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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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figure out how the fire started. cristina rendon is in vallejo and findinout what is going on there and is here with more on the investigation. >> reporter: it is sad. not just a family that is in mourning but an entire neighborhood that is mourning the death of this little baby. because there is a death, vallejo firefighters have called in help from the arson investigation team. they have spent the entire day investigating inside that parm. >> reporter: a destructive overnight fire turned into a living nightmare for the family after baby trapped inside. neighbors are heartbroken for the mother. >> to hear her screaming in the background. my baby, my baby is unmajorrable. >> reporter: two adults and a 4- year-old child escaped. firefighters found the infant dead inside the second story unit after putting out flames. >> reporter: the three alarm fire took about two hours to
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distinguish and displaying 13 people and damaging four units. >> the apartment 11 was a complete loss and the next apartment has heavy smoke damage and lower units are lesser affected. >> when they said there was a fire i went to get my children. my priority are my kids. >> the vallejo county investigators are retreating as a crime scene and trying to determine how and where the fire started. questions the community wants answered as they send the thoughts and prayers to the baby's family. >> i could not imagine what this day is like. >> vallejo firefighters are being tight lipped about the investigation and we don't know when the next update will be. we will stay on top of any developments. i want to let you know the red cross is stepping into help the families displaced by the fire. >> you feel so bad for the family. thank you.
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a san jose man is behind bars accused of a crash that killed a bicyclist. police arrested chris ataca yesterday. investigators say that africaa was behind the wheel of his honda dellsol when the car hit a bicyclist. the 44-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. police accompanied the car abandoned a few blocks away from the accident. they spend several days searching for the driver before he was caught. the man accused of killing two people on twin peaks pleaded not guilty in san francisco. 26-year-old richard contrearas is facing two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. two young man from santa rosa were shot and killed and identified as 21 julio per dictionary rassa and 19-year- old rene mora, jr. and a third person was shot and injured. the shooting happened sunday morning. contrearas was arrested in richmond on monday night in
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court today his bail was set at $5 million. today demolition crews began to tear down one of several parm buildings teetering on the edge of a cliff in pacifica. looking at the wrong video. we want to tell you about the pacifica thing. the helicopter crashed in pearl harbor. we will get to that in aminute. the helicopter crashed in hawaii. and this apartment complex teetering on going over the cliff. our john sasaki has more. john. >> reporter: it has been the spectacle as this building was
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reduced to rubble. there is an excavator tearing things apart on this big truck waiting to haul this material away. i do believe we will have a full story for you right now. >> reporter: on pacifica esplanade avenue the action was quick and decisive. >> i on got up and walked the dog and saw it coming down. amazing. >> reporter: the property owner had the building torn down in a matter of hours. it had sat here empty since 2010. >> it is mother nature. there is nothing you can do. but it it is amazing how much is gone. >> neighbors did not know the demolition was happening until they saw the heavy machinery in the morning. people watched an excavator tear apart the building and put it in big rig containers to haul it away. >> there will be great sunsets. >> one woman says she is not worried about the future. >> i spoke to a friend that
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bought one of the buildings back here and he said we probably got a good 25 years. >> a woman that lives at number 340 next door to the south was seen a little unconcerned as to how this work might have happened to her home. >> i will never be able to afford this view anywhere. i will stick it out. this end of this building is the worse. i have got the best edge so i'm just going to hang out until they kick me out or i fall in, i guess. >> the next door building to the north, number 320 has been condemned since 2010 and city officials have secured funding to tear it down. that demolition could happen any day now. julie, that's the latest from pacifica. back to you. traffic is finally moving again on highway 17 south of
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last gats on after a downed tree lasted to the afternoon. the tree came down at 10:00 in the morning blocking the northbound and southbound lanes of the highway and thankfully no one hurt and one lane in each direction reopened and it took crews from cal tran a few more hours to cut up the tree and clear the lanes. want to bring in bill martin. feeling better. >> yes. we got rainfall last night. you probably heard it on the roof tops late in the evening afternoon and even thunderstorms. how much rain did we get? morgan hill got over an inch, 1.2-inches and san jose over a quarter of an inch. the system rolled through and we got clearing but we have a few scattered sprinkles. as you look outside, the showers have ended for the most part but to the north, and the east of us, we got a little bit
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of activity, that's the system sliding through in the last few hours. most of it now has gotten stuck in the mountains where they did receive two feet of snow. productive for the lake tahoe area. truckie got 16-inches of rain. up on the top two inches not hard to get. out towards clear lake and santa rosa scattered showers. so this system is moving through. there is another system behind that has the potential to bring us a little bit more rain. hopefully a lot more but a little bit more rain as we head to friday. we will talk about that next time you see me. we will see you then. thank you, bill. more on that terrifying crash caught on cell phone video. this helicopter went down and it happened yards from the pearl harbor memorial in hawaii. the latest on the storms brought heavy snow to the sierra. coming up next. a live report from the area as
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the massive storm caused
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significant problems.
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this latest round of storms has brought over a foot of new snow to the sierra and that snow caused minor avalanches. joining us now is coop. >> that's right. >> he is the senior communications person at heavenly. how is it looking up there, coop? >> reporter: fantastic. what a blessing for mother nature. 24-inches at the summit. about 9000 feet and 18-inches at the base of kirkwood and
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7800 feet. even though over at heavenly 24- inches. we had a break, three weeks of no snow and back in business. conditions fantastic. >> i can see how amped up you are. i know the week will be busy and if someone comes with their family, are the lines short? what can they expect. >> reporter: i was here on chair ten and i got 13 laps. perfect midweek and the time you want to come up here. you want to get up here and drive slow. 8850 and chain controls at this time and once you get here you will have a fantastic time. everything is easy to get to. kirkwood did not feel like it was busy. with the last two systems a lot of wind and snowfall. we had some challenges this
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morning but starting tomorrow through the weekend. fantastic. the system is moving towards utah and the next smaller one north of us coming through and great conditions all weekend. if you are here tomorrow you will be able to lap back and forth. for the week it will be fantastic. blue skies. >> we heard concerns about the possibility of minor avalanches. >> reporter: there are different layers and we had a hard pack for the last few weeks and then sunshine and it firmed it up and this system caught us off guard and at 9:00 last night it looked like it would split. the combination of winds and temperatures rapidly dropping from 33 down to 19 degrees at the summit made it so where there was a slick layer and that's what we have the ski patrol to do avalanche mitigation and they have been
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doing that all day long. we did have some activity at glove rock and finish doing the safety routes. i know there was activity in alpine and squaw valley and heavenly and that's what we do. we manage snow and that is what the ski control is about. ride with the friends always. you fall you got a friend to help you out. bring a friend and come on up and you will have an amazing time. come see me. >> i would like to meet you in person. do you do night skiing up there? how late are the lifts open. >> reporter: we don't do night skiing here but bor rial does. you can head there and get night skiing. >> is everything open right
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now? >> reporter: no but kirkland 2300 will be open and at northstar 3197 acres. you will have plenty of room and great terrain and fun snow. it is the time. it is february. we are getting started. we are at 343 a day and over to a 400-inch river in lake tahoe. >> you are a good salesman. >> a lot of fun to be had. coop, thank you. all right. let's check the weather. let's go to bill martin in the weather center for a look. >> lightning last night. >> i heard it, yes. >> a lot of the it was cloud to cloud which is -- than cloud to ground. cloud to cloud instead of cloud to ground. numerous strikes and in the east bay and it was impressive
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stuff. here is the rain totals. and you know talking about rain and snow. typically it is the way it comes in. you can count on if you get an inch there is over a foot of snow. you can make that calculations above 6000 feet. we got 1.2 in morgan hill and some areas of the santa cruz mountains two inches of rain. they saw about one-and-a-half feet of snow. outstanding for the mountains and outstanding for us. this was a pickup from the el nino season. >> if it wasn't el nino there was moisture available that was not powerful. in el nino, i got to tell you, it has been a bust. el nino is there and hasn't gone away but the storms we are watching in the pacific. we got the giant surf.
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lots of join surf. we had the biggest week in mavericks and giant surf is what is happening in the pacific and those storms did not get here in february. in the big el nino, back in 98 and 82, for february doing 230, 240 for an average and this february 38%. february, el nino has been a bust. el nino is not gun and el nino is still here and hopefully it will light itself out for march and it very well could and february was not a powerful el nino. as i pointed out, it typically is and at least the baseline samples, we got two ones to work with. and the two were 240% of average and this bun, thus far has been about 30% of average for february. so there you go. there is the pressure center and you see it slipping through. that system comes in and as we head to friday. and it brings us a chance of sprinkle or two as we head to
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tomorrow afternoon. here is tonight. and then here goes tomorrow morning. and the commute and here goes check it out. there is the showers around 2:00. and it moves through quick. that could accumulate to the tune of maybe 10th of an inch or a quarter if we are lucky. forecast highs tomorrow, cool and milder than it was a month ago and the five-day forecast looks like that. so it is good. what is interesting about february. we were sitting there in january and we get to february and this is the big month for el nino and it is not gone. still here and february most likely will produce something, february will produce something and we had big storms in the pacific and that is where the big surf came from but the storms did not focus on us. >> we could still get a lot of
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in march and april. >> yes. we needed february to be big. we need every month to be a big month for the next two or three years. >> how about next week? >> we do. towards the middle of next week. something lights up. we will see. right now it doesn't look super powerful but last night's system didn't look super powerful but delivered. >> it sure did. >> that's kind of indicative of the el nino bringing power to the weak storms. >> bill, thanks. tourists catch a helicopter crash on cell phone video. coming up. we will update out people onboard after this chopper went down in pearl harbor. later at six. tens of thousands of bridges deemed deficient. serve of them happen to be in the bay area. what we are learning from a new report. here in the bay area we have 7 of those that are lifted
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as structurally deficient.
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developing news from hawaii where a private helicopter, take a look, crashed in the pearl harbor today. five people were onboard. one person is reportedly in critical condition. a u.s. navy spokeswoman says the helicopter made a hard landing as you can see and sank near the uss memorial. one tourist said boats are coming from everywhere. investigators are heading to the scene. >> f.b.i. agents searched a home in
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california as part of the investigation into the the mass shooting in san bernardino. agents went to corona. syed farook's brother lives there. agents carried out evidence. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people in a terrorist attack last december but his brother is a decorated navy veteran and served from 2003 and 2007 and not named as suspect. sanctions against north korea. the new sanctions are meantime to prevent north korea from attending warheads and long- range missiles as it continues to defy the un. the bill which was overwhelmingly approved by both houses of congress last week comes as the u.s. and china are trying to negotiate additional sanctions against north korea. china which is north korea's al
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lie has been resistant to imposing new sanctions that it says could devastate north korea's economy. >> the white house announced that president obama is going to travel to cuba next month. it is a highly anticipated and also highly controversial trip. mike emanuel has the report from washington. >> reporter: president obama is going to cuba, the white house announcing the visit. it is scheduled for march 21st and will include one meeting with cuban president rowall castro. >> there is promise for the lives of the cuban people and that's the core of our policy. >> the president has made restoring ties with cuba a key focus and leading to embassies and closer ties. now the president is bringing his own agenda to havana.
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>> it has been occurring that way on human rights and we have had conversations with respect. most republicans are criticizing the president for visiting an anti america dictatorship. >> it is traumatic that the president is building legacy here when you have a different view than the castro regime you are put in prison. >> the white house says progress is being made because of the new american outreach but it won't happen overnight. >> we will seek additional concrete steps that we believe advance the interest of the united states. the house says the goal is to persuade allow makers to lift the trade embargo but republicans have said that is a nonstarter in congress. in washington, mike emanuel, fox news. the woman known as the serial stowaway has been
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arrested again. this time 64-year-old maryland hartman was picked up in chicago. police were alerted by electronic monitoring bracelet that she has been forced to wear as part of probation. she had been ordered to stay away from chicago's airport as she tried to sneak past security in o'hare. yesterday was the latest of arrests. she has been caught sneaking on to planes including san francisco. the mayor of oakland calling on the governor of california. why she is counting on governor brown to keep his words. mattresses and needles dumped outside of a school. how that trash ended up there and parents are upset.
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>> the problem of illegal dumping has reached another level. it involves an entire truck load of trash and dumped in front of a school. ktvu henry lee talked to neighbors and in oakland. this is pathetic. why would someone do that? >> reporter: i don't know. it is cleaned up but the stench
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is overpowering and the parents could not drop the kids off where they normally would. mattresses and old lottery tickets and needles. smelly filthy garbage. someone dumped this trash. >> special needs students and their kids were forced to take a detour to get to school. >> i had to park way down further than where i usually park at. >> how important is it to you to get closer to the school with your child? >> well, it is really important because of his motor skills. he doesn't walk normal like everybody. it makes me upset because i am coming every morning to drop
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off my kids, they have special needs and we have to go around the school to get him in. it is not good to see that trash. >> it is like somebody took a truck and dumped it. >> that is what happened. a neighbor said he saw a dump truck pull up and spill its load. he thought it was mulch at first. >> i dropped my son off and there was trash up and down the street. huge. like a mattress and all kinds of stuff. it was disgusting. >> crews used a bulldozer. oakland officials are investigating. >> reporter: now officials confirmed today that this is not the first time that this has happened. there has been a couple of incidents before that. howard county had trash dumped. if you report illegal dumping in oakland you may get a reward
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up to half of the fines that they collect. back to you. >> henry, i'm curious, do they think that they just dumped it there because of the opportunity or is someone here perhaps angry at the school for some reason? >> reporter: we don't foe if there is a vendetta or someone thought if i dump it someone will pick it up. it is not good. >> are their security cameras that may have caught this? >> reporter: it is unclear. we spoke to neighbors but it was not obtained on brookwalter avenue. >> henry lee, it is disappointing. thank you. deliberations are now under way in the trial of three students at san jose state university who are accused of hate crimes against a black student. three students are accused of harassing donald williams, jr. in 2013. the case went to the jury this
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morning. prosecutors say the defendants targeted williams by calling him nicknames and hanging a confederate flag and putting a bike lock around his neck twice. a family of fremont is safe after a grandmother jump into action after a fire broke out. the woman was able to grab her grandson and warn others. >> reporter: there is a sense of relief that no one was hurt. there is a sense of loss because the family worked for over the last 20 years went up in smoke. >> reporter: this woman awoke to a nightmare yesterday. >> reporter: she said the window to a bedroom explode and she felt the heat. the home she shared with her grandchildren was on fire. she says her first act was to
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grab her one-and-a-half grandson and run while yelling for the others to get out. >> we definitely diverted a tragic situation by the fact that mother was able to people -- feel the heat from the fire and get everybody outside. >> the fremont fire department responded quickly and the home was a loss. >> investigators have yet to pinpoint a cause but believe it started outside. >> if the fire started inside the house and there was heavy smoke involved she may not have woken up at all. >> reporter: the fire department doesn't believe the home had working fire detectors and only four of the ten members were home at the time and most of the other kids were at school. the woman was napping with the toddler because she works nights stocking shelves at the dollar store. she says everything is gone. all she and the children have left are the clothes that they are wearing. a go fun me account has been set up but the family said it would be nearly impossible to
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replace all that is lost. >> reporter: also rescued is dogs and chickens. the family is staying with relatives figuring out how to rebuild. >> what an amazing story. good for that grandmother. mayor shaft is calling on the state to secure affordable housing. she was joined by groups at a rally outside the massive project under construction along the water front. in 2006 the state made a $45 million pledge to make sure that they are set aside for seniors and low-income families and it was supposed to come from a state redevelopment program that was eliminated in 2007 by governor brown. >> now this request -- i will not use the word demand. this request to the state of
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california to respect our agreement comes at a time when oakland's rent for a one bedroom apartment is $2210 a month. >> a spokesman for the state's finance department called ktvu state officials are trying to determine whether they can secure the funding. the massive housing project is expected to include a total of 31 units both for sale and rent. it is expected to be complete by the end of next year. the city of santa clear has a new mayor. the former mayor retired. lisa gilmor was selected last night. the vote was unanimous. gilmore will. the last two years of former mayor matthews term. she is active involving levi stadium and the super bowl. california's high-speed rail may be heading down a new track. officials are expected to release a new report tomorrow that calls for the first leg of
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the project to go to san jose rather than los angeles as originally planned. ktvu has more. >> a game-changer that will greatly improve the transit and make it easier to electrify the cal tran tracks from downtown san jose to san francisco. the san jose paper is reporting that the state will build the first 250 miles of track from san jose and bakersville between the central valley and burbank and the reasoning there is expensive costs to build tunnels through the mountains in southern california. the bullet trains would help those that live in southern santa clara county. >> the trip from san jose in about 15 minutes. you can't drive from my home in los gatos to downtown san jose in 15 minutes so think about
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those folks that want to live and buy homes in this high cost area that will be able to afford it. >> the bullet trains will run on the same tracks that cal train uses so it will be electrified to san francisco and transportation officials say that's a great benefit for those commuting to the city because cal train could double the number of trains on the system and service would be faster. it is a big investment in transit infrastructure which is good for the economy and jobs and while no timetable is given for the completion of this $64 billion project. high-speed rail could be in san jose as early as 2025. 2025 electric 2025 -- electric fee indication is under way in the next 25 years. joe fonzi has more sports news for the next baseball
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season. see when pope francis will say it is okay for christians to use contraception and what he is saying about donald trump. no leader especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's faith. >> and what caused donald trump to lash out.
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out. >> republican front-runner donald trump is engaged in a war of words with pope francis. the pope suggested that building a war is not christian like and donald trump fired back. mike emanuel with the report tonight. >> reporter: flying home from his visit to mexico pope francis was asked about donald trump. >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. donald trump received the news on the campaign trail. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with the current president. >> reporter: in the air the pope was caused about donald trump's pledge to build a wall at the mexican border and his criticism of the pontiff for standing with migrants at the
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border. >> they are using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. that's the mexican government. >> thank god he said i was a politician because aristotle said it is animal politics so at least i am a human person and that i am a pawn, well maybe i will leave that up to your jump. the pope said having not heard the border plans independently he would give the businessman the benefit of the doubt. what would i advise to vote or not to vote. i would not get mixed up in that. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> nationally catholics make up about 20% of the electorate and catholic majorities have picked the winner in the last four presidential elections. in washington, mike emanuel fox 2 news. the pope's comments were not limited to donald trump. he also seemed to break from
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decades of church doctrine when he says it might be acceptable for people fearing the zika virus to use contraception. the pope made the comment in response to a reporter that asked the pope how he felt about women at risk of being infected with zika having abortions. and if contraception was the lesser of two evils. the pope responded saying abortion was an absolute evil and a crime but he said contraception was different saying "avoiding eg prosecute nancy is not an absolute evil." >> turkey claims that the kurdish people are responsible for a suicide bombing in turkey that killed at least 28 people yesterday. the kurds are saying it was actually isis behind the attack. turkey is now shelling kurdish
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positions on the syrian borders. there was another attack and doctors without borders say the attacks on two hospitals and a school in syria is creating a humantarian crisis. >> the attacks including hospitals providing life saving assistance are routine. >> the un has begun to deliver food and medical supplies by trucks and is planning air lifts to areas blocked by military check points. for the first time the u.s. is using ice scan and facial recognition technology to check people walking across the border into mexico. the u.s. installed this new level of security at a busy border crossing last week. the system is used to identify foreign citizens that walk from the u.s. to mexico so that the u.s. can see who overstays their visas. before this, people who left the country were rarely checked by u.s. authorities as they walked across the border. new polls are out ahead of
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the south carolina primary. donald trump still holds a lead in most polls but other candidates could give him a run for his money. pitchers and catchers using spring training to fine tune. coming up. hear from one of the newest pitchers from this rotation off season. we got rain last night. snow in the mountains and now we move forward to the next weather event that shows up
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tomorrow afternoon.
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spring training is now
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under way in arizona. members of the giants reported earlier this week and they have new pitching rotations. expectations are high for this season. >> they sure are. joe fonzi is live in scottsdale. how is the weather out there? >> reporter: hey, guys, you know they do not have a night game scheduled but they should. it is a perfect evening for a baseball game. not a breath of wind in the air and comfortable. it was all about the pitchers and catchers reporting. you know the giants have a roster full of unselfish players and characters. you probably put madison bomb guardner and hunter pench on the list and jeff samardzija. >> the giants recognize shortcomings on the registration ter and he is one of the guys they signed in the off season to fill the holes. pitcher jeff samardzija should
5:49 pm
fit in like madison baumgartner. >> i can contend withrowing five or six innings and grab a beer but that is not what excites me or why i work in the off season. when i am in the 7th inning with 80 pitches, that's feeling good. that's accomplishing something that you set out to do and now you can go out for two or three innings and let it hang out. >> if samardzija sounds like a football player that's because he had been one. at notre dame samardzija was named to all american teams for football. with 77 receptions and 15 of them for touchdowns in 2005. >> the older i get the more i appreciate my threshold for certain things and definitely comes from football and it doesn't have to come from football from me particularly. my father being a bobby knight fan and football background has
5:50 pm
something to do with that. you know i combine those two things and i get the guy i am today. >> samardzija is considered an athlete and not just a pitcher. he will join a staff that likes to hit. samardzija has two career home runs and will fit in nicely. baumgartner hit five last year. >> the cool thing about the great starting rotation you compete over everything. don ever think you will come to the field without being our toes. when you compete who hits the most home runs and it is never ending. >> so to compete over home runs here is something you should know. baumgartner 11 home runs and matt cane has six. we told you that samardzija has two and jeff peavy one and johnny cueto yet to get on the board. it should be a strong staff and
5:51 pm
the start of a good season. reporting live from scottsdale. joe fonzi. fox 2 news. that is something i wanted to ask you. everyone is optimistic in spring training do you think the giants will have a good season. it seems like they made a lot of good upgrades? >> they did. they addressed the outfield position with denard span projected to be the centerfielder and johnny cueto and samardzija in the staff and bruce bochy talked about this. health is a big concern and you never want to blame things on injuries but the giants were injured last year. hunter pench was hurt. and others were hurt. but this team is built to compete for the national league west. >> it is not even here. let's not forget that. joe, thanks very much. we will see you later. time to go to the weather.
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a lot of rain last night in the bay area. dried up today. let's go back to bill to find out what the rest of the weekend is holding. >> more that have rain. light rain coming tomorrow which based on last night it was a weak storm and supposed to bring a quarter of an inch to half an inch. it brought an inch and a half or two. perhaps this would be more productive an indication of el nino year. even the weaker storms. in these weaker storms you get moisture in the pacific and that will increase to what we saw last night. what did i say? hopefully the next system shouldn't be that heavy, maybe tenth of an inch and maybe we get some more. in the mountains aggressive storm up to two feet and truckie got 16-inches. a lot for them. showers lingering in the north and it is all winding down and
5:53 pm
a few spray sprinkles. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. when you look at the forecast tomorrow, santa rosa. at five a.m. they would have had 600ths of an inch of rain. that's nothing and a few sprinkles gets it up to 1200ths or a tenth of an inch and pushing forward. see a quarter of an inch. santa rosa stands to get the most rain of any of us. further south. let's do that. let's go to san jose and what you will see here. the model paint rain and here is friday morning, six a.m. and the sky cover, that system, doesn't do much. slides by. and then i suspect we will see a sprinkle about here. and it doesn't show it. about late in the day, a light sprinkle in the forecast. so here we go. the forecast highs for tomorrow. you see them right there.
5:54 pm
60s in napa. 59 in vallejo and 60 in concord. the five-day forecast, there is the light showers and hopefully turns out to be better than that or more than that. and then right down the line you see more of the same. just a weak system compared to what we really need. middle of next week things getting loosened up. let's hope so. bill, thank you. presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail in south carolina and they are taking shots at one another. in minutes, new developments in the push to require condoms in adult schools. the vote made today. it is moral crusade of the likes we have not seen since the 50s. it is just about making
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people feel something.
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it was an amazing job. not all polls or rather the republican primary, excuse me happens this saturday in south carolina. donald trump leads in most of the polls. we told you about his talking with pope francis but peter deucey has more. >> reporter: donald trump's latest spar come more poll
5:58 pm
numbers. showing the front-runner maintaining his wide lead over the pack with 32%. senator ted cruz coming in 2nd at 19 percent. and senator marco rubio who just picked up a major endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley within striking distance. >> the democrat party has one of its leading candidates a democratic socialist. bernie sanders. and with the nevada democratic caucuses two days away. polls are showing the parties deadline between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and clinton and sanders will meet one last time before voters in nevada hit the polls when they go face to face in the live town hall event in the silver state. in washington, peter deucey, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 starts now. tens of thousands of
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bridges deemed deficient across the country and several in the bay area. >> here in the bay area we have 7 of those that are lifted as structurally deficient but that needs to be put into context. >> we are getting insight on a new report by the u.s. department of transportation. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that report shows 59,000 bridges across the country are structurally deficient. they are in need of rehabilitation or in extreme places need to be replaced all together. ktvu tom vacar in our newsroom. tom you found that 7 of the top 50 and three of the 25 are right here in the bay? >> you wouldn't know it. you might not know if you were on them. >> any structure that passes over something such as overpass is also deemed to be a bridge. cal tran has responsibility for some 26,000 california bridges
6:00 pm
about 2000 of which have been deemed structurally deficient. 9 percent of cal tran's entire inventory. of the top 25, three are in the bay area. >> structurally faced and we would never allow them to be not so. >> this small 880 bridge over passing san leandro peak in the coliseum is one and this one on ripple road in union city is another one. and this 680 bridge overpassing monument boulevard is the 3rd. of the top 507 are deficient and that means they need some work and not imminent hazards. >> we have done repairs and three are in the process


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