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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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shooting at a crowded oakland park, the victim of father who is watching his son's football practice. this man was laying here dying and his children was right over there. why would you do that? and a park? we kids. witnesses say dozens of children were at the park when
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someone rode up on a motorcycle and opened fire on a man who was watching his kids. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville. it happened it concordia park in oakland on 64th avenue at about 5 30 last night. interviews. amberleigh is at the oakland police department tonight. an ember the victim was a high school basketball coach and also a father of three. that's what a close friend of the victim is telling us. and police described this killing as brazen. they say it happened in front of dozens of children in a neighborhood park on thursday afternoon, there was an eerie calmness. as police investigators collected evidence at concordia part on 64th avenue in east oakland, neighbors say the laughter of children playing now silenced after a man was shot and killed wednesday afternoon during youth football practice. the fact that they they're shooting in this park with kids that they're not caring about these kids that's out here, it's devastating. ah friend has
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identified the victim as rubin lewis of the east bay. he's the father of three young sons. he was at the park to pick up two of them from football practice. this man was laying here dying and his children was right over there, watching that. police say the shooting happened around 5 30 shortly before sunset killed. thistles cell phone video from neighbor don skelton. there were kids everywhere. they were. practicing football to see those those kids running around trying to pick up all this stuff their belongings. they had to come back here by the man and pick up and it just that hurted me like, why would you do that? and a park? we kids oakland fire tells me an off duty firefighter who was there as a parent tried to resuscitate lewis skelton says children witnessed the shooting. who does that with kids all around, so they they're gonna be remembering seeing his motorcycle, pull up
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and shoot a man. so you think that's gonna affect these kids? lewis died at the scene. police say the 36 year old suspect turned himself in wednesday night, and he's under arrest. the idea that someone would be so brazen to come into a place that sacred just the worst thing that you could ever experience as a chief is knowing that the young people in your community was exposed toe senseless violence icu. a friend tells me this is video of lewis, working as a food vendor at the oakland coliseum during a warriors game. the 38 year old is also a junior far city basketball coach at ignacio valley high school in walnut creek. we got to start being better, you know, especially when his children around. police have not released the suspect's identity or a motive. ah friend of lewis tells me he suspects the motive, maybe jealousy. frank.
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i don't even know what to say. it's just so awful. amber thank you. also in oakland woman was dragged down the street by a car while thieves were stealing her purse. crime was captured on surveillance video. it happened yesterday afternoon on international boulevard at ninth avenue. in the video, you can see the woman they're trying to hold on to her purse as the car keeps driving. eventually she let go in the suspects drove off. today we talked to the woman's husband. he told us that she was leaving oakland beauty supply with a car drove up behind her, and a thief grabbed her purse. she was dragged about 100 ft. she was bruised and shaken but not seriously hurt. the thieves got away in a white car with black rims, a smash and grab robbery was caught on camera in golden gate park. but the would be victims were able to hold on to their belongings. ktvu is cristina rendon spoke with the tourists who fought back and the witness who recorded the whole thing. jason and i a
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wants and going to let this thief get away with his family's backpack in suitcase, he's able to rustle back his belongings as the robber hops into a getaway car. i'm just like. wondering what's this guy doing on that side for vehicle? he's got no business there. jason his wife, natalie, and their two year old son, jasper, had been in golden gate park for 10. minutes wednesday afternoon. it was their last stop on a california road trip before heading home to seattle. the thief dropped the suitcase full of jasper's clothes. the backpack had diapers and toys. he was definitely trying to get away, you know, luggage, but thankfully, we were close enough that you know we were able to catch up to them and stop him. at the same time. i was driving down filming him, and by the time the video was finished, i was like, literally like right next to the getaway car. forced landing started recording when he realized he was witnessing a smash and grab. it's the second one he's seen in golden gate park in the last two years, and he's seen his
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fair share of broken glass on the street. i guess they just know that it's just not much of ah, risk or they could just get usually get away with it. i don't think they expect most people to go after them. these things need to be reported. they it's a serious problem around here. san francisco police say most of golden gate park is in the richmond district, where robberies are up, but car burglaries are down. the entire family now knows they shouldn't have left their luggage in plain sight on unexpected way to end their san francisco visit before that way, we're having a great time. yeah, and we're still okay. we're still having a good time. i'm just happy that nothing actually back. happened to us? yeah. no we got all our belongings being dia family was able to switch out their rental car and continue on their trip. they do plan on filing a police report online once they returned home, the suspect's vehicle came back registered to a rental car company, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news today. the united states launched air strikes in syria. they targeted facilities near the iraqi border that are being
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used, they say, by iranian backed militia groups. the pentagon says the strikes were in retaliation for a rocket attack in iraq earlier this month. that incident left a civilian contractor dead and wounded a u. s service member and other coalition troops. defense secretary lloyd austin says they're confident that the target was being used by the same shia militia that conducted the strikes in iraq. very deliberate about our approach, as you would expect this to be a way allowed and encouraged the iraqis to investigate and develop intelligence. so that was very helpful to us and refining the target. the pentagon says that several facilities were destroyed at the border control point used by the militant groups. this is the first military action taken by the biden administration, starting tomorrow. santa clara county is lifting restrictions on youth sports, allowing outdoor sports to resume. the county will be
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in lying with guidelines released by the state health department last week. people can also gather outdoors without face coverings if they stay 6 ft. away from people not in their household. health officials say the county could go into the red tear a soon as next wednesday, which would all also allow indoor dining restaurant owners say they're thrilled. it'll definitely up our revenue will start making money again, instead of breaking even that will put us you know, back in the black and make people feel a bit more normal. being in the red tear would also allow other businesses to reopen, such as jim's movie theaters and museums at reduced capacity. the pandemic has helped a huge blow to bart's bottom line, bart officials say they expect dollars in revenue through the next fiscal katsuyama i. jenna b that they think some of these commuters may never come back. it really
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it's a sharp drop off, frank today we heard that with more people staying at home and working from home bart has seen ridership drop of more than 80% since before the pandemic, and the bart board of directors was told today that it could take years to recover. at the walnut creek bart station. this is what a weekday at 5 p.m. looks like now nearly empty platforms and cars, replacing pre pandemic rush hour before you don't even have a place to sit and you have to stand up. no almost all the seats are empty. bart spokeswoman alicia trow says with more people working from home. ridership has dropped. so 49ers 1000 weekday writers this week to give you an idea of what it was before it was about 410,000. so ridership is been hovering around 88% down. that means bart's previous $953 million in revenue from 2018 and 2019 is
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expected to drop 45% this year, bart officials say federal relief funding will help them balance this year's budget. the bard board of directors met for a daily workshop thursday to discuss how the pandemic may have fundamentally changed bart's future with new commute patterns. more people working from home long term and people moving out of the bay area. what does it look like? in a world where you know we are only at, say 25% to 30% hereabouts recovery rate. and how do we make up the rest of that pie chart? look at the end of the day with respect to return to service. certainly we can. we can hope to get full service well before that, but i'm not sure that a three year full service return is realistic. some writers worry about cuts to bart, which is a lifeline for many barrier residents. we didn't get laid off. so we kept working. um before and after condemn it. bart officials say they've trimmed costs by reducing some service to every 30 minutes
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instead of 15 minutes, hiring freezes and retirement incentives for 287 employees or 7% of the workforce. current writers hope there won't be higher fares or schedule cuts. and today, bart officials said that so far they are not considering any fare hikes. they have received nearly $500 million in federal relief funds to help cover the losses. but frank that is a temporary fix first. what is coming to look like very long term problems? yeah, the drop in ridership is just unreal. jana katsuyama life force tonight, janet. thank you, bart operators living or working in san francisco can now get the coronavirus vaccine, along with mew need drivers. major london breed said today the transit operators are included in emergency services during. phase one b of the state's vaccine guidelines. bart is also pushing for other counties to make the same distinction. more americans have now gotten
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a dose of the coronavirus vaccine, then have tested positive for the virus. that's according to the latest data from bloomberg. they say 26.5 million americans have gotten at least one shot 26.3 million people in the u. s have tested positive. a total of $66.5 doses have gone out and press. senator biden said millions more could be coming from johnson and johnson if it's authorized tomorrow. if the fda approves the use of this new vaccine, we have a plan to roll it out as quickly as johnson and johnson could make it. will use every conceivable way to expand manufacturing of the vaccine and will make even more rapid progress on overall vaccines in march. i am. president biden spoke as the white house mark more than 50 million covid vaccine doses given since the inauguration. coming up here, governor newsome outlines a plan to vaccinate california teachers
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over the next few weeks, plus the students who will soon be allowed to move onto the campus at stanford, and this stretch of warm, sunny weather. how much longer will it last will get you into the weekend? your weather's next and with outdoor dining, reopen struggling musicians or finally starting to perform again in front of an audience at 10 30. we'll hear from artists about the struggle
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covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first.
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reopen schools. we the guy now that a lee 10 per se of the state vaccine supply would go to, eh were. today we learn that each week the stay plan too. provide so thous. doe too. co off. of education. for d. schoo emp. will sick. use. co too. may x. a poi on. go. off says dipped. on sir. it could be a matter we. but the state. three huh? thous. pa. school teach. are they. stay for is now a more stew. too re. to camp. theme. know and now. it in jew and. back too. campool of many, sir. ma show the could is like. to be man. spring. and you know so
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it has a hun stew. who are due this. lor those who are struck. ri in per, sir. at k. pa. it bo. says the may. never at why her day need. to in. law. for all. stewed from one. of the city. two. the east side. you know, talk down. dis um, my. know. work. well. because it's you. know. cook cut that we wanted. you know. put in play. of the city. and so on. a to deal you know, talk. to the loo. um those that are being you know if. let in. the chill. who knew to get in. the cla. can the mayor poi too. stow he. and show the re of covid. in from a stew. is x. low. the car. says so far, he is the deal three. hundreds. on oppa. on his cell. sir jose web call for the rich. of in. learn in sao jose. in sir jose. j. again king. for two news in oak. in school.
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the education co. in we have to make an a. and time off there sea. day already begun. for the area. the inn. board will do phil the o sea. next. ther the bow can chew to a. truck or whole and a. all right. let's talk. weather she we? um sure every was in this. to we had a no one. of those abs. ab. day. with just beautif clay. sir out there. and we continue. to have the clue. sky as well. into our eve. in you could see it, you know? much. all cal. is the back. in the clear. sky. this e. certain we are here. in the bay, a. and what the me. is we're to see to. away chill. to per. right? because we don't have the key. and right. dry. in. the fall. and so rouz. and lie. so hang on to those low. though in san francisco. no. am in oak. are has come. down, too. a dear story. from where were. last. nigh. we had gone upward of seven mph up. hour. i go a lot. lip. cray there. but
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two nice and calm. we ryker. v ni. so in the o. too again, temp are going to be too cheap. we'll see. her inland. commune get into the upper thirties. and then die. in a the bay. be 40. and then to me. very to today. on there. to it. back. about three degrees. and again we've got the sea. we us when we are. all going see some. as we go in. two and i'll talk a little bit more. bow that. we look at our chow for ray when we could x to ho get some in when i come. by. and check a bit. for now. also it. back. to you. too. all. carl well, see it. thank you. that or public you'd commission says pete antifa. to clay. day bro. for pau line. this past year. today. sea p u. c ish. propose. to put p jeannie. in a ove, sir. prat. kay after that. fau the p janie did know clea bo. is an true. from pau. line that po the high. re for y. it the perp is oppa. pg would have to clear the brush. and subdue pro. rip every day. days. see it x.
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to be. on the pro. there in a. e in the fight for a fee. a minute. wage. what it tie. a fish! desai to. uh why it may. for press. vibe ca. relief. plan. plus an arrest three d. in the may. how police on the peninsula were abe to try. down a c. who they say is come. to boy. sir. a and
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$50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of two people who assaulted and robbed a mail carrier. it happened it about 2 45 on tuesday on calvary's drive in bay point surveillance video shows the men arriving in a late model dodge challenger before the attack and running back to that vehicle. afterward authorities say the men also still mail from the truck. in san matteo. police have made it
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a rest in a 32 year old cold case cold case and now say that there may possibly be more victims. detectives arrested 55 year old john harris jr yesterday in antica. investigators saved noah evidence links him to a horrible rape and attempted murder during a home invasion. in 1989, the throat of the victim was slashed. she was stabbed several times. she was fortunately able to fight back and survive. investigators say harris lived in the bay area back when the attack happened. he has since lived in san joaquin county and arizona, where investigators say he may possibly have attacked more people. this is part of our outreach to let people know that that's why the pictures up. i mean, typically, we don't do these types of things or to reach out to law enforcement areas. a lot of force named she's throughout the bay area and in his, uh prior residents or where he's lived before in in arizona. harris was booked at the cemetery county main jail and is being held on
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$500,000 bail. santa clara county sheriff's detectives arrested a child pornography suspect today in los altos hills. authorities served a search warrant on a home on winton way and arrested 58 year old william nerds. he was arrested for felony possession and distribution of child pornography. santa clara county detectives were assisted by u. s marshals. they were acting on a tip received from internet crimes against children about child pornography being downloaded and distributed on a messaging app. former u s. olympic gymnastics coach john get hurt killed himself today, hours after he was charged on several felony counts. he was facing a number of charges, including sexual assault and human trafficking. it was also facing a charge of lying to police in connection with disgraced sports doctor larry nassar. you'll recall that nassar was sentenced to prison in a case that included hundreds of sexual assault victims that get it had denied any knowledge of nasa's crimes.
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accused of letting people jump the line to get the coronavirus coronavirus vaccine how bay area counties are taking action. plus it's a little more difficult than without, but it's much better than not performing at all, musicians performing for the first time in months. how live audiences of outdoor diners air helping them chart a comeback? and later in sports. march madness right around the corner. we have a full slate of college action as santa clara takes on the top team in the country, undefeated gonzaga and a rash of coyote attacks in the east bay and tonight we're hearing from one of the victims how he describes
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the start of the pandemic are slowly starting to perform again, and many of them are now booking outdoor gigs. ktvu is as a smith is here now live and as that you spoke with some musicians who are now performing for the first time in months. yes, julie. music is what they live for. and for some, their livelihood is at stake while virtual shows and live streaming help reach more fans. nothing compares to being live in front of an actual audience. mother mention ring on my phone and downtown livermore on the outdoor patio of monica's restaurant. uh vibe, a sound. a lot of people have been missing for months and well over here. i know for me it's women march since last march, i have not been out to hear live music, the return of live music with a live performer, this time wearing a mask. it's a little more difficult than without, but it's much better than not performing at all. thursdays
10:31 pm
gig one of the first live events in a long time for east basing or songwriter michelle lambert, she calls performing in front of a crowd a light at the end of the tunnel. after spending the last few months, recording and writing music this gig just the beginning. they're just starting to roll in, and some of them are even very last minute and it's like the longer i'm getting a lot of summer events confirmed already. i think i speak for all musicians. when i say we'll just about will play just about anywhere. here is casey wikstrom, performing at a winery in carmel on valentine's day. the multi instrumentalist and blue looping artist from silicon valley says it's less about the money but getting back into the rhythm of playing live again. what he missed the most. that human connection what he did to survive. he taught more guitar and drum lessons and live streamed his music. it was really a struggle. i think the only benefit is that it gave me a deeper appreciation of just how important live music and art in
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general really is. i think everybody's really just to get out. monica's owner says live performances have increased foot traffic at dinner time. she's booking more musicians to keep the arts pulse beating. i think supporting live music is an important part of our community arts are so important and i think we realize that now more than ever because it's been taken away from us. and the musicians. i spoke with our tenderly optimistic expecting to play outdoors for a while. in fact, michelle lambert, she just booked the eldorado fair this summer. i'm sure when indoor show's over turn. julie? yeah, restoring that human connection i think is important for so many of us as a thank you, a senate official has dealt a blow to democrats wanting to raise the federal minimum wage, saying it must be dropped from the covid-19 bill elizabeth mcdonough, the chambers, nonpartisan parliamentarians said the wage
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hike cannot be part of a reconciliation bill. it comes as democrats prepare for house approval of an initial version of the $1.9 trillion package. the bill also includes $1400 stimulus checks. white house press secretary jen psaki responded to the ruling, saying president biden is deeply or is disappointed rather in this outcome as he proposed having the $15 minimum wage is part of the american rescue plan. he will work with leaders in congress to determine the best path forward because no one in this country should work full time and live in poverty. on wall street worries over the potential for rising interest rates spark to sell off today special sleep for high flying tech stocks. the dow dropped 559 points, nasdaq plunged 478 and the s and p fell 96, mass vaccination side of mosconi center in san francisco. reopen today. ah supplies, supply shortage and shipping delays forced it to shut down for two weeks. people who live and work
10:34 pm
in the city can get a shot by appointment, supervisor matt haney says that despite the setback, the city still hopes to get everyone in san francisco vaccinated by summer. more than 142,000 people in the city of received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. that's 19% of the city's population. tonight a local medical provider is under fire. they're accused of giving coronavirus vaccines to people who are not eligible. ktvu is andre senior tells us that several bay area counties say they'll no longer be doing business with one medical. san francisco based one medical has come under scrutiny for administering covid-19 vaccines to people under 65 violating state guidelines. the reason we have this tiered system for administering the vaccine is because there's not enough of them to give to everyone you see, berkeley infectious disease professor lee riley says the accusations are troubling because of vaccine shortages. we have to create a
10:35 pm
priority of different high risk groups. we see the vaccine. alameda and marin county have now stopped allocating doses to that company. how the company distributed. the vaccine to those ineligible is unknown. and the key issues a stanford university bioethicist david magnus, but still somewhat problematic is whether or not they actually had left overdoses that they had to dispose of the end of the day. and then the decision making around how they had to do that. in a statement to ktvu, the company placing the blame on sam matteo county, saying they quote stop supplying one medical with vaccines after we in good faith vaccinated a group of public school teachers who had been referred to one medical by their school superintendent in san francisco health leaders are demanding the return of 270 files from one medical to be used in priority populations in the city. the company contends that less than 1% of vaccinations distributed by one medical have gone to those who aren't meeting eligibility requirements in accordance with our zero waste policy. one medical is a concierge based
10:36 pm
service catering to a more affluent customer base, which magnus says highlights and even bigger issue. the vaccine distribution is, in fact not being done in an equitable or just fashion and people who need it the most and have the highest rates from these. communities are not getting the vaccine. one medical went public last year at $14 a share and it's trading at more than $48 a share. but its stock took a price hit down 6% amid the developments now, marin county spokesperson says they're done shipping any more doses to one medical, but they do. tell me if you got your first dose at one medical. they have provided the company with enough doses to get to your second dose as well. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. coming up. lady gaga is dog walker shot four times in southern california, and the suspect took off with her two dogs. later tonight surveillance video of the shooting and the big.
10:37 pm
the singer is now offering and all the warmth and sunshine rolls on. but when do we have a shot at getting a little bit of rain? i will tell you what i can see in the forecast coming up. and mayor. london breed making good on a promise to redirect $120 million from police to the black community mes
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
about what went wrong on january 6th during the capitol hill. riot authorities have admitted that there was intelligence about a possible organized attack, but the acting head of the capitol police said it wasn't specific. congressional leaders have agreed to a 9 11 style commission that they say is needed to investigate the attacks. we know that the insurrection is that attack the
10:40 pm
capital were only interested in tech and attacking members of congress and officers. they wanted to send a symbolic message to the nation as a who was in charge of that legislative process. republicans want to look at other violence across the united states in the year before january, 6th on capitol hill, the democratic led house passed a landmark bill today to extend civil rights protections to x. implicitly include lgbt q people, the equality act would amend existing civil rights laws to cover sexual orientation and gender identification as protected characteristics. the legal safeguards would extend to areas including employment, housing and loan applications, but it is sadly necessary because many members of the national lgbtq community live in states where, though they have the right to marry, they have no state level non disco. emanation protections. in other
10:41 pm
areas of life. the republicans broadly opposed the legislation, arguing it would force people to take actions that go against their religious beliefs. the bill now goes to the senate, where it faces an uphill battle today. san francisco mayor london breed laid out details of a plan to invest in the city's black community. back in august, the mayo said that she would redirect $120 million from law enforcement to address inequities. after months of community input, the mayor announced funding details for the 1st $60 million. the dream keeper initiative covers all facets of life from education to arts and culture. workforce development, business support, health and housing and a guaranteed income program. this sunday morning voices for change returns. to ktvu reporter greg lee tackles important conversations about race, social justice and equity on sunday, guests will focus on
10:42 pm
disparities in the covid-19 rollout, as well as address the recent violent attacks against asian americans and as black history month comes to an end, an extended conversation with california's first black secretary of state. the voice of black women is very different than any other woman. you know, um, were often called the mules of the world, they say, because we carry the burdens that nobody else would carry. you know, we know what it's like to be woman discriminated. we know what it's like to be an african american discriminated. we know all of those things and having the challenges that are faced by us and also effect of this and so. you can hear more of these conversations this sunday morning at 9 30 right here on ktvu, so it's kind of like it snuck up on me pretty good, and then did me and then it ran off to mcdonald, a man in love yet attacked by a coyote. he tells us how it happened as authorities work around the clock to try to find the coyote
10:43 pm
before it attacks someone else. also the spring like weather continues our meteorologist college, rogan tells us what we can expect for our weekend. bye..
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10:45 pm
ktvu is henry lee spoke with that man today and he said the same animal. the bid him also attacked for other people. john
10:46 pm
stevenson took this video right after a coyote came out of nowhere and bit him in his left eye in lafayette. you can see the animal just calmly trotting away college. it's not gonna buy me a pretty good them dead. me, and then it ran off to mcdonald's. it happened friday after stevenson bought a drink at the quick stop off busy mount diablo boulevard. he says he walked across the street and decided to take a break near dumpster. the cool off from skateboarding just sitting down on my board this sean for a quick minute, just like relax. and i bet me he showed us. the bite marks the whether the this judge so wider, pretty interesting. stevenson says he had no idea it was a community. at first. i didn't hurt too bad, so i was like i wasn't too bad. and i finally like pulled my pants down and looked at the wound. i was like these are like four deep puncture marks. he seems to be taking it all in stride. yes, it's unlucky that i got bit by a coyote, but the same time it's just, uh. like it's ah, interesting life experience to say that the second oh coyote. now authorities are trying to trap
10:47 pm
the animal. there've been plenty of coyote sightings like this one casually walking near the lafayette reservoir earlier this month came right by me literally and i pulled out my camera because i said maybe. it's not afraid of me. this might be the one that's the biter, and i could help identify it. maybe we can capture it. so far, this coyote has managed to avoid all traps. police and wildlife officials are asking people to report all sightings and bites so they can catch it and prevent 1/6 attack. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. in southern california police are looking for two people suspected of shooting lady gaga as dog walker and stealing two of her french bulldogs. it was caught on surveillance video obtained by tmz. the dogs were being walked last night in west hollywood off of the sun set off of sunset boulevard. a car drove up and someone shot the dog walker and took the dogs. ah, third dog escaped. officials say the dog walker is expected to survive. lady gaga is currently in rome filming movie she's offering a $500,000
10:48 pm
for the return of her dogs. no questions asked. all right, let's turn our attention now to the weather. we had another glorious, sunny day above average temperatures, and of course, that's led us to another kind of lovely night. now the difference between tonight last night is we get rid of the wind that has come down. we have also seen temperatures drop of it. check out the difference between now and 24 hours ago in some spots like livermore, oakland. santa rosa and half moon bay. even napa were more than 10 degrees cooler right now than we were this time last night run relatively clear out there. we had a few high clouds kind of pass us by, but it's been pretty nice. and right now you can see temperatures 50 degrees in san francisco, but we're dropping into the forties. it's not gonna be particularly chilly night tonight. we're going to see the lowest temperatures place like santa rosa, morgan hill, livermore, you'll get into the upper thirties, but around the bay itself will be in the low forties. and then tomorrow we're going to see more sunshine temperatures dropping a few degrees. but all of this is courtesy of high pressure that is kind of lodged in place
10:49 pm
off the coast. now you see a low pressure system that is going to dig a little bit further south and when it does that truffle deepen and unfortunately it's going to set up another wind, grady it for us, and that means that we get a bit more offshore wind doesn't get into friday night, it looks like it extends right into saturday and potentially into saturday night as well. doesn't look mystery like it's his bad as we had last night, but something to kind of keep an eye on so industry. the wind forecast here. we're going to start tonight and take it through to tomorrow and notices we start to get tomorrow afternoon. about six o'clock. there you start. see that wind really starting to pick up and then saturday, it ramps back up again there saturday morning, and by the evening you could see it really starts to intensify a little bit more in the south bay in the east bay as well. so that's the wind will contend with and again that'll kick in. basically tomorrow afternoon. not sure if we're gonna have a wind advisory for that yet or not, it may not meet the threshold but temperatures about three degrees cooler tomorrow than they were today. but we'll have that sunshine. and then of course, the big question is, when are we going to get some rain in here and we'll take you through future cast and show you it's not this weekend. i'm
10:50 pm
going to stay sunny and warm this weekend. as we get into monday, there's a system that will likely bring some light showers too extreme northern california like yuriko, right, maybe reading but for us, we'll get nothing out of that one. the next possibility that we have and you know, this is definitely not set in stone, and we're still just gonna keep an eye on this. see if it holds together will be as we head towards next weekend. so that's that system that you see there kind of setting up off the coast. but for the next five days, it's all sunshine all the time. just little wind to contend with as we get into friday night and saturday, but as we work our way into sunday, monday, pretty nice few clouds of is that system kind of skirts, the northern reaches of california. we could get a few clouds, but that's about it until likely next the following weekend, so weekend after this guy's back to you all right, kyle. oh, thank you. caltrans crews have completed emergency repairs after a sinkhole developed on an off ramp on interstate to 80 in san francisco. the chp close the sixth street off ramp just after three this afternoon. this was the view from sky fox.
10:51 pm
you could see how traffic was backed up while crews repaired. the sinkhole repairs were completed in all lands were reopened about 6 15 tonight. coming up in sports, says the regular season dwindles down the stanford cardinal take on the oregon ducks sports director markab on his is here with all the highlights then on the 11 o'clock news. new information tonight about a 14 year old girl from san francisco who has been missing now for more than a week. who police believe she may be with and where they could be located. bye. ma. with you in thl
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
room tonight. college basketball to be part of the madness of march. you've be old efficient in february in the stanford cardinal. we're not
10:54 pm
that tonight, even on their home floor, however, without one of the best players, certainly oscar to silver. they did have the football coach on hand. david shot checking it out. the cardinal did have their moments. spencer jones will streak. for two after a duck turn over the assist from mike o'connell, even up 46 year, another turnover but oregon jones today asia davis and the freakishly talented freshman zaire. williams of the scoring and right there, so look pretty good over the ducks do it when it matters most chris wort h might be your pac 12 player of the year beth of dunk right there. you let everybody with 24 points now pick it up with oregon up one, lj figueroa, five, chandler lost on the weak side. ducks do prevails. 71 68. they have a shot at the conference title. stanford dips to 10 in eight big blow to their tournament dreams and oregonians sweet oregon state
10:55 pm
beavers, steely, smart fox and cal. just the soul crusher. second half roman silva had 15 8 leader. muscles to the hoop for oregon state. now, the final seconds cal down two bears have a shot of the tyra win. jared lucas, ms and andre kelly. rebounds matt bradley loses the handle the turnover and the bears lose 59 57. you might say they lost their shirk watch 10 out of the last 11 earlier in the day. here's the deal. gonzaga number one of the nation, they're undefeated, your classic david and goliath. have story, although with a twist the twist david didn't beat goliath this time. not really that close but give santa clara credit. they were respectable as the broncos owen 14 against the ranked teams doesn't change here is another clear up. looking good early. jalen williams had a nice game
10:56 pm
broncos cut it to seven here but fall asleep on defense. cory's kiss, burt, let everyone with 25 little example of his handiwork right there and raise the roof. indeed santa clara having trouble hanging on with basketball turnover here, jalen suggs will go the distance and trials the pal, but a very respectable must. i'm calling it 89 75 take into account the broncos for 30.5 point underdogs, the zags air 23. oh and they have 1 50 straight games. as ah, well, a team disappointed but individually. nice season for tommy cuzzi honored on senior night for st mary's, and then he goes out and shows off his aggressiveness going to the hoop with his nice style of play, the gaels glide over pacific logan johnson, also to the rim. he had 17 st mary's 58 46. season five set for utah on
10:57 pm
saturday night and entertaining highlights. you have seven versus fans up there in big numbers upw stopper on the other end, dons up one in the first half, byu will match that. and then some. spencer johnson, the steel caleb loner. look out below right there. they do it from inside. they do it from the perimeter in the person of alex. but hello. pump it home. he was seven for seven from three. he's happy yet. why not? that's a career best. 7 27 byu 77 73 winners over the dobbs had a pretty good little less sports history lesson for you tonight. some recent memories and some. decent no memories of not so recent vintage. alright joe fonzi, the professor of sports history as it for you to
10:58 pm
stay and sports. he's making a habit of such things these days. but on this day in 2016 the warriors steph curry put up 51 points against the orlando magic that night. the warriors also equal the franchise record for road wins with 28. and on this day in 1964 1 of the most significant matches in heavyweight boxing history, the fighter then known as cash is clay was a heavy underdog to champion sonny liston. liston did not answer the bell to start the seventh round. the fighter who would join the nation of islam and b for the rest of his life, known as mohammed ali was the new heavyweight champ. i'm not people greater in the world. that's this day in sports, february 25th. i'm joe fonzi great moments. they're from the past. all right. we've showed you some basketball highlights tonight, but i guess it nothing quite like this. you do need to
10:59 pm
check this out. you think of basketball is that indoor sport during the winter? not quite. we might have to rename this this again name of robin worley. more downhill ace cross skater from on what? canada. importantly damar rosen, jersey, right thing of the raptors that that is a high speed duck. so you're kind of mixing hockey and basketball there, right, so hockey ball. we'll go ahead and college that ssm athletic ability of this player is there. yeah we got a lot of college basketball headed our way with march madness. but that is the sporting life right now. get it back to you, frank and julie. all right, mark. thank you. and next at 11, just the worst thing that you could ever experience as a chief is knowing that the young people in your community was exposed toe senseless violence, father
11:00 pm
and basketball coach shot and killed right in front of his young kids who are practicing football. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. it happened in a park in east oakland. the man was there to pick up his young kids. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. witnesses say dozens of children were watching when someone wrote up on a motorcycle and open fire. it happened at concordia park in oakland on 64th avenue at about 5 30 last night. ktvu is amber lee tells us friends identified the victim as a high school basketball coach. and a father of three on thursday afternoon, there was an eerie calmness as police investigators collected evidence at concordia, part on 64th avenue in east oakland. neighbors say the laughter of children playing now silenced after a man was shot and killed wednesday afternoon during youth football practice. the fact that they they're shooting


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