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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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uber to get to the super bowl this sunday? the reason you might want to start looking for an alternate ride. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, february 3, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody. i'm brian flores. let's get your wednesday started with a check of weather and traffic. it is pretty cold outside. >> it is cold. but after today, it will start to warm up. >> yes. >> okay. >> looks pretty good. >> for super bowl sunday. >> it can loose like it will get kind of warm. >> sunday, monday, 70s. >> 70s. >> yes. >> remember the 70s? [ laughter ] >> we have a break in between systems. the next one, you can see the crescent moon, but throughout the day -- [howling ] >> sounds like backyard there. all right. [ laughter ] >> where are the roosters. give me the roosters. >> that's the sunrise.
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>> okay. (cockle doodle do). >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that's it for that rooster. >> super bowl looks sunny and warm. temperatures, well, are you going to work? please work. [ laughter ] guess what, brian. >> yeah. >> you're about ready to do traffic. >> i'm about ready to do traffic. >> we will have more later. >> sounds good, i trust you. >> good morning, everybody. we are keeping an eye on the track. sal will be joining us during the 5:00 a.m. hour. up until about 7:00 before he heads to super bowl city. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. it is very light out there. 8 minutes to get you across the span this morning. this is 280 in san jose. you can see free and clear, no major problems in the south bay as well. and finally, golden gate bridge, there it is. the shot of the hour. it will get each better with the sunrise coming up. no major problems coming into the city or out to marin county. a denver broncos players who grew up in the east bay has been sent back to colorado by
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the team after police questioned him about a prostitution sting in san jose. ryan murphy is a rookie safety on the broncos practice squad. he regularly practices with the team. but never played in a game this season. now, as part of the crackdown, on human trafficking, at the super bowl, the santa clara county sheriff's office detained him at about 5:00 yesterday evening, at a motel six, near the coaming airport. a source tells ktvu that a prostitute went to the hotel and told undercover officers she needed to get something from her car and they found murphy and his brother waiting in a car. murphy's brother was cited for solicitation and released and murphy was questioned but not cited or arrested. >> a whole bunch of them congregated over here and then 20 minutes to a half hour, all of a sudden we had black vans and people in suits and all this kind of stuff. and moving around with these sheriffs and everything. >> murphy graduated from oakland tech and went to oregon
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state. the denver broncos head coach issued this statement, quote, although practice squads safety ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for super bowl- 50. he is returning to denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. turning to the super bowl itself, groundskeepers are busy making sure the turf for rely stadium will be ready to go on sunday. the end zones are being painted the colors of the carolina panthers and denver broncos. the nfl says the work is on schedule. while the turf has been replaced since levi stadium opened in 2014, the field they say is one of the best they have seen and the pattern of rain and sun has created perfect conditions for grass growth. wish we could hire those guys for my grass. >> yes. local and federal law enforcement agencies as well are teaming up this week to protect public transit for the super bowl. extra police presence at the bay area airports an train
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stations and ferry terminals. bart riders will notice officers boarding trains with bomb sniffing police dogs. homeland security is also monitoring the air for signs of potential chemical or biological attacks. local transit agencies predict large numbers of riders this week, and on sunday, especially. the santa clara valley transportation authority could carry as many as 10,000 fans on light rail, to the game. passengers will need to buy boarding passes in advance on their cell phones and show proof they have a ticket to the super bowl. cal train will run three express trains from san francisco, to the south bay, along with its usual sunday hourly service. folks must get off at mountain view, and take the transit to the stadium. the nfl has chartered 400 buses that will carry 20,000 fans to the game. the homeless in san francisco will protest today against how much the city is spending on the super bowl. a group of homeless people and advocates will set up what they
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call a homeless super bowl city. advocates say there is only one bed for every six homeless people in san francisco. and the city will spend an estimated $5 million on super bowl festivities. homeless advocates say that money would have been better spent on homeless services. some uber drivers may be planning to disrupt super bowl sunday. according to flyers and videos posted on social media, drivers are encouraged to strike by turning off their apps on sunday. there is talk of a staging a protest around levi stadium. drivers are trying to call attention to recent fair cuts. about 2200 uber drivers held a similar protest in san francisco earlier this week. and puppies are a fan's best friend. that is the good message that uber is trying to send today, as it teams up with the puppy bowl, in san francisco, los angeles, chicago, and denver, from 11:00 this morning, until 2:30 this afternoon, the ride- sharing company will come to your location, for a 15-minute cuddle huddle with a puppy from
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local animal shelters. the cause is $30. that money will go to the local shelter, all you have to do is request the puppy's option on your uber app. just a reminder you can download the ktvu news appear for all things super bowl. -- app for all things super bowl. traffic and weather updates and list of events. time now is 4:06. santa clara university plans to hold a news conference today to discuss the two cases of meningitis at the school and the steps being taken to keep other students healthy. an undergraduate student got sick sunday and admitted to the hospital with meningitis. the santa clara health department learned that a second student was diagnosed yesterday. health officials are urging anyone who may have had contact with these individuals to seek medical attention. the university is also offering free vaccinations at the school tomorrow and friday. texas health officials have now confirmed the first time the zika virus has been
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sexually transmitted here in the u.s. medical sperts say an infected person who traveled back to the u.s. from venezuela infected another person in texas. until now, confirmed u.s. cases have been in people who traveled to latin america, and were bitten by mosquitoes that carry the virus. the biggest concern is for pregnant women who become infected, because zika can cause birth defects in unborn babies. >> i would like to see a rapid test, so that we can take care of the fear of that. because women have enough to worry about through the nine months of their pregnancy without worrying about the zika virus. it is a very, very low risk. >> researchers are not sure how long it will take to develop a test for the virus. they are also scrambling to develop a zika vaccine. but they say that could take as long as five years. a chp officer is recovering this morning after a knife attack in san francisco and a homeless man is behind bars. last night, police identified the suspect as 44-year-old noel
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corpus. police say this officer and partner responded to calls of a man wandering on the essex street on-ramp to highway 80 eastbound. when the seven year veteran approached him near a bunch of tents he pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer several times in the neck and chest. >> this type of incident just really shocks us. as you can imagine. it is a very serious violent attack. and also, it is very traumatic for our officers on the scene, who were there with their friend. >> witnesses were able to describe corpus who was later arrested in front of the wells fargo on fourth and brannen. police have not released his booking photo at this point. but he faces charges including assault on a peace officer and attempted murder. two out of three burglary suspects are now in custody, after police say a woman stole a cruiser and then dragged an officer with that car. 26-year-old was arrested in san jose monday night and faces several charges, including
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assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and auto theft. 22-year-old anthony reyes was arrested saturday, after the incident. he is accused of ramming a police car, with the stolen car, all three suspects were in before mario escaped. police are still looking for 35- year-old christian hernandez. people in parts of alabama, are picking up the pieces this morning, after a twister touched down leaving behind a big mess. the storm knocked down trees, flipped over trailers, and ripped through fayette county, which is located west of birmingham, yesterday. and many roads are still closed this morning. because of all of the damage. and while the southeast is dealing with tornadoes, and heavy rain, the midwest saw heavy snowfall and strong winds. but now, that storm system is moving on to the northeast. reporter jack ibanez has more from new york. the ground hog may have predicted an early spring but a storm sweeping across the country bringing tornadoes in the deep south, and blizzard
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conditions, from the rockies, to the great lakes. in denver, more than 100 flights were canceled. >> we keep our finger crossed and hope it is not delayed too much longer. >> with schools closed as well, kids grabbed their sleds and had a little fun. >> got up at 6:30 and saw they were all closed. it was a bonus for me. >> the winter storm causing power outages in nebraska with the fresh snow and strong winds, a blizzard warning will be in effect until wednesday morning. >> we go back to a primitive life. it really is. it is a moment where you kine of go back to where -- kind of go back to where people didn't have power and you have to learn how to adapt. >> many people across the midwest saw nearly a foot of snow along with winds between 20 and 40 miles an hour. >> it is getting worse. but i know the city plows are out today, and we will try to keep things open, to make sure everybody gets home from work. >> luck ry, for iowa, and press -- luckily for iowa and presidential candidates the storm came a day after the caucuses. cars and trucks were spotted slipping off the highways in iowa and minnesota.
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some people decided the weather was just too bad to go to work. >> most dental work is not emergency. it is elect effect. so we want to make -- we elective. so we want to make sure we do the appropriate due diligence that is appropriate to keep people comfortable and to keep our employees safe. >> the same weather service delivering strong winds and heavy rain in the southeast. with tornadoes being reported in alabama and mississippi. the high winds damaging several homes in the region. the storm is expected to bring heavy rain and wind to the northeast, on wednesday. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. a well known tourist destination in san francisco will be closed for seven months. alamo square will undergo a $4 million renovation, starting in late april or early may. the square is famous for its views and of course, the painted lady. the renovation include changes to the landscaping to cut water use by an estimated 37%. time now is 4:11. new requirements for gun owners in san francisco. coming up in 20 minutes, what
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you have to do now if you plan to leave a firearm in your unattended car. >> but first, a new report is out this morning, showing which states are doing the most when it comes to reducing tobacco- related deaths and disease. and up next, the reason california did not rank very high on that list. >> one more system here in the current pattern. that will be in later today. it is not too bad now. but it is a little on the cold side. we will talk about the afternoon and see if there is any rain.
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new this morning, california is failing in it's tempts to cut deaths and disease caused by tobacco products according to the american lung association. the annual report tracks policies on smoke-free air, tobacco taxes, funding programs to prevent tobacco use and providing help for people trying to stop smoking. california earned a failing grade on three of the four policies studied. but there are some local bright spots. 10 bay area cities and counties earned top overall grades. and the three biggest cities in the bay area earned grades of b. today, in new hampshire, the campaign trail will be crowded with presidential candidates trying to steal some momentum from ted cruz and hillary clinton. and there will be plenty of chances with town halls all over the state. reporter garrett teny is live in washington with the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: he may have barely finished second in iowa, but
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democratic senator and self proclaimed socialist bernie sanders is in command in new hampshire, where he is changing his tone and drawing sharper contrast with hillary clinton. questioning whether she is a true progressive. >> some days, yes. when she announces she is a proud moderate. >> despite being a distant second in recent new hampshire polls, clinton is arguing she is the practical choice of true democrat. >> you ask yourself, does this just sound good on paper or can this get done? >> a propensity to say anything to gain a vote. >> on the republican side marco rubio took the unexpected strong third place showing in iowa and set his sights on ted cruz, who is trying to convince voters in the other 49 states that he is not a one state wonder. >> we ended with more money in the bank december 31, marco rubio, and john kasich and
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chris christie all combined together. >> another candidate who doesn't seem to have money problem, donald trump landed in new hampshire and landed an endorsement from former massachusetts senator scott brown. scott brown, for him to come up and call and say, i love what you are doing, i love where you are going, he loves this area, and he loves you people, for him to endorse me, it is a very important thing. >> when you look at the polls in new hampshire, donald trump is dominating by 20 points, but behind him, it is essentially a four-way tie for second place. between ted cruz, john kasich, jeb bush, and marco rubio. the greatest state voters are known for not making up their mines until the last minute so with six days and another debate before the primary, a lot can still change. >> thank you. we will continue to watch. >> that's for certain. time now is 4:17. let's check in with steve now, with your weather forecast. and this morning, and for the rest of the week. >> one more system and then i think everything looks good for the weekend. >> okay. >> this afternoon, a little rain? >> maybe a little. not a lot. >> just a little bit.
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>> weak system. it is on its way. clouds will be on the move here, but we get a little break here this morning. it is cold enough, 30s and 40s on the low. so afternoon clouds, light rain. and again, not a big system. it will start to clear out tomorrow. patchy fog will probably be around. but probably looks sunny and warm. and maybe even low 70s if everything comes together. our system though is still a ways away, we will have increasing clouds throughout the morning but some sun breaks. you can see there is plenty out here to filter in. but it has a ways to go. 37 napa. 39 palo alto. low 40s around. so this cold air is going to get trapped. 5 up in truckee. 20 in reasono. 42 ukia. and around lake tahoe, a lot of teens, although truckee at 5. and south lake tahoe, single digits. and 7. this is not a big system for us. or for them. it will start to weaken rapidly. but still drag across, and that will be later this afternoon. and then we will get some light rain. mainly north bay, south bay, may not get much as all out of this system but starting to work its way in by this evening
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and then just fall apart to be hospital and a lot of show, not much go, but light rain, by tomorrow morning, it looks like that will be it, next system will go well to the north, way to the north and therein lies the trend. and the high pressure is about ready to kick in and fires in over the weekend. and turning cloudy. returning clouds. cool, afternoon rain. some afternoon sun as well. but 50s on your temperatures here. low to mid to maybe a few upper 40s, low 50s, especially well to the north and the extended outlook, it does call for sun clouds, afternoon rain, and morning clouds, and then clearing on thursday. and high clouds friday. but then after that, it looks warmer, and then super bowl sunday, sunny and mild to warm. maybe some low 70s for the super bowl. >> wow. >> i'm sure the super bowl committee is thanking you this morning. >> or mother nature. >> or mother nature. >> a source much higher than myself is responsible. >> you think it is going to be nice, for everybody traveling from north carolina, and denver, to be happy for the sun.
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>> omaha, yes. >> omaha. no, just kidding. >> thank you very much. controversy surrounding the sacramento kings. up next, the chinese new year give-away that had one of the biggest stars there speaking out against it.
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welcome back, everybody. time now is 4:22. and the sacramento kings pulled a chinese new year give-away at the last minute before their game on monday. there were complaints that a year of the monkey t-shirt was
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racially insensitive on the first day of black history month. well, kings player demarcus cousins brought it up to the team and officials decided to remove the shirts from the seats in sleep train arena. other chinese new years celebrations however during the game went on as planned. the warriors are wrapping up the latest road trip tonight against the washington wizards before heading to the nation's capital though, the team held a practice at st. john's university in new york. st. john's is of course coached by warriors hall of famer chris mullen. good old number 17. i used to have his hat by the way. that is awesome. he has great appreciation for what his former team is doing. >> it is a treat to have the warriors here. just the level of excellence. it is nice for my players to see. a lot of things i have been preaching to them, on how to play the game, how to approach the game, how to be up selfish and be a good teammate and the
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warriors are the epitome of that. >> the warriors will visit the white house where president obama will honor their 2015 nba title. >> very exciting. >> yes. 49ers quarterback collin kaerpernick apparently wants out. his preferred destination is the new york jets. he was benched this season. then placed on injured reserve after hurting his shoulder. he still has five years left on his contract and the 49ers could trade or cut him before his 11.9 million base salary becomes guaranteed on april 1. former 49ers jerry rice is having some fun during super bowl week. he is going undercover, as a lift driver. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. >> i'm steven. >> steve. >> i'm jay man, nice to meet you man. >> what your team? >> my team is the 49ers. born and raised in san jose. >> really? >> he does look a little different with the beard. >> no one seems to recognize the hall of famer.
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>> he did finally reveal his identity, some very excited results as you can imagine. she is dos her happy dance. >> that is awesome. >> i would too if i were riding around in a car with jerry rice. a lot of star-studded super bowl commercials this sunday. >> there is a revolution coming. >> excuse me? what do you mean? >> one to look out from lg electronics futuristic ad featuring actor liam neeson, talking to his younger self, played by his real life son. it is lg's first spot ever in the super bowl. ♪ what a man, what a man >> in my face. >> he is so dreamy. [ laughter ] >> big smile on pam cook's face as well. that is ryan reynolds, everywhere in this ad for hyundai, it shows two women driving an elantra through the
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fictional town of ryanville and the driver gets distracted but the automatic emergency breaking system stops them from slamming into ryan reynolds walking a pack of dogs. thank goodness. the collective we are dumb founded that people still drive dunk. >> this is helen mirren reminding people to drink responsibly. a second ad will feature the adorable clydesdales and the puppies, from the last three super bowls, they will not make a return. >> that is too bad. >> they were cute. >> we liked them. more good news from the sierra. the snow keeps piling up. we'll will have the results from the latest snow survey and what it means for the drought. >> we will tell you about the new security steps on public transit and in the air that people might notice. and the days leading up to the super bowl. >> well, we will get a little break here before the next system comes in. but this will be the last in the series.
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and a pattern change as we go into the weekend. we will have more on your wednesday forecast.
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welcome back, everybody, to mornings on 2. this is a moment where we say good morning to you. >> yes. >> it is wednesday, february 3. i'm brian flores. >> good morning. a lot of moments where we say good morning. but good morning. i'm pam cook. it is 4:30. and steve is talking about weather. we will talk about the snow pack, too. it is looking really good. >> looks very good. >> water content is very good. best in five years. >> yes. >> that is the key, right? >> the water content is the key. shasta, folsom, they will have to start releasing water. >> that is very full. >> which is great. >> that is a whole different animal in itself but that is a good sign. and shasta i think is is 50, 51 capacity. and that is without the snow
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melt. >> okay. >> so not bad. >> and orrville is low 40s. it is sad that we are happy with 50, but at this point, yes. >> good without the snow melt. >> and a break here in the morning. cold though. 30s and 40s. temperatures on the chilly to cold side today. yesterday, for some, i will tell you, the if the clouds didn't clear, it stayed in the low 50s, a brisk day, clouds, light rain this afternoon, and tomorrow, clearing, maybe some fog, in the morning, and super bowl, though, looks sunny and warm, and maybe even record- setting warm as we head toward monday. until then, we have to deal with one more system on the way, and it won't be here until this afternoon, and clouds slowly increase here, and it doesn't take much here, with 30s and 40s and the cloud cover coming in, hard pressed to get above 54, 55. north bay temperatures, right at 40. including novato, and mill valley and avenue else is close and calistoga, 39. and truckee and south lata hoe at 5:00 and 7:00. and a couple of locations in the teens. and our system looks good, but it is going to we


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