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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> about 80. >> you know it's february right. >> honestly, some records were set one year ago and when you go back to back with record highs, remember last year was pretty high. there will be many records and if you go all the way down maybe 16, it'll be close 77 will be one shy, san jose looks to file a little short and napa will be close with 81 being the record. san francisco the tide and look at sfo and oakland, 75 and 80, those records were set one year ago. a few high clouds and that's it. 50s on the temp and upper 40s and 50s. it's much warmer and the offshore breeze is in place for some.
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northeast of nevada and santa rosa you get the idea, a few high clouds but it won't stop anything. to stop it yesterday? no. near 80 for some. way above normal 10 and we will have more on this in about 10 minutes. for your monday light traffic. a salute to his forecast on presidents' day. >> here we are, not having a lot of traffic today is steve mentioned because most people have the day off if you have to go to work at the very worst you will face a light commute not only going but coming home. let's go take a look at the commute, traffic looks good and if you are driving on 580 westbound to the dublin into about -- interchange no problems. you will see the traffic will be light as you get through it if you are still driving on 80 to get there from the bridge to
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macarthur is only taking about 16 minutes. not a bad commute at all and in fact it has been nice. we will not see the commute but don't think you can speed because chp does not have the day off. thank you al. san francisco is asking for help with two people that killed people and their destination. weird joined live from the newsroom by brian.>>reporter: the shooting happened yesterday morning at the top of san francisco to win peaks and when officers arrived they found that three men had been shot and one was already dead in the second died at the hospital. a third man had life-threatening injuries but we have not been able to get an update on his condition. later in the day florist flocked there to enjoy the view and please do not believe that
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they were in any ginger because they think that targets were in particular targeted. one woman remembers a different twin peaks. >> i grew up here, he was lovers lane and you would come up here on a date and there was tons of people appear. obviously that's many years ago but i can imagine it being any different so how does something like that occur?>>reporter: there are surveillance cameras and police are hoping that maybe one of these cameras has captured what happened and they are also asking anyone that knows any information to contact them. thanks so much brian. 5:03 am, and a search for a missing alameda man with the new lead on john beck who went missing and they showed this photo of him on the coastal
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trail near lands end, the photo was taken tuesday at noon just hours after he left oakland after missing a business meeting. the federal government was trying to collect judgment on him in the amount of $113 million. he ran a company the promised easy money in real estate that the federal court determined it was a scam. >> my dad had this issue, but the main thing we are focused on his finding him, my dad is a very reliable person and goes where he says. he's never done anything like this, it's very unusual. he's an amazing grandfather and a solid, good, decent person. >> their speculation that he may have staged his disappearance or skipped town because of his financial problems but his family does
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not believe that, they've spread missing person photos as far south as san jose and will search the coastal trail this morning. a memorial service for police officer augustine vegas who was shot and killed last week during a domestic dispute. the memorial service will take place on friday at the richmond memorial auditorium located at 403 civic center plaza. the service will be open to the public and starts at 10 am. he was a 15 year veteran with the police force and a respected member of the community. police have arrested a 30-year- old man in connection, and he is the father of one of the guesses grandchildren. police have set up and go find me account for more than $15,000 has been raised so far. dna evidence has connected a man to abuse -- brutal gang rape and they travel to arrest daniel chen who is being
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charged with rape, false imprisonment, and battery, it happened in 2014 by investigators only linked him to the crime after a dna sample after a drug arrest last month. he was a student from ucsd from 2012 two 2013, no other arrests have been made. the time is 5:05 am in the unexpected death of supreme justice antonin scalia has triggered a political war over how to replace him. it comes as the nation remembers the supreme court justice in his role on the highest court. >>reporter: the us supreme court will return to work next week and one seat will be empty with the passing of justice scalia, the question is for how long? or hers carries the body before a plane was to take back to virginia. the death has been a shock. mourners leaving candles, flowers, and cards at the steps of the supreme court with
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questions now about what will happen next. >> a plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >>reporter: president. obama has promised to find a replacement but this requires approval from the gop senate republicans say they will not sign off during a presidential election year.>> the person that wins will have the right to replace justice scalia. >>reporter: this has caused consternation on the campaign trail. >> we are not moving forward until after the election. >> i believe the next president should fill the vacancy. >>reporter: republicans want to delay and democrats want them to move forward. >> president makes the opponent , senate confirms, let's get on. >>reporter: the court will continue to function with just eight justices there could be a
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limbo where they refer to lower court ranging to immigration to abortion rights and obama care. >>reporter: the president could circumvent and unilaterally to a recess appointment and put someone on the bench temporarily. it does not look like that will happen but if the president did that republicans would howl. in washington, fox news. the time is 5:08 am and democratic voters in nevada head to the polls for primary elections. because about the presidential candidates are toppling down in some states. republicans are recovering from the debate saturday night where donald trump jed bush went head- to-head repeatedly. jed said he was happy and trump completed the audience that would him several times was stacked with bush supporters. the two democratic candidates both campaigned in las vegas over the weekend.
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>> i want you to understand that i am running for president because i believe with all my heart that our nation can be just as filled with opportunity for my granddaughter and yours as it ever was for any of us. >> how are we going to pay for the proposal to make public colleges and universities free? we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculations. >> the democrats and republicans which states in nevada republican caucuses february 23 in south carolina democrats head to the polls for their primary february 27. big changes coming to san francisco mission street. they are transforming a 2 1/2 mile stretch from 2 1/2 mile 11 street to increase pedestrian
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safety. the noticeable difference. in the southbound direction where one of the two traffic lanes will be a bus only lanes required right turns and left turn restrictions will also be implemented in both restrictions. as part of the project they have removed 13 stops that they considered inefficient. the painting of the red transit on the main starts next week. tuition at california public school system universities will go up in the fall of next year, the cost of university of california and california state has not gone up in 5 years but before that both school systems had tripled tuition and mandatory fees since 2001. university leaders are talking about tying tuition hikes to the cost of living and the state analyst has recommended doing that for years. a new study raises questions about how fairly california students are being treated at professional schools. traditionally california
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students pay less for the newspaper reports that the university has been raising prices for state students faster than those that are not residents. the price difference is just 3% and the chronicle says the number of california's have business and law school has dropped. at the same time more nonresidents are enrolling. time is 5:11 am in santa clara they are looking to prevent suicide after four palo alto teenagers took their lives. county members are partnering with members of disease control and will spend the next two weeks studying suicidal behavior among young people. it will tack trends, risk measures and preventative measures that can be implemented . mountain lands targeting house pet's, the recent increase in mountain lion attacks that could make pet owners more cautious.
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with concerns growing over this eco-virus how a colorado company is taking a new approach to fight the virus. >> announcer: the fox 2 river report brought to you by fox casino.
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knew this morning and university in pakistan where taliban gunmen killed 21 people last month's reopening today. the universities chancellor assured students that security measures are in place and on january 20 for taliban gunmen
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opened fire. pakistan shoulders -- soldiers rushed to the scene and students tried to hide. the taliban said the attack was in retaliation for pakistan military force deaths from recent months. pope francis held a mass for hundreds of thousands of people yesterday in an area known for drug cartel violence outside of mexico city. it was part of the pope's five- day visit and he condemned the drug trade and violence that comes with it and called it wealth of pain. pope francis will visit the middle of the us mexican border to bring attention to immigration. 5:14 am in uc davis and uc san francisco is teaming up with university of wisconsin two studies eco-virus. they want to know how it develops and once they understand that they will in fact for pregnant monkeys with
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the virus to learn how it affects growing fetuses. international researchers have found forth the house and bases -- babies born with brain damage. they have not been able to find a direct link between the virus in the birth defects. in the meantime a colorado company is trying to stop the spread of disease carried by mosquitoes, they say a lot of attention is focused on this eco-virus the nearly 2,000,000 people around the world diet every year from diseases including west nile, malaria and dengue fever. they made all-natural soap that repels mosquitoes and every time someone buys a box of three soaps, a fourth bar is donated to a country where there is epidemics and they want to make donations to brazil in the coming weeks. the time now is 5:16 am and that's head out and learn about
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the traffic. >> unfortunately sometimes when the roads are wide open-year- old higher-speed crashes which tend to be serious. we do not have any now in traffic looks good on 880 north and southbound and nice if you are driving somewhere today. just beware that but it may feel like a sunday to you but obviously chp is out there in full force. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza there is not a big delay there at all. moving to the east bay, not looking at any traffic here on highway 4 or 580 or interstate 680. it all looks good. 5:17 pm and steve, this weather. i'm getting go out on a limb and even -- when and it did in cutting will be my witness. it's going to rain in march
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targets can come in like a lion. the wind is kind and nice. quickly hear the record cold back east is off the charts, it's 40 below back there and it's so warm here. >> with the advent of social media i've been keeping up with that. if you are a weather fee and you must be on twitter. have to be, the information is incredible. thank you sal. some of it is out there where the rubber meets the sky, it's very complicated but some of it is good. temperatures that were 43 below this weekend. we don't have anything like that but it's about 43 degrees and almost 40 in reno. 29 in tahoe and truck keys 28 degrees. possible records. there will be many statewide, probably the
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possibility of 13 to 15 around here. these are ones that i think will be close, centerville 77, 70 the possibility of 13 to 15 around here. these are ones that i think will be close, centerville 77, 76 in san jose, napa is 80, one off from 1943. san francisco 76 would tie going back to 1930. sfo 75 in downtown oakland 80 would tie records from last year. a few high clouds and that's it. a teeny bit of fog in the valley but i don't think it will play our way yet. keep an eye on it but there's too much of the police. 50s and 60s in berkeley is 58. it's pretty mild here. 48 gill and higher elevation scotts valley 61. 61 saratoga, that's really warm for this time of the morning. north at 14 sonoma county airport. north east at oakland airport and even downtown oakland 28, 48 to qaeda, 56 in
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monterey. they will set records, sacramento possible. high-pressure is our fair weather friend but it will not stick instead, it will break down by wednesday. today and tomorrow will be the warmest day. it felt hot yesterday for february but by wednesday the temperatures come down and we go back to the 60s and rain on top for thursday. sunny and warm and record high near 80's and the breezeway above. upper 70s to near 80 degrees and santa rosa 80 degrees santa cruz 80 degrees. many others will be close and about the symptom only clouded up wednesday rain sweeps through and may linger into friday. okay on the weekend. i like that okay and then we can because the chinese new year parade that we will be a. >> it will be cooler but try.
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>> you will be working at right claudine? >> i will be working in the morning and working in the evening. you'll be sick of me. time now is 5:20 am and it's one of the highest scores nba all-time games and how they help set the record and a special tribute to kobe bryant. first we take a look at some of the closures on this presidents' day holiday, all federal and state offices and new mail delivered today, libraries and schools are also close. if you need to get around we will operate on a saturday schedule with the transit and caltrans is on a modified. golden gate transit is on a holiday and pta will operate as normal. >>
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with a two-stroke lead headed to the final round of the pebble peach pro-am phil mickelson was the favorite to win there was a player who is chosen as an alternate who took home the top prize, vaughn taylor had not won on tour in 11 years but yesterday he proved he was the guy to be in the end it came down to a playoff between mickelson and taylor and mickelson missed giving taylor to win. they were separated by just one stroke. that one stroke will get you a lot of money. taylor 11 point one $1.26
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million which is $165,000 more than he's made in the past three years combined. tammuz 5:24 am and last night's all-star game in toronto for basketball was a great game. -- kobe bryant playing his 18th and final all-star game and the crowd shouted his game as he walked out onto the court and whereásubperiod said it was on our to play in the same game with him. kobe bryant means something to everyone individually as a basketball fan and us as players and we have a lot of different thoughts about what he means to the game and how he inspired you end myself growing up. subperiod had some amazing moments himself, knocking down 6 three-pointers and he finished with 26 points in the west ended up winning the game with the final score 1 in the west ended up winning the game with the final score 196 two 173.
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the west had the most points by any team in all-star game history. some of the biggest stars of music will be of la tonight for the 50th annual grammy awards. yes, kendrick lamar has 11 grammy nominations, taylor swift and the weekend tied with 7 each. swift and lamarre going head-to- head for album and song of the year. it could go either way i would give it to taylor simply because it's a more conventional album. lady gaga will give a performance and will honor the late david bowie and the grammy producers are setting the bar high. they hope to show the show will be the greatest live music concert on the planet. time now 5:26 am and people hit with blue darts, the bizarre attacks dean investigated on the golden gate bridge.
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live in san francisco where searches being held for a man that's been missing for nearly a week. he owes millions of dollars and we will tell you about a new clue in the case.
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earlier monday morning it's
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a holiday, presidents holiday, look at this festive view of the bay area. a live picture as well. it makes you feel good as you grab your cup of coffee and you watch claudine wong and dave clark. it's the perfect move. perfect out there. welcome back to warnings on 2 and it's monday, february 15, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook. 5:30 am and you may wake up and think it is it may ? end of april, may >> seriously. february is hot. dave and claudine it will be a day of possible record highs and there could be 15 or so statewide, may be more than that. these will all be close, only san jose is falling short big e san jose will probably be about 79 degrees, napa oakland, sfo, all close to record-setting
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territory and way above former, high clouds in the sierra but still above normal. berkeley 58, 24 hour temperature change, 11 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday and 16 or more in san jose. mountain view's 13 degrees warmer. mostly sunny skies and a northerly breeze for most. not all but most. it will be sunny and warm and temperatures above normal impossible records. changes by thursday, more on that coming up. i see steve, you are my go to guy on thursday or friday we might see a change. >> good, thank you ird know so i will start being mentally ready. right now you don't have to get mentally ready for a lot of snow -- slow traffic because it is light out there.
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if you have to go to work it has been nice at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems and looking at some other commutes, interstate looking at some other commutes, interstate 8080 continues to look nice. certainly there are people out and traffic is looking good all the way into union city. as we look at east bay to the 580 interchange, it looks good. if you're driving on 582 livermore that looks good. 5:32 am let's go back to the desk. a search resumes for an alameda man missing for a week. he owed more than $100 million in a court case in janine de la vega joins us from where he was last spotted. >>reporter: claudine and in our family and friends are going to gather in front of this place behind me to start a search, right across the street here is lands in part and a picture of john beck was supposedly taking here and his family and friends
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are just hopeful to find him. 73-year-old john beck was last seen by his family last tuesday when he was dropped off in downtown oakland for a meeting. he never showed up and the loved ones from this instant grand photo of him near lands and taken the day he disappeared. the family is now focused on the whole lobos area and the trails that he knew well from growing up in san francisco. he had legal trouble and was sued by the federal trade commission and owes $113 million. he appeared in infomercials and his family says the case is been going on for years and he was not despondent or hopeless. >> he would not leave us like that. he wouldn't hop on a plane and go hide somewhere. i can't even express how much my dad would not do something like that. >> the family does not think he skipped town, he left his
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passport behind and reportedly had little money on him and has not used his credit card or cell phones. the police report has been filed in the family is extremely concerned for his safety and will continue passing out flyers with his picture what they plan on meeting over at the end at 6:30 am this morning and they will talk about a game plan and then begin their search at 7 am. claudine, dave. thank you for the update. time is 5:34 am and there was a strange incident at the golden gate bridge were two people were hit by blue darts. here's a photo of one of the darts. both victims were hit as they walked across the bridge. according to chp that are hit his thigh, penetrated his skin about 1 to 2 inches. as police were talking to him the vista point parking lot a second victim walked up and said she'd been hit in the
5:35 am
kneecap. both of them were treated at the scene. investigators are looking now at video surveillance and they say the car was likely going northbound in the lane next to the pedestrian sidewalk. san jose police department are investigating the crash where a man was shot to death behind the wheel, he hit a pole near diamante near pioneer high school just before 4 am yesterday. police are not identifying the victim of the mercury news says he was an older man who went by the name dc. no arrests have been made yet. he might've been shot by someone driving by in another car but the investigation continues. investigators in san francisco are working to see what caused the fire that damage to homes, it happened saturday night on fulton street near the university of san francisco and an 11-year-old boy was injured trying to escape more than a dozen people
5:36 am
left. 50 people were displaced at one point in the red cross stepped in. it's a cruise more than an hour to get the fire under control. a warning for pet owners as more and more dogs and cats are being eaten by mountain lions. a new report reveals that attacks are happening more often and officials looked at more than 100 mountain lions have consumed more than half of them had eaten cats, dogs and other house pets. they are advising people to keep cats indoors and dogs on leashes especially in open spaces and parks. timeout 5:36 am in a debate over short-term rentals is about to heat up. town council work consider a ban on all rentals of less than 30 days. some of the residents say their neighbors have built large additions so they can rent them out an error bmp. they say it attracts undesirable people that causes traffic and parking problems. those who oppose the ban say that there are only 15 and be
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in the rentals of the town of 16,000 homes. computer hackers have hit one of the biggest hospitals in la and are demanding a $3 million ransom to unlock patient records. the cyber attack occurred at hollywood presbyterian hospital and the fbi in la police are working to catch the criminals. the records there have not been available because the computers are shut down. hospital workers say patient care is not being compromised, but it is causing delays, including in the er. that has some of the patients and families pretty upset. >> i'm kind of surprised that they wouldn't tell us when we came in that there could be a delay. cyber security experts say they may have chosen a hospital because security was not good. he knows of six other businesses that have had the record systems attack and held
5:38 am
for ransom and in each case the businesses paid-up. the asian market has been close for the asian lunar celebration and they were up two thirds of a percent but all of the other major markets jumped, there was a 7% gain that made up half of last week's losses despite a disappointing report on japan's domestic gross product, hong kong, singapore and india also higher. european markets have been up since the start of their trading session and wall street is closed. the owner of the 7-eleven store is on a bit of a lucky streak. in the past two months he sold not one but two winning powerball tickets at a store on central avenue. those tickets did not hit the jackpot but they still match five of six netbeans and
5:39 am
$800,000 payout to the store for each ticket. timeout 5:38 am in bay area vendors say valentine's business was good. red roses were popular but tulips were also a big hit this year. vendors at the san francisco flower mart say they sold 50 dozen bunches of roses and 25,000 tulips last week. men by red roses, they think all women want to read usually women would rather have way or color or something like that. tulips are always a big hit and of course everything is in season, sweet pea, hydrangea, it's gorgeous. >> i bought roses in tulips. >> the san francisco flower mart is one of only five wholesale flower markets left in the country. some bay area couples are
5:40 am
waking up his new -- newlyweds as they tied the knot on valentine's day and the county clerk office open yesterday for those that wanted to get married and they officiated 11 weddings. one couple has been together for 34 years and decided to make it official yesterday because they wanted to grant the father of the bride's dying wish. >> he always wanted us to get married and unfortunately he passed first but we are in his home and feeling his love and honor and we just thought let's do it. valentine's day was the best day of the year. clerk say they usually officiate 1000 weddings every year. level is also in the air in new york on valentine's day. these couples are bundled out because there was single-digit temperatures out there but it did not let it get in the way
5:41 am
of their happy day, there was some surprise proposals and renewables. high school senior in utah gave every girl at his high school flower. 17-year-old hayden godfrey saved up to bite 800 carnations for the girls at skyview high school. the cost of $450. he said he did it because he didn't want any girl at school to feel left out. he already has a girlfriend and she was fine with it.>> i'm sure he got her more than one flower. there been no tuition increases at california state schools in years. when that could change for students. first high temperatures causing the snow to melt in the sierra, is it melting too early in the season, what it means
5:42 am
for the drought. >> good morning we are looking at macarthur coming around to the bay bridge and we are expecting the light commute there from oakland to san francisco. lots of sunshine today and warm temperatures, record-setting warm with upper 70s to near 80 degrees
5:43 am
5:44 am
the cold weather is setting records on much of the northeast this weekend in many cities are comparing for up to 3 inches of snow and this is video in boston were temperatures dipped to 9 degrees below and in hartford connecticut the temperatures dip to -40 degrees. this broken 81-year-old record and not everyone that went outside was happy about that. i think it's absolutely
5:45 am
awful. >> i do not love this quote so i'm yearning for florida. >> in california will be 80 degrees today. others say the cold weather was a perfect excuse to cuddle up temperatures are expected to rise starting tomorrow. time is 5:45 am in the warm temperatures in northern california are causing the snow to melt and it's producing some spectacular gifts from nature. >>reporter: the snow melt is creating a spectacular water shower bridal falls along highway 50 in the sierra where travelers stopped in their tracks to see this gift for mother nature. we saw it right away we were like let's stop. we almost hit a car. by midday bridal falls was of virtual tourist trap.
5:46 am
>>reporter: for some like charlotte powered the journey here back good memories. >> my husband and i drove by her for many years and it was often a place where we stopped. it's very beautiful. >>reporter: higher in the sierra the road was nearly devoid of snow and this is a sharp contrast from the same location three weeks ago before the snow melts. white-water rapids along the south fork and while it's exciting to see the fast-moving water, you have to remember the calendar says it's only made february and not april which means we need a lot more snowpack in the months ahead. >> it's too bad were not having more el niño, we need a little more so hopefully we will get more el niño snow. eventually much of the snow will end up here. >>reporter: at full some lake.
5:47 am
this is roughly 63% of capacity with more snow melt on the way and warm temperatures are big draw for everyone. it's a beautiful day for drive to get outside and i haven't been up here in years and it's a nice day to get out. perfect day perfect day in the sierra. beautiful pictures and that was my glory reporting. it looks nice and it looks like the roads are great everywhere. as you mentioned earlier you don't have to worry about traffic jams. not as many people will go to the mountains, let's go out and take a look at the commute in the bay area. i called it a commute because some people do have to go to work but most people do not. we do not have a big delay at
5:48 am
the toll plaza. we are also looking at the san mateo bridge and westbound traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise and if you've to travel around perhaps you are going to work and it will look good. for wall creek to san ramon on interstate 680 is looks good, also good into castro valley. 5:47 am let's go to steve. teeny bit of fog in the belly and a few high clouds but i'll times already for some running pretty far above and a record-setting day today. these are just some and there could easily be 13 to 15. center fell 77 and that would fall one short and 76. outright to san jose it probably will be about 78. this could tie in 19 78. this could tie in 1930 sfo and oakland and this would tie
5:49 am
record set last year. a couple of these favored and clear skies. and 59 berkeley and nevada and 60 n. b temperatures upper 50s above calistoga in a warm and loss. 59 degrees and a northerly breeze. for some west of nevada it's due north and east southeast for fairfield. 28 and 38 in turkey reno and cooler there. tahoe city very warm and well above average as you might imagine.
5:50 am
seriously 80 degrees in february is hot. as we had towards wednesday it's all about sunshine and warm temps. there are a few locations with a few westerly. it's going to be pretty warm with records today and tomorrow but at least it will not stick around the west of the week. maybe some rain lingering into friday. the allergies it to the roof that they will go down. the trees are going bonkers. i'm starting to sniffle smidge. what did you say was out yesterday mosquitoes? >> arete steve. 10 5:50 am and what if you could be notified
5:51 am
that an earthquake was coming, uc scientists have developed an app that lets you know about an earthquake. but first a major bus from down under, the attempt to smuggle $1 billion worth of drugs and guess where they hid them?
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now.
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sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. a huge fire broke out at an
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event meant to promote india to investors. check out the video that shows the smoke underneath the stages the dancers perform and then flames. people were trying to catch the attention of the dancers as the smoke rose. as you can see the fire spread and everyone got off the stage. no major injuries reported. the incident is being viewed as an embarrassment for the government as it was trying to promote indian manufacturing. close to $1 million worth of liquid meth was discovered in australia, it was hinted in imported boxes of silicone bra inserts and art supplies, four people were arrested for importing those drugs from china . >> we are here to discuss the joint operation which has resulted in the largest seizure of meth american cash meth -- meth. the largest requested
5:55 am
history. president. obama's push to reconsider a proposal to cut $300 million from counterterrorism programs. senator. is a democrat from new york and says these cuts are ill-advised and must be reversed. president. obama's newly released budget plan would reduce the urban area security initiative from $600 million-$330 million. they say funding is needed to keep counterterrorism programs fully operational. later this month urging galactica will roll out a new flying machine that it hopes will take tourists to the edge of space. the new craft is called spaceship to and it will carry six passengers to the edge of atmosphere. it will be carried into the stratosphere by another aircraft and that is where spaceships rocket engines will
5:56 am
ignite interest can ride on the rink of space and look down on earth below. 555. 5:55 am and kanye west calling on facebook mark zucker berg to get him out of debt saying he was $53 million in the red and wrote mark zucker berg, invest one $1 billion into kanye west ideas. this came after she debuted his new album and new fashion line. there estimates his net worth is north of $100 million. wow, time is 5:56 am in changes will come to san francisco's busiest streets, how trends that officials plan to make part of mission street more efficient for drivers and pedestrians. but first a man behind bars and what linked him to the case. good morning we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well because of the
5:57 am
holiday. you will not see a lot of traffic on this holiday break. another record day but today will be warmer, we will take a look at some of these records coming up.
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5:59 am
we are live in san francisco where police are investigating a double homicide of the popular tourist spot, more on where it happened and the general public is safe. a political battle in washington following the sudden death of supreme justice antonin scalia . how this creates a risk between lawmakers, mornings on 2 continues. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2 . good morning to you it's monday, february 15. i am claudine wong in for pimco. and i am dave cook , let's check the weather and traffic, steve paulson has the forecast. >> it is warm, very warm, record highs, santa cruz the record is 82 back in 1916, 80
6:00 am
degrees today and gilroy the record is 81 and i went 80, down to monterey and sacramento we will take you to southern california but 77 in sandra fell and san jose will be 4 shy and napa will be 1 off the record. san francisco 76 will tie, sso 75 and 80 will tie record set one year ago. one year ago we had record highs in here we go again. oh 50s, upper 60s and huckleberry 63 degrees, offshore air. palo alto says 49 and denville 62, black hills 65, warm air aloft it will not take long to warm up. mainly in offshore trees and slight, nothing too strong but a few locations out of the west, except for a few high clouds it is warm and upper 70s to near 80. way above normal. we do have changes later in the week and it will not be hot all week. more coming up


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