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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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you for joining us wednesday, february 24th. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. did you see the full moon? >> i had to pull over. when i picked up my youngest daughter and saw that moon it was huge. >> i tried to take a picture of it and i couldn't get a good picture. >> it never comes out. but steve sent out an amazing photo on facebook. >>ed the 26,000 shares or something. >> i think it's going around the world. that was a gorgeous photo and a local photographer? >> wilson lamb. >> is he a professional? he's very good. >> we'll find out. sunny, nice, and warm. paul cueto in martinez says at least it's nice. 43 and cooler on the low. a chill in the morning. the san jose starting at 43 with clear skies.
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if there's any clouds they won't last long. 64 at noon and a high of 74 degrees. is that above average? you're darn tootin' it is. >> the weather almanac -- below on the low and well above on the high. the record low 26 in 1897. good to go except for the patchy fog. sunny, mild, and warmer. 30s for some. 39 in san ramon and livermore. and north bay temps close. sabathia, petaluma in the 40s. a nice warm day. and cool lows and more 70s for highs each day. and low to mid-70s. we're look target roads and looking at the commute getting a little bit more crowded and not much. on the approach from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze looks like a
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nice drive with no major problems. i'm looking at chp's list. we haven't had anything major and it looks good. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is moving along nicely getting into the area. we haven't had major problems on 680 or four or 80 in contra co-that county. and on highway 24 we are doing well. we're covering breaking news coming in from milpitas. there's police activity at a gun range down the street from the milpitas police department. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega -- you're there now so what do you know? >> this is going on at the target masters gun store right off north milpitas boulevard. it's just -- the police department is just right there. it's just around the corner. and right now there's a
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standoff situation going on right now. there's one suspect who is inside that gun store. so police are being very cautious about this because he has access to firearms. they have three suspects in custody. but the outstanding suspect -- and the way police were called. it was 2 a.m. and a sergeant at the police station which is located on the corner of milpitas boulevard actually heard the alarm going off at this gun store and immediately started driving in and saw a vehicle leaving. that's how the first two suspects were arrested. the third was able to be put in custody. and the fourth suspect is trapped in the building. lots of firearms. the sheriff's office, is santa clara sheriff's office -- there's a lot of deputies out here. the fire department also just pulled up. so we're going to keep an eye on this developing situation
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and we will let you know when and if they get that fourth suspect in custody. >> janine de la vega, still very fluid, active situation in milpitas. we'll talk to you a little bit later. meantime police in fremont are trying to identify the torso of a woman found near the dumbarton bridge. a group of people fishing found the remains sunday night. yesterday investigators went back at low tide looking for more evidence and say it appears the body was dismembered. they have not said if other body parts have been found. call fremont police if you have any information. two police officers are accused of going into the home of a county probation officer and assaulting her. the east bay express obtained a report about a home invasion in the oakland hills area. the probation officer said two men stormed into her house and
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attacked her. she and her husband fought off the intruders who appeared to be drunk. the alameda district attorney's office says the case is under review. another complaint accusing an uber driver of being violent. a san jose mineta airport worker flagged down this driver for speeding. the employee took photos and the uber driver got out of the car, grabbed him by the shirt, starting yelling, and drove off. police are searching for driver and want to get his side of the story. people we talk to who use uber were upset to hear the story. >> i would not have gotten in that car. no, i'll wait for the another uber or a taxi. i love uber and their service but it's sad that people do
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these crazy things. a statement by uber says we have a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind. they check federal, state, and local records of all drivers and trips are tracked by gps. the san francisco school board unanimously approved a controversial plan to give middle school access to free condoms. last night's school board meeting was packed and people were arguing on both sides of the issue. some angry parents found themselves arguing with other parents and teachers. in the end, they voted unanimously to approve the plan. >> perhaps we can work with planned parenthood. perhaps at the end of the day -- a clinic at each school.
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>> why not? i'm okay if they have them in the elementary school. >> the condoms are available at high schools. under the new policy, middle school students have to talk to a school nurse or a social worker in order to receive condoms and parents cannot opt their children out of this program. bill gates says his position on apple's defiance of the federal government's court order is being oversimplified. he has said that he believes apple should turn over the information. he says it's not uncommon for phone companies and banks and other companies to hand over customer information and says tech companies should not be treated differently. if the government is blind it might not be able to stop online crimes.
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he does not think the government should always get everything it asks for. ♪ web not be moved. >> sounded like a protest from the 1960s. 45 rallies were held around the world including in front of the san francisco apple store. demonstrators showed support for apple refusing to comply with the court order. they say that unlocking software could fall into the wrong hands and be dangerous to more than just phones. >> security and encryption are the things that keep our power plants safe. it keeps our airports, hospitals, and water treatment centers safe. >> i think they should let them get into the phones. they are already tracking all of our information anyway. apple is now trying to shift the legal fight out of the courts and into congress. that could favor apple because it has a lot of political clout
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with elected officials. former state senator leland yee will be sentenced in his racketeering case. why his lawyers say he deserves a reduced sentence. donald trump, the big winner in nevada and the other republicans are not giving up hope. up next, we'll have the latest in the race for the white house. we're about to show you an incredibly low fare.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. donald trump has won nevada's republican caucus. and at this point he may be hard to stop as we get closer and closer to super tuesday. doug luzader is joining us from washington with more on the results and where things go from here. >> reporter: good morning. well, this was the last one off contest before super tuesday. and what a decisive win for donald trump. 20points up over the rest of the field. just about an hour after the polls closed. donald trump proclaimed victory in nevada showing more and more confidence that he'll clinch the nomination and soon. >> it's going to be an amazing two months. [ cheering ] >> we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, right? >> reporter: this follows victories in south carolina and new hampshire.
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he harnessed voter anger in nevada and racked up delegates and momentum. >> you wouldn't declare a winner of the football game after the first minute of the 3rd quarter. but if people want to bring donald trump down, they can't be waiting too much longer. >> and there are only two people who have won one of the first three primaries. >> while ted cruz radical lies, marco rubio had already moved on to michigan with polls showing that late deciders went his way. he hopes to become the clear second choice. >> 70% of republicans don't want donald trump to be the nominee. 65% is divided up among four people. as the race narrows down and it becomes a one-on-one choice between donald trump and somebody else, we're going to win. >> maybe, but time may be running out. we talk about the importance of nevada last night. and 30 delegates at stake when
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super tuesday hits. and you're talking 600 delegates at stake. >> doug luzader in washington, thank you. meantime. the democrats were in south carolina where their primary will be held saturday. bernie sanders and hillary clinton talked about race and racism at a town hall. >> i believe we have to deal with systemic racism. it's found in housing, job opportunities, in education, and it's also cultural. >> nation needs to address systemic racism in order to move forward. bernie sanders talked about his support for education for african-americans. >> you have my word that we will not only sustain, we will substantially increase funding for the historically black colleges and universities. >> there's a new poll that
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shows senator sanders is trailing among african-american voters in south carolina by double digits and clinton has a commanding lead among all voters. what's next? south carolina holds the democratic primary saturday and then next week it's super tuesday with voters in 12 states casting votes. for republicans, 595 delegates are at stake. for democrats, there are more than a thousand. a developing story out of nepal where a small plane carrying 23 people crashed in bad weather and killed everyone on board. friends and families of those on board gathered at the airport when the plane was first reported missing and then they received the bad news. the plane went down in a mountainous area. one passenger was from china, one from kuwait and all the others from nepal. the national weather service says at least seven tornadoes hit louisiana and
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mississippi. this is video of a mobile home park in louisiana where two people died. 30 others were injured. at least 100 mobile homes were damaged and 300 people live in the park. it's unknown how many were home at the time when the weather hit but search and rescue operations are now underway. >> look at those pictures. >> the damage is just unbelievable. let's check in with sal as we get you where you need to go. you're watching the south bay and everything else. >> we're starting with 280 northbound and it looks pretty good so far. we've been looking at the south bay freeways, and we don't see a lot going on which is nice. we want things to start off well on this wednesday, and there are no major problems. we're seeing a little bit of slow traffic in the tracy triangle. coming through the livermore area not a huge delay and definitely people are out there. and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic
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is light so far getting into san francisco. another 10 or 15 minutes and we'll start seeing a backup. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> we do have clear skies, maybe a little patchy fog and overall cool on the lows, down one to 4 degrees for most. we had a lot of high clouds at the time yesterday and that has a little bit of an impact. and overall, lots of sun. and tomorrow looks warmer. we'll top out tomorrow. and a weak system, cooler clouds, light rain, and well to the north. san francisco starting at 52 being the heat island that they are. and 72 for a high today. and that's 11 degrees above average for this time of year. oakland forecast starting off 46. 66 by noon. and downtown oakland 74 degrees. so temperatures will be quite warm and well above average. can't find much in the way of clouds. we mentioned patchy fog. and anything of significance is not significant, at least not
5:18 am
in this panel or that one either because it's going up and over and what's there is weak. livermore 39 degrees. close on the peninsula. also napa and santa rosa. walnut creek 39. close for danville. and blackhawk at 42. 44 antioch and 42 lafayette. 21 truckee. and 41 ukiah and 51 metropolitan ray. and overall once things get going and the temperatures continue to bump up. it's a dry forecast. we'll take a look at friday. there'll be a weak system and we'll get partly to mostly cloudy skies and it will be cooler and the rain will be north and one more system on sunday. and that might give us a little drizzle. maybe santa rosa north. it will signal a little bit of a cooler pattern and the possibility of things getting interesting early march. march3rd some possible rain but it doesn't look strong.
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cool lows and many 70s for highs. upper 60s to mid- and upper 70s. kenfield, 73. and walnut creek, livermore. and 74 downtown oakland. and a hint of an offshore breeze. and santa cruz is 78 warm degrees. get that midweek flu and head to the beach. [coughing] >> 74 redwood city and warmer on thursday and cooldown on friday. and sunday looks okay. >> it's a good picnic day at the beach. >> that is correct, very nice. >> go surprise someone. ping them up from work. we've been hearing a lot about the safety concerns of hoverboards. you're going to see what happened when some of them were put to the test.
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well, google may have self- driving cars and students at fresno state university have a self-driving shuttle. it's being tested this week as it rolls around campus. the electric shuttle holds up to four people. it has sensors that stop it when people are nearby. it's part of national engineers
5:23 am
week which began on monday. google is closing down a feature that helped users compare insurance prices. the service is called google compare. and it's going to shut down a year after it was expanded to the u.s. it was originally launched in the u.k. it allows you to look for the best deals on credit cards and mortgages. the company is not getting as much traffic as expected. zynga is selling the san francisco headquarters at 8th and town send but they probably won't be moving. they've been cutting the work force and they want to lease back a smaller space at the same address. they could see a profit on the sale as real estate prices have really skyrocketed in san francisco. a chicago based underwriters laboratory is putting hoverboards to the test and the results are not good. there have been dozens of reports of batteries exploding, catching fire, including several right here in the bay
5:24 am
area. ul has been subjecting the boards and batteries to a variety of tests from dropping them on the ground to heating up and drilling through the batteries. many of the hoverboards are made cheaply in countries with lax manufacturing standards. >> that was one single battery cell. and you have from 20 to 24 of those cells and they are not going to sequentially explode. they can explode catastrophically. underwriters laboratory has not yet certified any hoverboard. so if you see the ul mark on the box, it's a fake. parents, hold off buying hoverboards until certified boards hit the market. they'll carry a special holographic ul sticker. harvard university plans to work with the oakland school district. oakland is one of six cities
5:25 am
selected for the new program. the way schools are run right now. it doesn't allow them to educate all children for success. harvard wants to redesign the education system with input from educators and community leader as well as people in health, social services, and the arts. the program comes after the oakland mayor announced a plan to triple the amount of oakland students who graduate from college. >> in case you didn't hear, prince is coming here to the bay area. ♪ take a look around ya. ♪ you got friends. >> he announced that oakland baby the first stop on the piano and a microphone tour. he'll perform two back to back shows sunday night. one is starting at 7 p.m. and the other at 10 p.m. and by the way, tickets go on sale today at noon.
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time now 5:25. new concerns in the north bay after two pets were killed by toxic treats. the search is underway for whoever is poisoning the animals. >> told to pack up and move out. the city's crackdown on the homeless encampment and where they'd like the people to go next. look at a picture of 880 and traffic is moving well in both directions. another sunny and warm day on tap. and temperatures continuing to warm up into the 70s. we'll have more on that and see if there's any rain in the extended forecast.
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it's wednesday, the middle of the week, pam. >> yes. >> it's february 24th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. and i want to check in with steve. i am not alone with the weather coming in warmer. allergy medication already. >> i'm trying to line up an allergy doctor to speak about that. we tried for today but he couldn't do it. >> so it's not imagination. >> i usually don't have to take anything to april or may. >> people who have lived here all their lives say it's not gotten this warm this fast. >> we usually hope for nice
5:30 am
weather by easter. >> we've got it. we have cooler lows. there are a few 30s already. i think we'll see more than yesterday. san jose, 74, 43, forecast high, low. average 66, 46. so you're above and blow. 76, 1947. and 26, the record low in 1897. trying to find a little patchy fog and i know there's some in the valley. otherwise, we are looking good and temperatures upper 30s for some. and 40s for others, there are cooler conditions at the peninsula. woodside is 39. close for that observation at palo alto and menlo park. sunny, nice, and lots of sun. and temperatures well above average. and 70s for highs. friday there'll be a little change but i doubt it's more than just clouds and cooler. we'll have an update in 10 minutes. we do have a nice looking
5:31 am
commute out there so far, steve. but there's a little bit of slow traffic building. let's take a look at the live pictures. and you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza there's a backup and the metering lights are on. and it's backed up to the macarthur maze. and we're looking at interstate 880 north and southbound. and the traffic is moving well in both directions and it's getting more crowded. and livermore we have traffic that's getting slow all the altamont pass. and the main part of livermore to dublin it looks good. we continue to follow the breaking news out of milpitas where a suspect is holed up at a gun store and a shooting range right now. you're taking a look at the scene out there. three other suspects were arrested near the gun store earlier this morning. but santa clara sheriff's deputies are still on the scene. they're concerned because there are weapons and ammunition inside with that suspect. so far, no reports of any
5:32 am
injuries. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega will have an update at the top of the hour at 6:00. the city of san francisco is taking action against a homeless tent city. it has served notice against a group of homeless people living there. and allie rasmus has more on what it's like right now. >> reporter: when it comes to the sheer number of tents and personal belongings on the sidewalk, it is noticeably different. it was about a month ago, around the time of the super bowl, when people who live and work in the area started complaining about a growing homeless encampment. and taking a look right now. there's a couple of tents in the median. if we pan to the left, i want to show you the sidewalk on the far side of the street. two weeks ago there was tent after tent pitched side by side all the way to the end of the
5:33 am
intersection. and mow the sidewalk is completely clear. and while there are still people in tents, there's probably a third of the number of tents compared to two weeks ago when i covered the story. public works crews said they need to leave by friday. a representative from the department of public works in the city says it became too crowded and too unsanitary for the people to continue living on the streets. some of the residents already frustrated and said they really don't know where they'll go next. >> peaceful, quiet, we keep it clean. i don't know. >> city leaders hope some of the people move to a temporary shelter they set up about a month ago 3 miles away on pier 80. but the shelter hasn't been very popular. some of the homeless people are
5:34 am
used to their 10ths and privacy which is something that an open shelter can't provide. so that shelter has room for the about 150 people but so far as far as we know, it's never reached capacity on any given night. we reached out to city homeless officials and we'll try and find out what they're doing next to try and encourage the remaining people to take advantage of the new shelter. >> it's interesting they have that available and not everyone is taking advantage of it. thank you, alley. >> reporter: and i think it comes down to the people who said that it's not private. it looks like a giant open air space. >> oh. >> people running the organization would say you have to have it that way so you can make sure everyone is safe and people aren't doing anything illegal in their individual areas. so different needs and things that people are looking for in terms of the people who live
5:35 am
here and the people who have to organize the shelters. >> that's an interesting point. today is sentencing day for former state senator leland yee in the corruption scandal that rocked san francisco. alex savidge in the newsroom this morning to tell us why yee's lawyers are asking a judge for a reduced sentence. >> reporter: prosecutors want him to spend eight years in prison and his attorneys have argued that the sentence should be less than five years. they cite his history of public service and point out that his wife is sick right now. yee pleaded guilty to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes for undercover fbi agents posing as campaign contributors. the case was the result of a five-year investigation into organized crime in san francisco's chinatown. charges were brought against a
5:36 am
number of people and led to the murder conviction of raymond chow. yee has remained free as he awaits sentencing. and keith jackson served as yee's consultant for many years and he pled guilty to racketeering charges in connection with the widespread conspiracy case. and yee has accepted responsibility and will be sentenced later on this morning commute at sock. and this comes a week after the san francisco district attorney announced his office will be teaming up with the fbi to create a new public corruption task force in san francisco to root out corruption and part of the reason this was done was in response to the yee case. scary story, a criminal
5:37 am
investigation underway in the north bay after a horse and a dog died and toxic cookies were found nearby. they were laced with poisonous oleander in incorporated sebastopol. there's one case of intentional poisoning. and people living in the area say more livestock, including a llama, have turned up dead or sick. and they may be connected. >> people who thought that their situation was isolated are now finding out that no, it's all right in this area. >> no poisonous cookies were found in connection with the other animals' deaths. deputies have identified a person of interest in this case. the san francisco school board is praising students at level high school for standing
5:38 am
up against intolerance. >> i applaud these students for speaking up about their experience. >> a group of black students attended the board meeting, demanding that the city take action. level fosters -- lowell fosters prejudice. >> we go to the same school. we took the same test. we passed the same test. >> the school district told students it's listening to their concerns and it's unacceptable that african- american students don't see their race, culture, and history reflected in the curriculum. be real careful if you plan to go to the beach today. there's a high surf advisory and dangerous conditions on the coast. yesterday a swimmer at ocean beach had to be rescued near
5:39 am
lincoln way. a coast guard crew spotted him in the water. that swimmer was taken to the hospital and he's expected to be okay. a homeless man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco is due back in court today, trying to get basically reduced. noel corpuz is accused of slashing the officer on the neck and arm. the attack occurred near a homeless camp. the officer has been released from the hospital and he is now recovering. the bail has been set at $5 million. a three day national summit on police body cameras. the event is intended to help policy makers develop current and sensible technologies about the body camera technology
5:40 am
being made available. a new san francisco soda and sugary drink tax initiative appears to be headed to the november ballot. voters rejected the idea two years ago. the proposed tax will be a cent an ounce. the measure also needed a 2/3 majority to pass because money was specifically earmarked for health problems. supporters say they almost have enough signatures to put the tax on the november ballot. >> and there are serious health concerns we need to address and this policy will be a tool to help us address them. >> people consume too much sugar. >> the american beverage association opposes the
5:41 am
measure. taxes are not a solution to public health challenges such as obesity and diabetes, instead they hurt small businesses. a peninsula woman who lived in her house 66 years is being evicted. coming up at 6:00, the community effort to help her as she is battling cancer and faces trying to find a new home in the next month. this is an officer from the internal revenue services. >> it sounds official but it's a scam. the warning about a persistent phone scam, especially during tax season. and we're looking pretty good when it comes to the morning commute. not a bad drive at all. under mostly clear skies, there are some 30s and it's going to be a sunny and warm day. we'll talk about how warm and if there's any change in the extended outlook.
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we are keeping an eye on the european markets. france and the u.k. are down one why 5%. germany down 2%. and asian stock markets closed mostly lower in their trading session. hong kong and india down more than 1%. and singapore lost 2%. and new concerns on crude oil are weighing heavily on the global markets. china finished with a gain of almost 1%. our futures right now indicate a pretty low opening across the board for the nasdaq, s&p 500, and the dow. law enforcement across the country warning about telephone scams as tax season approaches. a ktvu viewer got a call threatening a lawsuit. and one florida woman told us she was told to settle her tax
5:45 am
bill with prepaid cards or she would be sued. her husband had recently died and she thought he must have made a mistake. she paid $50,000. >> they get the call from the irs or someone claiming they are with the irs -- just hang up right away. the irs will not call you and say you have an outstanding tax ambulance. they'll always send you a certified letter. >> congress is working with the irs right now to start in march to allow third party debt collectors to take over when taxpayers really do have an outstanding tax bill. in sports, tonight the warriors put the 50-5 record on the line in miami. the warriors new center should see playing time. he signed with the warriors on
5:46 am
monday after being traded from the cavaliers to the trail blazers who cut him. he is happy to contribute. >> how special -- this team is great. i can tell they love each other and they have fun out there. >> the warriors have back to back games in miami and orlando and then on to oklahoma city on saturday to saturday to up the road trip. and the san francisco giants first game of the spring is a week away. they held the first full squad workout. for angel pagan, the new season brings a position he hasn't played since 2010. he's moving to left field and the new giant, denard span will play center field. he was caught off guard but is on board. >> i was a little surprised at
5:47 am
the move. like anybody when -- that's your position and you be asked to play a different position, i was prized. but span is a great player. >> i don't want him to feel i'm taking his job. we're working together. >> pagan is in the last year of a four-year contract. the giants manager said the change should help pagan stay healthy. pitchers and catchers reported saturday. and some of the position players like josh reddick are already in camp. the a's hold their first full squad workout on friday. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we don't want excitement when it comes to the commute. we want it nice and boring. there's slow traffic to talk at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it's backed up for
5:48 am
a 10 to 15 minute wait before you make it to the bridge. looks pretty good getting into the city. interstate880 definitely more traffic. but still doable as you head south. you'll see slow traffic farther down in union city. there's a crash southbound 880 near the whipple avenue exit. and traffic is slow through the area. but you're getting on the road early enough. either you get on after whipple. and they are trying to clear it now. 5:48 and let's go to steve. we do have clear skies out there. and temperatures a little cool for some. 30s more so this morning than yesterday. that's for sure. but they'll rebound pretty fast. and temperatures each day we've been moving up two or 3 degrees and we'll continue that theme today bumping up about two.
5:49 am
we better hope for a miracle march and an awesome april. we're falling behind and there does not look to be much rain any time soon. there's a hint of a system around the third of march but after that really not much. the one consistent factor is there's always a ridge factor over the west coast. if you're into weather you know what i'm talking about. there's always a ridge of high pressure on the west coast. let's focus on santa rosa. i went 74. 70s from 1:00 until 4:00 and oakland, 46 degrees to start off. and joining the 70s, we'll go with 74 in downtown oakland. and 66 at noon. and it will warm up nicely but it's cool this morning so keep that in mind. maybe a light jacket. 30s, 40s on the lows, and can't find anything out here.
5:50 am
well, i can, but it's heading north. 38 san ramon. 39 livermore. and we have 30s, 40s, santa cruz mountains. morgan hill and gilroy will flirt there soon. and 44 in santa cruz proper which was 78 yesterday and about the same today. 41 ukiah and 10 warmer in monterey. and the stage is set for a nice day. the ridge of high pressure is deflecting everything north. there'll be a cooldown. and saturday looks all right. sunday we cloud up and another system falls apart. it does not look that impressive. about two or three weeks ago, i said around the 25th. it's not very strong. lots of sun, mild to warm. 70s on the temps, you'll probably get rain the next few days. 70s low to mid-north bay out to the east bay.
5:51 am
if you're around downtown oakland to brentwood. 74 to 74. and pleasanton is in there too. santa cruz 78. 74 collar. and cupertino 75. 60s, 70s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. and tomorrow a little warmer. a cooldown friday and another nice system and clouds on sunday. >> clouds, okay. time is 5:51. a painting comes to life. a unique -- replicating the works of vincent van gogh. and an accident involving a gravel truck and several cars parked in san francisco.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a gravel truck tips over on a steep san francisco hill and damages three cars. it always left a very big mess as you can see. the driver was trying to make a delivery at a residential construction site. he failed to properly make a turn on the steep hill. cal/osha interviewed the work crew. no word on if the company will be cited or fined.
5:55 am
today -- phillip white was fired last year after making comments on twitter that criticized the black lives matter movement. an arbitrator ruled that the firing was not justified given that he was responding to threats against his family. the city council of san jose expected to discuss a possible challenge to the reinstatement next week. >> i think it's worth having a conversation with my colleagues about whether to take the arbitrator's decision up to the superior court by writ so we might be able to shed light on the basis for the decision. and to defend the sound decision of the police chief. >> white has been assigned to administrative duties and will help roll out the department's body cameras. two juveniles were arrested
5:56 am
in connection with two assaults and purse snatchings at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. on saturday a 17-year-old girl was hit in the face and knocked to the ground as her purse was stolen. on sunday, a similar assault and robbery happened to a 63- year-old woman. police had a description of the getaway car. and that stolen car was spotted on monday in oakland. and police arrested the two juveniles. they are still searching for a third suspect. san jose police need your help identifying that man who is wanted for allegedly stealing a bike from trek bicycles in san jose. he pulled up the hoody as he walked into the business. stole an expensive red bike, and then ran away. if you have information about him call san jose police. it's coming up on the 6:00 hour. and we are following a very tense situation in milpitas. a standoff at a gun range is
5:57 am
now over. we're going to have the already latest in a live report as police took a fourth and final suspect they tell us into custody. the unanswered questions after a body part was found near the dumbarton bridge. we're looking at a commute getting busier by the moment. some crowded conditions heading to the peninsula. under clear skies, the moon which was full on monday is still pretty easy to see. temperatures are a little cooler and they'll warm up again today. we'll have the numbers.
5:58 am
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>> reporter: we're in milpitas where a standoff at a gun store between a suspect and police just ended. we'll have the latest in a live report. it's another victory for donald trump and second place was finally called. where the focus now turns after the nevada caucuses as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
6:00 am
>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. if you are just joining us it's wednesday, february 24th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson has the details. >> pretty cool but warm later on. there's fog out to the valley but even south, stockton. there might be a little popping up. san francisco is 52. and other locations are in the 30s. 72 for a high today in the city so a beautiful day there. and we'll focus on mountain view which is looking for temperatures in the 70s. i went 73 but 71 to 72 between about what? 1:00 and 4:00. so temperatures will be well above average. the fog is out in the valley. and if you're heading 101 or five south you


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