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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  February 7, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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live above super bowl city as all eyes turn to san francisco this morning it's superboy 50 sunday. >> and here's a live look at sky fox at what is happening right now at super bowl city. of course you can go there today but then all of the action is going to be further south at levi stadium where the broncos will take on the panthers this afternoon. >> let's take a live look from the ground on santa clara just outside of levi stadium. no one is there yet. it's the quiet before the storm. >> and a storm is coming yes. thousands of fans converging
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today amid tight security. if you are heading go down now. >> now is the time to go. >> good morning everyone. it is sunday february 7. i'm claudine walsh. >> i'm ross pallium beau. we are going to check in with the game in just a few moments. >> let's take a look at your weather and how this day is shaping up. picture perfect isn't it? >> you are right. we are going to walk away with bragging rights at least with our weather. fabulous day in store team tours near record highs giving you a live look there. at the stadium mostly sunny partly cloudy skies this morning. temperatures warmer than where we were yesterday morning and into the afternoon we are going into the low 70s for some of our warmer spots. at this hour still a chilly start at least for some of us in the north bay 39 degrees in santa rosa 38 in napa.
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46 in oakland 44 in red wood city 46 for san jose san francisco at 52 livermore at 54 this morning a lot warmer than yesterday at this hour. temperatures up by a lot in livermore 15 degrees by 5 in fairfield and for the rest of us a few degrees over yesterday. hayward the only spot that shows a little bit of cooling. we do have an off shore breeze developing for sunday and is going to lead to the warm up. outside at the levi stadium right now 45 degrees calm conditions getting into the afternoon mostly clear mild to warm especially in areas around the stadium if you are going to be out in the sun bring the sun block. temperatures range from 70 degrees at noon time low to mid 70s into the warmer part of the day slipping into the upper 60s by 5:00 or so, 63 at 7 so a beautiful day out at levi stadium for the big game and around our area beautiful weather as well.
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a look at the afternoon highs for your area and a look at how long the warming trend is going to last but first a look at traffic with sal. >> good to see you rosemary. we are doing very well when it comes to the commute. not a lot going on but if you are not driving--you don't have to be driving on highway 237 or 101 near levi stadium it's obvious you shouldn't be there because we are expecting a lot of traffic. with that said the traffic in the rest of the bay area is going to be okay. the bay bridge poll plaza traffic is light so today traffic pattern in santa clara is going to be busy but might be pretty good in other spots. a lot of people obviously watch this game. let's go to something serious that happened last night. three people are dead after trying to escape police in san francisco. chp is investigating a fiery
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crash. we have this video this morning you can see here the car was engulfed--it burst into flames after slamming into a taxi. it happened just before 9:30 in the city south of market neighborhood. investigators say they spotted a white chevrolet doing donuts in the street. when they tried to pull over the suspects sped off and crashed just a few moments later. >> there were three fatalities from this collision. so far we have two parties that we know were definitely inside that white chevrolet and a third body that's out on the roadway and we are fairly accept it's part of that- -certain it's part of that vehicle as well. >> the taxi driver suffered minor to moderate injuries and is expected to recover. 7:04 let's go back to the desk. >> thanks a lot. kick off for super bowl 50 just hours away. levi stadium stands ready and pretty soon packed with 70,000 fans at least. >> it's going to be busy.
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if you don't already have a ticket in your hands it's not too late which is hard to believe. we have all of the activity at levi and how you can still get in the gates, christian? >> yeah it's not too late and i'm trying to figure a way to get our bosses to spring for a couple of tickets. we are here in santa clara this is super bowl central. superexciteing. can you take a look. can you imagine what it is going to be like today. it is going to be crazy out here, 70,000 fans. maybe just a little less because what we are hearing is there are about 540 tickets still left. the best pricing on those tickets $2,800 so if we all get together maybe we could pool together and get me a ticket. a lot of excited fans coming out here today. not everybody lucky enough to get a ticket. ray reyes here from san jose you don't have a ticket but you came down anyway. >> yes. >> what's bringing you down? what are you hoping to see?
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>> anyone over here. >> and you are out here pretty early. >> too much early. it's 5:00. >> so what do you think today is going to be like. if you don't get in what are your plans for the day? >> barbecue today and watch the game. >> and if i don't get a ticket can i come barbecue? >> sure. >> what's on the grill? >> t bone, new york steak. >> doing it up right. ray reyes all right. >> broncos! . >> another broncos fan. >> yes. >> so we've seen a couple of panthers fans a couple of broncos fans. thank you very much. have fun today even if you don't make it into the game. we are out here monitoring the situation and have another team that just arrived. i just saw jason walk by our crew moving into way into position here at super bowl 50. a lot of excitement out here today. a little quiet right now but you can bet that's going to change. >> $2,800 for a ticket that's a
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pretty good deal because we've been hearing the average price is closer to $5,000. do you think there are going to be a lot of people out there for the final few hundred? >> yeah so the average price i heard was around 48 to $5,000 like you said. the lowest ticket we pound on stub hub was $2,800. like i said i'm looking for donations willing to put in. rick and i here hoping to get into the game. >> there's a nod. >> some festivities or something hike that. i promise you guys i'm good for it. >> oh yeah i bet. >> maybe a grand each? we are pretty close. >> ross is hooking you up right now all right thanks so much christian. >> thanks a lot. tonight all about the big game but last night in super bowl city it was all about the music. ♪ [ music ] >> grammy award winner alicia
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keys took the stage in front of a massive crowd but before she started singing she showed support for protestors and asked for justice for mario woods. >> i want you to know that i salute everyone who has the courage and conviction to stand forward in the rights of all of every color needing to come together to end racism. >> oakland's own opened up for keys and while many fans had to listen to the performance from outside super bowl cities packed gates it seemed everyone enjoyed that free show. ♪ [ music ] >> all right and not far from super bowl city bay area heavy metal band rocked out for a sold out at&t park and the
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brand new stage design the drummer says is over the top and out of control and i couldn't agree more. [laughter] good time there. >> yes absolutely and there are lots of celebrities in town right now for the bay area's super bowl event. >> i do want to feed you. >> coming up in 25 minutes the good cause that brought them all together last night. >> but first some tough questions from a reporter who has already been through a lot in his young life. >> and we are just two days away from the new hampshire primary. some heated exchanges between the republican presidential candidates. up next how the candidates got fired up over government powers.
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good morning to you.
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happy sunday. a beautiful view there. here comes the sun. we have a taste of spring coming our way for your sunday. temperature range five to ten degrees above the seasonal average. i'll have a look at the numbers expected for your area and talk about the warming trend coming up. >> thanks a lot. looking beautiful out there already. fireworks last night at the g.o.p. debate in new hampshire. donald trump actually showed up but marco rubio and chris christie stole the headlines about the comments he's used over and over again in debates. >> marco the thing is this, when you are president of the united states and a governor of a state to memorize a 30 second speech when you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow and get the schools open and when the worst natural disaster in the state's history they expect you to rebuild
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their state. none of that happens on the senate. it's a fine job i'm glad you ran for it but it does not prepare you for president of the united states. >> rubio fired back claiming he never wanted to return saying he had to be shamed into going back. christie denied that. donald trump and jeb bush sparred over eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in new york city. that is down right wrong. here's the problem with that. the problem was it was the-- >> jeb wants to be a tough guy. >> it was to tear down the house. >> i didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> i didn't take the property. the woman ultimately didn't want to do that. i walked away. >> that is not true. to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos.
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>> a big moment for jeb bush the new hampshire primary by the way will be held on tuesday. meanwhile hilary clinton's iowa victory is being called into question. democratic party officials have uncovered some discrepancies with the results and the review could have an impact on the final vote total for bernie sanders. he and clinton were one percentage point apart. back to the super bowl right now everyone is trying to figure out who is going to win the big game of course. >> that's right. jason caught up with famous folks and they made their predictions. >> knowing peyton manning really well i'd love to see him play well and win but carolina has been on a roll since last year. they played well at the end of the year into the play offs and then just on a role all year so i think it's going to be carolina. >> in order for this game to be close the broncos are going to have to take care of the ball
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early and late get this ball into the fourth quarter. >> with one game left i'm not going against one of the best guys to ever put on a pair of shoulder pads and play that quarterback position one of the guys that's changed it. i can't go against him. >> there's part of me that wants the broncos to win for peyton but cam newton are on a role in the zone as people like this say and one of the things that people don't really realize is their defense is pretty darn good. >> i'm a believer in cam and luke keuchly and that defense and i'm a believer in ron rivera so if i had to pick a team i say carolina is going to be hard to beat but then you look at the other side and the script of peyton manning five time mvp riding off into the sunset as a super bowl champ. >> i have carolina winning the game. i think it's going to be a tough game for denver. >> we work a long freaking day. we are on air for eight hours before the game kick. at least give me a good game.
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you are going to have to watch the pregame because i keep changing my mind. >> i don't look into the future of a winner. if that was the case i'd be putting it all on one of them. >> who is going to win? >> i'm not telling you that now, no. >> here at ktvu fox 2 we picked our own winners as well. >> i picked carolina. >> that's right. and rosemary and i picked the broncos. that's why we have the orange and blue on today. >> although i'm beginning to wonder if i should have picked the other team. everybody else is saying it. but you and scott reese. so maybe you guys win and ross and i pick you up a breakfast on the air. >> works for me. >> did you see the message from the viewer who said if rosemary wins claudine does weather. >> well if anyone wants like an accurate forecast you don't want to that happen. [laughter] >> we'll see. >> all right well it is easy to get lost in the hype
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surrounding the super bowl but one of the game's biggest stars shows there's still humanity amid the madness as he made a heart felt visit to an area hospital. >> ken wayne has that heart warming story. >> earlier this week alex walter had a dream come true a visit from former 49er and current bronco vern yan davis. walter has endured nine heart surgeries including a transplant and is now under going cancer treatment at stanford. on saturday he got the surprise of a life time. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> the meeting earlier this week caught the attention of levi stadium officials and today davis went back to the hospital to surprise the montana teen with two tickets to tomorrow's super bowl game. in the spirit of giving al yep's mom actually gave up her ticket to someone else. >> i'm going to send a friend at the ronald mcdonald house a
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big football fan and college football player and him and alex have been friends so alex is going to take him to the game. >> the meeting was an emotional moment for davis. >> seeing a guy to go through what he's going through and to be able to give him these tickets is just--it means a lot to me and to know that he really appreciates it. >> alex a man of few words told his mom he's very excited about the game. >> he's going to the super bowl! [cheering] >> how touching is that bringing tears to his eyes. >> what a great story. makes you all weepy doesn't it. sal? hey sal. >> oh sorry you know what? i was looking at levi stadium on my computer and didn't hear
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you. >> hi sal. it's sunday. it's good to have you here. >> maybe i'm still asleep. good morning everyone. if you are trying to go to the stadium the traffic is it going to be good but you are going very early obviously but that might not be a bad idea as a matter of fact. let's go out and take a look at 237 starting there if you are driving to levi stadium this road is going to get a lot of use 237 all the way over to the area but right now it's still very light as you know. great america parkway the closest exit but other people using lafayette street a lot of closures in that area so bring your patience if you are driving and probably already have your parking spot chosen i bet. let's take a look at the area. you can see i put a little mark where levi stadium was. it is there. traffic was light around the bay area so far and we don't expect to see a cloud until just a little bit later on. also looking at some of the other areas i wouldn't call it
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a commute it's sunday so looking at the freeways traffic moving well on all of the freeways so far. of course we are here to make sure that nothing unexpected bothers you on your drive around the bay. 7:19 let's go to rosemary. >> good morning. are you thinking it's already monday? is it monday? >> i'm all confused right notch but i think it's sunday super bowl sunday. >> you know what's more confusing i'm in for steve tomorrow morning so like groundhogs day for you and me. >> i'm ready. >> all right. that weather is going to be enjoyable. the only place that might be a little breezy in our hills we are actually seeing it this morning because of it our temperatures in some areas a lot warmer talking about livermore starting in the 50s this morning about 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. take a look at that back drop a beautiful view partly to mostly clear skies. a few patches of fog but no dense fog so that is great news
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and should be out of our way quickly for today. 52 to start in san francisco, 46 in oakland, livermore 54 degrees. a lot warmer in san jose at 46 degrees. here's a look at the easterly breeze in livermore about 7 reported here and in our hills reporting gusts about 40 miles per hour so that off shore wind going to drive up temperatures for the afternoon. ridge of high pressure building in showing you this a little bit easier to see continuing to strengthen bringing us warmer weather unfortunately pushing that storm track well to the north and it's going to stay there for the next few days maybe even the entire week. keep tracking that for you but between now and then high clouds in the forecast for today and temperatures go five to ten degrees warmer than just yesterday. for your sunday expect 60s to low 70s in the forecast. the winds could be breezy in some areas. 15 to 25 but again especially breezy in the hills if you are not thinking about super bowl
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and maybe about a hike this afternoon be prepared it could be gusty up there. the warming trend will continue into monday today and tomorrow look to be the warmer days could actually be within a few degrees of breaking records so we'll be tracking those for you and tomorrow the afternoon highs when he comes in later today. if you are thinking about super bowl city it's your final chance and great weather in store here. temperatures low 60s into the 10:00 hour, 66 degrees by lunch time and upper 60s for the afternoon. i'm told it's open up until the super bowl within a half hour an hour before starting time so just be aware of that it's not open the entire day. here's your future cast model into the afternoon mostly clear skies even at the coast mostly clear and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. you can see areas like santa rosa, san jose into fremont a look at the afternoon highs 75 for santa rosa, 71 in, 70 degrees expected in the city of san francisco and in santa
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clara san jose low to mid 70s expected. if you are going to be out there you may need the sun block. a good idea if you are escaping to santa cruz mostly sunny and 75 for the afternoon. boy i wish i would have nothing to do today santa cruz would be the spot. there's a look at the extended forecast today and tomorrow similar starting to cool off a little bit tuesday into wednesday turning mostly cloudy at times but for the time being no rain between now and thursday. >> we'll take this great weather in the meantime right? >> it is a great day. levi stadium can get hot as we know so 70s is absolutely perfect. >> sitting down in the stadium with the sun coming down on you it's going to feel warmer. >> thanks a lot. >> the big question of the day of course broncos or panthers. >> knowing peyton manning really well i'd love to see him play well and win but carolina has been on a roll. >> coming up the experts say
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will take home the super bowl hard wear. but first north korea ignores with a new missile launch next. and taking a look outside a live look from sky fox in mountain view we saw folks on the top side of your screen aircraft readying to take off talking a lot about security not sure if that's part of the detailing but wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think that's where they are headed. >> security officials said there is no credible threat surrounding so that is good news but precautions are in place so that is even better news. more news continues in just a moment.
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on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck?
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new this morning the un security council is holding a meeting after a launch showing along with the leader watching from mission control. critics say the launch violates the security council's resolution against the use of missile technology. the 49ers did not make it to the super bowl but the team legacy is getting attention. eddy will be inducted into the pro-football hall of fame. he bought the niners in 1977 and hired bill walsh as coach drafted joe montana and claimed 13 division titles. the first to ever win five
7:28 am
super bowls and dominated football during the 80s and 90s. the late raiders quarterback is also going to be honored. he joined the silver and black in 1970 and helped guide the raiders to each of the nine years he was a starter. he was known as the snake. he died of cancer six months ago and it showed signs to a disease linked to brain trauma associated with memory loss and depression. the hall of fame induction is going to be held in august. the rest of the class of 2016 clause bret favre, marve everyone harrison, kevin green and orlando pace. tampa bay and indianapolis coach tony dungy and former nfl player coach dick stanfield. today is game day but super bowl festivities have been well over bay in the south bay. coming up next the event that brought hollywood celebrities
7:29 am
and nfl gamers together for a friendly game of football. and thousands of people heading to the super bowl today. for those the ones staying in san francisco they've got to find a way to get down to santa clara. we'll have a live report from the transportation office coming up. and unseasonably warm weather will continue. we'll talk about your current conditions and what to expect for your afternoon coming up.
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all right sky fox above super bowl stadium this morning all eyes turning to the bay area's millions of fans wait for the big game tonight 70,000 people pack into levi stadium in just a few hours. >> amazingly there's still seats to be had if you are thinking i just got to do it. this is sky fox giving us a look at where all of the crowds will be going as we pan over see really just the amazing tread of super bowl. you have levi stadium but then you have everything else. that's all the media crews. see all the satellite dishes? everyone is covering this. it's going to be a big day. >> if you look really closely and quint you can see jason apple bomb preparing to go live
7:33 am
for us. we are going to touch base with them in a few minutes. >> they may have a few friends on media row as we get ready to cover the big game. >> good morning everyone. it's super bowl sunday february 7 i'm ross polumbo. >> i'm claudia wong. we are eight hours away from the game now. let's take a look at how the game is shaping up. we've got a lot of out of towners rosemary and they are thinking they just walked into the best place on earth. >> you are right. it's pretty incredible to think about all of the people that are here and thinking wow is this what they get in february. mostly sunny skies and 70 degrees pretty incredible. i think we actually want to go back out. is that what i heard? i think they've been located. >> there they are. there they are. >> they are already in their seats and she is on facebook right now. >> she's taking a selfie.
7:34 am
if you watch you know--there they are. she's waving. >> good morning. all right we'll check in with them in just a few moments. >> yes. >> but let's check out the beautiful forecast for the game. >> we are looking at a fabulous one. temperatures on the cool side this morning at least for most of us. take a look into the north bay 40 degrees right now santa rosa 38 in napa 45 in the city of san francisco starting out at 51 these numbers warmer than yesterday at least by a few degrees and then areas like livermore with a bit of an off shore breeze and 54 degrees quite warmer than yesterday by 10 to 15 degrees so you may notice this early this morning. red wood city 43 and san jose checking in at 46 as well as santa clara. as we shift into the east bay temperatures at 54 degrees. 43 danville so a bit of a cool
7:35 am
start for some of us but most of us a few degrees warmer than yesterday and a keep going back to livermore 15 degrees above yesterday at this time. as we take a look at the super bowl forecast 45 degrees and calm at levi stadium. into the afternoon mostly clear skies unseasonably warm for this time of year. 70 degrees by noon time. 74 at game time. upper 60s and 63 degrees into the 7:00 hour so beautiful day inin store at the stadium. you are going to need the sun block for the game or tailgating if they are allowing that to go on out
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san francisco earlier this morning they don't open until 7:30 and there were already people in panthers jerseys and broncos gear buying tickets waiting for the first trains to leave. the first train heading to mountain very much leaves at 9:00 so fans were there early but cal train has had very good ridership leading up to the super bowl and expect the trains to be packed today and we are going to get onto a
7:39 am
super bowl train later on this afternoon so we'll check back then. back to you. >> if you are going down there maybe now is the time to go but at least it looks orderly from where you are. good sign. >> yeah all of these buses have been here for the last two or three days and have been waiting coming out whenever they need to take a group to a party as you heard that tour bus driver talking about or taking them to the super bowl events around san francisco and the bay area so this is the staging area where they sort of wait and hang out and spend the night and today by the end of the day this parking lot will be totally empty and all of the buses headed to the south bay. >> busy day. thanks allie we'll check back in a bit. >> thanks a lot. a big son certificate helped to set the mood for the big game. hewie lewis and the news performed as part of a day long celebration.
7:40 am
earlier in the day celebrities hit the big field for a good cause. rapper ludicris and tony irvin to raise money for the wounded warrior project. >> man i'm very big on charity and giving back so we are already out here for the weekend. what better than to donate to a good cause and i'm glad that everybody came out. >> the enthusiasm and atmosphere fans in the stands even the guys on the field are having a blast. >> great event for a great cause. also a pep rally food and autograph signings at this event. >> celebrities are using the super bowl to raise awareness about the fight against hunger. the taste of the nfl event was held last night. money raised from the event will go to food banks across the country. alyssa milan o, nick la chey and they are passionate about the cause. >> a lot of kids go to bed
7:41 am
hungry which is unacceptable in the united states of america. >> trying to raise awareness to hunger in this country which a lot of people don't realize is such an issue. >> larry the cable guy brought a check for $125,000 strutting his stuff and the group third eye blind performed. >> nick lachey is just about everywhere. >> he's it had a busy week in the bay area. >> if you still need tickets they are still available for the game. in a few minutes we are going to tell you how many are up for grabs and how much. >> are you a superfan? we want to see how you are celebrating super bowl 50. check out this photo sent in at super bowl city. send in your pictures. we'd love to see them on facebook twitter and instagram. use the hash tag ktvu and we are going to reveal the superfan of the day later this
7:42 am
morning at 9.
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police in concord arrested a man and his girlfriend wanted in connection with a string of armed robberies. investigators say the man has robbed eight businesses in concord and walnut creek. he used a gun or knife telling clerks to hand over the money. four fast food restaurants, a cleaners, a pool supply store and a swim shop. the woman is wanted with a subway sandwich shop in concord. wanting to put the brakes on the super bowl drivers are being encouraged to protest by turning off heir apps down there and may also try to cause traffic problems near the stadium upset about recent fare
7:45 am
cuts. it is finally here. can you believe it? the big game at levi stadium. of course today is superboy 50 the denver broncos and carolina panthers fought to get here and it will all come down to 60 minutes of football this afternoon to find out who claims that lombardi trophy. >> and live above levi stadium right now from sky fox. not much going on but we are just outside the stadium and you guys this is just sort of a problem that people are expecting to go down there. you actually had congestion and difficulty just getting to that spot. how is it looking out there this morning? >> it's great now that we are in. traffic was smooth sailing. it took us longer to get to the spot where we are right now once we parked the news vehicle than it did to drive from oakland to santa clara. >> there's a lot of security check points for the media as well as the fans so have your parking passes ready and your
7:46 am
ticket ready and everything you want to show so you can get through smoothly but once here lots of media from media row here it's a domestic compound with the stadium behind us obviously and about 40 outlets doing their broadcasts from across the country. denver is right next store here. >> the weather looks perfect down there. >> we could not have scripted it better. i know a couple weeks ago steve paulsen was saying it looks kind of wet and super bowl is more than just the one day. it's been more than a week of intense activity in sanity fran and here all a--san francisco and here around the bay. el nino a few days of heavy rain. >> no el nino. instead sun screen. you might need it because it's going to be hot, they say 72 maybe for kick off is that right? >> that's what i was hearing and not a rain drop to be seen. so let me show you over my
7:47 am
shoulder how close we are. this is a good peek at levi stadium. it's so pretty sun is shining down and this scene is going to change. we've got a long row of crews. we've got a couple of empty spots but later this morning this place is going to be full to the brim with reporters and photographers people who want to get in on the game. i can't believe we've been talking about this for three years now and the day is finally here. >> we are four and a half hours five hours away from kick off and i was trying to get you guys to absorb the moment. we saw it was morning, 6:30, no one here and then you see you drive up and see the stadium coming up and you are like wow this is the epicenter of sports right here levi stadium super bowl 50 so it's coming up in four and a half hours. >> yup and so here's what we are going to do. we've got a couple of things we are going to talk about. you talked to amazing people all week long. athletes and celebrities and we are going to talk about the fact the region has really come
7:48 am
together to help this game day happen and of course we are going to talk super bowl snacks. >> look how excited she got when she mentioned snacks. >> i have got snacks for each team they are color coordinated so i can't wait for today. >> i want to know what color you have for teal for the panthers. >> teal was hard. >> i know broncos you have snacks for that. >> teal was very difficult. >> they are wearing black today. >> i've got two black snacks. >> two black snacks. and no bean dip right? >> no doesn't show well on t.v. >> so unattractive. you'll have to wait and see. but also when i was in the news room early this morning with you guys everybody knows today is special and exciting. there's a potluck in the ktvu news room so whether or not you are a big football fan today is a day everyone is excited for. >> did you get the sense when you were driving down there there were still people trying to get into the event. there were a few hundred tickets still available and a stub hub just across the
7:49 am
walkway. what are you seeing regarding that? anything? >> i didn't see anybody waving tickets. >> nobody out there yet. >> dark, dark but a few people through friends saying i'm going to wait until the last minute and get a ticket. >> i think that's the way to go earlier in the week $4,000 minimum and a couple days later on thursday they dropped to a couple thousands. >> that's a bargain yeah. >> you would have saved $2,000 if you wait two days so we'll see what happens and if people are trying to get in. >> lots of stories about how the prices dropped so quickly towards the end. we'll check back with you. behave yourselves you guys. >> we are going to check in with sal for the big game that's going to be taking place later today along the roadways. how's it looking out there sal? >> there's a big game, what? >> sal it's interesting because i think we talked about how great the weather is. had there been rain or anything else it could have really caused a lot of problems. we have as much smooth sailing
7:50 am
conditions as we could possibly preprovide right? >> it really is incredible but not only that people have been using transit not driving. it's been crowded and there's been traffic but it hasn't been for the worst predictions people saying this is going to be a traffic jam that stretched to l.a. it really hasn't been that bad. unless you are stuck in it of course. let's go down and take a look from our sky fox. this is the road that's going to take you right to the stadium here and you can see it is nice and light. now as you can see traffic is not an issue right now. and a lot of people will not be taking the car. so here is levi stadium. there it is. and the traffic is actually moving along very well on all of these areas but i do want to mention that even though it looks calm now there are a lot of detours and by the way there is no tailgating. you probably already know that but if you are driving to the
7:51 am
stadium parking in the lots they are not allowing you to tailgate. get out of your car and walk around and see all of the sights but don't bring the grill in the back. that's not going to be allowed. let's take a look at some of the things i want to shop you traffic is pretty much moving along pretty well along the bay area. this is 237 one of the freeways getting you close to the stadium and just so you know here is the stadium basically where 237 near where 101 meets. if we could put up the maps here i can show you traffic is doing very well in the silicon valley all over the place. that will change later but right now things are doing well. 7:51 let's go to rosemary. >> sal you know what i'm thinking for the folks that could care less about the super bowl santa cruz may be a great place to head today. the freeways fairly wide open and they are looking at 75 this
7:52 am
afternoon. it's going to be beautiful. we'll talk about your neighborhood in just a moment. let's look outside and check in on the current temperatures. temperatures up a few degrees over yesterday. mostly sunny skies a few patches of fog early on but we are not seeing any patchy dense fog so that's good news for those who do have to be on the road this morning. 40 degrees santa rosa, 52 oakland holding at 56 and san jose. livermore one of the areas several degrees above what we had yesterday morning at this time has to do with the off shore breeze that is going to be with us for today and driving up our temperatures. in fact near record warmth in the forecast for many of us taking a look at this compares for you. san raphael expected to go to 71 this afternoon. 73 the standing record. a few degrees shy and could tie or break some of these. oakland going to 74 today and if we do we are going to break the standard record of 72. 74 for today when the record is
7:53 am
76. near record warmth in the forecast looking at future cast model we want the rain to come back soon but it doesn't look like it's going to be with us at least for the next few days. ridge of high pressure building over the pacific and pushing that storm track through the north rolling through the next few days and notice we don't see any sign of rain. tuesday clouds move in that's about it. wednesday a few clouds as well taking until friday afternoon before we begin to see a transition it doesn't look that promising so tracking it for you but the next few days are going to be dry. winds picking up at times coming in from the northeast. that oakland reading there coming down from the hills could be a little breezy at times for some of us but it looks like it's going to remain in the hills so if you are thinking about hiking this afternoon instead of watching the superbow you may come across gusty conditions at times. 75 for santa rosa this afternoon. 74 as we mentioned in oakland. 70 degrees expected for san francisco shifting into the south bay warm weather here. mountain view 72.
7:54 am
nesteled right in there at 74. 74 gill roy and mid 70s in santa cruz. your temperatures as we get back to work on monday not going to move. in fact we may creep up just a little bit more. sea breeze turns on tuesday. temperatures fall just a little bit but still above average and still dry. >> we talked about the super bowl and i did a story with the company that made the 6,000 uniforms for the volunteers. doesn't look like they are going to need it. >> sun shield perhaps i don't know. they are not going to need it for sure. >> thanks a lot. one of the most difficult tickets to get is not for the superboy but for the warriors game last night and beyonce and jay z were there as well. >> it got interesting. fans might have thought they were at two separate games last night. we'll tell you what to do to
7:55 am
keep the winning home streak alive.
7:56 am
7:57 am
all right, on the eve of the big game, celebrities turned out not just for the super bowl event but to check out the red-hot warriors sitting courtside. power couple beyonce, and jay- z and terrel owens. they opened up the game at golden state ahead in half, 14 with strong off the bench.
7:58 am
but the thunder turned it off, jay-z and terrel owens just 4 points midway through the fourth quarter. kevin durant missed two chances for the three-pointer, and steph curry had a jumper at the end that made it 114-108. with less than a minute to play, that was it. raise the roof! the warriors are 46-4 after their first 50 games this season. >> what a big weekend for sports, and a big weekend for celebrities as well. alicia keys greeted thousands of fantastical posted last night, so many that hundreds cannot even get in. coming up next, the serious message she conveyed on stage. and, let's take you out over levi stadium in the south bay, abdurasul hasanovich juraboev sky fox, we are taking a look at how things are going to look. traffic around the stadium should be busy. and we just got some new information about a record- setting day for part yesterday.
7:59 am
stay with us.
8:00 am
going inside the 10! gets the touchdown! down to the final two teams for this nfl season, the denver broncos and carolina panthers meeting in just hours.
8:01 am
>> that's right. we are going to have the latest live from levi stadium. plus we are here at levi stadium and the fans are starting to show up. but, some fans still looking for tickets, we tell you about the process and how much it's going to set them back. sky fox live above levi stadium as all eyes turned to san francisco this morning. it's a super bowl 50 sunday. >> this is the day of sports millions of football fans have been waiting for in the bay area, as the broncos take on the panthers this afternoon at levi stadium. the music getting us in the mood, welcome to "mornings on 2" i'm claudine wong.
8:02 am
>> and i'm across palombo. let's check in at levi stadium. >> reporter: we are about to present here, but that is not going to be the case later this afternoon, the way to get here are those $50 round-trip bus tickets that you can buy, there picking people up all over the bay area and bring people here. >> you can take amtrak, it will drop in front of the stadium, there are other ways to get here but if you're going to get to the park and, typically have your parking passes, tickets, everything ready to go. >> reporter: let's talk about the game itself. talk to me about the matchup. >> it's going to be a good one. two teams that are both top seeds that were supposed to get here. peyton manning is the oldest quarterback to play in the super bowl, cam newton is 26 years old, peyton is 39. the 13 year difference, biggest difference in super bowl history between two starting quarterbacks. different style, certainly peyton does not have much left in the tank. can he go out on top and and his hall of fame career with another super bowl championship?
8:03 am
cam newton, probable mvp this year. he's the guy who everybody is looking at. he is the breakout star right now. he's had an incredible year, record-setting year. a lot of people with cam in fact, take offense to some of his antics, his dancing, they did that when they were losing but now that he is when they have to step back and say, hey, we respect you. it's going to be a good game. it's about the broncos defense. can they stop cam newton and can peyton manning find some receivers, get the passing game going a little bit? get the running game going, and score enough points, really, to beat the panthers. >> reporter: we'll talk more about the game all morning long. the sun is speaking out over the stadium. get your sunscreen, i will get my glasses, ross and claudine, we'll check in with you. >> you can see the beautiful sunshine behind you, the sun wears on the camera. >> picture-perfect day. thanks, guys. he will check in with you and 15. let's head over to rosemary now. you saw them, he looks beautiful down there, no rain, perfect temperatures, nice and
8:04 am
miles. >> absolutely. we are not the broncos nor panthers but we definitely have bragging rights when it comes to whether. we've got great weather coming your way for all the folks visiting the bay area, maybe for the first time in waking up this morning thinking, we are blessed. yes, we are. giving you a look at the skies over the oakland estuary. san francisco there in the backdrop. temperatures going above the seasonal average by five, maybe even 10 degrees and warmer than yesterday. right now most of us up over yesterday's morning lows, 39 degrees right now in napa. 42 santa rosa, 46 in nevada. run the bay, upper 40s to low 50s. 47 hayward, 50 sfo, 50 to san francisco. as we shift our eyes to the south bay, 31 mountain view, upper 40s to san jose. areas in santa clara upper 40s, low 50s. east bay, 55 livermore, where you've been in the low 50s for the last hour or so due to an offshore breeze.
8:05 am
let's take a look at a few more numbers across the peninsula. three palo alto as well as foster city. 49 woodside. these numbers up by a few degrees in most spots. opened down just a tad but take a look at livermore. 16 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this hour. 9 in fairfield. it's the offshore breeze driving the numbers and that will drive our numbers into the afternoon as we get into the afternoon. for santa clara at levi stadium, 45 degrees, number take a look at the numbers for today. we have temperatures right around 70 degrees at lunchtime. when the game starts, 74. by half-time or so, upper 60s, in the low 60s as we get closer to the end of the game but a fabulous forecast year. nice forecast for most of the bay area. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs for today and we'll talk about how long the warming trend will last coming up in a moment. first, check the roadways with sal, good morning, thanks for for joining us. >> thank you. we are following all of the roads leading to the super bowl, and right now, things are
8:06 am
okay. there have been a lot of people in the bay area, a lot of people celebrating, and perhaps that may have led to what happened last night. we have to talk about a crash that killed three people trying to escape police in the city last night. now, california highway patrol is investigating the fiery crash. we have new video this morning, you can see the car engulfed in flames here. the fire started after it expanded to a taxi. it happened just before 9:30 in the city south of market neighborhood near night and grand. investigators say they spotted a car doing donuts and street. when applied to pull over the car, the suspect sped off. police say, moments later, the car crashed killing three people. the taxi driver who the car crashed into only suffered minor to moderate injuries and is expected to recover. all right, we are still talking about the super bowl traffic right now, there is not much. this is sky fox life. you can see levi stadium in the area. there will be a lot of closures, but i think people know that this is not a great place to dry.
8:07 am
a lot of people will be taking the buses, as you heard, a lot of people will be taking vta. right now, it is still white and of course, people are staying at nearby hotels and will be walking. if you are going to the game, have fun, but driving through this area is not recommended. 8:06, back to the desk. >> thanks so much, sal. kickoff to super bowl 50 is hours away and levi stadium wilson the packed with fans. but if you do not have a ticket coming yet, guess what? it is not too late. we checked this morning, the cheapest ticket will cost you about $3000. if you want to be close to the field, those tickets are $8000. and, a suite will set you back about $150,000. >> we're live at levi stadium now talking to a few fans hoping to get last-minute tickets. this morning, christian, it looks like some of them are in luck. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we're trying to bring people together out here. you guys know that i'm trying to be a peacemaker out here. look, we had our fans from
8:08 am
denver, we have our friends over here from carolina. so everybody, do you know what unites these fans? everybody wants tickets. we'll talk to the denver panthers. what are you looking for in terms of getting tickets and what are your hopes? >> thinking we can. a lot of hope. it's going to be a big game. >> reporter: my question is, what happens if you guys don't get tickets? >> if we don't get tickets there are plenty of things set up around here that we will take plenty of advantage of. the sand city set up by budweiser, super bowl city by great america. hopefully we will get into one of those spots. >> nicole, i'm looking for predictions out of the game. what do you think? >> denver, of course. they are going to win! what else can i say? [ laughter ] >> reporter: will you know, i think maybe are carolina fans might have something to say about that. how about you? what is your prediction? >> 27-17, panthers. >> reporter: very specific and he seemed pretty confident in all of that. what is the plan for you guys?
8:09 am
you guys are also hoping for tickets, right? >> absolutely. we are going to walk around, hope somebody has a ticket and by it. >> reporter: we are hearing $2500 for the cheapest ticket. are you ready to drop some cash? >> not $2800, no. >> reporter: still hoping for a bargain. our denver fans, panthers fans over here, take a look. we have a sneak peek of what they are hoping to get right here. this is it. it looks like you guys have eight -- this is it right here? oh, that's cold. $2800 is what i heard. is that enough money? >> know, i'd pay less. >> reporter: and where are your tickets? >> club level. >> reporter: is this your first came out levi or have you been here before? >> first game at levi. >> reporter: where are you guys in from? >> denver. >> reporter: your prediction? >> run goes win. >> reporter: that simple? no score? >> yes. >> reporter: you heard it right there. we have our denver fans,
8:10 am
colorado fans, we had our panthers fans. folks still looking for tickets. what these guys have here is goals. guys, i'm still hoping that maybe we can ask the boss to sneak a ticket or two for me and rick to get in. i know that gasia and jason are up there. >> i'm not so sure about those broncos fans. they are not excited. >> it's early. >> sticker shock and the price they paid? i don't know. >> reporter: you know, they are very calm. deep in mind it's early. and maybe that's just confidence. they don't need to be bad because they are confident the patent is going to do it. >> reporter: pretty sure they are not giving you those tickets though, christien. new this morning, super bowl led to an estimate record- breaking -- record-breaking day for bart. they carried over 3000 riders, the best ever, the previous record was -- back in october 2012. if you're planning a trip to super bowl city today, gates
8:11 am
open at 11:00 this morning, parking is free and all bart stations. coming up at 8:30, we are going to be talking to a bart spokesperson with more on this weekend's numbers. tonight is all about the big game but last night at super bowl city was all about the music. ♪ grammy award winner alicia keys took to the stage in front of a massive crowd but before she started singing, she showed support for protesters and asked for justice for mario would. >> i want you to know that isolate everyone who has the courage and conviction to stand for his rights. we all, of every color, need to come together to end racism. >> well, oakland's -- opened up the conference and while many had to listen to the music
8:12 am
from outside the packed case, it seemed everybody enjoyed that free concert. ♪ >> all right, that will wake you up this morning. not far from super bowl city, bay area heavy-metal band, metallica, performed in front of a sold-out crowd at at&t park last night. the band debuted a brand-new stage design, the drummer, lars ulrich, described as over the top and out of control. what do you think? >> i think i would have loved to be at that concert. >> over the top and out of control. [ laughter ] still ahead, are you heading to the super bowl today? your travel plans may have a hitch, the recent drivers are claiming they are going to shut down the super bowl. and, it's time for your super bowl fun fact of the day. despite rumors of a chicken wing shortage, plans still -- panthers to plan to get their fix. the chicken council estimates fans will eat 2.3 billion chicken wings. you are watching "mornings on 2".
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8:15 am
♪ good morning to you. giving you a birds eye view over levi stadium, it is game day, the day we have all been waiting for and it's going to be a beautiful one.
8:16 am
i have the warming trend that i'm tracking for you. i will show you the numbers expected for your area. and, note if we have any rain coming up in the forecast in a bit. still going, inside the 10! gets the block, touchdown! and, 20 more! cj anderson is going to go all the way! and the denver broncos -- all right, we are down to the final two teams in this nfl season. can you believe it? the denver broncos, carolina panthers, hours away from facing off in super bowl 50 at levi stadium. >> okay, ktvu fox 2's gasia mikaelian and jason appelbaum are live. >> reporter: your hair is glistening. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: what are we, seven hours and 15 minutes from
8:17 am
kickoff? mistakenly i got ahead of myself and did not have enough coffee, i said that we were five hours from kickoff. seven hours, 15 minutes from kickoff. choppers are flying overhead. this is really great out here. you can kind of see on the outer perimeter, fans are starting to trickle in, at least starting to get here. >> reporter: right. there are more photographers and reporters showing up doing what we're doing. one of my favorite parts is being able to say, the first question is, where are you from? and i say, we are from here. and that sounds so good. [ laughter ] we love it. >> you are still the home team. >> reporter: exactly. you have covered countless games at levi. i'm assuming this is in so many ways different from what you have done in past years. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. the media crush is unbelievable. they credentialed 5500 folks for this event. of course, media day on opening night was not. just the normal media sessions with players, it's hard to get a word in edgewise. i mean, you really have to
8:18 am
battle the crowds. it is usually 20 feet, very different than a normal game. on tuesday, this was just their first session after media day on monday night and, i mean, it was just insane, tried to get anything out of the players. you've got to post up early. our photographer, steve, said i've got to get in front of peyton manning now or i'm not going to get a position here. it's very different. everyone is trying to ask the same questions, everyone is trying to ask any questions as well of some of the folks. so, it is one of those things that you really have to see to believe. >> reporter: yeah, two years covering games here at levi, the stadium itself has had its problems, but everyone is saying that the stadium is ready to go for today. >> they have replaced the turf five times this year. they're planning on replacing it four times. they replaced did not long ago, a few weeks ago. so it is ready to go and is in pristine condition. it hasn't rained here as you know for a week or so.
8:19 am
so it has been very, very nice. the field is going to show beautifully on tv, i'm sure. jed york is thinking the weather gods, i'm sure. >> reporter: you have been working a lot but you managed to slip in just a little bit of fun. >> reporter: there are long days here, but it's work, it's the super bowl. you're not really working. they have some things, some media centers where you can play ping-pong and have fun. we happened to jump in and did that. i took on one of the people working there, she was actually pretty good. and then afterwards, after playing ping-pong, do you know what you need? you need a massage. >> reporter: oh, yes. that's what i say. >> reporter: so that's what i call. [ laughter ] >> oh, man! >> reporter: who is the pre- madonna? >> reporter: covering the super bowl! >> is the world's smallest violin the summer? i thought i saw it. >> it wore him out. >> i'm ready to go. >> reporter: ready to go for the big game.
8:20 am
>> how do i get your job, jason? >> reporter: exactly. that's what everyone is thinking, claudine. there's so much to discuss, a huge pop-culture event as well. there is a game happening today, halftime show, commercials. we will talk about all of this and more on "mornings on 2" with you guys. >>, to ask, i have been down to super bowl city, and, i know that you have been down there all week and you have been covering many events. what i'm saying, from so many sites, this is not one of those games were it's all rivalry driven and the teams are hitting each other, the fans, everyone has been seemingly pretty happy. >> everybody has been in a great mood. i have been down to radio row, the mascone center, super bowl city, everyone is really having a good time. now when the game starts it'll be a different story. >> little different story. that's when everyone says, hey, get off the field! yelling and all of that stuff. >> be happy for a little while longer. we will check back in with you guys in a bit. >> thanks a lot. let's turn now to rosemary
8:21 am
orozco for more on the beautiful weather we are seeing that there behind them. gorgeous day out. >> take a look at that shot. birds eye view again over levi stadium. i feel like i'm going to sky dive into the stadium, if that's even possible. we've got some beautiful weather over areas of santa clara, san jose, the south bay. we will be enjoying the low 70s this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. and most of us will be well above the seasonal average. we talked about in the last half-hour maybe even breaking a record or two before this warming trend is said and done. right now we have 48 degrees in san jose, shifting our eyes and livermore, 55. we will work our way up, 47 oakland, san francisco checking in at 52 and san jose now 42. these numbers are up over yesterday, afternoon highs up over yesterday's, high pressure continuing to strengthen over our area, pushing the storm track to the north. we are not looking at any rain at least for the next few days, maybe even for the week. as we get into your afternoon, this is all we will see.
8:22 am
high clouds continue to spill in over the range. partly cloudy, mostly sunny, that will be what we see for today. could see some brief pick up over as well, could see it into the house, may make it down to where we all the but if you're going to be hiking today, be aware, it could be gusty. is offshore wind helping to drive off the temperatures. again, today into tomorrow, going to be the warmest days. we continue to cool off a tattoo say but are expected to remain above the seasonal average. if you are going out to super bowl city, a few more hours before it closes down. by about 10:00 or so, 63 degrees. noontime, 66, upper 60s by 2:00. san francisco expected to top out around 70 degrees this afternoon. beautiful day to be out there. when i was there earlier in the week it was pretty nice. we've got 72 san mateo, 74 morgan hill, low 70s expected for the east bay shoreline. upper 60s to low 70s for areas
8:23 am
like livermore, concord, 75 santa rosa. i've been bragging about the temperature in santa cruz this afternoon, if you're going in that direction, mid 70s. we continue to see the recurrence as well as large breaks for those thinking about heading to the coast, northbay, stretching all the way to monterey. take it easy. meanwhile extended forecast, no rain unfortunately -- not rain, fortunate, but nice, mild weather. >> something for everyone this weekend. if you're not going to the game, bureaucrats for everyone else. it's a win-win. >> take a road trip, head to the coast, head inland. police in concord arrested a man and his girlfriend wanted in correction -- in connection with a string of armed robberies. investigators say the man has dropped eight businesses since january 15. in concord, and walnut creek. officers say he used a gun or knife, town clerk to hand over the money. the robberies happened at for fast food restaurants, a cleaners, a pool supply store and swim shop. coming up, as the supersized surprise for super bowl sunday, take a look. >> this is for you. pretty cool. >> pretty cool. a bronco player stuns a fan, his dramatic reaction coming up
8:24 am
in just 20 minutes. first, north korea ignores warnings from the international community with a new missile launch. the response from the united nations, next. ♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. at carl's jr.
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8:26 am
this morning, the un security council is holding an emergency meeting today after north korea announced a successful rocket launch. state media release pictures showing the lunch along with their leader, kim jeong un,
8:27 am
apparently watching. they criticize them for their use of long-range ballistic technology. fireworks last night at the gop debate in new hampshire. donald trump actually showed up but marco rubio and chris christie stole the headlines. christie went after rubio several times, focusing on his lack of experience and his comments that he has used over and over again in debates. >> marco, the thing is this. when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the memory to 30 seconds before you talk about how great america is at the end of it does not solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. expected to get schools open. and when the worst natural disaster in history hits you, they expect you to rebuild your state which is what i have done. none of that happens on the floor of the united states senate. it's a fine job, i'm glad you ran for it but it does not prepare you for president of
8:28 am
the united states. >> rubio fireback claiming christie never wanted to return to jersey during the massive snowstorm that hit them two weeks ago, saying he had to be shamed into going back. christie denied that. meanwhile, donald trump and jeb bush sparred over eminent domain. meanwhile, hillary clinton's iowa victory is now once again being called into question. them credit party officials are reportedly uncovered some discrepancies with the results. now they say a review could have an impact on the final vote tally for bernie sanders, he and clinton were less than one percentage point apart. coming up, are you heading to the super bowl? your travel plans may have a hitch for the big game day. the reason uber drivers are claiming that they are going to disrupt traffic around the super bowl. thousands of people heading to the super bowl later today but for the ones staying in san francisco, they've got to find a way to get down to the south bay. we are at caltrains were there are a lot of broncos and panthers fans waiting to board a special super bowl tranviii. we will tell you about it,
8:29 am
coming up. -- were there waiting to board a special super bowl tranviii. we will tell you about it coming up.
8:30 am
8:31 am
♪ all right, live pictures right now from the moscone center, the nfl experience, it is super bowl 50 sunday. >> if you're heading down to the nfl experience today, the member it opens at 10:00 and will only be open until 2:00 because obviously we got gametime. if you're going to super bowl city, that will open at 11:00 and stay open until 3:00. gametime, 3:30. the day millions of football fans have been waiting for, broncos taking on the panthers at levi stadium. >> good morning, everyone. i am a ross palumbo.
8:32 am
>> good morning to you, i'm claudine wong. we are kicking down to gametime, but this morning, gasia mikaelian and jason appelbaum already at levi stadium. and, it is a picture-perfect day. you guys did not have that much of a problem getting down here, but i think the key is you need a lot of time to want to get there and then get into the stadium, right? >> get through security. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm not inside this one, obviously. i was in such super bowl xlviii at new jersey, they checked every bag, every pocket, i mean, metal detectors. if you're going into the game, leaders of a lot of extra time. i would hate for used to be stuck outside, if you pay thousands for your tickets. if you're like the majority of us in the bay area watching the game at home, i bet you have at least a couple of these at your house. you can't have your super bowl without. these are two dollars each, i don't want to drop them. i got these avocados, because to me, there is no super bowl without an avocado. and if you guys think that californians like their avocados, you are wrong. they love them.
8:33 am
>> reporter: any idea how many avocados or pounds of avocados are used on super bowl sunday? it's a lot. >> oh, gosh, on this day alone? i already googled it. i've already googled it. >> she's got the answer. >> reporter: 140,000,000 pounds of avocados will be consumed today. sunday alone. so says the california avocado commission. >> reporter: i would not argue with the california avocado commission. >> reporter: this is the super bowl to me right here. >> reporter: there is a game to be play. there is a game to be played today, and you know, these players, you asked me earlier off air if they get nervous, you know, because they have played so many professional football games, but this is the super bowl. so i would think, yes, you wake up, you probably have a tough time sleeping at night before this game if you wake up and a little bit of jitters. your fully prepared, ready to go, but what always amazes me about these professional
8:34 am
athletes is their ability to block everything out, and to just show up the next game and play. because if you think about it during the season, they get critiqued every week on the media, social media and everything. they are able to block it out, show up next weekend play. the super bowl will not be any different. once they come out and hit the field and that first snap, they make contact the first time, it all goes away and it's just a football game. >> true professionals. depending on who you are waiting for, right? >> reporter: broncos say manning has that veteran play who can just hone in on years of experience. cam newton has momentum and energy and all that to take them through. >> reporter: absolutely. >> very exciting. >> we will check back in with you in just about 15 minutes, you guys. >> reporter: i'm going to look for some limes. >> keep looking. >> chop them up. let's turn over to rosemary orozco right now for a check on the weather. it looks beautiful down there already. >> splendid. upper 40s, low 50s now. a little cool but not bad.
8:35 am
as we get into the afternoon, you're going to need the sunblock, the shades, it's going to be a warm one. it's going to be mild for most of us but if you are sitting in the city ms. going to feel even warmer. how about you outdoors? there's a live look at golden gate bridge, you can see alcatraz. partly cloudy skies today, some of the warmest temperatures we have seen in quite some time. definitely the warmest temperatures so far in 2016. we are going to be climbing into the mid-70s for some of our hotter spot. 32 right now in santa rosa, 42 in napa. novato, 48, run the bay, upper 40s, low 50s. half moon bay at 54, shifting our eyes inland, 55 livermore, 44 in concord, 46 in fairfield. a little bit of wind out there, offshore breeze coming off the east bay hill driving some numbers. dental right now, 57, 53 alamo. a big jump, i almost said drop. big jump over the last hour or
8:36 am
so for many spots again, with the offshore wind. 49 degrees right now in areas right around levi stadium, with very cold conditions. as we get into the afternoon, mostly clear skies, mild to warm weather. by noontime, 70 degrees. gametime, 74 with mostly clear skies. upper 60s at 5:00 in the 60s as we settle into the end of the game. just a beautiful day out there for all of those folks visiting. 69 pacifica today. 70 in san francisco. low 70s hayward, upper 60, low 70s for the inner east bay. 75 santa rosa. santa cruz not on the map but santa cruz going to 75 as well. warming trend continues as we get back to monday. have a look at the extended forecast for your coming up in just a little bit. let's get to the sal with traffic. good morning, sal. >> reporter: good morning. if you're planning your route to the super bowl from san francisco driving down 101, that should be relatively clouded. there should be buses on the way, too. we will talk about that in a moment. right now if you're trying to get to that area we don't see a lot going on. in fact, i'm looking at road sensors and things are relatively light.
8:37 am
a couple of things going on here. people who are going may not be driving and also people who don't really want anything to do with all of the traffic and all of this, just watching at home, they won't be on the road. that might make it easier. the commute in the bay area right now especially around the silicon valley looks good. the commute, i would take him if you are commuting to the super bowl. there are also a couple of things i want to show you here. let's take a look at 237. this is absolutely light. this is the freeway that leads you to levi stadium. right now, things are doing fairly well. right now if you are going in your car you're not allowed to tailgating parking lots. for security reasons. today is not like a regular 49ers game at all. a lot of things will be changing. as gasia said earlier, get there as early as possible to get through security. one last thing. this is 280 in san jose downtown. that looks pretty good, you can see it's all white sunday morning. if you don't want to drive there are several other ways to get to the game. allie rasmus is in san jose
8:38 am
city. >> reporter: we are at caltrain, and during the tease, i don't know if you saw, the long line of broncos and panthers fans waiting to board, what caltrains is calling a special super bowl caltrain. it's a train them and limited stops from here down to mountain view. people can transfer to be ta. oh, they just boarded the train, you can see some fans coming up, getting ready to board right now. history does not leave until 9:00. so, people here are just kind of getting an early start. but, transportation is definitely an issue when you think about a lot of super bowl festivities happening in san francisco which is almost 50 miles away from levi stadium. some of the fans we talked to this morning said they had to do a little research ahead of time. you were telling me, sir, that it wasn't really a question whether you wanted to stay in santa clara or san francisco. >> we wanted to be in san francisco, we just had to figure out how to get to the
8:39 am
game. we look at everything come in here we are on caltrain. go, broncos! >> reporter: and now it's kind of a little bit of a long train ride down there but i see you are in good company. there's a lot of other fans here. >> that's right. everybody is turning out for the big game. >> reporter: is that part of the experience? being on the right on with your fellow fans? >> we love it. >> reporter: i see a lot of people have their coffee and stuff for the game. >> go broncos, we are ready to go. >> reporter: we talked with caltrain earlier this morning, one of their spokespersons, and again, in addition to the regular saturday service, they have not just one, but three super bowl trains heading down. >> go broncos! >> go broncos! >> reporter: this is what people sign up for. this kind of enthusiasm, getting them pumped up for the game on the way down. this is just people popped up on coffee. there is no alcohol on this train, yet. here's what a spokesperson for caltrain told us about how they did outreach and hope that fans did the research ahead of time to plan ahead. >> transportation is an issue and has been an issue at previous super bowls. the good thing about the bay
8:40 am
area is we have so many different systems. whether they are taking caltrain, bart, or be ta, we have been working together to make sure that we provide enough service for people who are coming into the area. or you know, just regular people who live here and heading down to the game. >> reporter: in addition to caltrain, there are a lot of people who bought those super bowl packages ahead of time, and including that charter buses, charter transportation take them from san francisco either from their hotels or from one location in the city all the way down to santa clara. the cow palace at daly city this morning we saw at least 60 charter buses staged there, getting ready to take people down to the game later today. but, if public transit is your option, then, caltrain is a good one to take because you can take caltrain from your all the way down the mountain -- to mountain view, these super bowl trains, one of them within 20 minutes at 9:00. and then from there, people can transfer to be ta. we are going to be on this train for some of the right over. we will check back in with you later. >> thanks so much.
8:41 am
from caltrain to bart, this morning, super bowl 50 led to a record-breaking day for bart. >> they cared 419,000 riders yesterday, the most ever for a single weekend. the previous record was 319,000 in 2012. right now, we have bart spokesperson, jim allison, on the phone. good morning, jim. >> good morning. >> what is going to be prime time for bart today? is it going to hit around noon when we see the most traffic starting? >> bart does not directly serve levi stadium so people who would be taking bart as part of their trip to the game would be starting early, so i think noon is a reasonable estimation. we can connect people to capital corridor at our coliseum station. or, to be ta at our fremont station. and so, we are running long trains in the east bay today to help people get to those two
8:42 am
services. >> any advice? they are going to be making multiple stops, if they are using bart. all week, you have had longer trains, more trains. are you on a different schedule? where should people check? what is your best advice to get through this day? >> we do have a little bit of difference in terms of the schedule for the double trains, they will be trying to meet the capital corridor trains at the oakland coliseum station. and then, for people who are going to be ta, the piece of advice that you absolutely need to know is that you must purchase your ticket in advance with the vta app. you can get that at their website, but, >>, we anticipate will be on schedule, we had 95% on-time performance, and will have a long trains. so, if you're lucky enough to be heading to the game, i think bart is a real good way to start your trip. >> sound like a great option. jim allison, bart spokesperson, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you are welcome. some uber drivers may try
8:43 am
to put the brakes on the super bowl today. according to the flyers and videos posted on social media, drivers are encouraged to protest by turning off their apps in that area. drivers may also try to cause traffic congestion near the stadium. they're upset about recent fare cuts. coming up, chp is investigating a deadly car crash, we will tell you what officers look for. first, a super fan get a super visit. the surprise guest that made a boy's dream come true.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ good morning to you. thank you for joining us. a picturesque view of their of san francisco. it's sunday, hopefully a fun day for you, whether you have a super bowl celebration to go to, or maybe getting into the city. there we are along the embarcadero, we have super bowl city at least until the early afternoon. enjoy your day, i will bring you your afternoon highs coming in just a few moments. >> the whole bay area is fancy this morning. >> it is. the carolina panthers and denver broncos have fought for moms to get here to this day. it all comes down to 60 minutes of football this afternoon. >> ktvu fox 2's jason
8:47 am
appelbaum and gasia mikaelian are outside levi stadium. how's it going this morning? >> reporter: is getting warmer and warmer and toasty with the sunshine. >> more people are streaming in. we have not seen any huge crushes the people go into the game just yet. a lot of security and people who work here at the stadium. everyone who is here at this point is here to make the fan experience great. we happen out to super bowl city all week long, ross and claudine. i did not run into a person who did not have an opinion of how the game would go. >> i was going to say for some excited the game is finally here. there has been a week of buildup and i think that's what the super bowl is about for the bay area anyway. we don't have a vested interest in either of these teams. there have been a lot of parties. if you do not want to be a part of if you try to stay away from it all. there has been a lot of fun in the city around the bay. i'm excited there's actually going to be a football game today. they're all playing for this. the lombardi trophy. and we went around all week, we're talking to athletes, former athletes, coaches, and got their opinions on who they thought were going to win. not everyone had a real strong opinion. infection we talked to hall of famer, deion sanders, about it as well as steve mariucci.
8:48 am
and some other folks. and here's what they had to say. >> i don't look into the future. orsi of the winner. >> if you are in vegas putting the game on one of them. >> who is going to win? >> i'm not going to tell you that now. >> reporter: that was eric davis, former 49er. we will hear from steve mariucci later on. if he is not going to tell us now when is he going to tell us? >> reporter: time is running out. >> reporter: we talked to him, he said, i can give you three good arguments that would convince you that the panthers are going to win and after i told you about it, you would say, i really think the panthers are going to win. then he said i can also give you three arguments why the denver broncos are going to win, and after that, you would say, wow, i really think the broncos are going to win. nobody knows was going to win. the panthers are 6-. favorites, they have the stronger offensive unit, peyton manning is 39 years old, does not throw the football like you used to. he's had for next surgeries and
8:49 am
will likely retire after the game. we'll see what happens. more predictions later on. some of the folks that we are going to bring to you have stronger opinions about who is going to win but the two that we heard from, deion sanders said, hey, i don't have a crystal ball. i don't know. >> reporter: a lot of people saying, i just want a good game. i want something that takes me right up until the end. >> reporter: we remember two years ago the super bowl, broncos were there with seattle, it was 42-8. >> reporter: they were leaving early. it broke my heart to see the sea of broncos fan to leave early. >> reporter: what was interesting, peyton manning was on top of his game then, and the defense for broncos wasn't so good. this year, the broncos are winning in spite of peyton manning, nine touchdowns, 17 interceptions, one of the lowest rated quarterbacks in the nfl this year but their defense is so good. that's why the broncos have a chance in this game. >> reporter: we will talk more super bowl and snacks when we
8:50 am
join you in a few, ross and claudine. >> what here is if you go with your head, panthers. if you go with your heart, it's broncos. peyton manning. gasia, who are you behind? >> reporter: oh, i'm not saying. i am team beyonce all the way from the start. >> it's all about halftime? >> reporter: coldplay, i'm lukewarm. beyonce, i'm team beyonce. >> will get your prediction coming up in a little bit. >> reporter: i will think of something, claudine. >> i know you will, thanks so much. all right, rosemary. >> ross and i are going for broncos, claudine is taking the panthers. we should have negotiated maybe a spread. we should have talked about the spread a little bit before we decided we would take those broncos. >> you are nervous, rosemary. >> i'm not nervous. >> i'm going with my heart.
8:51 am
won't be the first time it has led me down the wrong path. taking a look outdoors, mostly clear as day. a little bit of patchy fog wasn't this afternoon connie and added to 50 francisco. oakland city and 47 a cash as we get into the afternoon offshore breeze, breezy at times for some hills, were thinking of putting this afternoon at mountable, about 45, most of us can't really tell. 60s and was seven the forecast for this part of the day, temperatures continue to climb
8:52 am
as we get intimate creeping up, look monday may the warmest day before temperatures begin to a little bit. on first, not cnn forecast for the next few days him a perhaps to the next week. we will take a break from these winds. is the eric maynor the production in most places, this is what will be up our numbers. of -- areas like san rafael oakland, flirting with standing records. 274, we will break a record. san rafael be just shy of one. 75 san jose 70. upper 50s half moon bay. it's a great day to be out there if you're not going to be watchful. experts here as we get into we get, taken, remaining season average. can to slip a little bit tuesday, wednesday, thursday. but still miles, mostly cloudy
8:53 am
partly cloudy at times but dry. so, we will see. friday into the weekend, we begin to see a shift but it does not look promising. we would like to see rain and that extended forecast but not at the moment. >> for today, looking beautiful. >> it's gorgeous today. >> we will take it. thanks so much, rosemary. time now, 8:52. in just ahead, a serial robber. what you need to know. but first, is it bernie sanders or larry david? or, is it both? the viral video you need to see coming up. ♪(classical music) ♪(rock music)
8:54 am
♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. only at carl's jr.
8:55 am
if a supersized surprise for this super bowl sunday. earlier this week, current denver bronco and former 49er, burning davis, surprise, and at the hospital who has had nine surgeries including a transplant and is being treated
8:56 am
for cancer at the lucile packard children's hospital in sanford. yesterday davis went to the hospital to surprise the montana teenager with super bowl tickets. >> to see a guy go through what he is going through, and to be able to give him these tickets, it just, it means a lot to me. >> alex told his mom that he is very excited for the game. she's not even going. she is getting her ticket to a friend that ronald mcdonald house, she says, is a huge football fan and a great friend to alex. >> on the eve of the big game, celebrities turned out not just for the super bowl event, but to check out those warriors. sitting courtside, there is that power couple, beyonci and jay-z, and former nfl player, terrel owens. warriors hosted the thunder last night at oracle arena. golden state was ahead by 14 at the half with strong play from the bench. but the thunder turned it on and
8:57 am
trailed by just four points. midway through the fourth quarter, then kevin durant missed two chances for the three-pointer, and steph curry had a jumper that made it 114- 108 with less than a minute to play. that was it. the warriors have 141 consecutive regular-season games at home, and are 46-4 after their first 30 games this season. from the court to the state, he is back at it again. larry david taking on bernie sanders on snl. take a look. >> oh, my god. mister bernie sanders. i'm your biggest fan. i'm telling you, i'm feeling the burn. >> what do you mean? >> shake my hand. >> you just coughed into your hand. i'm not going to shake it after. you just coughed into your hand. >> no, i didn't. >> come on, mister sanders, don't be rude. shake my wife's hand! >> i'm not being rude. she's the one who is being rude
8:58 am
by offering a germ infested hand. >> she's feeling the burn! sanders only appeared once himself in a skit with larry david where they played two men on a distressed ship heading to america. all right, 8:57. are you a super fan? we want to see how you are celebrating super bowl 50. these are the bookers at super bowl city this morning, from hayward. member, you can post your pictures and videos on facebook, twitter, and instagram. we would love to see them. just be sure to use that hashtag #ktvu. this morning fans are lining up to get tickets to the super bowl. up next to tell you where to go. the very latest, live from levi stadium.
8:59 am
9:00 am
still going, inside the 10! just a block to touch down! all right, we are down to the final two teams of this nfl season. the denver broncos and carolina panthers just hours away from eating on the field. >> live team coverage from levi stadium. plus -- >> we are hours away from the big game. guess what? fans starting to show up here at levi stadium. we will have fans hash it out, who they think will win, the denver broncos or carolina
9:01 am
panthers. all right, live pictures from the moscone center this morning, the nfl experience as all eyes turn to san francisco and the bay area this morning. it is super bowl 50 sunday. >> it feels like we have been waiting for this day for ever, doesn't it? >> three years. >> reporter: we are here today, the broncos taking on the panthers this morning at levi stadium. and, gasia mikaelian and jason appelbaum already down there, we sky fox "mornings on 2". it is saturday, february 7, i'm claudine wong. >> good morning, i'm ross palumbo. it is seven hours away from gametime but this morning, gasia mikaelian and jason appelbaum are already there. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we have all worked together long enough to know that
9:02 am
9:03 am
9:04 am
9:05 am
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9:08 am
9:09 am
>> we're going to start with ben. let's get to, get your opinion on what you think is going to happen. show some love for the panthers, right? >> go panthers. >> reporter: who do you think is going to win? >> we think cam newton is going to run wild, 34-24 panthers. >> 34-24 panthers, too. >> reporter: look! like father like son! >> he just stole it from him.
9:10 am
>> reporter: you steal from people who are better than you, i don't want to disappoint a youngster here, but what do you say, rob? you think he's going it dialed in or not? >> no way. i say vonn miller dancing more than cam newton, broncos 20, panthers, 17. >> reporter: you think it's going be a close game? >> defensive battle, all the way. score early, stay up, and we breeze the victory. go broncos! >> we disagree. cam newton is going to be crazy today. jonathan stewart will probable have 150 yards, and denver, i'm sorry, your defense can't hold these guys. >> reporter: you guys have been nice, with the trash talking. it seems like everything is good. both you guys visiting, right? you're coming in from? >> colorado. we live north of denver, in the big town of meade. >> reporter: you came in with no tickets? >> no, just on a free fall.
9:11 am
>> reporter: and? >> we got them! >> i have to ask the in delicate question, how much did it set you back. >> too much to tell. but we're here, and having fun. >> tickets? >> we have tickets, and we bought them from a broncos season ticket holder. yeah! >> reporter: that's got to hurt. >> we are from charleston, west virginia. >> reporter: have a great time at the game. we've seen a lot of good-naturing ribbing, nothing serious, but the fans are starting to stream in. if you look over my shoulder, you can see the colorado fans, and i have to be honor intersection we've seen lots of fans from both teams, but we've seen a few more orange jerseys out here than the panther blue and black so we'll see who wins, but for right now it, looks like we're seeing a few more broncos fans than panthers fans. >> okay.
9:12 am
thanks so much. new this morning, super bowl 50 celebrations led to a record-breaking dawn for bars. according to early estimates, bark carriedcarried part set a record. gates open at 11:00 a.m., just about two hours, and parking at all bart station israeli free. time is 9:12, still l ahead ahead two bowl, your travel plans may have a hitch in 20 minutes, why usual -- uber drivers say they are going to disrupt things. >> despite rumors of a chick earn wing shortage, fans are still trying to get their fix. so americans will eat 1.23 billion chicken wings today. today.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> a live look over levi stadium, where we are celebrating super bowl 50, bay area style, mostly sunny skies, 74 degrees expected in the afternoon. i'll have a look did he afternoon highs -- at the
9:16 am
afternoon highs expected for your neighborhood as well. game time is now just 6 hours 14 minutes and 12 seconds away. calm down! the panthers and broncos facing off at super bowl 50 at levi stadium. jason, i know you have your facts, but jason, i want to ask you, in terms of how close this game is, when you talked about the game two years ago, we leave the tv when it's not interesting, and we want this to be a close game. we talked about the story lines, and how confident are you that it's going to be close? >> reporter: i think it's going to be a panthers blowout, or the broncos will keep it close and eke out a win. i don't know what's going to unfold during the game. i known the better team is carolina this year. they've with won 17 -- they've won 17-1 this year, including playoffs, won 21 of the last 22. so this seems like their year
9:17 am
it, seems like cam newton's year. he's going to be the mvp when it's all said and done. we'll see what happens. >> we'll be watching. whether interest levi stadium, or at home with the snacks, at the stadium, we've seen more people coming in, starting to stream in, and been seeing more and more reporters. we are about 30 feet up on a riser, with, i can't even count the crews. >> reporter: it's some 40 -- stations stations from all across the country, many from denver, and from carolina, and charlotte so but everyone is covering the story. brock said, we're 6 hours and what, 13 minutes away from kickoff. when you have a lot of reporters in town, than were 5000 credentialed member of the media, people run out of questions so, what happens, they ask silly questions. and you know it doesn't just happen on media night, which was opening night, which was monday night. it happens pretty much
9:18 am
throughout the week. everyone asked questions about the xs, and os, offensive line, defensive line, how to handle the rush. one. silliest questions i heard, i think this was thursday, one of the reporters asked cam newton, he said, why are you wearing socks and sandals? and cam said, why are you wearing jeans with shoes? so he kind of threw it right back. a pretty cool come-back. >> reporter: i like that. >> reporter: a lot of questions about whether denver can put up enough offense to compete. because peyton manning can't throw the football really to the outside. he has to throw it over the middle with his shoulder. >> reporter: you talked a lot of sports, but your favorite story didn't involve so much an athlete. >> reporter: the really cute story was on tuesday, we were at moskoni center, we talked to a 14-year-old cancer survivor at
9:19 am
saint jus, so he was here and he wants to be a reporter, and he was really good, i was watching him interview bill cowher, questions were right on, he was confident, testing his skills. now, the biggest stage probably is opening night. that was at the sap center, where the media are there, asking all the questions, and young austin got in peyton manning's face with a little help from deion sanders of the nfl network, but here is young austin doing his thing. >> and just, you know, everyone has been asking, are you going to retire after this? do you have any idea? >> you're sharp! you're well dressed and smart and sharp. i don't know the answer to that. i have really tried to kind of take it one week at a time with all that's occurred this season, i had injuries, and unique things occur, and to go one week at a time helped me. >> that works.
9:20 am
thank you, peyton. >> reporter: pretty cute. odds are manning won't retire after the game, but odds are that he retire after the season, go a couple days and hold a press conference. >> reporter: back to you guys. >> do you think peyton manning and the story of retirement is going to dominate the game today? his brother was even on the air, talking about it. >> reporter: i don't think it will dominate the game, but i think it will dominate in some ways after the game for him. i think the question will be asked, personally, i think you've given room to breathe. this is the super bowl. let's focus on the game. let's let peyton manning focus on the game and not have to answer questions about that, which is why i didn't want to ask him, but i think after the game, he'll be asked that question, and i don't know if he'll give you the answer. >> we'll check in with you.
9:21 am
>> she's going -- delivering this beautiful weather. >> i've been peeking at the weather in denver, and north carolina, because i wanted to see, you know, how much we're delivering to them in greatness, and high 40s, little peaking into the low 50s, maybe. so we're giving them 70s. they should be very happy. >> and we may not have the teams this year, but boy, we have the weather. and we have bragging rights when it comes to that. >> i was just in denver actually a few days ago, and it was almost whiteout conditions with the snow. so they're very happy to be here. >> i bet. they're not going to want to go home. we have great weather coming our way, if you like sunny skies, and like it in the 70s, upper 60s even, in any case, we will be well above the seasonal average. a live look at levi stadium as we get into the morning and afternoon. temperatures quickly rising there, into the upper 40s, low 50s.
9:22 am
can you see the camera shaking a little bit. we have the offshore wind with us, and we know that offshore wind brings us the warmer weather, and that's exactly what we're going to get. in fact, some of us already getting close to 60 degrees. a look at some of the numbers expected for today. and a comparison to just how close we will be to actually breaking records or tieing them. san avenue, 71, standing record is 73, san francisco, expected to hit 70, oakland, if we go to 74, we will make a new record, and san jose, 74 in the forecast for today, 76 is the standing record. a look at storm tracker 2, the ridge of high pressure now easy to see, and it will strengthen as we get into the next day. the storm track to the north for the next few days, we will have a mix of high clouds, and mid-level clouds, and that will be about it. let's look at the futurecast model. unfortunately, that rain is going to stay to the north. here we are tuesday, maybe cloud up a bit. but not much.
9:23 am
takes us to friday before this shifts, storm track moves closer to california, and it doesn't look too promises. so we will be tracking t between now and then, dry weather, temperatures 63, half moon bay, 66 oakland, san francisco just switched 57, 60 in livermore. not a lot of us feeling the wind, but it's in the hills, and definitely warming us up fairly quickly. temperatures for super bowl city, 66 at noontime, upper 60s by 2:00, and they are expected to close around 2, 3 this afternoon. afternoon highs for today, 74. we talked about in oakland, 73. san jose, 75 for santa rosa, extended forecast, no rain, unfortunately, in the forecast. we will see temperatures drop off as we get into tuesday/wednesday. still above normal for this time of year. >> livermore already heating up. >> it's going to be pretty mild. >> okay. >> thanks, rosemary. it is a super sized surprise for super bowl sunday. >> this is for you.
9:24 am
>> a bronco player and a surprising -- >> a north korea with a new missile launch, the response from the united nations coming up. >> the count down to the big game. check out this gorgeous picture from skyfox right over levi stadium. the stay with us. we will be right back. ight back.
9:25 am
9:26 am
critics said the launch violates the security council's resolution against the use of ballistic missile technology. some fireworks at the gop debate in new hampshire, donald trump actually showed up, but marco rubio and chris christie
9:27 am
stole the headlines, christie went after rubio several times, focus on his lack of experience, and canned comments he's used over and over again in the debates. >> marco, the thing is this: when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30 second speech where you talk how great america is at the end of it, doesn't solve one problem. they expect you to plow the snow, get the schools open, and when the worst natural disaster in your state history hits you, should expect you to rebuild the state, which is what i've done. none of that happens on the floor of the senate. it's a fine job, i'm glad you ran for it, but it doesn't prepare you for president of the united states. >> rubio fired back, claiming christie never wanted to return to jersey during the snow storm that hit two weeks ago, saying he had to be chained into going back. christie denied that. democratic party officials have reportedly uncovered some
9:28 am
discrepancies with the results. now review could have an impact on the vote total for bernie sanders. coming up, your travel plans may get disrupted on this day, we're going to talk about uber, and why they may be disrupting around the super bowl. >> reporter: we are on board one of the special super bowl training. we'll have a report on some of the options
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
♪ live pictures from skybox about levi stadium. 70,000 fans will pack in there and in almost 6 hours, many are already underway. it is super bowl 50 sunday. >> it feels like we have been waiting for today for forever. it is the biggest game of the year. broncos taking on the panthers at levi stadium in santa clara. it will be a fun day today. >> can't wait. good morning, everyone. i'm ross palombo. >> i'm claudine wong. yes, gametime at 3:30 our time, as you have said, we start to see fans making their way down, they are on trains, buses, anything that will get them to the stadium, where gasia mikaelian and jason appelbaum
9:32 am
are already positioned and getting ready , and we talked about how gorgeous to stay is and how much hype and excitement going into this is happening right now. >> yeah, we're closing in on the game. it is about six hours or so away. it is 60 degrees here now. it's going to heat up to 70 or 75. we're kind of looking over our shoulder because fans are trickling in. what would you say, probably a 3 to 1 ratio, broncos to panthers? it does seem like there are more denver fans. >> that is why people have said because denver is so much closer than we are in the bay area. a few mornings ago on "mornings on 2" actually my panthers snacks. i had the black snacks to not have orange. this one, i have already opened the bag. >> i knew it was going to be cheese puffs! >> what else? >> reporter: these. i love me some salty and sweet. this is chili spice dried mango. very, very orange. i have not opened these, yet. these will go to the newsroom but i think the cheese puffs
9:33 am
for the orange bronco fans, these might be mine. >> let's dig into those. right after we get off the air we are going to fill up on these. >> reporter: again like jason said, more people coming to the stadium. we heard a lot of people shouting for channel 2. this is the bay area super bowl. people who live around the bay are excited to watch on tv or come here. typically they see the super bowl, we had to pay thousands to travel plus thousands for the ticket. this might be the cheapest super bowl anybody could go to. >> for us to cover, as well. it would have been better if the miners or waiters made it to the game, did not happen this year. raiders seems to be closer than the niners getting your but that is a story for another day. it is a super bowl 50. everybody is excited. fans are trickling in and we are closing in on kickoff. >> will see you back in a few. meanwhile, will see if we can't demolish the rest of these. do you guys want some? >> yes. we can't wait to bring them back. >> you guys don't eat this
9:34 am
stuff. you guys are liars. >> i eat it for sure, definitely today. will soon 15 minutes. right now let's head over to rosemary for a final look, at least in this half-hour, at the weather. >> we have great weather already coming, warming up. as they mentioned they are getting ready to take off the jackets. if you're going to be outdoors or going to the stadium today even though the forecast calls for 74 it is going to feel several degrees warmer in the stadium when you're sitting there, the sun is coming down on you, just be aware, stay hydrated, use sunblock. let's check what's going on because we do have plenty of sunshine to go around, mostly sunny skies over opened at this hour, and opened right now, looking at 56 degrees in the downtown area. if we start in areas off the top, santa rosa 51, then san francisco 58. livermore, 60 degrees, one of the warmer spots at this hour, san jose checking in at 54. temperatures are up by several degrees over yesterday. take a look. 13 in livermore, 9 in concord, 6 in santa rosa, 9 in mountain view and 5 san jose.
9:35 am
we have an offshore breeze out there, that's what's driving temperatures. it is in the hills, many of us not feeling the wind. could feel a little bit at times for today but it looks like it's going to remain mostly in the hills. if you're going out to the super bowl, 61 degrees as you mentioned, calm conditions, secure and one for the afternoon, 70 degrees by noontime, 74 by we get to gametime, halftime, 69 degrees and low 60s as we wrap up super bowl 50, gorgeous day there, gorgeous day for most of us, a look at afternoon highs today, talk about how long the warming trend will last coming up in just a little bit. let's get on to the roadways with sal. >> reporter: good morning to you, rosemary. we are looking at some of these drives around levi stadium. and if you happen to be driving although we don't recommend it, some people will be driving. there are some roads that we are looking at that are still looking okay. let's go to sky sox. you can see the traffic is going to be okay here. one of the major intersections, 237, 101 area.
9:36 am
you can see that there is a lot of activity but not a lot of traffic right now and i think a lot of people have been scared off from driving because parking is going to be expensive, there will be no tailgating allowed. and just a lot of people taking caltrain and buses, that kind of thing. you can see our sky fox live picture is showing a little bit more of a grant, but nothing major yet. hopefully it will stay this way. vta is also providing special service to the stadium, but, you do have to show your super bowl tickets to get there. some of the buses as you can see are beginning to arrive on site here in santa clara. you can see a line of buses getting down to the area, a lot of those buses coming from all over the bay area. but primarily from san francisco. all right, let's go out and take a look at some of these other things. there is the map. you can see the color-coded map still showing a lot of slow traffic on 880 or 101 getting
9:37 am
down there. i also have a feeling people not going to the game will avoid the area. who wants to be caught in traffic? we hope we have that going for us. if you don't want to drive, this is 237, by the way. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well crossing 880. now if you don't want to drive, there are several other ways to get to the big game. we do have allie rasmus who has been on caltrain this morning, heading to the south bay with some fans. ? >> reporter: hey, sal. in addition to the regular sunday service, caltrain today is offering free additional super bowl trains making limited spots . you can hear these fans, very enthusiastic on board this morning. you know, caltrain has nearly 700 people boarding the train. in san francisco when the train left at 9:00 this morning. you can tell from the attire, just about all of them are
9:38 am
panthers and broncos fans getting on board. the super bowl trains stopped in mountain view and from there, people are taking vta to santa clara. now it has been fun talking to some of the fans out here on the train this morning, i met cindy michaels from north carolina. but, you are a broncos fan. how does that happen? >> i have been a broncos fan for years, even though i live in charlotte, i'm panthers fan, but i love the broncos. broncos are my number one team. >> it has been rough for you because you're here with your friends you are all panthers fans sitting right across from you. how has that worked out? >> it has been a real struggle. it has been rough because they keep pounding on me. it has been a real struggle. >> reporter: you are a bit outnumbered. here are your panthers fans from home travels with you. i hope you guys have a lot of fun at the game today. go broncos! a lot of enthusiasm here on the train, even for this early in
9:39 am
the morning. now, there are other ways to get here to the game. a lot of people have taken charter buses. these are people who mostly but train package deals through their hotels. another tour group from this morning at about 7:00 and, there were at least 60 chart their buses sitting at the cow palace in daly city. those were getting ready to take people from san francisco down to santa clara. caltrain has two other super bowl special trains, they we've just before the hour at 10:00 and 11:00. and so, when does trains come, people are going to be heading down to the game, and, caltrain says there is about 30,000 people who took their trains yesterday up and down the peninsula. typical saturday, they have about 8000. so, they're expecting things to be pretty busy here today. if you're going to take caltrain, be sure you know where you are going. be a little bit patient, and be prepared for some enthusiasm passengers on board. back to you guys. >> five hours, 51 minutes to go, and all of those people already heading down there. all right! [ cheering ] there is some
9:40 am
pride right there. >> thanks so much, allie. some uber drivers may try to put the brakes on the super bowl. according to fires and videos posted on social media, drivers are being encouraged to protest by turning off their apps down there, there also reports drivers may try to cause traffic congestion near levi stadium. they are upset about recent fare cuts. well, with all of the food that will be consumed today this is super bowl sunday, there has to be room for dessert. there's always room for dessert, right? on the next monster ice cream sundae special, made by a bay area company. now to your super bowl fun fact. in the 60s, super bowl commercials cost as low as $3700. it's slightly higher nowadays. this year, advertisers shelled out up to $5 million for a 30 seconds spot. sales have generated more than $2 million this year alone.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
all right, live pictures right now from sky fox above mountain view. the blue angels on the tarmac, ready to do the flyover. >> they will be opening super bowl 50 with their signature six jet delta formation. they are always a crowd pleaser. so, they are already in place, it's going to be fun to see them. the weather looks absolutely gorgeous out there, for super bowl 50. i would say perfect day maybe for some ice cream. how about you? >> i think so. >> always a good day for that. >> with super bowl, you have the spread. nachos, wings, pizza, those
9:44 am
things that i say skip it and go straight to the ice cream. we have one of my favorite places in studio with us right now, you guys are actually running something kind of cool this week. is today the final day? i hear do so popular, it's a little bit undecided now. >> no on the news on sunday we are think about running into wednesday. >> nice. thanks for joining us. take a look at what's going on over there already. is this the special? >> yes. 12 scoops total, six flavors, the three american classic flavors. vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, along with the fentons classics, swiss milk chocolate, toasted almond and rocky road and it weighs over 10 pounds when completed. quite the monster. >> that is just the beginning. i see all the toppings. i would putting every single topping on that? that feeds how many people, would you say? >> for hungry adults, we have seen a tabletop up to order it and actually finish it. but normally, it's about 10
9:45 am
people. >> two! were my son and daughter in their? this would before my son and daughter. i don't know what camera we have, but, oh, my. love it, love it, love it. this is just the beginning. i think we might be able to start topping this but i'm told we are able to come back and show the finale here in just a moment. let's go through a few of these toppings while we have time. >> we have fentons chocolate sauce that we make in-house. >> oh, my. look at that. >> along with the caramel. >> this is my favorite. we are out of time, got to go. see you guys! [ laughter ] we will be back in just a little bit. all right, dean, thank you so much. we are going to top this baby and show you what the final program looks like it will talk more about fentons and where you can get a coming up in just a little bit. >> okay. >> focus, rosemary. focus. >> we have lost her. >> it's finally here, super bowl sunday at levi stadium. panthers and broncos fighting for a month to get here and now
9:46 am
we are just hours away. >> we are under six hours, we are getting really, really close. and, gasia and jason have been live out there this morning. excitement in the building. our fans string in their? >> reporter: so many. that selfies are being taken, jerseys are being worn, we are getting closer and closer. >> we are in the great america parking lot, or right next to it. you can see fans coming in, we thought probably a few more bronco fans and carolina panther fans, but we see both fan base is coming in here represented. listen, we have a special treat for you here. one lucky family got to sleep overnight at levi stadium behind us. it is pretty unbelievable what happened here. we are going to show you this conversion of the suite which is actually converted into a hotel room for them for one night. so they got to wake up and look at the pristine field of levi stadium this morning, have breakfast at levi stadium. they have tickets to the game. and it is really a cool contest by courtyard suites, it is the courtyard suites stadium.
9:47 am
we are going to bring our lucky winners in now and talk to them about what it was like to sleep at levi the night before the super bowl. hello, question williams, corey williams, angela and mark switch. how are you doing? >> amazing. how are you? >> reporter: what was it like last night? >> unbelievable to see an empty stadium in front of us was amazing. >> reporter: how do to win the contest? what did you do? >> she's the one that won the contest. we made some videos for courtyard. they love the videos and here we are. we won by boat and decisions and all sorts of things. it was amazing! >> reporter: are you able to sleep? i could not sleep last night. did you sleep well? >> a little bit. and the beds were amazing. once we lay down, we were conked out for a few hours. >> reporter: was a like a real hotel room in their? did they can afford it and make it look at? >> it was exactly like the courtyard room. >> reporter: what were your
9:48 am
feelings going to bed knowing that this is the watched game, super bowl sunday, levi stadium, this is a super bowl. you were sitting there and was probably pretty quiet. nothing going on. looking out on the pristine field? >> it was amazing. this is the only time in my life i have ever enjoyed paint dry. we watched everything from setting up to the other side. what made this great is just as you go to say, you wake up in the middle of the night and you're like, okay, okay. it's better than a dream. it's real life. >> reporter: i've got to ask you, all four of you got to go, how did you choose who you are going to bring? that must have been kind of like sophie's choice. >> it was tough. the contest gave us four tickets. of course, my husband got the ticket, and these were my parents. >> we were so please, thank you! >> reporter: and got tickets to the game? >> yes. was really cool, too, is we had nfl players coming in to greet us. as soon as we walked in the door we met tony gonzalez. he introduced us, we played some games. this morning we woke up and i'm
9:49 am
so happy, derrick carr, quarterback for the raiders came in and gave us breakfast, and we just had this good talk. >> you got a hall of famer delivering breakfast, you've got derrick carr, quarterback your >> and tony romo was jumping on our bed before we got here. i had a talk with tony, i said, what an experience. >> what a great story to come from super bowl. >> reporter: today is just beginning, you guys. go have fun. thanks for joining us here on ktvu "mornings on 2". you and i have to get out of here. >> there is a game to be played, right? >> there are snacks to be produced. >> reporter: i'm going to be watching at home with my family like i'm guessing 90% of the bay area is. off to a great start on super bowl sunday. ross and claudine, the weather couldn't be better in the excitement is getting even more and more. >> we love it! it has been fun to watch guys down there and i feel like as the morning progresses you just keep building and building and building as we get closer and closer and closer. >> reporter: absolutely. you can feel the drama and excitement building down here. still not quite packed but it
9:50 am
will be in about six hours. >> we are ready. thanks, guys. >> thanks a lot, guys. let's turn into quick look at the weather out there. it has been pretty amazing. >> yeah, a lot of folks thinking about probably taking advantage of getting out there to super bowl city now that a lot of folks are at home preparing for the celebration. a lot of folks heading to the south bay for the big game, and then you have super bowl city that continues for at least half of today. to keep in mind, they are closing up shop right around 2:00, 3:00, depending on when you go to super bowl city or nfl experience. but again, you do have quite a bit of time to get out there and it's going to be beautiful day. we have temperatures already on the rise, but a breeze out there at times, especially now hills, most of us seeing some pretty good weather, as we get through the next hour or so, to continuing to climb. today, warmer than yesterday. by monday, we peaked. and then temperatures begin to fall, although it looks like it's going to be a subtle drop. taking a look at the numbers right now, 59 degrees san francisco. 61 redwood city. mountain view in santa clara, san jose area, between upper
9:51 am
50s and low 60s. 60 degrees walnut creek. trailing behind in fairfield we can tell there is not much of a breeze there because that's the only area we see as 49 degrees. we do have an offshore breeze in our east bay hills, we have the offer resort along the coast range, i don't know if you saw pacifica or half moon bay, already 60s as well. 69 pacifica for the afternoon today, 70 downtown san francisco. 74 oakland, 70 concord. low to mid 70s out at levi stadium and into mountain view as well as san jose for your afternoon. here's a look at your accident forecast. temperatures continue to warm slightly as we get back to work monday. then we begin to see a bit of a cool down, probably college mostly clear at times, mostly cloudy wednesday into thursday unfortunately, no rain in the forecast. future cast models to bring that possibly back, it looks like on friday. but, it does not look too promising. so, we'll continue to watch it and would love to see some rain in that extends forecast. >> a good day for ice cream. we can smell the toppings.
9:52 am
>> say hello to that thing. >> we are going to go back over there, right? thanks a lot, rosemary. is it pretty sanders or very david? or, is it both? >> oh, my god, mister bernie sanders! oh, i'm your biggest fan! >> the viral video next. this is "mornings on 2".
9:53 am
increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
9:54 am
oh, my god! mister bernie sanders! on your biggest fan. and i'm telling you, i'm feeling that bern. >> thanks. >> shake my hand. >> you just coughed into your
9:55 am
hand. i'm not going to shake it after that coughed. >> no, i didn't. >> you specifically coughed. >> don't be rude, shake my wife's hand. >> i'm not being rude. she's the one being rude by offering a germ infested hand. >> i am germ infested now? is that right? i'm a voter is what i am. >> he's back and at it again. very david taking on bernie sanders on "snl", he appeared only once in a skit with larry david where they played two men on a distressed ship heading back to america. and that clip is hilarious. i advise you to go online and watch it over and over again. all right, back your live in studio with fentons this morning in celebration of super bowl 50. they have created this humongous, do we call it a sundae? look at that. cookies on the bottom, 13 scoops of ice cream. everything possible from
9:56 am
cherries, cookies, your delicious, delicious caramel, and such toppings. it's got a little bit of marshmallow on there. >> there's only one thing left to do. >> tasted! >> time to begin. >> so far away. come on over. >> that's all right, claudine. i will eat your potion. >> it seems quite intimidating. >> i know, but people have really gotten into the spirit of the super bowl, i feel like. >> you have to. >> exactly. >> you have no choice. >> let's talk numbers for a minute. 10 to 15 pounds. >> yes, 10 to 15 pounds of ice cream. we of souls, averaging about seven per day. >> seven? >> it's a bit of a hefty price. >> yeah, it is $50. it feeds about 10 people. five dollars per person. >> have you ever seen one person finish it? >> not one, but we did have a
9:57 am
group of two up at the not treat. >> did they finish it? >> i did not check back in on them but we are packaging it up for people who don't finish. >> you have to do an intervention. you should have said, no. you should stop right now. it's out of control. >> i did explain how big it was. i was, like, there's no put on the brochure but let me tell you, it's 13 scoops. >> they do not happen to be planters or broncos players, did they? >> maybe an offensive lineman, actually. [ laughter ] >> exactly. great day for ice cream, though, right? rosemary? >> sure is. sunny skies out there, temperatures climbing, upper 60s to low 70s. that's about all i'm going to say. you can see it right there on the extent forecast. dry weather as we get back to work monday and for the next few days. >> all right, everything looks good. this taste awesome. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> i'm going to be all extended -- distracted. super bowl coverage all day long here as traffic comes up.
9:58 am
everything, if you download our app, we will be watching traffic conditions and we know the next several hours it will get a lot busier. we will be here eating ice cream, though. so we won't have that issue. >> jason is that the game. only coverage of that all day long. the best sports team in the bay area. we are going to be all over it. >> leaving you with this beautiful shot from levi stadium, have a fantastic sunday, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. >> just five and half hours away. here we go! ♪ ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
i'm chris wallace reporting from manchester, new hampshire. today, the governors. they started it's the front runners in the gop race for president. now they're fighting just to stay alive. >> you have not been involved in a quenl decision where you will to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. >> let me talk. quiet. he thinks he can impose anything he wants. he's not a king. he's a president. >> we'll talk with all three as they battle in the gop establishment lane against a rising marco rubio. >> this notion of barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it s the memorized


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