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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  February 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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super bowl weekend is finally here. super bowl city will be packed. it was so packed last night they had to turn people away. i can't imagine the panthers would make the super bowl: here in my hometown. >> several executive building in south bay where players and celebrities have been spotted. the big events in store for fans today. a live look now at the nfl experience at the moscone he center opening in a few hours. we are one day away.
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>> and for some reason that is a black and white shot of the moscone he center. >> it is worn out from all of the coverage. >> that place has been packed with tens of thousands of fans passing through. sometimes those cameras get funny. but we're coming to you in color on mornings on 3. -- 2. it is super bowl eve. let's get to rosemary for look at the weather. >> it's going to feel like spring outside. imagine the folks coming into the bay area for the first time thinking this is what the weather is like. we have a warming trend that will get started as we get into the weekend. it's a cool start this morning.
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patchy fog and the beautiful look at the sun beginning to rise. we have mostly clear skies to partly cloudy for the afternoon. some of the warmer spots will near 70 degrees and it's not even the warmest day coming. we have some fog out this morning. northbay and east today. visibility down to about 4 miles for some spots. along the stretch in and out of highway 101 n. of american canyon you could find some a fog. livermore reporting visibility down to about 4 miles. cold temperatures this morning. 36 fairfield. 39 livermore. mid-30s napa. 49 in san francisco. low 40s oakland. a bit of the chilly start but we will rebound as early as 9 am.
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if you're thinking about going to super bowl city, mostly sunny skies and a beautiful afternoon. upper 50s by 10 am so a nice rebound happening early. 64 at noon. topping out low to mid 60s for san francisco today. everyone's temperature is moving up. look at the afternoon highs today and these in the forecast coming up one more day until super bowl 50 the game today is a different fansites across the area. >> that was scattered -- the largest gathering is super bowl city and embarcadero. if you think traffic was backed this week just wait. christien kafton is live at super bowl city with what to expect today. >> we all of the out-of-towners in so expected to be very busy.
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>> reporter: absolutely. i don't know if you ever had that fantasy of going to an amusement park and have it all to yourself. that's what we have now. we have the whole one of the place. no one is here right now. that will change quickly today. one day left until the super bowl. people will be flooding here to super bowl city. right now it's empty but check it out. this was last night. it was so packed they actually had to turn people away the band one direction was set to play and please working telling people to step away that they had to leave. they were overcapacity. what estimate i heard was 15,000 people in the area. many folks had a great time. but some disappointed folks. people wanted to see the fireworks and music at all the leave events. this will area has transformed for super bowl weekend.
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more good times set for today. a lot of big events and people going to be out today. we have a major headliner this morning -- today. we can also tell you that many fans were out last night looking to get a piece of football -- the became headliner tonight is alicia keyes. she will play the main stage here. that area is going to be packed but i tend to go vip. if you look over here this is our vip entrance. she will play tonight. run dmc and chili peppers are set to play as well. it is worth it to go vip. this is the view i don't get very often. i'm going to take advantage now and enjoy seeing as i'm the
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only one here i get my run of the place. you get to watch out for tonight that will be your view. this will be another big draw. if you thought it was busy this week, today is going to be packed. also open tomorrow on super bowl sunday but shutting down around 2 pm in time for the game. >> alicia keyes and run dmc. we are in. get us some tickets. >> i will see if i get you tickets and in. if it's vip it has to be exclusive so you have to make your way past the velvet rope >> tape office spot for us. -- tape off a spot for us. >> right in front. i will put tape down to have our view.
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this is what the city has been building toward. we've been waiting for today and tomorrow and this is the penultimate moments. a lot of excited people. we're hoping to find some out- of-towners and people hoping to get in. this venue opens at 11 am. even more star performers will take the stage today for the super bowl. other people will be there as well. metallica fans are heading to at&t park tonight. they hit the stage at 8:30 and concert has been sold out for months but the band is offering a live web stream of the performance. you can find it by hitting our website another star confirming he will be part of the halftime
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show bruno mars put the denouncement on instagram saying he will join coldplay and beyonci. the broncos might not be so glad to see him. he performed at halftime two years ago and that was the game the seahawks destroyed the broncos 43-8. >> san jose has been a super bowl hotspot. the carolina panthers are state of the downtown area and then fans of the wing outside the hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. celebrities like bruno mars and chris martin of coldplay have been spotted at the fairmont. >> we did imagine the panthers only visible let alone here in my hometown. it's awesome. >> there all out here and celebrities are coming in. i've not seen anything like this. >> the park in san jose has been transformed into a festival. a big celebration at santa
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clara university with fireworks and a concert featuring huey lewis and the news. demo the ktvu app to stay connected. you can get information about traffic backups and find out what the weather will be like and if you and is on the best events including the free ones it's all there on the ktvu app. a probably dies after police confrontation. investigators are piecing together what happened. police say they were arresting wendell celestino when he fought back and somehow got hurt. they've been looking for him since wednesday after he apparently left hospital against doctors orders. when rescuers got to the scene he took a turn for the worse. >> next thing i know i looked down and they were doing cpr. they are doing cpr on him. >> he later died at the hospital. antioch police and contra costa county sheriff's office and da
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office are investigating the incident. sources say santa clara county jail guards are under investigation for allegedly beating an inmate who was shackled. guards are accused of being ruben garcia so badly fiscal was partly disfigured it happened when he was in custody in the county jail in july. that was one month before three of the guards were accused of beating michael tyree to death inside the jail. those through retarded murder and pled not guilty the two guards in this latest case have been removed from the job during the investigation extra help was brought in to help santa clara university students vaccinated for meningitis. this after three confirmed cases the campus. everyone who wants the vaccine can now get it. the three inside the students are all recovering. super bowl fans are stressing after thieves swiped
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their tickets. thousands of dollars worth of tickets were stolen. what some nfl legends had to say to the media on radio row. scott knies joins us next.
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good morning. hopefully you are feeling at this morning. giving you some alicia keyes who is performing tonight at super bowl city. we have a nice warming trend underway in time for your weekend. the numbers lined up coming up. continuing our coverage of super bowl 50 it is much bigger than the game as you
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know. we've already had one week of parties and events and everything. >> there been fan zones and celebrity studded parties and reporters gathered at moscone center in radio row. scott reiss joins us now to talk about all of this. >> i just got back from one of the parties. i'm raring to go. >> radio row was awesome. this is the first time i've done this super bowl dance. it is cool. the laundry list of celebrities -- not just athletes but you have jenny mccarthy and ryan reynolds and this is the list of celebrities was full going to carwash and going through this radio booth and this one and tv and more radio. it's the routine but it is fun >> are they all football fans? or is it just because it's a huge event? >> i think most of them are. you find a lot of the athletes wish they were celebrities and
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the movie stars who wish they were athletes. there's a mutual appreciation but most of them are football fans. we've seen the video all week. jerry rice and charles haley and former 49ers and raiders even the current guys. there is jerry sporting the hall of fame yellowjacket. the cool part for the fans is that many of the current nfl players from teams not in the super bowl are traipsing around as well. tony romo was on yesterday and torrey smith. it's a never ending stream of coolness. >> when you make the celebrities at these events, where do they mean? twitter says california is leaning toward broncos. what about all the celebrities? >> around here the reader fans do not want the broncos to win. it's hard to say. i don't think -- i didn't notice a definitive split among
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the celebrity population. but then again many of them the football players are hesitant to go on record and talk about the game they don't even want to break it down. >> you've been talking about the fans. >> the fans will talk. fans all let's talk about their team they know everything about their team. we figured when outright here with broncos fans and panthers fans. it's a game i like to call know your opponent. >> reporter: what is the elevation of the city of denver? >> 2000 feet? >> 6000 feet? >> one-mile right? >> 5280 feet. >> in what state to the panthers play? >> carolina. >> in what actual state to the panthers play? >> south carolina.
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>> north carolina. >> which nfl team did homer simpson one's own? >> the niners? >> the broncos. >> i want to be john elway. >> was the happy about it? >> no. >> also correct. >> i love that people know the simpson's. >> 90% of folks said carolina. >> that is not a state. you must specify north or south >> that was half of it. coming up in 9 am we do the other half. >> identities the people. >> generally fans on both sides seem good-natured? >> yes. they love it.
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it's such a happy occasion. everyone is having a great time . 48 hours to go. >> we should mention we've all made our pics which was difficult for you. >> it was difficult for me. >> because i stock up picking the regular-season? >> i was not going to bring that up. >> take my word and go the opposite. >> are we saying? >> next hour. bring them back. outside today and into the weekend temperatures will be climbing. that's the headline. outside a live look at the oakland skyline. a beautiful start to the day with mostly clear skies and partly cloudy for the entire saturday. some of us have some fog and it's taken some areas. -- stick in some areas.
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visibility 2.5 miles in concord. worse in livermore. that stretch along 580 might be foggy over portions of the north bay. early morning drive for you mean something you should be aware of. how about the temperatures? only to jacket this morning in areas like napa 35 degrees. 38 santa rosa. east bay upper 30s. around the bay in the 40s. it's going to be a great day to be on the coast with partly cloudy skies and mild conditions. back to the coast there is a beach advisory which means be prepared for rip currents we
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see today. mid-60s for much of the area this afternoon. temperatures even warmer in the south. upper 60s for fremont in mountain view. 70 for morgan hill. if you're spending the day in santa cruz it's going to be good 68 with clear skies. the extended forecast today is not even the warmest day. we are warmer tomorrow. temperatures in the upper low to mid-70s expected for sunday afternoon. monday we hold onto the warm tuesday and wednesday the onshore breeze comes back along the coast and we cool down but temperatures still well above average. and definitely some of the warmest temperatures we've seen so far.
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>> mid-70s? that his shorts and flip-flops. >> the only thing we're missing is rain. but we want and need but what a great weekend. >> it is nice when visitors come and we said yes it's like this all the time. >> this is how we live on the west coast they are the moneymakers the ads that sink or swim come super bowl sunday. >> people walk through life like beige socks. uninspired and board. >> in 20 minutes a breakdown of some of the new big-name ads and how much cash is writing on their success. it's time for our pet of the day. this is a six-year-old cat and mouse to be around people. he's 22 pounds and we do best in a quiet home. you can meet
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in san francisco spca. or five years old are free to adopt this month.
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at least 14 people have been killed after a powerful earthquake hit the country.
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100 people are also missing in taiwan. the 6.4 quake it southern taiwan before dawn local time. several residential buildings collapsed with rescuers pulling hundreds of people from the rubble. others may still be trapped. usgs said the earthquake was shallow striking 6 miles underground. you live inland china also reported feeling it republican candidates debate tonight in new hampshire this time with donald trump he's get the last debate over disagreement with fox news before the iowa caucus. he still ahead in the polls but ted cruz and marco rubio are now making gains after their strong performance in iowa. tonight's debate is three days before the new hampshire primary on the democratic side bernie sanders is still ahead of hillary clinton in the new hampshire polls but a new cnn report says clinton's have made more than one $53 million combined from paid speeches since 2001. some of the speeches were for big banks like goldman sachs.
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he's accused clinton of being part of the wall street establishment because of that clinton says these paid speeches have not influenced her political views. they don't have to primary is coming up tuesday they don't have to primary is coming up tuesday, february 9 on favorite 20th south carolina has its public and primary that holds democratic caucus the same day nevada will hold its republican caucus on february 23 and south carolina democratic primary is february 27. bay area for maker is raising awareness about the housing crisis in san francisco the high-tech approach he's taking to protect his message to the masses. the new reward mark police are offered for information leading to the arrest of a shooting suspect. we have some patchy fog and chilly temperatures but warm up on the way. the forecast coming
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we are one day away from super bowl 50. check out this video of levi stadium in santa clara. >> it's already to go for tomorrow estimated 74,000 spectators will be feeling those seats. millions more will be watching the big game on tv. welcome back.
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let's start with a look at the weather. i'll be watching it on tv tomorrow. >> what's your favorite part? >> the food? the company? the halftime show? >> i think anytime you can get together with friends and hangout and enjoy the day, and when you don't care deeply about who wins and loses you're not so stressed out. >> as long it's not a blowout. i like to see a good game. i'm hoping your super bowl sunday goes off well. and are having fun and when it comes to the weather i think it will be a great weekend to get outdoors. >> maybe some grilling for your super bowl sunday. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies warming trend gets underway today. temperatures will near the 70 degrees mark in areas of portions of the south bay the
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rest of us in the 60s. we start out partly to mostly clear in the fog out this morning is patchy in nature but look at where it's fake the inner east bay. 2.5 miles in concord. livermore down to quarter mile or less we see the darker shade of gray. if you're on your way toward tracy or coming from you will find that. the rest of us having cold temperatures with partly cloudy skies and chilly numbers. 35 degrees 38 santa rosa. around the bay temperatures in the 40s. 40 redwood city. 44 mountain view. these numbers are cooler than yesterday. we have 37 degrees in woodside. this afternoon things start to feel better 57 at 10 am. if you're going to super bowl
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city 64 at noon with mostly clear skies and 62 as we get closer to sunset. the warmer part of the day between 2-4 and we cool down after that. bring a jacket if you're going out this evening. low to mid 60s of the coast. 66 oakland 68 fremont. 69 san jose. definitely warmer locations in the south bay. mid-60s and the temperatures will continue to climb. we look at how long the warming trend will last coming up. today's postcard weather is not the reason why super bowl parties across the bay and events are going to be packed. >> super bowl city could burst. >> there's only so much room organizers are expecting today will be the busiest day of the
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week >> christien kafton is live along the embarcadero with a look at the attractions. the traffic of course will come along with it. how is it looking? >> you can imagine it's going to be packed. right now this is the time to come out. there is no one here. we have our run of the place. we found jerry vergara with his boys. everyone is in the football mood. are you ready to do this? >> let's turn around and do this. we had our run of the place. let's play. hike. look at that. i think everyone is in the football mood. us old-timers took on the boys.
7:34 am
>> i'm the youngest. that's the eldest. welcome to super bowl city. >> reporter: your a 49er fan but you've got to be excited about the game tomorrow who are you rooting for? >> i'm burning for the broncos. >> denver broncos but we are excited and maybe we will go over here. >> it's going to be packed. is out what you cannot early? >> yes. we tried to avoid the crowds. it's likely own the city. >> this is the best time to come. i've been talking to but let me talk to the guys. alicia keyes will be out later. do have a plan to see her? >> i'm going to go to the
7:35 am
concert yes. >> can you get up close? >> hopefully. >> thank you so much. i'm sorry you dead and i blew through your coverage. he is crafty. with age comes wisdom. this is what super bowl city is all about all the good times. football palouse a and you can imagine is going to be packed. parking will be tough. the way to get down here is public transit. enjoy concert tonight alicia keyes. later on there's also a concert by red hot chili peppers and run dmc and peers 70. something for everyone. >> a big night of fun.
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the one thing i do not get to that i wanted is due was the zip line. put it on your list. i want to see you go down the zip line. >> we all want to see that. >> i would love to find the zip line and if we find it and it is open i will go. >> and we're going to make jacob do it with of the camera. >> it's down by the many golden gate bridge. more than $40,000 worth of super bowl tickets have been stolen from at union square hotel someone took them from a conference room. they were part of a package deal where guest got a ticket with the room but not in this case. now san francisco police are warning people to only bicycle tickets from authorized sellers so they don't by the stolen property. this weekend at the liquor is using the super bowl to send a supersized message. he's projecting statements about the housing crisis on
7:37 am
buildings across the city. one says evictions of longtime residents are immoral. documentary film maker eric fournier says super bowl and its events give him the perfect stage for this silent protest. >> we were trying to capitalize on the super bowl being in town and to raise awareness of people that don't know what's going on. we were hoping to get people to ask questions. >> this protest is part of the documentary he's making about the plight of tenants. tonight his images will be on buildings near super bowl city. even the 40 matters and maters are not in the big game it can still be a big weekend for both organizations. former owner any dicarlo junior is among 18 finalist for the pro football hall of fame. they talk to our yesterday of the finals include ken stabler and 49ers -- kevin greene
7:38 am
always ask defensive back john lynch. 49ers wide receiver and wimbledon will find out whether he's elected as the nfl. he goes to the player the most significant impact on his community. family of a missing san francisco woman plans to search for her today at golden gate park in a o'connor has not been seen in more than a week her husband was the message saying she has bipolar disorder and has been suicidal in the past she says she likes to spend time at parks in the search started at 9 am. san francisco police accused of violent city sanctuary policy after man was detained and turned over to immigration agents in december. izzard whether he was reporting his car was stolen. we found he had an outstanding warrant for not showing up with deportation hearing and took him in. according to the san francisco chronicle, the man should not
7:39 am
have ended up in the custody of immigration agents. he was released from jail. port hope the 10 does not reward will help them find a gunman who shot and killed a writer last month. police released this photo of the suspect who's accused of shooting carlos romero inside the train at the west oakland station. investors have not released a motive although they say it appears they had some sort of confrontation on a bus before entering bart park officials have started installing more security cameras on all trains. hc spending more than $1 million to do it. the cameras come after last month's shooting and revelation that many cameras were not even real. some don't even work properly. >> the center for disease control has updated its guidelines to break the spread of the zika virus after the first case of the virus being socially transmitted reported in texas this week. the cdc is encouraging pregnant women to use condoms if they or
7:40 am
their partner recently traveled to latin america or the caribbean where the virus is spreading. the agency is also recommending pregnant women without symptoms be tested for the virus after returning from an infected area. the virus is the link to birth defects. the entertainment lineup for the super bowl got bigger. at eight 8 am we try the big name added to the halftime performance. some of the nfl top players show their softer side when it comes to spending quality time with their daughters. a super bowl ad break down next.
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good morning. happy saturday. we have a look in san francisco. that's a beautiful view. mostly sunny upper 60s to low 70s if that makes you happy you have even more happiness coming next week. who could not be happy looking at that picture? super bowl 50. >> whether or not your football fan these commercials that run during super bowl are a huge draw attracting millions of viewers. >> this year a premium 32nd -- 30 -- 32nd spot cost about $5 million. mike mccarthy is here to talk about it. >> good morning. >> overall this year i've been hearing these and are not as aggressive as they have been in years past is so you've been
7:44 am
seeing? >> definitely. this year the advertisers will play for last the tried to entertain us and make us have a good time which will be a big departure from last year depression ball where nationwide first from the perspective of the dead child. >> now they are trying to make sure everything stays light. you have a favorite in terms of which one you think will hit it out of the park? >> in terms of previous super bowl's or this one? >> this one. >> i like the acura ad coming out it's a great use of music. music has become the secret sauce in a way for some commercials and it uses the great then helen song running with the devil. >> we're looking at it now. >> i think there's so much
7:45 am
pressure for these. when people are watching these commercials they really want it to take up a notch we are very critical. >> yes. we're very critical. many people watch super bowl more for the commercial then the game. there is no mistake that being a flop on the super bowl can hurt. the marketing director of nationwide left the company later. >> how many diversity one of these and make? part of the strategy is to release them earlier so people get and see them and talk about them and talk about the people who are advertising. does that work? >> it does. these ads can have a huge impact. and and can be viewed millions of times on social media before ever airs on the game. and then you have the free media coverage from programs like ours and newspapers and magazines that write about the ads. >> it can have a huge impact. it can if you fall on your face
7:46 am
if you flop and then you get the negative coverage >> and people make fun of you. how that christopher walken's ad. $5 million but then you get your big names in its. does that work? >> celebrities are always a factor this year there will be 50 celebrities including this funny hilarious christopher walken spot they don't always work. celebrity ads tend to underperform regular ads because people either remember the celebrity and not the brand or they don't like the celebrity. >> what you think about pulling at the heartstrings? that's about fathers and daughters. >> that was my favorite. that one was my favorite. >> i love that spot as well. it's a great look for the nfl players. to show that they are human and fathers. proud fathers. but i also like the trend of
7:47 am
treating fathers with respect. they were not portrayed as dumb or dorky. >> and it's an extra push you get to watch more of it if you go to the website. >> you like the players more and the nfl more. it seems like a win-win. >> was your favorite ad that you've seen? >> i have six celebrities it was done by an ad agency across the bay. i think it's a great message. it's about defining labels. it's trying to get away from its interpretation of being a car for 20 somethings or for girls. it's a great use of celebrity. >> we appreciate your time. good insights and we will be watching.
7:48 am
>> thank you. one of the ads during super bowl coming from the bay area company which is introducing a mascot as part of its latest campaign. take a look. >> coming up we tell you -- talk with the creative director at the outdoor clothing maker marmite. and breakdown more of the multi-million-dollar super bowl commercial. >> what unusual is at most of the companies have actually been releasing the ads early to get buzz but marmite has not most people that work there have not even seen it. >> i wish that they would not release them early because when you watch the super bowl now there's not the element of surprise any longer. >> i agree. it's like watching the previous to a good movie.
7:49 am
you've already seen. 90 don't need to set the movie. -- now you have already seen the movie. >> we have it both ways. before during and after. hopefully you like mild weather. that is what is coming our way. we're looking at near record temperatures into sunday and monday. the warmest days but today will be great as well. a live look at the sunshine reflecting off of the building over berkeley. it's a chilly start temperatures in the 30s. 38 now in santa rosa. 49 san francisco. low 40s oakland. even though we have a warm-up coming, it still a little chilly this morning. there is fog as well tracking some patchy fog in the inner east bay. it's thickened areas around livermore along 580.
7:50 am
here is a look at storm tracker 2. here's the ridge of high pressure bringing us warmer weather and it will strengthen into the weekend giving you a close-up the high clouds spilling in will keep us partly cloudy today. and that's going to be it's. temperatures will be a big story for the next few days. here is the forecast. oakland and berkeley these numbers are similar to what you see here. notice by 9 am we're inching our way into the 50s. it's going to feel more comfortable this morning and by noon low 60s in the forecast. we top out in the low to mid 60s on the east bay shoreline. and then sunset temperatures begin to cool off with mostly clear skies. chilly evening in store. 64 for santa rosa. 60s three san rafael.
7:51 am
at the coast mostly sunny and mild with low to mid 60s. 68 santa cruz. 69 san jose it's going to be the south bay with warmer numbers. everyone will continue to climb tomorrow and monday. we have a lot of folks visiting for the super bowl so keep in mind if you have someone visiting and you're thinking about heading to the coast we have large sure brakes and rip currents so use caution. numbers climb on sunday and monday. low to mid-70s. it's going to feel like spring. tuesday after slip a little but well above average. no rain in the forecast. the weather is awesome. for people who don't even like football those who people there
7:52 am
are so many things to do in the city that will not be busy >> parks because people will be at the super bowl. >> the super bowl is not only bringing in star athletes but money as well. are you a superfamily like this guy? we want to see how you are celebrating super bowl 50. send us your pictures and video. use the hashtag ktvu. we will reveal the super fan of the day later this morning.
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dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge.
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but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? tonight the warriors go for the trifecta. they host oklahoma city thunder which with the spurs and cats are the top challengers to the nba champion. tipoff is 6 pm. as part of the super bowl festivities tonight in san francisco the nfl will celebrate its best of the season. i might that's been called the academy awards of the super
7:56 am
bowl. you can't impart like that without a top-notch caterer. a wants to bring the san francisco local experience to the table. the company was contacted by the host committee two years ago as part of the business connect program because pace catering is women owned and operated. the president says it's greatest pleasure for the company as part of the same physical landscape for three decades serving everyone from rockstar's to presidents. >> we're doing the nfl honors at the bill graham auditorium. that's number one because it's a darling of the event for the week. it's also creating excitement and buzz because it's almost like the oscars of the super bowl >> the company is partnering with other businesses to showcase what the region has to offer. an experience i hope stays with visitors long after the game is over. bay area people has devoted a full half-hour to the community aspect of super bowl 50. and here's your fox news today at 4 pm.
7:57 am
one of the exclusive super bowl parties was hosted by playboy last night near at&t park. playboy bunny participate with celebrities like 50 cent, cuba gooding junior and make o'shea. >> i'm not saying any think anyone else hasn't had a man in his final game. how epic he went out with a win? the heart of me wants to see that happen. ahead of me feels like it's carolina and they are team of destiny. >> i have to go with the heart. >> playboy also debuted its first non-nude issue last night. it goes on sale on friday. a deadly shooting at a strip club in florida with gunfire caught on video.
7:58 am
coming up the reason behind the shooting. the search for survivors continues in taiwan after a powerful earthquake lived people buried in the rubble.
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♪(classical music) ♪(rock music) ♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. only at carl's jr.
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0. >> it is saturday february 6th. officially super bowl eve. >> that's what we're calling it now. let's get over to rosemary for a
8:01 am
look at your super bowl eve weather forecast. give us a reason to celebrate. >> we have a fabulous forecast. folks coming into the bay area for the super bowl. we've got some great weather flighty -- in the bay area. spring like. some of the warmest weather we've seen for quite? time. -- quite some time. partly cloudy. mostly clear. a little patchy fog. fog sdevenl -- definitely a concern. first this sunrise coming from chole in clear lake. taus gorgeous view. partly cloudy mostly clear skies for today. a little bits of fog. it's actually improving. the inner east bay visibility has improved to about three
8:02 am
miles. improving for the wham -- couple hours. we don't have a reading right in there. maybe in or around american canyon. it could be patchy and dense. if you have anerly -- early morning route. it is -- it's a chilly chart -- start of the 39 in livermore. 39 napa. these numbers are beginning to climb already. --. we were in the low to mid 30s in the valleys. 50 foyer degrees reported at half moon bay. we'll shift you to the inner east bay. 37 danville. a cold one for you at alamo. temperatures will begin to climb in the next hour. again, we are going to soar in -- into the 60s or 70s.
8:03 am
afternoon high in the neighborhood. you can expect super sized gridlock across the bay area today. >> if you think traffic is bad this week, today is expected to be much much worse. we're along the embark dara -- embark dare oh. reporter: until city is just about empty. you can see it was packed last night. is -- it ca was to packed police were turning people away. a big fire works show. a big draw. so many people at foot of market that police were turning people away. this morning we found folks who were out early. they didn't want to take any chances. >> we got up early. once into -- in a lifetime the super bowl is here. i want my kids to enjoy the
8:04 am
experience and my mother-in-law. see what's going on. >> the go -- good time dins today. the -- today playing in the area tonight run dmc. hot chilly peppers. try to take public transportation. the whole area will be jam packed. >> even more star performers will take the stage. thousands of ma -- metallica bands stake the stage tonight. they are offering a live web stream of the performances. first go to our web site police officer -- to find that. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> another star has just confirmed he'll be part of the
8:05 am
halftime show. bruno mars said he will join cold play and bee yens yea. he performed at the halftime show to -- two years ago that's where the seahawks sdmroi sdproied the -- sdproi i destroyed the drofrng -- broncos. >> just hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite players, people are outside the hotel there. celebrities were is also spotted -- also spotted at the fair mont. >> it's really awesome. >> we're out here. fans -- families are coming n. i haven't seen anything like that in my lifetime. >> super bowl festival is also in san jose.
8:06 am
there's a big celebration at santa clara university. feeting -- feet you'ring he -- huey lewis and the news. if you need ideas on the best events including the free ones it's all on our app. this morning investigators are trying to pieces together what happened. police say they were arresting a man who fought back and got hurt. they have been looking for him since wednesday. i apparently lecht the hospital again against doctors' orders. seamarks lestein took a turn for the worst. >> i looked down. tyler, they are doing cpr on this dude. he was like no way. >> yeah. >> the contra costa sheriff's department and the da's office s are now investigating that
8:07 am
incident. now to the south bay two more santa clara jail guards are under investigation for beating an inmate who was shackled. the deputies are accused of beating rubin garcia so badly his jaw was disfigurured. this was before three other cards were accused of beating tyre. two darts -- two guards until the latest case have been removed from the job now during the investigation. time now 8:07. the a super bowl film make is using a film to bring tings a topic. >> first the broncs and panthers take together field tomorrow.
8:08 am
who has the odds in their favor? scott reed here with the break down. >> we all known -- know gawk mole eau has -- guacamole has become a fan favorite. i will be helping with that fun fact. fact.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
0 waiting to see who will be the champion of super bowl 50. looking out there to the park. i see somebody in a boat. giving you a view there after -- of a beautiful sky. temperatures on the rise. i'll show you how high i expect them to go for your area coming up. going inside the ten. gets a block, touchdown. >> anderson will get it and tj anderson is going to go all the way. >> we are counting down to the
8:12 am
big game at levi stadium just a day away. scott reed, big story lines in the game. i've been conflicted because i don't have a favorite necessarily. do you side with manning or go with cam? into the story behind the two quarterbacks. >> the heart is manning and the head is cam newton. we'll get to that. it's nice to be talking about the game finally. it's a great match up. you have two of the top defenses in the nfl. olson for the panthers. we're trying to find the locals in here. >> there's a couple. it's all about the quarterbacks. it's cam. it's peyton. it's one career on the rise. the other one is nearing its conclusion. make no mistake both teams are playing for their qb's. >> if anybody don't even know
8:13 am
peyton, they think he deserves one. everybody on the team also thinks that. we'll do whatever we got to do to go out and get the win incase he wants to go and retie. he can go out with a -- retire. he can go out with a bang. >> there's peyton manning. maybe his swan song. maybe. he's 39-year-old. >> maybe. they want him to go out on top. 39, it may be his final super bowl. but i don't know. i don't know if i can root for him just because he should go out on top. he's had a great, great career but certainly cam has earned the right to be here. >> peyton you think, maybe he can find the magic one time. >> cam, he's awesome. >> he's found watch. he's -- it's going to be a great game.
8:14 am
i wonder is there a chance it's not going to be close? you watch the playoffs and how it kind of went down and there's a fear. you do want it to be a good game. you want it to be found juke know who else wants -- broncos want it to be a good game. they were blown out last time. it's no good for nigh -- anyone >> i want to talk about what you picked. i want to mention the fact that -- the last time he picked who was going to be in the super bowl, it didn't go his way. i see on the screen. did we delete the facebook mention. >> you asked me right before the championship games and i picked the two wrong teams. i picked the patriots and carpooling -- cardinals back in september. to have both of those teams get
8:15 am
to the final four, that's not terrible. i screwed tup at the end. >> ross, where are you leaning. >> i'm leaning for the broncos. >> who thought i would be saying that during super bowl rick i'm with nick lax -- lashea. i want peyton to win. it's a good way to retire if he does retire. >> the catch where he had dropped all the passes through the game and still got the winning pass to beat the packers. >> right. >> and time -- i'm doing that with you now. you dropped the ball. >> i've been fumbling the ball. >> but you're going to -- >> the band wagon. >> the panthers, i think they have earned the right. they have earned get -- earned
8:16 am
the right. >> you're picking them not because of me, but in spite of me. >> well -- >> i'm not going to touch that. >> over to rosemary. >> unlike ross, i'm happy to say i'm on board with nick. aural -- all right. now. it's us -- >> yeah it's like a little -- >> the losers goat do something nice for the winners and the winners get to pick what the niceness is about. >> how about that? >> i'm thinking a little breck fifty -- breakfast on the set. make -- maybe you can make us some breakfast >> you have to come back all right fair enough. >> looks like we've totally picked our sides. see how it goes. we got this. all right. in addition we've had weather on our side. that's definitely something
8:17 am
that's going to be -- yeah i think most people will approve of this. we know we need the rain. western of course, forgetting about the rain and the welt weather but we've got grilled weather coming our way at least coming to sunshine and filed -- mild temperatures and for all the folks coming in super bowl sunday. they are going to be envious of what the bay area offers in february. at sunrise this morning this is coming from jan our weather expert. one of our -- my favorite spots to hang out santa cruz -- santa ana cruz. if you have nothing to do with the super bowl maybe that's a place to head for your weekend. high clouds will spill over this. that's all we'll see for the afternoon over railroad head. high clouds in place.
8:18 am
started out with patchy fog this morning. that's improving. livermore was down to a quarter mile. now it's three miles. that's good for folks still flying in for the super bowl. upper 30s livermore an walnut creek. temperatures in the upper foreladies. 42 in foster city. 39 in pal oh alta -- palo alto. a chilly start for you. in the afternoon tachs begin to warm. we go to the 50s. in san francisco by noontime 54 degrees expected. temperatures will drop back again for the evening. if you go out in the evening you will need the jacket. cool nights. temperatures around the region. 65 in berkeley. low to mid 60s concord an antioch. we have areas are -- along the
8:19 am
beach. monterey. you're going to experience rip currents and large shore breaks. if you have visitors in township, make -- town, make them aware of the strength of the pacific. temperatures climb sunday, monday. they slip tuesday and remain unseasonally warm through wednesday. no rain in the extend forecast. when it comes to numbers mostly sunny and 74 i'm good with that. knights weather -- nice weather. >> ten degrees above norm? >> yeah. >> i think we're going to take the game too. >> that's height -- right. it's on all right. thanks a lot. well, the nfl it team -- is
8:20 am
team -- teaming up with fashion designers of america. it's all for a good cause. pac -- take a look. the league is auctioning off 50 fibs. it's turned into works of art. any of -- tiffanies is one of the featured designers. the auction one -- runs through valentine's day. all the proceeds go to the nfl foundsation. the high fashion fibs are on display at the nfl experience until tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. one of those could make a nice valentine's gift, the tiffany one. >> it would. i'll take it. thank you. the super bowl 50 host says it was determined to make this super bowl as diverse as san francisco is it self. business owned by women and
8:21 am
minorities. the super bowl committee south out lgbt business owners too. it's inclusive. >> i think historically the lgbt community has been left out. it's not been invited to the table. we're not asking for anything special like give us a contract because, but make sure we know the contract is there. and let us know he -- show you how as good we are as anybody else. coming you, do you have an old banged up iphone, i might have one. well, apple wants it. in 25 minutes the nouns the -- announcement that may put cash in your pocket.
8:22 am
what investigators have discovered about the cash off the coast. now to your super bowl fun fact. back in the 60s super bowl commercials would cost as low as $37. now it's higher. this year it was up to $5 million for a third -- 30-second spot. $2 billion have been generated this year alone. take you out to the oakland airport this mornings. it will be a very busy place as everyone is flying in for the big gachlt a beautiful day to come into the bare -- bay area. >> that was aerosmif -- aerosmith flying in? >> let's hope so. stay with us.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
0 in the case -- race for the white house the republican candidates debate in new hampshire. this time it's with donald trump. trump is still ahead in the polls but ted cruz and marco rubio are making gains after their strong performances in iowa. this is three days. -- from -- before the new hampshire primary bobby ginned al is throwing -- jindal is throwing his support behind rube oh now.
8:26 am
gee can unify our party. he can win the election in november. >> you helped design george w. bush's immigration policy. >> rube oh has 17% support going into the primary. donald trump has 30% sport at the very top. sandsers is still hades of clinton in the new hampshire polls. cnn report says the clinton yens had -- have maids $153 million from speeches combined. some of those are from big banks. sanders has accused clinton of working with the financial establishment because of that. a powerful earthquake hit
8:27 am
the island of taiwan yesterday. rescuers pulled hundreds of people from the rubble and others are still believed to be trapped inside. new this morning police in florida are look for a gunman after several people were hurt after a shooting as a strip club. tampa police say they got the call about shots fired around 2:00. police have not released any details but it might have started with an argument in a club. a possible spouse -- suspect is not known yet in the shooting. two men and one woman are believed to have been on the plane that's crashed yesterday. driver -- divers have spotted the tail numbers on the planes. scathing -- asking for your hope -- help, the reward police have for anyone who can help
8:28 am
solve a homicide investigation. activity is picking up here at the super bowl. who's going to win? we'll harbor it -- hash it out coming up. temperatures are already climbing. i'll have a look at your current conditions whauchlt can expect for the afternoon. coming up
8:29 am
8:30 am
0 all right. it is the count down to the intel. -- super bowl.
8:31 am
there's a live look the nfl experience at mosconi center. it'sa fun weekend. lots of big crowds. lots of things to do. >> that was exciting. the city packed about a million people in town for this event as well. let's goethe get right over to rosary -- rosemary for the closest look for the beautiful weather. >> absolutely. in addition to all the people coming in for people whap -- watching the super bowl, imagine the famous people. >> right. you don't care about football. look at the celebrate -- celebrities. >> reporter: temperatures in the 70s. i think folks visiting us here are want to have it every weekend because the weather weather is so nice.
8:32 am
mostly clear skies. just a few high clouds spilling in over the ridge of high pressure. that's bringing us the warmer weather. for the morning it's a bit of a cool start. it's 39 in santa rosa. 48 in locate -- oakland. san jose 44. inland valley location, safe to say you're still in the upper 30s and low 40s. closer to the bay and in san francisco, mid 40s to mid 50s. often to a cool start. temperatures are already beginning to turn around. here's a look at the visibility map. we started out with patchy fog for the inner east bay. livermore had some developed right in here. that dark shade of gray. petaluma may have patchy fog. could be a little dense. be aware of that. good tennessee -- conditions for those still flying in. >> for the afternoon and temperatures will be nice and mild f. you're going to super
8:33 am
bowl city, 64 degrees by noontime. the warmest part of the day is between 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00. it will cool down for the evening. 66 san mat yea oh. livermore 60s. shifting to the south, 70 degrees this afternoon for morgan hill. temperatures will continue to climb for super bowl sunday and beyond. extend forecast coming up. >> thanks a lot. you can expect some super sized gridlock across the bay area today. >> today is expected to be much worse. live for us along the embark dare oh. >> reporter: calm now but picking up. activity is picking up. lots of football fans and folks making the the way out here. -- the way out here.
8:34 am
it's going to be absolutely packed. if you remember, there's a big game going on. we'll hash how the -- out who is going to win here. we'll debate that out. go ahead and give me a coin pas -- toss. head or tails. >> head. >> tell me who is going to win and why. >> broncos are going to win for sure. manning's last game possibly. and look for redemotion from go years -- redefption for two years ago. >> my prediction will be more accurate than rosemary's weather. >> that hurt. >> 75 yards. peyton sacked four times.
8:35 am
>> bold call. you there'd there guys. >> we're recovering. >> reporter: he had a hard drinking night last night. he's not all there. >> rosemary, go broncos. >> big game will be settled tomorrow. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. enjoy the game and enjoy visiting san francisco. there's a ton to do. activity is absolutely picking up. everybody is trying to get their selfies on. the activity just starting out here. brig big draw tonight is alicia keyes. we'll see if you can sneak you guys in there later. the zip line is closed right now. i couldn't even get out there. i'm hoping to pick that up later. >> donald -- say don't you know
8:36 am
who i am. hook sir -- yourselfful -- up and slide down. >> he has the full fury now of rosemary's followers on twitter and facebook now. >> i'm saying it's supposed to be perfect weather. if there's a little rain cloud over that guy or the whole weekend you know what -- >> reporter: football should be passionate and people should feel free to express the passions out here. all these football fans. and we have a little warriors action out here. this is open to everybody guys. activity is picking up. >> go warriors. no debate about that. >> that's right. >> 8:36. mrooet police in san francisco
8:37 am
say more than $40,000 wench tickets were stolen from a hotel near union square. how mad would you be if you were a ticket holder. they were stolen from a conference room thursday night. they included the room and the game ticket. officers are warning the public only buy tickets from authorized sellers. even though the for the niners are not in the game or raiders it can still be a good -- big game. the owner of the for the niernz -- 40 nierns talked to us and other -- other hall of fame people were named. and man of the year
8:38 am
announcement will be announced. that goes to the mrarp who had the most significant impact on his community. film-maker using the super bowl to send a super sides messesage. he's projecting messages about the house -- housing cries -- crises israel -- crisis. the super bowl and all of the events give him the perfect sage for his silent protest. >> we were trying to capitalize with the super bowl being in town. we were hoping to get foam ask questions. >> this protest is part of a documentary he's making about the polite of tenants. -- plight of tenants. a man was detained and turned over to immigration agents in december t. all started while that man was reporting that his car was stolen. police found hut -- out that he
8:39 am
had an outstanding warrant for not showing up to a deportation hearing. they took him in there -- then. that man should never had -- have ended up in custody with the immigration agent police said snooty family of a missing san francisco woman plehn -- plan to search for her today. o'conner hasn't been scene since wednesday. she had been suicide al in the past. she likes to spend time in parks too. the cph -- chp officer stabbed this week is on the mend. the officer's picture shows him sometime -- smiling from his hospital bed and showing his badge. the suspect was arrested.
8:40 am
bart hopes a reward helps them find the gunman who shot and killed someone on a train. he's accused of killing the man in the train at a station. the two men, it appears had a confrontation on a bus before entering bart. meanwhile bartow officials says crews have started to install more security cameras on the train cars. it's costing more than $1 million. it came after last month's shooting. some cameras weren't real prior and didn't work properly in this -- some cases. if you plan to -- on hitting slopes we have nfgsz for you. plus it's a selfie gone viral. who's the mom? that answer coming up next. p next.
8:41 am
0 super bowl fun fact of the day. fans plan to get their fix. the national chicken council estimates that americans will eat 1.23 million sick -- chicken wings tomorrow. >> is there a shortage? increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away...
8:42 am closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tapen and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compt disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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8:44 am
♪[ music ] ♪ 0. >> well i think this song says it all. it's a beautiful day out there. partly cloudy at the times. temperatures will be soaring. upper 60s, low 70s for some of us. a look at what you can expect for your area coming up. and great day, great area to be skiing. tahoe, expect some fresh powder. >> lively spokesperson. getting the happy dance. how is the weather up there? >> it's beautiful this morning not a cloud in the sky.
8:45 am
it is -- that lake is glass. the snow is fantastic. kirk wood 304 inches. over on the north shore skied north star. yesterday. skiing was fantastic. if you're coming up for the weekends. blue bird skies, warm, bring the scone -- sunscreen. >> blue bird day. i know you're at the top of heavenly right. >> reporter: yeah the tram. >> you've got the tram coming up. that's a diamond slope behind you. how is super bowl weekend for you guys? i mean the game time is in the afternoon. do you find that people come up there and ski for the first day and a half and sit in the lodge and enjoy game afterwards? >> reporter: yeah. they come up ski in the morning.
8:46 am
go right down to the gondola basement. lot of restaurants there. ski in the morning. i thought i heard 26 million chicken wings being eaten. you're going to have a great time up harp. skiing is fantastic. roads are open and clear. it's going to be a good sometime we were talking about this early lea -- earlier. if you don't want to go to the game, is now a good time to go throb? >> reporter: i think the conditions for the last four years, i think we'll see a busy weekend especially in kirk wood. but they come up for super bowl weekend because there's so much happening at the base. the casinos and restaurants. a lot of activity. tailgate party and another one
8:47 am
at the tamarack lodge. it's going to be dpun. >> -- fun. >> you could be sneaking up to reno too maybe. i wanted to ask you. season-wide. windowsill effect. when it's snowing or raining up here, we think it's time to go up and the weekend is packed. maybe you should plan ahead because there's fresh powder and it's good up there. >> reporter: there's twice save money as well. go to any of the web sites. if you buy your tickets seven days in advance, we can mail it to me and there's a 20% off. you can pre-plan now. you can get the gear. go to the web site book your lodging and tickets. you'll have a great time.
8:48 am
we got a nice hi -- high pressure in week for president's week. in the long-range forecast it looks like we return to back -- back to winter. moving on it's powder time. >> happy dance. >> before we let you go, which is the team for you? >> reporter: you know, guys, i'm a sufferer and a skier. -- surfe. i thinks -- think it's going to be kelly slater in the first half. >> good answer, coop. we're jealous. >> we all have to go up there. when are we planning a skiing trip this year? >> i will is say my parents were up there a couple weeks ago. he talked about getting tickets early. my dad didn't have a ticket.
8:49 am
an hour-long waited. >> buy it early. >> this is definitely the place to be if you want to sell brachlt there's -- celebrate. we are all enjoying some great weather. we have temperatures in the 60s. even a few of us going to 70 degrees this afternoon. giving you a look at -- here at high clouds. started out with a little bit of patchy fog. not an issue for those flying in this morning. some of the warmest temperatures we've seen so far this season. it will feel a lot like spring out there. temperatures will continue to climb. a beautiful shot there at the golden gate bridge. we do have 39 degrees in santa rosa. upper forts -- 40s in oakland. 44 in san jose. we need the rain. we know we need the rain. for those coming in for super bowl sunday, maybe the summers -- first time to the bay
8:50 am
area. what a fabulous day. temperatures very very nice and enjoyable. even for the out doors if you're out and about not watching the game. here's the high pressure giving us the warmer weather. there's the cloud cover for today. it's going to be about the numbers. take a look at mountain view. started in the 40s. quickly climbing. 9:00, 10:00 feeling more comfortable. noontime topping later to the 60s. evening floornz your saturday be prepared. it's going to be mild in the afternoon. temperatures will goins cool as soon as the sunsets. 63 san rafeal. as i shift your eyes to the south bay,s this -- this is where the warmer numbers will
8:51 am
be. 69 san jose. 68 santa cruz. santa cruz definitely a nice place to be this weekend. i also want to mention for the coast rip currents and the large breaking waves will be with us for the entire coast line f. you're taking your guests out to the beach, it would be -- could be a little rough out there for the water. month -- no rain in sight but temperatures will continue to climb sunday and monday. 74 for some of the warmer spots. cooling off tuesday. sea breeze comes back a little bit but still above average. film -- flip flops, pull them out. >> flip flops and shorts, hey, after the show. >> very blessed.
8:52 am
>> time now is 8:51. apple's announcement is making clumsy using -- users very happy. until now they offered credit if the screen was in tact. giving customers more leeway customers will upgrade to the next phone. indiana high school student kaylen posted a selfie are -- with her twin and her mom. thousands are baffled by the question who is the mother. who do you think it is >> i think left. >> did you read the copy before? >> i didn't. it received more than 50 thousand likes since it was posted january 28th. kaylen did clarify later the mom is right there on the left. good screes it was a good guess.
8:53 am
the only reason why, the two on the right they are really straight-on. they are twins >> i thought it was the one in the middle. they look like triplets. all beautiful. same age, same hair. >> whatever you're doing, sends us an immediately. we'd like to know -- e-mail. we would like to know blab -- blab -- . in 20 minutes we sit down with the director of this ad an -- and get an in-depth look. the raiders have an international game schedule and the relocation rumors. celebrating super bowl 50 rngs this is a photo -- this is
8:54 am
a foetid sent in showing how they are celebrating. we'll reveal the super fan of the day later this morning at 9:00
8:55 am
8:56 am
. raiders are -- will be a part of history next season. it will be the first monday night game held outside the us. it is being held in mexico. the comingser discusses the possibility of keeping the raiders from relocating out of oak screened we want to work to keep the teams where they are. as i said earlier this year, relocation is a difficult process but it's something from a business stands point becomes a reality.
8:57 am
my pledge to dean spanos to mark davis to the mayor of oak lands and san diego is to do everything possible we can do sport them. >> the niners took part in the last game played in mexico city. that was in 2005. the warriors penultsed on the san antonio stir re -- spurs. they are hosting the thunder tonight. they are considered to be one of the top challengers to the nba champs. tonight is the official start of the lunar new year. they will they played rockets. there's the full little look on what they will be look. they are clay covered with the
8:58 am
word warriors on the front and year of the monkey on the sleeve. they didn't give me one but we got to still have fun. we had a lion dance. we got to hang out it was a good time. i'm sure mine's in the mail. >> i'm sure it is. looks like a great event. >> one of the big super bowl parties was hosted by play boy last night. cuba gooding jr. were on the red carpet. >> i'm not saying anything anyone else hasn't said. how he i be would it be for peyton to go out as a champion for the second time. the heart of me wants to see that happen. the head of me feels it's carolina's year and they are the
8:59 am
team of destiny. play boy also de -- debuted its non-nude issue. it goes on sale friday. a deadly confrontation in the east day. what officers saw when officers try to arrest the man. a look at that a deadly shooting in a sprip -- strip club in florida. all of that caught on video. what police say the reason may be behind the shooting. a little bit of patchy fog. the numbers are beginning to climb. temperatures are soaring into the upper 60s and low 70s i'm tracking the warming trend for you coming up.
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