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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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moving day in the city declared a health hazard and said that homeless must move out by friday at 5 pm. i'm going to do what they say. if i could stay out of jail. >>reporter: where he went to go? >> wherever they tell me to. >> they took my dog to me last week and i don't want more trouble. >>reporter: one worker said he's been filling 80 plastic garbage bags per day and they estimate that was 140 tents stretched along division street south of morgan street. this morning there was 35 tents remaining and some of those are gone. many went to the shelter. this woman works at a ceramic store and says the situation has gotten out of control. it's much better than it was an several weeks ago this was an impassible area. there were so many tenants along with maybe 50 dismantled bicycles, garbage, and sewage. they intend to take a
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humane approach. we have alternatives that are better for them and we have to take a look at these options . the health department has given notice to another nearby tent city that it has to be out by sunday evening. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. to the weather now and the changing conditions in the bay area after a one-week clouds have started to warm in -- roll in.>> are chief meteorologist is with us, what do you think what we get? >> so optimistic, i think it will barely register, just traced amounts -- trace amounts
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at best. we are getting light sprinkles that we talked about earlier and i guess in the north bay we could see a 10th of an inch of rain, may be more in the headlands beach area but it's just widely scattered stuff, especially at our latitude, you get to oakland and the showers of moving off towards the hills a little bit and that is really right stuff. you have stuff tried to show up in alameda and as i backout you can see, it's all over the place and not really anything uniform. frank asked how much we will get you don't think we will get anything really and it is killing us, i was telling julie that this time of year when you lose rainfall, we've just lost february and you drop quickly, over 100% rainfall average and down to 77% and even tomorrow or the next day these numbers are bitterly dropping and we need rain and it looks like something will break loose in the long-range forecast and we will talk about that the next time we see you. >> you can download the free
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weather after the latest on changing conditions and bill and others are posting updates on facebook, twitter, and insta graham. new at 6 pm, a second autopsy contradicts what police said after a deadly officer shooting. one year ago they shot and killed a meal lopez -- emile lopez and they said he was threatened officers with a knife and they found that he was shot for mac times in the back. we talked with the mayor today who said he just heard about that and new police training will reduce incidence of deadly force. i think you'll see more and more examples where we don't have this because officers are being trained better and in past years they would've gone quicker to the gun. people that knew them said
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at a community meeting the department got it wrong and he was chasing a man who had stolen his cell phone. hours ago a man suspected of shooting his girlfriend went before a judge. he had a long criminal past and the government said he should have been in the us to begin with.>> >>reporter: 23-year-old esmond pedraza appeared in court accused of killing his girlfriend stacy aguilar, it was a sudden and brutal killing they were off silva avenue off jackson street on february 13 into the 14th and they got into a fight, when outside to a car and he allegedly shot her to death. one of his friends heard the gunfire, when outside and then helped get rid of the body by dumping it down the hillside. the 2 men then allegedly went to the car wash and clean them
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up. we met a man married to the cousin and they said the entire family is stunned by the crime and none of them knew that he had a gun or a girlfriend. >> the family was surprised because they did not see it coming and they had not seen anything like that, no violence, nothing like that. it is surprising. >> he was a good guy, just your average youngster these days and like to go out and hang out and he liked to do that type of deal and he was a good guy. >>reporter: immigrations and customs released a statement saying they want to notify them prior to the release of agency can arrange to take him into custody and that will not happen until he serves a sentence in this case and they have not reported why he wasn't deported.
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both men are scheduled to appear in court again on monday morning. ktvu fox 2 news. firefighters rescued a man from it earning home in san jose and the four alarm fire started on also ray avenue near the interchange of 280 and 87. when firefighters arrived they saw heavy flames and smoke coming out of the home and the fire spread and then a fire station is directly across the street but not equipped with a working fire engine because of budget cuts, the crews were on the scene within minutes and it took them in our and have to get the flames under control. new at 6 pm, they rallied in mission neighborhood to say they are at her upset -- are upset about how long it takes to rebuild this building. one man died in almost 60 others were displaced and those who gathered said they should deal with the aftermath of the
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fire. they are demanding that the owner either sell the building or stop in this all depends on who wants to move back. >> acidifier does not strip them of their rent control rights if they stay in contact with the building owners. a vintage store in san francisco could face thousands of dollars in fines for selling illegal items. the california while the department executed as search warrant at his store name decades of fashion, they sell vintage clothing with styles ranging back 100 years and they say some of these clothes are made from protected animals in the store's owner said they took things she had no idea were considered such as items made from a skunk and many of the items were over 50 years old and the wildlife says it's
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up to the owner of the store to know what is illegal to sell. joe biden touchdown at san francisco airport and the camera was captured a difference from air force 2. the vice president is in the key area to develop an address in san jose. biden is also scheduled to visit the mission bay campus and talk about a cure for cancer. this democratic convention kicked off today and it is the largest gathering of democrats and they report on the agenda in this big election-year. the stage has been set and everything is underway. there's a lot of enthusiasm and a lot at stake. >> i love change, progress, and hope and i believe in doing the work.
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this is that we can on the california party platform will be decided and this is a key race in the senate to replace barbara boxer. both carla and nevada have quoted these endorsements. >> this is on behalf of all of the people you care about. >>reporter: joe biden will give a speech on saturday and for some the drama of the presidential election is driving the act that this am. and more involved with everything and watching the debate and it is very interesting. it is a statewide conference but there will be discussions going on with national implications. >>reporter: this is a push for legal marijuana to a minimum wage that rises with inflation. >> we are focused on economic recovery here. this is part pep rally and part
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way to get volunteers excited about the tumultuous season ahead. >> elections are about transmitting things into action and this is where we come all in. >>reporter: in san jose, and reuben, fox news. uc berkeley is targeted by hackers and they are putting the information of tens of thousands of students and staff at risk. new development on a 97- year-old woman who is being evicted from her home and the lawsuit filed today that might allow her to stay. looking at the busy commute and the bay bridge toll plaza it is slow going and the cars that you see are trying to head into the city. san mateo bridge and headlights going east, you can see it's
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pretty jammed up as it usually would be this time of night.
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san francisco police said the driver of an suv that we are ended a bus today is facing dui charges. a happen at 9 am this morning in the bayview neighborhood near the intersection of bay shore and industrial street. 7 people were hurt, including a child. emergency workers say no one was seriously hurt but all were taken to the hospital. they had the buses passengers were getting off. letter started going out to tens of thousands of uc berkeley students about a
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possible pac-10 and they may have access to social security and bank accounts. and campus officials say that the fbi has been notified and the notice letters have been set out about free credit monitors. apple ceo, tim cook, double down on the stance against fbi and he said challenging a court order to unlock the iphone of one of the shooters is the right thing to do. ktvu and tom baker have the latest on putting personal privacy against national security. >>reporter: the fbi once all of the information and got a judge to compel it to other shareholders meeting this morning the reiterated that apple will not assist in cracking this. >> this will be done by remote pulsing.
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this is one phone only. >> if they get access there will always be something that will be very important that they have to do.>>reporter: gaylin gruden has covered cyber security for years and compares it to the home burglar alarm. >> the police were able to disable your home security system whenever they wanted to and that's exactly what they can do. over the years bills to make this law have gone before congress. bills like this have always been rejected. >>reporter: many government agencies have overstepped their bounds by gathering mass information from innocent people without their knowledge or consent or even warns. --
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warrants. >> with spying programs. >> it's not just our government, the french, the saudi's, the english, the chinese, you name it.>> this is about far more than the iphone, weimar, it's about every telephone, every television, every computer, every cable box in every conceivable device that depends on the internet, this would be at risk now, and forever, tom bay car, ktvu fox 2 news . to remember that 97-year- old woman who is being evicted from her home? her attorney filed a lawsuit on her behalf, marie hatch agreed to an oral contract more than 60 years ago, the agreement allowed her to live in the rented house for the rest of her life. now attorneys say the estranged spouse of the original owner's granddaughter has served her an
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eviction notice in december. the attorneys are claiming breach of contract and more. >> there is elder abuse and you cannot take these actions against elderly and not have responsibility. >> we have a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress. another woman is also affected, george r roth is also trying to find a new and affordable place to live. >> another check of the weather, some sprinkles world and let's go to bill in the weather center for the weekend forecast. they came in and went out, a few sprinkles on the weekend might see a few julie and frank, and everyone else, but not enough to alter your plans. keep dialed in what you have planned because the weekend overall will have temperatures like these, these are the highs from today and they did call a good 5 to 10 degrees in some places. temperatures will be a lot like
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these in temperatures on sunday a lot like these. as becoming close there is the system and the tail end swing through and we are at the southern end of the system. rainfall, accumulation is none but a little bit of moisture out there and this area moves off towards clayton and black hawk now and as we look at the bigger picture you can see that temperatures are trending down a few degrees from where they were last night at this time. that system with fog at the coast push twins onshore and it does feel like a late spring weather system even though it is winter. it is not acting like winter. showers or whatever you want to call them will slide out by tomorrow morning and bring us some valley fog and then as we get into the bay area sunday, another system, quite similar to this will roll in and this is what the model does, tomorrow morning a little valley fog and a little coastal fog as well. then there is your afternoon so
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saturday looks good. we go into sunday and this is a duplication of what we saw today. the tail end hits us or vaporizers over us and the main impact will be some clouds and maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon and certainly temperatures down from where they were most of this week which was very warm. 69 degrees in brentwood and 67 degrees in fairfield. it will not rain so let's enjoy it. i know there's a lot going on so there is a lot of golf stuff and the kids are playing baseball and there's a lot going on. do not be dissuaded by the forecast, there could be a sprinkle here and it will not shut you down. >> we get into wednesday of next week and maybe something will shut you down, in the meantime, enjoy the bay area weekend and the avenue site is the sprinkles will knock things out of the trees and that will
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help. the pollen is there and it's february but it feels more like march. thank you bill. a missing bald eagle has been found and returned to her home in palo alto. the word name sequoia love monday during routine exercise and her handler said they lost the same goofball -- signal on her tracking device and people called the zoo and then her handler hot -- hiked up the ridge and saw her fly over another, he blew over dust blew whistle and she flew right to him. >> people asked why we turn her loose and we do it because the public enjoys seeing the legal -- and eagle flight and we enjoy flying eagle but it does have its rest. >> and 27 years that we've been doing this we have always gotten her back.
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>> she was shot and wounded as i -- youngster leaving her unable to hunt for herself. gearing up for a playoff push against the buffalo sabres and dusty baker on the field coaching the washington nationals. mark has his story coming up next. let's check in with kiva on what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7 pm. it's another big day for front runner donald trump following the debate last thing coming up at 7 pm, the former gop he candidate that is supporting donald trump and his bid. also a consumer group makes a grim prediction about gas prices and why it may cost to more to fill out. these and more coming up at 7 pm.
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a fan favorite for the san francisco giants is set to make an appearance on fuller house, outfielder hunter pence tweeted a picture of him on the set with a cast of the upcoming network show that is the sequel to the hit show full house that ran from 87 to 95 and he is playing the boyfriend of stephanie tanner. >> he's never animated, is he? >>katie: [laughter] >> those eyes. no warriors highlights tonight but the sharks are in the news. >> as a sportscaster you feel great when you have these highlights but the sharks kind of sneaking into the headlines as of late and they are playing some very good hockey. if they could get their great road play to translate to what they are doing home then they
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will be on the way and we are headed towards the stretch run of the regular season and the sharks are currently third in the pacific division but really, look at the standings, if they are only six points behind the first-place la kings. the sharks are just 11, 12, and 3 at home. you see some nice shots for their practice today and >>joe: belsky is one of the top scorers. looking at the scorers. >> we need to keep pace with these teams and we really have only been keeping pace with them and they are trying to build to this last little push and we have done a good job so far and we need to keep it that way. meantime some baseball stuff and we always followed the giants and astros but this year the area fans are keeping an eye on the washington nationals because dusty baker, one of the
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all-time bay area favorites has taken over as manager with the nationals, a team that has always had a lot of talent and in recent years has not been able to parlay that into going deep into the playoffs and the giants have had something to do with it or the other great pitching staff and stephen strasburg and others say this could be the best staff he has ever had the pleasure of managing. >> this rotation is an outstanding rotation, probably one of the better ones i have had. evidently, some problems with the sound right there but dusty said that the best pitching staff he has ever managed. >> all the years of doing this he is right up there as my top three most favorite people, just a great guy on and off the field. >> and you have met a lot of people.>> coming up to me, more
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on the new autopsy results that raise questions about a shooting and friends and family are there with the story and more coming up tonight on the 10 pm news. thanks for joining us, we will see you at 10 pm. have a good one.
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