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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  KTVU  July 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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events and we stand united with the people in the police department in dallas. president obama expressing his condolences this morning from poland over the dallas shooting. five police officer were killed and seven injured. we have just learned one of the suspects was killed by police. chaos on the streets of oakland. protesters blocked traffic on interstate 880 overnight for several hours. they were angry about the recent deadly police shootings of two african-american men. good morning. the violence was not limited to the streets of downtown oakland. the police department headquarters was also vandalized as you can see in that video with red paint covering the front entrance, signifying the bloodshed in minnesota and louisiana.
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thank you for joining us. it is friday, july 8. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we will talk about our top stories in a moment. first, let's check the weather. foggy and called for some. a lot of drizzle out there. the low clouds have made it pretty far inland. most observation say cloudy. that makes sense. there is a cold front on the north coast which is enhancing the fog bank. there are many reports of drizzle well inland. this will be a very cool pattern. the low clouds and fog's may be slow to retreat. for this time of year it is quite impressive some of this rain may make it down to mendocino or northern sonoma county. gusts over 30 in travis. 50s for temperatures. the breeze is the big story. there will be a robust fresh breeze behind these low clouds. the rain on the north coast may
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drag enough across our area to get rain to folks in mendocino and lake county. very cool for this time of year. a lot of 60s and 70s in areas that should be warmer. we have some slow traffic out there. it is not too bad. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little bit of waiting and some of those lanes trying to get into san francisco. you can tell it is lighter. is week has not been full strength. no major problems on the bridge. we're looking at a commute on the 580 freeway coming in from the altamont pass. 205 and 580 are slow. it does get better once you reach the livermore area. and san jose, northbound 280 traffic looks good. sodas 101 and 85 heading up to the west valley. we are following all of the developing news in dallas texas. last night, 14 people were shot, including 12 police
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officers. five officers were killed last night in dallas a few were injured and are in critical condition. we just heard some are getting out of the hospital. in a news conference that ended a few minutes ago, the dallas police chief said one of the suspects in the shootings last night was killed in an explosion , set off by police. earlier during a standoff with police, he said he wanted to kill police officers and in particular, white police officers. dallas police are describing the attack as an ambush. >> the gunfire erupted during a protest against this week's controversial police shootings in louisiana and minnesota. alex savidge is in the newsroom with the latest developments in dallas. a good morning. we learned quite a bit of new information from that news conference with the police chief and mayor in dallas. the chief of police said the lone gunman, what appears to be the lone gunman is now dead
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after a bomb squad robot detonated an explosive device near him, following a very long , tense standoff. the man said he acted alone in carrying out this ambush style attack that left 12 dallas police officers shot. this is video of the gunman who fired dozens of shots originally from an elevated position during this protest against police brutality. the attacker eventually was cornered by police officers who negotiated with him for hours into the night. during those negotiations, the man apparently told a negotiator he was upset about black lives matter. he also said he wanted to kill white people and in particular, white officers. >> we are hurting. our profession is hurting. dallas officers are hurting.
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we are heartbroken. there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city. all i know is that, that this must stop. this divisiveness. >> reporter: this appears to have been a carefully planned attack on those dallas officers. federal and state authorities are coming in to help out in the investigation. the chief said a short time ago that the gunman told officers during that standoff last night that he acted alone in this attack and that he was not affiliated with any groups. still, as you can imagine, authorities are continuing massive investigations. they will continue to search for anyone else who may have been involved in the attack of health or possibly the planning of the attack.
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four of the officers killed were with the dallas police department. one was a dallas area rapid transit officer or, dart. the agency identifies him as brent thompson. he joined the department in 2009 and is the first dart officer killed in the line of duty. three other police officers were shot and wounded. president obama talked about the shootings at the dallas police officers. he promised to those responsible will be held fully accountable and that justice will be done. >> i believe that i speak for every single american when i say that we are horrified over these events and that we stand united with the people and the police department in dallas. >> the president was speaking from poland where he is attending a nato summit. he also called last night shootings in this is, tech related and despicable attack on law enforcement.
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and that there is no possible justification for the attacks. he called on all americans to pray for the fallen officers and their families. the shootings in dallas is on the minds of many bay area law enforcement agencies. janine de la vega is in san jose with more on how that city's police department is reacting to what happened in dallas. >> reporter: we are in san jose where police are investigating an accident. this has been a different morning for them. they are working in two-person patrol cars. that was in order from the police chief. last night after the shootings in dallas, chief garcia wanted police officers to work in teams of two in their patrol cars. officers are being told to be hyper aware of their surroundings in case of an ambush.
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i have been speaking to officers in the field this morning to tell methey are upset, sad and frustrated over the officers killed. some said they are concerned about being unfairly targeted because of the actions of other officers and louisiana and minnesota. there are a lot of emotions here and on social media. the san jose police department posted their condolences to the dallas police department, sending their thoughts and prayers. san francisco and oakland pd did the same, sending their sympathies. some are already wearing a black strap over their badges. a lot of on easiness and unrest being felt here while these officers are trying to continue to serve and protect and do their jobs here in san jose. protests in oakland overnight against the recent lease shootings blocked traffic on interstate 8804 hours. >> please don't shoot me. >> please don't shoot me. >> chp in oakland police
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officers lined up in a row. they moved into heard demonstrators off the freeway. the chp issued a traffic alert around 9 pm, warning drivers to avoid that area. 880 was blocked. e griggs were temporarily allowed to use 580. the traffic jam lasted past 1 am this morning. in minnesota, hundreds gathered for a vigil in memory of philando castile who was shot and killed by police on wednesday. that vigil was held at the school in st. paul where he worked as a cafeteria supervisor. castile was shot by police after he was pulled over for a broken taillight. his girlfriend who was in the car said he was shot when he was reaching for his driver's license. minnesota's governor said he does not believe castile would have been shot if he were white. >> i can't say how shocked iem and how deeply, deeply offended that this would occur in minnesota to somebody who got pulled over for a taillight
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being out of order. >> his girlfriend posted video on facebook showing the immediate aftermath of the shooting. the shooting in minnesota came one day after a man telling cds and baton rouge was also shocked by police. the shooting of alton sterling was also captured on cellphone video. he was shot after being tackled by two police officers outside of a store. attorneys hired by sterling's family said they don't believe the police version of what happened. >> and here we are again, another african-american male killed by a police officer for absolutely no reason. we're not buying that the body cameras fell off. we're not buying that he reached for his weapon. >> the u.s. justice department is investigating sterling's shooting for possible violations of state and local laws. as well as potential federal civil rights violations.
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a lot is happening this one. now we're hearing from family members of dallas police officers wounded in last night attack. in 20 minutes, a girl talked about worrying about her mom shot on duty. a sign of solidarity with the south bay with the san jose earthquakes have planned for tonight in honor of the lgbt immunity. we are looking at a commute that is moderate, not much going on approaching the richmond bridge. it looks good going over to marin. a lot of fog and drizzle and cool temperatures. even some rain up north. will that make it down here? it may be close. we will explain coming up.
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a nationwide scam has reached the bay area. union city woman got a phone call on wednesday, telling her that her daughter had been kidnapped. the men ordered her to go to a bank to get money or they would hurt the daughter. sheeted with a asked and wrote notes to the teller explaining what was happening. that made it worse. she said she heard her daughter's voice. >> and then she said, here, she is with me. i will let you talk to her for a minute. she said, mommy, mommy, please, do what this man says. >> union city police were notified before the money was wired. they spoke with the woman's other daughter who found her
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sister in a neighborhood park. it turns out the men called the girl first and told her they kidnapped her mother and recorded her voice. the fbi sent an alert out about the scam. the san jose earthquakes will host a pride night during tonight's match against dallas. the team will honor the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. one dollar from every ticket will be donated to lgbtq charities. the clicks also plan to reinforce their roles to discourage fans from shouting homophobic slurs like the ones used during a match last month. a psa will be played encouraging fans to be respectful. the quakes management said fans who do not act in a respectful way will be given a warning and then kicked out if the behavior does not stop. there is a new cable car bellringing champion this morning. for the first time in 50 years, a woman competed in the annual contest.
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that is cassandra griffin, giving it her all in union square. she faced off against six men for the title. she did not come out on top. the owner with two leonard oates need six-year bellringing champion, byron,. sal got to judge the whole thing. you got to try the bell? >> it's horrible. i tried it. it's harder than it looks. i imagine though that with practice -- these guys and gals who do this every day have gotten pretty good at it. some of those people amaze me. if you go up there and do it cold, it's not easy. good morning, everyone. i stink at the bellringing. there you go. i said a. westbound 80 as you head toward the carquinez bridge to the macarthur bridge, an 18 minute drive. not too bad. a little fog and drizzle and
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some damp roads. give yourself a little extra time. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up, a 10 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. as we look at the rest of the east bay commute, you can see traffic looks pretty good. it's not quite the same. it looks like not many people are going right now. southbound 680 from their niche a bridge is clear. now let's go to the forecast. you could become an expert in a short period of time. if you practice. >> i will say that those people who do it -- ring my bell. thank you control room. i did not know that we had older guys in the control room who remember that song. thank you. >> i think if they are all in their 20s there. good morning. we do have an unseasonably cool pattern.
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this is pretty exciting for me because usually in july, my feet are up on the desk and there's not much to talk about. it's going to be hot inland, nice at the coast. not now. there is a lot of drizzle out there. a little bit of rain up north. some of that may make it into mendocino county. this is a pretty impressive for this time of year to have a cold front. the national weather service talked about this yesterday. once every five or 10 years you will see something of this nature. the end result for us is a lot of fog, onshore winds, for others it is not that bad. 30+ in the delta. 50s for all of the temperatures. north bay, south bay, put on so, it doesn't matter. everyone is within a couple degrees. mid-50s in mill valley. kelseyville, 54.
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a cooler direction in santa rosa. west at sfo. west at livermore and west in san jose. that is an onshore direction the wind is coming from. 56 in ukiah. 57 in sacramento. 55 in monterey. 36 in truckee. 45 in south lake tahoe. no worries for precipitation in the sierra but very windy today and tomorrow. there is the system. it is holding together. some of that may drag across the northern part of our viewing area. fog and low clouds. drizzle. sun. ir clouds. more clouds to the north any possibility for light rain from santa rosa and north later on this afternoon and tonight. temperatures are unseasonably cool. 60s and 70s for many. laclere out sunday and next week looks warmer inland.
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>> a jacket or sweater this morning. >> tomorrow at the giants game? >> are you in the lower seats behind home plate? >> no. >> are you up high? i would take a jacket. if you are down below you're okay. tonight's a big night. someone could win hundreds of millions of dollars. how big is the mega millions jackpot and why it's searching. a billion-dollar caltrain project that supporters say will reduce pollution. the reason one town is trying to stop it.
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city officials in atherton will decide next week if they will get a restraining order to stop caltrain from electrifying its tracks through atherton. according to the mercury news, caltrain is moving ahead with a plan to replace most diesel trains running between san francisco and san jose with electrified trains. the electric trains would reduce air pollution. atherton has filed a lawsuit saying caltrain has not addressed the impacts of building an electric train system through their city. next week the city will decide
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if they will try to get a restraining order to keep caltrain from starting work on their electric train project. there will be a volunteer cleanup tomorrow at a san mateo county beach. beer cans, used fireworks and other garbage was left on the beach by people celebrating the fourth of july. locals say large parties have become an ongoing problem. county supervisors are looking into establishing a nighttime no parking don't and stepping up sheriff patrols. there are questions about who owns the beach. according to the mercury news, some people believe it belongs to the state. the state land commission tells the paper it actually belongs to a private land owner, one of whom appears to be singer, chris isaac. people who want to be rich are keeping the mega millions jackpot soaring ahead of tonight drawing. ticket sales have put the jackpot to $540 million. it is still growing. officials say this is the longest time the mega millions
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has gone without a winner. an estimated $1 billion in tickets has been sold since the last winning ticket in march. tonight drawing is at 8:00. kevin durant, the newest golden state warrior, is here and said he is excited about joining the team and being part of a new family. >> when i met these guys i felt as comfortable as i ever felt. it was organic. it was authentic and real. >> the warriors held a news conference yesterday to introduce their new free agent. durrant has won an nba most valuable player award and has been selected to seven all-star games. he said he is coming to the bay area to win and be a championships. the head coach said durrant will fit right in. >> the versatility, the ability to switch. kevin fits perfectly into that style. it really does feel like it should be seamless. >> durrant said it was tough leaving oklahoma. he shed tears when he told his
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thunder players and teammates that he was leaving. beyonce released a powerful statement on the shooting death of two black men at the hands of police. i had, what the star said in front of thousands. protesters damaged oakland police headquarters last night and blocked a freeway. will have more on what happened last night and the events of that turned violent. right now we're looking at a commute where traffic will be okay westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. we will tell you moore, straightahead. we're looking at a rather impressive fog bank. there is a strong cold front up north. we will look at that and see if rain makes it down here. what if we designed a
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stain for your deck... that not only looked as handsome as charles stephens' barrel on his farewell voyage over niagara falls... but stood up to any kind of weather... matter if the forecast is this... ...or this... ...or this. if a stain can make your deck beautiful and survive any amount of torture... it still stain? arborcoat from benjamin moore ranks highest in customer satisfaction by jd power. good morning. thank you for joining us,
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friday, july 8. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we want to get to breaking news. the latest on the dallas police shootings. we are covering that all morning. there will be protest this evening here in the bay area. first we want to look at weather and traffic. grab a jacket foremost. >> and you will need your windshield wipers. >> there is measurable drizzle and a very strong bank being helped by a cold front which is moving in on the north coast. that is giving us drizzle and breeze and well below average temperatures for this time of year. next week it does look warmer inland. i do not and there will be a lot of change on the coast. water temperatures continue to be between 50 and 55. that is a big difference from last year. the fog is here in the front is in there. most of the energy will stay to the north.
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maybe northern sonoma county and mendocino in lake county could get some precepts later today. the precept is there in the form of drizzle. 50s for the temperatures. lafayette at 53. pittsburg at 59. west and southwest winds at 30. gusts around 30 in higher elevations. even a little more and san jose. the onshore breeze is in place. this is a cool pattern. a very decent cold front for this time of year up north. some sun and clouds. maybe some light rain. temperatures are below average for this time of year. stack there is some slow traffic out -- there is some slow traffic out there. let's look at highway 101 and san jose into the valley. we are seeing some slowing and congestion. on 280 as well.
6:31 am
it is lighter than usual but you can see brake lights coming on near mcewen road. moving to the concord to walnut creek commute. slow as you approach 680 heading south. when you get to walnut creek and looks good. 24 is fine between walnut creek interchange and the caldecott bay bridge toll plaza. that will be backed up for about a 10 or 15 minute delay. . we're looking at the east bay commute. 80 westbound will be light so far from hercules to richmond. let's go back to the desk. we are following developments coming in from dallas, texas and the deadly shootings of police officers last night. [ gun shots ] it was a wild and dangerous scene. 12 dallas police officers were shot during protests, five were killed. some of the injured are still in critical condition this morning. two civilians were also hurt.
6:32 am
the gunfire erupted during a demonstration against recent shootings of african-american men by police in louisiana and minnesota. during a news conference, the dallas police chief talked about the motive of one of those suspects. >> he expressed killing white officers. he expressed anger for black lives matter. none of that makes sense. none of that is a reason, a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone. >> investigators say the gunman, the shooter, plans to kill or injure as many police officers as they could. reporters talked to the daughter of a transit officer who was shot in the arm. the mac i'm just glad that she is alive. >> would you say to her? >> i said that i love you and
6:33 am
that i'm glad you're here. >> at this point police in dallas safety do not know how many shooters were involved with officers have arrested three people while a fourth suspect was killed by a police explosives. authorities are not ruling out that there could be more people involved. california attorney general, kamala harris released a statement. the horrific tragedy in dallas is a grave reminder of the dangers our law enforcement officers face every day in service of their communities. she said she prays for the officers who lost their lives, for their grieving families and for our in-laws forced -- law enforcement brothers and sisters. protesters took the streets of oakland overnight. thousands of blocked traffic on city streets and on interstate 880. vandals also targeted oakland police headquarters. christien kafton is there now. we hear that crews are moving
6:34 am
into clean up the graffti but who knows what will happen later today. >> reporter: that crew just took off. they came in here about 10 or 15 minutes ago and what a difference we're talking about now. you can see that the graffti in front of oakland police headquarters is now largely gone. some red paint is on the ground. this happened after last nights protest with saw thousands protesting through the streets. we have video to show you. someone had scrawled graffiti on the front wall and scratched the glass and kicked the glass in. someone also splattered red paint on the front door they say that was to signify the bloodshed that has been spilled. reports say the person who did that was a minister. police in riot gear stood in front of the building to prevent protesters from going inside. officers made several arrests but we have not received a number on how many arrests were made. a couple of nearby businesses reported they had broken windows and graffiti. a caltrans highway sign was set on fire.
6:35 am
organizers of the protest say it was an expression of frustration and anger that many feel after decades of perceived injustice at the hands of police. >> a generation of kids who will be coming up and they have nothing to live for because look at what we've done. look at what we told them they are worth. no one sees the value in us anymore. >> reporter: protesters also stopped traffic in both directions on interstate 884 hours. more than 500 people marched up the broadway ramp blocking traffic in both directions. eventually chp did move in between 10:45 pm at 11:45 pm along 88 eventually chp did move in between 10:45 pm at 11:45 pm along 880 and began hurting the protesters out of the roadway. we have seen some graffiti in this direction. we can't show you this graffiti because of the nature of it. it is rather explicit. you can see crews working to remove the graffti. right away, all of this is not
6:36 am
over. we have learned there are plans for another protest, set to take place tonight. protesters are arranging to meet at 6 pm at franco gullah, -- the plaza. a man in portland, organ, was arrested for pulling out a gun during a black lives matter protest. this was caught on video. you can see the man pointing the gun at people and quickly putting it away. no shots were fired. no one was hurt. the man told reporters he pulled out the gun because people were coming at him and he felt outnumbered. lease arrested him a short time later. the rest of the protest was peaceful. 40 people in new york were arrested during protests against police brutality there. police say it the arrests were mostly for disorderly conduct. some of the protesters were handcuffed after sitting in the street and blocking traffic no one was hurt. beyonce paid tribute to
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victims of police shootings last night during her concert in glassco, scotland. some of the names of others who had been killed by police were posted on the big screen behind her. the onset also posted an open letter on her website demanding social change. we will have continuing coverage on the dallas shooting and the oakland protest. that will be on our channel 2 website. you can also get the latest on our twitter, facebook and ktvu news app. we have another story to tell you about. we just learned the u.s. capital building is under lockdown. we want to take you there live. we're watching the capital building right now.
6:38 am
here is a live picture. officials issued a lockdown alert for the building and the visitor center. police activity has been reported. capitol police say they are searching for an individual. they have not released any other details other than that. we are watching the u.s. capital building this morning. right now it is on lockdown and we will bring you updates when they are available. democrats on capitol hill were back on the house floor yesterday, continuing a protest over the failure of lawmakers to pass gun control legislation. >> mr. speaker i ask unanimous consent to bring up hr 1217, the bipartisan expanded background checks legislation. to honor the memory of lori and brooke duely. a mother and daughter. victims of gun violence. >> one by one, members asked that the gun bill be taken up as each held a photo of a victim of gun violence. late last month, democrats held
6:39 am
a 26 hour sit in on the house floor, demanding action after the mass shooting in orlando. san francisco firefighters are at the scene of a higher in a bernal heights neighborhood. that fire started at 5 am at a house on gate street. when firefighters arrived, flames were coming through the roof. they were able to keep the flames from spreading -- spreading to neighboring homes and everyone inside the house was able to get out safely. >> units went inside. it took us about 15 minutes to contain the fire. right now we are putting out hotspots within the building. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. neighbors say it may have been caused by a space heater. it's been about six weeks since pearl pinson was kidnapped from vallejo. coming up, how her family is coping with the pain of not knowing what happened to her. >> i want to be an olympian and win the gold medal and be up
6:40 am
there on the podium and just smile. >> dream big. it is going to be a big weekend in san jose as thousands of gymnastics fans and gymnasts of all ages a watch to see who will make it through the olympic trials. we are looking at the commute that is slow in some areas and not so bad and others. as we look at 101 in san jose. traffic is moderate. an extensive fog bank and lots of drizzle. temperatures on the cool side. we will see you what is in store for the weekend.
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tonight in san jose, 14 olympic gymnastics hopefuls will compete for the five spots on the u.s. team that had to rio next month. >> you do not need to be an olympic hopeful to enjoy the experience. brian flores is live in san jose. i know many gymnasts will be there this weekend. >> reporter: yes. it will be a lot of fun here in san jose. good morning. the u.s. gymnastics olympic trials for the women are happening this weekend, friday and sunday. behind me, this is called the gymnastics city usa fan fest. plenty of it to these as you mentioned for kids and adults. you see that slide over there? i will try to go down that
6:44 am
later this morning. along with gymnastics city usa you have the olympic trials happening today and sunday. there is a chance for gymnastics hopefuls to punch a ticket to rio next month. and for the city of san jose, this is the second time they have hosted the trials. the hosted this four years ago it generated $25 million for the south bay. >> this will be one of the biggest weekends of the year for san jose in terms of capacity crowds at the hotels and the opportunity to create excitement in and around downtown san jose. >> reporter: the competition is sold out but gymnastics city usa will open outside the sap center at 2 pm this afternoon. vans can watch tonight's and as of these competitions here for free. there will be a big screen. on sunday night we will find out which of the five gymnasts
6:45 am
will represent the u.s. in rio. you can also meet former u.s. gymnasts as well. shannon miller will be here this afternoon, signing autographs at 4:30 pm. lots of exciting things before the olympics in rio. back to you. >> that is very exciting. a lot of gymnast in the bay area and they are excited to meet and be part of that. >> it makes me want to try out. student are you going to show off your tumbling skills today? >> on second thought, maybe i shouldn't do that. let's check in and see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. we continue to monitor the changing situation in dallas
6:46 am
this morning after snipers shot and killed five officers and wounded seven others last night. we just heard the police chief live talking about the very dark day for his department and city. we hear more from witnesses and more on the changes happening in dallas. i saw this picture circulating on twitter last night. a man identified by dallas police as a suspect in the fatal shootings. it turns out they had the wrong man. hear from the man in this picture, the threat he was getting and what he had to say to police. i will see you in a few minutes. right now we want to look at traffic. many people are getting ready to head out the door. they should know that traffic is moderate. it's not too bad that there is some slow traffic. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see a traffic is backed up for a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the
6:47 am
bridge. no major problems here once you make it onto the span. if you are used to a lot of heavy traffic, this week is not been too bad. 80 between hercules and a richmond looks pretty good. the road sensors are not showing a lot of activity. likewise 4680. there is always a highway that does not play along. highway 4, slow traffic moving and through pittsburg and bay point. it gets better by the time you reach concord. let's go to 280 in san jose. northbound traffic is getting a little busier. not showing a lot of activity in the south bay right now but 101 traffic is going to get busier as you drive into sunnydale, cupertino and the west valley. well, a big fog bank with some breaks but there is a lot of cooler weather and drizzle being reported. some measurable amounts, not only in the city and on the
6:48 am
coast but some missed inland as we have been saying. nicole said with all this cool  weather, mike lang my flowers have not done much. >> mind to. i was worried about mine. >> also, i had this with my father and he showed me pictures of leaves that had been falling off of a tree. isn't it early for that? anyway, they were very cool looking these. i have not seen too many but this cool weather throws a curve to mother nature. there is some rain on the north coast. fog, drizzle, breezy and wendy for some inland. the low clouds will continue to push in. this front would give us drizzle here but in northern sonoma county up through mendocino county and lake county, a possibility for light rain. maybe this evening into tomorrow. this will probably to up the fog bank by saturday night.
6:49 am
temperatures will plunge down. will not be much left to support it. 50s for temperatures. everyone is in the 50s except woodside at 49. 56 in belmont and san mateo. a breeze and low clouds. gusts at 30 out of travis. west at the napa airport. west from sfo to hayward to livermore. san jose had a southeast and in northwest. now they have a west. you can see the tail end of this. when you drag that across it is close for mendocino county. fog, drizzle, plenty to go around. a few high clouds in the north. windy as well. once this cloud deck burns off, 50s, 60s, 70s -- some of these temperatures are far below average. we will carry this into saturday. this clears out on sunday. inland temperatures start to get back to normal by next week.
6:50 am
>> i was glad to hear from nicole about the flowers. i was worried about mine as well. >> you have something in common. >> we're trying to preserve a little bit of hawaii in the bay area. we do have an update to our story out of washington, dce. we just learned that the u.s. capital building lockdown is over. we want to take you out there live to a picture of the capital building. the announcement was made over the loudspeaker on the grounds saying the lockdown concluded. there were reports of police activity. we did not get a lot of information. the good news is, lockdown is over. some call it a mother's worst nightmare. her child was attacked >> my first reaction is, will he make it? i'm not prepared to lose my son. >> the stabbing at a movie theater in santa rosa and the quick thinking that probably saved the young man's life.
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make you feel better as we head into the weekend -- leslie gates wanted to hear, what's going on by marvin gaye. thank you for sending that. you send us your songs. we play requests every friday. the state of california once an extra $86 million in civil penalties from volkswagen to go in action with the commission's cheating scandal. state attorney general asked a judge to approve the settlement with volkswagen. that would be in addition to the original settlement announced last week. volkswagen agreed to pay $14.7 billion in a nationwide settlement with states and with volkswagen owners. they admit's the software and some of its diesel vehicles allow the cars to cheat emissions tests. testimony resumes in the pg&e criminal trial, stemming from the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. yesterday, persecutors presented internal company documents indicating that
6:55 am
pg&e's corporate profits were a higher priority than safety. this comes three weeks after pg&e's lawyers said safety is the company's number one priority in their opening statements. pg&e is accused of violating pipeline safety regulations and also withholding information about the 2010 explosion from that oral investigators. if convicted, pg&e could face more than a half billion dollars in fines. we have developing news in the bay area, part of creekside drive in palo alto is closed while police investigate a suspicious death. officers say a body was found in a home last night. a family member went to check on the person last night and discovered the body. responding officers say initial evidence at the scene indicates that death is suspicious. have not released any other details at this point.
6:56 am
anyone with information is urged to call police. the alameda county district attorney hired an inspector tied to the east bay police sex scandal. rick orozco had been accused of having inappropriate online communications with a self- described teenage call girl. his attorney said his client never talked to the woman or met her in person. he said the allegations were largely benign and don't amount to actionable misconduct. a man who was stabbed over a week ago in a santa rosa movie theater is still in intensive care but is getting better. adam lucero was supposed to sign a lease on a new place in san francisco and start a new job last wednesday night. minutes into the afternoon showing of the movie, he was attacked from behind. his family drove from ventura county as he underwent a six hour surgery. >> my first reaction is -- will he make it? i'm not prepared to lose my son.
6:57 am
you think you have your life planned out and then someone attacks you from behind in the dark. he said he thought the man was punching him at first. >> his mother said she's grateful her son is alive and it could have been worse. the family also thanks everyone who helped with a gofundme page for adam's recovery. his new employer said he will save his job for adam. police did capture the suspect. a transient was captured after the attack. coming up we are continuing to follow the situation from dallas five police officers were killed, seven others were injured after snipers opened fire during a black lives matter protest. next, who will tell you what we now know about one of the suspects who died. bay area protesters block interstate 880 and vandalized the oakland police department last night. we will show you the damage from the protest over the
6:58 am
recent police shootings in minnesota and louisiana.
6:59 am
all i know is that this must stop. this divisiveness between our
7:00 am
police and our citizens. >> a distraught police chief in dallas calls for peace and unity after an attack on his officers. five officers were killed. seven others were injured. the new information we learned in the past few hours about the chaos that unfolded last night and one of the suspects. a protest last night over the recent police shootings in minnesota and louisiana. protesters blocked the freeway for several hours. also vandalized the oakland police department headquarters. clean-up now underway. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> 7:00 this friday morning, july 8. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. we have a lot to talk about this morning. but we're also going to check in with sal. first with steve and our forecast. >> cool temps. a lot of drizzle, gasia and dave. no doubt about it. breaks in the fog on the peninsula. i have seen a few there, especially mountain view, maybe


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