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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it is a big difference from what we had. >> you're saying that napa's number, if it wasn't for the wendy would be colder.>> it is holding up the low, the wind. the ambient temperature. it stirs up the atmosphere. if it dies down the temperature will drop.>> thank you, steve. >> it is called out there. we have a lot of 40s and if you 30s and even 20s up in cotton mountain. it is boring in southern california. last check grapevine was closed. snow and wind. if you are heading to super bowl city i would bundle up. 56 the high in san francisco today but it is chilly. you can stay up-to-date with the temperatures, ktvu weather app. tomorrow the radar may pick up a little bit.
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today we are clear and call. southern california, that is not the case. it is not one on one in napa. smartphone may say that. their 40s and if you 30s. clayton and alamo checking in with 30s and is a good robust breeze for many. today is good and tomorrow clouding up. clear and cold and breezy 20. 30s for inland lows entities for highs. below normal temperatures and bundle up. 6:01 am. we have slowed traffic and now the traffic is trying to get into san francisco. it is backing up around macarthur main. you can see traffic coming around the corner there is going to be slow people are getting into the city early. it is been the case ever since super bowl city closers began. people want to get there earlier . the traffic is backed up to 30 minute delay before you make it to the bridge.
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if you want to use the san mateo bridge, that bridge doesn't look that heading to highway 101 and heading south to palo alto looks good and san bruno looks good. let's talk about the south bay you can see 87 had construction delays from earlier road work. it is getting better but as we push back for the santa clara valley we don't see slow traffic. a little bit on northbound 101 approaching 280. 6:02 am. the carolina panthers and denver broncos have arrived in the bay area. super bowl week is underway and the teams flew into san jose airport yesterday and headed to their hotels. tonight the pandas in the broncos will speak to the media . it is happening at the sap center in downtown san jose. that is where jill -- janine de la vega is this morning.
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>> reporter: in the past hour we moved from one of the team hotels in san jose marriott to the sap center here for the event tonight is being held. security at the hotel was tight and it is here as well. we have seen police officers and suvs parked here. there is also a sign super bowl 50. both teams will be here later today. now the nfc champs and the carolina panthers are just a few miles away at the marriott. security there is tied with police and personnel there. they will practice at san jose state later today. there painting the panthers logo. the afc champions, the broncos, are practicing at stanford. the team arrived at san jose yesterday. we were greeted by players and dignitaries. we got glimpses of peyton manning and saw vernon davis
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who was traded to denver midseason. the pandas landed soon after and cam newton was easy to spot walking the tarmac because of interesting pants. the players didn't speak to the press then and that is what they will do later today at the sap center. media day is held on tuesday mornings traditionally but the nfl switched it to monday night at 5 pm. they decided to televise the event for the first time. thousands of journalists are credentialed and fans are in the stands watching the media doing interviews for several hours. coming up we will tell you if there are tickets left. but how much are they and what fans are going to be getting if they do have a ticket. we have a crew in san francisco. live pictures here from super bowl city at justin herman
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plaza along the embarcadero. the free fan village opens at 11 am. alex savidge will have a live report at 6:30 am. fans will be able to visit the puppy bowl cafe. come on. what is cuter than that. it is held each year at the same time as the super bowl and the pop-up cafi year will feature dogs up for adoption. it opens on thursday at gases roadside cafi. i think he might be taken. remember to download the ktvu app to stay connected. we have a list of events. you don't want to miss anything. find out what the weather will be like and we will tell you about traffic problems. important. all right there on the news app. another big story. a program to give condoms to middle school students in san francisco will be debated tonight. allie rasmus joining us live. tell us about this program.
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>> reporter: we're outside james lake middle school in no way valley. 23 middle schools involve. according to a plan proposed by the superintendent some school students may have access to free condoms in the coming years. tonight the school board will discuss a program that would make condoms available to middle school is. students would be required to meet with a social worker or school nurse first before taking part in the program. the ideas making condoms available is not a new one. the district had a condom availability program in place for high school students for two decades. that program however was amended to allow parents and kids to opt out. it is not clear whether the program for middle school is we do the same. we reached at two school board members this morning to get their comments and the meeting starts at 6:00 at usc headquarters.
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people will be allowed to come in to make comments and share thoughts. thank you. marin county officials recommending the gunshot fired road berenamed. that is the fairfax hiking path for a man was shot and killed. officials may change the name to sun fire fire road. some suggested renaming it after the shooting victim. stephan carter. or his dog coco who was hurt. three drifters were charged in the murder in october. they are accused of killing a 23-year-old canadian tourist in san francisco. bart is going to raise parking fees today. the daily rate will go up to two dollars in heyward. $2.50 in richmond. $8.00 west oakland. parking lot usage is evaluated and bart says these bart
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stations are full so the fee was increased by $.50. writers can use cash, clipper cards or bar tickets to pay. presidential candidates are trying to round up last-minute support ahead of tonight's iowa caucuses. next a live report from iowa. the final pitches to voters. i wanted to know what is the emergency. >> turning the tables in florida. what happened to a woman which you pulled a police officer over for speeding. we're looking at the commute. the traffic is moving on well if you are driving. this is not one of the areas that is good. slow traffic getting onto the bridge. more about that coming up.
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welcome back. the first in the nation nominating contests. it starts in iowa. the caucuses start as poodles are tightening. a lot of last-minute campaigning. douglas bader is live right now in iowa. >> reporter: first of all a lot of people are looking at the weather. it is a beautiful morning in
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des moines. the sky is clear and that will change later today. they are expecting a storm and that can affect turnout in a race that has been unpredictable. the paces not letting up. through the weekend every candidate made a final pitch and a final plea for voters. >> please pick a winner this time. i will win. >> a gop turnout tonight will benefit republican presidential frontrunner donald trump leads recent polls. if you weren't show up expect senator ted cruz supporters to give him the edge. >> if there is a blizzard they will shovel the way to the caucus. >> for the rest of the field, this may be a race for third place. that is enough to stay in the hunt. the excitement and energy is with our campaign. what that means. >> among democrats, sanders hopes his large crowds will
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translate into actual caucus voters. >> we go out tomorrow night and the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. we will get the votes counted. hillary clinton battling renewed scrutiny over her email practices. her supporters may be more familiar navigating the arcane democratic, this proceedings. there is also the former maryland governor martin o'malley wildcard. his supporters will lack 15% threshold they need which frees them up to support another candidate. will they back clinton or sanders? >> that is a big question. there is a poll showing that republican presidential frontrunner donald trump has a seven point lead over senator ted cruz. on the democratic size, vermont senator bernie sanders 3 points up on clinton. it is shocking that that phrase is that close down to the wire. douglas seder in iowa.
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microsoft will be tested later today. new smartphone app used to add up the vote results from the iowa caucuses. it has been designed to produce human error and speed up the reporting process. republicans and democrats have complements of microsoft despite suspicion of corporate influence from vermont senator bernie sanders campaign. this new caucus reporting app will replace the old system of calling in the results by phone. make sure you stay here with us at ktvu on air and online. ktvu political reporter ross palombo is in iowa. you will have a live report later here. also follow him on twitter, ross ktvu. miami-dade police investigating after a citizen pulled over a police officer for speeding.>> i saw you since miller drive when you're jumping onto the palmetto and
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you were pushing 90 miles an hour. claudia castillo said she followed that officer and she said he sped past or without his emergency lights. she reported the whole thing on her phone. after she got the offices attention she pulled over thinking -- she had an emergency. when he came over it was castillo who asked questions. >> i was eating your dust. i was going 80 miles an hour and i wanted to know what is the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you i am on my way to work. i don't believe i was speeding. >> a lot of us have use that excuse. >> the officer apologized and said he would slow down and asked kryscio if she wanted his name our badge and she said no.
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>> you don't hear that every day. >> that is pretty gutsy. okay. you don't see that everyday. >> i wouldn't do it. i would not. >> leave them alone. leave them alone and they will leave you alone. you know. >> good morning. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is not doing poorly. you'll see slow traffic and a lot of people are getting into the city early but we have found that once the rushes over at 9:00 between the middle of the day you will see traffic lighting up. everyone is getting in early and it has been a busy few weeks with the super bowl closures. a 30 to 40 minute delay before you make it to the bridge unless you are using the carpool lane. part is a good option and so are the fairies. southbound 680, near walnut
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creek interchange, it is backed up to walnut creek. slow traffic in livermore on 580 through most of livermore. by the time you reach castor valley it is okay. 280 in san jose is looking good from downtown into the valley. let's go to steve. that woman better not go 5 miles over the speed limit anywhere.>> don't rock the boat. >> maybe she is causing him to be safer.>> january did not want to go out privately. almost 7 inches of rain fell. how much rain fell in january 2015? zero. one year later we had 7 inches of rain and that is good.
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the last day was wild and crazy. little bit of everything. it was cloudy and light rain early in the morning. mountain view and san jose, this guys got sunny and the wind pick up -- picked up. we got a wide variety of everything. the guests were bright ahead of that snow. the wind was kicking up. 54 miles per hour ocean beach. half moon bay a gust of 54. santa rosa 33. listed that is gone but the player and breeze is not so if you are heading to super bowl city the high today will be 56. it is a brisk pattern and everything comes out of the northwest. the grapevine is still close at last check. they are close to 54 in the desert. hit and miss rain. it is not 101 in napa. they are having problems. it is based on
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the napa airport. anywhere else in the 40s or 30s. a few 30s. morgan hill to gilmore, 38. santa cruz 46. it is not worrying for everybody but out of the west northwest and it will be a brisk day. 18 truckee. 35 arcata. lake tahoe, lots of teams. 8 in south lake tahoe. windchill is 0 to 10 and cloudy skies. codey with light rain tomorrow. this morning and most of the morning clear and cold and breezy and windy. 50s for highs. below normal temperatures. take your pick. a northwind might help that everyone will stay below average . there won't be much of a difference. clouded up tonight. rain on tuesday to the north and another system brushes as wednesday and we cleared out. sunshine and warmer
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temperatures on sunday. >> we don't need an umbrella. >> not today. >> i would take a jacket. it is freezing. >> 619 6:19 am. emergency meeting today about the zika virus. how the summer olympics are being affected. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
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welcome back. we want to take you to los angeles. more than 120 firefighters are working on this huge fire and they have been there for an hour . this is burning in a commercial building in the glassell park area in northeast
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los angeles. the fire is fueled by combustible storage and propane cylinders. it sounds very dangerous. no injuries reported so far. this is la. a commercial building. this is a live picture. we will give you updates. the snow made for dangerous conditions on i 80 in the sierra. the highway shut down your truckee for three hours after a crash involving 29 vehicles at 3:30 am yesterday. the accident involved 25 cars and for call semi trucks. this was the largest of several accidents on the interstate yesterday. there was a 10 car crash near norwood. nevada county, people in soda springs can get to and from their homes again after this. floodwaters left them misbranded. this is in the sugar bowl area.
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flooding caused by melting snow and ice caused the yuma river to ride -- guys. 500 homes in the serene lakes resort community were affected. we better start figuring out what to do and get out of here. we weren't sure if it was going to keep letting. >> floodwaters reached sugar bowl resort forcing it to close for the day. soda springs road is back open. the world health organization holding an emergency meeting today about whether the zika virus outbreak should be considered an international health emergency. the virus spread by mosquitoes spread from africa to brazil last year and reported in 25 countries and territories. it is affecting international events. olympic organizers are preparing for health risk.
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brazil deals with 1 million cases of the zika virus. >> actions are taken with vehicles and immunity. this is worth it and has been done so far. it will continue all the way to the games. >> the pregnant women face the most risk if they get the zika virus. it is been linked to brain defects in babies and babies have been born with severe neurological disorders. leota just announcing it will make --.making vehicles for a few days because they ran out of parts. production suspension will last and japan for six days. january explosion at a japanese steel plant. this affected leota's auto parts using engines and transmissions and the chassis. teata says the suspension will last from february 8 the suspension will last from february 8, 2014. gun-control groups are
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praising facebook's decision to tighten policies on online gun sales. it says that private individuals are banned from advertising on selling goods on facebook. the policy is different for licensed gun retailers. they can advertise that they can't sell their guns on the side. the policy applies to instagram which is owned by facebook. federal officials make an announcement today and they will investigate a police shooting. a city officials have been calling for a review into the killing of mario woods. super bowl city, the foot of embarcadero shut down and this is one of the security checkpoints we are seeing commuters passing through. a major inconvenience for many of them trying to head off to work.
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good morning and welcome back. thank you for joining us on monday, february 1. thank you for joining us. it is 6:30 am. let's go to steve and people are wondering about the weather. >> very cold this morning. >> rain tomorrow. >> and the weekend looks good. >> sunny and warm. good friends of mine have been on vacation but they will be back. until then breezy" are in town. it is clear out there and great visibility but it is brisk.
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temperatures, and 50s for a few . also 30s and 40s so don't have to worry about thunderstorms. everything is nosediving. southern california getting mix of rain and clouds. if you are seeing 101 in napa, it is incorrect. danville 37. clayton 37. there is enough of a breeze to stir things up. good today and codey tomorrow. clear and cold and breezy to indy. some areas are not too bad. 30s for inland lose. 50s for highs today. these are below normal temperatures. we're seeing more traffic out there and this pattern started last week. people getting into the city early. it has been tough to drive around the days starting off
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with 80 westbound. in the bay bridge gets flow 80 gets slow. rpos a you will see traffic is going to be busy and it starts to slow at which meant all the way to the bay bridge and it is crowded now so delays at 25 to 30 minutes before you make it onto the span. contra costa county, slow traffic on highway 4 and 680 and onto 42 to olympic. the backup doesn't extend to danville yet. 24 looks good and as we pull back you can see a little more commute has a slow one getting over to pleasanton area. let's go back to the desk. >> the super bowl week festivities kick into high gear today and expect san francisco to be busy. alex savidge live at super bowl city. bay area football fans will really turn out this week.>> reporter: they sure well.
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good morning. super bowl city here at the foot of embarcadero and san francisco is meant to be a party for football fans but also an inconvenience for commuters. we saw that this morning because we had this at the security checkpoint and we saw a big rush of commuters coming off of the fairy trying to get to offices. they have to pass through the security checkpoints with metal detectors and how to have their bags searched. we heard some commuters grumbling about happy to take this extra step. an inconvenience for some but there's a lot going on at super bowl city that fans will enjoy and people all over the bay will enjoy. they have the booths and 10th in everything set up here. i justin herman plaza for super bowl city. a free event for fans that opened up this past weekend in front of the ferry building. there are interactive games and other activities. we also should point out that along with super bowl city the
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other big attraction in san francisco is the nfl experience. this is that the moscone center. that is the home of the nfl experience for this is an interactive football themepark and it opens up for the first time this afternoon at 3:00. today the nfl is welcoming bay area football fans in particular. if you show up wearing 49ers or raiders gear get five dollars off admission. what we had been seeing his football fans from all over heading into town and they are pumped up for the game. >> everybody gets together. >> even though it is not my to name i support them. i love football. >> [ music ]. there are also free concerts this week in san
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francisco. tonight singer alan black is performing at super bowl city. also the band perry will play on thursday night. friday night when republic performs. and then closing things out on saturday night, alicia keyes performing here at the foot of embarcadero center and super bowl city. we talked about that tight security at super bowl city and you are getting a live look this morning at one of the security checkpoints. these are not folks who are going to try to attend super bowl city. it doesn't open till 10:00. these are commuters getting off at the ferry. in order to get to their places of work they are having to pass through the metal detectors. an extra step.>> i was going to ask you that. anybody off the ferry to get
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into san francisco you have to go through the metal detectors.>> exactly. it doesn't matter if you worked there will close five. they will make you if you want to pass through from the ferry building across a justin herman plaza to get to anywhere on this side of justin herman plaza. you have to pass through. [ audio lost ]
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we saw it. for my son and i that is all we saw. there was no way we could have avoided it. >> the public works department
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said there 100,000 trees in san francisco and 11 are -- 11 arborists. three recaptured inmates escaped last saturday but now back in jail. video released by the orange county sheriff says these men being led into the gel. they were caught in san francisco saturday after someone recognize the rest of them and fly down the police. the third inmate turned himself in on friday. the inmates escape by cutting to a great and climbing to plumbing. police in campbell searching for a woman accused of stealing a police car and injuring an officer during a wild incident over the weekend. 26-year-old itsy puello was in a car which he rammed a police car. the male suspects got out and they ran. authorities say st. pete beach mayor maria lowe jumped into an
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empty police car. an officer try to stop her and they say she dragged him with the police car. that car was later found abandoned. authorities arrested one of the men that the other man, christian hernandez, got away. that injured officer was treated and released from the hospital. more trouble for record- keeping. the information missing about some of the pipelines in the south bay. an inside look at bay area law enforcement cracking down on human trafficking and prostitution with thousands of people arriving for the super bowl.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a live look of the dow jones . the features were down all morning. dow jones down three quarters of a percent. the nasdaq and s&p 500 down the same, three quarters of a percent. china's economy and will affecting things. the price of oil is down and
6:45 am
chinese stocks fell during their trading session because of a weak manufacturing report for the six month. japan posted the gains after central bank introduced a new policy designed to boost lending and ignite economic growth. now the futures, the dow down. european market, they are down more -- about a percent across europe. we will continue to follow the markets throughout the morning. >> with the super bowl days away law enforcement is cracking down on human trafficking. cameras were there as dozens of officers in the south they conducted a today undercover operation at a downtown san jose hotel. 12 arrests made. they were part of a task force comprised of san jose police as well as the fbi. they are trying to get john's off the street but the main
6:46 am
purpose is to find miners soliciting sex. it is a shock. and the rise in the numbers are increasing. the cost of service and the reports. if you believe you will come to san jose and you believe you will come exploiting, you are wrong. >> the officers say the youngest victim was 12 years old. they do hope the operation will send a message of visitors making their way to the bay area. a lot of americans will be watching the biggest sports event of the year. this sunday. as super bowl 50 kicks off a quarter of the planet will be celebrating the year of the monkey. in china 1.4 billion people will celebrate chinese new year and in the bay, 1,000,000 1/2 asian americans will welcome lunar new year's eve. 50 years of super bowl versus 5000 years.
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either way it is going to be a busy weekend. while the panthers in the broncos are preparing for the super bowl the stars of the other teams hit the field in hawaii. jerry rice and michael irvin were drafted. seattle seahawks quarterback was -- russell wilson had three touchdowns. he was named offense vice president and won the game. raiders quarterback derek car had one touchdown pass. for charles woodson, it was his last nfl game after 18 seasons. president obama will be honoring the warriors and their nba championship this week. the warriors will be at the white house on thursday, one day after they play the washington wizards. the warriors are heading to the capital after defeating the new york nor -- new york knicks. clay thompson was so hot.
6:48 am
he had 34 points. green had his ninth triple-double of the season. the warriors are 44-4 and will be back home on saturday hosting okc, oklahoma city. >> so awesome to watch. it will be exciting to see sal at super bowl city on the special set.>> i will do one more traffic report or to and then brian will take over and i will go down and we will be down on the nine. all day. of course, mike. >> he is taking the ferry. he has snapped photos. i warned him. i hope he found a parking place.>> the ferry parking is difficult. >> thank you. let's take a look at what we
6:49 am
have. the traffic is doing okay. if you are driving out to the east bay but you'll see slowing which you are expecting to see into san francisco. there are no crashes on the bridge thing goodness. 25 to 30 minute delay unless you are in the carpool lane. interstate 880 n. and south, the traffic is light and wendy. i want to look at the south bay because we had a few different incidents that have clear. westbound 237 at 101, traffic is low. 237 coming up on super bowl 50. obviously is going to get a lot of use. 101 and 85 will be taking a lot of use so think about this. start thinking about it today. i heard also -- i forget how many private jets coming in. they don't know where to put them. seriously. >> have to make reservations way ahead.
6:50 am
>> they may put them in san martmn for all i know.>> i know where i am putting mine. >> it is clear and cold out there for many. yesterday, if you were around napa, i would say american canyon, solano county, contra costa county, it was sunny and got black as night and then boom. hail and thunderstorms. it was cold. gus yesterday 254. we 54. 46 richmond. 43 santa rosa. 47 at super bowl city. it will be brisk and mostly sunny. high of 56. clouse antioch was in the middle of the storm so good morning.
6:51 am
northwest wind, 7 1/2. temperatures 45 but the wind chill is 40. lots of hail. there was a lot of hell yesterday. the other side was dark. it is clear right now. everything into arizona, heading towards phoenix in flagstaff. gus at 54. if you haven't had your coffee it is 101 at the opera -- napa airport. a glitch in the system. if you have a smart phone and you live in the direction that is why it says it. everyone else in the 30s and 40s. 33 calistoga. enough of a breeze holding the temperature up. bodega bay 43. on the peninsula, menlo park holding at 40. there is: readings on the coast. it will be a breezy day and
6:52 am
wendy for some. higher elevations think inland would take the brunt of any breeze. 18 inch pakey. 35 arcata. lake tahoe, 4 degrees. truckee 18. it will be a brisk day. the system moves through. the system is gone but the cold air is in place and so it will be a breezy day for us and we will increase the clouds. sunny and breezy but clouds roll in tomorrow and rain will sweep in tomorrow morning. that system won't do too much. one more coming in the pipeline on wednesday after that. skies clear and high pressure builds and. clear and cold and breezy, 30s for inland flows, 50s on the highs. below normal temperatures. temperatures will be struggling and cloud cover will come in tonight. not very warm over the next few
6:53 am
days but we will see warmer weather towards the weekend. do you want to explain why you are wearing brad clark >> it is go red for women day. to raise the american heart association of fairness for women. women ignore signs until get tested as often for heart attacks and signs of that as men do. we're spreading the word. >> time at 6:53 am. fans are coming to the bay area for the super bowl. new figures on how much money they are expected to bring in with them. first, it is compared to a third world country. the alternative considered to grasp for soccer fields in san jose.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're hearing from a family who rebuilt their home after the valley fire. it burned 76,000 acres in lake county. 1300 homes and 700 buildings destroyed. one family is the first to rebuild. they are planning to move in in a few weeks. they also have something else to celebrate.>> this is the living room and it was soaked in the corner. it opened into the kitchen. >> we got engaged in front of that window on christmas eve. >> it was amazing. it was unexpected. it meant a lot. >> lake county supervisor says phase 1 of the recovery is complete. that includes addressing areas with high erosion risk and clearing downed trees and home to break that covers
6:57 am
middletown. san jose's parks and recreation commission hoping to save money and water and they are considering the benefits of installing dirt soccer fields. they will talk about that and that is something you usually see in poor countries. it is only being talked about as a possible alternative. dirt fields with engineered soil costs more than twice as much as a grass field to install but it cost half as much to maintain. if you are out celebrating super bowl you have a chance to be our fan of the day. a super fan of the day. here are possible nominees. when you look at pilot and julianna from san francisco. we ran into them with their grandmother at super bowl city on sunday. she is visiting from boulder, colorado, rooting for the broncos. if you want to be considered as a fan of the day send us your
6:58 am
photos or videos or facebook or twitter with the #ktvu. be fan of the day will be revealed every night this week. >> you don't have to be a fan. it is a football fan we are looking for. the denver broncos and carolina panthers are here for the super bowl. the lead up get started today. a live report on the big event taking over tonight.
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imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding.
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and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. the teams are here and the players will be talking today. we are live at the sap center. we will tell you what's different this year and if tickets are still available. the presidential candidates have made their last-minute pitches to voters. now it's up to iowans to decide their favorite candidates at the caucuses tonight. where the polls stand as "mornings on 2" continues. i am pam


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