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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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debate drama in new hampshire as hillary clinton and bernie sanders drive home their differences. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. >> you will not find that i ever changed a few or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. clinton and sanders debated at the university of hampshire tonight and after their dead heat in iowa, it seemed to have new urgency. jana katsuyama joins us live with the story. >> reporter: this debate had plenty of fire. it's just five days until the primary. clinton and sanders didn't hold back attacking each other's positions.
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and answering very pointed questions about their own electability. onstage, the battle to define the democratic party should -- took shape. the socialist senator who fired up his campaign -- >> i want to see working people and young people commit to the party in a way that doesn't exist now. >> reporter: hillary clinton, former secretary of state, senator and longtime party powerhouse, still fighting. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment. >> reporter: on the issues, the clashes came first over campaign-finance and wall street. >> kid gets caught with marijuana, that kid has a police record. a wall street executive destroys the economy, $5 billion settlement, no criminal record. >> reporter: sanders touted his lack of a pack had questions,
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clinton taking speaking fees from goldman sachs. clinton fired back. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. and let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us. we both agree with finance reform. >> reporter: clinton stance by the afford will correct. sandor -- sanders call for a quicker move to universal healthcare. >> 29 million people have zero health insurance. even more who are underinsured, with large deductibles and copayments. prescription drug prices are off the wall. >> reporter: clinton under pressure to appeal to progressive voters said her experience makes her more qualified. >> i have a progressive gets things done. if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was --
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>> reporter: on foreign policy, sanders says he has better job bringing the their vote on the iraq war. >> one of us voted the right way and one of us didn't. >> reporter: sanders was trying to prove he could win a general election. clinton says she's the one. >> you've got to be ready on day one. there's too much unpredictable threat and danger in the world today. >> reporter: both did come together on one point. >> on our worst days, i think it's fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: polls show sanders now with a double-digit lead over clinton in new hampshire, but in south carolina, that is reversed with clinton leading sanders by almost the same margin. >> thank you. now to the question of how each candidate did tonight. >> joining us from petaluma is analyst brian sobel. who did the better job tonight?
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>> reporter: i thought hillary clinton actually won the debate if you want to pick a winner and a loser. i thought she had a lot of energy, she was very well prepared. and i think delivered her message quite well. and i thought in contrast, bernie sanders lacked a little energy tonight. it was clearly a content rich debate. but if you're asking me who had the edge, i think hillary clinton did. >> let's just say hillary clinton wins the nomination. for the sake of argument, how much will this to fight during the primaries hurt her in the general election? >> reporter: it's going to hurt her son, and here's why. she has to fix her positions from the middle to the left even very progressive, to outflank bernie sanders. the longer she has to do that, and, pay attention to the republicans she needs to go over and grab, that is going to be the thing that hurts her as we start moving through this election cycle. >> right now bernie sanders is giving clinton a run for her
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money. what seems to be giving her the most trouble? is it a trust issue? >> reporter: yes, trust has something to do with it. the fact that hillary is a known quantity. i think sanders is doing a great job of appealing to young people, to people who have real problems with government right now, who don't feel like they are a part of the american dream. the billionaires and millionaires that bernie sanders talks about, being part of the problem resonates with bernie sanders support. hillary clinton has been there and she has taken money from a lot of those people. >> i think when bernie sanders first entered, no one gave him a chance of winning. do you think, let's say for the sake of argument, he wins new hampshire, does he have a chance to win the nomination? >> reporter: no. i don't think so. i think he wins new hampshire, he's got a 2 to 1 edge in the
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state right now but moving onto south carolina and other states, where clinton has built a huge ground game, and has visited those estates so many times, i think she's going to eventually start pulling away from bernie sanders. so my answer is no, he has no chance of winning the nomination. >> he certainly is pushing her. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's really good for the process. nobody should be coronated anything, you have to go through a process. this is testing her. on the other side of it, hillary clinton being tested this way is good for her too, as she starts moving out. and talks about her progressive -- it's important for her to go through this. >> brian sobel, thanks so much. we appreciate it. super bowl 50 now has three days away, levi's stadium just about ready to play host to the denver broncos. and the carolina panthers. all over the bay area there's a lot of excitement building for the game.
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azenith smith is at santana row in san jose. you found a lot of visitors have arrived now from out of town? >> reporter: a lot of visitors were at levi's stadium earlier to check out the sites. many of them said they were set -- headed to san francisco to go to festivities over there. a lot happening in the south bay too. at santana row, it was cheers to the super bowl, football fans and. trekkers alike taking part in a super bowl. blitz hosted by various breweries. >> let's be honest, super bowl is in santa clara, not san francisco. out of all the events, i was come to santana row. >> reporter: earlier, the line outside levi's stadium to take a picture with the super bowl 50 sign was long. none of the people had tickets, they just wanted to be a part of it. >> that's a good one. i like that. >> yeah.
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>> reporter: and the merchandise flying off the shelves at the convention center parking lot. we found some diehard panthers fans from north carolina. >> this has been like a dream come true. our entire season has been unbelievable. we have had so much fun. >> reporter: this couple stayed with friends in hillsboro, paid $1800 each for end zone seats for the super bowl, thrilled it's in the bay area. >> i love it. the warm, sunny weather. >> we were so glad because as soon as we came off down the street, always hawes was the sign that said, keep pounding. felt like home. >> reporter: these fans from north carolina are staying at a hotel in walnut creek. they don't have tickets yet, but that's okay. also okay, business at this waffle shop where there are traffic detours. the owner expects bigger crowds come game day. >> yesterday, vernon davis came in and wore his super bowl stuff. the staff got to take pictures, they got to take autographs from vernon, so really excited. >> reporter: you never know who
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you're going to see given the players are staying here in the south bay in san jose and santa clara. besides, stuff happening here at santana row, there are activities at cesar chavez park and san pedro square. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. homeland security officials are reminding fans that a crackdown is underway on fake super bowl gear. agents have stepped up enforcement efforts at flea markets and street stands and at retail stores, they say operation team player began at the end of the last super bowl to catch counterfeiters. since then, they have seized 450,000 sports related items and arrested dozens of people. the two teams got down to business today, this was the last day of public practices, the panthers worked out at san jose state this morning. there were told -- we're told that all of cam newton's passes were cut. meantime, the broncos had their practice at stanford, they
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pumped of the music really loud to simulate the noise they expect on sunday. the doctor who first brought to life the devastating consequences of concussions in football spoke to a packed crowd in san francisco tonight. >> by the time they are 50 -- your brain has been exposed and hundreds of thousands of blows. there is nothing that could be safe about it. >> dr. bennett omalu was interviewed as a part of city arts and lectures. he was the first -- first to publish findings of a degenerative condition called cte that he identified in the brains of football players. he is the subject of the current film that's out current -- starring will smith called concussion. he found that condition caused memory loss, dementia and depression. don't have a ticket to tonight's concert? don't worry. we've got an
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inside look. tracking your friday forecast, it does call for a bit of a warm-up.
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mandatory water conservation. now a serious problem has surfaced. two investigates has found department after department not stemming the tide. >> for months, has the board been wasting water? >> using tens of thousands of gallons beyond restriction. >> is the library wasting water? >> water has been a key issue in california for four years. just this week the state extended emergency conservation efforts. >> 2 investigates has learned some departments are failing to
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meet the requirement to cut back on water use by 25%. investigative reporter ross palombo has been looking into it and has a story will see only on fox 2. >> reporter: some simply are not cutting enough. in fact, some are using hundreds of thousands of gallons too much, nearly half 1 million gallons since the summer alone. why didn't they stop despite a mandatory order? they say they didn't even know the full extent of it until we began looking into it. >> we're facing the worst drought in -- that california has ever seen. >> reporter: year after year of drought. but some parts of san francisco, from libraries to schools, to peers, have remained remarkably green. >> droughts are difficult things. something is always a fault of
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the past. >> reporter: outside several libraries across the city, are parks and gardens and planting, all tied to irrigation meters that have been under mandatory restrictions for more than six months now. >> are you taking that seriously? >> really seriously. >>reporter: but documents show six of eight libraries used far more water in november than the city a lot of. some six times as much. at this branch on ocean avenue, four times more, at this branch of cleveland, and some like this one on terrible, nearly double the amount of water. >> is that concerning? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: how long have you known? >> these particular overages just came to light this month. >> reporter: records show this isn't the first month. in november these branches went over by 9100 cubic feet or 68,000 gallons of water. 2 investigates has learned they were over again even more the month before. 100-2200 cubic feet or 92,000 gallons of water in october and
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over again and again months before that. >> in august, were you aware that? >> i'm not aware that all of them have been there since august. we tackle this stuff as quickly as we can. but -- we're like any organization. this is not the only challenge that we have. >> reporter: but we're in a drought right now. >> i agree about the drought. i think that's a very important thing. >> sounds like someone doesn't care. not taking requirement seriously. >> reporter: jennifer cleary says the city ordered a serious 25% cut to metered irrigation to keep the entire city water usage under state or good levels. levels that the vast majority of san franciscans are complying with in their private homes. >> it makes us angry because you have people who are really working hard and doing without to save water. >> reporter: the library says the more -- majority of
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overages are for public safety like power washing sidewalks for human debris or needles, or for the public good, to protect new plantings or parks like here at the ingleside branch. >> the plants will die if they are not water heavily. >> why did they do that? >> why did they cede it to begin with? >> when they had a consummation requirement. >> do you think these numbers are big deal? >> i do. >> reporter: so big the san francisco public utilities commission says the library had been notified each and every month and charged double for each gallon it went over. >> is it concerning? >> i think it's concerning. i don't think it's the only thing happening across the city. >> reporter: and of course, she's right. 2 investigates has found that at least five peers along the port of san francisco were also over mandated conservation levels. in december, some like the cruise ship terminal were nearly five times over. in november, 98 had more than two times the limit.
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>> reporter: were you surprised? >> yes. i was. >> reporter: surprised because the port didn't know about any of this until 2 investigates requested the numbers. even though nearly half of its peers with irrigation meters have been over for months after month after month. >> going on since september. did you know that? >> i did not. >> reporter: why didn't the port know about this? how many months has the port been wasting water? >> well, if all these are legitimate overwatering for irrigation, i would say yes. >> reporter: the port says it's not sure what is happening at any of these sites, not even sure that the numbers are correct. and neither is the very department that is supposed to be regulating them. >> it really requires an investigation of the site. >> reporter: report says it was unaware of the problem until we
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began to investigate. when we asked if leaky hoses like this one at pier 40 were to blame, they said they didn't know where it was coming from. >> it is disappointing that you've now given me two city departments that aren't interested in an issue that has observed the rest of california. >> reporter: but san francisco schools have been absorbed by the problem. when you first saw that number, were you concerned? >> we were concerned. >> reporter: after also being fined for overages at five schools, the district says it was immediately aware and immediately took action to bring that down to three schools in november. with the water surplus of 8100 cubic feet or more than 60,000 gallons. in just one month at lincoln high school, they cut water waste by 700%. >> just changes to irrigation systems and behaviors, we've stayed under our allocation meaning that we have used less
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than the 25% reduction. >> reporter: not every department has been so studious since mandatory conservation began in july. you said you didn't know until november. >> some of these overages, that might be true. >> reporter: or so successful in stemming the tide of problems. >> is the library wasting water? >> i would say bottom line is things happen at the library that wastewater. >> reporter: things like homeless population living outside of the main branch. they say they have to power washing that area every day because of needles and debris there. we asked why they couldn't sweep all of that up. they say it's a health issue. the library said it has found three leaky pipes or sprinklers at three branches and fix them but one of those branches is still showing overages according to the data we have. frank and julie, remember it's not just the 500,000 gallons since summer. the real issue here is that
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they didn't know about this for months until we brought it to their attention. they didn't know the extent of the problem. >> it's good they know it now. ross, thank you. if you have a story for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. email 2 investigates at or call us at 510-874- 0222. tracking a few clouds but overall we've got a nice- looking day in store for you, bay area friday, a lot of clouds moving in off the pacific. everything is going north. this would be a heck of the system if it had a trajectory like the jet stream had a couple months ago. this system doesn't have the support of a jet stream over our latitude so it's going to end up north bus and that sets us up with high-pressure and sinking air. as the air sinks, it warns and as it thinks it was offshore and temperatures get up into
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the 70s by the weekend. we'll talk more about that. as we head into tomorrow, looking at overnight lows in the low 40s, already 45 in santa rosa, 46 at concord, there will be valley fog, bits of it. more sunshine than we had today. noticeably warmer, some mid-60s on the high and tomorrow. so a nice-looking day tomorrow. the forecast model, a little valley fog in the morning, so showing at the clouds, very little going on. there is your friday afternoon, coastal fog wants to come back to the coast on friday afternoon. but then right after that, offshore and really starts to warm. so no rain is forecast. >> thank you, bill. big waves making for a surfer paradise. >> conditions out there today were in the top 10. >> why aren't they holding the competition? why the famous surf contest is sidelined. also, the warriors pay a special visit to the white house to celebrate their nba championship.
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a judge set bail at $5 million for a homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco. ktvu's tara moriarty was in court today as the officer colleagues came to show their support. >> reporter: more than a dozen officers filed into the courtroom today a sign of solidarity for fellow officer andres blanco who was violently stabbed while on a call tuesday. >> mainly we want to support another officer, that we're thinking about him. >> reporter: officer williams was the first to respond to the scene where he lay bleeding after being slashed in the trachea and arm. >> shocked initially but then your training takes over.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: his partner gave him first aid which officers say may have saved his life. the two were responded to a call of a person wondering on the essex street on-ramp. witnesses say a homeless man identified as noel corpuz brutally attacked him with a knife and ran off. >> can you speak at all as to his mental state? >> we haven't had the opportunity to make any kind of evaluation yet. certainly, we see mental illness as very common amongst individuals that are homeless. >> reporter: no cameras were allowed but i was there when he was led out in shackles. he remained quiet while the judge set the bail at $5 million. his arraignment is set for next tuesday where he faces a host of charges. >> murder, assault on a cop, resisting by use of force or threats, grabbing the holster and a variety of other charges. >> reporter: as for officer sirenko, his recovery will take months. he's lucky the knife didn't
10:27 pm
sever his vocal cords or a main artery. >> he is eating soft foods right now, able what he can and he's ready to get up there. he's not the kind of guy who's going to sit around in hospital bed. he wants to get going. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2's. a third student has tested positive for meningitis. school officials are now urging the entire student body of almost 9000 students to get vaccinated. in addition, 200 students who had close contact with the three infected individuals are taking antibiotics just in case. all three students have contracted the same strain of the potentially deadly bacteria. a vaccination clinic on campus runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. the demolition of the old span of the bay bridge is moving into a new phase with big results. today work crews began dismantling huge sections of the old span. they jacked up the first of five large trusses and planned
10:28 pm
to carefully lowered onto two barges tomorrow. those trusses will then be transported to the port of oakland where they will be cut up for recycling. some of the steel will be turned into public art. a san francisco woman is missing tonight and her family and friends are asking for help. 39-year-old anna o'connor was last seen friday on judah street a few blocks from ocean beach. she was wearing a black sweatshirt, red t-shirt, and black yoga pants. o'connor is 5'4", she has brown hair and blue eyes. friends say she takes medication for bipolar disorder. she likes to spend time in parks. anyone who sees her is asked to call police. because super bowl 50 is right here in the bay area, the nfl experience wanted to app up the tech factor for fans. we'll give you an experience coming up next about the blend of digital and reality. and san francisco is rocking tonight, part of super bowl be festivities.
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we had a chance to hear from headliners at this year's super bowl halftime show. the british band coldplay, lead singer chris martin said there's always pressure to top the halftime shows from past super bowls. >> i think we're going to try and celebrate those other years, and hopefully make the show as memorable as some of our favorites. >> coldplay will be sharing the stage with beyonce. the band gave no hint of what songs they will perform although prions a does perform a song with coldplay on their new album. -- beyonce does perform. a sold-out concert featuring dave matthews band, it is the biggest in a series
10:32 pm
of concerts before sunday's big game. ktvu's heather holmes is our condor -- corresponded on the super bowl party circuit. she went to the show, talked to fans and joins us now live. heather? >> reporter: last night i was talking about football and fashion. tonight all about music. the first in a three night concert series kicked off an hour ago here at pier 70, dave matthews band hitting the stage. before tonight's concert, we were given one of these like wristbands, exporter -- escorted inside, took a look at the venue and also talked to concertgoers. some of them don't even care about football. boy, they love the super bowl and love what it brings to san francisco including their favorite artists. the entertainment lineup is super the super bowl week. over the next three nights, pier 70 will showcase some of the biggest names in music. including pharrell, red hot chili peppers, and tonight, dave matthews. >> i'm here to see another
10:33 pm
incredible day matthew show. it's going to be shown number 90 for me. i'm on a mission to hit 100. >> reporter: base stealer livermore wasn't about to miss the chance to see his favorite musician in his own backyard. the lines were long but once inside, concertgoers had plenty of room to move around. >> this venue is the most incredible venue i've ever seen in my lifetime. >> reporter: really? the best venue of all of the 90 shows you've seen? >> up to this point, i can't wait until the show comes on. i'm hoping this will be the best set list. so far, i can't ask for anything more. >> reporter: a great view of the stage and the performers. >> this is amazing. i've been to 18 shows. this by far is one of the most amazing things i've been too. >> reporter: about 9000 people were here tonight, to check out dave matthews. tomorrow besides -- the size to about 4000 with half of them the appease, all here to watch pharrell.
10:34 pm
then franken julie, good luck getting a ticket to saturday night's concert starring the red hot chili peppers, all of those are invite only. >> a great lineup, heather, thank you. with the super bowl being played at silicon valley, it's no surprise the nfl experience in san francisco pretty much pulling out all the stops to bring technology to the fans. cristina rendon is at moscone center to show us how fans are being taken to the next level. christina? >> reporter: they really are, everywhere you look, you're going to find projection screens, interactive displays just like this one. to give fans interactive experience. it's a blend of all things tech with football. the quarterback challenge is one of the most hyped up exhibits, with hydraulics, but if you look around, innovative technology is everywhere.
10:35 pm
>> having the super bowl here, super bowl 50, the golden anniversary. of course they are going to bring the best they've got. >> reporter: touchscreen monitors allowed to go inside a locker room, or put your face on a super bowl ticket. >> that was crazy and that one. crazy broncos fan, we'll go with that. >> reporter: if you want to get inside the game, all you have to do is take a seat. companies like next vr and -- the virtual reality headsets give you the ultimate 360 experience. >> that was crazy. very fun. i'm glad you had a chance to do it. i was nervous at first. very well worth it. >> reporter: the nfl is bringing fans to the field, putting them in the shoes of a ref to make a call or review any game from the 2015 regular- season by remote control. >> not only can you see every play, but you can watch it and slow it down or fast forwarded. we do that in the way to engage fans and let them know how difficult it is to make the calls. we are using technology whereas
10:36 pm
they can do this at home and challenge themselves. >> the nfl is using technology nowadays, it's amazing. such a great experience for everybody to enjoy. >> reporter: this is another interactive display of all 49 super bowl rings from past championships. super bowl 50 is going to be played on sunday. if you haven't made it out to the nfl experience, there's still time to do so. reporting from the nfl experience, dustin rendon, ktvu fox 2's. unclaimed $63 million super lotto jackpot is now going into the state school system. the ticket was bought last august at a 7-eleven near los angeles and time ran out. at 5:00 tonight for their winter to step forward. one man is still fighting for the prize. brandy miller filed a lawsuit yesterday saying he turned in the winning ticket and was sent a letter of congratulations. the lottery officials later told him the ticket was too damaged and didn't qualify.
10:37 pm
we talked about the friday warm up, now we push forward into the weekend. how warm is it going to be in your backyard? we'll see you in a bit.
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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the big wave surfing contest known as mavericks could have been held today off the san mateo coast. conditions were just right but there was a snag created by the super bowl. amber lee live now in half moon bay tells us why this week was blacked out. amber? >> reporter: julie, mavericks founder jeff clark also owns the surf shop. he tells me today's conditions were ideal for what he called the super
10:40 pm
bowl of surfing. >> it's jaw-dropping. >> reporter: the giant waves. up to 50 feet. light winds set the stage for what would have been a perfect day to hold the mavericks contest. >> conditions out there today were in the top 10 that you have ever seen at mavericks. it was that good. >> reporter: clark started the contest in 1988, the last time conditions were good enough to hold mavericks was two years ago. the window for the completion this year started november 1 and goes through march 31. on this day, a surfers paradise. >> i -- it was perfect. the day of days it seemed like. >> reporter: but there's a blackout period from last sunday through this sunday. because local law enforcement is providing security for the super bowl and related events. >> their resources are stretched so thin because of all the security involved with
10:41 pm
putting on an event like the super bowl. but i want to tell them we have the super bowl of surfing going on right here in half moon bay. >> reporter: law enforcement is needed to help keep the mavericks contest safe for the public. >> we wait all year for that condition. so it's not a good thing i would say. but i understand. >> if there wasn't blackout dates, today would have been one of the all-time contest ever. keep our fingers crossed and hope we get another one like that. like today. >> reporter: clark says el niño winter is creating ideal conditions for surfing. julie? >> let's hope they get another chance. amber, thank you. a lot of fun events in the bay area this weekend, not all of them are connected to the super bowl. here is rosemary orozco with this edition of weekend watch. >> reporter: we are counting down to super bowl 50 on saturday. super bowl community concert with huey lewis is going on.
10:42 pm
the all-day festival is free. also in santa clara, a pro football hall of fame exhibit remains on display at the triton museum of art. iron glory is an exhibit that is free and features the best of the pro football hall of fame wide collection. in san francisco, super bowl city continues. saturday's events include alicia keys in concert and the nfl owners red carpet awards show. aside from super bowl 50 is mardi gras in the bay area, the 10th annual event will kickoff on saturday with the two day festival at the fillmore center plaza, the carnival includes music, face painting and food. in sports, the warriors host the thunder, sharks our way and as you know super bowl 50 the big celebration is on sunday at levi's stadium. i'm rosemary orozco, that is your weekend watch. i'm tracking the weather out there as we move forward next couple days, looking for temperatures to warm up, we're going to see temperatures
10:43 pm
easily go into the 70s as we head toward the bay area weekend, these were the numbers for today, 60 in antioch, 60 in napa, it's going to be a bit warmer tomorrow and a lot warmer on the weekend. the weather systems we talked about, big swells we were showing you, all coming from these el niño storms, mid- latitude storms, if you're watching mavericks, that's the direction mavericks likes, it likes the west southwest swell and that's what the storms produce. so there will be more big surfing about the coast, more opportunities to run the contest this year. but today as jeff pointed out, it was about as good as it gets for a contest. so no showers out there now, a little bit of valley fog will try to reform tonight, we talked about that. overnight lows will get down as they did last night, some upper 30s in the cool spots, oakland downtown, right now winds at the tribune building, to the right, flags hanging limp, so the winds other night going north, now they are flat,
10:44 pm
tomorrow they go northeast a little bit, then slight onshore, back offshore. so it means a little bit warmer tomorrow and a lot warmer for the weekend. san francisco forecast for super bowl city tomorrow, 64 degrees for daytime high. super bowl city, mike will be down there with keba and gasia. and then this which is about a little bit, tomorrow afternoon, then thursday morning, or pardon me, saturday morning, saturday afternoon, you see the winds start to go offshore there. and then sunday, it's going to be a nice weekend. with the winds going offshore, compressing like that, temperatures will get up there into the mid-70s, as well has dropped already, it was biggest this afternoon, now as the tide begins to come back in, we're seeing swells drop down about three or four feet. tomorrow will be big, the surf advisory gets dropped tomorrow morning so it should go away. look for more high surf throughout the evening hours
10:45 pm
into the early morning hours tomorrow. still big but not as big. forecast high, 62 in livermore, 67 in morgan hill, that's your friday forecast. super bowl sunday forecast, numbers easily into the low 70s at gametime, 74 degrees at game time start, then you drop down into the low 70s. towards the second half. so five-day forecast, with the bay area weekend if you, son, son, son, plenty of warmth and warmest on sunday and monday. >> looking good. thank you. sports director mark ibanez is coming up next with the supersized sports wrap. >> first, mark takes us back to super bowl xxiii in miami. >> reporter: one of the big misconceptions is when you get assigned as a report to some exotic cities like miami, florida for the super bowl, you just go down there and goof off and talk a little bit about football. actually, there's a lot of work to be done. they want you filing reports
10:46 pm
morning, noon and night. and all kinds of stuff leading up to the game to make it sound more exciting for the network of course. and get people hyped up about the game. well, there is truth to that. but by the same token, you are doing a lot of work. i thought it would be funny to go down to south beach in miami and this was in the week prior to the bengals and 49ers. what i thought was, i would tell my cameraman, shoot me from the waist up. >> players starting to get serious hitting the playbooks and the practice field. for us announcers, it's time to bone up on all our statistics. in the meantime, from miami, i'm mark ibanez for the 10:00 news. is that good? all right. all right. [ laughter ] >> actually, it was probably one of the best times of my life getting to cover the super bowl. as you remember, the 49ers came back and put together one of the great drives in the final moments to be the bengals. i'll remember the beach and that come back a little bit
10:47 pm
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mark is here with the super bowl. let's get to it. >> think we have something left to say? >> i know you'll find something. >> players are in lockdown. i would imagine players on both sides would tell you, bring on the most grueling practice you've got. it's better than dealing with media, more questions that defy
10:50 pm
logic but there was one report on hand at the carolina panthers first gathering today, a very warm reception, snoop dogg was a special -- he has a knack for showing up at have any events. one player was very happy to see them, quarterback cam newton was able to show -- shall we say, weed through the crowd to get snoop who had a very good question for cam. >> is the kidding you outweighing the manning you in this became the you are about to play in? >> half of me tries to be as professional as possible. but the human in me just wants to take it all in. you know what i'm saying? like a keep saying, dream come true, hopefully we get -- we are prepared come sunday. >> all right. in the week leading up, some of us are anchoring things down in the studio while others are gallivanting around town, one of those party hoppers, our own
10:51 pm
jason appelbaum who says, much of this day was all about john madden as it should be. >> mark, this one here is just getting started. madden bowl 22. david shaw showed up and a bunch of other celebrities and athletes and coaches. >> reporter: two very different parties tonight. first up, madden bowl 22 right here in [null] hill. this invitation-only event was the super bowl of the madden nfl game by ea sports. lots of nfl athletes on hand, bucs quarterback jameis winston posed with a real dog, also in the house, raiders punter market king, sporting his batman had. >> batman. that's my part-time job. >> reporter: in the undercard, zach lane, a.k.a., serious moe, defeated michael in overtime to pocket $20,000 and a pretty sweet heavyweight belt.
10:52 pm
and then chiefs safety eric berry is your champ, he edged out jordan reed for the madden bowl xxii title. earlier, it was a very different kind of event as madden was honored in the legends for charity dinner at the hilton union square. >> one of my all-time favorite coaches that never coached me, the great john madden being honored tonight. i think so much of him. >> reporter: he was a move -- awarded with the pat summerall award for broadcasting. more than five people -- more than 500 people showed up to raise money. madden himself couldn't attend because of his health, but lots of media, celebrities and former athletes came out to show support and raise some money. and madden's sons were on hand to accept that award. >> it's exciting. if he's going to win an award at this stage in life, to win and work named after pat summerall, doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: his two sons
10:53 pm
represent john madden, they accepted the award. is the 11th time they have handed out the pat summerall award. how appropriate is that? they give it to john madden, both of his sons say john is doing fine, just not well enough to be at a party tonight. so 80 years old, 14 months ago, he had open heart surgery, but here in [null] hill, this party is just getting started, ludicrous is on stage, so maybe we'll go check it out after we finish with you. >> possibly. quite possibly i will make it across the bridge. we've got to get john up and running again, getting healthy. that would be great. thank you, jason. even when they don't play, the warriors look sharp. they were all in their sunday best to meet the president in washington, dc which stands for district attorney after he laid 51 on the washington wizards last night, just to make sure everybody was in a good mood to meet the commander-in-chief. barack obama of course
10:54 pm
congratulated the warriors on a job well done in the nba finals last year against the cavaliers. coach steve kerr seems to find the right words for any occasion. he reads this room just write again. >> our general manager, bob myers, also mentioned to me that you are going to be a free agent at the end of this year. >> [ laughter ] >> so we don't know if you have anything lined up yet. but -- >> i'm ready to go. >> you can consider this a symbol of an offer that's coming. we want you as soon as your duties are done here in the white house. we would like it to be the leader of the nation. >> there you go. nice to see david lee in the cloud -- in the crowd as well. the sharks make themselves at home in the other guys arena. san jose, a mighty 17-7-2 away from home. tonight they barge into st.
10:55 pm
louis, silence the crowd and the blues, 3-1. the sharks played well everywhere right now, after the first, sharks scored early in the second, then four on three advantage. cross ice for joe thornton, he knows what to do with that. his 10th goal of the year, sharks are up 2-0. now to-1, sharks over the blues, doing a lot of the dirty work himself here. he will score with 3:16 left. martin jones, 26 saves for san jose. playing some great net mining right now. sharks are 9-1-2 in their last 12. just because they are in third place in the wcc, that doesn't mean byu is third rate. they have now knocked off gonzaga and tonight st. mary's, the two teams ahead of them. it didn't help that the gales did not score a single point in the last 3.5 minutes of the game. losing by 11 to byu, the gales were up four at half. joe rahal's with the baseline
10:56 pm
three, he had 17 to lead the gales. but the cougars in the second half, they go on a 13-2 run to end the third. and kyle collinsworth had a lot to do with that. he will steal it and slam it, 17 points, nine rebounds. 70-59, the gales fall to 9-2 in conference and in second place. and that is the sporting life for thursday night. we are closing in on it. >> i had forgotten john madden had open heart surgery. i didn't realize he was 80. i hope he gets back up soon. >> everybody says he's fine, just not quite well enough to mix it up in one of those big public events. he will be back. >> always so fun to hear from john madden. always has something to say. >> he's the best soundbite in sports. i'll tell you that. >> plus, he is oakland raiders. >> thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. up next, modern family.
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