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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the fbi wants apple's help to hack the phone of a terrorist. but ceo tim cook is refusing. more on the story that's reignited an already heated debate. and protecting your money during tax season. we are talking with the better business bureau about the scams to watch out for. a high tech way to sell
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girl scout cookies. a new program to teach the young girls how to take their business online. >> [ music playing]. >> journey? >> of course. >> i know why you did this. >> tell me, sal. >> you did it because the giants are reporting to spring training today. >> yes. >> and this is a giants song. >> pitchers and catchers. it it is an even year and that's all i'm gonna say. welcome to ktvu "the 9". i am gasia mikaelian with sal castaneda, mike mibach. >> takes me back to the bay. which one? >> the 2010 one. >> right. it takes me back to seeing steve perry running around at at&t park when they played the song. >> right. >> he is there sometimes. he is running around mouthing the words to the song. >> right i was there for one of the world series games and he was running around and he was singing and he thought this was one of the most amazing moments. we are excited about baseball.
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just getting started. the news of the day. this is a big controversy. privacy rights. law enforcement needs help and we're going to talk about it. >> apple verse its the fbi. >> ceo tim cook is taking his case to the public. >> janine de la vega reports on apple's explanations as to why they are not going to help the feds. >> reporter: tim cook says building software that breaks into an encrypted iphone, it basically creates a master key that unlocks hundreds of millions of locks, and he says that that's dangerous. cook posted a statement early this morning on apple's website explaining his stance. cook says he believes the fbi's intentions are good, but what they're asking for would undermine endescription, and set a dangerous precedent. the fbi has been unable to access data on syed farook's phone because it's pass code protected. farook and his wife killed 14 people in santa barbara last december and agents want to know if he was communicating with
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terrorist groups overseas. yesterday a federal judge ordered apple to build software that would help the government get access. cook says, quote, in the wrong hands, this software, which does not exist today, would have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's physical possession. while the government may argue its use would be limited to just this case, there is no way to guarantee such control. the order by the judge is the first of it's kind ruling. it opens up a debate about privacy in a digital world and national security. cook says this moment calls for a public discussion. he wants everyone to step back and consider the implications if apple really followed through with what the government wants. reporting from cupertino, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2. and for more on this we are joined on the phone by tech analyst. i can't think of a story or a case where a federal judge has ordered a company to basically create a back door to its own
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endescription technology to open it up for the federal government. do you expect a show down here? >> i think this is really where apple is taking a stand. the conversation has been going on for quite a few months now. he went to the white house to discuss the issues of endescription and apple is not alone. microsoft, google, and other companies in tech have the same concerns that apple has. but being this is going to take a while to be resolved, and in my opinion it should be not looked at a case by case like we are doing now where emotions are riding high because we're talking about santa barbara very close to home. we need to look at this in the future, what the approach is going to be going forward. >> i guess the fear is that if they developed software to get into your phone, a back door, if you will, that it could either fall into the wrong hands or
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the government is going to abuse the privilege. is that what's going on here? >> yeah. one side is successful that, is that somebody can abuse that privilege. you do it. it's like if you have a physical key, you can lock it and keep it safe. with software not as easy to do so. it's not just about our government. it's not just about the u.s. government. you know, where is it going to stop? if it's going to be international and then every government is asking for the same rights and the same approach to other devices. i think that's why apple is saying we are opening pandora's box here and we need to be careful. >> let's talk specifically about this case. from my understanding, it's about a disable feature. the court, the fbi wants apple to disable the feature that eventually wipes your cell phone of data if someone tries for nan ten times to figure out your code. if i don't have a lock on my cell phone, then everything is
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out in the open, right? >> kregg. but there is very few people nowadays that don't put that lock. and it depends on what type of device you use as well, because apple has implemented, if you like it, a double door in the iphones with generation, the most recent generations of the iphone so that your data is protected twice if you like. so there is one step. you go through the main door for your code, and then there is another door to bypass. that's the part where apple says, even us cannot get there, because we are keeping it from apple, ourselves. and what you do with your phone is not our business. we don't need to have that data. >> and say it's all about precedent here. while the judge says that, sure, apple may be able to write software to bypass the lock on this one phone, it's the setting of the precedent that's so important? >> absolutely. >> should not congress have stepped in a long time to
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change the laws that exist today so we wouldn't be having this debate? >> that's exactly the point apple is making. all the companies that have been talking about it for a few months now, and why i'm saying, you know, let's be careful and not look at this as a one off, but really think about it fourth and come up with -- further and come one a law. >> thank you very much for your time. >> stirring up debate on what is already a controversial subject. we are asking you today, should apple help the fbi hack into the phone, or is it imcook right to refuse? let us know what you think on twitter. use the hashtag #ktvuthe9. breaking news. a 15-year-old student was hit by a car in front of or near dublin high school this morning. the boy is a student at the school. this is a live picture of the scene. you see a lot of police presence. although the boy was reportedly
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airlifted to a hospital, brian flores will join us in a few minutes with a live report from the scene. we don't know the condition of the boy. we do know that this is a pretty busy area. most students are already in school at this point. you can see for yourself, dublin police are there. looks like the investigation will continue. again we don't know how seriously the boy was injured. you have to imagine if he was airlifted to the hospital, the injuries are pretty serious. eagles of death mat al met -- metal is back in france. they returned for the first time since the attacks in paris last november. the band performed a memorial concert to remember the lives lost in the paris attacks. the eagles of death metal performance on november 13th turned into a blood bath when islamic extremist, suicide bombers stormed in and killed 89 people. it happened as simultaneous attacks hit cafes and a stadium
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in paris. some survivors at the attack at the concert hall came out to watch the band perform once again. >> we were shocked because of the situation. and it was a good thing to live it again and finish the story and say, okay. >> security was tight at last night's concert. it was held at a venue a few miles away from the concert hall where the attack took place. that concert hall remains closed that at home a plan accused of killing an off-duty police officer is set to appear in court this afternoon. 30-year-old robert vega is booked at in jail on suspicion of injured. investigators say he shot and killed veteran police officer gus vegas last thursday morning. vega is the father of vegas' six-year-old grandson that a memorial service for the officer on friday at the richmond memorial auditorium at civic center plaza at 10:00 in the morning. the service is open to the public. but a burial and reception
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afterwards will only be for family, friends, and fellow officers? president obama says he intends to nominate a candidate for the supreme court, rejecting calls from republicans to leave the issue to the next president. a black cloth is draped over the seat occupied by justice antonin scalia until his sudden death on saturday. the process to fill that seat has become a political battleground. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. >> nothing in american history requires the senate to approve the president's nomination. presidents don't appoint. they nominate. >> president obama hasn't said when he will announce his nomination. only saying that the person would be indisputably qualified
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for the seat. we caught up with cam a la harris and asked her if she is considering it. >> i have no intention of putting my name in. >> she says right now her focus is on her current job and campaigning for the u.s. senate seat being vacated by retiring senator barbara boxer. a thief caught on camera. the video shows a man taking a big amazon package from a house in atlanta. the footage recently aired on atlanta's local fox station and soon after that the suspect returned the stolen items with some cash and an apology letter. it said, i know i can't make it right, but i want to try. >> children had a birthday present in the box. it was my daughter's birthday. so very unfortunate. the key here is the behavior
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change. if you take something from someone, you are effecting people. >> sheriff deputies took the pack and the apology note as evidence and they are now checking them for fingerprints. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a heated meeting over rentle control in alameda. what the city council decided after public comment went into the early morning hours today. recipe s made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2: the 9". we are following some of the top stories around the bay area. let's go to dave clark. >> sal, thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following. we talked to a neighbor in berkeley who saw the chaos after a triple shooting last night in berkeley. she said someone went up to three teenagers sitting in a parked car on parker street near the berkeley marina and started
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shooting. investigators want to know if that shooter was in another car or just walked up. the three victims are 16, 18, and 19 years old. >> and there was a woman and she was just screaming. and then the police came and she is just screaming and they are trying to figure out what happened. then the ambulance came. i went in the house at this point. but i got up and looked out the window and i saw a boy in the ambulance. he was covered in broad. >> two of the shooting victims are in serious condition. the third person has non-life threatening injuries. a search for a prominent santa rosa attorney has been suspended along the sonoma county coast. 56-year-old steven mitchell went missing on saturday. his car, cell phone, some of his clothing turned up the next day in a coastal area near jenner. yesterday authorities suspended a search pending new information. they didn't give any more details, but did say there is no evidence mitchell was a victim of foul play. now, mitch youle was involved
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in several high-profile cases, including the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez in santa rosa back in 2013. those are a few of your morning headlines. mike, back to you. 2:30 this morning after a contentious meeting with more than 100 speakers, the alameda city council gave preliminary approval to a rent control measure. the issue has been the subject of heated meetings in alameda for months now. the measure that was approved does not make either renters or landlords completely happy. it strengthens the city's process for reviewing rent increases of more than 5%. limits evictions and requires landlords to help pay a tenant's moving cost for some evictions. >> we need fair, strict guidelines that are actually monitored and enforced to be able to make renters feel safe in their own homes again. that they are not going to come home to a 60 day notice. >> it's about time landlords
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and property owners aren't demonized. >> the city council gave preliminary approval to this measure, and will have a second reading of the ordinance at its next meeting. also in the east bay danville has a ban on short- term vacation rentals. last night danville cracked down on airbnb rentals. supporters of the ban say the rentals create traffic and parking problems as well as cut into visitors spending on hotel and restaurants. but opponents say people should be allowed to do what that want with their property. in the end the council passed the ban on a 4-1 vote. now danville will set up an agency to enforce the ban and handle violations. >> starts with a citation and it goes upwards from there. three in a span of a year, the fines increase, then preis sumi it can be pursued through the courts. >> the debate began after one property owner built a two-
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story in-law unit next to the neighbor's fence. that neighbor says the building addition has been used by more than just family members. now a family that built a rental unit says it will be used only by tenants staying a month or longer so it will still be legal. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", tax season is underway and there are a few things to watch out for. up next we are talking about the business better business bureau. coming up in the show, when key players are reporting as they prepare for baseball's opening day. >> i ran into the wrong tax man about 15 years ago. >> it was a nightmare. >> wow.
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all right. tax season is underway. whether you are doing them yourself or hiring a professional, there are some things to wrap out for. >> according to the better business bureau, irs tax scams are at the top of their list of ways people will try to steal
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your money. >> jared weiss, vice president of marketing for the better business bureau is right here in the bay area. jared, what is the most common thing that you have to watch out for? mike told us during the break he was scammed by a, you know, a tax proper. what kind of things can they do? >> the biggest thing is a phone call. don't call you or e-mail you saying you have an outstanding tax balance and if you don't pay up right away with a prepaid debit card or wire transfer, which is difficult to track, someone will be at your door in an hour to arrest you. the biggest thing you do is watch out. if you get those phone calls, hang up and call the irs directly back. you know, do a google search to find the irs's number and ask them if you have an outstanding tax balance. >> to be clear, the irs will not contact you by e-mail. >> correct. >> any e-mail you get claiming to be from the irs, delete it. when you say things about phone calls, maybe someone shows up at your door, i think i know enough to see through that. it's my parents. >> yes. >> it's our parents that i'm
9:22 am
worried about. it's that vulnerability and then the fear. >> the elderly, too. yeah. your family. i mean, just let them know about it, too, because they play on the for actor and the emotions -- the fear factor and the emotions. they are asking for upwards of thousands of dollars for you to pay up right away. so you are scared about it. i actually had someone on my team at my previous job actually, she wrote press releases and she got the call and she was worried about it. she was the one that was writing the press releases about it. >> part of it is to know your finances. you would know if, you know, if you were in trouble with the irs:if you get a call out of the blue it's likes, come on. >> exactly. but you have to be careful because now they are able to spoof numbers on your caller i.d. it will look like it comes from washington, d.c. when, you know -- >> more legitimate. >> so don't call that number back. look at it back on google what the irs number is. >> i want to ask you about finding a good tax preparer.
9:23 am
that's where i got burned. when i was living in arizona, that tax preparer was recommended from a coworkinger. i said fine. i signed off on it. and seven years later i get a call saying i need your past five years because that guy got taken down bit irs. i didn't interview him. i didn't know about him. after they reviewed my records, i owed like eight, $9,000. so it comes back and gets you. so my lesson from that was i treat it almost as an interview process. >> yeah. >> and getting recommendations from the majority of people. what would you say about finding a good tax preparer. >> the same thing. research. research all the tax preparers you want and make sure that they follow the right guidelines. look at their complaints, too. do they have a high volume of complaints. what are their customer reviews? review their advertising as well. so if there is an advertising issue, that could be a problem also. the biggest thing is, yeah, if
9:24 am
you take a friend's recommendation, do the next step and do the research yourself. >> you know what got me hooked is he said he is great, he is quick and gets you money back. i am 25 years old back then or 30 years old. i said, okay. whatever. great. >> the thing about that, mike, is you gave him your social security and number and all kinds of sensitive info. so these guys, not only could they be bad tax preparers. they have all your info. >> identity theft could be a problem. the irs says watch out. if you get two letters back saying you double filed because someone might have filed in your name, identity theft case. that could happen as well. >> real quick, quick stories of scams you have seen happening here in the bay area this tax season? >> the biggest one is the phone calls. the irs scam. it's way top. list. one in four of the scams we are getting into the scam tracker system is the irs scam. it's obviously with tax season rolling around, this is the biggest happening right now.
9:25 am
what's gonna happen is the phone calls. so it will be someone calling saying they are with the irs and they claim you owe an outstanding balance and if you don't pay it up they will throw you in jail. >> they want the cash? >> through the phone, because we want that immediacy thing. they want to get in and out. they want to scam and go to the next person. >> hang up. look up the number to the irs and call that number. not the one in your phone? >> yes. they he can spoof -- they can spoof those numbers. coming up, a teenage girl beating up a boy at a sonoma high school campus. it's a video that's now been viewed 13 million times. how students are reacting and what the school wants facebook to do. vanessa hudgens and her boyfriend under investigation today. hue show of their love could land them in trouble with the law.
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"you've got mail." >> when did they get that? >> that's so old-fashioned. >> 1991. i think of that movie with whoever it was. that's a song we haven't heard. we are turning to twitter asking you the question of the day, which is should apple's ceo comply with the judge's order to help decrypt the cell phone belonging to one of the santa barbara shooters? a lot of responses on this one as we expected. i will read a couple. first one evelyn ortiz rights, need nor info before weighing in. first in-- someone should ask tim cook would he do it if his family's lives depended on it? i know i would. >> apple should help. my mother-in-law died. we need to get into her iphone and couldn't and they couldn't help and we never got what we needed. karen said, yes, apple should help when it comes to
9:29 am
terrorism. they should not have privacy privileges. once apple invents this it cannot be uninvented. >> we have something less serious. rock belly brett 13 says if possible, my favorite news channel, wish me happy birthday on the nine. there you go. and you share birthday with michael jordan. remember that? oh, that basketball player. >> that's right. >> he is kind of good. >> right. 9:29. we will check weather. it's been so sunny for the past few days, but as you can see hyped us from the window it's changing. getting grayer. cooler. windier. steve, are you out there with some more words to describe what we're feeling? >> windier for some. mike and i were talking earlier. he said no breeze at all, right, mike? >> it was a beautiful morning. >> really? >> for some. for others it was roaring. that is true, gasia and sal. windy advisories out. above 1,000 feet. in the sierra, we didn't get
9:30 am
much rain. snow and rain at the higher elevations. breeze not as strong as earlier. the first part of the system's gone through. february we had some rain. second and third. then a long stretch here. not uncommon during the winter month we get stretches of ten, 20 dates of dry weather. the extreme heat for february in the records. not today. rain is coming in. that will end that stretch of dry weather. not much left of the first system. the sierra is getting a little bit out of this. south lake tahoe, kirkwood. it's 39 degrees. i imagine this is above 7500 feet as far as any snow goes. truckee's 39. incline village 38. tahoe city 38. they were 50 this morning. it was really cloudy, windy up there. not much for us. a few reports of light rain. we have to wait until this afternoon and this evening. 68 hayward. almost 70 palo alto. 68 in mountain view. look at san jose. 67. others are in the upper 50s, mid 60s. it's that breeze which has been
9:31 am
crank ag long, although for some it's out of the east. others it's out of the south. you can see mountain view and san jose and hayward and sfo. there is our system. maybe some thunderstorms. that won't be until the evening commute and tomorrow, you guys. finally a change. looks like it will last off and on into friday. >> perfect. thank you. >> you bet. it's probably not the kind of attention that sonoma valley high school was hoping for. >> a cell phone video showing a female student attacking another student on campus. it has exploded on social media. 13 million views. >> alex savidge is live with the district's reaction. you are learning more about kind of what prompted this fight in the first place? >> reporter: right. we are getting both sides to this thing. from what we understand, the girl who is seen on that video attacking the boy attends a nearby continuation school. according to one of her friends, who i talked to this morning, she came here to sonoma valley high school last thursday to confront some boys who had
9:32 am
apparently been saying bad things about her alternative school. and what happened next was captured on cell phone video and has been seen around the world. here is that video that was posted to facebook and now has been seen by more than 13 million people. you can see the senior from creek side high school, she drops that freshman boy down to the ground and then knees him in the face a couple of times. this video, it went truly viral over the past weekend because it was posted on the facebook page of popular mma fighter kit dale. after the assault happened here on campus the girl is seen running off. a teacher chases after her. from what we understand that girl received five days suspension as punishment. now, many people who commented on this facebook video had originally suggested that the boy who was attacked had been bullying other students. and that's why he was targeted.
9:33 am
but his friends say that was not the case. and friends of the girl seen on this video say she was provoked. >> she went and confronted this kid because he was talking smack on facebook and they started talking back to her. words escalated and things escalated and basically she swung at him because he flung food at her when she walked away. >> such an up beat guy. it's a bad thing this happened to him. and that's it's publicly shon out there. it gives him a really, really bad misconception of what kind of a dude he actually is, you know? >> reporter: and obviously the school district quite concerned about what was seen on this video and the violence that took place on campus. the superintendent sent a letter home to parents. in part it says the district does not condone such behaviors and continues to support and provide ongoing programs available to our students at various schools centered on student safety and digital
9:34 am
responsibility. now, the district did try unsuccessfully to have this video removed. they actually petitioned facebook to take down the online post, have this video removed because of the violent content, and facebook, you guys, has declined to do so. >> alex, i know you reached out to kit dale, the guy who posted it on his facebook page. did he get back to you? >> reporter: he did not. no. we reached out to him. he posted this on his page. he just put a simple title up there that said, girl beats up boy. and, you know, i think that's kind of part of the reason that this video has exploded the way it has online, is because there is a lot of fights between maybe two boys on high school campuses in this country. i think this was something that people have not seen very often and that's the reason that it sort of took off the way it did. >> okay. alex savidge, thank you. we mentioned earlier a teenage boy was hit by a car near dublin high school earlier
9:35 am
this morning. ktvu fox 2's brian flores has arrived on the scene. he now has an update. brian, what happened? >> reporter: well, from what we know, sal, this happened about 7:45, just before 8:00 this morning. i want to set the scene as of right now. we are along village parkway in front of dublin high school. this is the actual car that hit a 12-year-old boy this morning. i know there were earlier reports that it was a 15-year-old boy. but we just got confirmation from alameda county fire officials this was a 12-year- old boy. unclear where he went to school. this boy was riding here along village parkway on the sidewalk. the driver tells us that he was dropping off his grandchild here at dublin high school. he turned to the left-hand side of village parkway. didn't even see the boy coming in his direction. that boy was pinned underneath the car for a little bit of time until air officials came in. they brought in an helicopter. airlifted the boy to children as hospital. we don't know the extent of his
9:36 am
injuries this morning. from what we're talking about with the driver just moments ago, he says that the boy was conscious. again, this morning here in dublin in front of dublin high school a 12-year-old boy hit by a driver this morning. we are working to gather more information. as you can see, dublin police services right now working to get more information. we just heard from the driver again just moments ago. take a listen how he describes what a happened. >> parking lot. i felt something. i look over to the left side for traffic to clear because i was getting out. as soon as it was clear, you turned right and i heard something. i felting something wrong with my car. too late to saw it. and they told me to stop, stop, you hit somebody. rich and that driver very shaken up, as we speak right now. we are taking a live look at dublin high school where kids are in school. a lot of -- this happened around 7:45. this was the time when kids
9:37 am
were making their way here. it remains unclear where this boy attended high school. there are reports that he attended wells middle school. we are working to confirm the details. a 12-year-old boy hit in front of dublin high school this morning. we will work to gather more information as it becomes available and update the story on ktvu news at noon. back to you. >> brian, do we know if he was wearing a helmet at the time? >> reporter: we don't know that information right now, gasia. hopefully, he was. we don't know the extent of his injuries at this point. but we're working to gather that information. several police officials are here. the spokesperson right there, also here. they don't know the details of that. we will work to get more information and have more details later on. >> hoping the best for him. thank you, brian. a man suspected of a triple shooting at a popular san francisco tourist spot could be charged today. 26-year-old richard contreras is facing two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. if prosecutors add in special circumstances, they could seek
9:38 am
the death penalty. he is accused of opening fire at the twin peaks lookout killing 21-year-old julio peraza and 19-year-old rene mora and critically wounding an 18-year-old man. >> we believe the three victims were targeted by the suspect. what the connection was, we don't know. and the motive for the shooting is yet to be determined. >> sours tell ktvu that contreras has a long criminal record including auto they have, evading police and weapons violations. police say in 2014 he was driving a stolen honda that crashed into an ac transit bus. that bus then slammed into a house. the bus narrowly missed a 3-month-old boy inside that home. families of rene mora jr. and julio peraza say they have never heard of the suspect richard contreras and they have no idea why anyone would target these two boys. ktvu fox 2's cristina rendon has more. >> reporter: a collage of photos bridges back memories for the
9:39 am
family of rene mora. from childhood to his most recent pictures at 19. his dad says his son loved basketball, soccer, and had big dreams for the future. >> he wanted to join the army. he wanted to go to school. he had all these plans in front of him. such a shame. >> reporter: mora and his 21 friend were shot early sunday. a place he would go to enjoy the views. >> he told me, yeah, dad, i can see the city from here. see stuff going on there. >> reporter: the family has a lot of questions about what led up to the shooting. they have never heard of suspected gunman richard contreras and have no idea why the men would be targeted. it's little comfort, knowing he won't bring him back. >> they say things happen for a reason. i want it believe he is a in god's hands. >> reporter: they are working
9:40 am
on funeral arrangements. a rock carving incident in arizona. it stems from some instagram posts during a valentine's day get away to sedona. hudgens posted a different photo. one we're showing you now is a heart carved into one of the area's famed red rocks. inside the heart the names austin van aus -- austin and vanessa. baseball is back. san francisco giants pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale today in arizona. the first workout is set for tomorrow. the full squad will report on monday. some position players have said they will get there early. spring training games get underway in a couple of weeks. the giants open the 2016 season in milwaukee on april 14th. the home opener is april 7th against the dodgers. get your tickets now. >> for the oakland a's
9:41 am
saturday their first workout the next day. the full squad reports a week from thursday. the a's will have their first spring training game on march 4th and they will open the season at home april 4th hosting the chicago white sox. >> and ktvu's joe fonzi is heading to spring training today. we will see him. we will have the first workout for giants players. >> tough job. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", training in computers while helping sell cookies. we will talk about a new program by the girl scouts to help young students in oakland. d.j., stephanie, and the rest of the gang are back. we will hear from the stars of fuller house about the long abated premiere of the '90s sitcom spinoff when we come back.
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the second round of the final season of fox's "american idol" will take place this week. michelle has a preview. >> are we doing figure? >> reporter: "american idol's" top 24 contestants are continuing to work with past winners and finalists in hopes of moving on to next week's live show. >> i keep thinking, oh my gosh, i am almost there, i'm almost there, and i am this close to the live shows. i have to make it through. oh my gosh. it's crazy. >> reporter: helping to guide the sedgers on solo numbers and duets are chris daughtry, kellie pickler, jordin sparks, david cook, haley reinhart, and constantine morales. >> surreal to be back here. wonderful, too. it's like a second home, you know.
9:45 am
just really humbled to be a part of television history. the greatest television show ever. >> it is one thing to go through this experience and all of the kind of unique moments that come along with that. but to get the taunt to kinda maybe help navigate some of the fresh crop through it is pretty rewarding. i enjoy it. >> it's pretty cool. it's an honor. i know where they have been. i know where they are. i have been where they are. i know what they're going through and all the things they're feeling. >> reporter: just like last week, they are trying to absorb all of the advice that the former idol's are giving them. >> a lot of good singers skilled their song. they sing it perfectly. but you could tell in their eyes it wasn't real. and she said in the judges could tell it. >> we talked about some of the things that i needed to improve on, like smiling with my eyes on stage, because sometimes i can get a little lost in the song. >> making sure you're authentic and being you, you know? and in this process you can get
9:46 am
sucked into the stress and the intensity and the different talent that's around you. but what she was saying that, like, obviously, there is a reason each and every one of us are here. >> he said i have no notes for you. i am like, oh my gosh, really? okay. that was pretty cool. but i feel like that's what i got from him. be confident in who you are and just know that you're here for a reason. >> reporter: see how they do wednesday and thursday night on fox. in hollywood, michelle palino, fox news. >> as michelle mentioned, "american idol" airs tonight and tomorrow. you can watch it right here on ktvu beginning at 8:00. all right. every tuesday for 12 weeks the girl scouts of northern california are giving fourth and fifth graders access to digital learning. >> right. usually that means video game design. right now they are setting up websites to help sell those cookies we can't get enough of. >> joining us is marina park, ceo of girl scouts of northern
9:47 am
california, and renada, a fourth grade girl skout. welcome to you boat. >> thank you. >> tell me more about, first of all, my favorite -- i have to get this out there. thin mints. >> okay. i was going to say that. >> we can go at it right now. >> thin mint all the way. what about you? >> i like the tagalongs. i like the peanut butter and chocolate. i put them in the freezer. ever put your cookies in the freezer? >> yeah. >> thin mints in the freezer. >> i eat them all at once fresh out of the bag. let's talk about scouting. first, can i give you my girl scout salute. troop 937 from livermore going way back. >> nicely done. >> thank you. we picked blueberries. we made pancakes. what you are treating the girls is all about s.t.e.m. and specifically helping girls have great jobs when they get to be in their 20s in. >> right. that's a huge focus right now. the program that she is part of we call discover together. in northern california, it goes
9:48 am
from sanna clara county to the oregon border. we have about 4,000 girls participating in this program. it focuses on girls in underresourced communities and introduces them to different s.t.e.m. programs. renada is working. her group is working on the video game design. but they will be learning computer science basics in that program as well. we are super excited. i will let renada talk to you about it. they also have an taunt to set up disturb -- an opportunity to set up their own web pages. >> we are watching video. tell us about your experience. >> my experience is good. i like it. >> why do you like it so much? >> because i like it so much because you get to have so much fun. and learn more about girl scouts. >> it's great. that's what it is. learning more. is that what prompted this? we need to go even further from what we do today? >> it's learning more, and it's
9:49 am
learning more in a context where the girls are having fun. so they want to do. they are meeting role models. they are gang the confidence. oh, i could pursue a career in technology, too. there are places for me. in video game design, they are seeing the whole spectrum from the user experience, the artists are involved, the coding that's involved, and so it's a great opportunity to expose them to the whole range of careers and opportunity and technology. there is something there for everyone. that's what we're trying to do, is just build that kernel of excitement for the girls. >> renada, i guess you, through this program, have access to tools and -- you know, ipads and laptops and cell phones that maybe we don't all have sitting at them start playing with? >> yeah. >> and what are you thinking about? where do you think what you're doing now could take you in the future? >> to a better person. >> i love that answer! oh, that is like the nicest thing. i am going to be -- >> can i ask you the age-old
9:50 am
question, renada? >> have you thought what you want to be when you grow up? >> yes. >> tell me? >> a girl scout member. >> all right. okay. that's so wonderful. well, i mean, i think renada, i am thinking about get her a good job, a nice house, and things, things, things. but renada when you said i want to be a better person, that is a better answer. the world is going to open up to you the more you know. >> right. and when you look at the research on increasing the pipeline of women in s.t.e.m., there is a lot of focus on that. the number one thing is that girls and women want to know they can use s.t.e.m. to make the world a better place. so instilling that sense of wanting to be a great person and make the world a better place, that's actually a really important part of increasing the pipeline of women in s.t.e.m. >> do you see a big difference as to where you were when you grew up and now, the message we are sending to young girls now? >> yes, absolutely. without a doubt. and we want girls to really
9:51 am
know that not everyone's gonna go that s.t.e.m., but they should make that choice themselves. they should understand they can to it if they want to do it and it is a place where they can find a career. they can work in a team. we do a lot to introduce them to roll models. it's very different than what i was growing up. i am excited for the girls today. and in a prom like this, we -- program like this, we were donated tablets by dell computer. we can bring the tablets into the schools so the girls set up their web pages. they learn this pickslated patch. >> i love it. >> video game design. they are also starting to learn about e-commerce and starting to learn how they can use technology to do that. >> that's nice to start at this age. fourth and fifth graders? >> absolutely. it's a key drop-off point for girls. if we can get into the classroom and help them have a fun experience, hopefully we can keep them going learning more. >> renada, i am glad you are having fun and learning.
9:52 am
keep going. >> you are the best, man. you keep going. >> did you have fun doing this? >> yeah. >> maybe you will do this one day, too. you come back any time. >> okay. >> same to you, marina. >> thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you for being on tv with us. >> you're welcome. >> good for you. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", looks like you don't need your license drive a tesla. the new ride hitting the market for your children when we come back.
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have very young colt that almost died after falling down a fremont ravine doesn't need surgery after all. valentine was found at the bottom of morrison canyon on valentine's day. the initial dying he know sis cause ford surgery on a broken pelvis. after a visit to uc davis it was determined surgery isn't necessary. tesla around for people who need driver's licenses any more. radio flyer has announced it will they will mini tesla cars for kids. it will have working headlights, a spacious interior and a trunk in the front of the car. it can reach top speeds of six miles per hour. the cost? $499. preorders are now open and the cars will ship in may. >> a little finance plan for that. after five years. break down the monthly payments. one of america's favorite families is back. a red carpet event in los angeles last night for "fuller
9:56 am
house." the show is a spinoff sequel of the popular '90s sitcom full house set in san francisco. all of the original cast minus mary kate and ashley olsen will make a return. cameron, beret, she reprises her role as d.j. a recently widowed mother of three young boys. her sister stephanie and best friend move in to help the single mother raise her children. >> first time i walked on the set i freaked out. it was so beautiful. i was all by myself. i couldn't believe they rebuilt it. >> from the very minute i stepped on the set and have that script in my hand, it's like kimmie has been dorm been dormant inside of me for so long. >> it will be available february 26. >> i am going to watch that. yesterday i got the best newsroom present ever. take a look.
9:57 am
i saw a giant box of lemons hand picked by our director jeff from history at his ranch. so today, jeff, by the way, he pushed that button for his own applause. that's how the show works. so jeff, bring in -- actually, cameron bring in what i made for you. look. they are lemon glazed lemon cookies. jeff, here you go. these are for you. there was more on the plate when i started this morning. so if you guys want to take one, now is your chance. thank you for the lemons. i love a backyard bounty! thanks for joining us. >> we will be back at noon. on (all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood...
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ ♪ live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. i keep it straight. no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> very nice.


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