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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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donald trump is digging himself out of a new controversy after being endorsed by a former kkk leader. the warriors' incredible last-second win, thanks to that jaw-dropping shot by steph curry. good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. presidential candidates are now in the final sprint ahead of super tuesday which is now just 48 hours away. as caroline shively reports, hillary clinton stumped for votes today after her big win yesterday in south carolina. >> we are not taking anything
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and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: no surprise that clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend. the surprise was how big she won. crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points. leading in every -- in nearly every demographic. whites, blacks, seniors and men. >> sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight, we lost. >> reporter: sanders expects to do well on super tuesday but clinton appears to have begun a pivot to the general election taking a shot at donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make a -- to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz also hammered trump on the campaign trail. >> he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> that's a very good way to get rich. pick the right that. >> reporter: trump returned fire this morning. >> i think rubio is a lightweight. he couldn't get elected dog
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catcher if he goes back to florida. >> reporter: rubio says he could still get the nomination even without winning a single super tuesday state. >> you can still be sero-15 -- >> we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. that's not the plan, but absolutely we can. we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. >> reporter: it is all about the delegates. on tuesday on the republican side, half of the delegates needed to win the nomination will be at play. for the democrats, it's about a third. caroline shively, fox news. donald trump is embroiled in a new controversy today, it began with an endorsement by former kkk leader david duke. trump was asked on cnn today whether he rejected support from the former kkk grand dragon and other white supremacists. trump replied that he didn't know anything about white supremacy or david duke. hours later, trump tweeted that
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he disavows duke and his endorsement. trump also created quite a backlash by tweeting a quote from benito mussolini that read, quote, it is better to live one day as a liann than 100 years as a sheep. hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman is lashing out at chris christie for endorsing trump. she called it quote, an astonishing display of political opportunism. the one-time california gubernatorial candidate considers christie a friend but share -- she won't be joining him on trump's campaign saying for some of us, principal and country still matter. candidates ted cruz and marco rubio are putting pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns. senators cruz and rubio both released partial returns yesterday. on sunday, the question of why trump hasn't released his yet. trump claims he's being audited by the irs and will release his
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tax information after that audit is done. cruz and rubio say he's hiding something. >> maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. maybe he's given large sums of money to -- he has given large groups of money to left-wing groups. >> there's nothing stopping trump from releasing his tax data in the middle of an audit. cruz and rubio say they will release the rest of their returns when the other candidates do so as well. off duty officer helps police catch a suspect in a deadly hit and run on interstate 80 overnight. it happened just after midnight in the eastbound lane near the pinole valley road on-ramp. the man had pulled over after a minor accident and got out of his car to check for damages. that's when another driver sideswiped his car and hit the man. he was thrown 100 feet off the freeway and into a ravine. he was found dead. officers say the car that hit him just took off. that an off-duty police officer followed the suspect's car.
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>> it was followed by somebody that witnessed the collision. so we were able to catch up to it later on. and we are detaining the driver right now. >> the victim is a 28-year-old man from martinez. the suspect was identified as 31-year-old carry cash of oakland. she was booked into the martinez jail on a series of charges including dui and driving with a suspended license. now to the warriors and let's not -- last night's amazing overtime win thanks to this last-minute shot by steph curry. now the warriors have clinched a spot in the playoffs already. this is the earliest the team has ever locked into postseason play. we are live in berkeley with a look at what that means for the warriors and a look at tough -- how tough that buzzer beater was. >> reporter: how amazing was that shot? we're going to give a sense of how far that shot really was. there's some dispute. some say it was further, some
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say shorter. we are going to go with sports illustrated, they had it paid at just under 38.5 feet. while there might be some dispute as to how far that shot was, there's consensus among the fans that that shot was unbelievable. this is exactly where the team wants to be right now. >> with just 0.6 left on the clock, steph curry hits the winning three-point shot. >> curry come away downtown, bang! got it! what a shot from paris! >> reporter: some dispute as to how far he was from the hoop. "sports illustrated" says just shy of 38.5 feet. inside the warriors team store, it was all warriors fans kristin nemec and her daughters could talk about. >> when he did that, we couldn't believe it. why did he do that? and oh, my god! >> reporter: it was a tough game has warriors battled back from a 14 point deficit. the clock ticked down and fans hoped for a miracle that steph curry delivered.
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>> like he shooting a free throw now. absolutely insane. the way he steps up and let's off the shot, absolutely crazy. >> reporter: the warriors clinched a playoff berth and are well-positioned going to the postseason. >> it's a chance to rest your starting five and get them prepared for the playoffs. >> reporter: there was plenty activity out on the court today so we decided to see how hard that shot really is. we measured out 38.5 feet and let players do their thing. >> that was a crazy shot. some people got closer than i did. i think they probably traveled. >> reporter: until got to nathan, a mechanical engineering student at cal. and on the weekend, the steph curry of the streets. >> lucky shot.
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i'm nowhere near that level. the wind was right. >> reporter: you saw it nate make it and you saw steph curry make it. now it's my chance to embarrass myself here. 38.5 feet. >> you hit the backboard. >> reporter: better than i was doing when i was practicing. that guy is why i'm keeping my day job. i don't think i have it to go on the warriors quite yet. but there is six more weeks of regular season play which is fantastic. lots of resting time before the playoffs begin. if you want to, takes just went on sale today. i tried to get in contact with them. i'm guessing they are selling pretty good. they don't have any statistics for us yet. >> hard to get to get. >> reporter: keep practicing. the warriors front office is warning fans about fraudulent playoff tickets. the team says more than 450 fans had to be turned away after buying counterfeit tickets for last year's postseason play.
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the team says it will guarantee authentic tickets being being sold -- being resold only on a police officer was shot and killed in a washington, dc suburb this weekend. she died on her very first shift. 28-year-old officer ashley quintin was responding to a domestic violence call it the city of woodbridge. two other officers with her were wounded and remained hospitalized. >> our condolences go to ashley's mother and extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond.. >> the alleged shooter is 32- year-old ronald hamilton, assigned to the pentagon. police say he also shot and killed his wife. the couple's 11-year-old son was not injured. hamilton is in custody being held without bail. on charges including first- degree murder. members of a survivors group for people abused by catholic priests say there are thousands of priests accused of
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molesting children who have not been publicly identified. members of the group snap were outside the cathedral in oakland the sunday. they say about 2300 u.s. priests who are accused molesters have not been named by the church. >> the church needs to be transparent. it says nice words about transparency, protecting children, we're saying, all right, right here, right now, be transparent. open the books. no more secrets. protect your community, protect your children. >> according to the group, you -- 30 u.s. bishops have released the names of accused molesters. caltrain riders started paying more today and for parking. fares went up by $.50 for day and monthly passes along with ride tickets. discount and clipper card fares are the same. there's also a $.50 boost for
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daily parking fees at station lots. to $5.50. and the cost of a monthly permits rose from $50-$55. the last fare hike was in october 2014. there's more people than ever writing golden gate ferry's. more people than ever rogue so last year. figures from the golden gate transit district show more than 2.5 million passengers boarded the ferry's last fiscal year. that's up 70% since 2005. the fairies run between san francisco and larkspur and sausalito. ridership figures could rise in the near future if the deal goes through. for the golden gate ferry is to take over service to tiburon from the blue and gold feet. -- fleet. teenage girls and social media, why one expert says the digital age has completely changed the way girls grow up. elton john takes the stage at a surprise concert. why he chose that specific
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in iraq, twin suicide bombings today have last -- have left at least 70 dead and more than 100 wounded. isis has claimed responsibility. the deadly attacks come just as iraq's army prepares to retake the key city of mosul. >> reporter: ambulances speeding to hospitals after a deadly double bombing at an outdoor market in eastern baghdad sunday, killing at least 59 people and injuring nearly 100 more. >> a twin bombing took place at
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this market, one of the bombs targeted a mobile phone shop. >> reporter: one bomb exploded in a crowded electronics market in the shiite district. then minutes later, another explosion reportedly from a suicide bomber triggering a blast in the middle of a crowd that gathered at the first bombing. isis is claiming responsibility . they regularly target shiites who isis considers heretics. in the meantime, the attack comes as iraq's army is mobilizing troops. troops from the 71st brigade of the 15th division moved towards mosul kure -- gearing up for a major offensive which is currently being held by isis. god willing, they will liberate mosul province with allies. more than 1 million people still living mosul, the largest iraqi city controlled by isis. all of this as iraq is now seeing large numbers of naked iraqis returning to the country after making long journeys to
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europe hoping to find a better life there. >> translator: everybody was leaving and they were saying it's like this and that in europe. when i went there, it wasn't like that at all. we were starving there. >> reporter: sunday's bombings marked the deadliest event in a wave of events targeting commercial areas. in new york, brian younis, fox news. the vatican is calling for an investigation into the death of a receptionist at the hotel where pope francis lives. local media says he was very upset when he heard she died. she was found dead in her apartment after her brother says she wasn't answering her phone. she was seven months pregnant and had diabetes which can be deadly during pregnancy. her funeral was held yesterday and the pope visited her body and said a 20 minute prayer before the memorial. an 81-year-old woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against israel's national airline after she was asked to switch seats.
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reni rabinowitz tells the new york times that a flight attendant asked her to move to a different seat. after a jewish man did not want to sit next to her. some orthodox jewish sects frown on contact between men and women even if it's accidental. they say they did not pressure rabinowitz and that she was under no obligation to change seats. quite a birthday surprise today for a montana girl kidnapped on friday. found safe and sound today. may see lily turns five today. her abduction sparked an amber alert. neighbors saw a man take her from a park in wolf point, montana. she was found a few miles from there. authorities say they have 20 from -- 20-year-old john lehman custody. a memphis toddler is recovering from a liver transplant and her family has fedex to thank for getting them to chicago in time. little brooklyn ferus's parents tried flying out of memphis but
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a snowstorm had grounded most flights. that's when fedex stepped in and offered the family a ride in the passenger area of one of its cargo planes. fedex says when they learned of brooklyn's situation, they had to do something and they say they're glad they could help. new research finds most teenage girls spend between nine and 11 hours per day on social media. researchers say the new world dominated by social media is presenting a new kind of adolescence for girls. experts say a girl's first life experiences now take place at an accelerated electronic environment. >> i didn't talk to a single goal or -- single girl who had not been cyber bullied on some level. either from ignoring someone or defriending someone. something like that. >> experts say issues of identity and self-esteem are magnified and transformed by social platforms that provide instant judgment. elton john surprised
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hundreds of people in west hollywood with a free pop-up concert. >> [ singing ] >> john performed some of his greatest hits yesterday in the parking lot of the old tower records store. lady gaga joined him onstage for a duet. john performed the surprise concert to thank the west hollywood community for 24 years of hosting his annual oscar viewing party which benefits the elton john aids foundation. >> that would be a nice surprise. let's check in with mark tamayo and ask him, don't let the sun go down on me. >> i was looking at a beautiful sunset a few minutes ago. looks like the rainfall might be popping up. so finally after that extended break of dry weather and warm weather as well, march will bring us a nice change out there for us. we do have the rainfall and snow back up in the sierra. take a look at the highs, lots of 60s, a few spots around 70
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degrees toward antioch and annapolis, 70 as well. san francisco 65. outside, beautiful out towards san francisco in the distance, also a few high clouds, for the most part, a very nice sunday evening with partly cloudy skies, patchy fog near parts of the coastline as well. the latest on the satellite, we were tracking the system from the north, generating lots of cloud cover over the bay area. a chance we could pick up a sprinkle or maybe a light showers in the short-term but not a lot of energy with this system. once this moves out, clear things out for you monday forecast. a closer look at the satellite situation, high clouds paying us a visit. current numbers out there, updated for the 6:00 hour, we'll show you those, santa rosa 58, san jose 61, livermore 62. looking ahead towards march, february is very disappointing in terms of rainfall, green boxes to represent the dates we
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could have rainfall. on the third, not a big one at all. things could get very interesting into next week. we could be talking about significant rainfall. in general, the headline, rain returns in march. especially thinking of the sixth, eighth, ninth, 10th, and 11th. keep an eye on that stretch of days. we could have very wet days out there. overnight lows, not a raindrop for your monday, partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40s to right around 50. in san francisco, 7:00 a.m., 52 degrees. by lunchtime, great to be outside, 70. san francisco reaching low 70s. than fair skies as we wrap up the afternoon and had into the evening hours. high-pressure in charge of our weather pattern, with that a warmer monday, temperatures up a good for to eight degrees from today's highs. then on thursday, a few scattered showers mainly for the morning hours, keep an eye on that week system. tomorrow, lots of sunshine for
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your monday, maybe you -- a few high clouds and a few extra clouds increasing by wednesday afternoon. take a look at your highs for tomorrow, lots of 70s for your monday afternoon. once again, stretches of warm patterns -- stick around for tomorrow. san jose 76, sunnyvale 73, san francisco in the lower 70s. could be a very nice beach day out there as well. get ready, we have big changes out there with a chance of a shower thursday, more clouds on friday, slight chance on saturday and then a week from now that could be the real deal, remind us what heavy rain looks like. it could be the storm we talk about, opening up back up again. >> bring it. >> we want it. coming up, more from last night's historic game. steph curry rewrite the record books but not without some critical comments.
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if you can't get enough of the warriors highlights, we have more. joe is here with that. >> you just can't go wrong talking about those guys. still buzzing about last night's incredible comeback in
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oklahoma city. thunder fans got their first look at steph curry's pregame ritual. the warriors were behind almost the entire game. a great effort to come back led by curry. 46 points, here comes number 11, that ties at 110. in overtime, then came the clincher, russell westbrook comes up empty with less than 10 seconds left, the warriors have a timeout but curry has downcourt and launches the 30 two-footed that goes down. -- the 32 footer that goes down. the warriors are on their way to many other records. steve kerr was especially happy with one aspect of this game. >> to be able to pull it out was awesome. the effort in the second half was incredible. i know we got outrebounded but we were battling. obviously, what steph did --
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what's the expression, from the ridiculous to the sublime? >> the nba has taken notice. among the twins last night, magic johnson calling curry the greatest shooter of all time. lebron james, stop it, man. that's just ridiculous. never seen anything like it in the history of basketball. damian lillard, that boy is something else. you think? and of course phil jackson brings up the rarely remembered chris jackson who later changed his name to mahmoud abdul-rauf. the bears peaking at the right time of the year with two more regular-season games after tonight before the conference tournament. the women's pac-12 tournament should be wide open this year. oregon at stanford today, this one was all cardinal. brittany mcphee can't convert but erika maccoll was there for
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the follow. she had 25 points. stanford rolls 69-42. the cardinal is 14-4 in the conference. sharks playing tonight at vancouver, we'll have it for you tonight at 10:00. >> again, the warriors could lose every game the rest of the season, still going to the playoffs. >> have clinched a playoff spot. >> i don't think they will be the hc. coming up tonight, the local version of the oscars and the big charity event taking place in the city. >> and a passion to serve, remembrances pouring in for the virginia police officer shot and killed on her first shift on the job. more on that coming up tonight on the 10:00 news.
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