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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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think quick, and i turned my wheel left, and i was like, i'm trying my best to get out of his way, and -- but he was come too long fast. >> reporter: the impact sent her car spinning. she is a deem religious 25-year- old nurse from sonoma. she thought her life was about toned. >> if this is my last day on earth, like -- sometimes i just want to say i love you to my family before. >> reporter: luckily she was wearing her seatbelt and that no one else was in the car. she suffered bruises including to her hip when should heel in a few weeks. the other driver was thrown from his suv but suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the highway patrol has charged the driver of the suv with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of
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marijuana. the video of this wreck has gone viral. we spoke with the man who shot it after he arrived on the scene moments after impact. >> that's the other half of the car. >> oh my god! >> once i finished my three- hour drive to which i company, was to put that video out there so that hopefully it would save other lives. >> reporter: she says she believes she survived to fulfill a higher purpose. >> there's a reason why i'm still alive. and i think i need to use my life more wisely and more for helping others. >> reporter: the chp says this accident is a testament to why everyone should wear seat belts because if she hadn't worn hers officers say we most likely would be telling a more tragic story. >> that is just remarkable. >> rob, thank you. now to changes on the way
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for your california driver's license. the state needs to begin upgrading our licenses to meet term standards. >> you may need the new id because without it you may not be able to board a plane in the future. kristin. >> >> reporter: upgrading our licenses is going to be a slow process and like al pricey one because this is not something you can do on-line. you are going to have to go appear plien person at a dmv office. the changes are going to cost california roughly $220 million to comply with the u.s. real id act. this act was passed in 2005 in response to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in an effort to make id more secure. the original deadline was in 2008 but california and dozens of other states were granted extensions. now the trump administration has set a deadline for october 2020 for everyone to obtain a  real id. after that you won't be able to use your current license as proof of id at a airport security check points but
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passports will still be accepted by tsa. >> if you do after california driver's license or id card you can use that to get on airplanes until 2020 but we will begin the process for customers to come into our field offices and begin applying for a federally compliant card in january 2018. >> the dmv will begin accepting applications in 2018. you must apply in person. you are going to need to provide more documentation than before including a birth certificate two, documents showing residency, and your social security card and also these cards are going to have special mark that is will make the new license different. so governor jerry brown's revised budget, does he include money for this upgrading process. it would hire roughly 700 dmv workers to meet the demand and keep offices open on saturdays.
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cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. new information about plans to install surveillance cameras along two east bay freeways that have been plagued by shootings. ktvu's crime reporter henry lee first told us about the funding lasted week in a ktvu exclusive. today henry learned from officials about where they want those new cameras installed. >> reporter: surveillance cameras will be coming to interstate 80 and a highway 4 after a rash of freeway shootings, many of them gang related. >> as soon as the funding is available we are ready to roll the project out. and message to the shooters on the freeways, the reign of terror is over. >> reporter: there are already freeway cam rains san pablo and pittsburg. we asked where other cameras are being installed. officials say 15 hot spots have been identified. >> do we keep the gang members guess wring the technology is? >> reporter: the state has
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promised to fund a system of cameras, license plate readers, and possibly gun tire detectors. the cost, $1.5 million. since 2015 there have been more than 80 car to car. eight people have been killed, all al i-80 and highway 8. once the technology is in place this is what will happen if there's another shootings. >> if there's gunfire up on a freeway, the mike phones will actually move the cameras in the direction of the gunfire, and the cameras will be recording and the license plate readers will be taking photographs of actual license plates, either on the front of a car or on the back of a car. >> innocent lives have already been lost and we owe to the all of our residents to minimize the damage and threat to local drivers. >> our res dents will be able to travel in a safer mode. >> reporter: but as a news
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conference officials warn that cameras al. >> freeway shootings do continue in that we have to address this issue and that cameras by themselves will not address this issue. we see this as part of a larger plan of addressing vile license in the region. >> reporter: although hot spots on these two freeways have been identified, the state of california is waiting for more details before turning over funding. off highway 4 in contra costa county henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the latest freeway shooting happened last night and left two people injured. it happened around 9:00 on the wenton avenue off-ramp in hayward. the shooting left a toyota pickup truck riddled with bullet holes. investigators say a third person was not hurt. the shooter sped away and remains on the run tonight. more problems this evening for president trump. the washington post is now reporting that the president
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revealed highly classified information to russian officials last week about islamic state militants. >> but the president's national security advisor says there is no truth at all to that report. fox news reporter lauren lauren clashed is in washington, d.c. with more on all this. lauren. >> reporter: hi, frank and julie. an explosive report out causing a flurry in the west wing accusing the vice president giving highly sensitive information to the russians. >> there's nothing that the president takes more seriously than the security of the american people. the story that came out tonight as reported is false. >> reporter: the washington post report alleges the president revealed and may have jeopardize a critical source of intelligence on isis. the national security advisor h.r. mcmaster pushing back this evening shortly after the report was published. >> the president and the foreign minister reviewed a
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range of options. at no times were sources or methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. >> reporter: democrats reacting almost immediately. senator mark warner tweeted, if true this is a slap in the face to the intel community, risking sources and methods is inexcusable, particular well the russians. however, mcmasters says the report just isn't true the way it's written. >> your on the record account should outweigh those of anonymous sources. i was in the room. it didn't happen. >> reporter: analysts say this leak is just another example of another. >> this has so far been an undisciplined administration. if they do not develop more discipline they will continue to have these problems. >> reporter: if the post report sprooch true it likely wouldn't have any sort of legal
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ramifications because as president trump has the broad authority to de-classify information as he sees fit. >> lauren blanchard in washington, d.c., thank you. reaction on twitter from california senator kamala harris. she said, if true this is a serious threat to national security. the u.s. circuit court. the three-judge panel heard the appeal to the president's revised executive order. it would block entrance from muslim majority countries for 90 days. the judges questioned attorneys on both sides about statements made by president trump. >> over time the president clarified that what he was talking about were islamic terrorist groups and the countries that shelter or
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sponsor them, and over time he would target groups like isis and al-qaeda. when he called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, a few months later, quote, i think islam hates us. >> there is no indication when the judges will issue their decision, but if the 9th circuit's decision is different from the decision coming from the 4th sir cut in virginia the case will automatically go to the u.s. supreme court. new video tonight of a damaged construction crane collapsing. in the resolved problems that remain at the site of a massive construction fire in emeryville. >> but first, how an electrical problem at the scene of a house fire could lead to criminal charges after two firefighters are shocked. and we're tracking that cool down that we're going to see tomorrow with the chance of sprinkle, then a hate-up.
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we'll talk about it all after the break. broken glass covered the floor after a vandal trashed a montessori school recently. there's now been an arrest. what police are saying about the woman accused of the crime next at 6:00. ything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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now to new information on an arrest in the case of vandalism at a south bay preschool from earlier this month. police say letitia manila is under arrest. a investigators say she broke a window to get into tomorrow montessori school on may 4th. they say the damage to the school reached $10,000. manila was arrested on friday for burglary, felony vandalism and possession of drugs. we have a follow-up tonight to a 2 investigates story that we brought you last week on the 10:00 news. we examined how a little known law designed to protect students' privacy can put other students at risk. >> the case involves a teenager
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convicted of sexual assault. he is still in school. the district says it is prohibited by law from notifying anyone about his record. jesse gary tells us there's been a lot of reaction to our report with students and parents from all over the bay area expressing outrage. >> reporter: several students wore white and vented strong emotions about how the district sexual assault but none want to express their views on camera. their act of solidarity after a 2 investigates report revealed a student in the palo alto school district was convicted of sexually assaulting an underage girl, but he is still attending classes and a playing sports. the victim described what happened. >> five seconds into it i changed my mind, decided in that no way did i want to do this, and that's when he started pushing my head down. when i tried to pull away he started pushing my head down forcefully. >> reporter: the information from that case wasn't shared with parents or other students
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due to a federal law called ferpa, the family educational rights and privacy act a. under that law a student's records, from attendance to criminal convictions, can't be released. >> even if the school district thought that law was inappropriate their hands are tied. they can't turn over that information at risk of losing federal funding. >> reporter: two other girls have since come forward claiming that the same student athlete sexually assaulted them in separate inlts. one allegedly on campus. monday palo alto school district officials issued a statement saying the student athlete was, quote, neither arrested nor convicted of sexual harassment or assault on school grounds. even in the face of the law the lack of transparency surrounding such a serious allegation is frustrating to many people. the e-mail one victim wrote to fox 8 said sexual assault is so common most kids weren't too surprised. my life changed in one night
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but rape culture won't change overnight. others have taken to social media following our initial report. dawn oliver says, this is nothing new. the school believes the perp has a right to an education, and that trumps the rights of the victim. and rita a says, not the first or only school in this or similar situations. sad but true. laws make it hard to notify families that there are potential rapists among their child's peers. last week the u.s. department of education completed a four- year investigation into the palo alto school district and how the school handles investigations of sexual assault and harassment on and off campus. the district has made an agreement with the feds to change several things including
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policies and practices. the superintendent penned a letter to parents last week saying the safety of all students is paramount here in the district. in palo alto, i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the east bay where two firefighters were shocked by live electrical wires at the scene of a house fire. it happened about 11:00 last night in antioch. firefighters were called to a home on blat drive. authorities say one of the first things they always do is turn off the electricity and the power. but a contra costa fire spokesman said the home had an illegal electrical hook-up called a clamp which is designed to by pass the meter. >> that clamp provides power to the house. it is not protected by any circuit breakers. once you disconnect the power you assume that you are safe from that risk. but it is not just a risk to firefighters. that's obviously we what we're talking about today butt can be a contributing factor to the cause of fire. >> firefighters say one of the two firefighters suffered a severe jolt. four adults, four children and the family dog all ended up
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getting out safely. the investigation is ongoing but there could be criminal charges in connection with the rerouteing of that power supply. two people were killed when a lear jet crashed into a building near teterboro airport in new jersey this afternoon from cell phone video you can see thick black smoke and flames at that time scene of that crash. an official says the plane took off from philadelphia airport and crashed into an industrial area on approach to teterboro. winds were gusting up to 45 miles per hour at the time. authorities say there were two crew members on board but no passengers. there are no reports of anyone on the ground being hurt. and we're learning more about the deadly crash of sport plane on the shores of lake berryessa a week ago. the accident happened during orientation for a new employee at i con aircraft. two men were killed last monday morning. one was a lead engineer at the company based in vacaville. the other had just moved to the bay area from michigan a week
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before that accident. a little bit of weather out there as we head into tomorrow. clouds thicken up. we have weather in the mountains right now, so you can see all weekend we had snow flurries. we're continuing to see low- grade showers and snow flurries. tomorrow is going to be a day about cloud cover. i think we might even see a little bit of this activity, certainly in the mountains but maybe north and east bay valleys, a little bit of sprinkle or drizzle. i will show you on the model. but the bank idea about tomorrow, not as warm as today. mostly to partly cloudy. the highs, these are current, mid-60s instead of mid zentz and even low 80s. that's it. temperatures really drop down tomorrow, then they warm up. overnight lows with a little drizzle possible, upper 40s and low 50s. cloud cover out there most definitely. tomorrow morning there's the clouds. it is going to be chilly, slow
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to warm tomorrow. daytime highs, greens are your 60s, yellows are 70s. barely getting into sacramento. highs tomorrow will be -- he. that low moves through, high pressure jumps right back in, and temperatures with sort of a north-northeast wind aloft will elevate. so kind of a cool day tomorrow, then a very pronounced warming period as we head into your bay area middle and end of the week. i'll see you back hear with the five-day forecast. >> bill, thank you. a rung gun battle in broad daylight all caught on camera. >> surveillance video captures that high-speed chase. two cars speeding down the road with bullets flying. coming up, the seven for the shooters. >> because he's got this history, it can't just be, oh, it was inadvertent. he didn't have the intent. who gives a dam about what his intent was. >> a dirty play or part of the game?
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a fired up spurs coach lays into the warriors center zaza pachulia later in sports. president trump promising to move quickly in finding a new head of the fbi, but democrats say not so fast. the one thing they need before they will even consider a replacement. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. there's late word from washington, d.c. tonight the senate will be briefed about the firing of fbi director james comey this thursday. >> president trump says moving quickly to replace comey but
6:24 pm
democrats may not let that happen. fox news correspondent john roberts has more. >> thank you very much for coming. >> reporter: in the oval office today meeting with the crown prince of abu dhabi assurances that a new fbi director is on the way. >> moving rapidly. >> reporter: from the white house podium another twist in the torturous rationale for comey's firing now revealing president trump was well aware it could come back to bait him. >> he knew it could lengthen the investigation but he knew it was the right thing for the country, the right thing for the fbi and the right thing to get to the bottom of this. >> now some democrats have upped the ante warning they won't consider comey's replacement unless and until a special prosecutor is in place. >> we'll have to scouts as a caucus but i would support that move because who the fbi corrector is, is related to who the special prosecutor. >> reporter: the white how sees
6:25 pm
no need for a special prosecutor under any circumstances. >> there's frankly no need for a special prosecutor. you have two senate committees that are looking into this. i think if you even look at what acting director mccain said last week he made it clear they have the resources and the work continues. >> reporter: but many of the men and women in the building behind him are turning up the heat demanding whatever recordings the president may have of his conversations with the fired fbi director. on that front today the white house was giving away nothing. >> i think i made it clear that the president has nothing further on that. >> wait, shawn does, that mean that the president will deny the record that? >> i was very clear the president would have nothing further on that. >> reporter: was it by the legs layive branch's request? >> i made it clear what the president's position was on that issue. >> reporter: at the white house, john roberts. >> ktvu fox 2 news is next with a rolling gun battle in san
6:26 pm
francisco. the seven for the two drivers accused of that crime and the new video of that shooting caught on cam radio. plus, a crane damaged in a weekend fire crashes to the ground. up next, the problems facing fire investigators as they look into what caused a massive five- alarm fire over the weekend. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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the white house is strongly denied a report by the washington post that president trump revealed quote highly classified information to russia's foreign minister and ambassador during a meeting at the white house last wednesday. the sensitive information was reportedly related to a threat by isis that led to the ban on laptop computers on flights from certain countries in the middle east and north africa. >> in the north bay two drivers collided over the weekend. both amazingly walked away relatively uninjured. the driver of this white chevy impala said she is a walking miracle after surviving that head-on crash that literally tore her car right in two. she was heading south to a bible class when the driver of a silver suv traveling in the opposite direction drifted into her lane. the other driver also suffered
6:30 pm
nonlife-threatening injuries after being thrown from the car. it looks like millions of californiaons will need to upgrade their drivers licenses to comply with new federal standards. without the new ids you will need a passport to get on an airplane. the new ones will only be available if you apply in person at a dmv office. state officials say you can start applying next january. you are watching ktvu news at 6:30. a joint investigation is going on in the east bay after a second massive fire within ten months a at construction site at the oakland emoryville city line. >> fire crews are still sitting outside this building near the intersection. this was the scene early saturday morning when a fire destroyed the building for the
6:31 pm
second time since july of last year. >> there is an arsonist that doesn't want this building built. we need to find out who it is and find them. >> rick holiday, the owner of the development company, is in charge of building 105 apartments and retail space here. back in july of 2016, this was the scene of a six-alarm fire that destroyed his work. that building was expected to be completed in january of this year. >> we had been told it would take two years to rebuild the project. in nine months we can come back which was a testament to how part people worked. >> fast forward to may 13th when fire begin destroyed the progress which was a ahead -- was ahead of schedule. investigators are treating them separately.
6:32 pm
>> fire investigators are starting at step one to speak with neighbors, speak with first arriving firefighters. >> i just can't quit though because i can't let somebody or some people throw a wrench into this. >> since the july fire there were more security guards added, even some carrying weapons. also surveillance cameras were set up so the hope is the cause of the fire is caught on video. >> i don't think we are being targeted per se. the rational is when this project went through its public approvals. it wasn't one open point in crews remain out here till tomorrow morning. at that time they hope they can go inside to get a better look at the damage. back to you. hundreds of people attend add rally for the 201st annual immigration day demonstration. the people there say they came out because they wanted to take a stand. they said their goal is for lawmakers to hear their message about protecting immigrants
6:33 pm
including people who are living hear illegally. they also want to inspire those immigrants to stop living in fear and step out of the shadows. >> we want to bring people to that place of just seeing us as human beings who dream and aspire to have a life like you that is not scared to live that life. >> one of the demonstrators at today's rally was a 17-year-old girl who says some people in her family don't have the proper documentation and are scared to leave their homes. she attended the valley to inspire other immigrants to get involved and know their rights. federal officials have narrowed down the list of finalists to design president trump's border wall. they are not saying who or how many designers are still in the running. an our arizona company says it has knead cut. the company's chief executive says the president's call for a 30-foot wall may not be
6:34 pm
practical. he also says the sensors would be less environmentally damaging than a 30-foot tall brick or steel wall. police in san francisco are searching for two drivers involved in a shootout. surveillance video shows a high speed gun battle taking place on polk street near lomabort. -- lombart. >> i am sitting watching tv, watching the car race and i hear these pop, pop, pop, pop, pops outside. >> he thought a car was back firing but realize of the after reviewing his security camera footage it was a high-speed chase down polk street. >> it is mother's day 9:30 in the morning on a sunday. wlafz -- that stuff doesn't gone oh around here.
6:35 pm
0001 [ laughter ] >> i was standing 60 feet away from where they went by. >> he has lived near nearly 60 years just two blocks from the street. >> it used to be a great, elegant city. it is sad for me to say but the city turned out to be a piece of garbage. >> in to close upshot you can see the out line of the gun from the driver's side window of the red car. >> it is very shocking and very upsetting. >> christine has lived here her whole life. >> this is a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood. our city -- we cannot accept this behavior anymore. >> i've been here 36 years and i've seen car accidents, kids get hit on bikes, once in a while a car gets broken into, things like that. that is the first time i've
6:36 pm
heard gunfire. >> no bystanders were hurt in the shooting. police continue to search for the suspects involved. back to you. [music playing] coming up next, a bay area high school in mourning after a student was killed on the way home from her senior prom over the weekend. how she is being remembered tonight. [music playing]
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roughly 1,200 students in oakland are being recognized that their academic achievements right now. smith is an 8th grader in oakland. he is 14 years old and is being honored because of his 4.0 gpa. he is part of a group called african-american male achievement. they teach students about black history. he said gets this recognition tonight gives him even more incentive to keep up his grades. >> it means a lot to me because
6:39 pm
it shows that my hard work for keeping up with my grades no matter any of the distractions i have amongst me on my daily life is paid off. being recognized for it is humbling. >> [ indiscernible ] the event started 16 years ago and recognizes students in grades 8th through 12th who have a 3.0 gpa or higher. a young woman coming home from her senior prom was killed in a car accident early yesterday morning in fremont. a prayer service will be held tonight for 18-year-old shane marcelino. the young woman's mother was driving her daughter home from that senior prom when the accident happened. >> on any other day associate brandy rector and -- band-aid director wouldn't be able to say enough about her. today the words don't come
6:40 pm
easily. >> the words would be kind, gentle -- here i go -- [ laughter ] [ crying ] compassionate ate. >> -- compassionate ate. >> shanecome patience -- compassionate. >> shane played the flute. her mother was driving her home when her car and collided. shane died at the scene. the crash is under investigation. they are looking into whether alcohol was factor. >> i've been trying to stay strong. we know she is in a good place, in heaven. >> friend haves have -- friends have been paying their respect at the scene. >> she just turned 18. it was -- the best 18 for us. >> shane had been scheduled to
6:41 pm
perform at concert tuesday night. members of the school band will now decide whether to play in her honor! i think there is -- her honor. >> i think there is a sense that we will never forget and we are very lucky to have each other. >> they say shane marcelino led by example and was the kind of person that cared deeply about others and that she will be missed. >> she just a sweet personality. >> friends have set up a gofundme account for the family. back to you. [music playing] [ indiscernible ] >> the fix to the oroville damn spill way has only just begun. up next one of the world's most renowned engineers takes a look at the conditions at that damaged spill way at the
6:42 pm
oroville damn. [music playing] and we are tracking a cool down tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle as we talked about and then a significant warmup middle end of this week. [music playing]
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
state water managers stay flow of water down the damaged spill way at the oroville damn will be stopped no later than next week. they will find out if the repair job can be completed before the rain returns next fall. >> by any standard the spill way
6:45 pm
suffered massive damage. robert has spent the last half century working on massive land and sees construction projects worldwide. i asked him on a scale of 1-10 just how tough fixing the spill way would be. >> he who has investigated and consulted on the damn since january -- on the damn -- [ 0001consult -- dam. >> what he said the dam really needs is an overhaul. >> five years the snow pack is melting. nature is unforgiving of our ignorance on i'm afraid and i think we should be afraid. >> i asked if they have the ability to manage an agency that
6:46 pm
can guarantee high reliability in the operation construction repair and maintenance of a truly high reliability system such as oroville dam. >> no. that concern is at the very top of my worry. i don't think i have a coherent understanding of what the word safe means. no. coherent, understanding of what that record risk means. >> i asked about the condition of those massive steel spill gates called the head works at the top of the dam. >> in tough shape. >> he said cracks in the gates critical steel structures have been studied for most of the last decade. >> if we fix it, they are unaddressed. >> that is nothing to say of the spots at the bottom of the dam
6:47 pm
which the department insists. >> we need to do everything possible to help it. >> this says nothing of the risk a truly large earth quick would bring. >> the power of that water coming down that spill way lets get a check of our weather now. a nice day but a little chilly still around the bay area. we will go back over to bill now but a warm is up on the way. >> a warm is up on the way. we will see temperatures back into the -- well not tomorrow but by the end of the week into the 80s and maybe some low 90s. a little warmup after a cool down. temperatures today were on the 60s, low 70s side. temperatures tomorrow going to be just 60s. we did have some showers up in the mountains. we had snow flurries up there. we did again today. the winter is just hanging on
6:48 pm
around lake tahoe. for us there is the clear skies. no fog along the coast. beautiful night for -- out on the ocean beach. a little breezy. you see the wind in the trees here. pretty typical breeze for this time of year. it is springtime and you exact the winds to kick up. the pressure patterns are unusual as has been the pattern. things are slightly unusual because this is not -- we get into the middle of may and june it should dry up and we should about see these tweaks coming through. tuesday the clouds come in with this and that is about it. maybe a sprinkle, probably some drizzle but for the most part it is just going to be cool temperatures, lower temperatures and lots of cloud cover for tomorrow. then things start to warmup as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. this high will build in quickly. that low goes through, tweak,
6:49 pm
the high drops itself in. when that happens you get rapid rise in temperatures. that is what we will get. fire dangers shouldn't be a problem. that is a high fire danger pattern typically but we are not drying up and we are not in that situation now. tomorrow afternoon just mid 60s or low 60s and cloudy. then late in the day san francisco or san jose partly cloudy, mid 60s for a daytime high. 67 in fairfield. 67 in brentwood. these are the highs for tuesday. this is as cool as they will be all week. temperatures come up after this and they stay up. hope you had a nice mother's day. the weekend turned out pretty good. forecast highs -- did you have a good mother's day? >> yes, very relaxed. >> was it? >> very low key. just the way i like it. no fuss, no mess. they brought me some flowers, cards and made me dinner. nice. >> and the weather was really nice. it was nice and makes you smile
6:50 pm
because we have had mother's day that are less than sunny. it was nice to have a nice weekend. >> it was. thank you bill what coach greg is saying about that. mark is up next with sports.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
mark is here. spurs coach greg just went off today. >> yeah. it is amazing to me about that. here we are day after a fantastic come back by the warriors, 25-points down and we are not talking about that, we are talking about greg. if you think about it, brilliant strategy on his part. lets forget about how your team blew a 25-point lead. let's change the subject and figure out how to blame the warriors for their star player getting injured. we will show you the play again in case you haven't seen it by now. zaza pachulia complete accident right there. he did not intentionally do that to kawhi leonard. i think it is pretty clear that
6:54 pm
that did not happen on purpose. however he did not seem to give that any credence at all when he talked to the media today. >> it is unsportsmanlike. it is no what anybody does to anybody else. this particular individual has a history with that kind of action. >> i am not dirty player, i just love this game. i'm playing hard. that is how was taught from day one. >> he didn't have intent. who gives a damn about what his intent was. you ever hear of manslaughter? you still go to jail when you are texting and kill somebody. you may not have intended to do that. what i care is what i saw. >> i really feel bad for the guy. i have a lot of respect of kawhi. [ indiscernible ]
6:55 pm
>> and you want to know if our chances are less? and you want to know how we feel? that is how we feel. follow up. [ laughter ] that pretty much cover it? [ laughter ] >> i will defer other coaches who enter by greg his players have played for him, they seem to like him a lot. when you compare in anyway, shape or form in the same sentence a sprained ankle to manslaughter -- [ indiscernible ] ridiculous comments by him. more people should ignore that guy. moving along. game 7 back east. the boston celtics and the wizards going at it. still can't get over that guy.
6:56 pm
meantime isaiah tomas losing the handle. john wall takes advantage going the other way. he 13 in the first half. meantime isaiah this time will drive to the bucket. if that wasn't enough the celtics are right on it. terry intercepts to jay crowder and all that and the wizards still lead by 2 at halftime. however very tight game. i've always said the most worthless piece of information you can give is a partial basketball score. it changes every 12 seconds. meantime we will have the final on that tonight. the giants used to be the iron man in their lineup during the championship years. hunter pence has now turned into the fragile guy out in right field. he is on the disabled list again. missed much of last year with a hamstring problem. this time it is his other hamstring. he under went mri exam and was
6:57 pm
placed on the disabled list. he has strain and matt williamson outfielder in sacramento called up to replace hunter pence. meantime everybody was talking last week about colin kaepernick not able to find a job. well look who is interested potentially. the seahawks -- pete carol we may not have seen the last of kaepernick. we may see colin kaepernick in the nfc west. >> okay. >> i like what you said about the spurs coach and i imagine you saying what a lot of people are thinking. >> all right. see you later, mark. >> thanks for joining us tonight. good night.
6:58 pm
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have assembled. so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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wow, sheldon, i cannot believe you made up your own game. oh, "research lab" is more than a game. it's like the slogan says: "the physics is theoretical, but the fun is real." we must not be playing it right. all right, five. one, two, three, four, five. oh, wow, look at that. my department of defense research grant is renewed. oh! great roll! now you can demolish your soviet-style cyclotron and build the large hadron collider. (joylessly): yay. you're a natural at this, penny. and as the first beta testers, you two'll have quite the edge when we play with wolowitz and koothrappali on sunday. oh, gee, sheldon, i don't think we can play on sunday. why not? because of the reasons that penny will now tell you. penny? actually, i have to pick up my friend justin from the airport. there you go-- she has to pick up her friend justin at the airport. and i can't play 'cause i'm going with her-- right?


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