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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're going to get rain but not a lot. it's going to be a big deal on the north coast but not so much here. ukiah airport says light rain at 4:00. the front is much weaker by the time it arrives and we'll get rain and heaviest will be to the north. and much less to the south. and after today, we go back to dry for a little bit. i don't think it will be too long but a little bit. partly cloudy to the north and some of the rain is beginning to pickup around mendocino county, lake county. look at that line. that's well to the north. and 40s and 50s on the temps, they are running a little cooler, especially to the south. 42 morgan hill and gilroy. and santa cruz at 46. and saratoga at 44. and clouds continue to increase throughout the morning. and late morning, early afternoon rain will make it by
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the time the system moves south it will start to fall apart. afternoon rain comes in and temps, 50s and 60s. 5:00 in the morning on a friday. and anything picking up yet? >> you know, things are picking up a little bit. and hopefully, we'll have lighter volume. >> and my microphone keeps falling off. we'll have to come up with a solution. there we go. now then, we have lighter volume right now and traffic continues to be just okay if you are driving on 880 it's not a bad commute. there are no major problems here on 880 or heading down to the san mateo bridge. we're also looking at the commute here if you are driving on the bay bridge approach. that's nice. only a couple of lanes have any sort of backup at all. and we continue to look at the santa clara valley. and the traffic is light. we're thinking that at some point things will get busier but it's still early.
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a memorial service will be held for a well respected richmond police officer shot and killed in a family dispute. 58-year-old gus vegas served 15- years in the richmond police department. he had 10 children and 20 grandchildren. robert vega, the father of one of the grandchildren is accused of the shooting. the service will start at the richmond memorial auditorium at civic center plaza and it's open to the public. the casket will be escorted from vallejo to the auditorium. ktvu will cover the police procession to the memorial service throughout the morning here or ktvu channel 2 at and on our mobile app. ktvu's christien kafton will have a live report coming up at 5:30. berkeley police say there may be a pattern in three recent sexual assaults near the uc berkeley campus. take a look at the surveillance
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video released of a possible suspect. you see a man running down hay street. this was tuesday night after a woman says a stranger came up from behind, grabbed her, and assaulted her on bean re-knew avenue. a surveillance camera recorded a man running down the street. since last thursday, there have been three attacks within a few blocks of each other. >> we don't know if the person lives in the area or hangs out in the area. that was one of the reasons we want the information out there in case somebody recognizes the person. >> in each case, college aged asian women were targeted. the suspect is an african- american or east indian in his early 20s between 5'9" and 6 feet tall with dark curly hair or dreadlocks pulled back. no one likes to get stuck
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in traffic jams and this morning there's relief for drivers on an east bay freeway. janine de la vega is on i-580 where the new express toll lanes just opened, janine. >> reporter: they did. and let me show you what 580 looks like right now. you can see all the morning commuters comes from the altamont pass. the barrels are blocking the lane that you're looking at. but if you go in the eastbound direction, the new lane is open. and you can see there's people heading towards -- heading east towards tracy. the express lanes will be a tremendous help for anyone who uses 580 for the commute in the tri-valley and central valley area. there's three new express lanes that start in dublin and go to livermore. so it's a 14-mile stretch.
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two lanes in the eastbound direction are open this morning. the one lane in the westbound direction is going to open monday morning at 5:00. the express lanes are free for those who carpool or are in clean air vehicles, buses, or motorcycles, but you need to get a fast track flex toll tag. solo drivers will pay a toll and that depends on the amount of congestion. transportation officials snow it will take time to adjust. and there may be delays or people slowing down because they are confused. but there are a lot of signs and everything is expected to regulate once drivers get used to all the new lanes. >> it's going to be interesting. 5:05 is the time and the countdown is on to the new year's parade. alex savidge joins us now checking in on the preparations
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ahead of the big celebration, alex. >> it should be a fun one in san francisco. tomorrow night the chinese new year parade -- we're getting a bit of a sneak peek at the floats you'll see if you go to the parade or watch it on channel 2. here you go. they are still all wrapped up to keep them protected so they look beautiful for tomorrow night. the year of the monkey is what we're celebrating. we're at one of the piers in san francisco where all the floats have been prepared for the last few months. we'll show you what some of the work looks like. crews have been out at the warehouse in san francisco getting all the floats finished up in time for the parade tomorrow night. workers have spent months assembling the floats. and obviously, it's meticulous. a woman is in charge of building the floats.
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that's a first for the chinese new year parade. stephanie mufson is her name. and she has been working on floats for a decade. >> i have a very perfectionist personality. i like to make things better. and i like to week the things or make them sharper. >> reporter: you can also expect lion dancers, marching bands, and of course lots and lots of fireworks. the chinese new year parade goes around group square request, market street, union square, and chinatown. obviously, you can expect quite a few street closures in you're in san francisco tomorrow night. we're hoping you'll be there in person. we'll all be there tomorrow night. and if you can't make it went to let everyone know you can watch it right here on ktvu.
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our coverage begins at 5:00 tomorrow night. of course, we hope everyone joins us in person tomorrow night. >> it's a great way to connect with all the viewers. we travel along the parade route slowly and get a chance to stay hi to everybody. >> reporter: and ride on a cable car. >> are you ready to wave? >> i'm practicing. >> you don't want to hurt your wrist. >> i won't do much waving this morning. >> thank you, alex. floats look amazing this year. you can watch the chinese new year parade as alex said right here on ktvu channel 2. if you can't make it out there. turn on channel 2. coverage starts at 5:00 tomorrow with the 5:00 news. and then it leads directly to the live coverage at 6:00. and sounds like a gorgeous evening. >> nice and smooth.
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time is 5:08 and an apartment building in pacifica teetering on the edge of a cliff has been torn down. what's going to happen to two nearby buildings on the same cliff? and honoring the life of a supreme court justice. antonin scalia in the place where he spent much of his life. the tribute at the supreme court. we're looking at the east shore freeway. and so far, so good although more people are hitting the roads. one more system late morning, early afternoon. much weaker than the one a couple days ago. we'll have the weekend forecast as well.
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our time is 5:12. justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest tomorrow. but today he's going to be honored in the place where he spent much of his life, the u.s. supreme court. >> reporter: in an hour, the body of justice scalia is expected to arrive. the 79-year-old father of nine was a very strong conservative voice on the bench and his unexpected death has left a
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gaping hole in the high court. >> i look to the words of the constitution. but i ask what did those words mean to the society that adopted them? >> known as a fire brand, the supreme court justice has a disarming way of charming and simultaneously skewering those with whom he disagreed. his death took many by surprise and sparked a political fire storm. senate republicans are threatening to delay voting on a nominee until after the election. >> his job is to nominate a qualified individual and after that it's in the hands of the senate. >> reporter: president obama expects to nominate a replacement soon, even acknowledging his intellect will be hard to match. >> we had different political orientations.
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and probably would have disagreed on the outcome of certain cases. but there's no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court. >> reporter: and the president is expected to be here later this morning to pay his respects. somewhat of a controversy. he will not be attending the funeral. joe biden was closer with scalia and he will represent the white house at the funeral tomorrow. republican presidential candidate donald trump once again involved in a war of words. this time with the pope. flying home from the visit to mexico. pope francis was told by reporters about trump's pledge to build a wall at the mexican border. the pope said a person who thinks about building walls instead of bridges quote is not a christian. and trump fired back. >> they're using the pope as a pawn. and they should be ashamed of
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themselves. that's the mexican government. >> translator: thank god he said i was an aristotle defines -- that i am a pawn, maybe. i will leave this up to your judgment. >> asked whether or not held courage americans from voting for trump, the pope said he would not get mixed up in that. republican voters in south carolina head to the polls tomorrow. polls show donald trump with a strong lead in south carolina with ted cruz and marco rubio vying for second place. behind them, ben carson, john saysic, and jeb bush. there's speculation that one of those three could drop out. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck in nevada. at one point, clinton was ahead of sanders in the polls.
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and sanders' anti-wall street movement appears to be gaining moment um. sal, are you watching the toll plaza? >> we are. and things are getting a little bit more crowded dave and pam. but we hope that it's going to be lighter than usual. we were hoping for friday light. remember that? our friend friday light? >> we're hoping for that. and traffic continues to move relatively well if you're driving around the bay area. let's take a look at the pictures. and you can see the traffic is going to be okay at the toll plaza. so far, so good when it comes to the whole friday light thing we're hoping for. and we're looking at the san mateo bridge. it looks good on westbound 92. we have been looking at the other commutes. southbound 101 through ma rain county -- marin county. it's a nice drive all the way
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to the golden gate bridge. let's go to steve. on this friday, we have clouds developing to the north. mostly clear to the south. and a front offshore. and the heaviest amounts will be to the north as well. this will be quite a system. but more towards north of fort bragg and ukiah. the system will make it. and by the time it makes it. it's going to lose a lot of energy but will give us some rain. on the north coast up there, there's pretty got reflectivity coming in. and i've had reports of light rain in ukiah but that was at 4:00 in the morning. we have to wait on this system and there's a lot. look at the severe squall line forming and moving into arcata, eureka. 42 santa rosa and napa is in
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there. livermore. 52 half moon bay. and pool 43 degrees. 42, 43. and same for boulder creek with 48. san jose state meteorology department there. mostly cloudy to the north. and partly sunny to the south. and then we increase the clouds and bring in rain. much weaker system. and heaviest rain will be santa rosa north. and lesser amounts to the south. and a tenth of an inch from sfo. hardly anything to san jose. clearing saturday morning. and looks good sunday, monday, tuesday. >> do you want us to take an umbrella? >> for the afternoon, not for the morning. >> or have a jacket handy. >> it's 5:18 and a side show on the bay bridge is going viral. take a look at the video. up next how you can help police track down the driver. no world around your --
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[engine sounds ] >> unbelievable that this happened on the bay bridge. the chp needs your help to track down the cars that were involved in this weekend side show. the video posted to social media shows one driver spinning doughnuts west of treasure island on saturday. the police rushed to the scene and stationed patrol cars at both ends of the bridge but so far none of the cars have been
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located. we have an update on a terrifying helicopter crash in hawaii. it was caught on video. the helicopter plunged into the water at pearl harbor and then flipped upside down. a 16-year-old passenger was critically hurt and four other people on board were also hurt. two of them are in the hospital, listed in stable condition. hundreds of visitors were watching as the helicopter crashed into the water right in front of them. >> i thought it was part of a tour. and when someone screamed everyone get down we just turned and ran. >> people nearby rescued the teenage victim trapped inside the helicopter. the ntsb is sending a team to investigate what caused the crash. later today, richard branson of virgin will unveil a new spaceship he hopes will
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eventually take tourists to the outer limits of the earth. a previous spacecraft was destroyed in 2014 during a test flight. and one of the pilots was killed. the new spaceship can flew 60 miles off the ground. for a couple of minutes, passengers will feel weightlessness while they see the earth below. scientists at nasa say photographs taken by the horizon spacecraft suggest that the moon on pluto once had an ocean and may have had living organisms. the pictures were captured in july of last year. nasa scientists say the ocean would have long since frozen and expanded causing the moon's surface to stress and fracture on a huge scale. now that the giants spring trains camp is underway we're
5:24 am
look getting a look at the new faces including jeff samardzija. he's hoping to give madison bumgarner a run at the plate. >> the cool thing about a great starting rotation is you compete over everything. don't ever think you'll come to the field without having to be on your toes. who did the cross word the fastest in >> who hits the most opposite field singles? >> bumgarner is super exciter. the giants went after samardzija? free agency. the a's report tomorrow in mesa, arizona. the first workout is on sunday. and the full squad will report to mesa on thursday.
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rapper kanye west has unleashed a couple of rapts on twitter. and one mentioned steph curry. he wrote i am the jordan and steph curry of music, meaning i'm the best of two generations. >> i've seen a lot of his outlandish tweets in the past, especially in the past month. and i saw my name and it was -- pretty funny and honoring at the same time and also very weird putting in the same conversation as michael and kanye. >> kanye west's tweet was september out after the end of the all star game. and steph curry scored 26 points in that game. gone in a matter of hours, an apartment building in pacifica on the edge of a
5:26 am
tumbling cliff has been torn down. the reason demolition crews may be back in the area soon. and honoring a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department. the memorial service happening today for the police officer killed during a family dispute. we are looking at a bridge commute. golden gate bridge traffic looking good heading south out of marin county. we'll have another look at traffic and weather to start your friday.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday. it's february 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's just ability 5:30 and sounds like we'll get a little bit of rain mostly north of the golden gate. >> you've been listening. but late morning, early afternoon. the front is still a ways away. after it starts to move south it's going to lose a lot of its energy. the stronger dynamics are well to the north and lifting north. and still some light rain is on the way. and it's going to move in and there'll be decent amounts to the north bay and far less to the south. and that won't be until this afternoon. clouds on the move. and already, partly cloudies to the north. and a few hit and mislight
5:30 am
showers. the system does have something going for it. and most of it is staying north of the bay area. the cold air is in place for some and it's a little cooler. and temperatures will stay right here. 40s for many in the north bay area. not much of a breeze but it will pick up as the system gets closer. for morning we're okay. and for the afternoon, i would expect mild rain. 60s for most. and upper 50s, a much weaker system. and the heaviest amounts to the north. 50s and 60s on the temps. your traffic on friday with mr. sal castaneda. >> the list has grown short. we had problems that went away rather quickly. let's take a look at the commutes. this is a look at the macarthur maze. and the traffic has been okay here as you drive around the corn tore the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:31 am
we're also looking at the actual toll plaza itself, and you can see the traffic is moving along nicely. there have been no major problems. even when we've had problems and crashes. for example northbound 680 just before the walnut creek interchange. the crash was there to the right-hand side. but it's not creating a big traffic jam. i think that volume is lightser. at least for now on this friday. 5:31 and let's go back to the desk. the community of richmond has to say goodbye to a beloved police officer and family men. officer gus vegas with 10 children, 20 grandchildren. and he worked with foster kids. christien kafton joins us from the richmond civic auditorium, the site of today's memorial. a lot of people will be mourning this loss and celebrating his rife. >> reporter: a lot of people
5:32 am
will want to pay their respects to gus vegas. a lot of people knew him in vallejo and here in richmond. the community is set to come out for the memorial service. he was shot to death in his own home and today his family and the communities of vallejo and richmond coming out to say their final goodbyes. he leaves behind 10 children and 20 grandchildren. he was a leader in the community and a police officer in richmond. vegas and his wife ran a nonprofit aimed at helping foster children. he was killed last thursday and police have arrested robert vega, the father of his 6-year- old grandson. say cuba will be -- vega will be back in court next month. officer vegas' casket will be escorted from the sky view mortuary lawn in vallejo to richmond civic center auditorium. the memorial service is set for
5:33 am
10:00 this morning. and it's open to the public and will run until about noon. a law enforcement professional will escort him back to vallejo. ktvu will have coverage throughout the day. they have set up a go fund me account and we have a link on our website, the richmond police officers association has also created an account at mechanics bank for his memory with donations going to his family. the memorial service is set to start at 10:00 today and it's open to the public and they are inviting anyone who wants to come out and celebrate the life of officer vegas to come here to richmond auditorium here at the civic center plaza later on today to pay their respects and say their final farewells. >> and it's nice to know how people can help. thank you. >> >> a san jose police officer who was fired for controversial tweets has now been reinstated. that's what an independent
5:34 am
arbitrator ruled. phillip white posted tweets about the black lives matter protests. the tweets were viewed as threats including one that said if anyone threatened his family officer white would use his god given and law appointed right to kill them. he added a hash tag cops lives matter. san jose police disagree with the arbitrator's decision but respect the process. he'll be assigned to administrative duties. 23-year-old christopher africa was arrested as his ohm on wednesday. he was driving a honda del sol when he hit a bicyclist. the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. and the abandoned car was recovered by police a couple of blocks away from the crash. plans are in place to tear down a second apartment complex
5:35 am
teetering on the edge of an eroding cliff in pacifica. yesterday we watched as excavators and bulldozers demolished is building on esplanade avenue. it has been sitting empty and many neighbors came out to watch the chemical litigation. one woman who lives one building down says he's not particularly worried about the eroding cliff. >> i'll never be able to afford this kind of view anywhere. so, you know, i'm going to stick it out. the end of this building here is the worst. i've got the best edge. so i'm just going to hang out until they kick me out or i fall in i guess. [ laughter ] >> just north of the now demolished building is 320 esplanade which has also been red tagged since 2010. and city officials say the dell litigation of the building
5:36 am
could happen any day now. the third building on the edge of the cliff was yellow tagged in january. it's being closely watched. el niño making the winter especially rough on the coast. the coastline is constantly eroding. and during the el niño years, the damage can be magnified. homeowners are not the only ones impacted. beaches can be dangerous with rip tides not a match for experienced lifeguards. the cold water can create a panic. and it shocks you. and that's one of our biggest dangers is the water temperature alone. here is a look at what happens during el niño years. usually our winter swells come from the north or the south. so they lose power before hitting the beach. but during el niño years, swells tend to come straight from the west where they have no obstacles in their way and they can smack directly into our coast with full power.
5:37 am
a driver in walnut creek crashed into a sporting goods store last night just before 7:00 at the sports basement on ignacio valley road. an initial investigation suggests the driver mistakenly stepped on the gas, not the brakes. no injuries are reports and the building was damaged. a family in vallejo is mourning the death of their 7- month-old baby boy after yesterday morning's fire. it trapped him in their apartment. this is breaking news yesterday morning on mornings on 2. vallejo fire officials say it started about midnight on thursday. the young couple living there woke up. there were flames and smoke. and they got out with their 4- year-old son and they couldn't get their baby in another room. the fire was just too intense for crews to go in. and they ended up having to hold the mother back. >> the apartment was blazing.
5:38 am
the fire was just everywhere. and all i heard was the mother screaming my baby, my baby. and they was trying to calm her down. she was trying to go in there to get the baby and they wouldn't let her. >> reporter: 15 people were displaced by the fire. the lower units will be repaired and ready to live in next week. the upper floors -- that's going to take more time. the firefighters union will develop a fund to help the family. a fremont mother is being credited for quick thinking. she woke up from a nap and heard an motion and saw flames. she grabbed her one and a half -year-old grandson and yelled for everyone to get out of the house. >> the mother was able to feel the heat from the fire and wake everybody up at home and get everybody outside. >> the four people who were
5:39 am
inside did get out safely. fire officials say the house is a total loss as you can see. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. apple has hired a high profile attorney -- ted olson in the dispute with the fbi. he successfully challenged the california ban on same-sex marriage. the pair will now defend apple as it resists a judge's owner to hack into the iphone of one of the shooters in san bernardino. agents have the phone but they have been unable to get into it. the fbi searched a southern california home as part of the investigation into that mass shooting in san bernardino. agents spent hours going through the home of the gunman's brother in corona yesterday. neighbors say armloads of evidence was carried out. the brother is a navy veteran and he is not named a suspect.
5:40 am
there was a delay in the work on the suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge. the marin independent journal reports the project is on hold for two months because of problems with the steel selected for the project. apparently, there's not enough of the original material here in the u.s. officials won't order outside the u.s. because they want to stay under the buy america requirement which supports american jobs. that means they'll have to choose another option. once the project gets underway this summer, it's expected to take about four years to complete. san francisco transportation officials are looking into the possibility of a new underground subway line. it would keep the m ocean line underground all the way down 19th avenue. the proposal would extend the subway tunnel past the west portal station to park merced. they think this would make the line faster. the price tag would be as much as $3 billion. a public hearing is set for
5:41 am
next thursday at 6 p.m. at waldorf high school on west portal avenue. a baby colt rescued from a ravine in fremont is looking for a new home. the fremont police department posted this picture of little valentine with a new stuffed animal. the cold is recuperating. and police made contact with the owner. after meeting about the medical situation and future needs, the owner agreed it was in the colt's best interest to surrender the animal to the city. animal services is working to find a new owner once the horse is fully recovered. it needs about six months to recuperate. >> pam, there's no room in your house for a horse? >> i want the sea otter. there's controversy surrounding beyonce's upcoming tour. why one police union is calling on police officers around the country to boycott.
5:42 am
>> reporter: and there's relief for people who commute on 580. we'll tell you what just opened today and how it's going to help. >> good morning. we're looking at a commute here east bay, south bay. traffic is going to be okay. this is a look at san jose's commute. we'll tell you more coming up. clouds are beginning to increase and we've had light rain well to the north. and it's going to take a while to get here. this system is much weaker. and we'll talk about that in the weekend forecast.
5:43 am
5:44 am
thank you for joining us at 5:44 if you commute on interstate 580, good news. new toll lanes are open on the busy freeway. >> this is a big deal. janine de la vega is in livermore. tell us how the new lanes will help the morning commute. i see it's busy right behind
5:45 am
you. >> reporter: yeah, dave. it is busy. and this is going to be a big help for a lot of these drivers. anyone, really who uses 580. right now it's just the eastbound direction that's open. so we're really going to see a big difference in the evening commute. the new lane in the westbound direction is going to open monday morning. all three lanes are really going to provide much needed relief for drivers in tracy and the tri-valley area. the express lanes run on a 14- mile stretch through livermore, pleasanton, dublin. they are free for some but you'll be charged a toll and that amount will vary on the amount of traffic. these new lanes operate from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. so far traffic is flowing
5:46 am
smoothly this morning. we haven't seen many people on the new express lane yet. i don't know if we can come back out to a live picture. but there's not as much traffic heading east to the altamont pass. the true test will be this evening. all the people are going to be going back home. dave-- janine de la vega, thank you. >> already a busy morning. check back later on. >> it's nice to have the option. they do that in southern california and it seems to work well. sal, we've talked about that. >> i think it will work well here. depends on just how many people adopt it quickly. i know they want to do more of that. and just like you, pam. i've experienced it in southern california. >> and sometimes if there's room in that lane, why not give people the option to pay a little bit more? >> and maybe you have a really important thing at your child's
5:47 am
school or some emergency, you've got to pay. the traffic volume is not quite what it has been the last four days or the last three days. remember we had the holiday. and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, were busy. and today a little bit better. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and that's backed up a little bit here. the metering lights went on. it's not a huge backup. it's a 10 minute wait before the actual span. and we're looking at 880 in oakland. 580, 238, castro valley commute, that's been doing well. we had an earlier crash in walnut creek, northbound 60 at south main. and-- 680 at south main. and we have barely a slowdown between antioch and concord on highway 4. and that just goes to show you that today is a
5:48 am
little lighter than usual. we like that by the way. let's go to steve. we do have a system on the way. it's much weaker unless you're up north. and it's going to be rather impressive. we had an interesting week. record highs monday and tuesday. and the wind on wednesday, and the thunderstorms thursday. and what about the rainfall? we could use a little more. again, there's the water. we're going back to the rain. santa rosa 82% of normal. san jose, 91%. and we'll add a little bit to santa rosa but not enough to get up to 100%. and next week is looking pretty quiet. what about march? santa rosa four and a quarter. san francisco, three and three quarters. and san jose, two and a third. if it doesn't kick in in march, we're probably in trouble. but we have a long way to go,
5:49 am
six or seven weeks. there's a nice line of severe weather. a squall line approaching. and increasing clouds in advance but it's going to take a while. there'll be rain moving in. and there's a couple hours before the front arrives for mendocino county and lake county. and look at that. it lit up big time off eureka. and novato is 45. danville is 41. we had a couple low 40s. the cloud cover holding things up a little bit. and 40s for antioch and brentwood. it's turning southeast and will not be that strong. 32 in truckee. and sacramento, 45. and monterey at 45. and see, that's the core of the coldest dynamic air up here. and the front as it moves away loses a lot of punch. but it will give us increasing
5:50 am
clouds and rain. this is a much weaker system. for the morning, a mix of sun and clouds and increasing clouds. the lighter amounts to the south. and increasing clouds throughout the day. afternoon rain to the north. and 60s or 50s for highs. a much weaker system than on wednesday night and thursday. that was impressive. 50s and 60s on the temps, and after today, we start to see clear skies. and next week is warmer. >> looks good, sounds good. >> see? we are learning more details about california's high speed rail coming to san jose. up next the plan that officials released last night. and the reason e state is saving money by bringing the bullet train to the south bay.
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5:53 am
went to take you to the sierra. an avalanche closed alpine meadows ski resort. the avalanche brought 5 feet of snow and debris on alpine meadows road. and it hit an employee bus and pushed it 30 feet into a garage. no one was injured.
5:54 am
and alpine stayed closed all day. several feet of know has fallen in the sierra from the latest storm. there's a big change in the plans for california's high speed rail project. and commuters in the south bay are going to benefit from it. it was announced late last night. the first segment is scheduled to take passengers from the diridon station in san jose to the bakersfield area. the original plan was merced to burbank. commuters in san jose are eager to ride california's first ever bullet train. >> it's nice that the u.s. is finally catching up to the rest of the world. i spent most of my life in asia where we had trains for 20 or 30 years. >> tens of millions of people will have to commute to silicon valley or l.a. for jobs and the way they would do that is on high speed rail. >> the change in plans means $4 billion in savings from
5:55 am
construction costs. the construction is expected to be complete within 10 years. and the bullet train could ultimately take passengers from los angeles to san francisco in under three hours. >> >> illegal dumping of trash in oakland has reached a new level. a truckload of trash was dumped in front of a school. somebody dumped it in front of burkhalter elementary school. needles, mattresses, smelly garbage. parents had to take a detour. >> i came to drop my son off at school. and there was trash all up and down the street. there was a mattress, all kind of stuff. and it was disgusting. it was repulsive. >> crews had to use a tractor and a street sweeper to clean it all up. one neighbor saw a dump truck
5:56 am
pull up and dump the trash load about 1 a.m. oakland police are investigating. pope francis has suggested that it may be acceptable for women who live in areas with the zika virus to use birth control. the zika virus can cause serious birth defects. and the pope was asked what catholic women should do. the pope said avoids pregnancy is not an absolute evil indicating that women at risk could use artificial contraception. the pope's comment is considered pretty bold by some given the roman catholic church's stance against birth control. honoring a police officer shot and killed in a family dispute. the procession set to happen in
5:57 am
a couple of hours. the san mateo and morning commute not bad heading to the high-rise. we'll tell you more straight ahead. one more system will be a powerhouse on the north coast and weaker down here. we'll talk about that on the friday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: two east bay communities are preparing to say their final farewells to a fallen officer. new information about three sexual assaults near the uc berkeley campus. the similarities leading the police to believe that the attacks are connected. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. and thank you for joining us. it's friday morning, february 19th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather. a little nippy. steve will tell you if you need an umbrella. >> for the afternoon but no this morning. low 40s and upper 40s to 50s closer to the bay. and our system on wednesday, thursday, was much needed and left decent rainfall. this one won't unless you're up
6:00 am
north. a tenth of an inch to a third for the bay area. and santa cruz mountains are cold, 45. light breeze and 4 miles per hour out of the northwest. the wind was rough on the early blossoms. looked like it was snowing around here with some of those blowing around. a really impressive system up north. look at the line forming not far away from fort bragg. that's intense rain and still a ways away from other areas, and it's going to take a while to get here. it's going to weaken. 42, fairfield and livermore. and 46 novato. and looks like a cool day up north. the wind is turning southerly. it will still be breezy to blustery. and we'll get rain this afternoon. as it moves south.


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