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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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south mark neighborhood where an officer was attacked with a knife and at san francisco general hospital. let's get more details from tara moriarty live there with the latest. tara, what can you tell us about this officer's condition? >> he is in stable condition which is great news. when he first arrived. he was in life-threatening condition. he was in surgery but is expected to make it and a straight ahead stream of officers that have been dropping by at the hospital to visit him. we know that his family came by this afternoon. so they are with him at this hour. now he did suffer slash wounds to his upper torso and trachea. it happened at 9:30 when the ch p received a call regarding a man wondering on the ramp eastbound when two officers arrived and they made contact with the homeless man near a bunch of tents and that man attacked one of the officers with the knife and ran off. the partner began to chase the suspect and then realized that
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the officer was badly hurt and he rendered first aid instead. >> this type of incident really shocks us. these officers, all law enforcement go out and put themselves in harm's way and a tough job and sometimes as we all know, things like this happen. >> witnesses were able to provide police a description of the homeless man later arrested by officers in front of a wells fargo bank. law enforcement says the suspect was brought to san francisco general and we don't know if it was because a psych evaluation or if he was injured. we understand that he will booked into jail and we will be getting animas well as booking photo and he will face charges and assault on a police officer as well as attempted murder. back to you. tara, what can you tell us in regards to the homeless man, police telling you that he lived in that area where this incident occurred? >> that is the question that we asked san francisco police because they are the ones that
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are spearheading the investigation. they said that they didn't have an answer for us. but we do know there are quite a few homeless tents underneath the free way near 80 and 101. and a lot of the folks have been sort of moved away from the superbowl city area and have popped up in the tents. now we have asked the city about this in the past and they say their official responsibility is that the homeless people are there because of el nino and the rain that they are trying to get away from the rain and go underneath the freeways. obviously a big problem if you live in the city or work there. you have seen the proliferation of tents for quite a few weeks actually. glad to hear that officer is in stable condition on this tuesday afternoon. tara, thank you for the live report. we are again here live at the federal reserve bank outside the window, superbowl city and it opened on saturday. well into it now. but still in the early part of the week tuesday and people are choosing public transportation. >> i am one of them. >> my 3rd day using bart and
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your taking the ferry. you are not alone. >> no, action-packed at 6:30 in the morning right here to the ferry building. >> let's go more from our traffic expert sal castaneda. let's talk about what kind of patience you need to have if you are taking the ferry in the city this week. >> keba and mike, we are, you know, looking at the ferry ridership and it is up. that ridership is up but today we checked in with the ferry and it is getting a lot of use. on monday the ferry had 25% more riders on the vallejo to san francisco route and 30% more for the oakland alameda to san francisco run. today the increase was similar. ferry officials say that they can make changes quickly if they need to. >> we have watched the numbers and from the captains and we
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can know what the patterns are in the afternoon. we expect thursday, friday and saturday will be a heavy day. >> now a busy two weeks at the san francisco ferry terminal. ferry riders say it was an easy decision not to bring the car. many of the people riding it to work are first time riders. this time this boat has had a lot of tourists and a lot of people here for the superbowl city. it has been crowded but pleasant. >> hard to get a parking spot even where the ferry parking was but it would have been more packed. >> it was awesome and comfortable and warm and nice. it is great. i think everybody should ride the ferry. >> once you get to san francisco's ferry building. it is easy to get on to a street car or bus in case your
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coming to work. it may and bummer to come here and see all of the people having fun as we are coming back live keba and mike. i have noticed more people out here today than yesterday. this is becoming more and more crowded. it wasn't quite this crowded and expected to get a lot more crowded because wednesday, thursday and friday they have free concerts. if you are coming to superbowl city, come with the idea that you will be joined by a lot of the football loving friends. there is a heavy police presence. fun but there will be a little bit of waiting to do and for my recommendation is don't try and bring your car. there is no place to park and hard to drive around here so use bart and the ferry, mike and keba. >> all right. sal castaneda appreciate it. get in early. saturday night it will be wild. >> and the concert is coming up
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and the out-of-towners coming in. >> yes, on thursday. >> we will switch gears and talk about art. >> i love it. >> we have a wonderful artist. we have joe fonzi, our sports guy and local artist brent banger. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you are a commissioned artist for superbowl, explain what that is. >> i was asked to pain for rolling stone magazine party and leather and laces and lee steinberg and other parties. >> you have seen brent's work, what do you love about it. >> i thought you were going to see art critic as well. >> i should have thrown that in there. yes, i got to see some of brent's stuff earlier and you know i thought your subject matter is interesting because you call it entertainment. you do sports. you do musical figures and all kinds of entertainment. with an interesting style, i
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think. >> i have two different styles. one that i learned through norman rockwell's assistant that looks like a norman rockwell kind of painting and i have a more contemporary thing and it depends on the subject matter, which style i choose. >> we are looking at some of your works and i notice there is one specifically that you are working on called 4th and inches and we will see it in progress. >> yes. >> and it is a painting from a moment in a 49er dallas cowboy regular season game in 1985 and it is that. you look inch to an inch and you can see who the people are. >> hovering over the ball. >> with the referees. >> let's talk about the time and effort that goes in that. >> yes, i did it for formula one. and some take up to midnight to do.
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some 80% done on the paintings. >> did you have a passion for sports, from auto racing or football or baseball or basketball? >> baseball, basketball, football. i always wanted to play professionally but when i figured out that they weren't looking for short guys that are slow that can't hit that well, i decided to paint it instead of playing it. that's my way of being involved. >> we should mention the jersey. >> do you actually watch maybe video of that play of the referees gathering. how do you gain your inspiration, maybe a still photo and you go from there? >> i try to tell stories and as a story i had my mine for a long time and i was looking to cast right characters. joe montana and jerry rice. >> what was fun about looking at that painting. going down the line and trying to identify each single person including the offensive line man, there is john ayres and making sure it was time correct and figuring out what year.
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it had to be a time jerry rice was on the team and that was after the 84 superbowl. we figured the exact date, december 22nd, 1985. final game, regular season game that year at candle stick park. >> we talk about the stories and the facial expressions from the ref to the 9ers. >> he will be working on it and if you want to go to a social media site. >> twitter. >> we will see brent putting the touchs on that painting. how much more until that is finished. >> i am 80% done. but the main characters are painted. >> will it be finished this week? >> i hope so. >> will we see this particular painting, where will it go? >> on exhibit at martin lawrence gallery in union square along with my other paintings and then also on the
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superbowl party night. some of the paintings will be there for auction at the paintings. >> and anything sold goes to charity throughout the entire week. >> thank you. congratulations. >> always a pleasure. >> picasso. you have a new nickname for the newsroom. >> let's talk weather now. it started this morning, a little chilly and rain drops. let's check in with our meteorologist rosemary orozco. braving the conditions but rosemary the rain left pretty quickly after it started. >> it was morning event and we have had partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. and just shaped up to be a beautiful day. let me show you more. we have an outdoor party going on here at the superbowl city. we have the nfl network reporting there live on the back side. music and pit stands and just again a great dayton out here and it is a nice winter
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afternoon. the key being winter because you are going to need your jacket, a chilly one here. temperatures in the low 50s and we do have a light breeze. with mostly clear skies. we are going to continue to cool off for the evening. but the clouds are going to hold off until the next system moving ashore. i will show you the next system expected to move in by wednesday afternoon. as we get in the morning we will start off dry but mid to late afternoon the rain will move in and the system looking similar to the one that we just rolled through which means a little bit of rain but enough to get a sweat. as we get in the afternoon, we are looking at temperatures similar with 50s in the forecast, so another cool day. a cloudy day. and as we get in to thursday, things start to change and the models are pointing a dry forecast. thursday, friday and into your bay area weekend. just in time for superbowl sunday. we are looking at fabulous
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weather. in fact if it all pans out, i think they will want the superbowl to be here every year. we are looking temperatures in the 60s and 70s come sunday. that is great news. a little bit of rain tomorrow. if you are coming out, be prepared and bring the umbrella because by the afternoon we will have scattered showers. if you are holding off and coming in thursday and friday or in the weekend you have a nice dry forecast in store. coming back out here live, a lot of action going on. you know it is still very manageable out here. crowded but not too bad. definitely want to come in through bart or maybe through the ferry right there at the ferry building. you can get off and you will land right here as justin her man plaza. that's the way to go. in the next half hour we will be heading back to the federal reserve building to the 12th floor and give you a birds eye view what this area is looking
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like. >> and it is getting more crowded. >> the people are starting to get out of work. >> i want to check it out. >> getting out of work early. we got another hour straight ahead right here on the 4 on 2 live from superbowl city and another live look there from our fox cam down at the nfl
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experience at moscone center.
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welcome back to the 4 on 2.
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you are looking live there at moscone center. the nfl experience. interactive games and you can learn about the history of football and people are making their way out there on this tuesday afternoon. >> i'll tell you what. monday night was not only a big name at the sap center for superbowl 50 opening night but a big night in the state of iowa. let's bring in frank somerville. julie haener now and i tell you guys, some candidates left the caucus happy and some put an end to their entire campaign. >> a fascinating night all around. mike and keba thank you. the results are in. hillary clinton won the iowa caucus barely edging out bernie sanders. on the republican side ted cruz won several points ahead of donald trump and today the candidates are in new hampshire. and the victory last night for
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hillary clinton was the closest victory. hillary clinton is 18 points behind sanders when you average out the different polls. >> i am so thrilled to be coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> you all treat politics in new hampshire as we treat football in texas. you understand that there are millions of americans counting on each and every one of you. >> two debates scheduled ahead of the primary in new hampshire and the candidates are set to debate on thursday and the republicans on saturday night. brian, the race was taking place and fascinating on both sides. on the democrat side. a razor in this razor thin
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victory for hillary clinton. >> great recognition for hillary clinton and a month ago sanders was favored only 30% but he has turned it upside down. >> a lot of people say bernie sanders in the end has no chance. what do you think about that. is he going to push hillary clinton and say for the sake of argument hillary clinton does win the nomination. how much does the fact that bernie sanders pushed her so much affects her in the general election. >> reporter: there is no doubt that hillary clinton ends up with the nomination. including the age of bernie sanders. 74 years old and the superior ground forces that hillary clinton has around the country. what it does, it takes hillary clinton's agenda and it slides it to the progressive side of things when she will want to move republicans around. this will freeze her in her place to battle it out with
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bernie sanders. and that's going to be being an x factor in the race. >> brian let's turn to the republican side. the polls show donald trump at front-runner going into iowa but ted cruz came out on top by several points. what does that say about ted cruz's ground game versus donald trump's ground game in iowa. >> donald trump did not have much of a ground game in iowa. he did media events and that sort of thing but ted cruz had 12,000 volunteers and working the state for a very long time. visited all 99 counties in iowa. ted cruz put a huge emphasis on the race. conversely, marco rubio did not spend a lot of time in the state. he to me last night was the biggest surprise and winner and he established himself as one of the front runners on the republican side and, of course,
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donald trump tumbled to second place. >> we know iowa doesn't mean you will get the nomination but donald trump losing here. he had this aura of invincibility. how big of a deal is this, that he lost and what does that due -- do to that aura of invincibility. >> i think it shakes it. in the case of donald trump people were interested in his message and he says a lot of things that people won't say out loud but when it comes to write the name in the caucus hat in iowa and to vote for him that's another thing and that is going to be where the rubber would meet the road and donald trump in his speech last night went from an i, i, i, to a we, we, we. it was a different type of speech. there was humility there.
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he did get knocked down and i think this will be the trend moving forward. >> let's talk about the turnout, a record turnout, overflow crowds. what do you think we will see in new hampshire? a lot of people in iowa weren't decided until the last minute. do you think we will see that type of crowd situation coming up next week? >> yes and it is exciting on the democratic side you have a lot of people getting behind the sanders movement and that would be young people where they don't feel like the government cares for them and then the rich dominating things. on the republican side you have donald trump that you can't deny is media attraction. you will have a lot of people coming out in new hampshire. it will be interesting result that night. >> it sure is. brian, we appreciate your thoughts. >> my pleasure. >> let's go back to mike and
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keba along market street in san francisco. hey, guys. >> hi frank and julie and we will get more headlines at the 5:00 news. much more to come from superbowl city. jason has got interviews that he tracked down on the 4 on 2
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when we come back.
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all right. welcome back to the 4 on 2 live from superbowl city broadcasting here inside the beautiful federal reserve bank on market street. here is levi stadium home of superbowl 50. a lot going on and we got word that they trimmed the grass and the weather is fantastic and officials are happy and what they feel they say at this point, in the next few days,
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keba the pregame and half time shows will be allowed on the field so they can start practicing for their performances on sunday. >> and also technology will play a big role. >> at the stadium. >> at the stadium during the superbowl where you can actually use an app. superbowl app to order drinks to your seat there. >> don't have to wait and go in the lines. >> exactly. >> and they are calling it the most high tech superbowl for security and you should be safe and gearing up for clouds and for everyone to be safe and secure while at superbowl 50. >> let's check in with jason applebaum. >> mike and keba at levi stadium. you mentioned the weather. it is supposed to be 70 and in santa clara it is cooler than that. i will look over my shoulder. take a look. you can make out levi stadium behind this big superbowl tent. not a lot of action out here and, of course, in a few days
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in five days on superbowl sunday it will be a pack up here on this scaffolding both teams met the media and we begin with the carolina panthers. cam newton, very loose. he just exudes confidence and can handle any situation. check him out with the microphone did not work to start out the press conference today. yeah, yeah. uh-huh. >> what was the question now? >> yeah, cam, casual and wearing his white t-shirt, calm and collective and looks like he is having fun and taking heat from some of the people that don like his antics and the flamboyant style and newton tunes out the noise in part thanks to his coach, ron rivera who he is at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of personality, a serious, no nonsense guy and grew up in
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seaside down near monterey and went to cal and folks at home don't see the hard work that cam puts in and no problem letting cam just be cam. >> not only does he talk it but he walks it. he's one of those guys all in and committed. a lot of people don't see the things that he does behind the scenes. the workouts and the extra film time and meeting time. when you see a guy willing to do things on his day off on his own, that signifies a commitment. >> a lot of things that the coach says cliche analogy, the open-door policy but for coach rivera it is true to life. he has made his self available. not only for the coaches and players but for anyone family oriented in the organization. >> kind of the odd couple but they have mutual respect for each other and making it work.
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this year, that's for sure. coming up at five. we will show you what the broncos did. peyton manning surrounded by the media. we will have that story at 5:00. we are looking at san francisco superbowl xvi ring of course. that was the first title in '82. started five championships in 13 years as we come back live to levi stadium and as i said, all quiet here in terms of the media and everyone will be ready to roll come superbowl sunday. back to you guys, keba and mike. jason, you were talking about the quarterbacks both number one picks, there is 13 years difference when it comes to the age. if you had to go with one, do you go with the quarterback that has seen three superbowls or the quarterback making his first appearance? >> that's a great question. i will tell you in this superbowl i would probably go with cam newton in terms of he is at the pinnacle of his career right now. he is probably going to be the
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mvp, peyton manning of course, he has won five mv pes but 39 and can't throw a football like he used to but don't underestimate the savvy. does he have one great game left? we will see come sunday at levi stadium. >> for some of the guys like cam it is their first time and others have done it before. a special week and time. do you get the feeling that they are enjoying the moment and taking it all in when you see them talking to the media? >> the panthers, yes. they got a lecture from eugene robinson that made imfamy. he solicited a prostitute and got caught. they talked to him, rivera thought it would be a good idea to talk to the players about avoiding what happened to him and he talked to them and said go out and enjoy the superbowl and week in the bay area but
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stay away from trouble and stay focused on what you are doing and so far from what we have seen from both sides that is what they are doing. >> the stadium looks great. thank you for that live report in santa clara. >> coming up after the break. we will check in with christina rendon and will bring us a special story about the kids playing flag football from the moscone center. we will have more ill have more
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coming up after this.
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welcome back to the 4 on 2 live from the federal reserve park in the heart of superbowl city. >> not too far is the moscone center where the nfl experience is happening. so much to do. you got interactive games and you can learn about the history of the nfl and you can buy superbowl gear. >> and ron the 40-yard dash. >> and they had a flag football tournament. let's check in with cristina rendon. we saw the moves. these kids have talent. >> reporter: they do, keba. they were throwing like 40-yard bombs and making touchdowns. it was incredible to see. and all of that took place yesterday. but i want to give you a look. all of this area right here is
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like a smaller version of an nfl field and all bay area kids are coming through here every 30 minutes to do drills and part of play 60 and encouraging kids to get out there and exercise for 60 minutes and active and healthy and all of that good stuff. yesterday we talked about the nfl flag championships. take a look. forget about sunday, these athletes monday night. >> you see the moves the kids are making you see a lot of athletic ability and some of them don't play tackle football. >> reporter: with the head of deangelo williams of the pittsburgh steelers these teams are playing great. >> it is unbelievable. it is unreal. their skill set at this age and this kid is a giant. he is 14. >> reporter: they are between nine and 14. considered the best of the best
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in country. ryan of miami picked up a win from youngstown hi. >> i felt awesome. >> losing is a tough lesson but steven o'brian stayed positive. >> we think we can win next year. >> they will be rooting for their favorite team sunday. >> the panthers. i love panthers. >> i just want to mention that roman says that if parents are concerned about getting their child concerned about football that flag football is a great entry point and something that they can continue to adulthood and back out here live the clinic is set to start. if you want to come down here at the nfl experience. coming up at five, i will try out some of this stuff and throwing out the football and i'm warning you guys now but i
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will see how we do. >> it will be great especially after the 40-yard dash. social media is playing a big role. you see people # sb50. >> superbowl city. >> yes. people are sharing their memories. well, did you know there is # superbowl 50 and a command center in the middle of superbowl 50. here is lewis aguilar a superbowl 50 host volunteer. if you come out here you will see people in the orange jackets and tell us what you are doing. >> sure. we are part of the social media command center and what we do is listen online with the chatter and questions that are going on and people are experiencing the city and want to know more about what is happening. we help them online and that's kind of where our role is. >> how do people reach you?
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they are out there in the plaza and they can do a # and say i got a question? >> yes. wherever and we prefer the # sb questions, sb # 50. but we can answer anything that really is happening online. we have a whole army of social media team that is really out there kind of scoping it out seeing where the questions are coming from. if you do have a question, it will be answered and we are scoping it by the minute. >> talk to us about the team. we have been here since saturday. it is tuesday and what is the most common question that you are getting so far. >> yes. lately it is the entertainment really. >> when is the concert, when is alisha keys going to be here. >> yes. especially during the superbowl host city that we have. we have concerts that are happening in the evenings. friday we have one republic playing. we have a lot of questions like
4:38 pm
that and questions where does it take place and can i bring this into the center. can we interact with this player. is he here. things like that, that we command. >> and we were looking at the video of you guys inside that center. you have the laptops going and i'm sure the wi-fi is there. if you don't know the answer can you get them. >> we have a team if i don't know the answer somebody else will. that's why we have an army of social media enthusiasts. >> how do you get to where you are today? your hometown? and why did you decide to all of a sudden say i will volunteer and be a part of this. >> i have been a sports fan growing up. all kinds of sports. i play soccer but really passionate about the 49ers and this city even when the levi stadium came to santa clara. we were traveling to go visit and once i heard the superbowl was going to be in san francisco or in the bay area, i wanted to be a part of it anyway i could. so i raised my hand and
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volunteered to what i could and social media was just the obvious choice. >> that's your background. you are a social media guy. >> i am. >> on it all the time. >> i work for a tech company. i work on the social products and it made sense. >> you work for a tech company and you're doing this or did they give you a week off. >> doing a little of both. >> moonlighting and we have to wrap it up but # sb questions is the best way about superbowl city or any questions regarding the superbowl. >> any questions around superbowl, superbowl city. anything you want to ask, we will have a team. >> # sb questions and lewis aguilar. >> thank you so much. >> and we will have much more live from superbowl city. i am live in superbowl city but check this out. i am 170 feet above ground. when i come back a birds eye view of ways coming down there.
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we will have your forecast tomorrow and what we can expect for superbowl sunday coming up.
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welcome back to the 4 on 2. we are live inside the federal reserve building outside of our window. superbowl city and on the road this week and you know what, this morning as i peaked out of my window, the rain was coming down and chilly and cold out there. >> still kind of cold and being here inside the federal reserve bank i like being on the ground floor. not one for heights and rosemary orozco is more adventurist and went upstairs and where did you wind up, rosemary? >> we are on the 12th floor. i tried to get my photographer to dangle off the side but he refused. he will show you what is going on. just a gorgeous one out here. take a look at the top of the
4:43 pm
ferry building. you can see the bay. we have partly cloudy skies. mostly clear and a bit cool if you are coming out tonight. we will be slipping back in the 40s. make sure you dress warm, a chilly one. as we shift to the ground level giving you a different perspective of what is going on. it is chilly and now may be the time. a lot of pop-up centers with interactive gangs. you got food and drink and right in the center, nfl network and live interviews and music out there and kids are dancing. definitely a nice place to be and a nice evening to get out here again as long as you dress warm. let's look at the weather while we are at it. we have this system that is moved on in leaving us with mostly clear skies. tomorrow another storm will begin to move in. we will start out the day as we
4:44 pm
get in the afternoon. scattered showers by the first part of the day in the north bay and shifting south in the afternoon. as we get in the afternoon mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers for the second part of the day and temperatures on the cool side once again. low to mid-50s like what we have for this afternoon and not going to have the sunshine. so it will be cooler for your wednesday afternoon. thursday into friday. we dry out once again. temperatures begin to rebound and take a look at what is going on as we get into your bay area week. temperatures in the 60s and approaching 70s as we get into superbowl sunday. it is going to be absolutely fabulous. i think the folks coming to town for superbowl sunday are going to have a nice treat. in fact as i mentioned the last half hour i think they will want to have the superbowl here every year, if the weather is going to be that nice. tonight a cool one. bring a jacket if you are
4:45 pm
coming out. back to you. get inside. you are making my knees shake rosemary. 70 in santa clara. i like that. >> we will take a quick break as we head to break. let's look outside the moscone center. the 4 on 2 when we come back.
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>> welcome back to the 4 on 2 as we take a live look from the emeryville camera across the bay into the city, the great city of san francisco. a nice little sunset shot.
4:48 pm
>> we will check back in with ktvu's frank somerville back in the studios in oakland. a sad story but it is heart warming about a mother and the loss of her son. tell us about that. >> reporter: this is the coolest story. a week ago i posted a story on my facebook page talking about tray sisco. her son died two years from cancer at the age of 22. scott was a huge cam newton fan. a huge fan and on his bucket list was getting an autograph from cam newton. unfortunately he never got it so after scott died his mom decided to finish his bucket list and get cam newton to sign her son's jersey. last week she asked me if i would post about her so that maybe cam newton would hear about it. i figured it is worth a try. and wouldn't you know a woman read the post that knew the mayor of santa clara and then she talked to the panthers who told cam newton and he said
4:49 pm
absolutely i will do it. yesterday the team invited cam newton to media day and he signed her son's jersey and gave her a superbowl 50 jersey and signed that one as well. >> probably bittersweet, you would rather have your son meet right now. >> i would. >> kind of a taper. >> on his bucket list and i'm finishing that for him. >> tray wrote me and said she couldn't stop smiling and said right now i'm the happiest momma on the planet. and i have been doing this job for what, 30 years now. and this has to be one of the best stories that i have done in a long, long time. i was so amped up last night when i found out that she was able to do this, i could barely go to sleep. this is why we get in the business to do things like this. >> and it talks about the power of social media. you just posted it and from
4:50 pm
your post, she has this autographed jersey with cam newton's name on it. >> i would like to take credit but i asked people to share the post and 1600 people shared it and i think that's what did it and the power of facebook, the beauty of facebook, the reach is incredible and how cool is that, that one woman would read it and she would talk to the mayor and she would talk to jeb york and all of a sudden cam newton finds out and she gets to meet him at the superbowl. it doesn't get better than that. >> no. thank you very much. coming up next on the 4 on 2. we will dive into some of these superbowl commercials. >> yes. >> live in the studio coming up
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after the break. all right. one of the best things about the superbowl for people watching at home are the commercials. there is a sneak peek of one you will see. >> i could watch that some
4:54 pm
more. joining us is the agency responsible for the snow angels. where did it come from. >> the name of the company. the idea which will be elaborated on during the game. you will see the further adventures of the varmint. he gets closer to the guy during the game. there will be further adventures and it comes from the name and from the fact that people love animals. you can't miss with animals. i have done a lot of them. >> you probably have planned months in advance but the challenge of delivering on superbowl. >> i get a kick out of it. if you don't like this, your crazy. this is the time when advertising is fun. everybody sees your stuff. you know and you get immediate feedback. you go to a party or hang out in a bar you can tell whether this thing happened or not.
4:55 pm
>> animals, babies. >> yes. food is good. >> we will show one. let's take a look. >> be hold the bounty of earth. this is the tube of rubic this was considered unsolvable. >> this was 21st century torture device. >> explain this to us. avocados in space. >> you know i suppose people will remember this space creature. i was a bigger fan of the avocado commercial where an avocado was drafted during the nba draft. i suppose it will register. >> a clip about the gambler, the guy at the bar and another guy says he has a lot riding on it. and the body was questioned and saying i got four million
4:56 pm
dollars. four million dollars but i won give it away, he is in advertising on a commercial and the bar is silent when the ad comes on. is there a lot of research or do some people gamble the money for a 30 second spot. >> both things. some people are crazy about researching things and others take a chance to see what happens. >> what are you? >> i have done both. >> a little bit of gambling. >> do you want to use the humor or shock value? >> everybody says, everybody use will say i want to do a serious hard hitting superbowl commercial. >> emotional. >> don't do that. >> have a good time. football game and people are having a good time. >> the whole publishing thing did not work out? >> this is better for me. >> trying to publish but wound up in advertising.
4:57 pm
and let's do another one. superbowl babies. >> all right. we are looking at people apparently conceived on superbowl night. after a big victory. very creative. i like this one. >> i like that idea. i'm a patriots fan. i grew up as a pats fan and we are not represented. i wonder if there was a slur on our infertility or something. we have won four superbowls. we should have had babies. >> your firm in san francisco, any of your favorite commercials? top one? >> last year do you have a favorite? >> can i talk about some that are coming up in the game? >> yes. >> i think there is one with
4:58 pm
christopher watkin. sometimes it is worth to have a guy in the commercial and it is. it is kiev. i think. some car. he is terrific. it is -- the joke is there is a walkin closet. a pun and at the beginning a guy walks into the walk-in closet and has a discussion with christopher watkin to wear beige socks or colorful socks. and watkin has a great line. >> some people are looking for the commercials as much as the game. >> more so. >> congratulations on a great career and thank you for producing all of the wonderful ads. >> thank you. >> and that's all that we have for you live on superbowl city. let's go back to our studio for
4:59 pm
ktvu channel 2 news with frank somerville and julie haener. >> chp officer stabbed in the next in san francisco. >> tonight that officer is in the hospital. a local hospital with life- threatening injuries and a homeless man is in police custody. ktvu news, fox 2 news at five starts now. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin with that developing news. the stabbing happened on the essex street on ramp to interstate 80, a mile from superbowl city. the officers in san francisco general hospital where he suffered life-threatening injuries to his next. we have two reports. henry lee is at the scene where the man was taken into custody. we begin with tara moriarty at the hospital. tara you spoke to one of the first responding officers. >> yes and he was shaken up. his friend and fellow officer suffered slash wounds and trachea.
5:00 pm
the good news he is expected to survive. >> a steady stream of law enforcement pouring into general hospital to check on the 7 year veteran at the ch p that was stabbed. >> this type of incident really shocks us. vees officers, our officers and law enforcement go out and put themselves in harm's way and it is a tough job. >> it began at 9:30. >> we had a call of a pedestrian walking in the roadway on eastbound 80. >> when two officers arrived they made contact with the homeless man near tents and witnesses say the man attacked one of the officers with the knife and ran off. the other officer started to run after him and realized that his partner was not following. >> turned back and saw that he was suffering from some pretty significant injuries. the officer stopped chasing the suspect and went back to render first aid to his partner. >> a garb to the upper torso and next. there was a description of the homeless man


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