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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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afternoon. our system is moving through, it has to be snow in mt. hamilton and radar indicates snow mix. the system won't last two long. for the morning we have to deal with it. only a couple 100s the most i've seen. .05 in the russian river. areas with heavier rain. good morning. bit of rain in sv, i believe that's silicon valley. like they the, at times it matches the weather map. this old tie. it's a clip on, no it's not. san jose to saratoga getting rain. not a lot. the system with us for the morning but then we'll get a
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break. i don't think things will check. around lake tahoe in the teens or 20s. another system on wednesday afternoon and then a drying between -- trend. 40s for lows, 50s for highs. morning rain, a chilly day. sal, what do you have? well, by the way, the groundhog did not see his shadow, so that means we might have an early spring. i don't buy it for us here. back there maybe. i wanted to clear that up. the last time this happened it was brutally cold into march. i see. it's kind of cold for san francisco. people from the other parts of the country saying, just be quiet. let's go to the east shore freeway, this is 80 westbound, if you're trying to get into
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the city you have to deal with the east bay traffic coming down through berkeley it will be slow. you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see traffic backed up for another 15 minute delay. slow traffic on highway 4 slow, 680 looks good to walnut creek. 580 the traffic stays at the at montz pass -- at possibility pass. , altamont pass. the rest of the freeway system looks good. 6:02. let's two to the desk. senator ted cruise won the iowa caucus, the democratic side too close to call. live in des moines with more on
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how this race was reshaped overnight. >> definitely, fox news has yet to call it. it appears hillary clinton pulled off the smallest of wins, one of the many surprises delivered to democrats and parents. >> -- republicans. the race is down to hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders after martin o'malley suses ended his presidential campaign. >> i'm excited about getting into a debate with senator sanders. >> clinton was expecting a big win. it was too close to call last night. sanders is claiming victory for a tight race. >> if i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a profound message to the political establishment. >> for the republicans after
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donald trump led the polls for months. ted cruz scored a surprise victory. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> it was an upset for trump but may not be a shock. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will two on to easily beat hillary or bernie. >> mike huckabee and martin o'malley called it quit last night so a smaller field going to new hampshire. >> the new hampshire primary a week from today on february 20th, south carolina will hold his primary. nevada will hold the republican caucus on february 23.
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south carolina democratic payment or on february 27. we're getting new details about the way threes caped prisoners evaded police. they kidnapped a cabdriver, held him hostage and took him to a san jose hotel. orange county officials said the fugitives had a physical fight over whether or not to kill the cabdriver. one of the escaped wanted to spare the life. he and one of the escape aid drove the orange county. the other two were arrested in san francisco. it could be illegal in san francisco to leave your gun in your car if it's not locked up. the board of supervisors will vote on legislation repairing the -- requiring the strict
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locking of gun. gun owners would have to lock their gun in the trunk that could not be opened from the main body have the car. san jose university suspects a student has meningitis. it has severe outcomes. the university is trying to get a handle on what's happening. live from santa clara to tell us what they are doing and how they are reacting. >> health officials are working to identify people who came into close contact with the infected student. if a person was in the same classroom or anywhere else on campus they are not at risk. according to university facebook page the student became ill on sunday and admitted to the hospital, they are looking for people with close contact with the student
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between january 24th and this past sunday. they may need antibiotics. it is a severe bacterial infection of the blood or brain. university officials say the vast majority of students are not at risk, only those with prolonged contact with the infected person. it spreads through saliva. there's a vaccine but the university does not require vaccinations. the health department should have test back if this is a confirmed case of meningitis. time is 6:07. a student testified in court that the trial of a former student accused of committing a hate crime. williams said he was the target
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of racial bullying that made him feel like less than a human being. the three men are accused of battery and hate crime including a week lock around his neck. the harassment left him be meaned and demoralized. the suspects pled not guilty. if convicted they face a year in jail. fairfield police are looking for a person responsible for hitting and injuring a five-year-old child with their car. it's a gold or brown four door sedan. the child was hit before 5:00 yesterday evening on san marco street in fairfield. police say the driver did not stop. the child suffered severe injuries but is expected to survive. >> our time is 6:08.
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a bay area company may layoff a lot of people. the jobs that may be cut at yahoo! as part of a restructuring plan. we're suited up, and ready for the big game inside the super bowl city. we are talking about the science behind football. we'll tell you about it and how it feels to be in all this gear, coming up. [laughter] traffic is doing well, that looks fun. traffic looks good on sense hola grade. it is wet. print the playoff tickets now. we have rain moving through. we'll look at it and snow on the higher peaks.
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. now the super bowl 50 and the official vent -- event. the opening night. the nfl turned media day into a primetime event. fans bought tickets and watched it from the stands. the two teams were introduced led by cam knew -- newton by the panthers and peyton manning
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for the broncos. >> super bowl week is special, it's unique, it's different, i think the coach has encouraged us to enjoy it and soak it up. >> this will be peyton manning fourth super bowl, the first for cam newton, he won a national championship in college, while he says the confidence may run people the wrong way, he won't apossible jeez for the confidence -- apologize for himself or his team. >> you don't have this opportunity much, you have to appreciate it for what they are. >> i love it, it's awesome it came to our neighbor hood. >> how about that. 7,000 fans paid $30 for a ticket. once they got inside they took
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photos and collected autographs. >> a special part was austin denton. the 14-year-old from until was -- new mexico was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine at age 2, he's in remission and he's an aspiring broadcaster, he interviewed peyton manning live on the nfl network. >> everyone has been asking are you going to retire after this. do you have any idea. >> you're sharp, you're sharp. well-dressed and smart and sharp. i don't know the answer to that, i go one week at a time. not get too far ahead. i'm going to stick with that for one more week and focus on this tremendous challenge we have playing the panthers and deal with that after the season. >> that works, back up to you rich. >> we'll see more of him. just a freshman in high school, he does work for the local espn
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radio affiliate in if you are key. >> that was deion sanders. >> not bat a person to chat with. >> we're getting an inside look at the science technology, ebb jeers and math behind the -- engineering and math behind the super bowl. he can throw a football, but you have something new for us. >> i'm liking the look. >> he's suited up and ready. >> coach told me to hit the showers. >> before you got out there. >> no, no. >> back here in the locker room. i didn't get much playing time in the field. we are inside the chevron stem zone at super bowl city in san francisco. we're talking this morning about the science behind the game, and one of the things,
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this is stephanie reese, one of the thing it's fascinating how far we've come. this is what the helmets used to rook like -- look like. talk about the engineering that's gone into keeping players safe on the field. >> the technology is on obvious, a lot of time people think about the physics. behind the scene there's technology, engineering, math and science, from the material the helmets are made out of. >> look at the pads they used to wear, i have these giant things on now. i can't imagine playing on these. >> the helmets have microchips on it. >> they can see how fast i run out there. obviously the goal here is to inspire people to get, young people to get into science and
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engineering, that's your aim. >> there's so many wonderful things. chevron has donated $250 million to stem education, we believe that getting students, children, coaches alike can help us understand the impact that stem has. >> science is a big part of sports. we'll show you around, check out this area, you can throw a football an it will tell you exactly how fast you threw one of the footballs, it's an interactive zone. coming up at 7:00, i will test out my arm strength. i'm warmed up now guys, i could do okay. i might lose the pads. >> you did a 24, 25 earlier. >> did i. i think so.
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i'll try to beat that record now that i'm work "-- warmed up. >> it's fun to see the things? it's free. we want to point that out. super bowl city opens at 11:00. >> going to take a selfie with the uniform on. >> absolutely. i think so. look for that on my instagram page. great that he's walking around in that. sal has been around there too. it's fun. checking out all those things. >> getting to the business at hand, if you are trying to get to work in that area, it's been dicey out there. let's get you to work. let's start with a look at the pictures we have here and the traffic is going to be slow on some of the bridges getting
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across the bay, westbound 92 not a bad commute driving through. you can see the traffic has been okay at the bay bridge toll plaza, i want to mention that the traffic is going to be slow waiting there at the toll plaza. getting to the east bay, traffic is slow over the hill. no problems on 680 yet. 580 is low. 680 away from the dublin interchange. as we look at the santa clara valley, there's a slowdown on northbound 101 near 280. bart is running on time and the ferries no major gliches. we have light rain, some moderate to heavy at times around san jose and the santa cruz mountains. not a strong system. it's here and light rain in the morning and tail off here.
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clearing to the north, it's a cold pattern. you can see the rain, slightly picking up along the peninsula. nicole, raining in san lorenzo. unhappy wet pups. just wait a half hour. castro valley, dark green. up to oakland, the line stretches from sound marin county to san rafael, to lafayette, concord, north of that some up in napa county, not a lot. right in between san ma theo -- mateo, morgan hill, back to the santa cruz mountain, looks like it's picking up. it's cold, 40s on the temps,
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mid-40's for some. 45 antioch, 42 alamo, 9 up in truckee, not a big system. teens around the lake, 20 at tahoe, some of the cloud cover beginning to move in. this will turn to snow, not a strong system. one more system that has to go through, tomorrow, we have morning rain, looks like 11:00 noon. most should be gone. we'll have clouds filtering through, partly cloudy, we'll load up tomorrow morning and rain starts around the noon hour and sweeps through by the afternoon and evening. that's on wednesday, after this goes through, everything points to sunshine and high pressure building in. light rain, occasionally -- moderate. you can see right for everybody
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below average on the temps. another system wednesday afternoon, clears out thursday, and we're good to go as we head into the weekend. looks sunny and nice. >> a lot of people are working all week, they have to wait for the weekend to enjoy super bowl city. traffic may be a different story. thank you steve. 6:22. he disappeared in iran nine years ago while on an unauthorized cia mission. the new effort to find information to whereabouts of robert levinson.
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. welcome back. coalition partners are gathering in italy for talks
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about islamic militants. john kerry arrived in rome today. we're learning that senior administration official is back from syria. coalition airstrikes drove back isis fighter as year ago. the fbi is fighting -- finding a former agent. the agency is hoping to get tips on the disappearance of robert levinson, the case got renewed attention when the 67- year-old was not part of a prisoner swap. iran has never acknowledged arresting him. he was working on an unauthorized mission when he went missing. east bay mudd is investigating the cause of a
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mudslide. it is threatening a home on oak hill road. crews started searching for a broken pipe, drilling holes and dropping in microphones trying to hear a leak. the home is at risk because of the mudslide. last weekend a neighbor's home was yellow tabbed. fitz a broken main pg&e may be responsible. a water break may cause a sliding hill slide. there was a broken water main in a davidson neighborhood. a $2 million home had to be torn down because it was feared it would slide down and crash into homes. that homeowner believes the slide was caused by a water leak. >> let the supports are come -- experts come down with the
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report. >> help to expedite the per mitt. we have to stabilize the hill. >> the crews tried to find a water leak before the house was demolished. they stopped because the neighbors complainted. they came back after the house was lost and found the source of the leak. a falling tree killed a man in a san jose park, what witnesses heard when that tree crashed down. and a home in the oakland hills destroyed by fire. the reason there was combustible materials in the house. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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. it is 6:30. >> coal, rainy, good morning. >> where's most of the rain. peninsula. south bay. >> one more wednesday afternoon. we have rain to deal with this morning. if you're caught in that, it's cold. a lot of 40s. that cold air from the system on sunday, trapped now. heaviest toward san jose, sf beck, she's in san jose, heavy rain here. you can see around san jose, santa clara, mill speed us -- millipede us. not heavy. that seems to be the heaviest, a band south of san francisco, daly city, over to pacifica. rain there and in the east bay,
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notes heavy. san ramon. danville. napa county, a little bit from nap owe to -- napa to yountville. 40 on the temps. low 40s to mid-40's. 9 up in truckee, the system is moving through. teens and 20s through the lake. some snow, not a lot. morning rain here. one more system. highs in the 50s. >> quiet, things picking up. >> things are getting more crowded. we don't have major issues, the wet weather is not correlated with crashes out there more than usual. this is the mcarthur maze, it's backing up, coming around the curve. you will be waiting for 25 minutes. we're looking at the san mateo bridge, it's getting crowded there as well. crowded for halfway out the
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causeway, if you're driving to san francisco or san jose or oakland airport the freeways are clear. moving to the south bay, northbound 101, an arrow on slow traffic, no problems getting into the cupertino area. investigators in the oakland hills want to know what caused a fire in a renovated home. ali rasmus, you are there, what do you know. >> there's extensive damage to the house, it's a total loss, you can see the damage, it looks there's what's left of the roof, the frame of the house is all you can see, this home is at tell and hood near the oakland zoo. the idea was to keep the fire
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from neighboring homes. the fire looked like the house was remodeled and that meant there was more of a fire load inside. more than what you find in the typical home. more wood and combustible material. that could have easily fanned the blame flame -- flames. >> it started getting real, real high and spreading. the fire started spreading. this fire department came quick. >> this was a one-alarm fire, no one was hurt. firefighters don't believe anyone living in the house at the time of the fire. what happened next, investigators are supposed to come in later to make sure the fire wasn't suspicious, right now the cause of the fire is unknown. >> time now is 6:33. the chp is investigating a
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shooting in concord, leading to a multicar crash. the suspect in the gray altima fired shots and sped away and crashing into several other vehicles. seven people were hurt, including the suspects. police say the injuries were minor to moderate. they don't know if anyone in the car were hurt, that vehicle was not involved in the crash. investigators are trying to figure out how a tree fell on a man and killed him at a park. brian flores joins us on more of what happened. >> authorities have yet to identify the victim, it could be an older man who often came to the park on his bike. the tree fell after 3:00 p.m. on monday afternoon, located at isadora mussina drive.
6:35 am
the tree was a 60 to 70-foot all the youk lip us the -- eucalyptus tree. this person was an older man was riding or walking his bike before he was struck. a witness is on edge because she goes on to the park on a regular basis. >> it was like an earthquake, the sound was very wile, and loud, it sounded like it's breaking and you hear the boom and the sound of the branches. >> an arborist will be at the park today to figure that out. the cause. authorities believe it -- it could be the drought, the rain or the wind that the bay area has experienced. they will examine other trees to see if they are in danger of
6:36 am
falling. people satisfied that their father who ride their bike in the park was -- has not come home. a lot of warnings, the drought made the trees in danger and the rains and everything finished it off. >> and the trees are very thin, they tend to fall. we saw this in san diego, a reporter got hit by a tree during her live shot. 6:36 is the time. details to bribery case against three former san francisco school board may be kept under wraps. the san francisco examiner reports there's files that have sensitive information including
6:37 am
they kennedys of under -- identity of information against the chow case. time is 6:36. the justice department will look at the use of force to police officer training as it investigates the san francisco police department. it's a response to the shooting death of mario woods. the protesters have been calling for a federal investigation since the police shot and killed woods. >> the review is in response to request made by the mayor, from the chief, from elected city officials and community members asking the justice department to examine the san francisco police department and their use of force and their practices. >> this review will only include recommendations for the
6:38 am
san francisco police department, not court offenders reforms. the police chief welcomes the review time to look for alternatives to use of force. the department is working out the details on how the buy and use body cameras. the plan is to have the officers turn on the cameras when he interact with someone. it would be stored for a year. they will hold public meetings. time is 6:38. san jose police want to identify two people who robbed a store at the east ridge mall. here's a surveillance video showing a man and woman considered suspects. this was at j.c. mini. the -- penny. the woman was confronted after putting several items in her
6:39 am
purse. a man yelled let go of my sister, and hit the security guard. the man was seen carrying a young child. if you know who they are the police want you to give them a call. it's report nadia other -- yahoo! could announce layoff. there will be a plan to restructure the company to cut cost. 1000 jobs will be cut. this comes aafia other --ia shoo was behinding -- spinning off. an official announcement is expected this afternoon when the company releases the quarterly earning report. a good deed to help the homelesser. >> super bowl. it could hurt the efforts to
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clean that area up [singing] this is a super bowl commercial, more commercial licensing released. this has an interesting message. and are you a superfan. we want to see how you're celebrating super bowl 50. it looks good on her. she's from vacaville, he's a panther fan. way to go. thank you for sending that to us. keep your pictures going. just use the hashtag ktvu and we'll reveal the superfan today. . good morning, we're looking at a commute that's a little wet. we'll talk about that and traffic will be okay as you
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head up to highway 17. we have some rain, there will be one more system wednesday afternoon and everything looks good.
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. welcome back, if you are a denver bronco fan and you are here, you are lucky, there's a winter storm warning in colorado. heavy snow tonight in denver
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and the suburbs and it's affecting the airport. the airport has canceled a third of the flights. it could affect fans planning to come here for the super bowl. now the broncos had a scare when some of the with uses were involved in a crash on highway 101 in sunnyvale after the team held a practice. an suv made an unsafe lane change in front of the bronco security escort. three of the teams buses bumped into each other and a motorcycle escort went down. no one was hurt. one of the buses had to be towed away. can we talk about steph curry. they will go to the super bowl and root for his favorite team. >> ban rooting for team since 94, 95. it's an opportunity to bring a
6:45 am
lombardi trophy to charlotte, i will root for them. >> all these guys i know them on a personal level and happy for what they have accomplished. i want to see them succeed. >> he loves the panthers, he often goes to panther games he can. he grew up in north carolina. while his dad played for the charlotte hornets. we have gotten a look, you've been waiting to see the super bowl commercials that will air during the game. it's a match made in heaven. >> the wiener dogs! this is a commercial by heinz, a stampede of wiener dogs
6:46 am
running to people dressed up after a products. mt. dew ordinarily tweeted out 15 second teasers. this will be their first super bowl commercial in 16 years. the most talked about is from the nfl itself. . >> love seal. this is super bowl baby choir, featuring baby, children, adults conceive after their parents favorite team won a super bowl. they are singing "kiss from a roast" seal pops up.
6:47 am
-- kiss from a rose. the commercial cost for 30 seconds is $5 million. you watch football, you create a family. sal, i said this earlier, i don't think a lot of kids want to know that. do you want to know you waited -- how you were conceived. probably not. >> i'm sure my kids don't. good morning to you, let's take a look at what we have now on the morning commute. it will be slow in some areas, looks like the map made a crash. we're going to do it old school, northbound 280 up to highway 17, that's moving okay. there's no major problems getting up to highway 17. it is getting slow.
6:48 am
this is the san mateo bridge, traffic is okay, it's slow as you head to the middle of the highrise. it is slow, this is if pattern we've seen in the last few weeks. people getting into the city early, and a lot of people taking bart and the ferry. no change in the pattern. let's go to steve in the weather center. rain moving through, coming down from san francisco peninsula. san jose area, we have morning rain here, next rain will be wednesday afternoon, the super bowl looks sunny. there you go. jeanine dela vega, heard of her. also at diamond and bosworth in san francisco. said it's pouring, we can see a system coming through.
6:49 am
the heaviest is around campbell, into the santa cruz mountain. the scotts valley. this is radar, might be enhanced, but from about san francisco, marine county south. right over foster city. and over toward the east bay. not as much there. a couple pockets worth. some of the higher elevations. they have snow and boy do they have snow. looks like it's calming down, heading out into the planes, owl roads are a mess in nebraska and iowa, lifting north ward. 40s on the temps, low the mid, the temperature here. palo alto is in there. etherton 45. nine in truckee.
6:50 am
17 in reno. system is moving in. that will pick up the snow, one more system on wednesday, our system is a morning event that will see breaks in the clouds later. the clouds will stream into wednesday morning, the rain starts around the noon hour, and sweeps by for everybody late afternoon, early evening. looks wet, by seven, 8:00 on the backside. we'll clear it out and see improving conditions. light rain, occasionally moderate. not very warm. 50s on the temps. it will be a cool day. these are below average. morning rain gives way to breaks, the next system wednesday. sunshine and warmer temps. >> sounds great. it's 6:50.
6:51 am
he's no match for steve. ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast. >> we brought that to you life during the 4:00. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. that means an early spring. while the furry forecaster is known for his morning forecast he's not very right. >> you can't be mad at that face. it's a cute tradition. they have fun with it, he writes out a poem. >> and wears a top hat. >> something just happened, a terror plot has been foiled. we'll tell you about an arrest in connection with a plan
6:52 am
attack in a nightclub in france. >> we're hoping and praying for a miracle, and sure enough, we got one. >> this is an incredible story. second chance for a baby born with a rare heartbeat. what a doctor tried that saved a baby's life.
6:53 am
6:54 am
. the zika virus is transmitted for mosquito. the centers for disease control issuing travel alerts for people going to places where
6:55 am
it's circulating. pregnant women face the most risk. it's linked to birth defects. fewer inmates were sickens than thought. 81 inmates were treated in august and september. now after reviewing the cases federal official who's control the medical care have lowered the number by three. legionnaires is caused by bacteria found in water systems, dirty cooling towers are blamed. >> state water officials will decide whether or not to extend emergency conservation orders because of the drought. new numbers are expected to show californians missed the mark by 25%. state regulators are confident that customers will meet the long-term goal that require the savings over a nine month
6:56 am
period. later the department of water resources will conducts the second snow survey. last week the board said there's more snow than there's been in five years. the water content was at 115% of average, officials say it needs to be 150% by april. it accounts for one third of our water. >> what a story, odds were against this baby. the doctors say a boy born with a rare heart defect should live a normal life. weeks before he was born an ultra sound showed a rare heart condition. two of his heart valves were reeking. 90 -- leaking. 90% of babies with this don't survive. a cardiologist came up with a new idea. she put the mother on oxygen,
6:57 am
12 hours a day, seven days a week. >> every time i was on to oxygen he was moving like crazy. he loved it. we were hoping and praying for a miracle and we got one. >> how about that. liam was born four weeks early. he had to be surgery, the doctors say because of the treatment, he has normal blood flow to his brain. >> that's so great. what a story. coming up next in the 7:00 hour, surprises from the iowa caucuses for democrats and republicans, the big winners and who's no longer in the race. the incredible alex savage at super bowl 50. look at the football in his hand. he's checking on to exhibits at super bowl city.
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wearing a uniform two. he's putting his skill dos the test. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
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god bless the great state of iowa. >> ted cruz declaring victory on the republican side and the democratic race ends in a virtual tie. plus we're gearing up for the big game in the bay area, super bowl 50 just days away. we are inside talking about the science behind the game of football. that's coming up. good morning, thank you for joining us this tuesday, february 2nd. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk weather and traffic, steve. >> need the coat and again tomorrow morning. >> more rain tomorrow afternoon? >> yes. there's rain this morning, especially peninsula and south bay. that seems to be taking


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