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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia parts a war on capitol hill. we are live with a political analyst and both sides' battle for control of that seat. and the chinese new year
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celebration is underway. claudine wong and misteaching town san francisco 2015 take us on a tour of the historical neighborhood. plus, greeting cards with a twist. we are talking to the creators of bald guy greetings about putting some humor in your next celebration. nowhere prettier, guys. a gorgeous, very warm monday. presidents' day holiday. i am guessing a lot of you are relaxing at home instead of trying to beat the clock getting to work and school, et cetera. we are so thankful you chose to spend your morning with us on ktvu "mornings on 2" "the 9". i am gasia mikaelian alongside mike mibach and sal castaneda. >> twin peaks. >> yeah, to see the sunrise. >> yeah. after a long night. they are like transit parking, see the meter park.
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the active part. >> no, no, no. we will talk about that later. >> maybe not. welcome back. "mornings on 2" "the 9" starts on a gorgeous monday morning. no rain for the next couple of days. this quick break in the rain is all right by me. >> today is presidents' day. so bart and muni are on holiday -- sorry, saturday schedules. ac transit on a sunday schedule. so most transit systems are just a little different. san trans on a regular schedule today. the news that came up over the weekend. the unexpected death of antonin scalia. it touched off a political war in washington as who to who will replace him. his death is a shock. mourners are leaving candles, flowers and cards at the steps of the supreme court with questions about what happens next. president obama promised to appoint a replacement in his third selection for the court. that requires approval from the gop-controlled senate where republicans say they will not sign off during a presidential
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election year. >> i believe that the next president should fill this vacancy. >> president makes the appointment. senate confirms. let's get on with that business. >> the court meantime will continue to function, but with just eight justices a tie could leave important decisions in limbo where they would revert to lower court rulings. california attorney general kamala harris is a number of people being floated as potential supreme court tomorrow knees. harris is running for the u.s. senate seat of retiring senator barbara boxer. she previously served two terms as san francisco's district attorney. among the other potential nominees are two federal appeals court judges from california. jacqueline nguyen and paul watford. nguyen sits on the u.s. court of appeals for the 9th circuit. she would be the first asian american on the supreme court. watford was once a federal prosecutor who served as a
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clerk for justice ruth bader ginsberg and u.s. attorney general loretta lynch may be on the list. >> of course, this is causing a big political controversy, i guess you could say. who the next person is going to be. who gets to nominate. let's bring in brian, who is our political expert. already a fight as to whether or not president obama will, you know, do this, and if the senate will block it. >> isn't it interesting that the modern state of things is that somebody passes away and within hours there is already a debate or a fight over who is going to be appointed and then go through the nomination process? >> we heard from marco rubio saturday night referring to 80 years of precedent that president obama here should not pick who is going to be on the supreme court before he leaves office. there have been several instances since 1900 in which a president in his last year has appointed someone in this
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position. there is no precedent that says obama should sit on his hands. >> something else. if you are the president and you're leaving office, do you not want to put your imprint on the court? i mean, he has two justices that were appointed or nominated and appointed during -- or confirm, i should say, during his time. of course, he is going to put somebody forward. >> but will the senate be able to effectively block it? >> probably. oh, yes. >> cruz says he is going to filibuster. >> yeah, it's going to be a tough fight. it depends on who is appointed by the president and whether they can make it through the confirmation process. that's going to be drawn out for quite some time. and they are going to play the clock out if they can. >> how about a little history lesson for me? have patients always appointed someone who could achieve their political ends? the question is, has the supreme court really ever been impartial? these days it seems it swings one way or the other. >> it's been made up of
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conservatives and liberals for many, many years. in this case, mike, if the president wants to get somebody through the senate, he has to find a consensus candidate. otherwise we will run the clock out before the president leaves type scenario. >> saying that, the court can make rulings with four -- or eight justices? >> absolutely. >> a lot of topics to talk about. >> but then they are likely in a deadlock. >> yeah. >> it would flip back. but the thing to remember is that it isn't always four against four or, you know, some justices and many over the years have taken positions that would be considered counter to what they were confirmed for or confirmed with their judicial philosophy. so you don't always know. it comes down to the issue. >> what kind of appointment do you expect the president to
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make? >> you know, he has been -- he's pushed diversity. so you may find that it's a person of color. could be another woman that would be nominated by the president. we'll see. >> come november, i have a question with regards to -- this thing extends to the election and the gop or whoever the nominee is for the republican party fights this. could this hurt them in the election come november fighting the nomination if president obama doesn't -- >> depending on who and what their judicial philosophy is. that will be interesting to watch, mike. it can become a part of the presidential race. >> over the weekend there was a heated republican debate. coming up voters head to the polls. that as the president candidates doubling down in states. republicans recovering from the raucous debate saturday night. donald trump and jeb bush went at it again and again. bush said he was pleased with
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his performance. trump complained the audience, wife booed him several times, was stacked with bush supporters. the two democratic candidates campaigned in las vegas over the weekend. >> i want you to understand that i am running for president because i believe with all my heart that our nation can be just as filled with opportunity for my granddaughter and yours as it ever was for any of us. >> how we gonna pay for this proposal to make public colleges and universities tuition free and to lower student debt? i'll tell you how. we are gonna impose a tax on wall street speculation. >> the democrats and republicans switched states after saturday. nevada's republican caucus is february 23rd. south carolina democrats head to the polls for their primary february 27. >> one. things that surprised me in the
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debate on saturday, from what i saw, i didn't watch the entire thing, but was basically what we saw there. that split screen of trump and bush. it seemed like donald trump spent a lot of energy going after jeb bush. a guy who in the pos, look at it, he is destroying him. why spend so much energy on jeb bush there? >> it appears to me though don't like each other. but the bush family has always done well in south carolina. and i think this is trump trying to drive the nail into the proverbial coffin of jeb bush. if he doesn't win south carolina, he is on the bubble. >> is the republican party going to change? in other words, the bush people, the far right are being attacked by one of their own potential nominees. is this a sign that the party is actually going to move a little bit more to the middle at some point? >> they have to. and that's also true on the democratic side as well. you can be hard left, hard
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right. but eventually you have to come back to the middle because you have to grab independence. the people from the other start party that may put you over the top, you have to come to the middle eventually. what you say in a primary is often held against you in the general election. that's why you see clips from the debate in the primary, because you have had to attack a certain way to attract voters. >> i don't see cruz coming back to the middle. >> cruz is not an example of that. but you may see others doing that. but saturday night though was a good compare and contrast debate. less people on the stage. pretty meaty, when you think about it. and the guy that continues to impress, you know, probably won't end up in the mix, is john kasich. he is brilliant. he knows everything. he's been there. he has balanced budgets. >> nice showing in new hampshire. >> yeah, great showing in new
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hampshire. >> he does have some support? >> absolutely. and as he pointed out, he did 106 town halls in new hampshire. and he is doing more town halls. problem is he does not have a ground game in south carolina right now to speak of and lacks money and other things. politics is such a momentum business. maybe he catches fire at the last decision. >> cold last week. hot next week. >> exactly. >> all right. brian, thanks very much. appreciate the conversation. >> yep. >> this week is random acts of kindness week. it turns out there are a lot of people who are getting ready with the program. maybe already doing it. i bought a cup of coffee for a guy in line today. his name is dave. >> okay. anyways. in fact, 65% of people surveyed say they could a random act of kindness every day. 83% say they do so at least once a week. and 93% say they have been kind to a random stranger at some
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point. the app makers say their survey found the most meaningful acts of kindness are leaving a generous tip, paying someone else's bill, or taking flowers to a nursing home. >> in honor of acts of kindness week we wanted to know have you been on the giving end or maybe the receiving end of a random act of kindness? dave got a cup of coffee at peerless coffee today. have you received something like that? or do you choose to do gestures like that in your everyday life? use the hashtag #ktvuthe9. remember when we used to rewind vhs movies? >> i don't know if that counts. >> all right. coming up on -- >> rewind. >> coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", right now family and friends are searching for
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missing man from alameda. up next the grammy clues that is giving them renewed hope. >> i hear that "sports illustrated" has photographed some of the most beautiful women in the world. now it's releasing a first of its kind cover. the first for the magazine's 50 plus year history. we will look at that cover coming up a bit later on.
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family and friends of a missing man from alameda have resumed their search for him this morning. >> it's a days that's complicated by the fact the man owes a huge sum of money, $100 million plus. >> janine de la vega with the new clue that has given the family a little bit of hope here. janine. >> reporter: well, mike, they are hopeful. they just really don't know what happened. they are not sure if their father, john beck, reached a breaking point. they know that he had legal
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troubles. his adult children said they were willing to support him. so all they're doing right now is they're passing out this flyer with his picture on it here at lands end park. this is near the scutaro pass area near point lobos. they say he was last spotted here. and it's because this instagram photo was the latest clue the family received last night. they say it shows 73-year-old john beck wearing the floppy hat that he often wears walking along the coastal trail at lands end park. it was taken last tuesday. the day he disappeared. the photo prompted the family to search the trails this morning looking for any sign of beck. relatives also discovered that he had done a google search of scutaro bass and the beach area the day before he appeared. he was dropped off for meeting last week that he never went to. soon after a photo surfaced of him about to board a bart train headed to san francisco.
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the family is looking into using search dogs. >> right now they are contacting different people who do search and rescue dog stuff. so we have a bunch of his clothes. we are gonna have the dogs as soon as we can get some dogs that we're gonna have them come out and look along the trail and smell and see if they can get his scent anywhere. >> reporter: there is speculation that beck may be on the run because he owes $113 million. these infomercials show beck advertising his get rich real estate scheme. he was sued by the federal trade commission and filed bankruptcy, but the family says the case in the appeals process has been going on for four years, and they say that beck didn't seem despondent. they are very concerned because he had little money on him. he has not used his credit cards or cell phone since he disappeared. a missing persons case has been filed. they say they haven't received too much information from police. a little while ago we did see some park police out here and
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they told the family that they would help out and pass some of the flyers out, too, to help as well. >> janine, do you know who took that picture? does the person who took the picture know anything else? was it a random, inadvertent picture? >> reporter: they did a graham search for regions. like putting in point lobos, and that's how the grammy picture, i guess it was hashtagged or something like that. they did contact the man who took the picture and he says that, yes, he remembers seeing a man that looks like this man in the flyer, john beck, and he said that he was going to give them the rest of the pictures that he had taken because the man who took the picture was taking a picture of the golden gate bridge. he says beck just happened to be walking through. they hope anybody who may have been out there that day last tuesday, maybe they took pictures. that's why we're walking the trail, talking to anybody on the trail, showing them the picture
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to see, hey, did you see that man. >> i talk about instagram. along the social media platforms, the missing john beck community page, a lot of interest on facebook. i know they contacted me and a bunch of other reporters on twitter a week ago saying our dad is missing. help get the word out. so social media already with that instagram picture, appears to be making a bit of a difference. >> reporter: yes. it definitely has. they set up that facebook page, missing john beck. they say they have been getting a huge response. more people have been telling them this morning they are going to come out and help do a search for him. but they just want to keep his name and his face out there just because they are at a loss and they are desperate. >> janine de la vega live in san francisco near lands end. we are also following other top stories around the bay area. let's go to dave clark. >> sal, thank you. here is some of the other top stories we are following right now. comcast cable has been hit with a major power outage. i want to show you a map showing
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you in red all of the outage reports starting about 7 a.m. our time. you can see the bay area and pacific northwest have been hit. also the east coast, the southeast, and the chicago area also affected. this outage appears to be affecting television service more than the internet service. we have been trying to get a comment from comcast. so far we have not reached anyone as yet. meantime, a memorial service has been announced for richmond police officer augustine gus vegas. he was shot and killed last week during a domestic dispute at his home in vallejo. the memorial service will be friday at the richmond memorial oughttoriam 403 civic center plaza. it is open to the public. it starts at 10:00 a.m. officer vegas was a 15-year police veteran, a respected member of his community. police arrested a 30-year-old man who was the father of one of vegas' grandchildren.
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the police department established a gofundme account. more than $15,000 has been raised so far. a strange incident at the golden gate bridge. two people say they were hit by blow darts. here is a photo of one of those darts. the victims say they were hit walking across the gold gate bridgewater. the chp says the first person said it hut his thigh and penetrated to two inches. a second victim walked up and said she had been hit by the dart in the kneecap. both were treated at the scene. investigators now are checking surveillance video. they say the darts were probably fired from a car heading northbound in the lane right next to the pedestrian sidewalk. gasia, mike, sal, back to you. >> thank you. coming up on "mornings on 2", a story i love. perhaps your valentine's day was full of heartbreak. how you can exact revenge on your ex while exception helping outargued store at the same
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time. >> that was a very is energetic read. >> you want to get back at somebody. muni and a lane of traffic is taken away. what's happening in the mission district. >> is there a personal story here? >> i believe in clean breaks.
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9:24. for the first time ever "sports illustrated" has featured a plus sized model on the cover of its annual swimsuit issue. gorgeous ashley graham wears a size 16. the average american woman wears a size 14. the issue features mixed martial artist ronda rousey and haley clausen on alternate covers. here's what graham had to say after she learned she would be on the cover. >> i am -- i am so -- i am shaking. i am so honored. i am going to take it! >> she went, posted a picture of the cover on instagram saying, quote, this cover is for every woman who felt like she wasn't beautiful enough because of her size. this is the first time in 52
9:25 am
years, by the way, "sports illustrated" has done three different covers that uc berkeley scientists released an app that adds your phone to a worldwide quake network. the my shake app can send the data to the usgs for analysis. seismologists say once enough people sign up they can use the information as part of an earthquake warning system. they say the app works best for larger quakes when your phone is lying on a flat surface. >> all smartphones have an accelerometer, which allows the phone to sense motion, whether you are walking, whether you are running, the orientation of the screen. we use that data to be able to detect earthquakes. >> researchers say crowd sourced quake alerts could be most effective in developing countries where government seismic networks are scarce. an iphone version is coming soon. red roses are popular on
9:26 am
vlad, but tulips were a big hit this year. vendors at the san francisco flower mart sold 50,000 bunches of roses and 25,000 tulips last week. >> men buy red roses. that's always the rule. they think all women want red. and usually women would rather have white or color or something like that. >> tulips are always a big hit. tulips and, of course, there is everything in season right now. sweet pea. everything. hydrangea. >> the francisco flower mart is one of five wholesale flower markets left in the country. how is this for a special valentine's day gift a high school senior gave every girl in his high school a flower for valentine's day. 17-year-old hayden godfrey saved up to buy 800 carnations for the girls at skyview high school. it cost him just about $450. he says he did it because he did not want any of the girls at his school to feel left out on
9:27 am
valentine's day. he says he already has a girlfriend, and you know what? she was okay with it. very cool. goodwill industries says your valentine's day heartbreak could bring happiness to someone else. they are encouraging people still mad at their exes to take vengeance and help other people while doing it. the they are encouraging you to round up the stuff your ex gave you or left behind at your apartment, gather it up in boxes or bags and take it to goodwill and donate it. you get the tax write off, by the way. you do. goodwill says getting rid of old stuff and the memories is health for you and helps support people in need who get job training. it is a win, win, win if you ask me. >> sounds good to me. >> absolutely. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", bart is trying to reduce overcrowding on its trains. up next, the unusual solution that's getting mixed reviews from some -- bart riders. we are preparing the
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upcoming chinese new year parade. claudine wong gets a tour of san francisco's chinatown neighborhood with the former miss chinatown of san francisco. brandois heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients
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that time of the morning where we are checking the twitter feed. the question posed, because it is random acts of kindness week, have you been on receiving end or have you actually been part of giving a random act of kindness? i bought a coffee for a man at peerless. he did it for me in years past. i gave my wife a random hug. does that count? >> no, it doesn't. >> i say it does. >> it counts for nothing because, first of all, yesterday was valentine's day. that should be wrapped in that package. second of all, i think a random act to a stranger, from a
9:31 am
stranger. you and your wife have an agreement that you can hug. >> 510 oak town says i have bought lunch and coffee for people in line behind me. scott one of our directors at ktvu says my mom watched my daughter yesterday so i could take a three hour nap. thanks, mom. and kevin b says i have done the pay the bridge toll for the people behind me. i love when they catch up to see who i am. >> is you get responses? >> i have been the recipient and -- >> what have you received? >> someone bought me a cup coffee. they say, hey sal, here is something. but i have done for other people. usually, i thank them profusely. >> very sweet. well, thank you for letting us know. any time you have something to say use hashtag #ktvuthe9. time to check the weather. the weather is unseenably good for this time of year. >> record highs o possible
9:32 am
today and probably tomorrow. it's not going to last all week. we will see some rain moving into the picture starting late wednesday. today i'll tell you it's a warm one already. i mean, people are getting on the warm side really fast here for this time of year. glen out in brentwood said it was 65. that light northeast breeze, that will do it. have to beat 77 degrees from sunday. i think they'll do that. great day for a ride. you can see by his avatar he means a motorcycle. 60s for many. i mean, mountain view is 67. i mean, 62 conferred. 64 livermore, which is 1 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago this time. north at santa rosa, north wind at 10 at oakland, north at concord. i think you get the idea. there is going to be records today. santa cruz will be close. gilroy will be close. livermore will be in the mix. everybody's within a degree or two. other locations, take your pick, san rafael. san jose probably not. napa, oakland, sfo and san francisco all looking at
9:33 am
possible records. the sad part is sfo and oakland set their records one year ago. here we are in february and we are back-to-back years setting record highs. the rain is on the way for thursday. >> yeah. still a nice day. >> thank you, steve. san francisco police are investigating a double homicide that happened at a popular tourist spot. >> it happened early yesterday morning at twin peaks. >> brian flores is there now where police are asking for the public's help. brian. >> reporter: they are, guys. good morning to you. we are trying to reach out to san francisco police all morning long. we have not heard back in terms of any updates. here at twin peaks we have been here all morning long. obviously, for those that know about twin peaks, it's known for spectacular views of san francisco. but over the weekend this was the scene of a deadly shooting. police not saying much about the shooting. only providing minor details. from what we understand this shooting took place here after 2 a.m. on sunday. police responded to reports of gunfire again at the twin peaks lookout. when they arrived they found three men had been shot.
9:34 am
a 20-year-old pronounced dead here. a 22-year-old rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died. an 18-year-old remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we understand the shooter remains on the loose. he is another man and he quickly left the area after the shooting. police have not released any more details of a possible getaway car or suspect description. people here were shocked that it happened. >> it happens, you know what i mean? it's like you can't stop it from happening. if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. >> i find if all very shocking. doesn't it seem like crime like that happens in dark little corners somewhere where there isn't anybody? so that makes you feel compromised in that anything could happen at any time. >> now, the latest from police is that they believe the victims were targeted in this case. there is not the belief at this point that the public is in any particular danger. they are urging visitors to be vigilant and aware of their
9:35 am
surroundings. also, surveillance cameras are posted near the antennas of the twin peaks. we understand they will be possibly look at that video soon. police are urging people if they know anything, come forward. >> brian flores in san francisco. thank you. there is some big changes coming to san francisco's mission street. transit officials are transforming a two and a half mile stretch of the road in an evident to improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety. the most noticeable difference will be in the southbound direction. that's where one of the two traffic lanes will be transformed into a bus-only lane. required right turns and left turn restrictions will also be implemented in both directions. as part of the project, the sfmta removed 13 muni stops that it considered inefficient on saturday. the painting of the red transit-only lane starts next week. bart is replacing double seats on some of its cars with single seats to give passengers
9:36 am
more standing room. seven of the single seat test cars are already in service and several more are being retrofitted. bart says it's a temporary pilot program until the new fleet of cars also into service next year. if you want to give feedback, they have an online survey for passengers and we have a link at when you are there click on web links. chinese new year's celebrations continue across the bay area. it is the year of the monkey, which is known for being smart, clever, mischievous. crews have been putting together elaborate floats ahead of saturday's parade. on saturday stephanie wrong of millbrae was crowned in year's miss chinatown u.s.a. claudine wong joining us now getting a behind-the-scenes look at chinatown. you had a special guest? >> reporter: yes, the u.s.a. pageant is use. they have contestants from all over the world, hawaii, new
9:37 am
york to compete. but i wanted to take a look at chinatown through miss chinatown. she was from 2015. she had a unique perspective on that famous neighborhood. >> reporter: what's your favorite thing to do? >> i think my favorite thing to do is chinatown is eat. >> reporter: i am with you on that. we took a walk through chinatown to get a glimpse through the eyes of miss san francisco chinatown 2015. do you think it's intimidating for tourists? >> yes. >> reporter: the pageant gave her a chance to reconnect. >> it was a chance for me to get in touch more with my chinese roots and culture and i kind of grew up going to chinatown with my grandparents. as i went to different associations and walked more into chinatown, it was open arms. >> reporter: chinatown is a must-see attraction for many tourists, especially during the chinese new year. >> this is the oldest bakery, right? >> yeah. people get this a lot. >> reporter: shops are flooded
9:38 am
with crowds. choy says there is a lot they don't see. >> this is mr. tam. he was my sponsor for miss chinatown u.s.a. 2015. and he is actually been a sponsor for miss chinatown for over, what, 30 years. my mentor was 1981's miss chinatown and he also sponsored her. >> reporter: you work every day here? >> yeah. every day. 40 years. >> yeah. he has been coming to work every single day until the shop closes for 40 years. you can always find him in the back of the shop. these are the stories people don't know when they are buying the gifts. >> reporter: it is important to see the layers. to see the smiling man in historic ross alley who plays a very american song on his old world instrument. and it is important to remember the long road that has been traveled. >> now i think when people come in, they just love, you know, what is built. the beautiful things that they
9:39 am
don't actually know why it was built in the first place. it would be nice if people, you know, a little more to understand what that is. >> reporter: so not just the lights and sounds, but the history? >> yeah, the history. i think chinatown's biggest value is the tradition and history. so everyone could use a little more of that. i think the older generation has more appreciation for everything that is here and the tradition and the history, whereas the younger generation, kind of like me, as they have grown up here, they think chinatown is for groceries, chinatown is for special family dinners. i think there is a little gap that everyone can work on filling. >> reporter: for choy, the pageant helps do that. >> this is dragon scene. they specialize in dresses. the long dresses that you have to wear to compete. i guess what is the most visually traditional thing about the actual show. the chinese dresses. it's so glamourous. all of these are like hand sown
9:40 am
on. >> reporter: this is your dress? >> for this year, yeah. >> reporter: the contestants reflect the diversity in the community, she says. does everyone speak chinese? what kind of group of people are you meeting with? >> for my year, and i think i speak for most years, it's very diverse. a few people from china or hong kong or there is always a group of americanized chinese. people who are born here. some people can speak fluent mandarin, cantonese. they come out with a bigger prize for being chinese. that's for sure. >> reporter: pride for a community that continues to evolve and grow. generation after generation. >> i was just going to say that. that's the one thing i love about san francisco, is generations all over the city, but especially in chinatown you see it. >> this is an exciting time, too. we get to be in the parade. all of us will be there.
9:41 am
>> this saturday. >> the winners of the miss chinatown u.s.a. will be in the parade. that's a fun part for them. i think it really helps to show when you watch the parade, too, just how much culture and diversity and how many generations from the little ones to the older generation and how much that is and it's really an exciting time. they have said this is the time -- it said in the parade, started way back in the 1800s to kind of market chinatown, and it's just grown to what it is now. >> spectacular. >> it is. >> you will be there on geary street? >> i will. i will be on the street. i usually get a chance to interview miss chinatown u.s.a. during that. it's a fun event. and to see all the people who come out. you know, it's ten, 12, 15 deep. >> if you can go, it's amazing. if you can't, we will bring the parade to you live. this year's chinese new year parade is on ktvu fox 2. it's saturday, february 20th. it starts at 6 p.m. claudine, always a joy having you up here.
9:42 am
>> always nice to visit "the 9". coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", looking for a little humor for your next greeting card? we are live with the co- founders of bald guy greetings who put a spin on those messages. and kobe bryant gets showered with love and steph with record plays. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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♪ i could rise above
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♪ ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ the greeting cards with a twist. >> that's right. for example, one birthday card reads, you've aged. well, haven't we all. it's so weird how it's so much more obvious on you. >> joining us now is the -- >> that's a good read. >> i tell you.
9:45 am
>> sean farrell, co-founder of the bald guy greetings. how did you get together and start this? >> well, ian starting writing cards to our friends. so we started, he put a funny message on a friend's cake. and then he started writing them for other friends. he obviously needed an artist. >> you were in advertising at the time? >> yeah. >> that's the got milk? >> yeah. >> we talked to them during super bowl week. >> these are edgy. will you be my valentine in it helps, i am 80% i don't have herpes. only 80%. so what i started doing, because i didn't like those hallmark cards, stated making my own. sounds like you have picked up so i can actually go and buy at
9:46 am
the store -- >> that's exactly why we is it. we would go to stores and we just couldn't find anything we liked. so you get something so cheesy and give it to someone, they get that it's funny. but we just did it for guys to buy other guys greeting cards. it turned out where everybody buys them now. >> you have birthday cards, anniversary cars, valentines. you have you're welcome cards. i was looking through your website. i found my self in a position where i need to buy some sympathy cards. when i went to the store to find something that was appropriate and sensitive but not gross, i couldn't find anything. so i sort of picked the best of the worst. that seems to be the one category you guys haven't been able to kind of tackle or crack. it's that sympathy card with this sort of a tone. am i right? yeah. when we come up with new cards, i try to write a few sympathy cards. it's hard to be funny in that moment, i think. >> now, why don't you tell us,
9:47 am
what do you think wrong with the traditional greeting card, you know, the marketing? i mean, to me it's so difficult to find something that has any genuine voice in it. >> yeah, i think the problem is people are trying to please everybody. it becomes very bland, watered down cards that barely hit on something for you. ours are more specific. it's more of a niche product for us. >> you're going up against the big boys like hallmark. but you're in target stores. this is pretty cool that you guys -- that you guys actually, you know, followed through. how hard was it to get them into the major stores? >> target was tough. we go through another company, recycled paper greeting, which is the vision of american greetings that kind of licensed our cards to get them into target. on our own, we wouldn't to be able to go through. the bigger companies kind of own that space. so it's hard to break into. >> what do you think is more important? i mean, is it the words that you guys come up with, or is it the pictures? >> i think the words.
9:48 am
95%. >> do the words come first and then you come? do you draw something and say can you work off something like that? kind of like musicians do with lyrics? >> the words come first. the it started with the sarcasm. there wasn't much out there that cas sarcastic and fun. then ian started writing fun stuff. >> where does the fun stuff come from? everyday life experiences? are you sitting at home having a beer? >> it's the way we talk normally. i am not being funny now. but in real life, i am funnier than this. >> you are. >> comedy clothes on the weekend. >> can you tell me, surely you have composed cards that have been a little bit too much. can you give us something that's tv friendly that you had to pull back, you couldn't put out there for the masses? >> it's pg-13. >> i feel like i should be -- we do cards that go too far and then we kind of say this would kill our company. >> how do you know when -- do
9:49 am
your friends raise their eyebrows? how do you figure out where that line is in. >> our friends encourage us to push it. we kind of just -- you know, we don't want to be -- we don't want to be rude -- >> you don't want to be gross? >> yeah, we want to jab but not punch someone. >> the idea is to be likable. something that you can give to somebody that has the same sense of humor as you. >> look at the title. bald guy greetings. where did that come from, ian? >> it was originally making fun of bald people and then i lost my hair. >> i like these because there are guys like me who like sarcasm, the hallmark cards don't make it. >> is in your full-time job now? >> sean still freelances. but i'm full time. >> if i can say, the written word on a piece of real paper, this is so much more important and leaves such a memory that you can send me 100 emails and
9:50 am
a thousand texts. you send me a card, now you've got my attention. so you guys, thank you so much for coming on "the 9". >> thank you for having us. >> ian and sean. bald guy greatings. tonight the grammy awards. some of the singers who are up for awards and others who will be performing during the ceremony. >> reporter: the 58th annual grammy awards are set for monday. many of the biggest stars are nominated for an award or will be taking the stage to perform. >> [ music playing ]. >> for me the grammy show, when we're done, needs to be three and a half hours of the greatest live music concert on the planet. that's what i strive for. >> leading the pack with 11 nods. taylor swift and the weekend are tied with seven nominations each. but all eyes will be on swift and lamar who are going head to
9:51 am
head for album and song of the year. >> it could go either way. if i were placing bets, i would give it to taylor because it's a more conventional album. >> reporter: country star and best new artist sam hunt says it really is an honor to be nominated. >> it really means a lot to have the people who i occur, who i look up to i guess as musicians and the gatekeepers in this country to accept me into the group and inveet me to the big party. >> best new artist can be enormous for an artist's career because it's a stamp of approval from the academy. it says to the public this is an artist that you need to pay attention to. and perhaps most significantly, especially if there are other graham wins with it, it can leave cathedral a big bump in sales. >> reporter: and the grammy gifting suite makes sure no one goes home empty handed. >> if they leave with two bags worth with $25,000 of thank gifts for being a part of the
9:52 am
show. >> reporter: see who takes home grammy gold monday night in hollywood. the movie dead people is breaking -- "deadpool" is breaking records at the box office. the movie made $135 million in its first three days in theaters making it the biggest r-rated opening ever. it's also the biggest february opening ever. "kung fu panda 3" came in second. and how to be single was third. coming up on "mornings "mornings on 2: the 9", there was a little fun on the green over the weekend at pebble beach. up next, justin timberlake does the carlton with carlton, and one of us gets in on the action. action.
9:53 am
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there was some exciting moments during last night's nba all-star game in toronto. the focus on kobe bryant as he played his 18th final all-star game. the crowd chanted his name as he walked on to the court. steph curry says it was an honor to play with kobe in last night's game. >> kobe means something to everybody. basketball fans, including players. you have a lot of different thoughts about what he means to the game and how he inspired
9:56 am
you and myself growing up. >> now the game wasn't all about kobe. steph curry had some amazing moments. six three-pointers and finished with 26 points. the west wins. the final 196-173. with a two-stroke lead headed to the final round of the at&t pebble beach pro-am phil mickelson was a favorite to win a player chosen as an alternate took home the top prize. vaughn taylor haven't won the tour in 11 years. taylor took home $1.2 million which is about $165,000 more than he made in the past three years combined it wasn't all business at pebble beach. justin timberlake met up with fresh prince of bellaire star alphonso rivero, busted out the carlton. this is what happened on the 15th hole earlier this morning when sal found this video. he cut a rug.
9:57 am
such enthusiasm! >> 3:30 in the morning? >> he teed up the video. >> no. that's the -- i am sorry you had to see that. >> look at that. this is a guy who loves his job. just coming in on a holiday to help us get around. traffic is light. he is like what can i do to make this morning better? >> he was fired up. >> he had to do that like three times. chelsea, you're killing me here. thank you for joining us this presidents' day holiday here on ktvu "the 9". mike and i are back at noon. >> we leave you with a shot of the american flag on this presidents' day as we honor the 44 patients 44 presidents of the united states. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: you won't believe what i am about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy. >> wendy: welcome to


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