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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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welcome back fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. i am gm. >> i am mike mibach. we beginning with breaking news out of the city of richmond where a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed a few hours ago. sky fox now over the scene giving us these live pictures. >> ktvu's paul chambers is at the scene and joins us live with what you have been able to learn. paul. >> mike, gasia, this is an open, active investigation and it's right by a school. a school under lockdown for a period of time. we are at 33rd and ohio avenue here in richmond. it happened about 9:30 this morning that a teenage kid was shot and killed on the streets. i am joined with the captain to tell us more about the active
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investigation. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us? >> we are in the preliminary stage of our investigation where we're trying to identify the victim, look for witnesses. we are looking at the houses to see if anybody has private cctv to determine what happened here. we are really not rushing. we are moving quickly to try to clear the crime scene before school gets out. this middle school has hundreds of students that live on the south side, will be coming over the foot bridge in the early afternoon. so we're really trying to make sure we can have the coroner come, get the body and wrap up the investigation in the next two hours. >> reporter: do you know any motive for a suspect information that we can get out there? >> no. a few witnesses have given us descriptions of people running. if anybody knows why this happen, we offer a $10,000 reward for any information in a homicide. and based on the victim's young age, we are going to ask to expand that reward to encourage more people to come forward. >> reporter: about this time of
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day, possible retaliation. can you go into that? >> sure. when a young person is killed in a broad daylight situation it sends a pronounced message to him and his associates. we brace for retaliation if something like this happens. we have ceasefire partners that come together. they are here going door to door to try to just keep making sure that everybody's not gonna overreact, have a retaliation or anything. it reassures people that there is a decisive response when violence like this happens. >> reporter: we talked about the school under lockdown. what's going on there and what's happening there? >> they heard the shots because of how close they are. we don't think the suspect ran towards the school. in an abundance of caution we locked the school down. >> reporter: thank you very much. once again, of course, officers will be out here all day long. we will stay on top of this all
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day long. when we get new information, of course we will break it to you online and coming up on the 4:00 news. back to you, mike and gasia. >> when i think 9:30 in the morning, when i think a 14-year-old boy i think he or she would be in school. we don't know anything about the victim and whether or not he was a richmond res dent and did he attend middle or high school in the area? >> reporter: the captain did not want to go into identifying the victim at this time. he did say if it's the person they believe it is, he is 14 years old. he would have been 15 in may. that time of day he should have been in school. it's unclear if the boy was going to school or leaving school or wasn't in school at all. those are questions we will ask and keep on top of that also, mike. >> paul chambers live in the city of richmond. the prime suspect in the downtown of 23-year-old san jose woman is due in court for
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arraignment. he is accused of killing his girlfriend stacey aguilar. prosecutors say ped rosa shot her on february 13 after an argument at a part in the city of hayward. her body was later discovered in free month. a friend of pedrosa faces charges of being an accessory in the case. a preliminary hearing is underway in san jose for the three santa clara jail guards accused of beating an inmate to death. the guards entered not guilty pleas for the death of michael tyree and the beating of juan via. prosecutors are expected to lay out some of the evidence against them. now, ann ruben will have a report for us tonight on the news at five. a man is under arrest for setting a fire and threatening relatives in santa cruz mountains this morning. family members called 911 to report their nev hue had a knife and was acting oddly on a
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property near highway 17 about 7 a.m. deputies arrived to find a crashed car and the suspect with a can of gas telling deputies to shoot him. people in the area were evacuated and nearby lakeside elementary school closed for date as a precaution. >> he actually did pour gasoline on the ground where there were propane gas tanks located and next to the propane gas tanks was an rv occupied by his grandfather. >> deputies says they used rubber bullets because of the fire and threat to that grandfather. they were able to take the man into custody. he is expected to booked on arson, brandishing and assault with a deadly weapon. another shooting on interstate 80. it's the seventh in one area since november and the second in which a driver was killed. >> ktvu fox 2's alex savidge has more. >> reporter: so far there have been no arrests in connection
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with any of these shootings. the chp says there are a couple of big issues for investigation. many of the victims are not cooperating. on top of that, there are very few witnesses to these crimes. so far there have been seven car to car shootings along this particular stretch of interstate 80 between about pinole and berkeley since late last year. the latest shooting, it happened early saturday morning. that's when someone opened fire on a jeep suv near hilltop drive. the driver of that suv was hit several times and it veered off the freeway and the jeep rolled down a steep hill where it came to rest. the 40-year-old man who was hyped the wheel died at the scene. the chp believes saturday's shooting, like all of the other recent shootings, was a targeted attack, possibly the result of an ongoing gang feud. still, drivers we talked with this morning are growing concerned. i talked with one woman who
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told me she drive right past saturday's crime scene. >> yeah. my sister goes to the valley. i have kids. you drive up and down. you never know what's gonna happen. in the middle of the day, like it's just crazy. it's crazy. and that morning i have to go pick up my sister from a school event she was doing. so i could have got caught in it if i would have left like five, ten minutes late, you know? so it's scary. it scares me. >> reporter: investigators say these have not been random shootings and the chp says the risk to the public is minimal. to put it in some perspective, every year about 70 million drivers travel along this particular stretch of interstate 80 and only two of these recent shooting cases have involved innocent bystanders. in pinole, alex savidge. investigators are sonoma county are responding to a gruesome discovery on a beach
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this morning. a jogger came across a body on the beam on the sonoma coast. it happened 8:00 this morning. bodega bay fire officials say the partially you decomposed body was face down. this is a developing story. no further description of the body just yet or a possible cause of downtown. presidential candidates are in overdrive today ahead of super tuesday tomorrow. >> as shannon bream reports, hillary clinton is celebrating a decisive victory over bernie sanders in south carolina hoping to take her campaign's new momentum across the country. >> fresh off a landslide victory over vermont senator bernie sanders in the south carolina democratic primary, hillary clinton was in massachusetts this morning trying to win last-minute super tuesday votes. >> i do want to be a president who remembers how people work together again, who creates an environment, who encourages people to overcome our divides. rich on the republican side of
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the race polls suggest donald trump could sweep most of the super tuesday states with hundreds of delegates up for grabs tomorrow. >> i got to get out. you got to vote on tuesday. everybody here, you vote. we're going to win so big. we are leading in every single state and we are almost leading in texas and i have a feeling we are going to win that also. >> reporter: tech center ted cruz, trump's rose exist competitor, tops or ties trump in the lone star state with 155 delegates at stake there. >> i think cruz is likely to win by a decent margin. >> reporter: super tuesday could spell trouble for senator marco rubio's campaign. most polls show trump with a large lead over rubio in his home state of florida. >> for me, you have a president that understands because of eight years that i spent in florida. two of them speaking for the florida house. new national polls he show
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both trump and clinton with double-digit leads. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. president obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to a navy seal who helped rescue an american doctor being held hostage in afghanistan. edward byers took part in the rescue of dr. joseph, who was abducted along with the driver and afghan interpreter in december of 2012. he was called in to rescue them from a remote village. during the operation in the middle of the night byers threw him self on top of the doctor to protect him from gunfire. >> with his bare hands and pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action. it was over almost as soon as it began. in minutes, by going after those guards, ed saved the lives much several teammates and the hostages. >> he serve 11 deployments. president obama called the ceremony unique because of the number of special ops members
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attending. perhaps the largest such gathering in the history of the white house. still ahead, several videos of a fight club involving high school students posted to social media. >> the latest on the school's investigation into these videos and why some of the friends of those involved say it's simply a case of misguided teenagers. plus, there may be wet weather on the way. ktvu agencies rosmary orozco with the forecast. why will these be soon covered up again?
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there are new developments in a spike between self-proclaimed klu klux klan members and protesters in anaheim. police say they released klan members because evidence shows they acted in self-defense. people are seen beating attacking and stomping the klans men. the kkk members arrived at a park on saturday for a planned anti-immigration rally. >> the fight basically broke out on the street and then the guys from the klan, they jumped in their suv and took off and then three of their klans men were left behind and then the fight escalated down the street. >> the seven people who remain in custody were booked for assault with a deadly weapon.
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they also face charges of elder abuse for attacking a klan member older than 65. one of those arrested and later released was a are 51-year-old man from san francisco. his name is charles donor. police say four people were taken to the hospital. three had been stabbed. one was stomped on. they are all in stable condition. a cal state university professor who went to the park to observe the rally as part of his research into extremist groups says he found himself protecting the klan members. a northern california school district is investigating an apparent fight club on campus. three videos have surfaced den social media showing students donning boxing gloves and fighting. this is happening at nevada union high school in grass valley. according to the students. some of the children in the videos are friends whose actions may be misguided. >> no one is trying to like, oh, i'm 'going to beat this kid up. it's like me and you?
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i think i could take you. let's go for it. >> the school district wants to find out who was involved before taking any disciplinary action. we have a big accident to tell you about in the east bay. at least ten vehicles, including a bus, were involved in a wreck on westbound 80 in albany, sky fox was over the scene a bit earlier. the chp size that crash happened 10:50 this morning near golden gate fields. several ambulances called to the scene. the city of san francisco is taking a closer look at tearing down part of the busy interstate 280. last spring mayor ed lee first float inside idea of removing about a mile of interstate 280 from king street to 16th in the petrero hill neighborhood. the proposal would also relocate the caltrain rail yard to 3rd street. the interstate would be converted into a boulevard similar to the removal of the
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central freeway along octavia street. backers say the demolition would free up about 30 acres of land in the mission bay neighborhood for development. the examiner reports some neighbors booed the plan during a presentation last week. the paper says initial designs are at least a year away. beach erosion exposed a part of a seawall. >> the concrete seawall was built in the early 1940s. historians say it replaced a wooden sea bomb. remnants the of that seawall and stairs leading to a long pedestrian tunnel have now emerged. the site is bringing back memories for long time san francisco residents, when we were kids, this is the only access to the beach. and all down here was all sand dunes and stuff. the only way to get here was the tunnel. >> the beak access tunnels underneath the highway were demolished decades ago. crews will eventually cover up these pieces of the past.
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a beautiful saturday, but the fog rose was in today? >> yes, it was. the thankfully, it has cleared and we are looking at sunshine at least for most of us as we get into the second part of the day. temperatures warmer. 3 to 6 degrees above yesterday's lunchtime temps. a look there over the oakland estuary. san francisco in the backdrop. san francisco right now 61 degrees. 60 degrees in oakland. santa rosa at the top we've got 64 for you and at the bottom we have got 67 in san jose. so feeling fairly nice out there already and as we get into the second half of the day temperatures will continue to climb. stormtracker 2. we have partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies in store for you. to the north rain showing up over northern california. this system isn't going to impact us with wet weather. the clouds may move through at times. that will be about it. other than that a bit of a warm-up coming our way today and tomorrow before things start to change and this wet weather finally makes a come back into the bay area.
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here is a look at our futurecast for you. there is that rain. we showed you just a moment ago. as we get into the next couple of days, we are looking at this actually moving in a little bit closer to the bay area. tomorrow late in the afternoon, maybe early evening picking up a little bit of drizzle over the north bay. that's going to be about it. thursday we get a decent shot at least a few light scattered showers wednesday night into thursday morning could impact the drive. we are a few days out. that could change. but thursday morning's commute could be a little bit wet. as we get into next weekend it looks better. the good news is this switching the pattern finally coming our way and finally going to bring our wet weather back. meanwhile a warm-up for today and temperatures fairly similar. maybe a tad cooler as we get into tuesday. for the afternoon take a look at some of those numbers. 67 expected in novato. upper 60s to low 70s for the east bay. in the south bay upper 60s and low 70s expected here as well.
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extended forecast showing you temperatures continuing. very persistent as we get into tuesday. we do have the clouds increasing, especially over portions of the north bay for the second half of tuesday as i mentioned a moment ago. maybe a few sprinkles but not much. wednesday temperatures very similar. mostly sunny. slightly cooler. then thursday into friday things really start to change. wet weather back into the forecast for the second part of the business week and into your bay area weekend. temperatures in addition will be falling as well. in the forecast. back to you. >> the rain is finally coming back. >> finally. >> thank you. steph curry now named the western conference player of the week. the reining mvp of the nba averaged 43.8 points to earn his fourth weekly award just this season. on saturday curry drained a 32-footer to help take down oklahoma in overtime. >> the team is 53-5. they will host the atlanta hawks tomorrow at oracle.
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google is reporting the first case of a self-driving cars hitting a bus. also, highlights from last night's 88th annual academy awards show after a break. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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they say denny's 7-pepper sbut how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. stocks were trading in a narrow range until late in the session. half ap hour ahead of the close the dow down one of what of one
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percent. the story same% wise for the s&p and nasdaq. according to the dmv one of google's self-driving bars hit a bus on valentine's day. it does not say where it happened. google has been testing two dozen cars outfitted with sensors and cameras near the mountain view headquarters. google says the car was trying to get around some sandbags on a city street when it struck the bus. the car was going two miles per hour. no one was injured. the dmv spokesperson says the agency hopes to speak with google today. leonardo dicaprio finally got the an award for best actor. >> and chris rock refused to shy away from the hot topic of diversity. the 88th annual academy awards. >> spotlight. >> the big winner was spotlight. picking up the best picture oscar, surprising many.
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>> the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominees has happened at least 71 other times. > [ laughter ] >> okay? >> it wasn't a big surprise that host chris rock hit the diversity issue out of the gate you spending the first ten minutes of the opening monologue on the topic. using humor and frankness to make his point, the show continued to punch the subject with skits and other serious moments through the three and a half hour plus telecast. >> thank you to the academy. thank you to all of you in this room. i believe -- >> frontrunners didn't disappoint as leonardo dicaprio won for "the revenant" and brie larson for her role in the "room." >> i am in love with my life by phases. easy. >> the oscar for you. >> what about it? >> for your oscar. >> yeah, it feels amazing. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much for the
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academy for this. >> reporter: the supporting acting categories "the danish girls" won as predicted. but "bridge of spies" snag it had away from sly stallone. >> "mad max: fury foad" was a big winner taking home six oscars. >> and the oscar goes to inside out. >> pixar characters buzz and woody presented the blockbuster inside out for best animated feature. >> performing her oscar nominated song. >> reporter: and vice president joe biden introduced an emotional performance from lady gaga singing till it happened to you. but sam smith's 007 title song grabbed the oscar gold. >> this is an amazing experience. >> reporter: michael tam aero, fox noose. it's tax season. there is a form everyone needs to turn in. >> it's because of the affordable care act. it shows the government that you have health insurance, but it's
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causing so much confusion even some tax preparers are inundated by calls who are confused. >> on the 4 we will break down what you need to know about the mandatory 1049 forms. well see you at 4. >> thanks for watching at noon.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: louis tomlinson is going in one direction, custody court. >> louis tomlinson thinks briana jungwirth, baby mama, is not allowing him access. he feels she's trying to get a big payday out of him. harvey: oldest trick in the book. >> taking a chick home from the nightclub that you don't know and getting her pregnant. >> he must be shaking his head. saying i wish i went home early that night. that's the most expensive one night stand ever. >> jamie foxx. oscars are sunday. he's been also catching a little flak about some jokes he's been making. >> let's not take everything too seriously, man. i got these jokes. >> also been throwing a little shade -- harvey: a little? >> yeah. harvey: #act better. [laughter]


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