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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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. it's a terrifying scene at an apartment fire where trapped by this security gate is a young woman. see how a brave delivery guy jumps in to deliver a miracle. thieves break into a business, but never believe what they grabbed. >> why these bad guys are just bad at what they do. a woman who's nearly blind has just been able to see her family and her grandchildren. the simple phone innovation that's a game changer. plus the buzz word for your
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chance to win a new ipad mini, and a wedding where the rings are delivered bay drone. >> the momt you can tell where the mother's bride thinks. >> don't you dare slash my daughter's face. easy decision for employee at the month at one delivery kbaen in china because it is without a doubt this. take a look. while on delivery, notes a fire has broken out on the second or third story of a garbage factory. so he puts down that package, climbs up to the outside of the window because look through, you see inside, ran itted by this security gate is a young woman. >> oh no. >> why don't people use the escape hatches? >> we're going to learn about these things, nick. watch what he does. he gets himself around, throw a rope or something like that. once he's got that up there, he crawls his way around to the far side. and that's why where he just starts banging against it with his shoulder.
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and ties the other end to a car and just yank it off the building. >> good theory. turns out he doesn't have to. once he gets around the side and really hams at it with his shoulder, watch what happens. see there? it's like there's an access hatch on the side which she was able to open up the hinges, then the delivery man helps the lady get outside with his body to shield her from whatever residual heat is the from the fire, but also to prevent her falling. >> wow. >> she couldn't pull it open on her own. >> yeah, seems there could have been some situation like that, but he was able to mus it will open, get her around the outside, and then neighbors put up old ladder for them to climb down. ta-da. rescued. >> look at this guy, right on, brother. >> delivered hder to safe it i. >> yeah, he did actually as a younger man spend two years as an armed police officer. maybe some of that stuck around. when he saw danger, he acted. there you go, employee of the
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month. look. up on the roof. it's not superman, but something creepy is coming through the ceiling, and this storm in melbourne, australia. >> hey. >> there's a foot, and there's another pair of feet. are they breaking in? >> yes, they are breaking in. but watch what happens right here. the guy grabs something off the wall and runs back up, seems like his friend is going to assist to get back up there and go back through the roof where they came from. never believe what they grabbed. let's take a look from this second angle. there you see the bad guy dropping down. snatching something off the wall. >> manager's office or something? >> key to a free standing toilet outside. >> when you've really got to go. you know. i guess you've got to go. >> apparently, they didn't think this true. >> crazy. it's like the best story ever. >> this security footage might give the owners of ray's deli in philadelphia a little chuckle. you can see right there, they
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have one guy, he's got a cinder brick. he breaks open the glass to sneak if in. police identify that this man has a large tattoo on his neck. but then he leaves, then he comes back, and he's not alone because there's another guy with him. they both creep through the door and go behind the counter, police say they rifle through the area looking for the cash register and looking for lottery tickets, watch what happens right here. that burglar has a slip and fall, but unfarntly, the damage is done. no word on what exactly they took. their arms are full of something, don't know if they're lottery tickets or not, police say that's what they were after. >> fingerprints everywhere, and one big butt print too. lesson. you're out driving, a police officer comes up to you, tries to pull you over, you would stop, right? >> well, i guess you're kind of
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like this dummy. thomas. this patrol car pulls up next to him, and since thomas is in a nice audi, he figures, he could outrun them. weaving through traffic. moving abruptly through the road. >> look how you can tell how slippery it is. he's in a dangerous situation. the moist road is like ice. >> yep. >> and because it's the uk, he's goinged into opposite way he's supposed to be going on that road. >> you've got to question, why even chase him? let him just slow down. it's dangerous for the other people around this guy. >> well, he does eventually come crashing to the exit barriers at this station. so he is able to continue this pace, but watch this, karma, you could call it. >> crushed through the barrier.
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>> he runs out of gasoline. and has to pull over. >> that's the best case, no crashing no, ramming him off the road. >> then taken in, and is facing some pretty serious charges. at the time of the incident, 24 years old, he was driving on a provisional license, and had no insurance. >> ugh. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> fans, you're going to need monday's buzz word, u.s. resident and 18 years of age. >> stand by everyone for the ipad mini giveaway. there's so many things we take for graduated, and for me, this video is a reminder to cherish every single itty, bitty moment you have with your friends and family.
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this is bnny. for the last two years, she hasn't seen people or things in the last eight. and she's just been able to see her family, and her grandchildren for the very first time. >> you look so much like your mommy. wahoo! >> i can see you. >> her husband, mike, posted this video to youtube. and i appreciate him for doing it. because it walks you through all the intimate moments she's having with her grandchildren. something as simple as playing games, or reading a book. >> what is she using. >> it's called a near sided augmented aid. it connects to your android
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device, application on the phone and connect the googles and put it on your face, and there you have it. >> get out, man. smart phones now can help people. >> it's hard to believe that all of this is happening on a cell phone. ian better than that, the app is free. >> that's what technology is all about. we complain, but this kind of stuff. they've thought outside the box and created a miracle. >> going to disney world. one of the sketchiest rides you've ever seen. >> there are in the not enough pads in the world to make me feel comfortable enough to do this kind of thing. >> why cutting corners is a walk in the park for this pro. >> he is a ninja on this bike. >> and this moose is rather angry. is this your fence? did you put this fence here? but see what happens after the rescue. >> whoa. >> wait, is this this chasing h? >> yes.
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you know that runs is impressive. even red bull says it's one of the sketchiest they've ever seen. right at the starting line is gutierrez. he is in colombia, about to go and let's just hit the play. the second he takes off, the crowd starts cheering. he is a ninja on this bike because he is so precise. and he takes these challenges like it's a walk in the park. >> we've seen other riders from this exact event have a bit of the problem with the obstacles. and he's just making the rough scenery. >> there are not enough pads in the world to make me feel comfortable enough to do this kind of thing at this speed. >> and people are literally just hanging out at their doorsteps watching him zip right past them. >> every little boy in town that
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owns a bicycle is watching this, thinking, oh, i'm going to try this tomorrow. >> there's going to be so many skinned knees. >> yeah. >> compared to some of the other ones. like you said, this very event where he's able to cut corners and see the line that other riders don't. he's able to hold speed and gain just a few milliseconds. i would imagine make it back to where he finished, you know. >> red bull said he did take the podium. i'm guessing he did really, really well. this first animal, a moose cafl. let me show you this photo. that poor thing has its hind legs twisted up into some fencing in someone's yarld. got scared bay barking dog, hoof got caught. this guy's name is mark. he puts down his phone and starts to rescue. but it's what happens after that rescue that is such a thing. >> moose, moose. >> oh. >> the moose then went after
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mark. >> is this your fence? did you put this fence here? >> whoa. >> wait, is this chasing him? >> yes. that moose kicked him in the back and the shoulder. he says got him about three to four times before it took off, and then eventually jumped over several other fences without getting caught. >> now the two in this next video might have a case for the aclu, if they operated. check this out. here we are inside of a store. along -- >> by the way, this is not a pet. >> and according to to the store owner, just for the first time, they got a doe -- >> a deer. >> a female deer. >> they could get involved. they escorted the doe out. apparently she's not welcome. >> oh, that's hard. >> but the doe was jidly escorted out. >> i feel bad for this thing. it's lost, scared. and got up to the register and said hey, can you spare a buck? >> ha.
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>> it's the day most of us dread, but cheer up because it's time to put you to the test. >> right on. >> starting with an epic fail. >> this is good. >> then fire on water. >> no way. >> and a game of knife throwing gone wrong. >> i'm going to give him an a. if they were trying to create a viral video. it got on our show. >> watch and decide. e bomb's world is next. plus don't go anywhere just go anywhere just yet. the buzz word coming your way to win an ipad mini. helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder?
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what's up, guys, another episode of real is fake. let's roll the footage. >> all right. video number one, my friend. >> oh. >> you can't fake this. this is too good. >> yeah, and you don't put that granddaddy pose. i'm going to go with real. >> fake because the real is always so good. i'm real, definitely real. >> he leans forward to stop himself. >> yeah. that's real.
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wow. >> that makes sense. i'm going with real. >> real all around, what daung, sir? >> yeah, you can see the guy in the beginning of the video. he's got churning up the gas from underneath. and it's all bubbling to the top. you can see they had to relight the gas too. it would go out eventually, eventually it does. it's a cool trick, but i don't know how safe that water is to play around with. >> all right. this last, certainly not least video number three here. >> i'm throwing knives. and we're going to see if i can hit it, are you ready? >> done. >> [ bleep ]. >> what'd you do? what'd you do? what happened?
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>> you saw what happened. >> oh my. she's trying to throw knives at the tree and misses and hits these fellas? >> the guy in the background talking on the phone just fell forward. >> there'd be people walking around, they've tried this. fake, totally fake because of the camera movement, purposely bad. the back and forth, get the people on to put in the poster image. fake. >> yeah, totally fake. >> yep, that's fake. >> we say fake, what do you say? >> all right, all right, all right. this video is actually submitted to youtube by students another columbia college in hollywood. tried to make a video, and they failed. definitely fake. >> i'm going to give them an a, if they were trying to create a viral video, it got on our show, win fake or not. >> just modified situation. it makes it fun, dangerous, sometimes, these guys in the fun camp, they've got a huge seven
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foot toe boggen, they're going to cram as many people on as possible and grab the action camera. >> oh, i love this already. >> first run, quicker than they expected. the guy in the front, turns into a speed bump. >> oh. >> he sure did. >> all right. that went so well. let's put the little oneses on. >> oh no. >> oh yeah. why not? >> i like with the shoulder. >> but i know you want the kid to see, but maybe an adult in front. >> oh why? they are soft and resisilient. >> they bounce well. >> yeah. >> grab the cousins, grab the friends, brothers and sisters, this i love. some going on the front, some on the back. >> hold it up. >> this next guy, student at the university of maryland, baltimore county. caused a bit of sarcasm. i love you, listen. >> some are mad they didn't close today. there's nothing dangerous about campus today. >> i love this guy. >> can he control himself that the point? or is he on a free fly?
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>> i have no idea. but he is riding on the slick. looks like a sidewalk, maybe was cleared at one point, but now has turned into kbha appears to be a very dangerous and slippery sidewalk. >> i think that maybe just trying to get out of classes or something, there's absolutely nothing wrong with campus today. it's time to give away another ipad mini. three things, you're going to need buzz word, at least 18 jaers of age, and a legal u.s. resident. >> and get on over to right this and click win ipad. enter on both and you could enter on each every day. >> let's veal monday's buzz word. get only over to right this and enter monday's buzz word order, that's order. >> later this week, we'll have another bonus giveaway. we will also be giving away a flat screen tv. so good luck, everybody. technology continues to
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change the way we do things. >> they're changing customs. they're changing traditions, like this one. >> see what replaced the ring bearer. >> it's not as cute as a little ring bearer.
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you have a breakfast. >> oh yeah. >> little dog, big sneeze. >> technology is changing the way we live our lives. they're changing customs. they're changing traditions, like this one. used to be a day when you got married, you had the flower girl and the ring bearer, a cute little boy with a pillow in his hand walking down the aisle in a little tux. not anymore. that cute little kid has been
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replaced by a drone. this was at the nuptials of amy and kevin, in flushing, new york, in late january. and you could see on the split screen, there's a drone. >> oh my gosh. >> there's the happy couple standing on stable, and reach for the ring, have an issue getting the ring. >> the thing about the whole, you know, boy and the girl, usually they get a bit lost and crying. at least they're not going to injure you. this thing can do some serious damage. >> but the thing is, nothing happened. it was picture perfect. >> the person operating the drone was the best man. i get the novelty of this, like okay, cool, but it's not as cute as a little ring bearer. it's like a highlight at a wedding because they are going to be slopping, and you never know what they're going to do, but they're so cute. >> wow.
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hope we started your week off right. good luck with that buzz word. we'll see you guys on the next "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: kesha it would appear is broke because taylor swift has plunked down $250,000 to help her in prosecuting her civil lawsuit against dr. luke. charles: out of nowhere. harvey: bizarre. charles: out of nowhere, taylor swift says here is $250,000. harvey: the implication is that kesha has run out of money. charles: kesha never said i am broke anyway. harvey: never said it. we are told she never asked for this money.


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