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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  October 6, 2019 7:00am-8:30am PDT

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with a red flag morning and hot and humid weather bringing an increased fire risk. and a utility explosion rocking a southern california octoberfest celebration and injures four and sends others running. the very latest on the investigation and what caused that explosion to happen. it is the beginning of a new era for golden state. while the dive doves didn't get the win in their first game. when it comes to the new chase center in san francisco, it is all about the experience. we talk to fans as they weigh in on the warrior's new home. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this
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is mornings on 2. >> thanks for waking up with us on this sunday, october 6th. i'm claudine longer. >> happy weekend. good morning. rosemary is back in the morning chair and joins us now with a look at our forecast. >> it is going to be a warm one. we're talking near 90. 90 degrees. that qualities. outside our doors this morning across the bay. we have a beautiful sunrise there underway. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures are expected to come up by several over yesterday's highs. yesterday's highs quite nice. nice and warm. of course, this type of pathologist earn also brings on that heightened fire danger this time of year. so until 10:00 this morning, we are still with the red flag warning in place. you can see the shades of red indicating where it is. it is over our north bay hills. this does not include the east bay hills nor the diablo range. but areas above a thousand feet. we looking at that for the morning hours. here is a look at some of the current conditions out there in
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the 60s over atlas peak as well as the late county area. relative humidity 24% over atlas peak. and last night, it dropped into the teens. so there is a little bit of an improvement there. here is a look closer to the water where we have middle peak reporting relative humidity at about 25% and the winds are gusting to 18. and i have seen them pick up to 30. 35 at times over the course of the overnight hours and early this morning. so we're going to hold on to that for, again, a couple more hours or make that a few. it expires at 10:00 this morning. outside of that, temperatures are warmer than where we started yesterday. take a look at this. because of that northeast breeze or flow, we have rafel starting at 60. san francisco at 60 degrees. some of our chillier spots in the north bay. santa rosa and napa in the low 40s. if you are going to be in the inner east bay for today, temperatures are will be in the upper 80s to about 90. here is a look at concord. but really areas over
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livermore, dublin, danville all fit within the same bill. by noontime nearing 808 degrees or so and upper 80s in the forecast for the second part of the afternoon. concord, i have you going 89 as well as antioch. 91 for santa rosa and downtown san francisco, 84. temperatures are going to remain warm as we get back to work on monday and begin to see them drop. i'll have a look at what you can expect coming up. we are following developing news out of kansas city where four people are dead after a shooting at a bar and police are still searching for the shooter. this all happened around 1:30 this morning local time at the tequila casey bar in the riverview neighborhood in kansas city. police say a total of nine people were shot and just minutes ago they also said all the victims are men ranging in age from their 20s to one man in his late 50s. of the five victims that were hospitalized, two have been released. officials say the shooter walked into the downtown bar and began firing. again, they are still looking for the shooter. police say they do not believe this was a random shooting and
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they are right now reviewing surveillance video from the scene. and new this morning, a 15- year-old is dead and another 15- year-old is in custody after shooting in newark. this happened around 11:30 thursday night at a home on bradburn avenue. that is not far from the dunbarton bridge. police found a 15-year-old with a gunshot wound and he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the suspected shooter, another 15-year-old boy who was arrested. because the victim and suspect are minors, police have not identified any other identities or information about the shooting. time now is 7:04. today is a spare the air day for the entire bay area. there is a red flag warning as rosemary mentioned still? effect in the north bay until 10:00 this morning. it will cover marin, napa and sanoma county. because of the red flag warning, rangers said the state park have issued camping and visitor restrictions. ktvu lee martinez reports fire
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officials in marin county say visitors might not know about the possible hazards if they didn't put up those warning signs. this group from seattle has a 15-mile backpacking trip planned for this weekened. >> i am looking at a map and heard a lot of great things about it so figured this would be a good spot. >> reporter: they were surprised to find plenty of available spots. >> if you look around, it is pretty much stuff on this campsite. >> reporter: they are about to meet this man posting signs down below. >> oh, i have -- but i would need to heat up is water or chili. i brought chili. that is not a big deal really if i another it cold, i guess. >> reporter: and luckily, they brought layers for warmth. >> predicted high winds above a thousand feet elevation. 20 to 25-mile an hour gusts. >> reporter: the county fire stations will be upstaffed which includes a strike team and there will be six firefighters at the morton station. >> this is pretty dry.
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certain sides. especially southwest-facing sides. >> reporter: firefighters say don't be fooled by the green color. >> and the moisture is down almost to the lowest point during fire season when we hit october. even though they look green. when we get relative humidity -- relative humidity down and winds up, those green fuels will burn. >> the park typically opens at 7:00 in the morning on sunday. because of the red flag washing, park rangers are closing until 10:00 a.m. however they say if you can hike in, you can get in. many nil -- in mill valley, lee martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. pg ande has issued a public safety power shut-off for parts of butte. the utility said about 10,000 customers are affected already and pg ande will continue to monitor weather conditions all across northern california. officials say napa county is one of the highest risk areas here in the bay area. dublin police have arrested a 24-year-old man saying he entered an unlocked home on
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tamarak drive and inappropriately touched a woman who was asleeped there. the suspect ran off when the woman screamed and he was later identified as simmons. he has been booked into santa rita jail on charges of sexual assault and residential burglary. the coast guard has find a body of the woman they believed to be swept out to sea. the 24-year-old woman was reported missing after going into the ocean around 8:00 friday night. she was be with a group of friend who is say they lost sight of her after she walked into the water. firefighters and the coastguard responded but they couldn't find her. the female body was found yesterday and it does match the description of the victim. a redwood city man critically injured by a police car in september has died. 25-year-old alex cameron hill recently suck comed his injuries. the coroner did not say exactly when he passed away. the crash was caught on video. hill was crossing el camino real near james avenue the morning of december when an officer responding to a home
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invasion call spun out hitting hill and two other vehicles. a utility bill explosion injured several overnight. the incident happened in huntington beach south of l. a. a transformer exploded in an underground electrical vault at the old world village octoberfest celebration around 8:00. the village had to be i sack waited. two firefighters along with two other patrons were injured. officials say the injuries, though, are minor. witnesses describe the event as up to three explosions initially sending a large fireball into the sky. southern california is now trying to determine what may have caused the explosions. four people have been displayed because of a house fire in santa rosa. that fire first started on the deck of a home located on the way around 5:00 last night. crews were able to control the fire in under 30 minutes. fire crews stayed at that home for several hours. they were mopping up hotspots and investigating the cause of
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the fire. the exterior rear deck and second floor of the home suffered major damage. the family of four was not at home at the time of the fire. two men have been arrested. they have been identified as 18- year-old kevin perry. two. you girls were also arrested. all four suspects tried to get away and crashing their getaway car. the men were caught with the help of drones from police and the county sheriff's office. up next, rallying to recall the governor. >> coming up why a group of people gathered in front of the state capitol calling for governor garvin newsome to be recalled. the warriors tipping off the preseason at the brand new chase center. we caught up with fans to get their reaction to the new arena when mornings on 2 continues.
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good morning. happy sunday. a beautiful view of the sunrise. temperatures are continuing to climb. 70s long the coast. 80s around the bay. 90 degrees far inland cities. details on what you can expect and how long the warming trend is going to stick around coming up. there were two octoberfest
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-- octoberfest celebrations happening today around the bay area. the first is in sanoma county at cornerstone sanoma for the october 1s celebration. the celebration will feature some live polka music, haybale and pumpkin patch and the beer garden. this is being held at the cornerstone sanoma from 11:00 this morning until 5:00 tonight and admission is free. and in the east bay, the city of clayton will wrap up its two- day octoberfest vent going on in downtown clayton. it features an authentic beer garden. dancing and live music by the internationals and a large carnival area for thekids of all edges. -- ages. sounds like a good time. it also does include artists and vendors selling everything from octoberfe is actionert gear to jewelry and hotsauce. the fun starts at 11:00 this morning and will shut down later tonight at 6:00. tide is the final day of the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park.
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this is video from you social media. thousands of people have packed in for the 19th year. golden gate park hosts 83 bands on six stages. there are some extra security measures in place that include fencing around the perimeter. guests are required to have clear bags and backpacks. from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m and fleetweek kicks off today in an francisco. it will last through next weekend. the annual event draws hundreds of thousands of peop into the city and security is expected to be tight. the security emergency management office is asking to sign up to receive free emergency text alerts about emergency information regarding the event. if you would like to receive those free text alerts, just text fleetweeksf to 888-7777. time now is 714 timty. more than 100 people showed up to discuss what they want if in the oakland as proposal for a new waterfront.
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stadium was approved. the event was hosted an east bay alliance for a sustainable economy. that group is concerned that the new 34,000 seaballpark near jack london square will increase the gentrity case in the area and push out some community members. >> we need to make sureth we have other in ready legally fighting from the beat. the good job, affordable housing environmental justice. yep yep. a poll taken last fall showed more than 70% that live in oakland support the new ballpark. they are committed to keeping the team in oakland. the warrior's first game didn't go the way the team had hoped it would. golden state lost 123 to 101. ktvu is at the game and says despite the loss, fans are still thrilled by the warrior's new home. imagine walking into all this.
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the first ever warrior game at the new chase center and having absolutely no idea beforehand what you were going to experience. >> i am suming they were going to play where the giants play but we were totally lost until we got here. it is really, really amazing. >> they insist they had no idea the warriors had a new home. upon seeing the brilliant colors of blue and gold, pounding sound from all around, it was all a bit overwhelming for a young delilah. >> i have never been to one of these before. i did not know it was going to be this cool. >> not all 18,064 seats in the stadiumer filled but the atmosphere was full of enthusiasm. >> everything is just over the top, beautiful, pristine. >> the design is amazing, and so i think it is that intimacy where we can really show our strength in numbers and be loud and cheer them on. >> and the new warriors star emerged but not on the court.
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the 9699 square foot jumbotron, the largest in any sports arena dazzling from all angles. >> it is amazing. the players can look at the scoreboard inside. a different view from what we are seeing as fans. >> the only criticism is getting here from the north way. >> there is really not any good transit access in the county area. the warriors may have balked away in defeat. and the team's new home is an absolute winner. they plan it. we can't wait for the regular season. >> greg wiggins, ktvu, fox too 2 news. >> fans can try out the new ferry service. they were able to take the ferry from alameda and oakland. a temporary terminal opened
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yesterday at san francisco's pier 38 and a half. the ferry service connects to alameda. the port of san francisco is designing a new permanent landing that is expected to welcome riders in 2021. >> i think that may be the best way to get there. jump on a boat and head back to the east bay or north bay. >> it will be a learning curve as we try to figure out how to get places any time they open up for a new area where lots of people are led. it is a beautiful day although we have some concerns we are watching. >> when the skew us skies are blue and sun is shining, there is not a better thing than the ferry. we have heightened fire danger in place until 10:00 this morning. san francisco in the backdrop. and 59 degrees. if you are thinking about heading out for the breakfast, it is already a pretty start. a chilly one for you.
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you may need a jacket getting outdoors. at least i would. oakland at 52. we have livermore at 54 and san jose checking in at 52. temperatures are going to climb by several degrees. outside our doors, the winds are generally light for most areas. it is a little breezy in our hills. we are up by four over halfmoon bay. up by eight over hears of delivermore and san jose by ape couple of degrees. fairfield with a gentle breeze. we have oakland reporting three. calm over santa rosa and napa. because of those calm conditions, santa rosa and napa are really cool this morning. there is a spare the air as we mentioned and the top of the hour, we are looking at hazy conditions over the inner east bay and the santa clara valley. that is where the poor air quality is expected to be. for most, sit going to be okay, but if you do suffer from
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respiratory issues and have asthma. if you are very susceptible, just something to be aware of. those are the two areas where the air quality could impact our sensitive groups. 86-degrees the afternoon high fors so lee toe. 87 for petaluma and 91 to santa rosa. we have 84 president. 84 in danville. upper 80s in antioch. for our south bay, upper 80s san jose. santa cruz 89 the afternoon high for you there. along the peninsula, 87 woodside. 83 in san matteo. 84 san francisco. upper 70s to low 80s along the coastline. everybody is going to be warm to hot. here is a look at the extended forecast. notice along the coast and around the bay, temperatures do begin to fall tomorrow. the onshore breeze is expected to kick up and help us out there. our inland cities won't feel until about tuesday when we all cool down. wednesday and thursday back into some fall-like weather.
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70s along the bay. summertime heat still with us. summer ends and the heat continues. >> pretty much. boxes and boxes of sensitive personal data dumped in the trash. coming up, the discovery made by one bay area viewer and one ktvu viewer and what happens when 2 investigates followed that paper trail. but first a break-through made on the uc davis campus. the new breath test developed that is able to check the level of druggers in a person's bloodstream. how doctors say it will be very useful coming up. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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it can be used to care for patients who take opioids for chronic pain. >> as a doctor, we have to record all the opioids the patients take not just from us but from other prescribers and sometimes that is a little
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challenging and this will allow us to measure in clinic. >> used to new the amount of alcohol, a person and breathe into this device. that collects droplets for detecting. this technology they be useful for law enforcement to detect illegal drug use. hah law enforcement might be interested in using this as a breathalyzer type de-- device as well. there are more than 47,000 opioid-related deaths in the country in 2017. >> that is a challenge, and obviously an awful lot of resources are being put to that area to try and figure out how we combat that crisis both from a medical care and also from a legal standpoint. >> reporter: dr. kenyan says in the longterm, they hope to expand the uses for this technology to detect chemicals in vapidevices and to identify chemicals people ar exposed to after a wildfire. >> what we hope is that we can
7:26 am
improve the device that can connect breath in a couple of minutes and that it will help doctors in a couple of ways. >> more than 40 marines and marine recruits teamed up to remove invasive plants and other fire hazards from diamond park in oakland yesterday. the areas not too far from the 1991 firestorm that destroyed about 3000 buildings and climb claimed more than two dozen lives. active and reserve man core members as well as friends of diamond park joined in on the effort. >> we were moving up dry live levers and the have you beens. moving plastic bottoms. getting rid of all that stuff so we could clear out a clear path. >> a lot of hard work. the idea for the debris removal came about when a city council member contacted the marines and as for their help clearing the park dry brush and some other fire hazards. it has been another day of unrest as the violent protests continue in the chinese region. demonstrators were seen starting fires in the streets
7:27 am
as a way to deter police. protests have amped up over the last couple of days after leader terry lamb invoked in emergency law and banned the use. that ban triggered a rash of widespread violence and destruction. a group of pro democracy legislators filed a legal challenge saying acted in bad faith by bypassing the legislative council and invoking that emergency law. our coverage continues on this woke end's fire danger coming up. how people in northern california react after pg ande turned off their power in order to reduce the risk of wildfire. that is ahead in a live report. also ahead, the impeachment inquiry heats up in washington as the trump administration is refusing to turn over documents as officials believer the fight could end up in the courts.
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mornings on 2. let's get a look at your weather. meet is meteorologist rosemary. we had a beautiful day yesterday. we have this fire danger overnight and then heat. the heat is on. there is something about fleet
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week and blue angels and blue skies and warm weather. it just always comes under fire. we have octoberfest festivities going on around the bay area swept the blue grass that wraps up today and the weather could not be better if you like it sunny and warm. today, temperatures are going up above yesterday's by several degrees. now, with this type of pattern being the driest time of year, any kind of wind, especially from the northeast is going to raise those fire danger concerns and that is exactly what happens started last night. it will go until 10:00. it is for our north bay hills. elevation above a thousand feet. east bay not included in this. looking at the winds right now anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour. i did see them kick up to 30 in some areas. relative hue many i ted dropped into the teens. that red flag morning is in place until 10:00 this morning. these are in areas anywhere
7:32 am
from any from 1 to 2000 fite. a northeast breeze. relative humidity is 24%. areas over big rock. 67-degrees as we have the wind coming up in the southeast eight miles per hour relative humidity to be there at 24 pert. we'll continue to watch this over the next hours or so. something to be aware of if a fire start this is time of year as it could move very quickly. winds around the bay area generally light. calm conditions. concord reporting calm conditions and temperatures are a little warmer in most areas. up blue four over concord. up by eight over livermore. as we take a look at some of those numbers. it is calm of the north bay. 24 to start your day santa rosa. around the bay upper 50s in san francisco. we have 65 in berkeley. definitely a northeast breeze there keeping that temperature up. 59 in brentwood and 52 for san
7:33 am
jose. here is a look at yesterday into today. santa rosa expected to climb to 91. yesterday, the high was 8 approximate. on the coastline getting in on that warmth. upper 70s for paci fictionca. temperatures fall in some areas. i'll have a look at what is coming up. there is a red flag in effect. the extreme fire risk means firefighters are prepared for the worst. ktvu is live for us at mount town state park which is included in this fire warning zone. good morning, sarah. good morning, claudine. we're just off the panara, 000,000c highway. the conditions here not so bad. sit warming up just a bit. not much i've breeze. the national weather service did issue that red flag warn
7:34 am
ago above 1000 feet. that is in effect until 10:00 this morning. northeast winds up to 20 miles per hour, and low humidity were forecasted. that is political fire weather. the gate at the panoramic. and they are closed to cars until 10:00 a.m. when the red flag warning expires. the pedestrian and bicycle traffic is still allowed. all science upped their staff to prepare for this event. >> and they are down. even though they look green when we get relative humidities down and winds up, those green fuels will burn. >> the high fire risk forced pg ande to force power to areas of the counties last night. the bay area isn't affected by the public safety power shut- off yet, but the utility's meteorologist are keeping an eye on napa county and five other northern california counties just in case. because of the hot temperatures
7:35 am
and poor air quality, today is also the year's 18th spare the air date for smog. again, that red flag warning expires at 10:00 this morning. ktvu, fox 2 news. all right, sarah, thank you u. a group of demonstrators are calling attention to a recall effort against the garvin new? at the state capitol. there have been dozens of efforts to recall california governors over the years. that was gray davis back in '03. for the governor to be recalled, at least 12% of the total number of people who voted in the last gubernatorial election have to sign a petition. those who attended yesterday's rally say they have multiple issues with governor new? >> california voted to have the death penalty and our governor didn't listen to cuss at all and totally overrode that like we don't count. well, we do count. we want our voice to be heard. we want him out.
7:36 am
>> he has not dealt with the homeless situation very well. i am just concerned that i can't afford to live here anymore and i have lived here my entire life. >> a new poll from the public policy institute of california shows how residents as a whole feel about the governor. the survey found that 24% approve of his leadership. 32% disapprove. five people have been arrested in connection with a grab and run theft at lulu llemon. that happened at the mon store in walnut creek on september 13th. a description helped police track down those suspects. in the vehicle, police found $7600 worth of merchandise for the store. four adults and a juvenile were arrestsuspicion of grand theft, burglary, and conspiracy. now to the impeachment inquiry in washington. president trump lashing out at utah senator mitt romney for his criticism of the president's alleged abuse of
7:37 am
power in dealing with ukraine. in a tweet yesterday, the president said, quote, aim hearing the great people of -- i am hearing the great people of utah considering their vote for their senator mitt romney to be a big mistake. i agree. he is a fool who is playing right into the hands of the do nothing democrats. if in an earlier tweet, the president used vulgar language to describe senator romney. president's attacks come after a turbulent week in washington. the trump administration is refusing to turn over documents subpoenaed. this has prompted three committees to accept up their efforts. the very latest now from washington. right now, it looks like this fight over documents is likely going to end up in the courts ever so far, the white house is refusing to cooperate with the inquiry and last night a trio of top democrattings responded by issuing a new spoken. the heads of throe house committees, oversight intelligence and foreign affairs have given the white house until october 18th to
7:38 am
provide documents related to that effort. and in a letter to acting white house chief of staff, the democratic lawmakers warned failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena counts evidence of obstruction of the house's impeachment inquiry and may be used as an adverse inference against you and the president. those same committees have requested documents from vice president mike pence regarding reports that he was involved in efforts to pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens. this all comes on the same day that mike pompeo missed the deadline to comply for a second subpoena with documentings related to his departments and reactions for ukraine and rudy giuliani. pompeo criticized the democratic-lead committees. >> sadly there have been a congressional inquiries that have harassed and abused state department employees blue won contracting directly and seeking them to provide documents. official u.s. government records and asking them to do so without saying hey, don't
7:39 am
bother calling the state department hour lawyers. why us talk to us directly. south carolina speaker nancy pelosi defended the inquiry and said it was a sad and somber time for the country. >> some people say why are you doing in? he's not worth it to divide the country. he may not be, but our constitution is worth it. our democracy is worth it. >> the state department is in touch with the committees that are trying to work something out to have officials testify. in washington, fox news. this morning, we are learning about what former ambassador said in this opening statement on thursday in front of the house intelligence committee. he said, quote, new ukraine yan leadership wanted to convince those like major giuliani who believe such a negative narrative about ukraine that times have changed and that under the president, ukraine is worthy of u.s. support. thement possibility of impeachment didn't stop the president of making a new
7:40 am
request while still reaffirming the original ask to the ukraine yan president that started this impeachment inquiry. >> china should start an investigation. president zalinssi. if it were me, i would recommend they start an investigation into the bidens. nobody has any doubt. >> on friday, the intelligence community inspector general stephed that the whistle blower stuck to the rules and the anonymous official isn't the story. the story, he says is that phonecall and the text messages that u.s. officials exchanged with ukraine yans. time now is 7:40. north korea and the u.s. have agreed to meet again in two weeks to resume negotiations. delegations from the two countries met in sweden yesterday to try to make progress towards a peace agreement. north korea claims the talks broke down and accused the u.s. of taking a hard-line stance towards north korea. but the u.s. is telling a different story. the state department claims
7:41 am
north korea's statement did not reflect the content or the spirit of the nearly nine-hour long conversations. there is -- there remains to be a lot of work that wil have to be done. we hope the initial meetings will set the course for dialogues. >> the discussions come days after north korea testfired an underwater missile. two countries have said they are committed to the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. they disagree on what that means. the exact time and the location have not been set. democratic candidate bernie sanders is resting at home in vermont. he returned to burlington. he was taken after complaining of chest pain. his campaign later confirmed that he did suffer a heart attack. he will be participating in the next debate in ohio in october 15th. and a key witness in amer
7:42 am
guybger's murder trial can killed. joker what brown was shot multiple time ons friday night at an apartment complex in dallas. brown lived across the hall from 26-year-old wilson john. the man who guyger was convicted of killing. she was working and had just completed a long shift and she says she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and shot him believing he was an intruder. brown testified during that trial. a man is in jail because of killing seriously injuring another in new york city. and a homeless man was attacking others with a metal bar through china town early yesterday morning. the attacks happen as you were sleeping. when he was oared, police have not yet identified a motive for those attacks. >> the motive appears to be right now just a random attack. it doesn't seem -- no one was
7:43 am
targeted by race, age or anything of that nature. >> the lone survivor of the attack was taken and is currently in critical condition. a powerpole explosion injures four in southern california. the very latest on the investigation that happened during a crowded octoberfest celebration. and sensitive personal information found in the trash. two investigate calls a tip to find out how those legal files, medical records and more were carelessly dumped. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour.
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the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. this is all my personal information. >> what if i told you i downed. this is ridiculous u. >> court records, medical documents and personal information all found dumped in a local landfill. tipsters stumbled upon dozens of boxes filled with sensitive tape papers that were thrown away. with their concerns about identity theft after people's privacy u. our investigative reporter tracks down the potential victims and looks into how it
7:47 am
all happened. who may be surprised by who appears to be responsible. >> every day, trash trucks rolled in or out of that contra costa landfill, a place where the public is welcome to throw away junk, furniture, or almost anything taken up space. >> sit the exact spot. it is just gut-wrenching. aim like oh my gosh. >> where people like adrian stumbled upon this in july. >> i can't give you a number. there were so many. >> piles of old case trials identified by this former lawfirm secretary. she contacted two investigates after taking these photos. some of the records containing private medical information, everything from prescriptions to life-changing medical conditions to private family members. >> you know somebody needs to be accountable for this. >> she says she called the
7:48 am
lawyers listed on some of the files but explained they didn't seem concerned. all the files we identified traced bahing to this san francisco-based lawfirm. one of their attorneys told us nothing was being disclosed and most people don't go digging around at the dump. >> i just go out. it makes me french. why would a lawyer do that. somebody is not stopping to think it through. >> richard has been an attorney for decades and lex chus about legal efforts. he says the law is clear. everyone, especially lawyers are required to protect the privacy of any california resident. >> if you think it through and you understand the sensitivity of particularly medical information, no lawyer would fail to destroy those files by shredding or other appropriate thing. >> that shredding never happened. we found at least eight civil cases were boxed and abandoned. the law requires private information stay private and
7:49 am
personal details should be unreadable. meanwhile, nearly 100 miles away where the air is nearly 100 degrees. here sits a small gional medical center. it is the place where we found some of these personal medical records were produced. after looking through this paperwork, we were able to track down one of the people listed here to this home. we're going to show her what we found. unbelievable. jennifer lewis and her family were in a car crash but the case was settled out of court. my whole entire night was right here. >> she never expected all our personal information can end up in our hands. this is absurd. this is too much. >> and we found it wasn't even
7:50 am
her families but the defense lawyers who left her at the in- field. >> i am totally stunned. how dare them. >> the lawfirm will not comment saying it is investigating and will provide a statement once it determines what other duringed. we showed the lewis family the photos. >> how dare them, and not just to jennifer, but the other people. oh my gosh. john, look at this. >> particularly in this day and age, years and years into extra privacy for california residents, no lawyer should be throw ago way files without making surethey cannot be rediscovered or used in my possible way. >> two investigates spoke with the california state bar about what we found. the bar could issue a warning letter to all of its attorneys reminding them documents must be destroyed, not just thrown away. right now, sit unclear if the lawfirm responsible for these dumped files will be
7:51 am
reprimanded. ktvu, fox 2 news. if you have a tip for our investigates team, we would like to hear from you. call (510)874-0222. or e-mail ktvu to 2 investigates at 7:51. let's talk about our weather. we have the heat and we have the fire danger. we have it all going this morning and rosemary is watching it all. >> yeah, so we do have that heightened fire danger. that concern lasting until about 10:00 this morning. a little breezy in our hills and it is our north bay hills that will have that going. we are looking at warmer weather for today, and in addition to the dry breezy conditions. here is a view over san francisco. the gorgeous start by the day. that northeast flow that brings on the heightened fire danger kicks on the fog. from the coast around a bay an inland. for today, somewhere 59 degrees in san francisco. very calm over northbay. and santa rosa so a chilly
7:52 am
start for you there. and shore areas near oakland. livermore looking at 54. and san jos at this time is 52. temperatures are up by a few degrees in most areas. we are going to continue with this dry forecast. again, we are looking at temperatures warming five to ten degrees over yesterday's highs. santa cruz into the upper 80s. i'll show you a lot of 8 others around the bay. and near 90 degrees for more of the hotter spots. not a cloud around. as we get into the second apartment of the day, we will have mid to high-level clouds. as we get into tomorrow morning, more of the same. changes do become late in the day. they start to strengthen. cool down the bay a little bit.
7:53 am
tomorrow will be just as warm as today. the big cool-down will begin. spare the air day. the area quality to remain good. north bay it is going to be moderate. we to see poor air quality into the afternoon. the inner eastbay as well as the santa clara valerie. 86 expected toes so lee toe. for the east bay, we have 84. and 89 expected expected over hears of antiocl. and upper 80s by the water in santa cruz. along the peninsula. 86 in redwood city. the city of soon francis -- san francisco. going to be warm. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will begin to cool some along the coast and around
7:54 am
the bay tomorrow. our inland city are still quite warm and everybody begins that drop temperatures on tuesday by wednesday. mid 0sth -- mid 50s on the coast. when those, if-16s fly friday and saturday. it is pretty good. at least the afternoon sunshine when they run over. it is going to be just today. the stanford cardinal comes up with a big victory. >> over what has been considered one of the best teams in the country. not so much to bay area teams, though. we have highlights from cal and stanford coming up. g up.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
welcome back. the washington huhs keys are not big fans. yesterday, it was stanford's turn to upset the number 15 team in the country 23-10. this one under the lights and on the farm down 7-3. first half stanford goes upstairs takes the lead. davis mills. the catcher, he walks and cardinal up 13-7. never gave the lead back. stanford you one and three. now 3-3 pulling off the big upset with a nice win 23-10. the bears taking on number 13, oregon and eugene. could start. the new qb falling a strike. oregon paced at 17 unanswered points on the board. and oregon beats cal 17-7. 4-2. and now 1-2 on
7:59 am
the pac 126789 here is what is happening today on the big football sunday. and ktvu sports has the break- down with the mercedes spin followed by the fox bro game show at 9:00. coming up at 10:00, the raiders and the bears playing in london by the way. that game will be followed by the packers and the cowboys and then the ot with our guy. they games with the buck books. not the winner to speak of. sharks played and scored a long ball in last goal. that was not enough. thes averaging a goal a game and outscored 12-3 so far in their three games. anaheim and las vegas at work. now gnashvail started a three- game road trip on tuesday at 0-
8:00 am
3. we're talking about this red flag warning in effect for parts of the bay area. the hot and windy weather bringing that increased fire risk. pg ande practically tried to turn off power in three northern california counties. and a utility explosion rocking a southern california octoberfest television that injured four and sent others running. the very latest on the investigation into what caused that explosion to happen. and it is the beginning of a new era for golden state. and while the dubs did not get that win in their first game. when it comes to the chase center in san francisco, sit all about this new experience. so we talked to fans and tell you what they had to about the warrior's new home. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning to you on this beautiful sunday morning as we take a look out across the bay. it is warm. it is gorgeous. it the start of fleetweek.
8:01 am
blue skies by the wire as we wait for so many fun festivities. i guess we get a little fire danger but a beautiful day nonetheless. >> a couple more hours still on that red flag warning for our north bay hills. for the rest of us, sit going to be a warmer day. there is a look at the golden gate bridge where it is a beautiful start to the day. a lot of sunshine. mid and high level clouds perhaps into the afternoon. but it won't be much. that may be all we see as it comes to the cloud cover for today. the red flag warning for our north bay hills again until 10:00 this morning. the wind gusts not too bad from what i can see anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour or so. here is the latest check. we'll start at atlas peak over our north bay hills where we do have a northeast breeze to
8:02 am
about 15 miles per hour. relative humidity reported at 22 port. over areas of lake county reportling 28% relative humidity with the breeze coming from the southeast. we'll do one more shift here over areas of middle paning where that north breeze is at about 1516 miles per hour and relative humidity at about 25%. we're very warm. very dry. we are going to remain in that pattern for at least the next couple of days before we begin to see a bigger change. temperatures right now 59 deglees san francisco. very 55 to start your day in hayward. in the north bay, it is a cool one. 47 in napa. 47 degrees outside your corridor. santa rosa with very calm conditions. here is a look from yesterday into saturday. santa rosa, 83. today going to 91. san francisco is going to take a big jump by 9 degrees. 48 for your afternoon high. concord upper 80s. san jose doing the same. areas like santa cruz. upper 80s in your forecast for today. when we come back, we'll have a look around the afternoon highs and what the cool-down is
8:03 am
expected coming up. we goaling developing news out of kansas city where four people are dead after a shooting in a bar. we just got some new information about the search for the shooters. police are saying they are looking for two men who they say opened fire at about 1:30 at the tequila casey bar in the riverview neighborhood of kansas city. police say the shooters had gotten in a fight earlier in the night in that bar. they left and came back with handguns. police say 40 people were inside the bar when the two men started shooting and a total of nine people were shot. four people were killed. five were hurt. the victims are men who change in age from their 20s to one man in his late 50s. the search for the shooters continues at this hour. and new this morning, police are investigating a shooting in newark that left a 15-year-old boy kid and another 15-year-old boy in custody. that shooting happened at around 11:30 on thursday night at a home on braidburn aver dunbarton bridge. rom the police say they found a 15-year-
8:04 am
old with a gunshot wound and he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the suspected shooter whether or not is also a 15-year-old boy was arrested. police say they did find the weapon that was used in the shooting at the scene and because the victim and suspect are both minors, police are not releasing their names or any other information about the shooting. time now is 8:04. the coast guard has found a body that was believerred to be a woman swept away to sea friday night. police say a 24-year-old woman was reported missing after going into the ocean around 8:00 friday night. the san francisco fire department says she was with a group of friends at the time who say they lost sight of her after she simply walked into the water. firefighters and the coastguard responded but were unable to find her. the female body found yesterday matches the description of that victim. a utility pole explosion during an octoberfest celebration in southern california injured several overnight. the incident happened in huntington beach in orange county south of l. a. a
8:05 am
transformer exploded in an underground electrical vault at the overall village. octoberfest celebration around 8:00 last night. the village had to be evacuated. two firefighters along with two other patrons were injured. officials say the injuries are minor. witnesses describe the event as up to three explosions initially sending a big fireball into the sky. southern california edison is trying to determine what may have caused those explosions. happening now, there is a red flag warning across three bay area counties in the north bay. ktvu live for us this morning at mount ham state park in marin county which is one of the areas affected by this warning. good morning, sarah. >> good morning, claudine. that's right. we are just off the panoramic highway within the state dark. temperatures are already warming up. not much of a breeze to speak about at this point. you are feeling the heat at this hour this morning. the area that we are at is 975 feet. the national weather service did issue that red flag warning
8:06 am
for the north bay mountains aabove 1000 feet in mapa, sanoma and marin counties. that is in effect until just under two hours until 10:00 this morning. the forecast calls for northeast winds up to 20 miles per hour and possible gusts up to 35 miles per hour. low humidity was also expected which can approximate lead to a big fire risk. the gates at the panoramic and west ridgecrest fairfax road are closed to cars until 10:00 a.m. when the red flag warning expires. pedestrian and bicycle traffic, though, is still allowed. all marin county fire stations increased their staff including a strike team for this weather event. they say don't be fooled by how green everything is here. >> it is pretty dry. you people in butte, have been without power since last night. pg ande implemented the public
8:07 am
safety shut-off program in the areas. the bay area but the utility's meteorologists are kaiser permanenteing an eye. the air quality means the spare the air day is in effect today. that red flag rocker warning expires at 10:00 this morning. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> star remarks thanks. it is week five of the nfl. on this sunday, we have an action-packed jam day right here on ktvu. coming up next, we're going to talk with ktvu about what the rader's home road trip to london is all about and talk about facing the bears. that is coming up. stay with us.
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goods morning. i wanted to hear that play out just a bit. we have some gorgeous weather in store if you like it sunny and you like it warm, that is exactly what is on tap giving you a live shot. we're going to have plenty over
8:11 am
the city of san francisco. if you are going out to hardly strictly, blue grass is going to be a nice one. temperatures up to a mild start in san francisco at 59-degrees where we do have a chill in the air. santa losa. san jose good morning to you at 55. numbers are up by several degrees. livermore by 7. around the bay, we have areas of oakland reporting a four degrees warmer. san jose doing the same. napa and concord four as well. that is a popular number. winds are generally light. take a look at the current conditions. calm conditions over the north bay. calm conditions over the east bay. i will mention again if you are just joining us in our north bay hills, we do have a red flag warning, a spare the air
8:12 am
day we will go aabove that mark. if i don't are susceptible and have respiratory and asthma, this might affect you. the dry forecast for your bay area sunday. temperatures will continue to warm by several degrees over yesterday's highs. 70s and 80s along the coast. 80s around the bay. upper 80 toss near 90 expected inland. today is expected to be the warmest day for the coast as well as the bay. for inland cities, that heat is going to hold on for one more day. we have mostly clear skies you can see. not a lot of cloud cover. we have mid and high level clouds that will stream across the bay area into the afternoon and hopefully provide us with a really pretty sunset. as we get into monday morning,% of the same. we start off with skies. the onshore temperature kicks in and brings temperatures on the coastline. upper 80.
8:13 am
91 in santa rosa. for the east bay. upper 80s walnut creek. upper 80s expected for brentwood. south bay for today. upper 80s san jose. 89 by the water in santa cruise. 08 degreece in daily city and that includes about 80 degrees or so out at golden gate park. by wednesday and thursday fall- like weather. nearing 80 degrees inland. week number five in the nfl, the niners will make us wait another day as they go prime time and tomorrow night at home the raders are home. they take on the bears for the game is beings played in london. for more on both games, let's check in with our sunday morning football.
8:14 am
joe fonzi. good morning. >> it says on the schedule that this is a rader home game but last time i checked. that is a road trip times two. are you a fan of those out-of- country games. >> the nfl wants to extend that brand and i i have been to a couple of those ones when i went there with the 49ers. they are not really a home game for anybody. what you see is you see all 32 jerseys. there are scouting all over europe. is you get to see an nfl game. everybody whether or not is an ffl fan shows up. what is interesting is they usually have been playing at wimbley stadium. they are playing at the brand new stadium. it is the first time the game has been played there. >> 49 game on the road since
8:15 am
they finally came home. that is a strong stretch. five games in six weeks away from the oakland coliseum. the others responded last week against indianapolis. the thing that was the best thing is they got the offense going. they were playing fromling behind. and they got an interception return for a touchdown when indianapolis was kind of pressing. you saw the advantage for the raders of getting points on the board and that really worked out for them last week. >> what do you think that is going to be like? >> he asked this week is this going to be a motivation for you, and he said you bet it in is. he didn't try to hide it. a lot of times his players will
8:16 am
say it is just another game on the schedule. he didn't hide it. that was the thing that was making had all the headlines at the beginning of last year. he had held out and that big trade. the raders get draft pick. we were watch matching stats with the entire rader team and in so many categories, his defensive stats were better than the entire rader team almost all of last year. and we're going to talk about that, in fact, on the mercedes benz sports weekend coming up in a few minutes. in some categories we are still holding his own since the trade against the entire rader team in defensive stats. >> kind kind of wish he was still wearing the silver and black. it will be interesting to see where that goes today. can the raders win this game? >> sure, you know, i think what last week proved to me. you know, they are always talking about parody and the nfl. the teams that we thought.
8:17 am
there were only three undefeated teams left. some of the teams we thought were elite weren't so elite. you each teams that we thought were good. we know that miami is really bad. we know that kansas city is elite and new england is elite. that might be a whole backpack of people. the 49ers have to prove tomorrow night if justhe fact that they played some not so good teams. >> let's segway. a monday night game. who would have thought a brown 49er game a few years ago would with would be highlighted. here we go. the browns coming at 2-2. the niners another loss in the bunch. >> the brown hearsay 2-2 in one of those teams that i just described where one week they look like they are going to be really good. you know, they knocked off baltimore who kind of seemed
8:18 am
like an elite team la week, and yet they have had games where they haven't looked so good also and through the nfl darling the way the 49ers are last year. the 49ers had a lot of monday night games and sunday night games. they are a triple threat offensively. baker mayfield had a great rookie year. this year he has more interceptions than he does touchdown passes so he is kind of feeling a little bit. the newly required receive. he only had two catches last week. then that is the guy against baltimore. so they have kind of a three- headed monster that is 49ers have to deal with. we have been talking about how good the 49er defense is so that unite will be a little bit banged up on the secondary and they will be tested tomorrow night against the browns.
8:19 am
believe it or not, more road teams have won this year than home teams. we are back to what we just said. the nfl is trying to achieve parody and that looks like what we have this year which i suppose if you are in the middle of that group and not one of those bad teams. that is the thing we want to avoid. you go into one of those running streaks. we are not going to be a play- off team. we're out of it. if you had are in the middle of that pack this tame time of year in october, november, and early december. that is all fans can ask for. you can say that about both bay area teams. >> the network likes it, too. niners a four-point favorite in that monday night game. always a pleasure.
8:20 am
enjoy your coffee and we'll look forward to your showment cooing up at 8:30. >> we'll be back with more morningings on 2. stay right there.
8:21 am
8:22 am
well golden state warrior fans have the fir chance to see their team play at the new home. nearly everyone we talked to wake add way impressed. 1046 seats. people who are really excited. we talked to people who say the
8:23 am
builds just felt electric and they were thrilled by the brilliant colors and the sounds from the moment they walked through those doors. >> i have never been to one of these before. i did not know it was going to be this cool. the sign is amazing. and so i think it is just that intimacy where we can really show our strength in numbers and be loud and cheer them on. >> and they were also very impressed with i bithat thick. that is the new jumbotron. it is 9699 square feet. in that sounds huge, it is. the war jar yours lost that game in their home. on thursday, they'll be back hosting the you timberwolves. >> more than 100 people showing up to talk about what they want. that new waterfront stadium was approved. it was host bid the east bain
8:24 am
alliance for sustainable economy. the group is concerned the new 34,000 footballpark will increase the gentrity case of the city and push out some community members. >> we need to make sure that we have in the ready legally fighting from the gate. yep. a poll taken last fall showed more than 70% of people that live in oakland do support the new ballpark and team officials say they are committed to keeping the team in oakland. well, it is the last day of the hardly strictly blue grass festival in san francisco. we'll tell you what you should expect if you are headed towards golden gate park today. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
8:25 am
8:26 am
hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
8:27 am
o today is the final day of the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. you're checking out video from social media. thousands of people have actually packed into san francisco for that festival. there is our overhead shot of the crowd. this is in its 19th year. golden gate park hosts 83 bands over sticks stages over three days. this year, there are extra security measures in place. that includes fencing around the perimeter and guests are required to have clear bags and backpacks. that festival continues today
8:28 am
from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and fleet week kicks off today in san francisco. it will go through next weekend. it is going to be a very busy week in the city. that annual event draws hundreds of thousands of people to san francisco. security is expected to be tight. the cities and emergency management office is asking people to sign up to receive free emergency text alerts about emergency information about the event. if you would like to get those texts and those alerts, just text fleetweeksf to 888777. there are two octoberfest celebrations happening today here in the bay area. the first is in sanoma county at cornerstone sanoma for the annual octoberfest celebration. the celebration will feature some live polka music. haybale and pumpkin patch. you have to have a beer garden, too. it is being held at the cornerstone sanoma arnold drive from 11:00 until 5:00 tonight. admission is absolutely free. and over the east bay, the city of clayton wraps up its two-day event going on in downtown clayton and features
8:29 am
an authentic beer garden as well. they are featuring a live music for the big carnival area for ki of all ages. family-friendly. clayton's festival will include artists. vendors selling everything from octoberfest gear to jewelry. this fun starts at 11:00 and will shut down tonight at 6:00. >> sit going to be warm. 70s and 80s along the coastline. 80s long the bay. a few low 90s for our inland cities. we will begin to drop temperatures by tomorrow along the coast and the bay. our inland cities holding on to the heat for one more day and everybody getting in on a pattern into tuesday. and by wednesday into thursday, partly cloudy skies. afternoon sun. 70s around the bay. 80 degrees inland. >> 80 sounds perfect. >> mornings on 2 continues at 9:00 over on ktvu plus. here on ktvu, we're going to join the ktvu sports team for the weekend sports wrap. for more news ask weather switch over toktvu at 9:00 a.m. we'll see you there. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
8:30 am
we'll talk 49er football ming right up. top number three of the rader's world tour continue this is weekend in london. the opponent is the 3-1 chicago bearsth. >> the warriors have opened the preseason. they are new and younger and we'll get you reacquainted with the golden state warriors. >> this is mercedes


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