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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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deemed structurally deficient. 9 percent of cal tran's entire inventory. of the top 25, three are in the bay area. >> structurally faced and we would never allow them to be not so. >> this small 880 bridge over passing san leandro peak in the coliseum is one and this one on ripple road in union city is another one. and this 680 bridge overpassing monument boulevard is the 3rd. of the top 507 are deficient and that means they need some work and not imminent hazards. >> we have done repairs and three are in the process of
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being allocated funds. >> beyond the bridges and overpasses cal tran says that they have bridges that they maintain and according to the metropolitan transportation commission 15% have structural deficiencies. it would take many billions to bring them up to structural sufficiency. >> all bridges in california that are open for the public are safe. >> however, many became structurally deficient because gas taxes have not kept up with the massive wear and tear that have occurred. reporting live. tom vacar fox 2 news. all right. tom, thank you. on we have a list of the deficient bridges. you can find it under web links. >> a san jose man accused of a crash that killed a bicyclist is behind bars. 23-year-old chris africa was at his home yesterday. investigators say he was high pressure the wheel of his honda
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last friday when a car hit a bicyclist on winchester boulevard. that cyclist, 44-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. police recovered the car, abandoned a few blocks away and spent several days searching for the driver before he was caught. two new carpool lanes are opening on eastbound 580 tomorrow morning. another new lane going westbound will be open on monday. they stretch across livermore and pleasant and dublin. drivers will use them between five a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. they are paid electronically with a track finer. >> there was an apartment teetering on the edge of a cliff. john sasaki is in pacifica with more on what is happening. on pacifica esplanade avenue the action was swift and
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decisive. >> when i got up and walked the dog and saw how quickly it was coming down it was amazing. >> the property owner had the building torn down in a matter of hours. it sat here empty and condemned since 2010 as the cliff side behind it erroded away. >> it is mother nature. there's nothing you can do but it is amazing how much has happened in the last 8 years. >> neighbors have no idea what happened and saw the heavy machinery. people from behind the area stopped to watch an excavator tear apart the building and watch it hauled away. one woman that lives across the street is not worried about the future. >> i spoke to a friend that bought one of the buildings back here and he said we probably got a good 25 years. a woman that lives at number 340 next door was seen a little unconcerned and this kind of work may happen to her home. >> i will never be able to
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avoid this kind of view anywhere. so you know i'm going to stick it out. i mean this end of this building right here is the worse. i have got the best edge so i'm just going to hang out until they kick me out or i fall in i guess. >> this next building 320 has been condemned since 2010 and the officials say they have secured funding to tear it down. the demolition could happen any day. in pacifica. john sasaki, fox 2 news. to the weather now. a storm that brought just not rain but thunder and lightning in the bay area. check it out. we caught a lightning strike on mornings on 2. it happened at 5:45 this morning as drivers made their way across the golden gate bridge. >> the storm brought down a massive tree. it blocked both lanes at the highway for an hour backing up
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traffic. fortunately no one was hurt. >> meteorologist bill martin joins us. how much rain did we get. >> up to an inch-and-a-half and a long came the thunder and lightning and the snow in the mountains. here are the rainfall totals that we had last 24 hours. morgan hill came up at an inch quarter and oakland at .3 and .67, over a half-inch in san francisco. productive for a very weak storm. thunder and lightning. kind of weak on the models, weak on the satellite loop. there is outside right now. more clouds in another system wants to come our way. this is how it looked in the last few hours as the system moved through the area and didn't do much to the morning commute because it was done and a few lingering showers this afternoon. they were very light. right now you got a few showers around santa rosa. break tomorrow morning.
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morning commute dry but somewhere around lunchtime we will get into some showers. light sprinkles and we will talk about that and i will have it put together and i will see you back here. thank you, bill. rain in the bay area and snow in the sierra. the storm brought up to two feet of fresh powder. the snow fell with few breaks and it made for a slippery slushy road out there today. gridlock earlier on i-80 west of kingvale but it was not because of the chain control station ahead. >> you will have to move over. >> reporter: a ch p officer talking, had to tell one trucker after the next to move. they had stopped in traffic to chain up. at the rest stop nearby, drivers put chains on their vehicles and crouched on their knees on this slushy ground trying to get flew the chore quickly. >> i saw several trucker chains
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in the highway. they weren't being thorough when they threw the chains on. >> reporter: a slippery mess and at times of the roadway. >> a lot of people are getting slipping off the road and the snowbanks are getting pushed down from cal tran. as i was coming up here. i would probably wait another day. >> the snow that started to fall yesterday is the first in a solid two weeks. the last time it snowed here was february 4th. today people stopped wherever they could to take advantage of it. >> it is fun and cold. >> the good news for the families heading back to the bay after spending the day in the snow is they will have an easier drive this time on the road. it has stopped snowing finally and chain controls lifted on interstate 80 and highway 50. ktvu, fox 2 news. and be sure to download the free ktvu weather app for the
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latest on all of the conditions. bill and our weather team are posting updates on twitter and facebook and twitter and instagram. voted to keep the commercial dungeonous crab season closed. it has been delayed because of high levels of acid. that toxic acid is dangerous. they did open up smoke fishing. tests in the area show the crab is safe there. boat captains say they have requested that state keep commercial fishing closed until the entire state can be open for business. if it is a state-wide opener, it can spread the pressure throughout the state and a better season and a salvageable season at this point. >> that boat captain says he and his family have eaten crab caught in the safe zone and they say no one should worry. tragedy for a bay area family after an parm fire
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claims the life of an infant. and to hear her screaming in the background, my baby, my baby. unimaginable. what we are learning from investigators and neighbors. plus new developments in the plan to require condoms in adult films. the vote made this afternoon and what it means for the pornography industry. here is a look at the thursday evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. the cars are heading to san francisco and slow going at this hour. it sure is. this is 880. next to the oakland coliseum on the right-hand side of the screen. the headlights heading south and it is busy as it normally is this time of the night.
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new at six. the california safety board rejected the condom requirement for porn films. cal osha voted in oakland. a number of adult film reporter lined up to testify. for several hours they fought the rule saying forced condom use would drive the industry underground. they say that could eliminate safety standards in place such as testing for stds every 14 days. we have done incredible strides on risk mitigation and harm reduction and it is effective and useful. and more importantly supported by everybody who uses it. >> the aids health care foundation supported the rule. said several adult performers
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contracted hiv while performing. a san jose police officer fired over inflammatory tweets was reinstated. phil white was said to be able to return. this is him at an elementary school. officer white posted tweets about the black lives matters saying if he or his family were threatened he would use his law appointed right to kill. he added the # cops lives matters. that sparked protests and demands for his firing. the san jose police department says officer white will be assigned to administrative duties. in san francisco, a judge set bail at $5 million for the man suspected of killing two people on twin peaks. 26-year-old richard contrearas pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and another count of carjacking. he is accused of shooting the two people here. 21 julio pa raza and 19-year-
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old mora, jr. an 18-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries. investigators are looking into what caused an apartment building that killed an infant overnight. as cristina rendon shows us what officials did inside that apartment. >> reporter: a instructive fire turned into a living nightmare of a baby trapped inside. neighbors are heartbroken. >> to hear her screaming my baby, my baby is just unimaginable. >> two adults and four-year-old child escaped. firefighters found the infant dead inside the second story unit after putting out flames. the three alarm fire on kathy allen drive took two hours to extinguish. >> the apartment was a complete loss and the next apartment has heavy smoke damage throughout and lower units are lesser
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affected. >> they said it was a fire and i rounded and got my kids. that's my priority. >> the celina arson team treating it as a crime scene determining how and where the fire started. the questions the community wants answered as they send the thoughts and prayers to the baby's family. >> i could not imagine what your day is like. this prayer is for her and her family right now. we will stay on top of developments and will be in touch with the red cross for the family. firefighters are ko mening a grandmother in fremont for her quick thinking. emma salino woke up yesterday with an afternoon nap to explosion of flames to her bedroom window and grabbed her one-and-a-half grandson for
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everyone to get out of the house. all four family members home at the time managed to escape. we definitely averted a tragic situation, the fact that the mother was able to feel the heat from the fire and wake everybody up at home and get everybody outside. >> firefighters say the house is a total loss. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. and a baby horse is enjoying a new stuffed animal. during his recuperation at uc davis. is that adorable. freemon posted a picture of valentine. the colt's owner stepped forward and felt it was in the best interest of the colt to hand him over to the city. the city officials are looking for valentine's forever home. the colt was a couple days old when he was found in the bottom of a ravine in fremont with a broken pelvis on valentine's day. >> he looks so sweet. >> after a lot of rain we are
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getting a chance to dry out. we saw thunder last night but what a change we went from beach weather to stormy weather and it is clear again. >> the record warmth of 80 degrees and 90 degrees in some places around salina and we have shifted gears getting to a wet pattern. the rainfall was significant on that last system that blew through here and that's good news. we had up to two feet and current picture, clouds and that's how it goes. tomorrow mostly cloudy and partly cloudy and sun comes out and we get sprinkles. here is the system as it moves through last night and tomorrow morning. in the lingering showers in the north bay right now. a little bit of activity east of fairfield and north of brentwood. here is the model for tomorrow. check it out. here we go. tomorrow morning dry commute and the rain and right there. around 3:00 it looks through
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the central part of the bay, the line goes through. it is going to be light but it is going to have the wipers going a little bit for a brief time. then it is in the south bay 7:00 and it is gone. do your business tomorrow and don't sweat the plans keep an umbrella handy between two and four. santa rosa by five a.m. over 500ths of inch and more showers up to 1200ths of an inch and more showers and they could go over a quarter of an inch by 3:00 with clearing and thatment is is doing most of its work up in the north bay. let's check out oakland and how do they work out. oakland six a.m. 48 degrees and where is the showers? ten, 11, twelve, they know the showers in oakland and san francisco don't show up until right around there. two to about 3:00 and gone.
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the heaviest rain, san jose nothing. san francisco north and it's going to be for most of us the impact will be between two and four tomorrow. for most of us. and the north bay it will start earlier. and hopefully it produces more rain than that. here is the forecast. tomorrow, scattered showers and kind of midday and then gone. saturday, nice and warmer and nicer for the week and mid-70s on monday. and i will tell you, you see the pollen on the -- gosh, sunday? saturday and sunday? there was pollen everywhere. on the cars. it was just one of those days, we got a lot of pine trees. the plants are really -- look at that 74 on monday. the plants wake up and you see blossoms. >> i have seen that, yes. >> you have seen them quicker on this side of the hill, warmer and on the other side of the hill usually about four weeks. you will notice it on monday.
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will you notice it more. >> people talking about allergies flaring up. that's, phil. oakland mayor libby shaft is calling on the state to make good on its promise to secure $45 million for affordable housing at the new brooklyn basin project. it is now under construction along the city's water front. in 2006 the state made a $45 million pledge to make sure that 465 of those units are set aside for seniors and low- income families. but that money was supposed to come from a state redevelopment program that was eliminated in 2011 by governor brown. now this request -- i'm going to resist using the word demand. to the state of california to respect our agreement comes at a time when oakland's rent for
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a one bedroom apartment is $2210 a month. >> a spokesman for the finance department says state officials are trying to determine whether they can secure the funding. the massive housing project will include 3100 units for sale and for rent. it is expected to be complete by the end of next year. seth curry and the warriors preparing to pick up where they left off. they play on the road against portland and the giants pitchers and catchers hit the diamond for the first full workout and we will hear from one of the pitchers. mark is up next with sports. keba is live in the newsroom for what she is working on for fox 2 news at 7. donald trump is engaged in a new war of words. this involves the leader of the roman catholic church. what the pope said about donald trump and how he is responding.
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manny pacquiao is now using the bible to defend himself. these stories and your top headlines over on tv 37.
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mark is here. giants and baseball and spring training under way. we do want to mention because it is equal time here. oakland a's will be in act saturday when the giants are starting early. didn't want to offend afans. pitchers and catchers going at it and joe fonzi has been down there checking it out. a cloudy day in scottsdale unlike yesterday. that was madison baumgartner and buster posey and the newcomer jeff samardzija pitched for the white sox and for the a's a couple years ago
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and came over over in a trade and samardzija talked about come to go to giants in the off season. >> hard-nosed gamers that love the game of baseball. i like it. and that's what you have to have to be successful and winning this game is just undying love that you show up for even after a long day of work even if you had a rough one, 0 for 5 and you still have that same love and passion and do what you did the day before. >> the early returns. everybody seems to like him and madison baumgartner said he knew he was his kind of guy and figures to be an interesting guy for the staff in particular. let's talk about the warriors. it has been awhile since they have been in action. practicing before they take off for portland. where they will play tomorrow. the first game they got to go
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25 and 5 to break the record for most points in a season. seth curry working it out. kanye west saying i am the best of two generations. tweeting that out and here is settle curry reaction. >> somebody did a graphic of me and my jersey and jordan and they dubbed him with kanye's face. that is my favorite so far. i will have to get that blown up. >> kanye knows how to get himself in the media. take a look at the video. madison square gardens.
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bam. this goes in and they are happy. this is moose. live from way out. incredible. fun video. >> let's take the one that we got on camera. mark, thank you. thanks for joining us. good night.
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