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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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degrees today and gilroy the record is 81 and i went 80, down to monterey and sacramento we will take you to southern california but 77 in sandra fell and san jose will be 4 shy and napa will be 1 off the record. san francisco 76 will tie, sso 75 and 80 will tie record set one year ago. one year ago we had record highs in here we go again. oh 50s, upper 60s and huckleberry 63 degrees, offshore air. palo alto says 49 and denville 62, black hills 65, warm air aloft it will not take long to warm up. mainly in offshore trees and slight, nothing too strong but a few locations out of the west, except for a few high clouds it is warm and upper 70s to near 80. way above normal. we do have changes later in the week and it will not be hot all week. more coming up. unless
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something has popped up in your screen today should be pretty easy. good morning to you, we do not have a lot going on, we will look at some of the traffic pictures and tell you that in general the roads are light because of the presidents' day holiday. let's go take a look at what we have, traffic moving along nicely as we drive and no major problems. also looking at interstate also looking at interstate 880 in oakland and traffic is moving well. if you're catching a flight at any airport we don't have any expected delays. the weather will cooperate and 580 from livermore to castro valley. six. 682 san ramon oaks good in both directions nice and light. 6:01 am, back to the desk. san francisco police are looking for a killer after a popular tourist destination turned into a crime scene over the weekend. we hope brian florez from fox 2 to explain why the police don't think the public is in danger.
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brian? >>reporter: twin peaks known as a popular tourist spot, known to locals as well. mainly because of the spectacular views that you see here, that being said, people were shocked at a shooting happened here. police are hoping someone saw something in regards to the shooting. they responded to reports after 2 am on sunday and when they arrived they found three men overall had been shot, 20-year- old man was pronounced dead, 22- year-old died at a nearby hospital and the third and 18- year-old was shot, he has life- threatening injuries this morning. i am looking around and it's very public, so many people appear enjoying this and i am thinking, how did that happen? >> >>reporter: police believe that the victims were targeted and they don't think the public is in specific danger and they
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were 2 broadcast towers and police are hoping one of her several on the towers can show something and coming up we will tell you more about the security measures. talk to you guys. time is 6:02 am and the sudden death of supreme justice antonin scalia has left a major void on the nation's highest court in 2 days after he died the battle over when he should be replaced and by whom is causing in the even bigger political rift between democrats and republicans. joe joins us live from washington with more. >>reporter: the new appointee could affect everything from climate change to abortion and civil rights, this is it degrees and that justice scalia's death triggers a political firestorm. >>reporter: with the republican 54 seat majority in jeopardy in 2016, political wrangling is in overdrive over the timing of
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the nomination for supreme court justice antonin scalia's replacement. republicans want a staunch conservative voice and they want to delay until after the general election while president. obama and democratic allies are pushing for pressing timetable. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time.>>reporter: scully is death has upped the ante on candidates vying to be the president. donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz have joined the course of calls to push the nomination process beyond the november 8 election. >> the next president should fill the vacancy.>>reporter: hillary clinton blasted calls to block president. obama's nominee calling it outrageous while her main rival bernie sanders described segovia is brilliant, colorful, and outspoken despite clear differences in political ideology. >> barack obama is president of
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the united states until january 20, 2017. >>reporter: scully is death leaves the high court with an equal number of democratic and republican appointees and it's hard to get a new justice confirmed during an election year. it has only happened once in the last 80 years. dave and cutting? thank you tool. time is 6:05 am and back here in the bay area memorial service has been announced for the richmond police officer augustine vegas who was shot and killed off duty last week during a domestic dispute at his home. the memorial service will be friday at the richmond memorial auditorium, 403 civic center plaza, open to the public it will begin at 10 am. he was a 15 year police veteran and a respected member of his community, police have arrested a 30-year-old man in connection with the shooting death, he is the father of one of vegas is
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grandchildren. the police have set up a go fund the account to raise money to help support his family, within $15,000 has been raised already. dna evidence connected a man to a brutal gang rape on the uc santa barbara campus two years ago, university police traveled to bay area last week to arrest 21-year-old 10-year- old chang chen, he is being charged with rape, false imprisonment and battery. the assault happened in 2014 but investigators were only able to link chen to the crime after dna sample from him after a drug arrest in alameda county last month. he was a student at ucsb from 2012 to 2013, no other arrests have been made. big changes coming to mission street as transit officials are transforming a 2 1/2 mile straight from 11th to randall to improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety. the most notable difference will be in the southbound direction, one of the 2 lanes will be transformed into a bus
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only lane, require right turns and left turn restrictions will also be implemented in both directions. as part of the project they have removed 13 stops that they considered inefficient. the painting of the red transit only lane starts next week. time now 6:07 am intuition for california to public diversities systems is expected to go up starting in the fall of next year. the cost of university of california and california state university classes has not caught up with 5 years, before that's full school systems had tripled tuition and mandatory fees since 2001. now university leaders are talking about tying tuition hikes to the cost of living. the legislative analyst has recommended this approach for years. a new study by the san
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francisco chronicle raises questions about how fairly california students are treated at the uc berkeley professional schools. traditionally california students pay less than out-of- state students to go to the state schools, but the newspaper is reporting that the university has raise prices for state residents faster than for students who are non-residence. it says the price difference now is just 3%. the chronicle says a number of californians and others say business and law schools has dropped. at the same time more nonresidents are enrolling. time now is 6:08 am and a disturbing discovery about mountain lands and their prey, coming up at 6:30 am what researchers say the more frequently in california, it has pet owners on edge. first new concerns over z, virus in a company trying to use a new stop to the spread. traffic in the east bay is not too bad if you are driving to san francisco it will be lighter then usual and we will tell you more about what it
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looks like on this presidents' day. i think we are from twin peaks, looking down at the city it is already in the 60s, possible record high in san francisco and it will be clear and warm, we will show you how warm. all our handcrafted classic we're excited about february. footlongs are just $6 each. $6 for a footlong is big news. sub-pocalypse 2016 - where foot traffic for delicious subs is putting tremendous pressure on sidewalks... enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each.
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pope francis held mass for hundreds of thousands of people yesterday in an area known for drug cartel violence outside of mexico city. it was part of his five-day
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visit to mexico and he condemned the drug trade and violence that comes with it calling drug money wealth that tastes of pain. pope francis will visit the us and mexican border to bring attention to the plight of immigrants. uc berkeley scientists have released an android app to add to your phone to a worldwide quick detection network in the my shake app detects vibrations and sends it for analysis and when people sign up they can use the information as part of an earthquake warning system. it works best for larger quakes from your phone is lying on a flat surface. all smart phones have an accelerometer which allows it to send motion. we use the data to detect earthquakes. researchers say this could be very effective in developing
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countries where government involvement is scarce. time is 6:12 am and officials go looking for ways to prevent suicide after 4 palo alta teenagers took their own lives. county leaders are partnering with the center for disease control to spend the next two weeks on a local study on suicidal behavior among young people. they will track trends, risk factors and preventative measures. scientists at uc san francisco uc davis are teaming up with researchers in wisconsin to study the zica virus virus -- zica virus in monkeys, they want to know how it develops and then they will in fact 4 pregnant monkeys with the virus to hope it teaches them how it affects a growing fetus. international researchers have found more than 4000 babies born to mothers who contracted the virus had brain damage.
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we have not found a direct link between the virus and the birth defect. in the meantime accompanying colorado's trying to stop the spread of diseases, the posada company has a lot of attention is focused on zica virus but almost 200,000,000 people around the world die every year from diseases that include west nile, malaria and dengue fever. a sauna makes an all-natural soap that repels mosquitoes and when a customer buys a box of 3 soaps of 4th bar is donated to a country where they have an epidemic and they plan to start donations to brazil in the next couple of weeks. 6:14 am and if you have to go to work, they have cleared off the roadways for you so you will have an easy ride in. that's true, i'm looking around and there's not a lot going on so i'm having more time to prepare. good morning everyone,
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let's go out and look at what we have now. i have been looking and i am only joking, i do look at the traffic that it is lighter volume. there are fewer accidents which is always nice. the traffic continues to look good and we do not have a lot going on when it comes to major incidents. this is the look at the middle of the spin you don't see that, when you see green that means traffic is light. at the bay bridge toll plaza the sunrise is coming up and you can see that it's moving along very nicely. let's go to steve at 6:15 am and traffic is good in weather is great. fabulous for february and photojournalist, chipped on up above it all on twin peaks, for those of you listening and not watching, looked down, it'll be record-setting warm, thank you chip, that is good stuff, he is
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one of the best athletes, i never saw anyone faster than him. we have quiet conditions and good morning, steve is north of boulder creek in santa cruz mountains and i didn't believe the temperature days so i went checked others. 61 at north boulder creek and some of these records possibly will be broken. santa cruz had an old record of 82 1916 in gilroy had a record of 81 in 1981 and livermore 78 with an old record of 80 and 19 in 1981 and livermore 78 with an old record of 80 and 1933 we are flirting, very close. the other records or sfo in oakland. 75 and 80 would tie record set one year ago. san francisco 76 would tie and san jose looks to be a little shy. nap and 80 degrees would
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be one degree off in 81. the headline today is warm and records possible and then cooler on wednesday and rain. it will roll in thursday and maybe friday. today about high pressure and a breeze and 50s and 60s. look at the difference. palo alto 49 and berkeley and oakland both 60 degrees already. on the peninsula upper 40s and not much of a breeze. send carlos at 56 in pacifica 62 degrees in the kos will be way above average. fourth, northwest and mountain view. 49 degrees sacramento and 45. tahoe city is 34 and 35 and will be warm even in the mountains. partly cloudy in the sierra and
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warm pattern today and tomorrow and that will start to ease up by wednesday and 80 degrees in february is hot but by wednesday the temperatures will plunge down as the system gets closer. sunny and warm in your 80 degrees for some see the ring and northerly direction. way above normal on the temperatures and it will be close for many. capitola looks nice and 77 in pleasanton, far above average. warm again on tuesday and rain thursday and lingering to friday but back to normal with high temps. i have a friend living in cold temperatures and he posted a picture literally frozen on facebook and everyone here started posting pictures of the temperature gauge. >> that is brutal. >> brutal and a couple of ways.
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if your numbers that we are going to post this. time is 6:18 am in the magazine that post photographs of some of the most beautiful women in the world did something for the first time in their history. we will talk about sports illustrated backs. first a look at closures and all federal offices are closed today so no mail will be delivered. libraries and schools are also close. if you need to get around bart is running on a saturday schedule and ac transit is on a sunday schedule. caltrain is on a modified schedule and golden gate is also on holiday schedule and others will operate as normal. this portion of fox 2 news is brought to you by the area kia.
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with her 2 stroke lead headed to the final round of the pebble beach pro round phil mickelson was the favorite to win for the fifth back time in his career but a player chosen as an alternate took the top prize, vaughn taylor had not one in 11 years but yesterday he proved he was the guy to be an in the end it came down to a playoff between mickelson and taylor and they were separated by one stroke. taylor took home $1.26 million, $165,000 more than he has made
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in the past 3 years combined. some exciting moments during the nba all-star game in toronto, kobe bryant was the focus as he placed his 18th and final all-star game. the crowd chanted his name as he walked to the court and they said it was an honor to play in the same game with kobe. >> he means something to everyone individually as possible plans including us as players and you have a lot of different thoughts about what he means to the game and how he inspired you and it was great. it was not all about kobe, all the stores -- stars were on the court and the west beat the east 196-173. the scores are ridiculous. the west scored the most points by any team in all-star history. time is 623 the west scored the most points by any team in
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all-star history. time is 6:23 am and for the first time ever sports illustrated featured a plus size model. this is the cover featuring ashley graham. she is gorgeous and a size 16. she posted this on insta graham saying this cover is for every woman who felt like she was not beautiful enough because of her size. the swimsuit issue will feature mixed martial artists rhonda rousey and haley claussen on the cover. this is the first time in 52 years of sports illustrated has done 3 different covers. some of the biggest stars in music will be in la tonight for the 50th annual grammy awards. kendrick lamarr deeds -- leads with 11 nominations and taylor swift and the weekend tied with 7 nominations each. they are going head-to-head going for album and song of the year. >> it could go either way, if i
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were placing bets i would give it to taylor simply because it's a more conventional album. lady gaga will give a performance honoring the late david bowie and grammy producers are setting the bar high. the show will be the greatest concert on the planet is there hope. chinese new year celebrations continues and it's the year of the monkey known for being smart, clever and mischievous. saturday's big break involves truckloads of lumber, glitter and paint. on saturday stephanie wong was crowned miss chinatown usa and miss chinatown san francisco 2015 takes us through the famous neighborhood and gives us her unique perspective. you can of course watch the chinese new year parade on ktvu fox 2 our live coverage is
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saturday, february 20 starting at 6 pm. we will be part of it great time is 6:25 am and this is wild, 2 sightseers on the golden gate bridge hit by blow darts, up next, the evidence that investigators are looking at to try and catch the attacker . research about to be underweight for missing alameda man. live in san francisco near lands and, we will tell you why it's an area of interests. >>reporter: we are looking at the bridge commute and right now it looks pretty good heading to the peninsula. we will tell you more heading out. it will be a record-setting warm day and more on that.
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welcome back, time 6:28 am in life pictures here, going from my house. you are looking at the rooftop camera over the estuary and pretty clear and dry . down the road changes are coming. thank you for joining us and monday, february 15. i am claudine wong in for pam cook and it's just about 6:30 am. let's check whether and traffic. are you here tomorrow? >> im. it's almost 6:30 am and pretty mild. there are some pictures that we have shown you and it won't matter, a little bit of fog if you head out to start and and breezy at times.
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and 72 and 7280 degrees, it will be a warm day. focusing on a couple of records here they will be close. all knocking on the door if you will of these possible records. there will be many more and mostly clear. palo alto is one but there is a lot of 50s and 60s and sitting near 60 degrees and santa cruz and 50 and santa cruz mountains at 60. it's not going to take long to start warming up and northwest of livermore at 3, as long as it holds everything is in the mix. >> 70s and 80s for us and it is 630 in the morning, what you have for us sow? >> we don't have a lot and most
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people are not going to work. we are not seeing a lot of activity and this is a look at the bay bridge. you can see the traffic is light and looking here you can see that the bridge is light. there's really not much made sure -- manger. traffic is moving well and as the sun comes up we have good conditions and we did have some conditions earlier. in castor valley there was a traffic collision and now it's go back to the desk. family members of a missing man were about to start searching for him again this morning. janine dela vega is in san francisco right now to tell us why one particular area will be the focus. have any searchers arrived yet? >>reporter: we have not seen anyone arrive just yet but they
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should be doing so momentarily. we are told that they are coming here near the cliff house and they are supposed to be doing thorough search of the park across the street. family members say they found in insta graham photo that shows 73-year-old john beck wearing the floppy hat that he often wears walking along the coastal trail it lands in part. the picture was taken last tuesday the day that he disappeared and his family has been passing out flyers and is very concerned about his safety. he was dropped off in downtown oakland for a meeting and was spotted on a part train headed to san francisco. there is speculation that he may be on the run because he was owed $113 million. he peddled a get rich real estate scheme but his family and says he is a devoted family man and is not feeling hopeless.
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>> my dad had this issue and the main thing we are focused on is finding him in getting him back. he's been the sole supporter of the family for 30 years and he is a family man. >>reporter: they have created a facebook page devoted to finding him and he reportedly had little money on him and has not used his credit card or cell phones and they have filed a police report and are expected to arrive around this time and will begin their search around 7 am. we will catch up with them once they show up. thank you. to get to the bottom of the startling attack on the golden
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gate bridge to the poor hit by blow darts and this is a picture of one of those starts. both were hit while walking across the bridge and according to chp the first person said the dart hit his thigh and penetrated his skin 1 to 2 inches deep. officers were talking came in the disappointing parking lot and a second victim walked up and said she'd been hit by a door in her knee. both were treated at the scene. the car was traveling north next to a pedestrian sidewalk. this driver hit a pole on the amonte just before four before 4 am yesterday morning and police are not naming the victim but they spoke to neighbors who say he was an older man who went to the name dc. the man might've been shot by someone driving in another vehicle but the circumstances remain unclear. time is 6:34 am and more dogs and cats are being attacked and eaten by mountain lions. a new study says attacks are happening more often and they
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looked at more than 100 mountain lands and what they consumed and found that more than half of them hitting eaten cats, dogs or other house pet. pet owners are advised to keep pets indoors and dogs on leashes, especially in open space and park areas. computer hackers hit one of the biggest hospitals and la and are demanding a $3 million ransom to unlock patient records. a cyber attacks occurred at hollywood presbyterian in the fbi and police are working to catch the criminals. records there have not been available because computers are shut down. hospital workers cp should care is not been compromised but it is causing delays. including the emergency room. patients and families are pretty upset. i am surprised that they did not tell us this when we came in that there could be a delay. cyber security expert says that hackers could have chosen the hospital because security was not good.
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he knows of 6 other businesses that have had record systems attacked and held for ransom and in each case the business is paid the ransom. short-term rents -- rentals are set to heat up as the council wants to be in rentals of less than 30 days. neighbors have built large additions to their home so they can rent them out on air b&b and it attracts and desirable people. this causes traffic and parking problems. they say that there are only 15 air b&b rentals. valentine's day is over and bay area flower vendors say that business was good. red roses are always popular and tulips were also a big thing. vendors say we sold 50,000 bunches of process and 25,000
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tulips. men by red roses, that is always what they do. they think all women want. they think that women would like white or color and tulips are also a big hit. there is also everything on there right now. hydrangea, gorgeous. the san francisco flower mart is one of only four wholesaler markets remaining in the nation. some couples wake-up newlyweds after they tied the knot on valentine's day. county clerk's open their offices yesterday for couples that wanted to get married. they officiated 11 weddings in one couple had been together for 34 years. they decided to make it official yesterday to grands the father of the bride's dying wish. he wanted us to get married
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and unfortunately he passed first but we are in his home and feeling his love and honor and we thought let's do it. this is the best day of the year . clerk say they usually officiated 1000 weddings every year. levels also in the air in times square in new york city on valentine's day and a handful of couples braved temperatures to tie the knot. there was also a few surprise proposals and some renewed marriage bells. the owner of the store on freeman is an unlucky street. the 7-eleven store sold not one, but 2 wedding powerball tickets on his store on central avenue. the winning tickets did not hit the jackpot that match 5 of the winning 6 numbers meaning that
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an $800,000 payout to the store for each ticket. was your valentine's day full of hardy, 20 minutes how to take revenge in a nice way while helping the local goodwill store at the same time. first a major drug bust in australia, the strange way smugglers tried to get the goods passed law enforcement, up next. a surprising amount of people out on presidents' day but not too crowded. looks that san francisco could hit 76 and tie a record high.
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welcome back to morning sun 2, time is 6:41 am, an amateur videographer captured this site after a cliff collapsed in new zealand. it was a magnitude 5.7 quake that hit near the city of christchurch. parts of the cliff you see falling into the water in several places and there were 40 aftershocks in the area. they sent big clouds of dust across the ocean and hills and there's no reports of injuries or serious damage, the quake rocked new zealand eight days before the anniversary of the deadly 2011 earthquake. nude this morning a university in pakistan were taliban gunmen killed 21 people
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. they react today as they reopen in the reassured students that measures of security are in place. 4 taliban gunmen opened fire and pakistan soldiers rush to the scene and engaged in a gunbattle. students and teachers ran from the campus and tried to hide. close to $1 billion worth of liquid meth was discovered in australia. hidden in imported boxes of silicone bra inserts an audit supplies. -- art supplies. four people were arrested for importing them from china. we are here to board the joint operation that resulted in the largest seizure of methamphetamine in australia's history is, it's the largest drug seizure in our country history.
6:44 am
each of them face life in prison if convicted. pushing president. obama to reconsider a proposal for counterterrorism programs and they say these proposed cuts are ill-advised and must be reversed. president. obama's newly released budget plan would reduce the urban area from $600 million-$330 million. they say that the funding is needed to keep counterterrorism programs fully operational, especially in new york city. a major fire broke out at an event intended to promote india as an attractive destination for investment. take a look at the video that shows a fire starting to burn beneath the stage as dancers are performing. you can see people trying to catch their attention as smoke and flames start rising. everyone got off the stage and
6:45 am
never know major injuries and this was viewed as an embarrassment. a french court ruled that facebook can be sued after it removed a photo of the nude painting, it was a picture of the famous 19th-century painting of a woman's genitalia and a friend's teacher posted at five years ago and his account was suspended because of it. he wants his account reactivated and more than $22,000 in damages. the latest ruling said that facebook has not commented. time is now 6:45 am and that's check to see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning dave and claudine, when i join you we've been talking all morning about what is next for supreme court after the death of supreme justice antonin scalia . the names of possible replacements have been floated including one with very strong the area ties and part is responding to a big
6:46 am
complaint, overcrowded trains, the change that takes place and why some bart riders say that the solution does not make sense . i will see you in just a moment for mornings on 2. let's go back down for a check. i thought you were going to make coffee. getting coffee, i got coffee, i got up before the report this time. let's take a look at the commute, traffic actually looks pretty good because it's a holiday. i thought most would be sleeping in but more people than i think after work and are getting out the macarthur maze. i am working and so is steve, this is a look at the toll plaza. more and more people are going
6:47 am
somewhere. if you are driving on the east there is still on not -- are not a lot of crowds, traffic is moving on nicely on the 101 and 285 and remember a lot of public transportation systems are on sunday or holiday schedule. 6:47 am, let's go to steve. sau i missed the segment where you were trying the coffee, did you get it right? >> no, the coffee i liked the best was from peerless and that is the one i liked the best. they watch us and they are very nice. >> the coffee taste great. records possible today and it's already pretty mild for some, some 50s and 60s in a few 40s, pretty windy and higher elevations, not too but at the surface, higher elevations getting good gus and offshore breeze and it will be sunny and
6:48 am
warm. very warm. maybe record-setting warm. santa cruz forecast of 80 degrees in the old record was 80 and this could be one shy. other possible records today our san rafael, san jose, napa, napa very close, san francisco could tie at 76 and sfo 75, and oakland 80 would tie records set just last year for crying out loud. back-to-back years of record highs, we do not like that. warm records tomorrow and much cooler on wednesday and maybe rain arriving wednesday into late thursday in a possibility again on friday. high-pressure large and in charge and it's not going anywhere. 62 in san francisco and low 60s already. berkeley and oakland in there and paolo alto has some 40s and it depends on the previous period above calistoga 57
6:49 am
degrees and bottega bay is already 59 warm degrees. the breeze is north or northwest and northerly and there is a slight component of an easterly breeze for open and oakland airport. 45 ukiah and fog out to the valley and if you head out that direction temperatures are going to be very warm and reno is almost 40 degrees already. southlake tahoe 28 degrees in incline village at 35 degrees. open over they go and high- pressure and the system is on its wages won't be here until wednesday. today and tomorrow it's about mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures, very warm, near 80 degrees for some and higher elevations could be windy and most are not that bad. some of these are at 80 degrees and other locations close enough putting gilroy and santa cruz
6:50 am
and redwood city at 79 degrees. warm weather on tuesday and then we clouded up late wednesday into thursday and another system comes by brushing us on friday and that we can looks okay. okay, we will take it. 80s, rain, clearing, whether. thank you mr. paulson. the cold record sets records in the east and many cities are preparing for up to 3 inches of snow today. enjoy the weather here, boston temperatures dip 29 degrees below zero in hartford, connecticut temperatures as low as -40 degrees which is breaking in 81-year-old record. not everyone outside was happy about that. i think it's absolutely awful. >> i don't love the cold so i am yearning for florida. others said it was a perfect excuse to cuddle looks --
6:51 am
cuddle up and temperatures will increase starting tomorrow. time is 6:50 am in a huge fire in san francisco over the weekend and in 15 minutes we have an update on the damages and injuries. first kanye west says he is millions of dollars in debt and now he's asking for help, up next the high-tech ceo he is hoping will bail him out. you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card.
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imagine where it will take you.
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will come back to mornings on 2 , this coming saturday republican voters in south carolina and democratic voters in nevada head to the polls in the presidential candidates are doubling down in both states. republicans are recovering from the rock is to be saturday night were donald trump and jed bush went head-to-head repeatedly. bush said he was happy with his performance in donald trump complained that the audience booed him several times and said they were stacked with bush supporters. meantime the two democratic candidates campaigned in las vegas over the weekend. i want you to understand that i am running for president. i believe with all my heart that our nation can be just as filled with opportunity. this can be as good for my
6:55 am
granddaughter and yours as it ever was for any of us. how do we make public colleges and universities tuition fee -- free? i will tell you how, we will impose a tax on wall street speculation. the democrats and republicans switch states after saturday and nevada's republican caucuses february 23. south carolina democrats hold their primary on february 27. kanye west called on facebook founder, mark sucker bird to get him out of debt, he sent out a tweet saying he was $53 million in the red and said invest 1 million -- $1 billion in two kanye west ideas, this came after he debuted his new album the life of pablo, and a new fashion line, there's estimates that his net worth is north of $100 million. known as the most prestigious dog show in the world, tonight some of the top pedigree dogs will take the stage for the west minister
6:56 am
kennel club dog show. 7 new breeds. among the 2700 dogs competing for the coveted western show award. the 2 day event will be broadcast live from new york city and this is the 140th annual dog show. a new imax movie is getting a stunning look at the national parks. an entire continent of unmapped wilderness and people who believe that the greatest natural wonders belong to no one, they belong to all. breathtaking. national parks adventure celebrates 100 years of national park service and they recognize this and it was filmed over nine months. >> each park has a distinctive characteristic and most of them are beautiful landforms or great big landforms. frankly
6:57 am
you don't see it anywhere else. this mostly plays and museum theaters and science centers and the movie dead pool broke records at the box office. >> the time has come to be a superhero. are you kidding me? movie made $145 million in its first 3 days, making it the biggest r-rated opening ever, it's also the biggest february opening ever. kung fu panda 3 came in at number 2. rebel wilson and how to be single came in and number 3. how is this, at his school senior in utah gave his whole school a flower, all the girls,
6:58 am
he saved up to buy 800 carnations for the girls at skyview high school, it cost him about $450 and he did it because he did not want any girls to feel left out. hayden already has a girlfriend and she is okay with it. way to go hayden. time is 6:57 am in a search is about to resume for missing alameda man, recently go 12 goals add a layer of mystery. also a lane of traffic taken away and major changes coming to a busy san francisco thoroughfare. will
6:59 am
7:00 am
a search is about to get underway for a missing alameda man. we are live in san francisco near point lobos. we will tell you why this area is an area of interest, and you will also hear live from the missing man's daughter. and a major makeover for san francisco's mission street. the changes being implemented that could make it more difficult to get around. this and more just ahead on "mornings on 2". 7:00 this monday morning. february 15. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning.


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