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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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who headed there. beautiful day. it was a similar scene in santa cruz. ann reuben explains what that means for local businesses near the boardwalk. if you thought this may be a good day for surfing you weren't alone. the beaches of santa cruz were packed. >> we did this yesterday and here today with the rest of the neighborhood. >> it wasn't just the locals taking van of the unseasonably warm weather and highway 17 was packed with out-of-towners. >> we were in traffic for an hour-and-a-half. >> and at the santa cruz beach boardwalk the lines were long and parking lots full and managers brought in extra staff. >> the best way to characterize the day was it feels like it is a saturday in june or july. >> not a monday in february. even for a holiday weekend it was a huge turnout with families riding rides and playing games and buying ice cream. >> look at these people, it is packed. look at the beach, it is awesome. >> for many the summer-like
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weather meant breaking out the summer gear. >> i have my chair with the cover and sunscreen and i got water and my book. >> and for others it meant putting away the jackets. catherine davis and her daughter from rochester, new york. >> when we left our house this was over a foot of snow on the ground across the pacific current temperatures when i checked this morning was 14 below. >> this is the first time in california. they say no doubt they'll be back. >> the weather here is absolutely gorgeous. and it is a nice break from what we have been having currently at our house so we are enjoying this. >> even though the holiday weekend is winding down the traffic sure isn't. and while the rides here do close down the arcade and neptune's kingdom are open until ten p.m. in santa cruz. ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. gorgeous and up in the sierra and pretty and
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snowboarders makings not of the warm conditions. alike like spring skiing. they were peeling off the layers trying to stale comfortable. it is good and slushy. but it is fun out here. >> it does hurt when you fall. >> temperatures in tahoe were in the 50s and 60s and expected to drop back in the 40s in the coming days. in other news, in san francisco, the search is on for an suv that was stolen moments after two people were shot and killed at a popular tourist spot. ktvu henry lee joins us were you the latest on this investigation across the pacific search for the killer. >> julie the most unlikely spot. scenic peaks in san francisco that opens breathtaking spots. twin peaks perhaps one of the best views for san
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francisco. but early sunday morning the popular tourist spot was a deadly crime scene. the medical examiner identified the victims as 19-year-old rene mora and 21-year-old julio perrazzo. a 3rd man is fighting for his life. they say he is a man escaped by a carjack an suv. calls came in when people were taking in the sites. >> how many people have been shot, three or four maybe? >> officers arrived and found mora dead from gunshot wounds and a third man is suffering from life-threatening injuries. >> three unconscious. >> no arrests made. the victims war likely targeted police say. investigators say that shooter carjacked an suv and escaped. police are asking if a 5 paul
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john union or p just a moment u851 yukon 851 yukon denali is spotted. there's surveillance cameras on twin peaks. people taking in the sites were shocked by the violence. they say the spot is known by all inspiring views than shootings. jim iverson is a tour guy that brought a van load of visitors pop. >> there's hoodlums up here and it is a problem at night and once in a while in the daytime, a lot of pick pockets up here. this is a problem area. and the police are not here. >> it is a beautiful place and
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hard to believe that something like this could happen. unfortunately with the nature of people. you feel for the families and you don't want to put a tainted picture on this beautiful place. >> how could anybody commit a heinous act in a beautiful area. you come here and it is just aweing. you hear on the news that there is crime and it is sad. >> the double homicide appears to be an isolated incident. anyone with information on the suv or the shooter is asked to give sfpd a call. in santa fe a man was shot while moving his roommate's car. it happened near pioneer high school before four yesterday morning. police have not identified the man but neighbors said he was well-known as dc. according to reports the shooting happened as he was
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moving his roommate's car and he crashed into a pole at this point no arrests have been made. santa clear county is asking for help in preventing a troubling pattern. teenage suicides in palo alto. sending a team of five people that specialized in suicide prevention. will meet with community leaders and doctors. since 2009, ten teens have taken their lives and most of them on cal tran tracks. santa clear county is getting guidance on identifying risk records and recommendations to prevent suicides. social media blew up this morning as comcast suffered an outage that led to 4 hours of lost service for customers. comcast says it is back up and running but ktvu's tom vacar says comcast has not revealed the cause and still investigating. >> a recent survey shows comcast has more complaints
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with the fa athan at&t, verizon and time wangler comcast is bottom of the barrel. >> golden gate emeritus professor of psychology. >> they have a bad relationship with their customers and they take away exactly what customers need the most. it is their lifeline. >> at comcast's concord's office customers rated it 6 to 8 out of ten. >> we haven't had any problems or outages. >> i have all of the shows i want to see but i do have issues and that's why i am here. >> michael cane rates comcast five or six due to picture distortion. >> there's changes and now you have to stay home to wait until someone to come. constant back and forth. >> i have to give them a 6, not a huge faint of the reliability. >> that is worked in comcast's favor. >> if it was easy i would do it and i would stay with the same company i had. >> we are set in our ways, i
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have kids and you have specific channels and they know where they are going and having exfinity, if there is other options more competitively priced and less hassle i would go that route as well. >> as big as it is comcast finds itself under increasing pressure from large competitors and new ones and while they had problems today, another problem is that they sure didn't win any friends amongst their customer ranks. tom vacar, fox 2 news. an east bay graduate can add grammy winner. mario silva added a grammy for the album strictly roots. it won best reggae album of the year. the 36-year-old is a trumpet player and says he got a call through his corrections to work on that album. silva has been playing professionally since he was 19 and he hopes to do his own album. congratulations to him. still ahead here bay area
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congregation without their pastor. police say his grown son killed him. also after the break, what witnesses reported hearing moments before the pastor's body was discovered. big changes coming to mission street in san francisco. why drivers will only use two of the traffic lanes. road conditions this monday night as people wrap up the three day weekends. here is a look at interstate 80 in emeryville and the headlights coming towards the bay bridge and the commuter direction. in oakland these are the conditions along 880 and the coliseum is to the right of the frame here. not bad right now. on this president's day holiday.
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following breaking news. sky fox over east oakland where a homicide investigation is under way. police responded about 520 to a home on katherine drive. a report of some kind of disturbance and unfortunately when they arrived they found a body. working to learn more and coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. tonight we are learning about bay area pastor found stabbed to death as the church community he leaves behind tries to deal with his death. john suzuki says what makes it hard tore handle is that the pastor was killed by his own son. >> cherry blossoms speak of the oncoming spring. >> it is good church. >> but the community is mourning its leader. >> he had a lot of energy and
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he was not shy to talk about how he fell about certain things. >> pastor bostic was killed in san leandro on friday. police found a grusome scene. >> isaiah bostic opened that front door covered in blood on his hands and clothing and the officers went inside to see if there was anyone injured and they came across bishop bostic and later pronounced dead. >> it happened in this tuner apartment at 5:30 a.m.. >> it is so unreal and shocking. >> bostic's mother founded the church with a powerful preaching style. one of bostic's neighbor says he had lived in the apartment but the son moved in more recently. >> the presidents recalled hearing a struggle altercation and a male voice saying daddy
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is bleeding i don't want to die. >> isaiah bostic is facing a murder charge. >> it doesn't make sense. >> the church community saying little and messages saying that pastor will be missed. >> isaiah bostic will be in court on tuesday or wednesday to face charges that he killed his father. in san leandro. i'm john suzuki 2 news. the memorial service for gus vegas this friday. located on civic plaza and open to the public saturday morning. there was a domestic dispute in his home. a 30-year-old man that was the father of one of vegas' grandchildren in connection with the shooting.
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a go fund me county has already raised $16,000. the man shot in the arm by police in daly city has been released and arrested. he was shot last monday on st. francis boulevard while police were responding to reports of a man possibly armed with a knife. when police came they asked him to shot the knife and he refused so they shot him. he was arrested on assault charges. family and friends of 70- year-old john beck searched the trails of land's end after finding a pick of him taken last tuesday. the same day that he disappeared. family maybes tracked down the pictogram and shows beck with a floppy hat. he hasn't been seen after being dropped off for a meeting in oakland. there is speculation that he may object run because he owes
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$113 million to the federal government but his daughter says despite the financial problems she wants him to come home. >> we can handle anything. if he came home it wouldn't matter. we would figure everything out and make it work and want him just -- we would like for him -- i would love to see my dad again. >> court records show that beck was ordered to pay the federal government $113 million after the federal trade commission sued him for defrauding thousands of people that bought a course that he developed on how to flip homes in real estate. major changes to a two-and- a-half mile stretch of san francisco's mission street and taking place from mission street. it is to improve safety. the most noticeable change in the southbound direction where one of the two traffic lanes will be turned into a bus only
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lane and right and left turn restrictions will be implemented. there's 13 muni stops deemed inefficient. a beautiful day and let's bring in bill martin. when you look at the sunset a gorgeous sunset. >> definitely. and like last night and tomorrow will be nice. we got three different warm days yesterday. records tied and today records broken and tomorrow records broken or tied and another nice day and the rains come. the clouds beckon to the idea that there is a system in the pacific that will get to us as we head to wednesday and i will put that out in a second. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. perfect monday because many people have enjoyed it. if you have outdoor plans you can do it in a long sleeved shirt. this weather system there is
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two and you can see these little curly-qs will chisel away. there is focus and slides south and we get rain on wednesday. and into thursday. not like a major storm but quarter of an inch to a half- inch and overnight lows like last night and this high pressure center is gradually going to budge off to the east and that changes everything. that high has been sitting off the coast for about 7 or 8 days and even longer than that. that changes things and temperatures drop off which makes sense. and here is what we got for the forecast tomorrow. you see the cloud cover and then a little bit of cloud cover and here comes wednesday. maybe a few sprinkles in the morning for sure and a few sprinkles in the afternoon and into the thursday morning commute. and tracking that for you and as you look at the forecast you can see some of the temperatures tomorrow in the 80s most of us in the 70s and
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so a day tomorrow similar to what we had today. 79 in fairfield. forecast highs close to where they were today and santa clear valley 76 degrees and oakland's forecast. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and partly sunny and in the afternoon. not too bad and this is our last sunny day or nice day for a few days as we move into a wet period on wednesday and thursday. showers wednesday and into thursday morning and hopefully something beyond that as well. right now we are looking at something in the next week and we will get the first one on wednesday and give you an issue on wednesday afternoon commute and thursday morning commute. .and maybe something the following week. >> >> 20 golden retrievers halfway around the world.
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rescued from the streets of istanbul and arrived in crates at la international airport. a woman reached out for help to find a place for them to live. it was $2500 for each animal that included vet checks. >> they were a status for the wealthy and released on the streets and they don't do well with packs. >> the dogs will be placed in foster homes until matched up with families. they are in high demand in the united states. people across the country were on waiting lists to adopt them. the all-star weekend is over now. and if you miss seth curry's incredible shot. just wait we will show it to you again. we will check in with denard span as spring training approaches. mark ibanez is up next with sports. time to check in with keba live in the newsroom with what
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we are working for ktvu fox 2 news at seven. the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia in the planning stages but speculation on who president obama plans to replace him. kanye west says he is in deep debt. how he is turn to go to man that started facebook for financial help. those stories and your top headlines over on tv 36.
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well they're going out on a limb in las vegas, they think the golden state warriors will win the world championship again. according to newly released odds the warriors are favored
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five to seven and that means if you bet one thousand dollars on the warriors to win and they do you will make $71. the warriors are 48 and 4. think about that. 48 and 4. the best record in nba history for this point in the season. their next game is friday in portland. not going out on a limb if you bet on the warriors. always makes me nervous. i know. you won bet against them. >> so great to see them. >> everybody is in the warrior mood because they don't play until friday. they hit a rough patch. tough road trip that they will begin on friday and enjoy the all-star weekend and worry about that. and yesterday shown so many shots and deservedly so of kobe bryant. everybody missed seth curry's
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shot as the game ended and seth did not win the mvp award. that went to westbrook. but seth had a pretty good game and check it out. 26 points, kind of a shame that it wasn't shown in that national broadcast and there you go. and meantime, over the weekend in case you missed it out and about doing valentine's stuff. the giants anticipation for this season at a peak. it is an even year or did mean in 10, 12 and 14, look at the crowd that turned out at at&t for fan fess. everybody dressed up and ready to go and although the games are still well over a month away. hunter spence and denard span. one of the acquisitions for the giants that has everybody hyped up. in center field playing lead off and dennard span gives a
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shout out for the fans ready to cheer for him. >> something about the bay area, even the oakland a fans, there is not that many of them. i don't want you to get on me but the fans, they love their ball club and this team and they feel like they are part of the team. so that was another selling point for me. i think he was giving the a fans a shout out by saying there is not very many of them. just your point of view. i think he was throwing them a compliment. >> it is time for spring training wednesday. >> giants on wednesday. a's over the weekend and joe fonzi will be head heading down there. baseball weather. >> and you will be heading out
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there in march. >> i like to go when the games start. >> i don't blame you. thanks, mark. and thanks for join us. we are always here and facebook and twitter. enjoy the night.
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