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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a double homicide in one of seth -- san francisco's most visited tourist spots. what police are saying about shooting this morning. the latest on the sudden vacancy on the u.s. supreme court and how it's adding another dimension to the race to the white house. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. san francisco police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed two men at one of the tourist hotspots.
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we're live at the top of twin peaks where gunfire broke out early this morning. christian? >> reporter: all day long we've seen san francisco police in the area. in the last 10 minutes we saw a group of officers come through this area, bringing families through this area. not clear if that's the family of the victim or one of the victims. they did spend a significant amount of time around this black chevy impala here. the area we're standing, twin peaks, one of the most spectacular views of san francisco. all day long we've seen hundreds of tourists coming to this area taking pictures and enjoying the view. none of them having any idea they are standing a few feet away from where three men were shot. >> san francisco police were at the top of twin peaks early responded to reports of shots fired shortly after 2:00 a.m. officers discovered three men who had been shot, one young man was already dead. emergency workers rushed a 22- year-old to the hospital where he died. and an 18-year-old is still hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. investigators are not releasing much information about the shooting. they are saying the men appear to have been targeted by one man who fired the shots and
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fled the scene immediately after. at this point there's no description of the suspect but there are several broadcasting antennas on top of twin peaks and surveillance cameras in the area. it's unclear if the attack was captured by one or more of those cameras. hundreds of tourists brought their own cameras to twin peaks trying to capture the spectacular view. none had heard they were standing just yards away from the scene of this morning's double homicide. >> wow. that's crazy. >> reporter: ray ramos, jr. and his family were visiting from gilroy. despite the public setting, violence can that be in -- can happen anywhere at any time. >> i grew up over there, you know. shooting so most every week. >> looking around, very public here. so many people up here enjoying this. i'm thinking, how did that happen? >> reporter: heather urban is visiting from nevada city celebrating her bundlers 90th birthday. she says she is shocked shut -- such a violent crime could
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happen in such a public area. >> this is like a lovers lane, you would come up here after a date. there would be tons of people up here. that was many years ago but i can't imagine it's any different. how do something like that occur here? >> reporter: tonight san francisco police are asking for the public assistance, anybody who knows anything please come forward. it appears to be a targeted case, the gunman in this case was targeting the three men who were shot here. not a case of random violence. we are live here is have fiscal, christien kafton, fox 2 news. >> you mentioned that san francisco police were not saying much about this case. did they mention anything about a possible motive? >> reporter: that one of the questions we did have for them. if they knew what the motive could be, they know this was a targeted incident. there could -- at this point san francisco police are very tightlipped about that. sum up -- >> christien kafton, life for us tonight on twin peaks, thank you. political jockeying
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continued today following the death of antonin scalia. the gop says the nomination for a new justice needs to wait until the next president is sworn in. democrats say president obama has a duty to replace scalia. dubnyk away reports -- .mac away reports.'s >> reporter: it will remain at half staff on the day of justice scalia's internment. the political war over the supreme court vacancy that his death sets into motion has just begun. the president last night signaled his intention to send the tenet -- senate a supreme court nominee. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities, to nominate a successor. in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility, to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> reporter: senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell sent out a statement that suggested he won't take up any nominees sent up that president obama. marco rubio agrees. >> i think we should wait until after november and before we move forward on confirming any justice. the president can nominate whoever he wants but the senate is not going to act. that's pretty clear. so we're not moving forward on it, period. >> reporter: even if mcconnell were to change his mind, any obama nominee would most certainly be filibustered, ted cruz has already said he will do just that. >> does that mean you are going to filibuster anyone, anyone president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people, george. >> reporter: cruz said the loss of skille means we are just one justice away from losing civil liberties for generations. democrats are furious that republicans are vowing not to take up any of president obama's nominees. harry reid calling it a shameful abdication of one of the senate's most important constitutional response abilities. at the white house, .mac away,
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fox news. more details on the death of justice scalia. county judge in texas declared him dead over the telephone after calling his position, the judge decided the cause of death was a heart attack. no autopsy was performed. plans call for his body to be flown home to virginia tonight or in the coming days. funeral plans have not been released. now to the unseasonably warm weather here in the bay area, it was a sunny day and in some areas, it was 70 degrees. 70 in san francisco where i was, let's check in with the meteorologist. mark, i asked you yesterday, for my forecast and you nailed it. >> i always get nervous with those customized forecasts, but temperatures are soaring today, on valentine's day, lots of 70s out there across the bay area, a few neighborhoods getting closer to 80 degrees. what -- one record to report, a tied record in san rafael, they thought 78 -- look at all the 70s for san francisco, san jose, livermore 75, antioch
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maxing out at 76. on the satellite, just a few extra high clouds working their way to the bay area but not enough to prevent warmth out there. right now we have partly cloudy skies across a good portion of the region. take a look at this, just beautiful looking out towards san francisco and golden gate bridge, the clouds, very nice cloud textures and colors out there for your sunday evening. here is the deal for your monday, another one one out there, temperatures have been steadily warming up over the past few days, that trend will continue into monday. we're talking about lower 80s for santa rosa, oakland as well, san jose in the upper 70s, 78 degrees. so get ready for warm temperatures near monday. a closer look at forecast highs in your neighborhood and also talking about rain chances, finally showing up in your five- day forecast. highway patrol is investigating two deadly crashes overnight in sonoma county. if it crash happened about 1:00 this morning on highway 1 near doran beach road. in bodega bay. the chp says two people were
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killed after the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. >> reporter: preliminary investigations show the vehicle was northbound on state route 1 and for an unknown reason crashed -- went off the roadway and crashed into a eucalyptus tree. both parties were pronounced at the scene. >> the car appears to be have -- to have been speeding but it's too early to know what caused that crash. around the same time the highway patrol says a motorcycle rider fleeing from officers lost control and crashed into sebastopol. that rider was killed. we're told police initiated the chase because the motorcycle had been reported stolen. investigators are looking for the cause of a house fire in phoenicia. that blaze broke out on casey court around 7:30 last night. no one was home at the time. there were three dogs inside and one of them died. firefighters say the other two are still missing. the house sustained significant damage. investigators also trying to determine what sparked this
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three-alarm fire that left a child hurt and more than a dozen people found a place to live. it began last night around 8:00 on fulton street near the university of san francisco. two homes were damaged. it took crews more than an hour to bring the fire under control. 11-year-old boy cut his foot while trying to get out of one of the homes. the red cross is now helping those displaced by the fire. homicide investigators say a man was found dead with a gunshot wound inside a crashed car. police responded to reports of a car crashing into a pole near pioneer high school just before 4:00 this morning. officers say when they got there they saw the man in the car had also been shot, he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. more tonight that the cost of an education at uc berkeley has more than doubled in the past decade. the san francisco chronicle reports that at the same time, fewer california residents enrolled in those schools.
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while out-of-state enrollment increased sharply. officials say they had to eliminate most of the price breaks for residents because the law and business schools just aren't getting enough money from the state. the courthouse was open this morning to perform valentine's day weddings. staffers and volunteers came to the courthouse in redwood city on their normal day off to officiate 11 weddings today. the first couple who got married this morning, they've been together 34 years but decided to finally make it official in order to grant the bride's late father's dying wish. >> the deal was we wanted to get married and stuff. unfortunately, he passed first. but we're in his home and just feeling his love. and in his honor, we thought, let's do it. valentine's day was the best day of the year. >> the courthouse was open today, county clerks usually officiate about 1000 weddings every year. coming up the pope delivers a message of hope in mexico. the outdoor mass that drew hundreds of thousands of people
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come to one of mexico city's most dangerous suburbs. another dimension to the race for the white house, hear what the presidential candidates are saying about the new supreme court vacancy.
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roman catholic church officials estimated 2 million people today lined the pope's motorcade route through mexico city. the pope celebrated and outdoor mass in a crime-ridden suburb where drugs, violence and death are daily occurrences. he told those on hand to resist the allure of wealth and corruption. church officials said 300,000 tickets were distributed for the service. making it the largest single event of the pontiff's five day stay. now to the race for the white house, candidates on both sides of the political aisle are talking about last night's fiery gop presidential debate
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and getting into the political fight following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. justin fisher has more from washington. >> i was pleased with the debate. i was the only person that went after donald trump. >> reporter: fallout from saturday nights contentious gop debate. >> my mom is the strongest woman i know. >> jeff gets up and says we were safe under his brother. first of all, his brother got us into the war in iraq which is one of the worst catastrophes ever. >> reporter:, -- -- >> ted has developed a disturbing pattern of saying things that aren't true. just this week alone he had an ad pulled off the air because he lied about sanctuary cities and immigration. >> when anyone points to marco rubio, his record on immigration, he just response yelling yellow -- yelling lies. >> reporter: john kasich is trying to keep his momentum. by being the voice of reason. >> it's been my intent to be
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positive. >> reporter: the fight continues to win over minority voters in both nevada and south carolina. >> we broke up the big banks tomorrow and i will, if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, i will. would that end racism? >> reporter: we're going to surprise people in nevada, we're going to surprise people in south carolina. >> reporter: the death of justice scalia is now a major topic on the campaign trail. both democratic candidates say president obama should nominate a new supreme court justice. >> the constitution is pretty clear. the president makes the appointment. the senate confirms. let's get on with that. >> reporter: republican candidates argue a new appointment should wait for a new president. >> one more liberal justice and the second amendment will be written out of the constitution. one more liberal justice and the court will strike down every restriction on abortion. >> we are now less than a week away from the republican primary in south carolina. >> reporter: in washington,
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kristen fischer, fox news. exercise is good for the heart. today in san francisco it was good for the soul. 10,000 runners took part in the annual kaiser permanente half marathon and 5k all of the proceeds benefiting bay area charities including the salvation army harbor alliant center and meals on wheels. the course is ranked as one of the most scenic in the country by runner's world magazine. we caught up with these participants as they were making their way down the great highway. -- wholesalers at the flower mart or wrapping up what has been a very busy valentine's day week. the market has 55 vendors and sold more than 50,000 bunches of roses and 25,000 bouquets of tulips this week. the cost for 25 red roses? $35-$40 which is about the same as it was last year. tulips can be just as popular, the cost was just $6.50. >> men buy red roses. that's the rule.
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they think all women want red roses. usually women would rather have white or color or something like that. tulips are always a big hit. and of course there's everything in season right now. hydrangea, everything. >> add some variety. i like pink tulips. the flower mart was unclear for several years, developers i'd property. it was sold last year but the new owners reached an agreement with the flower mart tenants and the wholesale market will stay at its current location. on brandon street, the flower mart is now one of only five wholesale flower markets left in the country. valentine's day brought record-setting cold to parts of the east coast. in boston, temperatures dipped to minus 9 degrees. that broke an 81-year-old record and not everyone who went outside was very happy about that. >> i think it's absolutely awful. >> feeling kind of chilly. >> i do not love the cold.
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i'm yearning for florida this time of year. >> others said the cold weather was the perfect excuse to cuddle on valentine's day. forecasters say there's a good chance of snow tomorrow in new york city and in philadelphia. let's check in with our meteorologist. in the bay area, nothing but blue skies and lots of sunshine. >> too warm to cuddle in the bay area for today, lots of 70s and warming trend, get ready, as we head into your forecast as well. a few high clouds paid us a visit throughout the afternoon hours, those will stick around at least until monday morning. as you can see here on the satellite, upper-level winds here, circulation there, big area of high pressure and the storms heading up to our north. with that, we will have a dry weather pattern for the next couple days. that will be changing by midweek, we'll talk more about rain chances coming up in a little bit. there you go with the satellite perspective showing you some of those high clouds in the bay area, in fact, high clouds, the real deal looking out towards
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san francisco bay. in as little appearance there flying through the screen, partly cloudy skies, wrapping up a very nice valentine's day across the region. first thing tomorrow morning, some 40s to right around 50 degrees with partly as a cloudy skies for monday morning. san francisco 52, livermore upper 40s, 49 degrees. could be talking about records as well, take a look for san rafael, that could possibly be a record. san francisco could be tying a record, san jose pretty close at least in the upper 70s, 78 is the record. warming up all because this guy, big area of high pressure offshore, actually warm back things back up into your monday forecast, tuesday still pretty warm out there, and then big changes, definitely feel something changes by midweek with this area of low pressure moving in. this will bring in some more clouds and rain chances as well. in fact rainfall becoming likely near wednesday afternoon into the evening forecast, first developing up in the north bay.
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spreading to the south. here is our forecast model tomorrow, we are in the clear, partly to mostly cloudy -- or mostly sunny skies. warm out there and then into tuesday, a few high clouds approaching the north bay, definitely clouds thickening up, wednesday morning looks like it could be dry but then by the afternoon hours, bump up those rain chances as rainfall moves into the north. gradually spreads to the south and possibly a few more showers, slight chance in the friday forecast especially favoring the north bay. speaking of the north bay, santa rosa 81 degrees, napa 79, fairfield upper 70s. i had to remind myself tomorrow is february 15. i'm talking about some 80s out for oakland, livermore in the upper 70s, some more neighborhoods with san jose 78, santa cruz a great day 79. san francisco, walking around you're going to feel 76 degrees. a look at the, five-day forecast still pretty warm on a tuesday, but then a big drop off in temperatures wednesday
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and thursday. raincloud will be the big headline this week. not a stronger system but it's nice to welcome a change to the bay area. looks like a slight chance of a shower on your friday forecast. the weekend could be dry as well. >> good news for the chinese new year parade on saturday. >> just a few clouds. speaking of which the chinese new year parade in san francisco is saturday. you can watch the parade live on ktvu fox 2. live coverage is on saturday the 20th that starts at 6:00 p.m. a new action movie about a foulmouthed superhero clobbered box office records this holiday weekend. >> i played a lot of roles. >> dead pool starring ryan reynolds took in a whopping $135 million in its debut weekend. becoming the biggest february opening ever. it was also the biggest r opening ever. them with the cost $58 million
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to make and industry analysts only expected it to bring in about $60 million on its opening weekend. coming in a distant second was kung fu panda with 19.7. how to be single came in third, and sue lander -- zoolander and top five. pebble beach came down to one final shot.
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as to time super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning considers retirement, old allegations are beginning to surface. there's a document claiming manning assaulted an athletic trainer at the university of tennessee. this trainer, dr. jamie maller ryne, worked in all sports programs and was highly regarded. she claimed after she filed a formal complaint, manning designed the incident and eventually she was asked to leave the school. they signed a confidentiality agreement but the report says manning broke that agreement when he and his father published a book that detailed his version of events. she sued for defamation of character and the case settled. terms were never made public. time to check in with joe
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and give us the latest on what's happening at pebble beach. >> exciting finish today with a two-stroke lead headed to the final round, phil mickelson was the favorite to win. for the fifth time in his career. no one was talking about vaughn taylor. super bowl at&t window is perfect, let el niño resume. taylor, who had not won on tour in more than a decade, began his day six strokes off the lead. approach to the 15th hole, taylor in the middle of the street that would have four straight birdies on the back nine, he kept that one. at 16, he made the part of the day, taylor had taken a one- stroke lead. just a little excited about his fourth straight birdie. but playing a few holes behind, mickelson was very much in contention. for birdie at 13, now within a stroke of the lead. taylor can lock up the tournament if he makes one more birdie get 18. he comes that flows and settles for a round of 65.
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that he had to wait. down two at 17, mickelson needed to score quickly. he does, making birdie. taylor could only watch four- time champion get himself in position for a birdie at 18 to believe in. make this part and they are in a playoff. mickelson lips out. and vaughn taylor has his first win since the reno tahoe open of 2005. he got into this tournament as an alternate, finding out monday he was in the field, ranked 447th in the world coming in. taylor will now play in the masters. final leaderboard, taylor by a stroke over mickelson, a couple of swedes are next, jacobson is tied for three strokes back. winds have been tough to come by for the women's basketball team this year. the barracks at home today against arizona, cal in the valentine's day pink uniforms, down by three in the second quarter, she changes that with three of her 13 points. but the big player in this one
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was the freshman, christine. she was a force inside, going 8- 8 from the field. she would score 24 points in all. bears when 75-56. cal now 3-11 in the conference but within one game of the .500 mark. 12-13 overall. should be fun. thanks, joe. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, high temperatures, causing snow to melt in the sierra. >> is the melt off coming too early in the season? what does it mean for drought conditions? we'll take a look coming up tonight had 10:00. see you then, everybody. happy valentine's day, everybody.
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and the next wedding gift is... a gravy boat. ooh, one gravy boat. that's from sheldon. he told me he had it engraved. "in the event of a divorce, please return to sheldon cooper." one "inappropriate, yet i wish i thought of that" gravy boat. when i get married i'm going to register at the ucla cadaver lab. ew, why? 'cause i've always wanted a whole human skeleton and they are really spendy. so, you actually see you and sheldon getting married someday? not just someday. in exactly four years. but don't tell sheldon. he's still a flight risk. what about you, penny? what about me what? do you think you and leonard might ever get married?


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