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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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police say the discovery of a human torso at the age of the bay in fremont may be linked to a -- a missing woman from brisbane as her husband jumped to his death from the bay bridge. a missing persons case taking a disturbing turn tonight. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a female torso found in the bay a few nights ago may be that of a brisbane woman missing for more than a week. her husband jumped to his death just last night. ktvu's debora villalon live in brisbane where the couple lived. deborah? >> reporter: it's a home that is now a crime scene, julie. a small memorial has sprung up for 57-year-old shelly titchener, police have been here all day.
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police knew about shelly titchener's disappearance. they knew from her husband, paul. he said she left their house the night before valentine's day to stay with a friend. when she hadn't returned two days later, he reported her missing. >> i think they didn't have a great relationship, but a lot of people don't. >> reporter: neighbors who watched paul titchener put up missing posters on the street now don't know what to think. shelley's friends wondered on the facebook search page, why would she leave without a car? a phone? a wallet? and two grown sons frantic? this neighbor recalled shelley as troubled the last time she saw her. >> seemed trouble. -- troubled. >> reporter: body parts of the dumbarton., beginning sunday evening with a woman's torso found by fishermen as fremont police investigated, a man jumped from the bay bridge about
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9:00 tuesday night. soon identified as shelley's 62- year-old spouse. that brought forensic investigators to the couple's house all day wednesday. as paul titchener's pickup was impounded as possible evidence. only a few days ago he and his son had been knocking on doors asking neighbors if they knew anything about shelley's whereabouts. >> they heard that i had spoken to her and so they came over to find out when and what the conversation was light. and they both seemed very concerned. >> reporter: on paul titchener's facebook page, this post expressing worry for his wife and released that police had put a full-time detective on the case. police say paul had not been named a suspect but was considered a person of interest. all of this, hard to believe as cops from two departments closed in on the couple's home. >> small-town, we've always really taken a lot of pride in it being a safe town. and it's unnerving to have
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something like this happen. >> reporter: police have yet to connect the events or confirm shelly titchener's death but tonight on facebook, james titchener, a son who spearheaded the search, wrote my mother and my father have passed. julie thanked -- julie, he thanked people for their help. >> such a sad case. did you find anything else about shelly titchener? >> reporter: well, she does go by the name shelley carmichael as well. and is fairly well known as a hairstylist. had a long career and was associated with vidal sassoon in san francisco. seems to be liked and respected in that profession. >> thank you. new at 10:00 a top to bottom review of the san francisco police department. tempers flared at an open meeting tonight to discuss reforms. officials with the department of justice hosted the event to
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get feedback from the community. heather holmes was at that meeting at thurgood marshall high school and tells us there was a rush to the microphone tonight. >> reporter: there certainly was, frank. there was anger, resentment, mistrust in the crowd of 100 who gathered here, most of whom addressed the panel, scrutinizing the police and the panel itself. >> independent and objective review of a san francisco police department. >> reporter: officials attempt to help officers in san francisco repair strained relations with the community got off to a rough start. two speakers into wednesday night's community meeting hosted by department of justice, anger erupted. >> this is nothing more than window dressing. >> reporter: members of the justice memorial coalition say the federal review announced earlier this month fall short of the investigation they had hoped for. >> we demand, we're not asking, we're not making, we are demanding justice!
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for our brother, mario. >> reporter: the department of justice is doing a voluntary assessment of sfpd policies and procedures but is not looking into the specifics of the december killing. the stabbing suspect was shot multiple times after police say he refused to put down his knife. >> we don't want to dictate. >> reporter: leaving the doj policing practices reform program which is spearheading the wide-ranging federal probe of the police department to determine the key issues. >> use of force, it may be complaint investigations, it may be training. >> then they will assess how to address the issues through a series of recommendations. >> it's good. it's going to help. >> they welcome the review calling it an important step. >> what things need to be changed? how can we come up with this change and what would help to make it better? >> reporter: two more of these listening sessions are planned for next month. this doj review will take about two years and will include public reports every six months. frank, san francisco is the
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10th law enforcement agency to be reviewed since the special doj office was created back in 2011. >> once the department of justice comes out with the recommendations that they want, does the department have to follow those recommendations? >> no. remember, this review is voluntary. it will not end with a court monitored legal settlement, but chief greg suhr has said the department will fully comply. >> heather holmes, thank you. u.s. attorney general is implementing a shift in how illegal immigrant prisoners are processed following the kate stanley shooting in san francisco last year. the new rules were announced today by religion -- loretta lynch. they require all inmates wanted for deportation to be turned over to immigration authorities when released from federal prison instead of local authorities. san francisco sheriff vicki hennessy says she needs more details about this policy because it questions on how it
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would be enforced. employee at a customs and border protection office in alameda was hospitalized today after opening an envelope with a suspicious substance inside. that office is located on mariner square loop just through the webster tube from oakland. hazmat crews were called to the scene just after 12:30 and soon afterward almost 2 dozen employees in the building were quarantined and then evacuated. >> a woman had been complaining of being dizzy and some nausea. and she had just recently opened a package that she noticed what appeared to be some white powder in the package. >> the quarantine was lifted at 3:30. a statement from the u.s. customs and border protection says at this point, it's still unclear if the woman's illness was a result of opening the package. >> islamic state militants are threatening the ceos of facebook and twitter. isis is angry that twitter
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recently suspended 125,000 accounts that were linked to the terrorist organization. a video by a group called the sons of the caliphate army shows twitter's jack dorsey targeted by bullets. mark zuckerberg was also singled out in the same way. the group claims it hacked into more than 10,000 facebook accounts. apple ceo tim cook spoke out today saying the fbi was requested to write software opening a quote, backdoor for iphone data, is the equivalent of cancer. cook told abc news that fbi's demands could potentially expose hundreds of millions of people and he'll take the case to the supreme court if necessary. the fbi wants apple to unlock an encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino killers. apple says it did recover some data from the last time the iphone was backed up six weeks before the terrorist attack. but it turns out law enforcement changed the password, otherwise the remaining information would have been available on high
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clouds. former state senator leland yee was sentenced today to five years in prison after pleading guilty to corruption charges. ktvu's tara moriarty was in the courtroom and says yee asked the judge for leniency just before his sentence was handed down. >> reporter: disgraced ex-state senator was silent as he made his way out of the courthouse. prosecutors had asked for an eight-year sentence but the mandate portrayed as a power- hungry politician who admitted to taking bribes -- the judge ended up giving yee five years and a $20,000 fine. >> he's tired of humiliating his family and he's tired of what i would call a circus. and he wants to get on with his life. >> initially very shocking to find out what he did. >> reporter: a former college says she thought the sentence was too harsh. >> all the good things that
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he's done over the years, the public service. >> reporter: the judge didn't exactly see it that way. charles frier said he was particularly disturbed by his admitted participation in a gunrunning conspiracy while -- publicly supported gun control. he called it hypocritical. yee spoke particularly before the judge saying, nothing will ever take away the pain i have caused to my friends, family, constituents and the institutions i represented. what did you think of the sentence? meanwhile, keith jackson who also pled guilty in the corruption case, received a nine year sentence. >> we accept and our client accepts what he gets. going to try to make the best of it and formulate a new life. >> jackson's and brandon and marlon sullivan received 4.5 years and 5.5 years respectively on separate racketeering charges. meanwhile, yee and keith
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jackson have to surrender in 30 days to begin serving their sentences. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. now to heyward where police have arrested a 23-year-old man suspected of killing a young mother of two. as -- he was arrested today for the murder of 22-year-old stacey aguilar. the young mother was last seen on valentine's day leaving a party with her boyfriend. her body was later found in the fremont hills with multiple gunshot wounds. aguilar lived in san jose. she leaves behind two young children, seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter. i heard him using vulgar language. >> claims of an attack inside her own home. the confrontation that led to the arrest of a bay area police officer and accusations of a cover-up. taking a look at the thursday forecast, look like it's going to warm up out there. i'll let you know which neighborhoods will be the warmest. up next, donald trump picked up support of two
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republican presidential candidates are back on the trail tonight following donald trump's landslide win in nevada. the big test comes next week on super tuesday and right now it seems that donald trump has all the momentum. ktvu's jana katsuyama is here to tell us that some people are
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actually speculating now who donald trump might choose as vice presidential running mate. >> reporter: he was asked that today. he said if he was the nominee he would choose someone with experience in getting legislation passed. even one of the other candidates although he did not name names. five people remain in this gop race. donald trump trounced his gop competitors in nevada. >> we won evangelicals, we won with young and old, 46% with the hispanics. 46%. >> reporter: that has raised the question, can anyone stop him? trump received his first congressional endorsements wednesday from california representative duncan hunter of san diego and representative chris collins of western new york. trump now has won 82 delegates, five times as many as ted cruz or marco rubio who are taking aim at the front-runner. >> we can't get this wrong. we can't be fooled by pt
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barnum. >> i'm as conservative as anyone in this race but i'm the conservative that can unify the party. >> reporter: trump is looking increasingly unstoppable. >> trump wins, has won in new england, in the south, in the west. he is a national candidate. rubio has not won a single state. cruz won homogenous iowa. >> reporter: the lead might change march 1 when 12 super tuesday states and american samoa will decide 595 delegates. about half of what is needed to win the nomination. cruz is betting on his home state of texas to deliver 155 delegates, john kasich and senator rubio have yet to win a state but they are banking on winner take all victories in their home states march 15 to stay in the race. >> we intend to keep going, megan. we're not stopping. i'm not giving up. i'll set the tune but we're going to let democrats come play in the orchestra because we are americans and we can do it together.
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>> reporter: the gop candidates are set to debate thursday in houston but some say it could be more of a fight for second place. >> i think rubio is going after cruz tomorrow. i think that's where the fight is going to be. >> reporter: tomorrow's debate will be broadcast in english and spanish and is expected to focus on latino voters and issues that are important to them. also a call by mitt romney that trump and the others make their tax returns public and that is something frank and julie which could be raised in the coming days. >> what about dr. ben carson? he has yet to win anything, yet he is not out of the race. any indication when he could drop out? >> he was asked about that. at this point, he has made no indication plans to run or get out of the race. he is going to be in the debate tomorrow. we'll see what happens because it could be interesting. >> jana, thank you. there are reports tonight that president obama may consider nevada's republican governor as a possible nominee for the u.s. supreme court.
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brian sandoval is a former federal judge and has served as the governor of nevada since 2011. he described as a centrist who is aligned with democrats on some key issues including abortion rights and the environment. republicans have vowed to ignore any nomination by president obama to replace the late justice antonin scalia but president obama says he thinks public opinion could sway republicans to acknowledge a well-qualified nominee. superior court judge in sacramento has blocked jerry brown's proposed ballot initiative aimed at reducing prison overcrowding. brown wants certain inmates released earlier and wants to reduce the number of juveniles tried as adults. the plan would also increase credits for inmates who complete rehabilitation programs. the judge said brown improperly bypassed normal procedures for getting the measure on the ballot. water officials announced another increase in state water project allocations today, they say supplies have improved enough to raise water deliveries from 15% of requests to 30%. but they say the good news
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doesn't mean the drought is ending. they say we need 150% of average rain and snowfall this winter to significantly reduce drought conditions. the state water project is a system of reservoirs, canals and pumping plants that supply water to two thirds of california. a powerful storm system is creating real havoc in parts of the eastern united states tonight. in virginia alone, three people have been killed, a two-year- old child was among the victims. the today death toll from the storm now stands at seven. in the meantime the midwest is being pounded with heavy snow. blizzard warnings have been issued in parts of indiana and illinois. the storm is also blamed for mass flight cancellations at airports in chicago as well as school closings in several states. in georgia, heavy wind and rain caused damage in the atlanta area today, the storms downed trees and power lines and prompted flash flood warnings. you can see this tree snapped in half.
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destroying the cars parked below. tornadoes across the south have claimed the lives of at least three people, one confirmed death in mississippi, two in louisiana and dozens more were injured. it has been plenty warm around here, no rain in the next 24 hours. we have a spew -- if you sprinkle showing up. as you have side in oakland, a beautiful evening, mild temperatures, lots of 50s out there right now. when the system driving to the north, underneath these weather systems, powerful weather systems, some large waves, big surf hitting hawaii now and tomorrow big sur will be hitting our coast -- el niño not producing rain for us so much as very large waves, they show up tomorrow and the next couple days along the coast. high surf advisories there. we're going to continue with this forecast of upper 60s to mid 70s for forecast highs, big difference tomorrow, coastal fog moves back in, that's an
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indication things are changing, offshore winds are shifting, fog has pushed in a little bit, as we getting towards friday night, we've got a chance for something a little different so we'll talk about that but in the meantime, here are your forecast highs for tomorrow, note the fog at the coast, back into the 50s and low 60s. inland, still upper 60s to mid 70s. a majestic national symbol gone missing on the peninsula. the search for a bald eagle that flew off from its handlers on monday. it hasn't been seen since. how about those warriors? they grind out another victory on the road tonight.
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because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding the oakland police department is under fire amid accusations of a cover-up as
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ktvu's henry lee reports, four officers are now on administrative leave and one of them is accused of assaulting a probation officer at her home. >> it all started at monaghan's bar in the oakland hills on december 7. sources say a group of off-duty officers was drinking here when they decided to go to one of the officer's homes about a mile away. officer cullen faeth apparently got left behind and got lost on the way there according to sources. he ended up on the wrong street and showed up at the cortez home. he allegedly while drunk is accused of jumping on and attacking the woman who lived there and demanded entry. woman is in alameda county deputy probation officer. a defense source the officer just hugged her. police arrested faith on suspicion of assault and public intoxication but no charges have been filed. today we heard from the provision officer hand -- and her attorney. >> i told my kids to go back inside and they were crying.
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they were really afraid. so then i came back out and then i saw some of the neighbors there. and they were assisting. and i heard him using vulgar language. towards the neighbors that came out. and was telling her to shut up, get away from me. and at some point, my husband was like, we called the police. they're on their way. >> we want a full investigation to occur to determine and get the bottom of this to determine whether or not there was any form of a cover-up. >> reporter: the officers are still on administrative leave. oakland police declined to go on camera but issued a statement that said, it quote, takes all allegations of misconduct involving our employees seriously. ensuring internal investigations are swift, fair and objective is our priority. we spoke to residents of the street where the incident happened. >> it was about like six police cars, it was crowded. they -- cops shouldn't be under
10:25 pm
the influence of any system. you still represent a brotherhood. >> reporter: the woman says she's worked with many upstanding members of the police department but that this incident has shattered her trust in the first. in while her attorney has filed a legal claim in this case, a precursor to a lawsuit. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of santa rosa said today it has hired an independent police auditor your city officials say bob aronson will enhance oversight and increase accountability with the aim of improving the overall performance of the city's police department. among other response abilities, he will be accepting citizens' complaints and forwarding those to the police department for investigation. martial arts with a mission, later tonight, the bay area gym where kids take classes for free thanks to two high-tech workers giving back. the search is on for a missing bald eagle, a beloved member of the zoo where last
10:26 pm
seen headed and where her handers -- handlers are looking for her tonight.
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a search is set to resume for a 27-year-old bald eagle missing from a zoo. she was last seen on monday after she flew off when she saw something that caught her interest. ktvu's azenith smith is at the zoo tonight where she spoke with the people searching for her. >> reporter: frank, this is not the first time sequoia has wandered off. she has done this four times this year but the zoo is concerned after her handlers lost her signal on her tracking device. >> basically we're using this to look for a signal. >> reporter: john flynn is high atop a parking garage in redwood city, scouring the sky for any site of sequoias, known
10:29 pm
as the goodwill ambassador. >> i would rather know where she is, but she gets into little cans and things like that so the radio signal doesn't go through. >> reporter: on monday during a routine flight demonstration, sequoia took off to chase another bird. the radio transmitter on her tail, her handlers can track her within 30 miles. she was last spotted on tuesday. heading toward portola valley. >> i feel like a worried parent right now because she's lost and i don't know where she is. so until i have some sense of where she is and that she's safe, i'm going to be worried. >> reporter: she is unable to hunt and feed herself. sequoia was found shot in the wild, her tail paralyzed and a total missing. she can fly but not well enough to catch prey. >> more worried about collision with automobiles, wild eagles coming and chasing her, getting into an altercation with other
10:30 pm
kinds of wild animals. >> reporter: alone and hungry and in need of comfort, her handlers hope to lure her back with a whistle and mice, back to her home at the zoo. given her track record, they are optimistic she will return. >> she flies off and we follow her and we got her back every time. so knock on wood, with luck we'll get her back again. >> reporter: they are searching far and wide and we hope they find her. they suspect she may be at rancho san antonio county park, that's in the los altos hills where she's been before. frank, the hope is they are going to hop into a plane and look for her in the canyons and along the coast. >> let's hope they find her. such a beautiful animal. you see those shots of her flying, azenith, thank you. ktvu news has learned eddie garcia may have a lock on getting the job permanently. garcia took the interim job when the previous chief left last month. today we learned the city manager plans to bring garcia's
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name forward at his recommended choice for the chief job next tuesday. the city council is expected to rectify garcia. another sign that he will get the job? san jose never lost a formal candidate search. the naacp joined the fight against the san jose police officer who was fired for his controversial tweets about the black lives matter movement. then recently, reinstated. ktvu's rob roth tells us the organization wants that officer fired and. >> no justice, no peace! outrage and frustration outside the santa clara superior court house. members of the naacp and other community organizations demonstrated against a decision by an -- by a traitor. that reinstated a police officer who had been fired for sending threatening tweets against black lives matter supporters. >> we will get justice in san jose. we will not expose our families to a dangerous cop with a gun.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: earlier, an attorney filed a motion aimed at forcing the city to challenge the arbitrator's decision. >> what we're asking is for the city to challenge the reinstatement which means a judge would decide whether the reinstatement of this particular officer is contrary to public policy. a danger to the public safety. >> reporter: philip white was fired by the police chief last year for tweets he posted aimed at black lives matter demonstrators. tweets including this one. threaten me or my family and i would use my god-given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. hashtag cops lives matter. white appealed his firing to an arbitrator in one reinstatement. -- and won reinstatement. now they have to decide whether to appeal that decision. >> we need to have a good evaluation of the facts before us before we can make that decision. we're not there yet. >> reporter: a legal analyst say he asked the judge to force
10:33 pm
the city's hand -- he doubts that has much chance. >> the courts are reluctant to get involved in the words unless there's some travesty of justice and unless the city can show that in this case, the superior court is probably not going to overturn this. >> reporter: officer philip white is off the street, working desk duty. city council could decide whether or not to appeal his reinstatement as early as next week. in san jose, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. tickets for two prince concerts in the bay area this weekend went on sale today and they were sold out in minutes. >> [ singing ] take a look around. >> prince is launching his one- man piano and a microphone tour in oakland. the back-to-back concerts at the paramount are this sunday at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. but again, all of the tickets to those two concerts were sold out in 15 minutes. twitter employees giving
10:34 pm
back to the city. we'll show you who and what they are teaching at this new nonprofit jim. pushing forward and towards the weekend, we've got sprinkles and perhaps a light shower to talk about. i'll give you the timing.
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san francisco middle schoolers can now have access to free condoms from their school nurse. this comes after a controversial proposal was approved late last night. people packed the school board meeting ahead of that vote. under the new policy, students must speak with a nurse or social worker before they are given condoms. parents cannot opt out of the program. state law allows access to contraceptives for minors and abortions without parental -- without permission or knowledge. police are confirming they have arrested a third suspect in a pair of violent purse snatching's at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. oakland police say they took a third juvenile into custody this morning and authorities say all three have now confessed to the attacks. on saturday, 17-year-old girl
10:38 pm
was hit in the face and knocked to the ground has her purse was stolen. the next day a 63-year-old woman was also robbed, pushed and kicked. in both incidents into. one of the suspects was armed. google said it will debut its ultra high-speed fiber- optic service in san francisco. the company says google fiber will be available to some apartments and condos along with some low income housing units. only a handful of u.s. cities have this new service. instead of installing its own fiber cables, google says it will use existing fiber lines but has not said when that will be available. wall street bounced back today to close in positive territory, the dow was up 53 after being down 265 earlier in the day. nasdaq rose 39 and s&p added eight. a rise in crude oil prices helped fuel the rally. stanford university is receiving a huge donation from nike cofounder phil knight. he is donating $400 million to stanford to help create the largest fully endowed scholarship anywhere in the world. the money will allow 100
10:39 pm
students annually to receive funding for three years to pursue masters or doctorate level degrees at stanford. two people are about to be honored by the white house a for empowering and inspiring young people. alex lees the cofounder and executive director of the san francisco nonprofit aim high. simmons, the president of youth uprising, both heading to the white house on friday. they are among nine people from across the country who will be recognized during a special ceremony as champions of change. >> really exciting good just to have that level of national recognition for the work that we do at the hyper level. we are very much focused on our neighborhood. so national recognition when you say i'm going to pick one small place and do everything in that place is a big deal. >> youth uprising provides programs to young adults between the ages of 13 and 24,
10:40 pm
teaching them things about health, wellness, arts and culture. while a team-high works with middle school students offering them a free summer learning program that helps prepare them for college and careers. unusual warm weather so far this week but there is a change, a little change on the horizon. the chance for showers and bill martin's complete forecast.
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10:42 pm
they learn much more than boxing and jujitsu. >> the classes are free thanks to two twitter employees who opened the gym because they wanted to get back. >> amber lee tells us their goal was to create a place where kids can be safe, also learn how to protect themselves. >> reporter: guardianship is a
10:43 pm
nonprofit open to all children ages 10 and up located at 19th and western in oakland. the lessons and everything the students need to learn martial arts is free. >> we wanted to create a place where everyone no matter their financial situation could do for martial arts. >> reporter: the classes are given in this 1800 square foot space. when ben kovacs isn't working at twitter, he spends time here, coaching, mentoring children and teens through boxing and brazilian jujitsu. >> i'm passionate and i know it's going to change lives. >> i want to hear that focus. do it again. >> reporter: the one-two punch means combining his passion with a desire to help improve the city he calls home. >> a huge group of people that can't afford to do it. >> one of those kids is 11-year- old john powell. from a single-parent home. kovacs has been a big brother
10:44 pm
to the sixth-grader for two years. >> i feel really close. i share with him things that i wouldn't normally share with other people. >> reporter: john says kovacs and boxing have taught him how to relieve anger. >> i feel like i can do anything. >> reporter: guardianship also ensures -- encourages girls to join. kovacs says this is an example of gender equality starting at an early age. >> kovacs has recruited other twitter employees such as ashley. >> the dream is to be all around the place for these kids to be. so they don't have to go and do things. other alternative things that might get them in trouble. >> reporter: this gym is a place to show children and teens there is a world of possibilities. >> you meet people at things like this who see that you're a good kid and you're a hard worker and you have passion. that's how you make those opportunities happen.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: kovacs says funding comes from donation and membership for adult classes. he hopes the -- he hopes to expand to other locations. i got chills watching that. it's just so wonderful with those people doing out there. >> temps of -- absolutely. thank you. >> looking at the temperatures from today, worn out there yet again. tomorrow will be no different. highs tomorrow make it back into the 70s. mid-70s in some spots. coastal fog is going to show up tomorrow afternoon. a few more high clouds, that's going to set us up with temperatures that will be slightly cooler than they were today in some places. maybe a little warm but mostly a degree or two cooler. there that live camera shot of oakland, the jet stream, things are tiny down out here but what's not dying down, this large surf being generated at the surface here, these winds, surface winds are pretty
10:46 pm
significant, over a couple thousand miles so that distance of water that the wind is blowing across consistently is now generating very large -- very large surf. it will be hitting us in the next couple of days. so big surf along our coast, it will get pretty big come friday, saturday. the current temperatures down to the 50s. overnight lows tonight, down into the 40s. and we had a little bit of rain in february but overall, it has been a bust for rainfall february. got a's -- a little something planned for friday, maybe a little something for the 28th. so we'll see how that pans out. but you hate to lose a whole month. supposed to get an inch of rain in san francisco for the month of february. i'm sorry, we've gotten about an inch for the month of february. supposed to have about 4.5 inches of rain. so you get the idea, well behind me to be. overnight low forecast, looks
10:47 pm
like they were the last couple nights, upper 30s, low 40s. active pacific, that's why we're seeing big surf, but the storms are missing us, gesturing is not aligned in such a way that's going to take care of us. tomorrow will be the last springlike day for a couple as the flow goes more unsure. and we see some patchy coastal fog develop, which is indicative of the non--- the on tour flow. the system gets a shooting on friday. look what the model does, tomorrow morning, fog on the coast, tomorrow afternoon, fog along the coast. being pushed like this, friday. this is friday morning, the last run of the model, friday a 6:00, looks like we might get light showers. hopefully that works out. saturday morning, valley fog and then saturday afternoon is gone. a little something comes in on sunday but overall, we're looking for a mostly nice weekend with just some clouds lingering.
10:48 pm
look for friday, chance for sprinkles which would be great. temperatures will be trending down, tomorrow will be the last springlike day for a couple of us. a little bit more like late winter. >> all right. >> let's hope we get some rain soon too. warriors take on the heat plus is colin kaepernick staying on the 49ers roster? you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the warriors were out on the road tonight, they were put to the test. but came through again in the end. >> lifetime of watching basketball, i've never seen a guy like steph curry shoot from out as far as he does as often as he does and with as much confidence. truly we're seeing something else. everyone is bringing their a game against the warriors these days. no one has the d to stop either or both of them splashy brothers. heading towards the stretch run now, not seeing any of those early-season blowout victories. but this team can take the heat on the road and they are nationwide, they've got the little girl prior to the game, personification of cute right there. the heat get out of the block quick. hassan whiteside, 21 points, 13 rebounds. he has been exchanging pleasantries with draymond green on twitter. you may have heard.
10:52 pm
miami up as many as 12. look at stephen curry at the end of the first quarter, doing this with perfect confidence, like a laser from 40 feet. down four more the warriors, 127 straight games that kerry has hit a three. klay thompson takes over in the fourth quarter, 15 straight from downtown as well after you saw his drive, he had 33 points tonight, he too chiming in a big way, gets 75 points between those two guys in the backcourt. the clutch shot, he always seems to want the ball from way out. got it. 38 seconds left, that put the warriors up by two and then miami down four with 14.7 left, the warriors come up with the nice defensive play. klay thompson with the steal, fouled, free throws are good. the warriors wind up winning 118-112. they are now 51-5. just sounds
10:53 pm
weird to even say that. ragged and untested -- untested and unrested at the end of the long road trip, the sharks don't get what they aren't but they do pick up a point, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as my grandmother used to say so lovingly. 1-1 in the third, brent burns will never get the net, his shot with it closely, hit the skate, bounces in, 2-1. then a 3-to lead, the sharks pulled their goalie and joel ward, with 1:31 left, he will tie it with some beautiful stick word -- stick work. then the shootout, matt duchene with the decider and jones had a good night in the net but not good enough. 4-3 the final. as i mentioned, the sharks did pick up a point. no such thing as the off- season in the nfl.
10:54 pm
with the draft lurking, another chance for a talent evaluator to get a good look at the collegiate level talent out there. the scouting combine in indy, every team expecting to address the media from the 49ers -- since chip kelly didn't want to talk about it, probably trying to avoid the question about, kaepernick still on the roster. if he's there after april 1, his $11.9 million contract is guaranteed. trent baalke sounds like it's not going to happen. >> the good thing is we got two guys going into games proving they can play. colin has done off its way through his career. won big games for the 49ers. and expect him to come back. the main focus right now is health. getting healthy, doing a good job with his rehab, talking to the medical staff, seems to be going very well. and look forward to getting back and working with this coaching staff.
10:55 pm
>> do you expect him to be on the roster? >> absolutely. with the 49ers, the question is always, getting around to kaepernick. the questions are always back around to what about mark davis and the team's feature in oakland? representing the raiders at the nfl combine, jack del rio, here is his response to what mark davis is thinking at this point. >> the reality is, mark would prefer to be in oakland. he's maintained that. i know that there are other things that have to be looked at from a business standpoint. but for me, i'm from that area, i'm excited to be going -- coaching the team. looking forward to this year and hopeful the future will be resolved shortly. >> what else can he say? some unusual goings-on at the women's tennis event, the qatar open, game, set and meow. have a look. >> not a time to be friendly.
10:56 pm
oh, now. what have you done? where did it go? like a streaker in football. >> [ laughter ] >> she finally disappeared into the crowd. roberta vinci wins the mat -- wins the match. you may remember her as the player who deprived serena williams at the us open last fall. all is well with the kitty cat by the way, safely taken away. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. >> it was a picture-perfect moment. going back to the 49ers, do you think kaepernick will be on the roster? >> i really don't. i don't think they are going to pay him $11.9 million at this point. despite what trent baalke does, i don't believe it. i don't think you're going to see him on the roster. >> we'll check it out. >> find out soon enough.
10:57 pm
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