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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in america. evil will not win. i promise you hate will not prevail. chaos erupted on saturday afternoon when the suspected gunman began firing in the parking lot of a top supermarket, killing 10 and injuring three others. we have bodies down here three down inside so far through outside radio. police say the gunman's intention was to kill as many black people as possible. the president says. there is no room for this type of hate in america. white supremacy is a poison that's been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. no more, investigators say 18 year old peyton genderen legally purchased a gun in his hometown of conklin, new york, where he claims to have been radicalized online. during his speech, the president touched on the topics of social media censorship and gun control. we can keep assault
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weapons off our streets. we've done it before we can address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism tonight, president joe biden calling for stricter gun laws is people in this community have a lot of questions about what red flags were missed with this gunman. last year, he was questioned by police and had a mental evaluation after his teacher said he wanted to commit a murder suicide. investigators are still looking into those claims. the local d a says he believes the police and the teacher followed protocol reporting in buffalo, new york, alexis mcadams fox news. authorities say the accused gunman in the buffalo, mass. shooting expressed white supremacist views linked to the so called great replacement theory. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has more on the theory and why it's still surfaces in our nation. at the white house tuesday, president joe biden put a bull's eye on hate following the buffalo massacre of 10 black people. we
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have to not only talk about how we're going to end the hate but who's responsible for generating shooting suspect patton genderen referenced the great replacement theory? at the time of his arrest. that theory comes from two books published by frenchman renaud camus. a decade ago, kamui was talking about the replacement of frenchmen. by the new immigrants into the area that we're not europeans. saturday's mass shooting mirrors others in this country and elsewhere in 2015 in charleston , south carolina. white supremacist dylann roof killed nine church parishioners while he didn't specifically referenced the great replacement experts say it's clear desire to attack a perceived threat links these types of crimes. this is simply a fear of white genetic annihilation, and it happens globally. it's been happening globally for some time. it's nothing new. you certainly see this kind of unrest when you
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have periods of tremendous change and stress, and we have a lot of is that we're dealing with right now. add all of those things together and what you're going to see is what you seen him. in the united, is an increase in xenophobia the african slave trade. the u. s has a disappointing past with other racial groups and cultures. the replace theory came when the chinese started coming in larger numbers. researcher david lay says the us initially welcomed chinese laborers to build the transcontinental railroad. but once work was completed and the depression hit, chinese americans were first legally excluded, then targeted. the chinese were never in terms of total number of threat. it was the possibility of a lot more immigration. chinese between 18 70 18 90 or burned out, driven out killed. historians and
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social scientists fear, changing demographics and economic uncertainty are causing america's melting pot to boil over these kinds of incidents. or how white supremacists riot president promises to continue the fight against hate, but experts say that fight may ultimately be against history and ourselves. when you feel like you're losing status somehow you find a scapegoat. you find someone to lash out at and we see that not just in u. s history, but in world history. the orange county district attorney filed charges today against the alleged gunman in the orange county church shooting. he faces murder and attempted murder charges and will remain in custody without bail until his arraignment. ktvu alex savages in the newsroom. now with more on today's proceedings, alex, we're learning disturbing new details about what prosecutors say that suspected gunmen did when he arrived at the church on sunday
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afternoon. the 68 year old david chow was arrested sunday after what investigators called politically motivated hate incident. they say he was upset over relations between taiwan and china. chow is also facing enhancements for lying in wait. prosecutors say he was inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods for hours before the shooting. authorities say he chained the doors superglued the keyholes and had three bags containing molotov cocktails as well as extra ammunition. typically think of the person who hides in the bushes to commit a murder or hides out in a closet to commit a murder. that they're lying there in wait until the target comes into view. this case is about the person concealing themselves in plain view. the judge denied bail today and scheduled an
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arrangement for june 10th. if convicted, he is facing a sentence of either life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. that shooting killed a 52 year old doctor who police say charged at the gunman likely preventing further bloodshed. five others were wounded, some of them in their eighties and nineties. all of those injured are expected to recover. julie alex. thank you had six advocates are rallying support for a new state bill to help the mentally ill, the group families advocating for the seriously mentally ill gathered in oakland today, arjun elected officials to support the proposed care courts legislation. care courts could order people with debilitating mental illness and the treatment, some families say without that care, many of the mentally ill end up on the streets. the program would also allow families to step in and advocate for their loved ones. it would add an avenue by which family members like me and others, not just police officers
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and clinicians would have some authority to really do something. to help our sick loved ones who cannot advocate for themselves. sadly those who claim to be on their side actually stand in their way. a number of groups are against the proposed bill. the group disability rights, california claims care courts are a violation of the civil rights of mentally ill people in fairfield eastbound highway. 12 was shut down for a time this morning because of a multi car crash. the chp says six vehicles were involved in that accident at chadbourne road at about 11 30 this morning. fire officials said six people were injured. one person was trapped inside their vehicle and had to be extricated. fortunately no one suffered life threatening injuries. the road was reopened about an hour later. of lejos store owner was able to help save his business. after seeing someone set the storefront on fire through his security cameras. the fire was started around 3 30 this morning at the anchor, pantry, gourmet goods
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and spice store on marine street in vallejo. the store owner got an alert on his phone on her phone from her cameras and saw someone trying to start the fire. and because of that alert , she got to the store just as police were arriving. she and the officers then worked to put out the flames. police say they found and arrested the arson suspect a few blocks away from that store information on a double shooting in san jose yesterday, police now say the woman injured in that shooting, has been arrested for fatally shooting her boyfriend. police say during their investigation, the identified jessica garrison as the primary suspect responsible for the homicide. police initially responded just after three in the morning yesterday to a home near san jose state university. the 911 caller told police that she and her boyfriend had been shot. the mail was pronounced dead there at the scene while the woman was taken to the hospital with non life threatening gunshot wound. she has been bugged in jail on homicide charges tonight, the alameda city council will consider whether or not to approve a guaranteed basic
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income pilot program. it is designed to help alameda residents who are disproportionately affected by wide range of financial challenges program would provide them with the monthly cash payment. the city would use funds from the american rescue plan active pay for the program . there are similar pilot programs in cities across the country, including oakland, san francisco and stockton. i think it was generally angry and hateful. a man has seen tearing down ukrainian flags displayed at a home in san francisco coming up why this couple says the act of vandalism is especially painful and the price of gas climate and new records across the country still ahead. what's behind this latest in price? and how long it's x? to last. is in some places will have that forecast coming up. and governor newsom tours that water recycling facility in southern california, where he says it will be a key component
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to dealing with the drought and taking a live look right now at the tuesday evening commute. this is interstate 80 at the oakland coliseum. not too bad out there at this hour,
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spor its fighters held out for weeks inside a steel plant busses carrying more than 260, ukrainian forces arrived in the russian controlled territory yesterday. dozens of them were heavily wounded in the fighting represented ukraine's last stronghold in the ports city. ukrainian officials have avoided using the term surrender, instead saying the fighters completed their mission. ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive the operation to save the defenders of marriageable has been started by our military intelligence. the work continues to return guys home. ukraine says it is having greater success around
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their second largest city of kharkiv, forcing russian troops to pull back. but ukrainian officials say they believe russia is settling in for a protracted phase and possible occupation. putin critic alexei navalny appeared at a court hearing in moscow today. he joined via video link from behind bars. the russian opposition leader is appealing a nine year prison sentence that he was handed in march on charges that he and his allies say are politically motivated. bonnie was found guilty of embezzlement and contempt of court. he is already serving 2.5 years for violating parole on old fraud charges. 45 year old survived a poisoning attack with a soviet style nerve agent in 2020. he has blamed russian president vladimir putin for the poisoning. san francisco couple is speaking out tonight after a vandal tore down two ukrainian flags that were displayed outside their home. our crime reporter henry lee tells us the couple says they have family in ukraine. making this act of vandalism, especially hurtful.
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surveillance video shows a man in the giants jacket spotting a ukrainian flag outside a home in san francisco's inner richmond. within moments, this happens. well, whatever reasons, though, the flag got his attention. kind of like a red cape in a bullfight after tearing down the flag man leaves comes back and takes down a larger ukrainian flag from the wall before hurling it onto the sidewalk. homeowner leanna dewitt yak doesn't know what he was thinking. he was clearly after the flags now whether he was after them because he's just nuts, or he was after them because of the significance of them. i don't know, but he wasn't done. he tossed the planter down the sidewalk and through a second one out onto the street. he went on to hurl cast iron furniture off the front porch vandal pulled the flag pole bracket off the house, damaging the outside. so for now, the large ukrainian flag isn't back on display. i think it was generally angry and
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hateful. deac is half ukrainian on her father's side she visited in 2019 has been trying to return, but the pandemic hit and then the war. i have family over there that are in the middle of this. this bothered me a lot. it also bothers her because both she and her husband, reno, rafsanjani, happened to be retired san francisco police officers. even so, it took a couple of calls before the calvary came from the richmond station, whereupon yanni formerly worked. no one is immune. this is the safest police district in the city. and you know, we've seen a real uptick in crime in the richmond. and then we just don't have enough police officers anymore. francisco police are reviewing the video in hopes of identifying the vandal. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd san francisco henry lee ktvu fox two news. the white house hosted a reception today celebrating asian american and pacific islander heritage month . president and vice president along with the first lady and second gentleman, held the event in the rose garden at the white
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house. president biden stressed the importance of tolerance for all americans. hate can't have no safe harbor in america. and every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. but, you know the month long celebration of asian americans and pacific islanders was signed into law by former president barack obama in 2000 and nine and we have a special section on our website for asian american pacific islander heritage month. just log on to ktvu dot com and click on a p i month at the top of the homepage governor newsom says a southern california water recycling program could be a model for the state during this historic drought. the governor toured the facility in los angeles county justice afternoon once it gets approval from state regulators, it could purify enough water to serve 500,000 homes. state officials hope facilities like this one will be built throughout california to reclaim water that would otherwise be released into the ocean. water recycling is about finding new
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water, not just accepting the scarcity mindset being more resourceful in terms of our approach. this pilot project that has been in place for a number of years is now ready to go at scale. the governor did not call for any new statewide conservation mandates today, but he did know that local water agencies are under orders to enact their own level to drought requirements. by june, 10th. if you're thinking about watching your water at home, you know the biggest leak potential in your home is that the toilets the back to dig that filter in the back or the big bowl in the back lot of times that that gasket gets old and cracks and you just do this drip drip drip that just goes away and it adds up, so check your oil. it's easy to do just youtube it and i'll show you how to check your toilet for leashes but die in there. and you can see if they die runs into the toilet. you knew that, but it's just it's really where most leaks occur. okay, so the temperatures today right look at that warmer than it was yesterday. almost 90 and fairfield 87. antioch's i like
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the big oral mike. you like the big girl? i don't know. yeah, i like it. i was using a small cave 56 along the coast 77 in san rafael. tomorrow's highs are going to be warmer. tomorrow is gonna be the warmest day of the week. we are looking for temperatures to make it into the mid nineties. potentially the winds will still be there along the coast, even though it's mid nineties, inland coastal sections are going to remain cool because we've got a strong, robust, onshore flow kind of north northwest flow, but that's got listen gale warning that stays in effect for the next 36 hours or so live camera shot a little hazy out there. now there's the weather to the north , and those that weather to the north is what is generating the pressure gradient, which is generating the wind, so it's going to be windy next couple of days. we knew that tomorrow is going to be the warmest day those winds start clocking north and northeast on thursday and friday, and that's when that fire weather watch goes into effect in the central valley. all have the complete forecast back here in just a few minutes. all right. we'll see you then.
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ odil today to tackle the baby formula shortage. the proposed $28 million in funding would step up
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fda inspections in an effort to get products to store shelves quicker. democrats say more fda staffing will also prevent fraudulent products from getting into the hands of consumers formula recall it, abbott nutrition added to the ongoing supply chain disruptions. nutrition they receive when they are very young has such an impact on their entire lives. thanks, security, their families feel. about taking good care of them is what our country is about. in the closely divided senate. the new legislation will need the support of at least 10 republican lawmakers to go to the president's desk to sign the nestle company is flying formula to the u. s from europe. company says it already imports products to the u. s but it's now adding shipments and sending them as eric cargo instead of by sea to quickly get formula to the babies who need it. most. it's giving top priority to its gerber and alpha amino products because they're meant for babies who are allergic to cow's milk.
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the price of gasoline climbing to new records right here in california, the average for regular unleaded is now above $6 a gallon here in the bay area. drivers in san jose and oakland are paying an average of $6.12 a gallon in san francisco. that's 6 24. industry experts say global shortages and rising demand heading into the summer season are leading to the price hikes, especially here in california. generally the cost of living in california is higher. the incomes are higher and basically, the oil companies will charge in accordance with people's ability to pay. so if there are many people whose ability to pay is higher in california, guess what companies charge higher the professor of economics who actually joined us today on the four went on to say he believes the elevator prices will last into the fall. but a lot will depend on what happens in ukraine and the global sanctions on russia. as gas prices do continue to climb. more drivers are buying electric vehicles based on experience data, car and driver reports.
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electric car sales surged to 60% during the first three months of this year. leading these registrations. tesla accounting for 59% of new registrations in those months or more than 113,000 electric vehicles. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 at disturbing discovery on the sonoma state campus reaction from students after a noose was discovered not once but twice in the past month, and younger children ages five through 11 could soon be getting a covid booster shot. still ahead details on the announcement today from the fda superstar luca, don't it sounds off on draymond green. we'll hear what he has to say about the
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds.
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and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. and traveled to buffalo today to meet with the families of the victims who were shot and killed in a supermarket over the weekend. mr biden called the mass shooting that claimed the lives of 10, black people and active domestic terrorism driven by hate. calling white supremacy , quote poison the suspect, 18 year old peyton genderen remains in jail on suicide watch. he is due back in court on thursday. county d. a file charges today against david chow, the man accused of opening fire inside a church in laguna woods on sunday. john was charged with first degree murder in five counts of attempted murder. prosecutors say the 68 year old was upset over taiwan china relations also faces
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enhancements for lying in wait. prosecutors say he was in the church for hours prior to the shooting. also recycling wastewater could be in the future up and down the state of california governor newsom toured the facility in los angeles county this afternoon. once the treated water from this plant gets approval from state regulators, it will provide enough water to 500,000 homes. officials say the water is so clean that minerals have to be added back to use. as drinking water and you are watching ktvu fox two news here at 6 30 sonoma state students marched against hate today after twice this month, somebody found a noose on campus ktvu tom baker has more now on the day of action organized by students and the investigation by campus police. no hey, no, even though its final exams and graduation week at sonoma state university, almost 100, students and staff took time to gather for a march against hate. within days, the university finds itself investigating two nooses found
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on campus one in a swimming pool area, another in a cell as our whole classroom and that's concerning to us is that the. the manner by which they were placed in such a public place. just just really just concern us . very disturbing. um that someone would place nooses on campus. the incidents are under investigation as hate crimes. we're trying to track down some tips. crimes carry jail time and fines. we take this as being very serious. we don't know what the intention of an individual or individuals that may have placed these. ah, these nurses you know, on our campus. the first incident was pretty much discounted by the student body as a prank, not a hate crime, and we got the email last week about another one found in salazar hall. and it yeah, like it seems like that's probably what's going on, and it's a little bit scary. first sonoma state it is all very strange.
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no, i don't see her hear anything of negative. um. thoughts towards black people here. no that is not at all and i don't think that's the culture here. that's not the culture that i've experienced for. other nooses have been found in the past three years and other bay area universe. on in another in july of 2019 in march of 2021, a noose was also found hanging from a dorm at the university of san francisco, which led to an expulsion. there should be consequences for that, because that that's not right. um and there needs to be a punishment. universities pride themselves on diversity. it's a critical part of their mission in two weeks is not a coincidence. this was done out of some sort of drunken stupidity or worse, some kind of deep, dark ignorance. students
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and staff say there should be consequences and it should never happen again. tom vacar ktvu fox two news update now on a story we told you about yesterday regarding a demonstration in danville over the weekend, a group is planning an anti racism protests in danville after a group of people felt a white lives matter banner on a busy street corner saturday. it was the same day as the buffalo, mass shooting that investigators say was racially motivated. chronicle reports. local group has planned a demonstration denouncing racism set for tomorrow. nine bay area school districts are receiving donations of books affirming lgbt q identities. this is an incredible opportunity for our students to learn about others who share the same experience that they do to feel safe and protected from bullying. the district celebrated the donation and nystrom elementary in richmond this morning gender nation donated 3500 books that will go to more than 200 schools
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, along with supporting diversity. the state superintendent says the donation will help their goal of ensuring all students can read by third grade oakland city council is meeting right now and said to consider a measure to make the city a sanctuary for women seeking abortions, planned parenthood and city leaders, including vice mayor rebecca kaplan and council president nikki fortunato. bass gathered outside city hall today to show their support for this resolution. councilwoman xiang tao introduced the plan as an emergency measure. she says it would send a powerful message to women across the country. this is a right to our democracy. first they want to take away our right to abortion next, you know they're going to want to take away our rights to vote. are the women's right to vote. so this is going to open up a floodgate , and it is a stern warning. the resolution being considered is similar to governor newsom's plan to make california a sanctuary to help out of state
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women seek abortions. the food and drug administration authorized to covid booster shot today for children between the ages of 5 to 11. the plan is to allow elementary school children to receive a third shot at least five months after their last dose as fox news steve harrigan reports now doctors say could be a game changer as covid cases ramp up again. it's welcome news for parents across the country. the fda officially granting authorization to give fighters booster shot the children ages. 5 to 11 next up the cdc, which is expected to approve the child sized doses at a meeting on thursday, meaning shots could start going into arms as soon as this weekend. doctors and health officials say. it's a big step forward. as the new surge ramps up if you don't have the booster , your protection against omicron goes way down. you have an 80% protection against hospitalization and death. if you were boosted here in the us , we're averaging more than 96,000 new cases every day.
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that's an 81% increase from this same time last month. hospitalizations are also starting to creep up, especially in the northeast and midwest. but there's still little talk about reinstating covid mandates on either the state or fed. rural level, with health officials focusing on vaccination. not mitigation. i don't see the need of lockdown in the future, unless something really very, very unusual happens. and the reason is that what we really need to do is we need to get our population vaccinated. those officials also warned, we will soon run out of free vaccines and therapies if congress does not appropriate more money, and the lack of funding could also force some hospitals to close their doors business. and so we weren't able to do a lot of the surgeries and the outpatient procedures that we wanted to do. still no word on when the senate will vote on a $10 billion covid funding bill. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news the white house has announced another excuse me another round of free
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covid tests available to anyone who wants them when you sign up this time, you'll get eight free, rapid test delivered to your home through the postal service. those tests generally arrive within a week to receive those tests just log onto covid test dot gov. you will then be redirected to a u. s postal service site to complete the order. apple is scaling back its returned to work plans as covid cases rise here in the bay area , the cupertino based company was planning to have all employees returned to work three days a week later this month, but that plan is now on hold. a three day a week return was one of the more aggressive campaigns by large silicon valley tech company to get workers back into the office. last month, apple started requiring employees to come into the office at least twice a week. and that does appear to be the plan for now. elon musk says his deal to buy twitter can't move forward unless the company proves that spam accounts make up less than 5% of total users on the social media platform in a tweet just today must said fake accounts on
6:36 pm
twitter could be as high as 20. last night at a tech conference in miami, must also hinted that he would like to pay less for twitter than the $44 billion offer he made last month, elon musk offered to buy the company at $54.20 a share. that's darker sense slid less than $38 a share. twitter says it's still committed to the transaction, saying it has filed a preliminary proxy statement with the sec for acquisition by must . this preliminary proxy statement contains important information, including the background of and reasons for twitter's transition with mr musk. stocks rallied on wall street today, traders were encouraged by new data showing that consumer spending was higher last month and for the fourth straight month, easing fears of a recession. the dow was up 431 points, the nasdaq 3 21 nearly 3% gain there. with gains from tech giants including apple and the s and p 500 added 80 points on the day. coming up, speeding up the process of sewage treatment will show you
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the south bay facility about to get an environmental upgrade at holiday travel this memorial day weekend, the big surge in prices many travelers are now facing.
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every guest. effortless from the start. celebrity cruises. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. is , which have been flocking to the city. in november, the city council approved the mitigation plan, which calls for applying for federal permits to control the geese, population. they say the increasing number of
6:40 pm
canadian geese and the droppings they leave behind or becoming a health and safety concern. the group in defensive animals helped to organize tonight's protest. at the south bay of big environmental upgrades coming regarding how sewage will be treated. that's right. today leaders broke ground on a project that will move treated sewage from the outdoors near the shoreline of the bay to an indoor facility. ktvu marks there has more now on the changes from san jose. these huge ponds off zanker road in north san jose contained years worth of treated sewage. this is where what is called sludge is de watered where the water content simply evaporates. and then what's left over is used at a nearby landfill as a dirt covering, it's pretty pretty complex processing 175 acres. to treat the material. but but we're all thankful we have it. otherwise there'd be raw sewage in the bay every day. but the days of those big drying pans are numbered ground has now been broken on a new facility, which will speed up this process and move it entirely indoors. this
6:41 pm
process will do is that liquid material will come to the dewatering facility. and be dried and move off site in a day or two. the new facility will cost $164 million and will catch the south bay regional plant up with what other cities are already doing. moving the process indoors should help cut down on some of the odors which can be detected in milpitas, alviso and other areas of north san jose, depending on wind and other environmental conditions. councilman david cohen represents this area, he said the change should be an upgrade that will allow us to restore that land to its natural landscape. clean it up over time and then prevent odors emanate from that facility and walked into the cities around it. the existing ponds, which covers 750 acres will be combined, covered and then return to alternative uses, including wetlands and then allow us to restore that natural habitat. we have
6:42 pm
endangered burrowing owls in this area and other wildlife that could use it. the resulting dried sewage from the indoor plant is expected to be trucked away, possibly to the central valley, where it will be used as fertilizer. the new plant is expected to be complete by 2025. reporting in north san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. and tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the year. we're not the year of the week. we're gonna find temperatures back in the mid nineties will look into that and the weekend back here in a minute. let's go to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus julie for the first time in 50 years, pentagon officials testified at a public hearing. on ufos, the concerns about national security and what a leading expert is saying tonight in a live interview will continue our coverage of that, plus, a california based memory care center turns to technology to try to help elderly patients. what virtual reality is doing for those with alzheimer's and
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ fore rising rate of inflation as fox news medicine, alworth tells us whether you're driving or flying , it's going to cost significantly more. memorial day weekend is around the corner.
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current round trip airfare tickets are going for $383. on average. that's a 34% increase from 2019, but regardless of whether you fly or drive, it's going to cost americans more to travel this summer and this memorial day weekend. even still, demand is strong. releasing their memorial day travel forecast today showing nearly 40 million people are expected to travel for the holiday this year and triple a is predicting that three million of them will take to the sky that is the largest year over year growth for travelers in a weekend on record, most americans will hit the road to get to their destination, avoiding the high airfare but not the high gas prices. a new record hit today $4.52 a gallon on average. typically gasoline is about 10 to 15% of a family's travel budget, but industry experts are now worried that these prices could eat away at the budget and therefore eat away at demand. it's a heavy burden for a lot of americans
6:47 pm
and their suffering. a lot of people just don't have the elasticity in their budgets. we've been setting records for gasoline prices every day for the last two weeks, and it doesn't seem to be any end in sight. no end in sight is right . in fact, hopper is anticipating that the cost of airfare is going to continue to go up by june, the average domestic round trip ticket that's gonna cost you $420 at newark liberty international airport. i'm madison alworth fox business. the cdc is now recommending people traveling on domestic flights get tested for covid before they board. previous recommendations suggested tests only for those who vaccinations were not up to date. well now, the agency recommends everyone getting tested as close to departure and no more than three days before flying. well we got a nice looking, but we had a nice looking day today. a nice looking day tomorrow warmest day of the week. temperatures will be the highest today we got 88 fairfield. that was one of the warm spots coming up on 90. it did warm up still kind of cool
6:48 pm
on the coast, where the winds are doing what they do in a little bit more than what they normally do their kind of it's been robust. this spring has been a really aggressive kind of winds windy spring, especially sfo and out along the coast. how to stay tomorrow again, we're going to see temperatures potentially into the mid nineties. here's the city. there's the east bay. little bit of haze in the atmosphere. can't really track that down. not quite sure what we got going there that were picked up the haze, but you can see across to the berkeley hills, which is always a good sign. you can see the whether it systems to the north of us. can you see those? yeah that's what that's what's bringing on the wind. there's weather systems go through the high built in you get wind. and so we've got wind. now we've got a gale warning along the coast. stays ineffectual. third thursday morning, and usually when i show you a girl warning its offshore a mile or two, and then there's a small craft advisory right at the coast. but if you're sailing outside the golden gate bridge tomorrow or thursday if you're in a small craft, you're going to be not not enjoying it that much. it's not a good week to go fishing
6:49 pm
out there. and unless you're in a big, big boat, it's windy, windy conditions in fairfield 26 . miles an hour right now, you've got 38 miles an hour at sfo was up to 40 earlier, so the winds are funneling as you know, and again. these are a little above typical that 38 this time of year. i expect, you know sfo 25 gusting to 30 38 40 50 we saw last week. that's pretty aggressive, so we're seeing these low pressure. these dynamic pressure systems go by. they create the pressure gradient and we get wind and that's going to continue as we go into the next couple of days is this high pressure building? we warm up tomorrow. but then the high pressure we've seen this a million times. a high pressure drops down the logos by the pressure gradient the difference between the high and the lobe. it gets great. and then the winds blow and on this event thursday and friday, we're looking at the potential for not the potential for fire weather watch in the central valley kind of from reading down towards davis and sacramento, and that's because the winds are going to
6:50 pm
be kind of funneling right down through there. it's not so much heat and dry thing all it will be dry. it's more of a windy thing and wind is it's a rough one. if you're a firefighter is your biggest, um, 19 service. one of the biggest fears certainly certainly 90 degrees tomorrow in napa 94 fairfield in the five day forecast, so be safe at the coast. i mentioned there's a cell swell running. it's not giant, but it's from far far away down by new zealand, and it's got a big interval on it, so it looks flat like a lake out there. um but then all of a sudden you might get get yourself in trouble. so be careful on the rocks. if you're out of the coast, i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. alright bill, we'll see you then. thank you, one of san francisco's most famous food landmarks is set to reopen to the public on friday. ghirardelli chocolate will welcome back visitors with an entirely new look. that brings them behind the scenes in the chocolate making process. the story ghirardelli square will make fresh chocolate bars in the store, as well as roast almonds and hazelnuts in full view of customers. one thing though,
6:51 pm
ghirardelli is not changing is its retail offerings, including the ice cream sundae bar. all right, coming up next 24 hours away from the start of the western conference finals we're going to hear from steve kerr and jason kidd as they both weigh in on each other's impact as players and coaches. here's a look now at tonight's primetime lineup on ktvu. you can watch the resident tonight at eight. it's followed by name that tune at nine and then be sure to join at nine and then be sure to join us for the 10 and 11 o'clock meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours.
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ever wins away from getting back to the finals for the first time since 2019. not that long ago game one versus the dallas mavericks tomorrow night at chase center, the warriors they worked out at their practice facility inside chase. earlier today, draymond green and company they're going to have had four full days rest in between series. the mavs just too, so we'll see how that plays out. steph and clay, both with 42 3 pointers this postseason. that's the most among all remaining players on the opposing benches. jason kidd running the show for the mavs. and steve kerr is singing his praises. cason is really unique
6:55 pm
because he's one of the one of the few superstar hall of famers. who has. really gone on to ah, to become a great coach. you know, most of the former players are short of, um guys like me who were role players and grinders and, um that seems to be the um, the norm anyway, if you look at all the former players who have coached, remember faces steve michael jordan's remember fishing and a little bit more than steve. steve. yes steve always made the big shots. he was a great competitor break. player. he doesn't give his trust. alright well, kid in the mavericks took the floor at chase shortly after the warriors wrapped up luca dot is there only mega star he is, you know, without a doubt, one of the best players in the league and here's something that maybe should concern warriors a little bit since don. she's
6:56 pm
joined dallas in 2000 and 18. the mavs are 10 and four versus the warriors. but the playoffs are a whole different animal and dodges can expect a heavy dose of draymond guarding him. he's just some unbelievable respect him. everything he does, you know, obviously, no, this is not the events of the impacts the game and every other category, so he's really have a lot of respect. that's not exactly correct. he never even charged talking to media. obviously we're gonna have some words fun about the game. i love that part. yeah all right. good news on the auto porter injury front as well. the warriors forward is probable for game one after foot soreness kept him out of game six against the grizzlies last friday. tiger woods says he is ready to roll at the pga championship this week starts thursday. woods got in a
6:57 pm
practice round on sunday at southern hills country club in tulsa, oklahoma. and today spent most of his day at the driving range tiger tees off at 6 11 in the morning. our times. you have to get up early to catch him. he'll be playing with rory mcilroy and jordan's speed. this will be tigers. second tournament back since that serious car crash a little more than a year and a half ago, he had a solid opening round. you may remember the masters in april before closing with back to back 78 to finish in 47th place. he had a noticeable limp. by the final round at augusta, but he says he's doing better now. it's better than last time i played a tournament. so which is good? um we've been working hard and, uh, again this i have days when it's tough, and you know the days where we can we can push through it. but with we keep working at it, you learn about your new body and maybe its limitations during that week at augusta. ah! uh, yeah, it was . it was hurting, but it i
6:58 pm
pushed the road and there's more and more mind than than body. well. the giants are in colorado, playing the rockies san francisco high school baseball championship was settled at oracle park, and this one had a little bit of a twist playing for lowell and white roman fong, number five coming out of the pregame introductions there in the opposite dugout. his sister, bella, she plays for washington. roman did get a hit in the game for lowell. but it was bella who really got the last laugh. she's got bragging rights over brother because washington won the game 6 to 1 to claim the san francisco section title. cool story right there. our staff has scoured the internet and search of something found to leave you with. check this out. i guess you'd call him the steph curry of football. zach lewis. smooth yeah. little crossover action with the football. he's committed to nevada. and by the way, i don't think it's legal when you bounce the ball, the turf. i don't know
6:59 pm
if they would let him do that if they would let him do that one if it even was dead ball it's from game of thrones. what do you think? i don't know. if we're going to start a fantasy sword collection-- and i've long thought we should-- is this really the sword to start with? what did you have in mind? well, off the top of my head, i'd have to go with excalibur. it gives you the right to rule england. it would be a replica of a movie prop. fair enough. it'd give you the right to rule a replica of england. well, they don't have an excalibur here, so what do you want to do? mm. tough decision. there's no weaponry from lord of the rings forged in a chinese sweatshop? just bilbo baggins' sword over there. two grown men with a hobbit's dagger; wouldn't we look silly?
7:00 pm
okay, let's go for it. oh, i see you guys have found my little treasure. yeah. it's okay, i guess. okay? it's magnificent. buh-buh-buh-buh! what do you want for it? oh, it's hard to put a price on something that's a copy of something that was on pay cable. but for my friends, let's say 250? oh, that's pretty steep. well, it's a limited edition. they only made 8,000 of these bad boys. only 8,000? we're wasting precious time. buy it. hang on. can you do any better? are you kidding? i'm already giving you the friends and family discount. oh, did you hear that? we're getting the friends and family discount. we are honored and we will take it. slow down. two hundred. what are you doing? 250 is already the discounted price. will you shut up? tell you what, i'll go 235. nope. maybe another time. okay, 225-- my final offer. take it, take it.


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