during super bowl. there is typically a 20% increase in emergency room visits during super bowl week. doctors anticipate alcohol and drug overdoses and falls, food poisoning and car accidents. hospitals are prepared that they are encouraging people with non-life-threatening injuries to use urgent care instead of the er.
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some will have incident command centers just in case in the unlikely event of a terror attack. if you are hoping to go to the super bowl, be prepared to pay cash. on stubhub tickets range from $2700 on stubhub tickets range from $2700-$23,000. it is down from two weeks ago. the face value transfer made it 50 to 3 grand but getting the chance to buy one from the nfl is difficult. the 49ers only had 3000 tickets to sell and some went to sponsors and lecture receipt holders. the rest were sold to season ticket holders. bay area sports. several super bowl's. they are bringing as favorite super bowl memories over the next week. we have one from joe. byrd the first super bowl i ever covered is someone who
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works in this business was super bowl xv and it was in new orleans and it was the raiders against the philadelphia eagles. the raiders were going for their second super bowl. that was the week that john matisse act was partying on bourbon street and the raiders didn't care about curfews. it was when -- win mentality. i was walking around bourbon street super bowl week and noticing i have never seen so many attractive women with their fathers. no one had presented the concept of trophy wives to me before. but that was how naove i was. that was my first exposure to that. a life learning lesson at super bowl xv which was the game started -- that was a game where were the week where the eagles were on lockdown and they had a curfew and the raiders said around and have a good time but show up on sunday. that is exactly what happened.
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jim puckett was the mvp and the raiders beat the eagles. that is funny. >> it is nice they are out with their dads. 4:42 am. the presidential candidates have made last-minute pitches to voters and now it is up to the iowans at the caucuses. coming up where the polls stand heading into today's race. an animal shelter is in need of your help. how you can help them find a stolen dog who they believe is at risk.
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welcome back. san jose family is grieving the death of a man who was shot and killed on his 20th birthday. it happened on clement avenue yesterday afternoon. family members identified the victim as jaime martinez. they tell us that he was killed in a drive-by shooting. another woman was injured but she is expected to be okay. police have not released details on a gunman. police in campbell searching for a woman accused of stealing a police car and injuring an officer. six-year-old it's a memorial was with two men in a stolen accurately ndx which he rammed a patrol cruiser. the male suspects got out and ran away and officers followed. mario jump into an empty police cruiser and an officer tried to stop her and she dragged him
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with a car. the cruiser was later found abandoned. authorities arrested one of the men but christian hernandez got away. the officer was treated and released. east bay spca looking for a dog that was stolen during a walk with a shelter volunteer. i want to show you a picture of daisy mae. the spca said a volunteer stopped to talk to a man who asked about the dog. on baldwin street yesterday. the conversation ended and the man snatched the dog and left in a gray sedan. that man is a tall african- american men in his 30s with a beer. spca said daisy mae was scheduled to have surgery this week. if you have information call the east bay spca. ehab report is likely the blame for a house fire in san leandro. this happened saturday afternoon on glen drive. alameda news said the fire was burning on the first floor and
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it only took 10 minutes to put it out. firefighters have not determined the cause but say a melted hoverboard was found nearby. the homeowner says it had been charging. officials are investigating hoverboard safety after reports of several fires. oakland police are planning a pedestrian safety crackdown today. they will look for drivers for speed and make it legal turns or failed to stop for people crossing the street. offices will ticket pedestrians across the street illegally. police say they investigated 900 traffic deaths involving pedestrians over the past three years. time to check in with steve for another look at weather. we're reminding people who are waking up in napa, it is 103. >> the airport thermometer is on the fritz.>> with the wind chill it is a brisk 47. if you are anywhere near that vicinity you are smart phone will reflect it.
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that one is easy to solve. >> tell us the weather instead of counting on our phones. >> everybody looks at their phones. >> it is february the january not so fast. that was a heck of a system that came by. again the bulk of it when central to southern california. it was cloudy and turned sunny and the wind picked up. then we had a combination of hail and heavy rains. it did its job and it is long gone but sunday guests from 33 to 54. that was at ocean beach. richmond 40. it was windy and east bay from napa down to livermore. spectacular and windy storm in san ramon sunday. many reports of hail and lots of reports of thunder but many also seeing rainbows. 42 and
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clear and cold. it is here now. southern california dealing with the system and that was a powerhouse. there is a 103 in napa. it is 41. if it wasn't for the breeze we would have more 30s. low to mid-, woodside 45. i'll i'll tell 41. opportunities by 7:00 this morning. fairfield and vacaville, windy there. it will be a blustery day. 38 las vegas. around the lake a lot of teams. tahoe city 14. south lake tahoe 15. differentials between zero and 13. clear today in the morning and
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higher clouds will come in. and of the system on wednesday and after that everything looks like high pressure will kick in for a sunny and warm weekend. today windy and cool for most. a few 30s on the low. the system will come in but not until tonight. overnight a little rain sweeping through into tomorrow morning and there will be another system that whirls and wednesday afternoon. by wednesday night it is gone and will have sunshine into the weekend. clear and cold and breezy 20 out there. 50s for highs. below normal on the thames. 50s, it will be a brisk day for many temperatures below average. light rain tonight and cloudy and cool for tuesday. light rain north on wednesday. it is out of here and then we
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warm it up into super bowl weekend. sunny and warm at kickoff. 70 degrees. >> better than wind and rain and hail. 4:50 am. birth-control in middle school. but we are talking about in 20 minutes. condoms considered. some say would look like something out of a third world country. the news -- grass alternatives for soccer fields in san jose.
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welcome back. today we could be closer to finding out what may have led to last year's deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. eight people were killed and others injured. the national transportation safety board has wrapped up its investigation and later today we will release the information. next investigators will analyze the evidence and prepare a report on the probable cause. they have already said the train was traveling at twice the speed limit for the sharp turn. to students from virginia tech under arrest accused of killing a 13-year-old boy. a candlelight vigil held for noel level in virginia. she went missing on wednesday and on saturday her body was found in north carolina. 18-year-old david eisenhower
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charged with felony abduction first-degree. and 19-year-old natalie keepers accused of helping him dispose of the girls body. police have not revealed how she was killed. we are hearing from one of the families who rebuilt their home after the valley fire. it last september burned 76,000 acres. 1300 homes and 700 other buildings were destroyed. when family is the first to rebuild their home. they are planning to move in in a few weeks and they have something else to celebrate.>> this is the living room. open into the kitchen. >> we got engaged in front of that window. >> it was amazing. it was unexpected and totally unexpected. it meant a lot. >> lake county supervisor says phase i a fire recovery efforts is complete and that includes addressing areas with high erosion risk and tearing down
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trees and home debris. san jose parks and recreation commission is hoping to save money and water if they consider the benefits of dirt soccer fields. on wednesday the commission will discuss whether they should adopt the concept which is usually only a common sight in poor countries. so far it is only being discussed as a possible alternative. dirt made of engineered soil costs more than grass to install but then cost half as much to maintain. dear levers in love. one of the rarest beers goes on sale in santa rosa on friday. the heinis the younger which has a young game -- has a strange day. crowds line up every year outside of the russian river brewing company just to get it. it is only sold for two weeks every year.
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this year it will be sold through february 18. >> i have friends of mine from southern california were asking me if i am planning to go there. i am like i don't have three or four hours or days to stand in line but i will try my best. >> i have known quite a few people who had done that. they line up.>> coming up, a federal review of san francisco police in the wake of the mario woods shooting. how the woods family is reacting. it is a cold one out there and breezy to windy. i would bundle up including super bowl city.
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live in san jose. super bowl 50 opening-night is being held here later today. we will tell you about what is planned at how the teams are settling in. it is been two months since mario woods were shot and killed by officers. but the justice department is going to do today as it gets involved. welcome back. good morning. thank you for joining us. i pam cook. dave clark is joining us.
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it is go red for women. raising awareness for heart disease and getting encouraging women to get tested. we are helping spread the word. >> good morning. let's check the weather and traffic. the weather over the weekend, steve. >> it was crazy sunday. >> the wind chill factor in marin county felt like 30 degrees. >> i was driving in looking at the dark skies. >> that was east bay.>> napa as well. we will show pictures. >> speaking of napa, the airport has an issue. it says 103 degrees on the thermometer. your smartphone may see one of three if you live near that. that is not correct. we do have clearing skies and it's going to be a brisk day. everything is coming out of the northwest and still active in southern california. that system


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