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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 16, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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there on the streets. a group of spectators was also caught on video vandalism in a police car . ktvu crime reporter henry henry lee live rose tonight outside the antioch's department with the story, henry mike and julie do not facilitate or participate. that was the message today after a wild sideshow where an officer in a car came under attack. these types of activities are not welcome in our city, a stern warning by an eoc mayor lamar thorpe released this video from social media showing a group of people vandalizing a police car with an officer inside. it happened saturday night as officers dispersed a sideshow at 18th and eight streets, but this officer found himself under attack. the officer tried to actually go after one of the vehicles that was nearby them, and, um, he was completely surrounded by the spectators. incidents bring great danger. responding officers, participants and bystanders. stephen ford says his traffic unit and officers will have a zero tolerance approach to side
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shows. the weekend incident left the skid marks in the intersection and let me be clear. violent disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. side shows are nothing new in the bay area. police say there was a challenge to stop them because officers are often outnumbered typically anywhere from 50 to 75 cars and up to 100 to 200 people versus six officers. the mayor says the city council will soon consider an ordinance to arrest and find spectators. until now, he says the city had avoided considering such a law because they didn't want to unfairly target youth. the mayor says officers should treat citizens with respect, but that cuts both ways. i expect the same level of respect. return to our officers, especially as they are working hard to change the culture of this department sergeant rob green said. many social participants are teenagers. he had this warning for parents parents out there that are buying these juveniles, these cars that are high powered and probably out of their skill range. you guys need to think
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about that urine care custody and control these juveniles. some maniac residents were reserving judgment with what happened, but said it can be chaotic overnight every day and every night break, but you know, like, bring out something, you know, so they noticed that streets is a jungle at night. and i actually say they may not make social rest immediately, but they could show up with tow trucks, weeks or even months later live in the anti can really ktvu students. interesting tactic there. we'll see if they follow through with it. all right, henry. thank you. san jose. police are also searching for clues at the scene of a double shooting where one person was killed. it happened overnight near the san jose state campus in the 400 block of south 10th street. ktvu is jesse gary joins us now near the scene with the latest on this investigation, jesse julie. good evening, the san jose police mobile crime unit remains parked here on south penn st has been here for most of the day. detectives are focused in on a second floor apartment gathering evidence. that's where the body
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of the man who was shot and killed. continues to lie. it is sketchy. it is getting worse. downtown san jose really is getting worse. once again, downtown san jose residents are dealing with the aftermath of violent crime around three a.m. monday, police arrive at 4 22 south 10th street. near the center of the state campus. two people have been shot in an upstairs apartment heard other news agencies claimed that this may some kind of some kind of attempted murder, suicide or domestic violence situation or a straight gangland style shooting and that we're not confirming any of that. a man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. she's you know, nice woman, and, you know , you know, when you meet kind of meet people in the neighborhood, you get to know him a little bit. and yeah, it's just, you know, really sad. you know, it's just kind of a presence that's going on with you know in our cities. monday's double shooting marks the 10th homicide in the city so far this
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year and the latest incident of gunfire that has some downtown residents fearful. yeah, i did get shot at it wasn't intentional. it wasn't for me. but it was just wrong place wrong time proceeding monday's crime a woman found sunday stabbed to death in her apartment on vera lane closer to campus. in march, a man was shot and killed on south fourth street. haven't we had enough of this had enough of this? it's got to stop while officers were at that scene, a police involved shooting 800 ft away on east san carlos street college athlete cheon green says he disarmed several attackers inside a downtown restaurant and then was shot by police as he backed out the front door and before he had a chance to drop the weapon. that's together, say in the latest crimes, they don't have information on possible suspects or motives. i think we have a mental health problem. and not just here in the bay area, but all over the nation. we're back live here in downtown san jose, and you're looking at the top floor that second floor apartment. the santa clara
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county medical examiner's representatives have just arrived. they brought a gurney so they'll be bringing out. the body of the man who was shot and killed in short order. additionally detectives canvassing this area looking for surveillance video and for witnesses that you have any information about what happened here or the stabbing death over on vera lane. you're asked to call san jose police. we're live in downtown san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox tuners. we'll head back to you in oakland, jesse just to confirm. did they say they recovered a weapon at that scene is that what makes them think it was possibly attempted murder suicide? they didn't say it and again. they're not. they didn't say they thought it was attempted murder suicide. this is what some people have said. but police are not confirming that that you're saying it is a shooting with one with the homicide. so one person is dead and one person is wounded, but it's unclear if it's a murder suicide who was a domestic fight gang related. don't know. all right, jesse gary reporting live for us tonight in san jose.
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thanks, jesse. it was violent and tragic weekend across the nation with deadly mass shooting spanning coast to coast on saturday in buffalo, new york, a white 18 year old livestreamed his attack, police say he shot 13 people at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood, killing 10. yesterday in houston, texas. two people were killed and three others were taken to the hospital after a shooting at a very busy flea market. and right here in california, a gunman opened fire at a church in laguna woods, killing one person and leaving five senior citizens critically wounded tonight. two of those attacks are being investigated as hate crimes boxes. stephen gohan joins us live tonight from buffalo and stephen give us a sense here of how the community is tonight. well mike, this is a community still in a lot of pain and finding it hard to process what happened just over 48 hours ago . tonight we are learning more about the victims and the suspects here, but we want to point out this is still a very active crime scene. federal investigators are still here because of course, there is an
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ongoing investigation into a mass shooting. over the weekend . peyton gender in an 18 year old white male drove more than 200 miles to carry out this attack, according to police. they say he chose this neighborhood and scoped it out the day before because it had a large black population. at this tops market. police say that suspect shot 13 people killing 10 victims ranging in age from 32 to 86. we're learning more about him tonight. the community calling one of those victims a hero that aaron salter, a former police officer turned security guard, who was working at tops and try to stop the shooter. then there's ruth whitfield, a mother and grandmother who was just shopping for groceries after visiting her husband in a nursing home. today we heard from her family and their attorneys. they say they are considering taking legal action against the people they feel inspired this attack. listen to what they had to say about the woman they loved and lost. what i love most about my mom. it's how she loved us. she loved that family. but we're not just
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hurting angry. we're mad. additional have happened. no but at least tell us that accused shooter. he planned to continue his rampage and he would have had a more prolonged detective. police had not responded as quickly as he did. and we know that this man had previously made threats and being investigated by the new york state police. he has been charged with first degree murder and expected back in court on thursday, and president joe biden is expected in this community tomorrow to try and console people. everyone here and across the nation will, of course, be watching. i think as things continue to unfold in buffalo, stephen going ktvu fox two news as you said stephen, a wide range of emotions there in buffalo from sadness. to anger on this monday evening, stephen thank you. authorities say the gunman in the southern california attack was a chinese immigrant motivated by hate for taiwanese people. today officials spoke about what led that shooter to open fire,
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killing parishioner dr john chang and wounding five other people during a lunch held by a taiwanese presbyterian church. authorities say dr chang heroically tackled the gunman. and then other worshippers tied the shooter's legs with an electrical cord until authorities arrived. dr chang is a hero. in this incident. based on statements from the witnesses, and corroborated by other means. it is known that dr chang charged the individual. the suspect. attempted to disarm him, which allowed other parishioners to then intercede. taking the suspect into custody. the shooting happened at the geneva presbyterian church in the city of laguna woods, the orange county sheriff's department, says 68 year old david chiu of las vegas has been booked on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. coming up tonight at 5 30. we are heading to orange county for a live report. and in
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texas, sheriff's officials say a flea market shooting stemmed from an altercation that involved at least two guns. two people were killed and three others were seriously wounded in houston yesterday, investigators say none of the victims was an innocent bystander and that all the people that are involved in that shooting appeared to know one another. bail denied for former ufc champ cain velasquez , who was charged with attempted murder. why his attorney, says velasquez is the real victim. also ahead tonight for the first time in three years, most area counties are releasing a key homeless count. coming up after the break. why director of a local nonprofit says pandemic actually slowed a spike in homelessness and at least one county critical control burn also being used as a training exercise. gets canceled by firefighters in the east bay had to make the call to shut it down. all right, and we are tracking that forecast. it does include a warm up around here. those details coming up
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poi. those are snapshots of the homeless count taken back in february, and this year's numbers are more significant than usual. that's because they haven't been taken across the bay area since 2019 because of the pandemic. ktvu tom baker has an update now on the homeless situation in alameda county. though alameda county's homeless problem is spread far and wide from its inner cities to outer handless. oakland is the focal point with its many obvious tent villages we experienced as a county 22% increase in homelessness over the course of the last three years. this percentage includes people who were able to find shelter beds and emergency shelters for which
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funds were available in human terms, though the count showed alameda county with 9747 homeless of which 7100 and 35 were sheltered and living on the streets, under freeways and in wood and parklands. overwhelmingly they live in tents, cars or bees. but it could have been a whole lot worse. how significant um it is that we've been able to stave off a catastrophic increase in homelessness during this time of the pandemic, all that federal, state and local emergency rental aid eviction moratoriums. mortgage and student loan forbearance really helped prevention funding and in eviction moratorium that we believe really staved off a much more traumatic increase in homelessness. pre pandemic, alameda county homelessness was increasing by 20% a year during the pandemic, it decreased to about 7% a year. so it is fair
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to say that without all those relief funds homelessness would have increased by at least 60% overall, probably a whole lot more and a direct reflection of the additional resources that were infused into our system. we know how much more we need to do to try to dramatically reduce homelessness. according to alameda county experts. the most hard hit are african americans over represented in the homeless population compared to their percentage of the county's population. add to that lack of affordable housing and the inability to provide quick housing solutions. these issues must be addressed long term to reduce homelessness to a manageable problem. not a chronic, never ending one. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. san francisco was the only bay area county in a five county region that actually saw a dip. in its homeless population in
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the preliminary data shows, san francisco now has more than 7700 on housed residents, and that represents a 3.5% drop since 2019 contra costa county at a 35% jump, and as tom mentioned alameda county at 22% increase, marin county is almost population increased. 8% and santa clara counties grew by 3. in contra costa county. homeless figures have spiked significantly since the start of the pandemic, and officials are pointing to the severe shortage and affordable housing figures show nearly 3100 people are in shelters or sleeping outdoors on any given night. that is compared to roughly twenty three hundred three years ago. county officials say the housing crisis , which has only gotten worse during the pandemic, is driving those numbers up. they note that renters in contra costa county need to earn more than $3700 an hour $37 an hour to afford the average asking rent. of constant $2000. a month account also found the number of homeless people in tents and cars in san francisco dropped 15% compared
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to 2019 mayor london. breed says the decline is due in part to shelter programs aimed at getting people off the streets. this is just another example of working together with federal, state and local resources and our nonprofit partners. how we can make something great happened for people. and this is important work as we all know, because the last thing any of us wants to see is someone sleeping outdoors. mere breed also says the numbers show good progress, but the city still has a lot of work to do. also the city of san francisco opened 160 new units of supportive housing on mission street today. the project includes 40 multi bedroom units for families and 120 units for adults with histories of homelessness. some funding for the purchase of the property came from the states home key program since july of 2020. the city says it has added nearly 1500 new, supportive housing units. fire investigators have
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now determined the cause of a grass fire along the peninsula, cal fire and san mateo county firefighters responded to the grass fire at six o'clock saturday night, right near 92 kenyatta road today, investigators say the cause was determined to be an illegal fireworks. it's not yet known who set it off. firefighters were able to quickly put out the half acre fire. firefighters in the north bay today scrambled to put out a brushfire along highway 101 in san rafael. the fire shut down three lanes in the south bend direction because of heavy smoke. flames scorched about a quarter of an acre before crews had those flames under control around 3 15 this afternoon no buildings were threatened. investigators say the fire was sparked by something along the freeway controlled burns, scheduled for today in contra costa county, was canceled due to the windy weather easily. rasmus tells us that firefighters expect to continue their wildfire prevention strategy tomorrow. well behind us is where this controlled burn and training exercise was supposed to happen
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this morning west of interstate 80 between coming skyway and willow. this is on property operated by phillips 66. but when guests this morning around 17 miles an hour, just a little too strong to do that controlled burn safely. here's what the fire captain from contra costa fire told us about making the call to cancel the winds were just a little bit too high and for safety because of the area that we're in or around critical infrastructure in the neighborhood, so we wanted to stop it. we're getting started again tomorrow when conditions will be a little bit better controlled burn from this morning scrapped it is supposed to resume as planned tomorrow. it's supposed to be not just a controlled burn, but as you mentioned also a training exercise for firefighters and firefighters tell us they need all the training and practice they can get. for this fire season. i believe we had seven fires between antioch pittsburg yesterday alone, so the grass is taller. it's a lot drier and as you know, without any rain. it's a lot above average fires for contra costa county this year as you just heard, and that is a
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trend statewide. according to cal fire, california's already had more than 1500 wildfires this year that's well above average. contra costa firefighters say they are expecting the weather conditions to improve by tomorrow. the winds are supposed to settle down, so if you see smoke and fire along interstate 80 here in rodeo tomorrow around this time don't be alarmed again. it's part of the controlled burn in training exercise, and firefighters with contra costa fire plan to have a controlled burn here every day this week through may 23rd in rodeo, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. about tomorrow morning is going to be not as windy as this morning, but the windy again tomorrow. i'd be surprised if they did that prescribed burn tomorrow or into wednesday because we've got a kind of a windy pattern out there. there's a live camera shot the side of mount diablo in which you can see is that it's browning up a little bit, right. so of course, that makes sense, right? we haven't had in a while. by taste. starting to go brown. it was green just about a week ago. you see the tree blowing a little bit winds have
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been gusting along the coast and in some of the inland spots up to 30 and above miles an hour. let's take a peek at the big long range forecast here. this long range forecast is just showing you everything to the north. so there's tuesday, but you know the thing this does show that didn't didn't sort of is a mechanism for the wind formation. as you see this right there that low it's hard to see a low but that blue and green that's a low it goes by. it gets close to us. it creates more wind, and then you get another system, right? yeah, that one didn't go through the lows go by. we get wind. so this is why we've been winning. see how low it is low. that jet stream is that's not a great example. i thought i had a good example there, but the idea being as those systems tweaked to the north of low pressure. goes right by us get too close pressure gradient and we get windy, and that's how it's going to be as we go into tomorrow wednesday, thursday night as bad and temperatures warm, we're going to find temperatures back in the low nineties by the weekend. the winds along the coast right now, small craft advisory and we're seeing fog. it's still there. there's still fog here along ocean beach out in the avenues, but you see it
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getting chewed away a little bit. it should come back tonight in earnest. it had a big push inland this morning. out into the morocco valley up and towards a little bit up and towards novato in those areas that brown petaluma. these are the wind gusts. right now it's gusting to 23 at novato 31 mile an hour wind gust at fairfield. so right here, you can see fairfield. but that's pretty good. that's significant wind and then let's see what's happened at the airport, which is the last couple of nights we've had upper thirties 39 on our winds, and tonight san francisco airport is at 33 miles an hour, so the windy conditions continue. tree pot, not three ponds not to think grass and weeds get stirred up pretty aggressively by the winds like this. so the winds, especially in the inland bay valleys, where you got a lot of that stuff blowing around so tree pollens, not as big a deal as the grass in the weeds. here's the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and you see, the wind direction has changed a little bit, but still we're 34 miles an hour extensive beach 36 mph in bodega bay. this is tomorrow afternoon.
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san francisco airport 26 miles an hour, so it's windy, and then we'll click it forward one more time, and you can see the winds come back wednesday afternoon, and then they come back thursday afternoon, so breezy week coming up at least the first few days and then we start to warm up with less wind and more sunshine. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. we'll see then, bill thank you. he is accused of attempted murder, but his attorney says he is the actual victim after the break. we're hearing from the attorneys of both former ufc champ cain velasquez and the man he's accused of attacking and coming up new. it's six a banner that reads white lives matter turns up in an east bay town still ahead. the reaction from the ahead. the reaction from the town's mayor. meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right?
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be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. as e attempts awaits trial on attempted murder charges. the judge denied his request for bail this morning. ktvu zn ruben live for us tonight, right there, outside the courthouse with more on the story and
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velazquez is attorney had wanted him released on $1 million bail with electronic monitoring, but the judge said not enough had changed in the case to change her mind about bail. for the second time. a judge has denied bail for former ufc champion cain velasquez, citing his reckless disregard for human life. velasquez is accused of attempted murder and 10 other weapons charges after he allegedly chased down a man accused of molesting his four year old relative. that man, harry goulart was released from custody without bail. he was in the vehicle along with his mother and stepfather, velasquez allegedly opened fire. this is paul bender. on the day of the shooting came, velasquez. followed this family. stock them and chase them at over 100 mph apparently suffered one gunshot wound, resulting in nerve damage to his arm, and he no longer has
5:27 pm
the use of three fingers. galati and his mother were not injured. cain velasquez was one man wrecking machine. and they were scared to death. but mark geragos, attorney for velasquez says goulart says family members are not the victims here can play the victim card. however, there's only one real victim here. and that's kane and his family supporters with free cane signs flooded the courthouse steps. they say the lack of bail for velasquez is frustrating when goulart was released and allowed to wear an ankle monitor if you're innocent until proven guilty, and they give him that option, nobel. zero cash bail for what he did. how how do you feel safe here? are we worried about kate valeska velasquez, who's trying to vindicate and help his family or are we here to be a defender of the
5:28 pm
pedophile there? the alleged pedophile wheat plant vigorously defending this case. his attorney suggested that velazquez is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, which might have affected his impulse control. if convicted, velazquez faces up to 20 years in prison or at least 20 years in prison. his next court date is set for june. 10th mike just a few weeks away, and we'll be there. right and ruben live tonight in san jose, and thank you. a southern california church transformed into a deadly scene, and authorities say if it wasn't for the bravery of one parishioner, more people could have been killed. and with the june primary now three weeks away, bay area counties are teaming up to catch misinformation. details on the new technology. some election officials are putting to use
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couw about the suspected gunman who opened fire inside a church in laguna woods, saying they believe the shooting was politically motivated. hate incident the suspected gunman was identified today as 68 year old david shoe. he's been charged with one felony count of murder and five felony counts of attempted murder in this attack. fox news. phil shuman joins us now live from laguna woods with the latest on the investigation. phil, what have you learned? well people here are just in
5:32 pm
stunned disbelief and from listening to orange county sheriff don barnes earlier today in a briefing. this could have been so much worse as it was. one person is dead and five are wounded, including a man who is 92 years old, but it was the heroics of one member of the congregation, a doctor named dongcheng. john chang, who charged the gunman as he was firing. knocked him to the ground. and then when you got shot himself and was killed, and then when the gunman stood up and was reloading, the pastor literally hit him with a chair and other congregation members rushed forward. and subdued him and held him until the orange county sheriff's came all this happening in the social hall at the church behind me, the churches still taped off. people are coming back slowly to retrieve the cars they had to abandon as they were evacuated yesterday. nobody wants to talk about it. the suspect was taken into custody. he is going to be arraigned tomorrow and again.
5:33 pm
they're saying it was a politically motivated hate crime. against taiwan because this is the time when he's congregation. and phil. we know that the suspect is from las vegas. do authorities are they saying did he have any ties to this specific church or any reason why he picked this church to target? you know, that is one of the unanswered questions. among many we ask the sheriff about that this afternoon, and they said that this point their investigation shows that he drove here from vegas on saturday, not clearly spent saturday night came to this church sunday afternoon. no known connections to this specific church or to anyone. any congregation members here, it's possible. this is just the first specifically taiwanese church on the road from vegas. although you know that that's you know, we have to check the check the geography on that because this is pretty far south as you go down from los angeles towards san diego. um so we don't know why he picked this
5:34 pm
particular church, but apparently this was well planned out. they said he had two handguns 29 millimeters semiautomatic that he purchased legally in nevada in years past and then frighteningly. he had four incendiary devices. homemade incendiary devices similar to what they described as molotov cocktails they already placed inside the building, and then he chained the doors up. put super glue in the locks, so you can imagine the scenario he had bags of ammunition that they found. imagine the scenario where a gunman with two semiautomatic handguns, ammunition and then these molotov cocktails, and then the doors chained. whether he was prepared to die along with the congregation or not, we don't know, but they were saying that 40 or 50 people were here yesterday afternoon so you can just use your imagination and see how much worse this could have been. yeah it is incredible when you hear about the lengths that he went to try to lock the parishioners inside and try to prevent authorities from getting inside and fill this
5:35 pm
congregation is an elderly congregation. we've heard. it's just incredible. the courage that this doctor chang went to tackle the gunmen and then others were able to then tie this man up. what else are you hearing about that? well dr chang. i believe he's in his fifties. he's not a regular member of the congregation. he was here with a friend. they were honoring the pastor who we just spoke with with another crew. we're going to have more on that tonight, and hopefully we can get some of that to you. so chang just made this heroic charge at the gunman was shot and then when the gunman paused to reload, the pastor, i'm told took a chair whether it was a wooden chair or metal folding chair. and hit the gunman with it knocked him down and then other members of the congregation rushed forward and i believe they used like an electrical cord to hog tie him was the word that law enforcement used. and then subdued him, and it was just a matter of minutes before the orange county sheriff's response and they took over and then the
5:36 pm
fire team came in the paramedics treated. the wounded and got them to the hospital. five of them hospitalized, including as i mentioned a man who is 92 years old. they are all expected to survive at this point, terribly upsetting, sad situation down there in laguna woods, phil shuman reporting live for us tonight from orange county, phil. thank you. and it wasn't just an orange county. there was also a mass shooting this past weekend in buffalo, new york in both shootings are refueling the heated debate over gun safety laws at the white house just today, president biden honored law enforcement officers with medals of valor. during the ceremony, he paid tribute to retired buffalo police officer aaron salter, who died trying to stop what police say was a racially motivated shooting in buffalo on saturday . in addition to salter, nine other people were killed. the availability of guns in this country needs to change. and as the midterm campaign season
5:37 pm
gears, a recent polls show both crime and gun laws are top concerns for americans. republican senator bill cassidy of louisiana is introducing a bill asking the biden administration to come up with a strategy to stop violent crimes, saying quote by reinforcing strong criminal justice policies by laying blame on the perpetrators of violent acts. and by securing the southern border. stay with ktvu is more details get uncovered regarding the mass shootings over the weekend. you can also head off to our website at ktvu .com and find the latest under our national news section. on wall street stocks ended the day mixed after a choppy trading session. tech stocks were among the biggest losers. energy companies roses, oil prices spiked higher and health care stocks also gained. the dow gained 26 points today. nasdaq and his tech stocks fell 140 to just over 1% and the s and p was down 15 points. the major indexes have been slumping since
5:38 pm
early february april rather due to the ongoing concerns about the impact on inflation. by the ministrations is taking steps to ease the worsening baby formula shortage. the government is now providing waivers to allow families who use women, infants and children. federal benefits to choose other brands of formula that are not normally covered by the program. the program allows families to buy formula for free but restricts the brands they can choose. abbott nutrition, the company at the center of the shortage. provides the formula for about half of those in the wic program . the change impacts roughly a million babies and their families and the shortage is hitting the south bay, prompting some stores to limit purchases as parents scrambled to stock up on supply. some families in santa clara county are feeling the pressure with stores such as wal mart and target setting purchasing limits. on the little inventory that they have. and with these empty store shelves, parents are now turning to amazon and other online retailers defined formula. industry experts attribute the shortage to supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. as well
5:39 pm
as the shutdown of the key production facility in michigan back in february. as californians sergeant receive those vote by mail ballots. bay area counties are pulling their resources to combat misinformation and ensure public trust in the election process. political reporter greg lee spoke to the elections officials who are spearheading the effort about what they want voters to know. final preparations are underway at the contra costa county elections office as registered voters all around california received their ballots for the june 7th primary . deputy county clerk recorder tommy gong and team are tuning up their machines running through assignments and making sure they're ready to receive and count votes in a critical midterm year. just like you know, preparing a race car for the daytona 500 of the le mans race. you're going to be exercising your machines to be sure that they're you know, functioning at a high level for the first time gongs also working with his counterparts in 10, other counties, the registrars of voters at eight
5:40 pm
bay area counties, plus san benito, monterey and santa cruz , teaming up to deliver accurate , timely and non partisan information to nearly five million voters deliver. key messages that we can really educate the voters about because we do understand that, you know , uh, democracy is fragile. it took a hit in 2020, and we want to do what we can to build trust in elections mis and disinformation in the 2020 presidential election led to scenes like this as protesters surrounded a vote counting center in arizona. forcing officials to lock their staff in several states are now exploring laws to protect election workers were members of the community we live in, you know, we work alongside with folks, you know we go. you know, our kids attend the same high school as everyone else does, and so were members of the community as well. the coalition of bay area elections officials have created a website focused on ensuring public trust. they're sending out information focused on issues of redistricting vote by mail,
5:41 pm
voting systems and canvassing or the process in which ballots are counted there. also collaborating on best practices . let me learn a little bit about what you're doing. let me share about with you what i'm doing and let's learn from each other and improve our processes even more so. as part of assuring every vote by mail ballot is checked and counted securely gong showed off contra costa newest technology, high tech processing machine that's ready for the half a million ballots they're expecting. after the envelopes make their way through the machine for opening and sorting . then it's off to a team of staff members who will pull the ballots out manually and prepare them for tabulating. these are all things that have been evolving over the last 20 years to really have a robust system of open more voting for voters. so that they, you know, we have , really, uh, a sound checks and balances. process the coalition , of course, letting voters know they have plenty of options to vote in person. these elections officials hoping this joint concerted effort one short public trust and even have a pop
5:42 pm
culture moniker, so people will remember their message. we like to refer to us as the bay, you know, in terms of before anyone else come to your election official with any questions regarding elections. greg lee ktvu boxed you news. and to find more information about the coalition of bay area, election officials and their efforts. just head over to our website at ktvu .com and click on that web links section. still to come. the ukrainian military gets an assist from nato allies. this is finland and sweden are pushing to join the alliance, the latest from u. s officials on the war in eastern europe. also ahead tonight, a parent's worst nightmare when a baby stops breathing in georgia coming up the officer who happened t
5:43 pm
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. resn of ukraine was sweden now
5:45 pm
joining finland in deciding to seek nato membership and on the ground, the pentagon says momentum has shifted with russia suffering heavy losses. foxes greg palkot as details from keith ukraine can win this war. it's a growing consensus among ukraine's allies. russia still remains a major threat, but ukrainian forces have the momentum on the ground, successfully pushing back against a major russian offensive in the east of the pentagon, estimating a third of russian troops have been injured , captured or killed, their highest rate of casualties since world war two. major offensive in donbas has stalled. russia is not achieving its strategic objectives as ukraine plans more counter offensives, artillery and other weapons are still pouring into the country. nato allies delivering 10 airlifts in just the past 24 hours, but with the ukrainians still heavily outnumbered questions about whether they have the resources to drive the russians off their territory. resupply arms,
5:46 pm
ammunitions sanctions. and the like, have got ahold here. what putin wants is to drag this out. develop ukraine fatigue. russia also suffering a loss on the diplomatic front. sweden announcing monday will join its neighbor finland, and apply for nato membership after decades of military nonalignment. vladimir putin is playing down the importance of the move, but also warning there could be military consequences. there is not an immediate threat to russia with the inclusion of those countries, but the expansion of military infrastructure over that territory. obviously call for our response. betting on also says that despite russia's big technological advantage, the airspace over ukraine remains contested in kiev. greg palkot fox news. still ahead. think about trying to land a small plane with no experience coming up after the break. we're hearing from one passenger forced to become a pilot when his pilot lost consciousness.
5:47 pm
then we are tracking kind of a windy forecast for this week. no surprise. it's spring and we've been seeing a lot of wind. we'll talk about that and the warm up
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
comes a hero when a four month old baby stops breathing. courtney bryan shows us the lifesaving technique and has reaction also from the officer. he's not responding. this is what atlanta police officer robert odin saw friday afternoon while patrolling in the area of 2, 85 and mlk drive ours driving by honking horns had their hazards on so you know, i just kind of curious what was going on, so i just kind of followed them a little bit. officer odin followed the cars into a fire station, and that's where the child's mother ran towards him with her baby. four month old pierre. she looked at me and she started screaming. another baby wasn't breathing. gosh. officer
5:50 pm
odin immediately started cpr meltdown on the ground. had my hands behind his head just started doing compressions. gave him a breath didn't work compressions texas policy, even though he had never done cpr on a baby before, officer odin says he remembered his training breathing is important. but you know the compressions or the biggest thing. so i just knew just to keep going for about 60 seconds, officer odin continued to work on little pierre until grady ems arrived. once in the ambulance, the baby began to breathe again just happened to be in the area and doing the right place at the right time, and it's able to help out um, help them out, and i just glad i was able to do, but i could and that was courtney bryan reporting, officer odin says he doesn't feel like a hero and was just doing his job. meantime the passenger who landed a small plane in florida without any flying experience is now speaking out. darren harrison told that today's show on nbc this morning that he was flying
5:51 pm
back from a fishing trip in the bahamas last week when the pilot said he wasn't feeling good and then lost consciousness. at that point, they were still over. water and air traffic controller helped the 39 year old flooring salesman safely land that plane at palm beach airport. i knew if i didn't react that that we would die. and so i. reach it over his body because he's at this point unresponsive. i kind of put my arm over toward my elbow is sitting here and i grabbed the controls of the airplane and slowly started to pull back on the stick flying, harrison said he felt the hand of god help to guide him down. the pilot was taken to hospital and is expected to be released early this week. already we're looking at the winds out there. you can see it behind me on the over my right shoulder right shoulder there. you can see the windmills out, thereby kinda towards antioch and up towards
5:52 pm
rio vista. and if you ever seen these a lot of folks are surprised the same if they were very similar big these are these are these are pretty tall. i would estimate them over 100 ft. i don't actually know the hype. but they're huge windmills, and of course, they built them there because it's windy, and it's windy out there often it's windy out there today. wind gusts. easily to 30 miles an hour. probably sustained it about 28. the gusts are going to continue. we've gotta windy forecast right through the next 48 almost 72 hours. breezy conditions if you will, and that's because of these weather systems, not rain for us, but whether systems going to the north to get close to us, they don't create anything other than a pressure gradient and a little bit cooler highs. digital highs from today and it was cooler today. temperatures today called off a few degrees from where we were yesterday. and of course that has to do with the low, which is kind of it's hard. they're getting harder and harder to see. but there's a low right up in here that that little area and then there's a blowback here, too, and that's going to keep the wind going. um as it goes to the north of us, it will
5:53 pm
keep the wind going into wednesday as well along the coast winds along the coast small craft advisory, gusty conditions at the airport, whereas it has has as we have had really? for the for quite some some weeks now. 31 mile an hour up in fairfield that's on the guts but sustained at 25. sfo has been up over 30 pretty much all day and that you would expect that. the sand blowing out in the avenues as you would expect, and that's going to continue. today is what's happening now. tomorrow is going to look like this when i show it to you, and so is wednesday. here's the computer model stops at it tomorrow afternoon and just look for the contours. you can look at the numbers, but the contras tell you where the wind is. and a little wind direction. shift a little more northerly but still very breezy along the coast and breezy inland and then wednesday afternoon. look at the contours right, little more north bay little more up towards clear lake. and then writing that chunk. so the reds and purples and then last time last stop is going to be your thursday afternoon and again the contours, right? pretty breezy, not a typical. it's not a typical west northwest wind is
5:54 pm
more of a north northwest wind, so that's going to make breezy conditions out in the avenues out along the coast. these are the current temperatures. they're running cooler than last night that this time, five degrees in concord, eight degrees in livermore. one more time on the wind blowing out there. there's almost never seen him. it's pretty shocking. actually there's a lot of them in their tall they've been there long for a long time. they actually so many of them that they stir up. when they get spinning like they do on a day like today, i mean, i'll show this to you later, they spin up, they spit up dust bugs, whatever, and it creates a reflectivity off our radar. so the amount of venom radar sees those and thinks it's rain. but we know it's that ray. we know it's just particularly in the air that's getting strolled up by the window. so livermore does that two out by the livermore of visa in that area where the windmills are we get that same effect. so these are the forecast numbers for san francisco tomorrow under mostly sunny skies in the afternoon forecast highs. there they are tomorrow warmer than today, but breezy, locate a little closer today. that's why it was a little cooler, the low stage a
5:55 pm
little further north tomorrow. that's why it's a little warmer. it's all subtle stuff right now. it's gonna be nice week ahead warmer. stay on the week is going to be down towards a saturday and sunday. when temperatures pop back into the low nineties, so again, just kind of a breezy period to get used to it. it's gonna stick around for a few days, and then it mellows out and warms up on the weekend. all right, bill. thank you. new information tonight about how actress amber heard describes her marriage to johnny depp after the break more from her emotional testimony in court today. and coming up new at six, the man charged in the deadly stabbing of a stockton deadly stabbing of a stockton teenager appears in court it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome!
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on r lawyer showed photos of her husband's bruise of her bruised
5:58 pm
eye and rec department, johnny depp's ex wife recounted alleged beatings, drunken brawls and how she covered up many bruises with heavy makeup during their marriage. fox news caroline shively has more amber, get the up and forget the up and every single time, he said it is screaming at louder and louder and louder, actress amber heard testified for hours against ex husband johnny depp in virginia courtroom on monday, alleging horrific verbal fights and beatings, including one she claims left her with this bruise after death attacked her with a cell phone in 2016 pulls his arm back with the phone. and throws it at my face legal team also showed photos of artwork, she says depth destroyed and claimed the actor would slap and punch and flick lit cigarettes at her. i'm believing whenever taking it too far. i wouldn't be here. the pirates of the caribbean star is suing heard over an opinion
5:59 pm
piece she wrote in the washington post in 2018, in which she called herself a victim of sexual abuse. her didn't mention depths name in the op ed, but depth claims the article defamed him and cost him lucrative acting jobs denies ever abusing heard and testified last month that heard was the one who was physically abusive. including one incident, where she threw two bottles of vodka at him with a broken glass, nearly severing his finger. depth sat quietly while the aquaman actress testified on monday, but the jury heard audio recordings of the pair arguing, mom schoolteacher don't pretend to be authoritative with me exist is suing hard for $50 million heard is countersuing for 100 million in fairfax, virginia carolina shively news. this is ktvu fox two news at six san jose neighborhood left shaken after a double shooting leaves one person dead and another injured. haven't we had
6:00 pm
enough of this had enough of this? it's gotta stop. those two victims were found right inside an apartment near san jose state university. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener homicide investigators are now searching for clues and surveillance video from the neighborhood. ktvu is jesse gary has more now from san jose. it is sketchy. it is getting worse. downtown san jose really is getting worse. once again, downtown san jose residents are dealing with the aftermath of violent crime around three a.m. monday, police arrive at 4 22 south 10th street. near the center as a state campus. two people have been shot in an upstairs apartment heard other news agencies claimed that this may some kind of some kind of attempted murder, suicide or domestic violence situation or a straight gangland style shooting and that we're not confirming any of that. a man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. she's you know, nice woman, and, you know , you know, when you


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