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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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nino and the erosion. >> an infant found dead after a fire raced through the complex forcing others to run. pope francis has a strong assessment of donald trump. the words the pontiff said that put the presidential hopeful on the defense. the four on 2 starts now. >> the cliff side has been eroding and the big waves that come along with this winter's el nino did not help the apartment complex pushed over a cliff side has been demolished. it prompted a state of emergency declaration. john sasaki has more. >> this was ordered by the property owner. the neighbors said they felt like this was an eye sore and
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nothing is happening with it. it isolated flurry that cliff side and the property owner brought in the heavy machinery and tore down the building and one of the excavators moving around and putting it in. the debris carrier on big rigs and tearing it out. it is completely tore down and they are clearing out the whole area. >> what is the status of the buildings north of it. will that come down as well. >> reporter: i did talk to officials and 330 was done by the property owner and 320, there is funding to tear it down through the city act and so they say that really could happen at any day now. they are going to try us ahead of time when it happens.
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this has been a big eye sore for the residents here across here. and honestly one resident says that now that this building at 3:30 is coming down she could have an ocean view and certainly people in 320 will feel the same way. a big building and a couple of stories and to open up the view. if i lived across the street. i would be concerned and eventually all of this cliff side that gives way outside of 320 and outside of 330 and 310, will eventually erode across the street. i mean nobody has said that will happen. but as you watch living across the street from it or living in 320 when there is still ground behind the building, you got to see the stuff and think that maybe that will erode the entire hillside. that is what i would be thinking if i lived here. >> definitely. let's talk about the people that lived there. the residents, we are looking at images from sky fox and it is amazing, to think that
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building is gone. did the residents have a warning that it was going to happen today? and what do they think about this? >> the residents told me they had no idea until they came out this morning and installed the heavy machinery. ready to go and they stood there and watched and said it was amazing to see how quickly the building came down when you have an excavator it takes nothing to pull down the wood and plaster building. as i did ask people how do you feel about your building? one of the folks i talked to right across the street said i'm not worried about it. another one lives in 340 which is just to the south of 330 and she said i'm on the good end where there is a lot of land in front of the building. she is not worried about it but joked and saying i will be here until they kick me out or i fall in the ocean. >> before we let you go, we saw in this video crews working to the south of the building. it looks like another apartment
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complex showing off the cliff side. do you have word of the status of what is going on in regards to that particular apartment complex? >> reporter: nothing. but as we have been talking for weeks and really years, this whole area along the ocean in pacifica has been having issues with the cliff side giving way and this year with el nino and the big waves, it has caused additional problems and that is what is going on. >> john sasaki joining us on the phone. >> a lengthy investigation expected in vallejo apartment fire. an infant was found dead inside the apartment. it started on kathy ellen drive. a neighbor described the scene as chaotic saying two adults were able to escape with a 4- year-old child but could not get back for the infant. flames spread quickly and by
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the time they arrived the apartment was fully engulfed. >> when the first units arrived. they tried to make the rescue. >> the three alarm fire took two hours to knock down. a total of four units damaged and 13 people displaced. the red cross is helping them. because it was deadly, the fire and police department will both be conducted and the cause of the fire is still not yet known. pounding wind and the rain ripped through the bay and this morning, did you hear it? good snow in the sierra coming down. it was a big change from the warm weather we have been enjoying for more than a week. yes, the rain certainly back. let's check in with our meteorologist mark ibanez joining us. >> reporter: hi there. a couple days ago i could have been wearing shorts but today
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different story. bundled up with temperatures in the 50s and looking towards san francisco we have lingering clouds. 11 hours ago we had storm clouds roll in and thunderstorms producing the lightning strikes. so far we have been tracking scattered rain showers and plenty of breaks. the winds whipping up 10 to 20 miles per hour. still lingering clouds in san francisco bay. take a look. san jose in the bottom right portion nearly a quarter of an inch. most areas picking up this activity last night into early this morning. now take a look at the radar. lingering rain showers across the bay area. as we check out the bay area radar. the rain showers targeting parts of the north bay and the activity on the decrease in the past few hours and tracking another system that will impact one part of the bay area forecast.
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we will have more coming up in a few minutes with the full forecast. i will say right now cool and breezy and i will be back in the studio to talk about that system coming up in a few minutes. thanks, mark. san francisco giants had the first work out. spring training got under way in scottsdale. the team tweeted this video out of madison baumgartner saying a site for sore eyes. >> he was not the only one catching attention. buster posey got in practice. the giants tweeted this video saying first swings of sf giants spring. sports anchor joe fonzi live in scottsdale with the happenings. hey, joe. >> reporter: hi, mike. there is something special when you see those pitchers and catchers on the field for the first time and that's what we
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got to see today. you know we have seen these drills 100 times but it is the official start of the baseball season. lots of folks turned out here at scottsdale to see the giants in the first day on the field. and i know bruce bochy recovering from the shoulder surgery. looking of accomplished pitching staff. when you think about the guys on the roster matt cane and jake peavy and madison baumgartner and added johnny cueto. busty posey getting cuts and looking as strong as he ever does and the surprise, willy may greeting dennard span. being in the presence of the all time great. >> i never got a chance to watch him play but his name is one of the names that you talk about the best ever to play the
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game, his name is there. i have seen highlights and his stats he is one of those immortal type players that will be remembered. kline you will be playing centerfield for the giants. >> yes. >> how about that? >> i have been here a few times when willie may shows us. you want to be a fly on the wall and listen to the stories. you talk been area where the giants are loaded. pagan will be switching from center to left and span in center and hunter pence in right. joe, you talk about the additions on the pitching side, cueto and samargin. i'm excited to see the starting 5 rotation. did you talk to bochy about their excitement and the new addition on the staff? >> reporter: we did exactly that and i guess if you are going to say who are the question marks? it is probably cane and peavy
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that were not 100% healthy last year. but if they pitch up to form and the other three pitchers pitch as well as they can. this can be a strong staff and that is what i talked to bochy about as the catcher and manager. is this the strongest staff and here is what he said. >> i can't think of in all my years that we were this solid to be honest. that's why every year, you just want to stay healthy. last year we got banged up and lost cane. but starting out, coming to spring training, this is as solid as i think we have been. and that's saying a lot because we have had very good rotations here. but when you add two guys like this, they make it that much better. >> reporter: you don always get those strong of words in the
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season. but bruce bochy, enthusiastic and i think he has ever reason. more coming up at 5:00 and we will hear more. reporting live from scottsdale. joe fonzi, back to you in the studio. the chinese new year parade is saturday and as we celebrate the year of the monkey, we are celebrating the contributions of chinese americans. the woman credited with putting chinese food on the map and making san francisco a destination for fans of the food. right now on the facebook page, the video is unbelievable. a helicopter crashes near the shore of pearl harbor in hawaii and we are getting information about those inside and their injuries. visit our fake page now as the story is developing. a quick look outside at the commute. looking great at 880 as you roll by the coliseum, the four on two will be right back.
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chinese new year festivities got off to a bang on february 8th. they culminate in the traditional parade in san francisco. ktvu is a proud sponsor and julie haener will be hosting the live forecast. >> and all week we have been learning more about the traditions behind the celebrations and a time to reflect on the contributions of
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chinese americans. >> claudine wong introduces us to ceceila chan. credited with changing the path of chinese food in america. >> you can't buy this in san francisco. >> she made me a cup of tea in her home and welcomed me with a smile. ceceila chan's story is a legend in the culinary world. born in 1920 in shanghai raised in ben jing and known as a 7th daughter of her family. in 1969 she came to help her widow's sister. >> i tried to comfort her. >> her introduction to china town was not easy. a world where almost everyone spoke can to niece. >> i speak madarin, no one understand. >> and there was the food. >> when i came they all have
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fixed menu. in china we call it something else. four dishes and one soul. >> reporter: it was simple food. not what she was used to or what she served at the forbidden city restaurant in tokyo. it was her restaurant experience that had two women in san francisco seeking her out in 1961. >> they said we are looking for you because you are experienced. and you speak english. >> she helped them by getting a lease on a place on poke and put down the deposit. >> i helped them. >> and you ended up with the restaurant because they backed out. >> yes. >> reporter: it may have been fate that led her to open the madarin. >> and what did you want? you wanted not the food you were seeing in china town.
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>> i wanted to introduce the real chinese food. from shanghai. they come in the restaurant and take a look at the menu. where is sweet sour pork? are you sure this is chinese restaurant? i said this is real chinese food. so i was the one that had the mushi pork and hot and sour soup. >> reporter: a long, hard road until one day an old friend from china came in. >> he said this is my friend. i don't know who is herb. he said herb, this is -- i want to tell you something. this is real chinese food. what you eat now is not real chinese. >> reporter: what chan did not
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know is that herb was famous san francisco columnist herb cane and that as they say is history. >> every day i have a line outside. >> reporter: did he ever come back and eat? >> so many times. he and john lennon friends. every time john lennon came to town. he was here just about every day. >> reporter: that's amazing. >> that changed my life. >> reporter: the madarin would be the place to be. not just for lennon but for an endless line of celebrities and politicians. chan would introduce it other people. she spent time with julie childs and this lady says she
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educated an entire nation. >> they asked questions about the food. >> the madarin is closed but chan has not slowed down opening restaurants and consulting. she is admittedly still picky. >> reporter: where do you go. >> when i go out, i dob eat chinese food. >> reporter: you want the good chinese food you go to your own kitchen. >> i want chinese food i cook. >> reporter: this year is her year. the year of the monkey. the year in which she was born 96 years ago. not sure what it will bring but she smiles in anticipation. >> sometimes i tell my children i say when i get old i will retire. so my son says momma 96 still
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not old? >> reporter: claudine wong ktvu. please join us for the southwest chinese parade. we will broadcast from union square in san francisco and you can join us in the city and watch it live on ktvu. that will be at 6:00. again this saturday the 20th. mark back in the studio. you took the jacket off. >> my hair was all over the place. thankfully with quick transformation. talking about the weather and the activity over the past day or so with the rain and thunderstorms moving across the bay area. earlier today and on live storm tracker a few showers in the bay. the main focus has been up in the north bay. you can see closer to sonoma county. east of santa hills and napa county. here we go around callastoga.
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lingering rain showers. and the south bay not much activity but lingering clouds. throughout the evening there is a chance still have a pop-up shower. a bit of a breeze. we talked about the winds, 10 to 15 miles per hour and napa winds out of the south at 17 and concord winds at 12 and remember yesterday we had a wind advisory with gusts to 45. not the case now but a bit of a breeze out towards sf owind at 16 miles per hour. look at lake tahoe, a very productive storm for the mountains. the radar has backed off in the back. but now is a different story. sugar bowl two feet and havenly 24 and squaw valley 20. adding to the totals. the snow tapering off. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be in the 40s to start off the fridaymor. but between now and then and
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tomorrow afternoon we will be talking about rain like santa rosa. the chance of showers. rainfall becomes likely by mid- morning in the late portion of your friday and to the afternoon as well. by later in the afternoon by 3:00, partly cloudy skies and this forecast model showing you an quarter of an inch of rain. this front approaching san francisco and oakland. today we had the system move towards the bay area earlier and tracking the front earlier for your friday forecast. it is lining up offshore. rainy in the north bay and backing off in the south bay. maybe a few sprinkles or a light shower and dry in parts of the south bay. you get the idea this front will weaken as it moves across the bay area. that's the forecast model is thinking. here we go 8:00 tonight. partly cloudy skies and then friday morning 8:00 a.m.
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mostly cloudy and chance of showers in the north bay. here we go by 2:00. the rain line towards the north towards san francisco and oakland. it fizzled out by the time it reaches the south bay but there could be a little bit of action later in the afternoon and a few scattered showers. week dry. no more rain clouds expected. it will be warmer by sunday. forecast highs for tomorrow in the upper 50s to the 60s with the showers mainly focused in the northern half of the bay area. partly cloudy skies on sunday and into next week mike and keba. it looks like we are on spring break talking about 70s across parts of the bay area and you can see more 70s and thankfully what a productive storm. not only the rainfall but the sierra. two feet. couldn't ask for anything better. we lucked out. have you ever look at the nutrition label and don't know
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what you are reading? >> yes. >> you might like this. what is being done to make the labels easier to read and help
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you make healthier choices. nutrition labels are full of information but they can be hard to understand. well now, they are getting a makeover. >> pam cook has more on what the new labels will look like and the reason for the change. >> reporter: the idea is to make the labels easier to read
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and understand. and to make for healthier decision making when we shop. the complain from consumers that the food labels give a lot of information but that information is not always easy toreador understand. >> they are not. i wouldn't say that they are confusing and contradicting half of the time i think. >> people don't know how much they are consuming when it comes to calories and food. and the food labels don't make it easier. any help that we get in terms of interpreting food labels to our diets will go a long way in terms of improving our health. >> doctors and nutritionists agree that the information is not detailed to be helpful for everyone. for example,. the serving size on a bag of chips or cookies does not reflect what someone would eat. the new labels would make the serving size and calorie counsel more prominent and add more than one line for sugars. >> i think this is helpful
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because on the food label we just see one number for total sugars. but it doesn't distinguish between sugars that are naturally present in food like sugars in milk. >> and there is a nutritional scoring system designed by a nutritionist and used already. there is a food grade from one to 100 and calculated based on positives such as protein and calcium and nutrients and negatives like cholesterol. >> the fda is considering the changes for the food labels. in the uk there is a food rating of red, amber or green. a food high in sugar and low in fat would be marked red for sugar and green for fat. so shoppers can make their decision based on specific health concerns they have. i'm the type of the guy that goes to the store, i don't look at anything. i grab what i want but in your
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case it is critical and when they make it easy to find. >> it those labels are perfect. i was diagnosed with type i diabetes so for me it is carbs. need to know how many carbs i am consoling and that determines how much insulin i will give myself. before, mike, i had no knowledge. i was like you. if i wanted ritz crackers. i would eat them but now i need to know how many grams of carbs. >> now i will look. >> you should. >> pope versus donald trump after pope francis weighs in on the american election going on. that race for the white house. donald trump fired back calling the comments disgraceful. >> political messages everywhere these days. right, tv and radio and social media. your children are seeing them. your advice on how to talk to
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children of any age. >> pope francis has wrapped up his five day visit to mexico. one of his last stops traveling to the u.s.-mexican border speaking of the humantarian migrants. he traveled to talk to inmates
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in one of mexico's most notorious violent prison talking to them about moving past their sins and changing their live and it is what he said on the plane to the vatican that has people talking today. >> pope francis was on a flight hope and speaking with reporters when someone asked about donald trump's views of immigration. donald trump has promised build a wall on the u.s. border with mexico if he is elected president. >> now speaking in italian. the pope said he is political because at the end of the day a human being is a political animal. a person that thinks about making walls again and again and not making bridges is not a
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christian. pope francis says he would not get mixed up in telling people how to voice but this man is not a christian if that is what he said. >> and it did not take donald trump to respond in south carolina. >> the pope is being told the donald trump is not a nice person. donald trump is a nice person and i'm very -- i am a very nice person. and i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump is not christian. okay? and he is questioning my faith. i was surprised to see it but i am a christian and i'm proud of it. >> donald trump says that pope francis is letting himself be used as a pawn of the mexican government. he wants the immigration to be stopped because of the crime being committed by undocumented immigrants. ross palumbo joining us with a look at where the presidential candidates stand. is this good for donald trump
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to get in this type of engagement? >> it is a huge deal, 70,000 americans are roman catholics and make up 22% of the voters. they have correctly picked the president in the last four- cycles. keep in mine that donald trump started all of these comments back on friday. since then we have had new poll numbers. ted cruz is at 28 and donald trump at 26% and this is the first time we see donald trump not in the top spot in some 70 weeks. now whether that had to do with the debate report or the pope's comments no one knows. a new poll out from cb s, donald trump, 25 back on top. ted cruz down at 18%. so we don't know exactly what causes this but this is the first time that we have seen them falter in that time. >> let's take a look. we got south carolina knocking
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on the do are saturday. what is the polls look like in south carolina? >> donald trump has had a commanding lead. look at the polls in south carolina. 32% and ted cruz down at 19 percent and marco rubio down at 15% and this is the bigger story here. most people believe that donald trump will take that primary but ted cruz and marco rubio, who is actually going to win? and even more importantly, the bottom three. jeb bush down at nine percent. really close to ben carson and john kaisch and this is so important because everyone was saying that his brother and his father both did well in south carolina and came in with high expectations and he is doing poorly and lost a key endorsement, nikki haley giving the endorsement to marco rubio. if jeb bush did not do better than expected in south carolina, it is hard to see him making a case going forward. >> let's not forget the first in the west, good old state of
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nevada. hillary clinton. the way that people talk, not necessarily. bernie sanders is making a nice fight. >> the latest poll is neck in neck. when you look at the polling. hillary clinton is winning in every major issue except the economy. that's the only one that bernie sanders is doing well on. even though the poll numbers are tied up. remember it is a caucus so people will get together and talk about this. when you get together with a group of people and saying hillary clinton is stronger for this reason and this reason and you only have one reason for bernie sanders, it could make all of the difference. i wouldn't be surprised if hillary clinton actually wound up on top even though it is next and next in the polling. >> ross, you have been following this. would you say that donald trump because he is rising in the poll, is that helping bernie sanders because you have two basically outside candidates, nonestablishment candidates on both sides. >> yes, you hit the nail on the head. this is the election cycle of the outsiders and that's why bernie sanders is doug so --
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doing so well. and donald trump on the other side. people want change and this is what we have been seeing all through the cycle. big saturday. >> yes. >> all right, ross. top law enforcement calls on silicon valley. the wild west of technology. the reason that companies like apple and google or impeding public safety. and in weather, a recent storm moving out of the bay area, lingering clouds and tracking another system. coming up. one area picking up rain and the changes by the weekend. nice shot. mark. maybe not so nice if waiting for your loved one coming home from work. northbound bumper to bumper. the four on two will be right
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back. we are right in the thick of an election season and while we are trying to sort out which candidate we want to vote for, you may not realize your children are likely seeing political messages online and social media. every thursday we sit down with common sense media and we are talking about age appropriate ways to discuss the election with your children. with us now, caroline norb for common sense media. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. >> you never think about that
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and you think kids don't care but why is it important to talk to children about politics? >> well, kids don't understand politics and there is a lot of misinformation and a lot of mud slinging and there is a lot of fear. little kids are afraid of what is going on. >> you have a lot of information. we will go through it. let's start with tips in general for kids all ages. >> if you have younger kids i recommend that you try and keep them shielded from the news as much as possible. remember the news is hitting their eyes and ears. turn down the tv and if they ask you questions, don't overexplain. have them ask you what is on your mind, sometimes what they are sensing is your fear and your anxiety and they really just want to talk about you know what is going on in their mind. they don't even understand the election. >> we have that information. this is not general for kids of all ages. >> exactly. get them to ask you questions.
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it is a good idea to think about what your kids can understand. little kids do not understand abstract things. elementary school kids can understand a little bit more about elections because sometimes they are doing mock elections in school. that's a great opportunity to talk to them about the news. >> let's start with the little ones. let's start with elementary school or younger. what is some advice for the ones that may not get what a republican is or what a democrat is? >> absolutely. let's try to copy them shielded as much as possible. what i love is to show them some of these books that are designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. there is this book called bad kitty for president. does a good job of explaining the process. showing them age appropriate stories about what is going on can really help alleviate that fear and confusion. >> the little ones don't get it but middle schoolers getting older and the friends are
4:44 pm
talking about i want so and so because they hear it from mom and dad. what about the middle school kids? >> they do understand abstract ideas and get it but they don't understand who is -- all they know it is a popularity contest. engage in them and interpret the news for them. they are getting the news unshielded. we need to filter the news as parents through our value and this is important for elementary school kids. they are getting information from their kids. >> time for kids? >> yes. time magazine for kids and it is great. for one thing it will expose them to news that parents are hearing about and it will keep them away from news that you don't want them to area. >> age appropriate. >> yes. >> why don't you look at this website? >> and they will feel empowered
4:45 pm
and that is good for the tweens. >> and what about our own teenagers. >> i encourage parents to engage with your kids and about where you agree and disagree. teenagers love to assert their opinion. it is a great time to practice the skills. there is a great video game. >> what about the debates. do you watch that? >> yes. teenagers you can off the news and the debates. they can wrestle with the ideas and it is a great opportunity for them to think through and they are learning a lot of the stuff in history class and they can bring it back and engage with you. a wonderful time to teach media literacy. >> this is a fun new video game that came out. the presidential machine and you can play as a candidate and so this is a great game so kids
4:46 pm
can -- it is like a role playing game and they can see what types of ideas are going to get them a little bit further in the election process. you know, what types of things that they say might keep them down. it is super fun. i would say play with the kids. >> great ideas for all ages. caroline norb. with common sense media. thank you. thank you very much. keba. refreshing out there. >> yes. i woke up this morning and i was just enjoying the newspaper and the streets were wet. >> we had a rain gauge. >> didn't check it out. rushed out the door. >> developing news. we will get back to that. >> yes. it felt good. >> the rain in the bay area. lingering clouds and a few showers as well. thing looking quiet now. >> where are we at? >> this is coming from home wood and if viewers watching steve paulsen during the 9:00 show and streaming
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>> maybe slipping to sunny side for brunch. >> yes. great news in the sierra. it looks like spring skiing but a healthy dose of additional snowfall in the past 24 hours. right now on live storm tracker 2 you can still see the lingering bay showers. and the snow showers in the mountains. take a look at the snow reports in tahoe city from 7:00 and reporting heavy snow. you can see it here and right around 80 towards donner 8:33 and reporting 16-inches of show. in the bay area. lingering clouds and showers in place. mainly focused in the north bay. rain showers in saint helena. things will quiet down after six and 7:00. current numbers in the 50s and
4:48 pm
the 60s. on tuesday we had 70s to 80s and so a sharp dropoff yesterday and here is a live camera towards the north estuary. in san francisco, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies and 50s and then by 12:00, showers will be developing around san francisco approaching -- maybe not by 12:00 but 12:00 and one. the rain showers and a chance by friday evening. so here is today's cold front moving across the bay area and heading out of town. the next one is developing offshore in the friday forecast. here is a closer look at the satellite perspective and snow for the northern parts of the the state and translate to north bay rain and fizzling out and a chance of few light showers in the south bay. it will probably hold off until
4:49 pm
late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. tonight, partly cloudy skies and tomorrow morning 8:00 and cloudy conditions and here is the rain band spread to go to south. 2:00 in the afternoon. notice it kind of fizzles out by 6:00 and north of san jose and a few showers in the south bay. you get the idea and the main action will be from san mateo and from -- fremont and san francisco. temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the 50s and the 60s for your friday with showers and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. this week will be dry with partly sunny skies and will warm back up for sunday and monday. lots of 70s out there mike and keba making a come-back for monday and tuesday of next week. just we are talking about the roller coaster and it felt like summer a few days ago and back to winter which is nice and spiked back up by monday of next week. thank you, mark. when the four on two returns, we will get social and
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be right back. all right. time to get social and take a look at what people are talking about on social media. a ten-year-old girl victim a bullying and using her flair for fashion to make it to get this, new york fashion week. awesome. take a look. egypt falla showed her collection of plus sized falling in new york. the 5th grader faced bullies at schools in queen because of her size. >> instead of getting mad she channeled her energy into a
4:53 pm
positive way and getting nationwide activity. i saw more of her online and i googled her to look her up. she started to so and make clothes for her dolls by using needles and threads and her mom was there and she got the sewing machine and stepped it up. ten years old. 5th grader. >> successful at ten. >> good for her. >> you got to follow that story. >> i will. >> see where she is in ten years. a reality tv star is being remembered. >> a surprise to her fans. angelo rialo died from complications this morning. you might remember her or know her from her role on vh1 mob wife. it created a following like many of them do. >> she was known for her fondness of plastic surgery and her larger than life personality on the show. she was open about throat
4:54 pm
cancer when she was diagnosed in march saying she had been a lifelong smoker. it is this time of year when you see spectacular sites at yosemite national park. >> not only talking about rainbows. >> two weeks in the month of february. horsetail falls lights up. >> caused by the sun setting at a certain angle and makes the waterfall orange and red and it looks like fire. photographers flock there to catch a glimpse of the scene to take pictures. >> it is brilliant and for more photos go go to web site on
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ktvu. com. one day after apple ceo tim cook said his company will not help the f.b.i. hack into the san bernardino cell phones. the top prosecutor accused silicon valley of impeding public safety. >> this has become the wild west in technology. apple and google are their own sheriffs and no rules and for this one person's opinion when you are dealing with matters that have such consequence and
4:58 pm
needs to be made by independent legislature and the courts. attorney cry russ brance says tech giants are thwarting criminal investigations because companies are drawing the line between public safety and privacy where it serves their economic interest. during today's news conference, the d.a. and the police commissioner says their cyber crime unit has 200 apple devices they can't access because of encryption technology. >> this goes against unreasonable search and seizure. tuesday night a u.s. district court issued an order to apple. the software is supposed to
4:59 pm
allow the f.b.i. to hack in the cell phones. >> ceo tim cook says he won't do it because it would create a back door to the company security features and jeopardize the public's privacy and safety. let's turn now to frank and julie. the apartment building, down it goes. >> mike and keba. demolition crews hard at work in pacifica. >> we have been showing you these images for years. the apartment buildings teetering on that cliff. residents forced to leave and crews began to tear down one of those apartment buildings. ktvu news at 5 starts now. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we will get to that story in a moment. first though we have an incredibly sad story to tell you about. an infant unfortunately killed following an overnight fire in vallejo. investigators are working to
5:00 pm
figure out how the fire started. cristina rendon is in vallejo and findinout what is going on there and is here with more on the investigation. >> reporter: it is sad. not just a family that is in mourning but an entire neighborhood that is mourning the death of this little baby. because there is a death, vallejo firefighters have called in help from the arson investigation team. they have spent the entire day investigating inside that parm. >> reporter: a destructive overnight fire turned into a living nightmare for the family after baby trapped inside. neighbors are heartbroken for the mother. >> to hear her screaming in the background. my baby, my baby is unmajorrable. >> reporter: two adults and a 4- year-old child escaped. firefighters found the infant dead inside the second story unit after putting out flames. >> reporter: the three alarm fire took


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