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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this? it's gotta stop. those two victims were found right inside an apartment near san jose state university. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener homicide investigators are now searching for clues and surveillance video from the neighborhood. ktvu is jesse gary has more now from san jose. it is sketchy. it is getting worse. downtown san jose really is getting worse. once again, downtown san jose residents are dealing with the aftermath of violent crime around three a.m. monday, police arrive at 4 22 south 10th street. near the center as a state campus. two people have been shot in an upstairs apartment heard other news agencies claimed that this may some kind of some kind of attempted murder, suicide or domestic violence situation or a straight gangland style shooting and that we're not confirming any of that. a man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries. she's you know, nice woman, and, you know , you know, when you meet kind
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of meet people in the neighborhood, you get to know him a little bit. and yeah, it's just, you know, really sad. you know, it's just kind of a presence that's going on with you know in our cities. monday's double shooting marks the 10th homicide in the city so far this year and the latest incident of gunfire that has some downtown residents fearful. yeah, i did get shot at it wasn't intentional. it wasn't for me. but it was just wrong place wrong time proceeding monday's crime a woman found sunday stabbed to death in her apartment on vera lane closer to campus. in march, the man was shot and killed on south fourth street. haven't we had enough of this had enough of this? it's got to stop while officers were at that scene, police involved shooting 800 ft away on east san carlos street college athlete cheon green says he disarmed several attackers inside a downtown restaurant and then was shot by police as he backed out the front door and before he had a chance to drop the weapon. that's the gators say in the latest crimes, they don't have information on possible suspects
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or motives. i think we have a mental health problem. not just here in the bay area, but all over the nation late monday, the santa clara county medical examiner arrived on scene to remove the remains of the man who was shot and killed here. additionally detectives are canvassing this area looking for surveillance, video and witness. is there any information you're asked to call the san jose police department? in san jose, jesse gary ktvu box to lose in orange county authorities say the gunman in yesterday's church attack was a chinese immigrant motivated by hate for taiwanese people. officials spoke today about what led the shooter to open fire, killing parishioner dr john chang and wounding five other people during a lunch held by a taiwanese presbyterian church. at all, he said. dr. chang heroically tackled the gunman and then other were worshipers tied the shooter's legs with an electrical cord until authorities arrived. dr chang is a hero. in this incident. based on statements
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from the witnesses, and corroborated by other means. it is known that dr chang charged the individual. the suspect. attempted to disarm him, which allowed other parishioners to then intercede. taking the suspect into custody. the shooting was at the geneva presbyterian church in the city of laguna woods, the orange county sheriff's department, says 68 year old david chiu of las vegas has been booked now on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder. coming up tonight at 6 30. we are heading to orange county for a live report back east federal investigators looking into the buffalo supermarket shooting are also calling this a racially motivated hate crime as foxes, alexis mcadams reports, authorities say the accused gunmen. was planning to carry out even more violence before he was stopped by police right now, fbi agents are combing through the tap supermarket in buffalo, new york, the side of a deadly mess shooting over the weekend that left 10 people dead. police
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say the gunman 18 year old peyton, genderen, pled not guilty. if he's convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole investigators calling this a hate crime 11 of the 13 victims were black. this was an act. of domestic terrorism. perpetrated by a young. white supremacist. there is no question. about his intentions. among those killed were erin salter, a retired buffalo police officer who was working as a security guard at the grocery store at the time of the shooting. salter being hailed a hero after police say he tried to stop the gunman. he actually was able to shoot the assailant twice, but he had he had on a bulletproof vest. and he lost his life in the process. he stopped us individual from going further into the store and
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just delaying it. on tuesday, president biden will be in town to meet with families of the victims, local officials calling the gunman a white supremacist, as the u. s attorney general merrick garland says his office will look into the shooting as a possible hate crime. reporting in buffalo, new york. i'm alexis mcadams fox news. president biden today honored erin salter , the public safety officer who died trying to stop the attack there at the supermarket. we pay tribute to all law enforcement officers and their families who understand what it takes. what's at risk? to save and protect all of us. the president made the comments today at the white house during a previously scheduled ceremony honoring public safety officers with medals of valor. new at six. tonight. the mayor of danville is speaking out about a banner displayed over the weekend that red white lives matter. a group of masked people held the large sign at the corner of black hawk road and camino tassajara road. just outside the town limits they gathered on saturday, right
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after the mass shooting in buffalo that investigators say was racially motivated. danville mayor newell enrich released the statement today reading in part those responsible, made sure to cowardly cover their faces and hide behind their signs. these people were acting at out hate speech, though not a crime. this was clearly an important gesture towards people of color. he goes on to say our town stands united against racism in any form at any acts that direct harm or hatred towards people based upon race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability. free speech is very painful and hurtful. at times. we do not have to listen or give them any credibility. in antioch police officer found himself under attack by a group of people vandalizing his patrol vehicle with him inside. police say the vandals were spectators at a sideshow over the weekend as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the entire incident. was caught on camera. these types of activities are not
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welcome in our city, a stern warning by an eoc mayor lamar thorpe released this video from social media showing a group of people vandalizing a police car with an officer inside. it happened saturday night as officers dispersed a sideshow at 18th and eight streets, but this officer found himself under attack. the officer tried to actually go after one of the vehicles that was nearby them, and he was completely surrounded by the spectators. incidents bring great danger. responding officers, participants and bystanders. stephen ford says his traffic unit and officers will have a zero tolerance approach to side shows. the weekend incident left the skid marks in the intersection. let me be clear. violent disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. side shows are nothing new in the bay area. police say there was a challenge to stop them because officers are often outnumbered typically anywhere from 50 to 75 cars and up to 100 to 200 people versus six officers. the mayor says the city council will soon consider
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an ordinance to arrest and find spectators. until now. he says the city had avoided considering such a law because they didn't want to unfairly target youth. the mayor says officers should treat citizens with respect, but that cuts both ways. i expect the same level of respect. return to our officers, especially as they are working hard to change the culture of this department sergeant rob green said. many social participants are teenagers. he had this warning for parents parents out there that are buying these juveniles, these cars that are high powered and probably out of their skill range. you guys need to think about that urine care custody and control these juveniles. some maniac residents were reserving judgment with what happened, but said it can be chaotic overnight every day and every night break, but you know, like, bring out something, you know, so they noticed that stretches of jungle at night. please say while they may not arrest sideshow drivers immediately, they may show up at their doors with tow trucks, weeks or even months later. in antioch. henry lee ktvu, fox.
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two news. san francisco police are investigating a body found on railroad tracks on the south side of the city. police were called shortly after 10 o'clock last night, the bayshore boulevard in arleta avenue following the discovery of a man's body on the tracks. police say the city employees discovered the remains. the cause of death is not yet known . francisco is embattled laguna honda hospital has submitted plans to shut down and then transfer patients to other treatment centers. hospital officials say it was a necessary and required step in the effort to temporarily sustained critical medicare and medicaid payments for its patients. the move comes as the san francisco department of public health says it is pursuing a parallel path to get laguna honda re certified . hospital leaders say they are committed to the effort to keep the hospital open. coming up ktvu investigation into the use of police canines among area police departments and the sometimes very serious injuries they can inflict and a new development today in the baby formula shortage, the move by a
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us formula manufacturer that it is expected to add supply to store shelves. and we've got some breezy conditions. yet again outside temperatures today did cool off. it's going to warm up this week. the five day forecast is next. also ahead, the man accused of fatally stabbing a teenager at a stockton high school appeared in court today. what he told the judge and the sentence he could be facing. and taking a live look right now at the monday evening commute. this is interstate 80 in emeryville, looking towards berkeley, as you can see, in this hour at this hour. it's a little slow going hour. it's a little slow going there in both directions. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber.
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of times every year around the bay area. the bites can cause serious injuries and in some cases, those who are bit are not suspected of a violent crime. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been digging into the story for months now, and he's here with a preview of what he's working on for the 10
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o'clock news, evan that's right, julie nearly every major law enforcement agency in the bay area has police dogs and advocates say they are useful tools for apprehending violent and dangerous criminals. but all these bites are not necessarily equal. we spent two months investigating how police use canines in the bay area and found some agencies use them a lot, while others almost never sick dogs on people. many of these bites cost severe injuries and we found there is no state standards on how police can use dogs. we looked at several cases where people received horrific wounds. but ended up being innocent. i'm still shaking until today and these days until shaking about it outside of the firearm, there is no police tactic is likely to cause injury and as likely to cause serious injury. as a police dog. nothing else comes close. now coming up at 10 30. tonight we have the full story, including details on
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how often black and hispanic people are bitten by canines compared with whites. julie we're looking forward to that story coming up tonight at 10. thank you. new at six. the man accused of fatally stabbing a 15 year old stockton girl on her high school campus appeared in courtroom today where a judge said if convicted, he could receive the death penalty. 52 year old anthony gray faces murder and other charges now gray told the judge today that he wanted to plead guilty, but his attorney said that she did not concur with his plea, telling the court her client as a lengthy history of mental illness. the judge ordered great to be interviewed by a court doctor and said that if he is found competent to stand trial, the court will accept his guilty plea. the number of coronavirus cases is surging on school campuses around san francisco, san francisco unified reported 320 covid cases last week. that is the most since the winter omicron surge in late january. it also marks a 15% increase in cases at schools from the
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previous week. infections on campuses have been on the rise since the school district lifted its mask mandate a month ago, a major development today that's expected to ease the nation's ongoing baby formula shortage. formula maker abbott announced that it has reached an agreement with federal health officials to restart production at its largest u. s factory that's located in michigan. earlier this year, the plant shut down after infants who had consumed formula from that location became sick with bacterial infections, the shutdown as well as supply chain disruptions led to the critical shortage. abbott says it will take at least eight weeks to begin shipping new products to stores. firefighters in the north bay today scrambled to put out a brushfire along highway 101 in san rafael. at one point, the fire shut down three lanes in the south bend direction because of heavy smoke in the area. flames scorched about a quarter of an acre before crews had that fire under control right around 3 15 this afternoon. investigators say the fire was sparked by something
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along the freeway. contra costa county fire department canceled a controlled burn and training exercise today due to the same high wind conditions. firefighters are preparing for the controlled burn was scheduled to take place west of interstate 80 between coming skyway and willow. this is actually property operated by the philips 66 refinery. but wind gets this morning we're around 17 to 20 miles an hour. fire officials say that was just a little too strong to do a controlled burn safely. the winter just a little bit too high and for safety because of the area that we're in or around critical infrastructure. we're in a neighborhood so we wanted to stop it. we're getting started again tomorrow when conditions will be a little bit better. and the controlled burn in training exercises actually expected to last all week long so far, officials say, if you do see smoke and fire along etienne rodeo do not be alarmed ability. you're saying the wind sticking around this week or around? i'd be surprised if they get their burning tomorrow. they may they may have probably have a threshold that that needs to be hit that you know a certain wind
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mph than they don't do it. but it's going to be breezy tomorrow morning again in the afternoon and in the evening not as breezy as today, but still it's going to be noticeable airport will be doing 35 34 miles an hour tomorrow. today they got up to like 39. it's very breezy outside. the temperatures dropped off today, and that's because of the winds and the winds are because of weak system that got close to us essentially to the north of us, and that's going to happen that repeated pattern is going to happen as we go into the next couple of days, so right into wednesday and a little bit into thursday, so wind is going to be with us for a while and temperatures today as a result of the stronger winds and the core system close to us. we're down by about 56 degrees from yesterday. temperatures tomorrow are going to warm up a few degrees, and then we're going to stay there and kind of the eighties and even some low nineties by the weekend. but the breezy conditions continue. just the wind direction is going to flop around a little bit. it's going to start coming from the it's kind of northwest. now it's gonna start coming from the north here as we get in towards
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tuesday and wednesday, so here's the system number one going to the north of us hard to see. but that's right here. see if you can see it. so that's the weather system. here's another one. so this is why it's windy today. this is why it's going to be windy on wednesday, tuesday night into wednesday, and the fog along the coast is still there. patchy fog continues and will continue with the winds. temperatures warmer tomorrow. see you back here with that. we'll see in a bit. thank you coming up new numbers out today on the number of homeless people living on bay area streets and more on that deadly church shooting in southern california over the weekend. what we're learning about the suspected gunman.
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pops follow a homeless count taken back in february. this is the first time account has been taken since 2019 ktvu tom baker tells us that one bay area counties saw a sharp increase. though alameda county's homeless problem is spread far and wide from its inner cities to outer handless. oakland is the focal point with its many obvious tent villages we experienced as a county 22% increase in homelessness over the course of the last three years. this percentage includes people who were able to find shelter beds and emergency shelters for which funds were available in human terms, though the count showed alameda county with 9747 homeless, of which 7100 and 35 were sheltered and living on the
6:22 pm
streets, under freeways and in wood and parklands. overwhelmingly they live in tents, cars or bees. but it could have been a whole lot worse. how significant um it is that we've been able to stave off a catastrophic increase in homelessness during this time of the pandemic, all that federal, state and local emergency rental aid eviction moratoriums. mortgage and student loan forbearance really helped prevention funding and in eviction moratorium that we believe really staved off a much more traumatic increase in homelessness. pre pandemic, alameda county homelessness was increasing by 20% a year during the pandemic, it decreased to about 7% a year. so it is fair to say that without all those relief funds homelessness would have increased by at least 60% overall, probably a whole lot more direct reflection of the
6:23 pm
additional resources that were infused into our system. we know how much more we need to do to try to dramatically reduce homelessness. according to alameda county experts. the most hard hit are african americans over represented in the homeless population compared to their percentage of the county's population. add to that lack of affordable housing and the inability to provide quick housing solutions. these issues must be addressed long term to reduce homelessness to a manageable problem. not a chronic, never ending one. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. more details. now san francisco was the only bay area county in a five county region that saw dip in its homeless population. in the preliminary data shows, san francisco now has more than 7700 homeless residents, and that represents a 3.5% drop since 2019 and excluding those that are sheltered in the city. the number is down 15.
6:24 pm
contra costa county had a 35% jump in as tom mentioned, alameda county had a 22% increase. marin county's homeless population jumped 8% and santa clara counties group by 3. anyone who has been in a grocery store lately knows that food prices continue to rise, and that's also affecting people who rely on food banks to feed their families. more than 38 million americans do not have enough to eat, and that number is growing as the cost of gas, housing and food is pushed higher by inflation. the nation's food banks say they are receiving less from individual donors, as well as some of their largest sources of food. decrease in government supplied commodities at a time when we need it, the most detailed, uh, decrease in retail and manufacturing donations to. most food banks across the country say they try to provide clients with enough food for 3 to 5 days . right now, many say they're having to limit it to 123 days.
6:25 pm
coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. we will have more on the deadly church shooting in orange county over the weekend, including new details on the suspected gunman . also ahead, starbucks joins the list of large corporate employers, adding a key benefit for women's health care what the copy retailer says it will do to help women seeking an abortion. and san francisco giants manager gabe kapler on the silver lining into last night's blowout loss to the cardinals. joe fonzi will have it all for you coming
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twot inside an apartment building near the san jose state campus. a man died woman suffered non life threatening injuries. so far, no information on any possible suspects. police are looking for witnesses and any surveillance video from the neighborhood police officer found himself under attack when a group of people began vandalizing his patrol car with him inside. police say the vandals were spectators at a sideshow on saturday night. the officer was not hurt, the eniac police chief says his traffic unit and officers have a zero tolerance approach to those illegal side shows. authorities say the accused gunman in the buffalo supermarket shooting was planning to carry out even more violence. before he was taken into custody. the mass shooting saturday left 10 people dead, three injured. the suspect has pleaded not guilty, president biden said to travel to buffalo to visit with the victim's families. tomorrow you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6
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30 just 24 hours after the mass shooting in buffalo, a gunman opened fire inside a southern california church. killing one person and wounding four others and reporter phil shuman live for us tonight in laguna words with the latest on the investigation, and phil what are we learning here about the suspected gunman 24 30 hours into this investigation? well, mike julie what authorities are telling us. this was a well planned, politically motivated hate crime from a man who is originally from china targeted against the taiwanese community. his name is david chow 68 years old is a u. s. citizen now has been living and working in vegas and apparently had a grievance with taiwan, and he carefully planned out this attack, according to the orange county sheriff's with documents they found in the vehicle they searched in his in his residence in las vegas. he came into this church armed with two semi automatic nine millimeter handguns and apparently
6:30 pm
purchased legally years back. and then at least four homemade incendiary devices similar to molotov cocktails. he chained the door shut, put super glue in the locks. and i'll tell you if it wasn't for the heroism of one person who was at the church service and at the luncheon honoring a pastor afterwards, who literally charged the gunman and threw himself into the line of fire. and was fatally wounded disrupting that attack. i mean, there could have literally been dozens killed or wounded here. and phil. what are we learning about the victims? i think i misspoke. there were five was that correct five people who were wounded in the shooting. and what do we know about how they're doing tonight? well one person was killed. that's dr john chang. he's 52 years old. he's a married father of two lives in laguna niguel here in orange county. he's the one who threw himself into the path of gunfire and essentially sacrificed himself. the gunman wounded five people, four men
6:31 pm
and a woman. they're all hospitalized and expected to survive. the oldest is 92 years old. this building behind me here in laguna woods as part of a retirement community with an elderly taiwanese congregation, i'm told the average the average age is 80. so what happened? and this is just an incredible story that will emerge over the coming days is this gunman opens fire dr. cheng runs towards him is fatally shot. he pauses to reload. the pastor. guy named billy chang hits him over the head with a chair encourages everybody to come forward. they subdue him tie him up with electrical cord. meantime of course, everybody's called 911, and within minutes, the orange county sheriff's are here and take over and take that suspect into custody. there you go. fill shuman live for us tonight. there. in orange county, phil appreciate the report. well as californians start to receive their vote by mail ballots, bay
6:32 pm
area counties are pooling their resources to combat misinformation and ensure public trust in elections are political reporter greg lee spoke with elections officials who are now spearheading the effort about what they want voters to know. final preparations are underway at the contra costa county elections office as registered voters all around california received their ballots for the june 7th primary, deputy county clerk recorder tommy gong and his team are tuning up their machines running through assignments and making sure they're ready to receive in count votes in a critical midterm year. just like you know, preparing a race car for the daytona 500 of the le mans race. you're going to be exercising your machines to be sure that they're you know, functioning at a high level for the first time gongs also working with his counterparts in 10, other counties, the registrars of voters at eight bay area counties, plus san benito, monterey and santa cruz , teaming up to deliver accurate , timely and non partisan information to nearly five million voters deliver. key
6:33 pm
messages that we can really educate the voters about because we do understand that, you know , uh, democracy is fragile. it took a hit in 2020, and we want to do what we can to build trust in elections, miss and disinformation in the 2020 presidential election led to scenes like this as protesters surrounded a vote counting center in arizona. forcing officials to lock their staff in several states are now exploring laws to protect election workers were members of the community we live in, you know, we work alongside with folks, you know we go. you know, our kids attend the same high school as everyone else does, and so were members of the community as well. the coalition of bay area elections officials have created a website focused on ensuring public trust. they're sending out information focused on issues of redistricting vote by mail, voting systems and canvassing or the process in which ballots are counted there. also collaborating on best practices . let me learn a little bit
6:34 pm
about what you're doing. let me share about with you what i'm doing and let's learn from each other and improve our processes even more so. as part of assuring every vote by mail ballot is checked and counted securely gong showed off contra costa newest technology, high tech processing machine that's ready for the half a million ballots they're expecting. after the envelopes make their way through the machine for opening and sorting. then it's off to a team of staff members who will pull the ballots out manually and prepare them for tabulating. these are all things that have been evolving over the last 20 years to really have a robust system of voting for voters. so that they, you know, we have a really , uh a sound checks and balances. process the coalition , of course, letting voters know they have plenty of options to vote in person. these elections officials hoping this joint concerted effort one short public trust and even have a pop culture moniker, so people will remember their message. we like to refer to us as the bay, you
6:35 pm
know, in terms of before anyone else come to your election official with any questions regarding elections. greg lee ktvu boxed your news. to find more information about the coalition of bay area elections , officials and their efforts. just head to our website ktvu .com and click on the web links section. starbucks said today it will cover the travel expenses of employees seeking out of state abortion employees enrolled in the company's health care insurance plan will be reimbursed for eligible travel expenses when accessing abortion or gender affirming procedures. if the services are beyond 100 miles of their home. this will also apply to dependents who are also enrolled in the company's health plans. companies including tesla, microsoft, amazon, apple and salesforce are also offering to cover the travel expenses for workers who cannot gain immediate access to abortions. on wall street. today stocks were mixed on a choppy day of trading. the dow did finish up 26 points. the nasdaq
6:36 pm
and his tech stocks fell 142 points just over 1% and the s and p was down 15 points. the major indexes have been slumping since early april due to the ongoing concerns about the impact of inflation on the economy. the pentagon says momentum has shifted now in the ground war in ukraine, with russia suffering heavy losses. ukraine says their forces have successfully pushed back against a major russian offensive in the east. pentagon estimates that a third of russian troops have been injured, captured or killed , their highest rate of casualties since world war. two artillery and other weapons are still pouring into the country from nato allies. all the resupply arms, ammunitions, sanctions and the like, have got ahold here. what putin wants is to drag this out, develop ukraine fatigue. also sweden announced today that it will join its neighbor finland, and apply for nato membership. after decades of neutrality. however all 30 nato members must approve and turkey is expressing strong
6:37 pm
objections. mcdonald's is selling its entire business operation in russia after more than 30 years in the country. the fast food chain made that announcement just today starting the war in ukraine. and the current unpredictable working conditions in moscow and other russian cities. the sale will affect 6200 mcdonald's employees who worked in more than 800 restaurants across the country. m a. m m a fighter cain velasquez back in the south bay courtroom today as he faces attempted murder charges still ahead tonight that the judge's decision on bail and new rules announced late today on flights to cuba also still ahead the easing of restrictions for us travelers.
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6:40 pm
vele he awaits trial on attempted murder charges. ktvu s and ruben tells us now a judge in santa clara county denied his request for bail this morning. for the second time. a judge has denied bail for former ufc champion cain velasquez, citing his reckless disregard for human life. velasquez is accused of attempted murder and 10 other weapons charges after he allegedly chased down a man accused of molesting his four year old relative. that man, harry goulart was released from custody without bail. he was in the vehicle along with his mother and stepfather when velazquez allegedly opened fire.
6:41 pm
bandar apparently suffered one gunshot wound, resulting in nerve damage to his arm, and he no longer has the use of three fingers dirty and his mother were not injured. velasquez was one man wrecking machine. and they were scared to death. but mark geragos, attorney for velasquez says goulart says family members are not the victims here can play the victim card. however, there's only one real victim here. and that's kane and his family supporters with free cane signs flooded the courthouse steps. they say the lack of bail for velasquez is frustrating when goulart was released and allowed to wear an ankle monitor if you're innocent until proven guilty, and they give him that option, nobel.
6:42 pm
zero cash sales for what he did . how how do you feel safe here? are we worried about cavell s? velasquez who's trying to vindicate and help his family or are we here to be a defender of the pedophile there? the alleged pedophile we'd planned on vigorously defending this case. his attorney suggested velasquez suffers from a traumatic brain injury, which might affect his impulse control. if convicted, velasquez good face at least 20 years in prison. his next court date is set for june 10th in san jose and reuben. ktvu fox two news. san francisco police are looking for information on a deadly assault officers were called on saturday morning at just after 2:30 a.m. to 24th and balmy streets in the mission district. they found a man who was unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. the exact cause of his death has not been released, but it is being investigated as a homicide.
6:43 pm
anyone with information on this case is asked to contact san francisco police. and we are tracking the wind. it's kind of breezy the next couple of days as it has been the last few weeks. temperatures cool today, but they warm in the next coming or in the coming days with the five day forecast will look at that when i see you back here, all right time now to check in with heather holmes and look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus heather. my coming up new tonight multimillion dollar scholarships announced today to help shape the next generation of public service leaders. the application process just open and 100 students will receive funds. the important deadlines coming up and helping young people stay out of trouble. the unique way they're increasing neighborhood unity and safety in sacramento. while those stories and a lot more coming up live tonight on the seven in just a few minutes over on ktvu plus alright, heather, we'll see you, then. thank you. but first after the break, a massive wildfire burning in new mexico has become the largest in that state's history. coming up the latest on
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how many acres have and now most admired alum!
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there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. expo cuba. lifting trump error restrictions. the new rules also loosened restrictions on how much us travelers can spend while in cuba and also allow scheduled and chartered flights to locations beyond havana. the new rules come amid new talks between the united states and cuba following a surge of cubans trying to immigrate illegally to the united states. the european union has dropped its mask mandate for passengers on flights and at airports. it is the latest move to ease covid-19 restrictions. as europe's popular tourist spots get ready for the busy summer travel season. however the eu is
6:47 pm
reminding international air travelers that the rules involving mass in europe because still vary depending on the airline. italy is keeping its transit mask mandate in place for at least another month. growing wildfire burning in new mexico is now the biggest fire in that state's history and the nation's largest wildfire so far this year. has now burned more than 298,000 acres east of santa fe. it is 27% contained the wind driven wildfire started last month as two separate fires, which have now combined into one, massive one. and this fire has destroyed hundreds of homes . president biden has declared it a major disaster. the cause of that fire is not yet known. any firefighter will tell you. when does your worst enemy when there's dry fuels and there's hot and there's low humidity. but when is a tough one to battle especially was born 50 60 miles an hour, as was often times the case. okay so these are the heights from today? the cooled off a little bit a few degrees, but still nice like
6:48 pm
fairfield hit 83. but most of us from the sixties, it was noticeably quote today. noticeably breezy as well. um, as we go into the next couple of days, let's breezy conditions will continue, and that means we're going to see gus along the coast of the mid thirties along that you know, out along the golden gate bridge and areas like that up by the sfo. gusty winds, mainly on the coastal sections. it's windy out there now. as a matter of fact, we take a peek at those numbers and you look at a live picture. the conditions have been nothing but , uh, you know, nice and mild today, but tomorrow is going to be warmer. the reason for the wind. is this system here? which you can barely see. and then the next system coming in, they just get close to us. they're just clicking right by over the top, and they set up a pressure gradient a difference between the high that wants to be there this time of year and the lows that are working their way north but very slowly, so that pressure difference gives you you win in the winds chewing up the fog along the coast a little bit. we're seeing fog out at, um at the avenues have been kinda has kind of been pushed away a
6:49 pm
little bit so that fog is getting pulled away from the coast or pushed away from the coast. is it so we need to come back tonight? foggy conditions in many cases along the coast and inside the bed yet fog this morning, a lot of folks inside the base. so you have the same thing again tomorrow morning wind gusts. 28 miles an hour at sfo. tomorrow is going to look like this. i mean, it's just breezy. this is the forecast model for win. look at the contras don't sort the numbers, but look at like the purples. right? so that's tomorrow afternoon. tuesday 36 on the coast 34 26 at sfo. and then here's wednesday afternoon, same thing contours extend back into clear lake and up into the central valley is the winds go a little more northerly but still pretty breezy in those purple and red areas. and then here you go into thursday, so it's kind of it's hanging on. and then after thursday, the winds died down a little bit and temperatures will have an opportunity to warm temperatures are running a little bit behind where they were yesterday at this time, as we talked about before the forecast highs tomorrow, we're going to be mostly in the seventies. yellows are seventies oranges or eighties. we're going to see
6:50 pm
some eighties return so warm up the slow warm up but still breezy temperatures warm significantly as we head into the weekend as well with nineties possible on saturday and sunday. these are the forecast highs tomorrow, which are up right 87 in fairfield, 80 40, and that's up from where it was today. so the five day forecast you can see it pops in here and, you know, warms up on the weekends kind of a kind of classic spring weather pattern, but the wind is a little more robust than standard spring. it's been pretty breezy, especially for seattle on the coast. you're kind of getting that you're kind of over it by now. it's been so windy for so many days. alright, bill, we'll see you later tonight. thank you. coming up. we will hear from warriors head coach steve kerr as they prepare for the mavericks in the western conference finals. joe fonzi up next with sports, and here is a look at tonight's lineup. right here on ktvu fox, too. you can watch 911 tonight at eight o'clock, followed by the resident at nine and then be sure to join us for the 10
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there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. eves going on in sports these days, but nothing bigger in the bay area right now than the warrior's journey after wrapping up their series with memphis on friday, the warriors like the rest of the nba, taken aback, by the way, luca daca and the dallas mavericks simply
6:54 pm
destroyed the phoenix suns last night in game seven of that series. don't you have 35 point, spencer dinwiddie added 30 as the mavericks hold his son to just 27 points in the first half at the start of the fourth quarter. dallas is in front by 42 dallas win means the warriors will have home court in the western conference finals, which begin on wednesday. count steve kerr among those surprised differential was shocking. you know, you just don't expect to see that, but, um one of those nights. you know, we've we've all been on you know they're side of those things we were last week when we lost 5 39 to memphis. dallas was just really impressive, played a perfect game and they'll come in here with a lot of confidence. i'm sure in game one the wears goal now is to win eight more games. that would mean 1/4 championship in eight years. if they're run last that long, the warriors will undoubtedly be asked everything under the sun when they're made available to the media. being the two way player
6:55 pm
that you are, you know, on both ends when you when you when you're looking at film. yeah when you're looking at film, raymond, you got a good job. thanks for you ordered that kurt. that's not exactly what i emailed you but close when you're looking at film, you know, trying to figure out a game plan. do you look at the office? aside of the ball or defense first? you know the answer that question wardle. stefan currie, the second. 13 years after he left davidson college to join the warrior steph curry completed his bachelor of arts degree curry watch the live stream at his home yesterday and hosted the video. curry made a promise when he left davidson that he would finish. now he has a sociology degree to go along with his all time. three point shooting record three nba championships and two mvps. when i left. i
6:56 pm
knew that was a huge part of umo was eventually finished my degree. that's why i made that promise to her. i would. she made the joke, though like for the last 10 years, she just got to brag that two of her three kids in college graduates and so i finally got to join the my siblings on that front, so i'm not the odd one out anymore. the giants are playing the first of three games tonight in colorado . they lost two in a row in st louis after having their winning streak stopped at six games. last night's nationally televised game was a 15 to 6 blowout that featured a little fun by both teams. at the end the cardinal's albert pool holes in the hall of fame, but not as a picture pull host mop up duty in the ninth, much to the enjoyment of both teams. when evan longoria gotta hit, he asked for the ball to keep us a souvenir. and if that was the moment for longoria, this was an even bigger one for luiz gonzalez gonzalez rips a three run home run pool holes. gonzalez also pitched in inning and a third and joey barton also
6:57 pm
homered off pools was finally got lamonte wade to ground one of his moon balls to shortstop to end the game. the line for the 42 year old pole holes in his pitching debut, one inning. four runs allowed all earned earned run average of 36. the whole episode made for a little levity in a game that was already decided. when you have a game that's out of hand like that. the best possible thing that can happen for a club is for things to lighten up a little bit right and albert pools out there doing that was actually a thrill for our entire dugout. i think our guys were excited about being able to say they face approvals on the mountain so very cool opportunity for them and some fun to watch on the top step. and check this out time on a monday night in case you missed it. frank gore is the 49ers all time rushing leader in a future hall of famer saturday night on gore's 39th birthday. he made his pro boxing debut. score delivered a knockout in the fourth round against a guy named yeah, right. solar had an early
6:58 pm
exhibition fight against former nba player deron williams that he lost cold. yeah he goes. the royal easter show started in sydney, australia. 18 23 you think the folks who founded the celebration ever envisioned chariot races with motorcycles used in place of horses? look at that. big crowd to yeah, you got it. it's big there. is there any prouder moment for a dad than to get a foul ball in the baseball game? give it to your son or daughter. this guy in st petersburg gets the first half of it presents the ball and his son, you got a ball? you gotta make a play nice writing. yeah i don't throw it actually gets it back. there you go. yeah cute woman's no, joe. thank you. that'll do it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 10. good night, you back here at 10. good night, everybody.
6:59 pm
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