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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 17, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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continue to be a landmark for san franciscans who need care and a critical time in their life. if laguna honda closes its doors, hospital officials say patients will need to be transferred likely out of california officials say they brought in experts to help keep that hospital open. demonstrators in danville hold signs that read white lives matter, and it happened just hours after the buffalo, mass shooting. we have many friends of color. i can only imagine what those signs felt like to them. i mean, it feels violent. it does pushback from the community, led by danville mayor another east based city is considering giving some low income residents money every month with no strings attached. we'll talk about this with the mayor of alameda, the proposal to implement universal basic income 49ers begin team workouts next week. will devo be there? how about jimmy g. 49ers commentator who never holds back gives us his take. and welcome
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to mornings onto the nine today is tuesday. may 17th we're looking at a live picture of san francisco is a little hazy there and the temperatures in may have not been what i'm expecting. it's usually a little warmer this time of year. i think a lot of people are watching the weather because outdoor graduation ceremonies are just about to start taking off the food and drug administration today authorized a covid booster shot for children between the ages of 5 to 11. the goal is to allow elementary school children are third shot at least five months after their last dose, but there's one big hurdle centers for disease control and prevention must decide whether to formally recommend the booster for this age group. cbc scientific advisers are scheduled to meet on thursday about one third of children ages, 5 to 11 are fully vaccinated. and welcome to the nine. you know, um uh andre. my kids are going to elementary school and we get those emails. you know, there's been exposure exposure, and there's been more
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of those emails lately. unfortunately yes, i've seen those. um but then, you know, see parents question whether he really need the additional additional dose so that part i think is still a little controversial. a lot of people they do know they just don't want to deal with this anymore. just be over with the covid. or just get it for people are proby the ones to bring it to them. but you know, the survival rating kids is 100% i mean, they do pretty well. well, well for money anyway. so one of the people closest to me in this world, his whole family had covid recently. thankfully, mom, dad, two children. mild to moderate symptoms, however, missing work missing school. it was like the staggered effect. it was the biggest interruption to their life because there's very serious and i'll say they do everything right? more than anybody else. i know if they can get it. who else can get? it's a huge disruption may never fall upon. your house is two whole weeks here. you can't do anything. exactly. let's talk about what's happening here across the country is happening
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right now. president biden is in buffalo, new york, where he'll be meeting with the families of those killed in a weekend mass shooting at a grocery store. the president and first lady added flowers to a growing memorial at the tops grocery store for the honor of 10 people who were killed there later in the morning. the president is expected to call on congress to push for tougher gun control laws when the president speaks expected in this next hour, we will bring that to you. investigators have identified the shooter in that buffalo new york cases 18 year old peyton gender, and they say he left a detailed suicide note for his parents. they also say they think gender on targeted the story because zip code that's home to the biggest african american population in buffalo. investigators also say you plan to take a shooting rampage beyond the store. his intention was to kill as manyas possible if the buffalo police officers that engage them didn't stop him. he was going to continue down jefferson avenue. he was going to continue. general is still on suicide watch is set to be back in court on thursday, happening today,
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the suspect in this weekend's deadly shooting at a church in orange county, scheduled to make his first court appearance. investigators have identified the suspect, a 68 year old david chow of las vegas. they say he was motivated by hatred against taiwan. when he killed one person wounded five others inside of a church in laguna woods on sunday. authorities say parishioner dr john chang was killed in the gunfire. they say he sacrificed his life to stop the government from killing other innocent victims inside that church. dr chang is a hero. in this incident. based on statements from the witnesses, and corroborated by other means. it is known that dr chang charged the individual. the suspect. attempted to disarm him , which allowed other parishioners to then intercede. taking the suspect into custody. prosecutors are expected to file federal hate crime charges against the suspect, possibly later today. chow already faces
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one felony count of murder and five felony counts of attempted murder. and check these out. these are photos, and they were just released from inside the church in laguna once they show members of the church, tackling the suspect just moments after he opened fire, law enforcement officers say they're quick and brave response prevented an even bigger tragedy as well as what that doctor did as well. investigators looking into the buffalo attack are still looking into the background of the suspect. did the internet truly radicalize him? was there an incident that set the wheels into motion or set him off? joined now by tommy tucson, a retired police chief, now professor of criminal justice at bakersfield college. and who was training officers in new police modeling bridging racial divides very important topics, but we want to stay on the issue tammy of what's happening in buffalo right now, and we should say that the president is expected to speak there in about 15 minutes, so we'll get to that. he's expected to talk about gun control, which i want to ask you about just the number first suspect wrote about his plans in
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an online forum. can we look forward to this information being used against them in quarters or any chance they could throw this stuff out? no i don't think so. um that is what we call intelligence based policing collecting data and intelligence to use, uh, in the situation where we have these mass shootings. every bit of evidence is very important to have and using that data from that 180 page document is going to be absolutely important because we probably should have done a little better looking into the situation. to prevent what occurred. but a lot of times you just can't do that. especially of gun control. uh is the way it's pretty loose and pretty liberal and it really impacts how we do work in policing. and investigate to prevent such a terrible, terrible tragedy. okay, so we're course we're going to hear about the issue of gun control. so this suspect here he had done some casing of the supermarket. um in the weeks leading up to the attack, right, so we went to the supermarket and security
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guard at the supermarket had stopped him because he saw him enter the store about three times and he got really suspicious of him. during his trip up to buffalo, he was stuck by police to issue a ticket. obviously these folks would not have known what this man was about to commit. so how do you prevent this type of incident from happening? is there any way in policing to do that? we got a we got to get anything community and do some more community awareness. so they understand as tv signs had his coming into that store been reported to law enforcement they would have done and began putting together information that would say, you know, this is rather suspicious that a guy from out of town comes into our supermarket in our particular area in town and put those dead data together and done a profile. a criminal objective profiling to make sure when you have acts in situations like this, this would have been a perfect case. to do that data collection. so is it what you're saying? is it more of a report everything i mean, that could
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seem kind of a kind of a lot to report just every interaction you have with someone who might think it's suspicious and you know? is that really the key to stopping something like this? because even he said he was surprised at how easy it was for him to do all this stuff and the fbi hadn't come knocking on his door tackled him. even he admitted to the fact that it was easy for him to have gone through life planned this attack with no one even catching onto it. you know, i have driven in the neighborhoods that i've never been in before. when i was growing up and, you know, you know the first name of everybody in your neighborhood when he walked in next door. i'm pretty sure nobody knew his first name or who he was. and wanted to know. maybe he was gonna rob this story, which is how individuals gathered data and the fact that we have such freedom of movement in the country allow for this type of intelligence based reconnaissance. he did an actual reconnaissance what i used to do in the army. he was doing this civilian environment and again. three contacts by security
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should have been documented and reported. i'm you see something ? you say something so now we have then control right? the president is expected to speak in buffalo in just a few minutes from now. he is expected to call for more gun control. is that really one of the missing pieces here to curb this type of crime. i think what you have to do is make sure that gun manufacturers vendors, sellers are aware of what's going on and has been going on in this country. you know you have a weapon like an a r 15. and you have the different magazines or clips used to use them. those are weapons are made for one thing, and they are not for hunting animals. they are not going out into the forest. these are weapons of destruction . these are weapons of war. i know from being in the army. that's the purpose of these, so we need to monitor and then especially a mom and pop gun store. is there to make profit
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there to make money? they're not really there to question the motives of those that come in. but you know, this is a new day and a new age. we do need to question everybody who comes in to buy a gun and ammunition. that banana clip had no business being sold to an 18 year old. he was able to go into the stores and all points and never got questioned about it. one of the people that sold him the gun said he passed every background check, so they had no reason to be suspicious of him. so those are the issues replacing right now in other states, depending on what type of gun you want to get, you have to go through an extra level of certification of security checking before you get it like if you want to get a silencer for an ak 47 or something like that. we'll see what happens. they've been talking about gun control after the shootings for awhile, nothing seems to happen, but we'll see what happens after this one. tommy tucson, retired police chief and professor over to bakersfield college. thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you very much. andrea. have a good day. twitter says it's committed to moving forward with elon musk acquisition despite the billionaires, ending a new stipulation to the deal must took to twitter early this morning to say his deal by
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twitter can't move forward. less. the company shows public proof that fewer than 5% of the accounts on the platform are fake or spam. in his tweet must says that his $44 billion offer was quote based on twitter's sec filings being accurate this morning. twitter says it has filed a preliminary proxy statement with the sec for acquisition by elon musk, saying it is committed to completing the transaction on the agreed price in terms as properly as practicable. the preliminary proxy statement contains important information, including the background of and reasons for twitter's transition with mr musk happening today, a messy situation that would park in foster city has people watching where they step. the city wants to eradicate the geese that have taken over marlin park ktvu james torres live there. now with the protest plan today against that plan. cassie we see the geese behind me this morning. they've come out just a little bit after sunrise, and you see them just kind of take
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over some part of the field here, but city leaders say it's not just here. it's pretty much citywide that they think that these canadian geese and the feces that they are leaving behind are contaminating different parts of the city parks. beaches and they say they've had enough. according to city documents. there are already some strategy leaders have already tried. they say methods like strobe lights didn't work ideas like fencing or using dogs to scare and harass the geese away. or keeping goose eggs from hatching , create temporary solutions but aren't enough. city leaders worry the droppings can create public safety problems, anything from spreading contamination, causing traffic risks if those geese were to wander onto the roadways. they are now waiting on a permit from the u. s. fish and wildlife to do some population control to put a stop on the presence of geese, the growing presence and the droppings they leave behind. but many city residents are asking the city to go another direction. i think it's terrible like i feel like there has to be like some alternative to like. um to, i guess, cleaning up the
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streets. so why the protests now will city council decided to move forward with its mitigation plan in november? the permit there waiting for takes about six months, so taking legal action could happen soon. a group known as in defensive animals says they have sent emails to city council made it clear they believe the idea is cruel and ineffective. they try to prevent these types of mitigation nationwide. we know that the lethal killings do not work. what happens is they just create this endless cycle of killing and also a cycle where taxpayer money is being used over and over again each year and it doesn't actually resolve the issue. let's take you back. live here out here to marlon park. that organizer tells me that when they do these killings , it doesn't truly work because the other levels of geese.
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another wave of geese end up coming back to the same area. at least that's what she has seen in other areas that have done that same kind of mitigation. some people we spoke to say they would be willing to volunteer their time. to pick up after the keys. if that meant they get to stay and get to be prevented from being killed. our protest is scheduled for tonight in front of city hall at 6 30, a facebook event for that protest. says about 40 people are scheduled to show up. we're live this morning in foster city. i'm james torres, ktvu. fox two news . watch where you step there, james. alright thank you. another bay area city is proposing to guarantee income for a group of low income families. next. we'll talk to the mayor of that city and why she believes this controversial program actually will work house committee is holding historic public hearing today on ufos. lawmakers are not happy with some of the pentagon's enters. oh, we'll tell
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it , you know, it seems like it should be warmer, right? typically but you know, you also have to remember may gray, so we tend to have a more of a stable pattern this time of year, meaning we start out with the low clouds. it burns off to sunshine and temperatures are relatively mild. what we have seen over the last few weeks as you know sal, sal and garcia. we are looking at in, andre, we are looking at a number of storms that are moving through the pacific northwest, and that keeps changing our pattern a little bit, bringing in the cooler air breaking up the cloud cover the breezy conditions. here's a look at sfo where we do have a little bit of haze out there in a little bit of fog, the fog along the coastline inside the bay, but we're going to go with partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny for today, and a lot of folks enjoying more sunshine. today already at this hour compared to yesterday, the system that brought us the cooler of pattern for yesterday in the breezy conditions now off
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to the east, and you can see over the dakotas in moving into the great lakes area, but here's a look at what we can expect for us here at home. right now. temperatures are 53 degrees in san francisco 56 in nevada 60 in concord upper fifties in san jose. with a mix of sun and clouds out there now, mostly sunny for the afternoon, and temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer. today will go 66 in san francisco, 82 conquered 76 over san jose temperatures continuing to warm as we get into the business week . temperatures are looking at upper eighties by tomorrow for inland cities upper seventies around the bay and then as we get into thursday coming down slightly back up in time for the weekend. mostly sunny skies. it looks like friday saturday into sunday, upper eighties to perhaps oh, nineties. far inland cities upper seventies too low eighties around the bay and sixties expected at the coast back to you. thank you coming up on mornings onto the nine. the primary elections are just weeks away and barria counties are teaming up to catch
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misinformation still ahead, details on the new technology. some election officials are putting the use also have this a community garden popping up in a high crime san francisco neighborhood. coming up on the nine the people behind this project format table project on wellness, healthy living and goodwill.
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a le district is keeping the mass requirement in place through the summer semester. the contra costa community college district says it's going to wait to lift the mandate amid rising cases. the district encompasses deauville valley college, los madonna's college and contra costa college is also keeping a requirement for students and employees to be vaccinated. the district says it will decide about whether to keep the mask mandate through the fall semester. later this year. and the cdc is now recommending people traveling on domestic flights to get tested for covid before they board. previous recommendations suggested test only for those whose vaccinations weren't up to
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date. now the agency recommends everyone get tested as close to departure and no more than three days before flying counties are preparing for next month's primary election that the contra costa county elections office in martinez. workers say they're doing what they can to keep the public well informed before and on election day. the deputy county clerk reporter and his team are running through assignments to make sure they're ready to receive and count ballots for the june 7th election. just like you know, preparing a race car for the daytona 500 of the lemans race. you're going to be exercising your machines to be sure that they're you know, functioning at a high level. the coalition of bay area elections officials has created a website that's aimed at ensuring public trust. the group is sending information about redistricting voting by mail voting systems and the ballot counting process has overturned another landmark california law mandating diversity in corporate boardrooms. superior court judge in los angeles says the law requiring public companies to have women on their boards is
9:23 am
unconstitutional. the case was brought by judicial watch, a conservative legal group, which argued the measure created gender quotas. the state argued the law is necessary to reverse a culture of workplace discrimination against women. viola law professor jessica levinson says, despite the ruling overturning the law, it may still have had an effect. part of the goal was already achieved one. we're talking about it, too. there is more gender diversity on boards and three maybe it's going to create a change in culture. and i think that ultimately what a number of the lawmakers who voted for it wanted. last month, another judge struck down the state law requiring companies to diversify corporate boards by having members of underrepresented groups, including black, hispanic, native american pacific islander and lgbt. directors the san francisco comptroller's office is taking action after it says the city's trash company recall aji brought in more than $24 million over it's allowed profit margin, according to a new report. the
9:24 am
excess profit was generated between 2018 and 2021. the ecology must now put that money into an account to offset future rate increases. just last year, the company agreed to pay a $36 million fine for its role in a corruption scandal involving former public works director mohamed noor. a new report shows bart ridership is bouncing back, part says more than 90,000. people rode bart on saturday and that is 63% of pre pandemic levels. the last ridership record was a saturday during fleet week and the giants playoffs on sunday. 64,000 people road bar that's 62% pre pandemic ridership on sundays. there were several events and protests around the bay area this weekend, including the beta baker's race, and a new music festival is coming to san francisco. organized by golden voice, the promoter behind the coachella music festival. the portola music festival is an electronic music festival with headliners that include flume, the chemical brothers and my a. so my e. d m. friends are really excited about this. the event is
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set for us. pierre etienne san francisco. it's september. 24th and 25th and tickets will go on sale friday. we'll take you live now to buffalo, new york, where president biden is speaking about the mass shooting at a supermarket just this weekend. we'll listen in her. as you remember her is going to bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. takes a while for that to happen. takes a while. might take more than a season. but our prayer for you is that that time comes sooner or later, but i promise you it will come. imagination. the side of the family's we remember them. we've been reading about we visit the memorial where the show love for them, and you've all shown by the supermarket. and so seeing cheney 65 years old. brain cancer survivor churchgoer. bingo player. went to buy strawberries to make her favorite shortcake. and loving
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mother and her grandmother. roberta jury 32 beloved daughter and sister. moved back home to help take care of her brother after his bone marrow transplant. she went to buy groceries for dinner. with senator attention who made everyone in the room laughing smile when she walked in. andre mcneil asking me andrew mcneil. 53 worked at the restaurant. want to buy his three year old son, a birthday cake. hassan selling a birthday asking, where's daddy? catherine masses 72 writer and an advocate. who dressed up and costumes at schools and cut the grass in the park and helping local
9:27 am
elections. and blow the family and the community. marcus morris and 52 school bus aide went to buy snacks for weekly movie night of the family. survived by his wife and three children, a stepdaughter. the center of their world. hayward patterson 67. father. church deacon. fed the homeless. and soup kitchens. gave rides to the grocery store, the neighbors who needed help. putting food in the trunk of others. when he took his final breath. parents older 55, retired buffalo police officer. for three decades. three decades. love the electric cars hero gave his life to save others. on a saturday afternoon.
9:28 am
had that man not been wearing that vest that he purchased bulletproof vest. while allies would have been saved. beloved father. husband. geraldine tally 62. expert banker known for her warm general personality. friend, everybody devoted mother and grandmother. bruce whitfield 88. beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. sang in the church choir. caretaker of her husband, bringing him clean clothes, cutting his hair holding his hand every day she visit him in the nursing home. hard as big as a hit. pro young 77 mother, grandmother, missionary of god. public school teacher. also ran a local food pantry. love, singing, dancing and her family.
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and all three are injured. so you're goodman 20. shot in the neck but fighting through it. jennifer warrington 50 christopher brandon 55. both three with injuries. a long road to recovery. individual lives of love, service and community. speaks to the bigger story of who we are as americans. great nation. because we're good people. children i bring you this message from deep in our nation's soul. win. i promise ye will not prevail. in white supremacy will not have the last word. for the evil. did come to buffalo. has come to all too many places. manifesting gunmen who massacred innocent people. in the name of hateful and
9:30 am
perverse ideology. rooted in fear and racism. has taken so much. 10 lives cut short in a grocery store. three other wounds three or three other wounded by a hate filled individual. woodruff and 200 miles from binghamton, and that range to carry out a murderous racist rampage. that he would live stream. livestream to the world. what happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism. terrorism. domestic terrorism. violence inflicted in the service of hate. and the vicious thirst for power. defines one group of people. been inherently inferior to any other group. hate through the media. and politics, the internet. has radicalized, angry
9:31 am
, alienated, lost and isolated individuals in the falsely believing. that they will be replaced. that's the word replaced. by the other. by people who don't look like them. and who are therefore. and perverse ideology that they possess and being fed lesser beings. i and all of you reject the lie. i call on all americans to reject the line, and i can them those who spread the life for power. political gain and for profit. yeah that's what it is. yeah. now seen too many times the deadly destructive violence, this ideology and leashes. we heard the chance. you will not replace us in charlottesville, virginia. i wasn't going to run as a senator knows. again for president. when
9:32 am
i saw those people. coming out of the woods of the fields of virginia in charlottesville, carrying torches. shouting you will not replace us. accompanied by white supremacists and carry banners. that's what i said no. no and i honest to god those who know me chugging. i wasn't going to run for certain. rather than be darned if i was going to let anyway get going. look we've seen the mass shootings in charleston, south carolina, paso, texas and pittsburgh. last year in atlanta this week in dallas, texas and now in buffalo. buffalo, new york. white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison running through. it really is. through our body
9:33 am
politics. it's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more. i mean, no more. we need to say is clearly in forces we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in america. and look. fairly frustrating, not say that failure is saying complicity. ss complicity. is complicity. we cannot remain silent. our nicest strength has always come from the idea. it's gonna sound corny , but think about it. what's the idea of our nation? we're all children of god. life liberty. are universal goods. gifts of god. we didn't get it from the government got it from because we exist. we're called upon to defend them. the venom of the
9:34 am
haters. and their weapons of war. the violence in the words and deeds, the that stalk our streets. our stores are schools . this venom this violence cannot be the story of our time. we cannot allow that to happen. look, i'm not naive. i know tragedy will come again. cannot be forever overcome. cannot be fully understood either. but there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we've done it before. i didn't want to pass the crime bill last time and violence went down. shootings went down. you can't prevent people from being radicalized to violence. address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism. we just need to have the courage to do that
9:35 am
to stand up. smoked the american experiment. in democracy. it's in a danger. like it hasn't been in my lifetime. it should endanger this hour. hate and fear of being given too much oxygen. by those who pretend to love america. but you don't understand america. to confront the ideology of hate requires caring about all people. not making distinctions. remember in the scripture. seeing that we're all part of the divine. my neighbor as thyself. that's the america. i know. jill knows. and most deserve the most we do look were the most multiracial, most dynamic nation in history of the world. allows the time with the people of all races. from every background. to speak up as a majority of americans reject white supremacy. these actions.
9:36 am
we've seen in these hate filled attacks. represent the views of a hateful minority. we can't allow them to destroy america, the real america. we can't allow them to destroy the soul of the nation. as president, knighted states, i traveled the world. all the time. and other nations asked me heads of state and other countries to ask me what's going on. what in god's name happened on january 6th? what happened in buffalo? what happened? ask we have to refuse to live in a country. when black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war. deployed in a racist cause. we have to refuse to live in a country. we're fear and lies are packaged for power and for profit.
9:37 am
president biden speaking live in buffalo, new york, after meeting with families of those who were killed in a shooting attack at a grocery store over the weekend, 10 people dead police calling this a racist attack. we heard the president get emotional, and he was recounting some of the victims who died there. we also know that he is speaking out against not just those who carry out. he also said those who support and spread the ideas and those who remain silent in the face of racism or complicit as well as the president keeps speaking there in buffalo will stream it for you at ktvu dot com. clearly he's also going to be calling for stricter gun control measures that were waiting for him to hear. we'll have that, as purchases, said streaming online are moving to this now coming up on mornings on to the night. hope that the nation's infant formula shortage could soon come to an end. sam strikes a deal with one of the country's largest formula makers. also masked demonstrators in danville hold signs that read white lives matter just hours after the buffalo, mass shooting. the pushback from the community pushback from the community there and what danville mayor
9:38 am
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takn gate bridge up into marin on this tuesday morning. welcome it's 9 42 mornings onto the nine thank you so much for joining us. house panel is holding a hearing today on unidentified aerial phenomenon. ufos the chairman of the committee, calls ufos potential national security threat. the event is the first congressional public hearings on ufos in decades. intelligence officials say they are concerned not that alien life is visiting earth, but instead that another country like russia or china might be using some kind of advanced technology. in american airspace, so a couple of things i want to say about this. i mean, normally, don't she normally investigate whether another country isn't you know, flying a strange object object interior space and they're framing it is that i don't know.
9:41 am
i just i just find it curious that they have still not been able to figure out what these objects are holding these hearings. they have these reports coming out. and still nothing. we still never it's old, but it's you know, but you know, we might not know we s. they can never figure it out. but they have the most advanced technology. so i'm kind of surprised and i we'll see what happens out of this here. i'm not holding out much hope, but hopefully they'll get to something. what really happens in area 51. we could go down that rabbit pictures that there have been releasing lately. i mean, the tiktok looking up, one could figure out where they are. and whatever you do, don't google it because that will open a whole new holes in the rabbit hole for a while. let's focus on what is happening across the country here. so many parents is desperate to feed their littlest ones. there is new hope that nationwide baby formula shortage may be coming to an end. soon the fda says it has reached an agreement with abbott laboratories on the steps needed to reopen that companies closed baby formula plant in michigan. the fact we shut down in february after two infants
9:42 am
would consumed formula made at the plant died and other babies got sick. the cdc says it found no conclusive link between that plant and those deaths and illnesses. but it is on record as saying that once we reach final agreement on how to get the plant reopened the processes and procedures to make sure that the product is safe when it comes out. they said around two weeks to get product out. the plant shut down and supply chain problems with the two biggest factors in the current baby formula shortage. help is on the way for families who are struggling, the nestle company flying in formula to the united states from europe. it's giving top priority to its gerber and alpha amino product because they're meant for babies who are allergic to cow's milk. nestle says it already imports products to the united states but now is adding shipments and sending them as a ricardo instead of on board ships. help speed up the process of getting formula to the babies who need it. most people living in the east bay town of danville are now
9:43 am
responding to a small protest over the weekend that's now gaining national attention. a group of masked demonstrators held a large sign with three words white lives matter. demonstration took place at the intersection of black hawk road and camino tassajara wrote on saturday. that was the same day a gunman killed 10 people at a supermarket in buffalo, new york , in a suspected racially motivated hate crime. one local community activists has some racist attitudes still exist in danville. our town leadership has been very eager to maintain the status quo and we have been working with them for over a year to more explicitly denounce racism in a public way. the mayor of danville, has released this statement in response to the white lives matter demonstration, it says, in part those responsible make sure too cowardly cover their face and hide behind their signs. these people were acting out hate speech, though not a crime. this was clearly in a boring gesture towards people of color. the reward money has been increased
9:44 am
for information and the continuing search for missing east bay woman 24 year old alexis gape. last month, the city of oakley offered a $10,000 reward helped find alexis cape. she was last seen in january at the antioco, home of a former boyfriend. now officials say an anonymous donor contributed another $50,000 to the reward fund. they have information on the whereabouts of alexis. gabe, please call oakley police. coming up on mornings onto the nine next week, will mark three months since russia invaded ukraine. next we're talking live with the director of the south bay humanitarian relief organization that's raised $30 million to help the people of that country. 49ers begin workouts next week. in a moment we talked to 49ers commentator about the team
9:45 am
some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
9:46 am
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resn soldiers inside a steel plant in the city of mariupol. ukrainian officials say the fighters have completed their mission and they're now being evacuated more than 260 soldiers, including some were badly wounded, were loaded onto busses and taken to areas under russian control. ukraine's president says negotiations are underway to bring the fighters home but that it requires delicacy and time. well. next tuesday marks exactly three months since russia invaded ukraine. we've all seen the finding and destruction and the millions of refugees trying to flee to safety and during this period of local group noble ukraine has raised $30 million for humanitarian aid, joined now by director igor markoff. he is with nova ukraine. igor thank you so much for talking with us. remember speaking with you earlier on when the when they were first started here. you have family back in ukraine. how are they doing at this point? they still there are they left to move to other countries in
9:48 am
eastern europe? they're they're still in ukraine. there are not far from cave where they lived before the war, and they're planning to return within a month or so because the situation is improving in that part of ukraine. alright that's that's certainly some good news. in the meantime, you all have been doing a lot. a lot of work here. you've reached $30 million in three months. that is amazing feat by any standard. where is that money going now to help the folks in ukraine? the largest part of the money is, um, funding medical supplies. uh, we also started buying medical equipment for ukrainian hospitals that requested equipment, and much of it is diagnostics and imaging ultrasound. we bought an x ray machine recently. um the demand for these types of equipment is , uh, clear because there are many wounded that, uh, you know , arrived at hospitals and, uh, when shrapnel isn't better human tissues, it's important to see
9:49 am
where it is and depending on the types of debris, uh different types of imaging it required. they also supported evacuation for quite some time, but now at least fewer regions of ukraine. need evacuation services. we are increasingly supporting food and basic needs because there are a number of places wherees are cld or not available. there funded bomb shelters in several places in the south of ukraine, the parisian alive and we also starting to fund reconstruction efforts and basic infrastructure , allowing people to come back and, for example, power banks, generators, plywood that goes into windows were glasses broken just so that people can return and have some semblance of normal life. that's interesting because we see every day the fighting that's happening in the destruction that's happening. but where is infrastructure starting to come back? how are you seeing that happen? the north northern parts of ukraine
9:50 am
, kiev journey of and to some extent, someone also some parts of the kharkiv region archive is the second largest city in ukraine that until recently was shelled by field artillery, but russia artillery was was pushed back from kharkiv and, uh, basically those for regions plus maybe should tomorrow also in the north, too tightly to the west from kiev, but, uh i guess another region would be nikolai if in the south which is close to fighting, but getting a little bit better in the last week or so, you know when, when i'm watching this coverage here because i'm riveted by what's going on there a lot of the times, folks who can't afford to leave their just stuck staying in their homes. i mean, they just simply just don't have the money. and this war just crept right up on their doorsteps. how are those people being helped the ones that just don't have the resources a car to get out of harm's way. how can you help? it does depend on whether they're in the city or in
9:51 am
suburbs or in a village in the heart cave we have over 30 partner organizations, volunteer organizations and many of them, uh, basically get food baskets and drive them to places where disabled and elderly people live . people who cannot really walk to get these things. and the need for this is increasing because the access to some of those affected regions is now available and in villages near kharkiv. the situation is dire because people were locked in their houses could not leave for weeks, and now we are starting to reach them. igor markoff, with nova ukraine, raising such an astounding amount of money in a short period of time, $30 million and he would still that won't be enough. hopefully folks will continue to support your efforts. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. none of this story. cain velasquez, the former mixed martial arts champ , will stay in jail for now while he awaits trial on charges of attempted murder for the second time. a judge has denied
9:52 am
bail for velasquez. signing his reckless disregard for human life. that's quote blazquez is accused of attempted murder and 10 other weapons charges after he allegedly chased down harry gold tree accused of molesting his four year old relative now velasquez reportedly opened fire on the car, injuring the men's stepfather. came velasquez was a one man wrecking machine. and they were scared to death. he can play the victim card. however there's only one real victim here, and that's kane and his family. well, let's get his supporters say the lack of bail is frustrating, considering tape was released and allowed to wear an ankle monitor sound. well. the 49ers begin off season workouts next monday and tuesday. will deebo samuel be there? how about jimmy g players
9:53 am
illustrated's grant cohn. also one of my favorite twitter follows, although i've yelled at the computer screen many times because we don't always agree, but i will say this you have been proven right in my opinion about the whole jimmy g thing because you're not a fan of jimmy j explained why well, look , he won 16 of his 1st 18 starts . he was magical, but i always he would win the game and then the report card. i gave him a c plus, and i was like, you know, he didn't make the decisions. he turned the ball over it. he handed off a lot. it caught up to him. i think what? remember jeremy lin? he was magic. everyone thought he was a superstar for a minute and he wasn't he came back down to earth. it was called linsanity. there was jim sanity for a while and everyone thought this guy was joe montana. but he's not, and the whole league knows it, and it's that's why the niners are moving on. right there. moving on the tray lands. but do you think the tree lance has the capability to be the 49ers
9:54 am
number one quarterback to be an elite quarterback? he does have the capability. to be an elite quarterback. but when? next year this year, five years from now, i mean, he's 20. he just turned 21 21 22. he just turned 22. he didn't play last year. he didn't play the year before that. he's essentially a rookie, and if he had a season where he his quarterback rating was 85, would you crush them for it? i mean, a lot of people will. he's taken over for jimmy garoppolo. he needs to be good right away. the thing you know 49ers fans, i think having basically an unrealistic view of who they're going to get. joe montana and steve young were really once in a lifetime kind of things, or twice in a lifetime. i guess if i'm staying consistent, but you know, it's not that you get an elite quarterback all the time. is that right? yes. but diner fans don't believe that they don't want to believe that. and i think once they realize that their current quarterback isn't going to be the next steve younger joe montana dead to them. and so, jimmy garoppolo. he doesn't have that upside next one. it's trey. lance you a lot of people didn't agree with you and they still there's some
9:55 am
portions of the fan base is still think. jimmy g still around. you got to go with him. if that's nonsense, right? i think it's nonsense. i think they got trey lance for a reason. lance has the potential to be great. we've all seen jimmy garoppolo. there's no more potential there. front office botch getting rid of jimmy g because now he has surgery. no one wants him. obviously they tried. they couldn't get rid of him. was that a botched, you know, decision making process? and the same. i could ask you with debo. yes it was bashed, and i think here's what the position they're in. they're afraid that if they cut jimmy garoppolo, which is what they should do, that a team like seattle will sign him and that he'll win and that will put extra pressure on trey, lance and them right now, because they're taking a step back this year. they're going with a bunch of young players. so what if jimmy garoppolo goes to a team like carolina seattle wins? they look really bad. i think they're afraid of that. so they're just holding on to a player who has no trade value. and what about deebo? samuel did the 49ers insult him by not doing something, right? okay so and i know. look i don't always agree
9:56 am
with your criticism of the front office. and i may not agree here. what's your take on this? they're going to work it out. here's here's my take. deebo samuel is pulling a veruca salt. he wants to now. the 49ers don't want to give him an oompa loompa just yet they think it creates a bad precedent in future negotiations, so they're going to hold off until the end of the offseason. he's gonna get his oompa loompa. i think it's going to be okay. it's gonna be okay is part of the hesitation, though, because he's a basically a running back to and if they keep using them that way, he might get hurt because running backs let's face it. are not like wide receiver ones. it's possible, but he's our best player and they know it. and if they don't have deebo samuel this year, they could win six games and they don't want that to happen, so i think they're going to work it out. it's just a whole like on our schedule. debo wants it now the niners want to give it to him in a couple of months. it's just a power play between very rich people. don't work it out. dude i'm going to put you on the spot
9:57 am
here for a minute, because you seem to be a little bit down, sometimes on those 49ers. is there anything that you think they're doing right at the moment. they put together one heck of a roster. i mean, there they have elite players at every position group except for quarterback. i mean, this team has done a lot right in the last 2025 years, but ever since jeff garcia got ran out of town, they just had a revolving door quarterbacks, they said. people were so excited about jimmy g. honestly exactly, and then they said no to tom brady. they didn't scout patrick mahomes. they said no to matthew stafford. and now it all depends on trey lance, which is not really fair. i mean, he's just a kid, and he has to go be steve young and make everyone look smart. here hey, good. go get him tray, right. so if it last question is that you said something interesting. i never thought about jimmy g if they cut him if he goes to seattle he's going to be the same jimmy gear. is it going to be better because that organizations run differently? see that's the thing. seattle knows what bbg is. they've seen him twice a year. maybe they just say you know what? no, thanks. you can go somewhere else. maybe the niners would want him to go to seattle so they could face him
9:58 am
twice a year because i've seen jimmy garoppolo against the niners defense and practice and they intercept him. every day, so i don't think it really would keep the niners up at night. alright grant cohn and by the way, follow this man on twitter because you might get a little incensed by some of his tweets. but it's always so all in good fun, right? most of the time, and i and my dad used to yell at your old man's columns. just kind of like to yell at yours, so let's cool runs in the family days. all right, guys. well more than 1600 black students were honored at the african american academic excellence awards ceremony in oakland midland high school students who maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average for the first semester. of the current school year were named to the scholar list. the students heard messages of praise from oakland unified school district leaders, community members and lawmakers at last night's celebration. i want to acknowledge you as celebrate you for the hard work and dedication that has led you to this momentous day. i am truly inspired by your commitment and your discipline. in the face of all of the
9:59 am
challenges of the past year. let me be clear. this is a real accomplishment this year ceremony was named in honor of oscar right 20 years ago, right, began mentoring and honoring african american students who succeeded in school report that finds some 72 million homes in the united states are at risk for wildfire. a risk map was created by the nonprofit group first street foundation takes into account how homes are constructed and whether or not they back up to open space, as well as weather patterns and mitigation steps taken by local governments. the group says costs associated with wildfires have accelerated faster than any other climate hazard from $1 billion in the 19 nineties to 16.6 billion in 2020. risk factor dot com launched an interactive wildfire tool that rights properties risk for being impacted by a wildfire. what is the minimal risk? 10 is extreme. we have the tool for you on our website at ktvu .com pop in your address and figure out what to do now before we reach the
10:00 am
height of fire season. it's my big fear what's going to happen because it just has not. been raining a whole lot lately. alright alright. thanks so much. that'll do it for us here on morning onto the nine. we're >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ now, here's our special guest hosts remotely remedy and michelle visage. ♪ ♪


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