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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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respected family man and policeman is remembered. mornings on two starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us, it's friday. almost valentine's day. we begin with a developing story in the south bay, san jose police are looking for a hit and run driver. the victim was walking from the area of winchester boulevard west of highway 17, he was hit by a red compact car, police have not released the identity of the pedestrian. we have a crew on the scene and will have a live report. in video leo -- vallejo a
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medical problem may have caused a wreck. when first responders arrived the car was running and the driver was unconscious, the 55- year-old man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we want to start with weather and traffic this morning, we're on friday, people want to know what the weather is like. >> cooler as we go into friday and saturday. it a mix of sun and clouds, sometimes the surge -- up sun wins out. mostly clear. the patchy fog.
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40s on the temps. 52 and temperature not going to change that much. 25 in truckee. a mix of sun and clouds. some of the patchy fog is there occasionally the clouds move in. partly cloudy, cooler, but by the coast and around the bay, with more fog. happy friday. >> happy friday steve. traffic is doing well, let's take a look at what we have with 880 north and southbound. it is a nice drive, you expect it to be light at this early hour, we're not disappointing. san mateo bridge traffic is looking good heading to the peninsula traffic wise. looking at the east bay
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commute, we've been watching the east bay and traffic looks good. funeral arrangements are pending for a police officer shot and killed in his home. the shooting involved a family dispute. the police department is dealing with the shock of losing a veteran officer. >> police officers assembled and absoluted as the body was escorted to a coroner's van. vague -- vegas had 15 years. >> they showed such respect by him. >> neighbors were struck. >> he had so many years left of giving to the community, to hits family, to the children he took care of.
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>> he always smiled. he was also "hey neighbor." you could talk to him about anything. >> it's a tough loss. >> the chief joined with investigators describing out a domestic dispute turned deadly. >> the suspect was the father of gus' 6-year-old grandson. >> robert vega fled with the child to hits fairfield apartment. the police won't say how much bloodshed the child saw. >> the 6-year-old was recovered unharmed with the father. >> i know he had a couple daughters that have kids, some more than one. >> vegas was the patriarch of a large family. gus and sandra vegas were
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devoted to the church. they fosters kids and adopted some over the years. >> with all the knowledge he had raising 10 kids it was a little bitting. he passed good -- blessing. >> the suspect served in the military. the motive is under investigation. turning to the shooting investigation of mario woods, an autopsy report shows he was shot or grazed by bullets 21 times. most of the wounds were to hits back and thighs. he had five injury caused by beanbags that officers first fired at him. there were drugs in his system,
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met, marijuana, two antidepressants and cough syrup. he stabbed a man last september. he ignored orders to drop the weapon. crab fishermen can fish. the state announced crab caught south of point reyes is okay to eat. the fishing season was delayed because of demolik acid. despite the news for recreational fishermen professional fishing stays closed. we're hours away from the titans of mavericks, a surfing competition, waves 30 to 40
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feet are expected. 24 surfers will be competing, the youngest 22-year-old, the oldest 49. >> it's scary when things are going wrong, you will fear for your life. >> many will show there's no festival, spectators will be kept off the bluffs and beaches because it's dangerous, it will be streamed online, we'll have crews out there. alex savage and bill martin, we'll be posting pictures and video on the social media pages. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off last night in milwaukee. it was their first debate since
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the new hampshire primary. >> and the next states in play are different, this debate reflected the shift they are making. hillary clinton and bernie sanders did not shake hands and by the end they were holding little back. >> the kind of criticism we heard from senator sanders about the president i expect from republicans not someone running for the democratic nomination. >> that's a low blow. >> for clinton the goal was big. and both were looking ahead to south carolina. clinton has an advantage there and much of the debate focused
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on race. >> african-americans who face discrimination in the job market, education, housing and the criminal justice system. >> today a male african baby born today fox sports san diegos a one in four -- born today stands a one in four chance of landing in jail. he stressed clintons tie with wall street. >> journalist asked who you do listen to in foreign policy. >> the debate took on importance, it's not the final democratic debate before south carolina it's the final democratic debate before super tuesday as well. for the republicans all
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eyes are on south carolina. donald trump took a victory lap in south carolina where hes hoping for another win. jeb bush is hoping strong support can save his campaign. john kasich, ted cruz and marco rubio are continuing to fight. president obama is in los angeles after a fund-raising visit in the bay area. the president departed yesterday afternoon and on his way to air force one he lived up to the nickname as the baby whisperer. earlier in the day he attended a democratic fundraiser at the home wesley. susan pfeiffer was in the crowd. the president attended a fundraiser in palo alto.
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>> there's a deal involving the future of the raiders, how long the owner agreed to stay in oakland. if you have taken uber you were charged a safety fee, now there's a lawsuit. we're looking at a commute, the traffic is doing well but it's foggy. the golden gate bridge you see the fog. it will be cooler, all eyes will be on mavericks today. high surf advisory is out already.
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. welcome back. uber will pay more than $28 million to settle lawsuits about the safety prone -- project. uber does not do did fingerprint required. it would rename the fee to a booking fee. a judge has to approve the deal. the raiders will play at the oakland coliseum for at least one more season. they agreed to extend the lease. one year options to play at the
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coliseum for 2017 or 2018. >> the mayor when she presented in front of the national football league owners she said they need time. they believed they could get something done. for the raiders it gives us septembery for this season -- certainty for this season. the raider announced for the 11th year they will not raise season ticket prices. the streets around super bowl city in san francisco are open. the muni announced that buses will be back to a normal schedule this morning. during the super bowl people who work along the embarcadero
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had problems. the secret is out, 130 were slicked to be part of the super bowl. i was wondering who the people were. the students practiced for weeks and had to keep it a secret. they did not know who was going to perform until everyone else found out. >> one of my favorite moments be youncea -- be johnsa walked past me. >> a rally will be held in honor of their super bowl performance. >> they did a great job. time is 4:16. let's check in with sal. if you saw the latest promo he has all the information. >> it's right here in my head. thank goodness that's not
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running any more. good morning. i think i make fun of myself more than anyone else does. maybe that's not threw a -- true. let's take a look at what we have, it's a decent community, no major problems if you're driving through. this is the golden gate bridge, the fog brothers talking about the patchy morning fog on the golden gate bridge. traffic looks good, as you travel on 880 traffic is moving well. it's patchy fog, patchy means patches of. if you're on the east bay commute so far so good. and 4:17, let's go to steve. >> you're pretty chipper. >> you know why, it's friday.
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>> all systems go for mavericks, we'll have updates all morning. we have the high surf advisory, that started yesterday and goes to 8:00. yesterday, the report was 5 to 7, now it's 9 to 13, picking up. that will go into tomorrow, high surf advisory until 8:00. water temps are above average, they have not bumminged in a month -- budged in a month. in between cloud bands, 1 to the north, one toward monterey, 40s and 50s. you saw the fog is back, but amazingly there's an offshore breeze, i doubt the fog goes
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far. 40s on the temps. petaluma and everyone is close, a slight easterly breeze. it's east at sfo. less than 5 miles an hour it's offshore. 46 in ukiah. 34 at tahoe city and truckee 35. cooler here, especially coast and bay. if you're far enough inland you may have a summertime pattern. near the coast 60s return, compared to beginning of the week the temperatures have come down. here comes the warmer weather. >> warmer weather. >> i like it. maybe thursday and friday. get ready the pay more for a bart parking citation,
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according to the examiner the bart board of directors voted to increase citations at 33 facilities. they issued 98,000 citations. half were issues with parking. 4:20 is the time. the zika virus continues to spread. what the world health organization has to say with about a possible vaccination.
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. welcome back, coming up on 4:23. the weeks long occupation of a wildlife refuge in oregon is over. the last surrendered yesterday. the fbi officials says the refuge will likely remain closed as the agents continue their investigation. the four will face a judge today. three people died in venezuela from complications from the zika virus. 70 others are in the hospital
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because of zika, it has been spreading across latin america since november, venezuela has 5000 suspected cases of the zika virus. ons with the world health organization say efforts to develop a vaccine are progressing, so far the who has identified 15 companies or groups to come up with the vaccine. a spokesperson said the connection between zika and babies born with small heads is more and more probable. the head of usa track and field are limits exposure to zika virus for athletes in brazil. max siegel said they have teamed up with medical experts to keep them informed of the
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vice us. athletes will use top -- topical ointments. the pope will go to cuba and mexico. he will meet with the head of the russian orthodox church in havana. it will focus on religious reconciliation. this is the first time they have met face-to-face. he will visit mexico and return to rome. lamar odom attended his brother-in-law's fashion show in new york last night. he was escorted to his seat people cheered. he had been recovered since he was found unconscious in a
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nevada brothel. >> there's only one bay area finalist in the top 10 of american idol. last night james viii and four on contestants were sent home. next week the second half will perform. you can watch "american idol" every wednesday and thursday right here. there's a lot of talent. investigators trying to identify the human remains found in gilroy, the evidence that leads them to believe they are not lamar. we're live in san jose where police are investigating a deadly hit and run involving a cyclist, we'll tell you about
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the suspect vehicle. in the south bay, when it comes to the freeways it's looking good, nice and clear, you can see it's wide open getting up to highway 17. fog is back, we'll look at that on the golden gate, it's a good for mavericks, the swell will be building.
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. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. all the lovely people that are up early with us. i love meeting people who are up with us early. sometimes you feel you're
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alone. thanks. we appreciate that. it's friday, we have a check here, especially by the coast, and sal will confirm that. on the golden gate bridge it's thick, that's the fog, we have mavericks a go, high surf advisories out. you can watch online or tv, the conditions are improving, yesterday it was 5 to 7, now 9 to 13, high surf until 8:00 p.m. on saturday. water temps are mild. a little above where they should be. they've been 55 to 56. high clouds mix of low clouds, 40s on the temps. there's still offshore breeze. sfo east at three. i doubt the fog goes far. 20s in the mountains or 30s. besides the high clouds will be a mix of those and the sun.


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