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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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race for the white house . what we can all expect heading into tomorrow's super tuesday. thank you for joining us on extra day of the year. it's weekday . do something interesting. >> happy leap day. let's check on your weather and traffic. >> it's very foggy. be careful. sick. it's the main issue today after that will be a stunning sunny nice day temperature on the mild warmer side changes for the end of the week with the dates off of the fog. if you don't have any be glad to close its reduced visibility near zero for some. after that it will be mostly sunny. it's a pretty good system of their. fortys and 50. a few high
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clouds in the mix but mostly sunny. that morning fog will give way to milder warm conditions mid 70s for highs in the dry pattern now but not towards the end of the week will have more on that coming up. today low to mid 70s. we have a lot of dense fog of their up there and some of our pictures -- viewers will no doubt be affected by it is traffic continues to move along relatively well. were okay at the toll plaza but the dense fog is really beginning to fill in . i think it will move around as you know . this is 880 things are moving well and you only see a little bit here right now the coliseum and that's it . on the seminal breeze traffic looks good passing mission with a big theme of the morning so far is dense fog. the 88th annual academy
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awards now in the books with an unexpected winner for vexed -- best picture. >> and the oscar goes to spotlight. >> spotlight tell us the story of austin investigation into the abuse of children by catholic priests. brie larson won the award for best actress for the room and leonardo dicaprio took home his first oscar. for his role for the revenant. he has been nominated six times but is actually his first win. he used his acceptance speech to call attention to climate change. >> climate change is real and it's happening right now. >> big cheers at our house when emeryville won the award for inside out.
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host chris rock used his monologue to address a big issue the lack of diversity among nominees. >> it's not about boycotting anything it's just we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunity. >> in response to the controversy award show organizers have promised to double the membership of women and minorities i 2020 . outside reverend al sharpton and dozens of people protested. it was one of several protests around the country organized by sharpton. this is the start of what could be an extraordinary week in politics. super tuesday is tomorrow. let's have a look at the latest in the race for the white house . >> looking at just the republican map there so many states in play tomorrow and so may delegates at stake that donald trump could walk away with it almost insurmountable lead in that prospect has made
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this race very personal. >> donald is not going to make america great . he's going to make america orange. >> at a rally in virginia marco rubio taking a page from donald trump's playbook and going negative. >> he's taller than me he 6- foot 2 inches which is why i don't understand why his hands of the size of someone who is 5-foot 2 inches have you seen his hand there like this. >> trump sent oppositely this controversy breaking from legal battles over trump university to an endorsement of sorts from former clan leader david duke which trump didn't disavow but he also celebrate a big endorsement alabama senator. >> we need to make america great again. >> i hate to say it of becoming mainstream all these people are now endorsing me. >> of all the states and play texas maybe the real weak spot for trump which is likely to
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ted cruz. before republicans the idea of stopping trump may be far-fetched. >> say he wins every place except texas on what basis do you get to a texas convention. >> the democratic race hillary clinton has wrought less locked up south carolina on saturday with a big win giving her tremendous momentum heading into tuesday. opposed by the democratic establishment bernie sanders make up for more tomorrow as is particularly in the south . but he thinks he will see a comeback . you well in minnesota colorado massachusetts and vermont . would you do better than people think of other states. >> this is the challenger bernie challenge for bernie sanders . these are the state that are in play for democrats tomorrow. stop so many of them are concentrated in the south that's for hillary clinton seems to have a big advantage . it could be a rough day for bernie sanders. a state -- state river crop
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-- democrats wrapped up for the district 11 state senate seat. wiener one and it got congratulations from the state attorney. it includes san francisco and the northern part of standard -- san mateo county. the seat is currently held by mark leno who's been termed out of office. the prime suspect in the shooting death of a 22-year-old san jose woman is due in court today. he faces murder charges in the death of his girlfriend stacy aguilar . prosecutors say he shot her after the argument at a party in hayward february 13th. her body was later discovered in fremont . his friends -- his friend perez faces accessory charges. a woman has been arrested in a deadly hit-and-run crash on interstate 80. stop that happened early yesterday morning in the
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eastbound lane near the phenol valley ramp . police say a man had pulled over after minor accident got his car and that's with the suspect hit the man and then took off . the victim was thrown 100 feet off the roadway into a ravine where he was found dead. it off-duty police officer saw the hit-and-run and follow the suspect's car. >> it was followed by somebody that witnessed the collision so we were able to catch up with them later on and we're dictating the driver right now. >> police say the victim a 28-year-old man from martinez . the suspect is carry cash of oakland she was booked into the martinez jail picture now faces a series of charges including dui causing the loss of life it of run and driving on a suspended license. the search continues for the gunman in a deadly freeway
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shooting on interstate 80 in richmond. stop police say someone fired at the driver of a silver jeep early saturday morning. the victim drifted off the freeway near hilltop drive in crash in the basement where he died. this is the seventh freeway shooting along interstate 80 stretch from berkeley infernal since november and the second that deadly. the shooting are not random crimes and the risk to the public is minimal. a big crowd is expected tomorrow for a decision on the fate of the gun club in castro valley. the gun club clubs the club police it's inspiring and operators are asking for a ten year extension. regional park managers are recommending the privately run gun range given only six months and then shut down. they say the range is causing a lead problem in a watershed area but gun enthusiasts say it's just an excuse to push the hidden agenda against guns. 41,000 people have been to the range each year including 6,000 police officers. a new report indicate some
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electric buses are having a hard time on san francisco's steep hills and that's slowing down service . the examiner broke the story after obtaining test results for the new buses . according to the paper union and knew when they bought a 100 new buses at that they didn't have enough power to navigate anything over a 10% grade . but the agency tests show that the buses are struggling on a less steep hills. as a result of the examiner reports that the agency decided to only run them on a flatter routes. a spokesperson also tell us the paper the buses are performing as expected and while they may be slower on hills they don't recount nearly as much as the old buses. san francisco has been $22 million in the last year on purchasing new buses. for -- for -- four is the time and a violent stabbing involving ku klux klan members and why authorities think they
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-- think it was in self-defense coming up. fog is going to be an issue today in many areas. on the golden gate bridge it traffic looks good but it's pretty foggy here as we get down to san francisco. that is the main focus here this morning will be the fault but the rain will be the focus later this evening -- this week.
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in the suburbs of washington dc -- a suburb of washington dc continues to mourn the death of an officer killed on her first day of job. >> it is with amazing grace that the community of prince william county pays tribute officer ashley glendon. the 28-year-old was on her first patrol when she in two other officers responded to a domestic violence call. >> we strive to support the community and make it safe and in so doing we sometimes have the very unenviable task of dealing with sick people. >> under arrest 32-year-old ronald hamilton is charged with
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the murder of the office. a chaplain and try to bring comfort to the crowd which included her mother. >> to the divine and holy one that's in our life we come to you now as one people with a broken heart. >> two other officers who responded to the call with ashley were also shot and are currently hospitalized. >> thoughts and prayers to dave and jesse and their families as they continue to recover from their injuries. please keep them in your players -- prayers as well. >> kristen hamilton was the wife of the accused gunman. hamilton was shot to death by her spouse before police even arrived . the couple's 11-year- old son was home at the time of the shooting shooting. now that his mother is dead at his father's under arrest the child has been taken care of by relatives.
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we are also following new developments in a deadly bombing in a rock. seventy-three people are now data following the attacks at the open-air market place in baghdad more than 112 people are still in the hospital. the first explosion went off in a crowded marketplace in the shiite district that was followed by a suicide bombing in the middle of the crowd who gathered to help victims of the side of the first blast. isys has claimed responsibility for the first attack track new this morning one of the vatican's top advisers says the catholic church has made enormous mistakes regarding the abuse of children by priests. the cardinal said at the start of his testimony that he was not there to defend the indefensible he is the highest ranking vatican official to testify on the church is sexual abuse scandal. let's check in on your commute this morning.
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the issue possibly today will be the fog fog. >> definitely over the bridges. >> and that might actually slow traffic. as people slow down as they should. which means that you need to leave with extra time. stop people don't have to do that in the morning so we will see what happens. this is a look at the commute here and you can see traffic on the bay bridge is going to be okay . but it's going to be foggy. are also looking at a commute here were traffic on interstate 880 is doing okay if you're driving through. there are no major problems here. and if you're driving on east bay commute 880 between hayward and fremont it does look good. stop good. and again just visibility is going to be down in many areas . at 416 -- fall could be a huge issue this morning not only on the bridges but around the bay. it wasn't bad if you came to the oakland berkeley side.
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last day of february it's been not a good month for rain for early march is looking better. possibility start to the thursday more likely of the weekend. it does look like as we started start the weekend to go to next week the pattern will start to be more favorable for rain. today it's going to be warmer monday after that the fog lifts and it's mostly sunny here. the system tomorrow will bring just a little rain to the north. fortys and 50s on the temperatures on the mild side even of the mid- 40s northbound there does not look to be any sign of cold air anytime soon in fact it will be really mild as we head for the weekend. twenty-three in you, i a few 30s. monterey 53 as the fog lifts mostly sunny and will have clouds but not much else. stop the pattern are is showing signs of changing will be a
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warmer monday and tuesday as well. a weak system thursday they'll be the first look which could be many. here's your future cast. maybe some rain on lake county another system early thursday a little bit better opportunity but really were setting the stage for his the weekend with the jet stream finally gets back together and brings rain for the weekend. will update the time as we get closer but it does look positive positive. thick morning fog mild to warm of these temperatures but that fog is a big story here. some mid 70s and try pattern to the end week maybe thursday as well. sixty 70s pretty mild warm all of average. it will be much in the weight of any rain so rain could start friday but it looks like on the weekend the timing is tough but looks like saturday and sunday a better idea of it then. stop thursday and friday look at the lows. there upper 50s for some. it's going to be really a warm pattern. >> a tropical rain. >> pretty much we could use it.
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>> yes we could any kind of rain cold tropical whatever. a new this morning the american student being detained by north korea and his first public appearance and -- after being arrested last month. he was presented to the foreign media. the university of virginia student apologized for trying to steal a political banner at the hotel where he was staying on january 1st . he said he wanted to get the banner to a friend's mother. he cried as he asked for convenience -- forgiveness the korean people in the government. you are the details of what punishment he faces. it also remains unclear if he made this statement voluntarily. an incredible story of bravery later this morning president obama will awarded the nation's highest military honor to navy seal who helped rescue an american doctor who is being held hostage in afghanistan. maybe senior chief edward byers took place -- took part in the rescue of doctor philip joseph.
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byers threw himself on top of the doctor to protect him from gunfire while at the same time he pinned a television guard on the wall against -- with his hands until he was shot by another guard. stop you will receive the honor at the white house. the warriors they are headed to the playoffs. up next the warning for fans who for planning to buy tickets at the game.
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lawyers are back in action at home was to the atlanta hawks but everyone still talking about jed curry and the warriors made it over time when in oklahoma city absolutely crazy. stop i love seeing these highlights . >> it's amazing. >> curry couldn't be stopped. stop 46 points including 12 three-pointers . the final one of course this 32 footer. >> it's just too close. alliance to close. >> that's just unbelievable. the game tied at less than a second left to make that shot. >> to be able to pull it out was awesome. the effort in the second half was incredible . i know it's got we got out rebounded and obviously what to
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the expression the ridiculous to the blind. >> that's it it's accurate. >> the warriors they are 53 and five they play 17 of the final 24 games at oracle starting tomorrow night. >> the reaction degrees amazing shot was swift on twitter. magic johnson called curry the greatest shooter with ever seen. imagine getting better magic johnson. >> lebron james wrote he needs to stop it is ridiculous . damien lillard said that boy something else. stop phil jackson for some reason, dual role play the night season in the nba. convinced he just confused by that would. the warriors clinched a playoff spot on saturday. now the teams the front office is warning fans about fraud for playoff tickets. this happened last year to . they say more than 450 fans had to be turned away last year after buying counterfeit tickets. the team says it will guarantee authentic tickets being resold by season-ticket holders on
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warriors .com. a denver broncos quarterback and two-time super bowl champion peyton manning will reportedly announce his report -- retirement by the end of the week . the denver post cited two sources of saying the almost 40-year-old manning is planning to call it a career. the broncos was a man he has not made a decision but it is expected he will announce his plans before march 9th when his $19 million salary become guaranteed. manning is the nfl's all-time leader passing touchdown and passing yards. starbucks is -- is expanding to italy . the coffee giant has announced it's going to open it's first starbucks in milan early next year . starbucks does have a present presence in some european countries. about 2400 stores . but it is not as much success in europe as in north america . italy has been expected to be an especially tough challenge because of italian -- the italians love of coffee and the many local cafis that already do pretty big business there. your next visit to disneyland could cost you more
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pending a time of year you go. the theme park is now charging three different prices for single day park ticket there are no value regular and peak periods. a value one day pass will cost you $95. it will be available monday through thursday when most schools are in session. a regular pass for weekends and summer weeks will cost you $105 then it will shoot up to $112 peak days that includes most of december spring break and some weeks and weekends in july. part of star wars west england were filmed. star wars fans have spent more than $48 million at hotels and restaurants and buy souvenirs since the movie opened. >> star wars fans very hard-core. the time is 4:26.
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and a fair ride for caltrain writers . how much more you'll be paying when you head to the train station next time. some of the biggest stars in hollywood together for the annual oscar awards last night . we will have a recap of the event including the protest over the issue of diversity . we have a foggy commute at their end of this morning's commute is going to be foggy on all the bridges including san mateo bridge. and around the bay there is a lot of thick fog that be the big story here this morning but the end of the week it will be rain.
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welcome back everybody. it is monday february 29. leap day. >> leap day. >> i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. good morning.
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we are talking about fog definitely on the bridges. >> around the bay it's there. it's there about as thick as we've seen in a while. >> you definitely have to slow down. >> be advised like what fog and then there it is. it's a wall of it and it tends to favor around the bay and the bridges as pam said. so with that in mind on the mild side 40s and 50s on your temperatures. rather warm today and tomorrow dealing with the weak system and some clouds but no rain until the end of the week but then it does look promising for rain moving in. 40s and 50s low 40s 50s to the north and no cold air for a while. 40 in and 10 in monterey and except for a few clouds it will be mostly sunny later on. it does look like finally maybe thursday by the end of the week we could get rain. today low to mid 70s. what do you have at 4:30? i


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