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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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pointing to the way charlie chaplin satirized adolf hitler. president zelensky went on to say we need a new chaplain who will demonstrate that the cinema of our time is not silent again . the cannes film festival is now underway. these kinds of incidents are how white supremacists riot following a deadly shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, a growing call to fight back against racism. what the president says needs to happen to combat hate in our country. also ahead, protecting abortion rights ahead of what's expected to be a reversal of roe versus wade by the supreme court, the bay area city that's now the first in the state to declare itself a sanctuary city for women seeking abortions. plus. i think one of the most prominent issues for education in california today is the digital divide, which is the tech access gap between the rich and the poor. teachers and students in the bay area are
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meeting with lawmakers today, hoping to bring attention to the needs in local schools. what they're hoping to get done with this annual trip to the capital, which has been on hiatus since the pandemic. and good morning. today is wednesday. may 18th we're looking live at san francisco, the bay bridge and the beautiful weather. it's going to be a little warmer today. so if you're working outside, and it'll be warmer, maybe a little less windy than it was a few days ago. welcome to mornings onto the nine it's just not gaming. its first show reality technology is being used to help bring back people suffering from alzheimer's and memories and check this out. those who are suffering now have new help. how many children do you have? ah, hi. i have. no, i don't have very much children. and let me think. i'm not sure how many at one sacramento
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nursing home patients facing alzheimer's dementia and memory loss put on these headsets, which are loaded with pictures from their life. the pictures can sometimes trigger memories that have been locked away in some cases for years. oh i see. okay? that's my daughter, isn't it? and when the blue blue shirt and shorts. the goal of the treatment is not just to help promote memory, but to help patients avoid feelings of isolation or distress as well and again. welcome to the nine um you know, it is really nice that they're making. i've always wondered how long is it going to take us here and andre for technology to help with these diseases? we saw the change in that one woman right, unable to recount how many children then as soon as she sees that photo, all those blue shirts that right we were twinning that day. we have to note that 6.5 million americans over the age of 65 are living with alzheimer's. it's for them, yes, but it's for their families. and that is
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what's key. because andre, you talked to anybody who has a family member suffering from alzheimer's, and they say, my mom stopped recognizing me when they remember and that their loved one has forgotten is what hurts, you know, going through. it is tough. i mean, i've been there as well with the family member and it's hard just to see them go through that. it's nice to see that technology that we normally use for gaming actually can help in a really good way. i think it's awesome and i hope to see get more use, hopefully studied and see if it really works on a larger scale for a lot of the folks that are dealing with alzheimer's disease, all right. out of this. still this morning, the annual sacramento bus trip for education underway, giving students, teachers and education advocates the chance to meet with state legislatures face to face ktvu seman live at centers, a state where the busses left this morning, amanda yes, those busses left around 6 30 so they should be arriving in sacramento any minute now, but this is an annual event. we haven't seen it, though. since 2019. that was the last time
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they did this trip in person there were about 250 people. then again this year, 250 people signed up, but some people didn't come today to get on the busses. because of that recent covid search, they decided to stay home now. this is a annual event that senator dave cortesi has been hosting. it's a free trip. it's been happening for nearly two decades, giving people here in santa clara county the chance to travel to the state capital and meet directly with legislators learn about current legislation and discuss public education as a budget priority. this group has a long list of 13 senators, assembly members and departments that they will meet with today, including governor gavin newsom saw office. each attendee has their own issue that they want to bring up or something they want to learn about today and i just wanted to know being knowledgeable. i didn't want it
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to be more aware of what was going on. because i do know they send emails of information of what their promise. but what are they actually doing for the state? homeschool her and we just finished up a lesson on constitution. and so it was like a wonderful way to wrap it up. the group will be advocating for public education and for waste to fix the many issues that the pandemic has exacerbated in schools. one man told me that he's interested in getting involved in politics, so he thought this was a great opportunity to meet people face to face and get to learn about what they really do there at the state capital. they have a long day. they are scheduled to be back here around six o'clock, but they're going to pack in. as much as they can while they're there in sacramento and san jose amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. the bay area continues to be covered hot spot with nearly every county at the top of the list of infection rates. new numbers show san francisco county continues to have the
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highest case count in the state. only napa county has a slightly lower case rate week to week. it's unclear why the bay area is seeing such high levels of covid cases. and some experts say maybe because of the higher testing rates in our area. local health officers are now recommending people wear masks indo. apple is bringing back in its stores, according to bloomberg, the company told employees will have to wear masks and common areas in offices. they're also going to require retail employees to start wearing masks. about a third of its apple stores in the united states. apple has dropped its mass requirement for employees or it had dropped the requirements back in march. the fda is now authorized a booster dose of fighters. covid vaccine for children between the ages of five and 11. children in that age group will be eligible for a third shot at least five months after they finished their two doors, two doses series, the fda
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says research shows about a third shot for younger children . it's safe and can significantly boost their antibody levels more about covid young children, grown adults and everything in between. we welcome back to the nine ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong. thanks for being with us. my pleasure, gaseous. thanks for having me on . let's talk about that key group here. ages 5 to 11 for children. they can now get a booster. most of the children that age group have yet to finish their first two dose series. what do you think about the uptake on this booster and how that will look. i think it's been very disappointing for the regular uptake of two shots. it's higher in the bay area, about double the national average, but still a lot of weight to go. i think that third shot is critical. for many reasons. biologically it makes sense. many vaccines like given in threes with 12 and then a third. i think it's safe. we don't expect a lot of myocarditis. we haven't seen that in this age group and tracks with late puberty, so that's why you see them. later teens early adults but not in this age group, and we've used a
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lower dose for 5 to 11 year old. so some experts think that the boost is even more important. and you don't only think about protection for the kids, but for the family unit in which they reside. why do you think parents of young children aren't taking their children to get vaccinated? well, i think there's a feeling and part of it is true that kids are not dying at a high rate than not being hospitalized and high rate but i would say that hospitalization still do occur. we just don't know how to predict it. um apart from very crude metrics, but i think that, um, just for the long game for the insurance policy of many months for serious disease, it makes sense and again. as we see rising cases in the community building that wall of immunity around vulnerable members of our society, uh, you know, really requires that everyone be as much as much protected as possible. what's the progress on a vaccine for children under the
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age of five? so i think we are expecting that in, um early next month, june it's already been submitted the moderna data for under fives, and they're also going for an additional indication above five, and that's part of the reason why it might be a little bit slow down . fizer hasn't published their three does series yet, and that's expected in early june, so i think we'll see a lot of activity. but under five vaccines in early june, that's part some of the data we've been reporting this morning. san francisco county continues to have the highest covid case count in the state 85% of all san francisco residents are fully vaccinated. what's happening in the city? i think what's happening is, um, really were victims of our own successful infection. but again, i must emphasize that a hospital this is still really, really quiet and not really in step with the number of cases. so if you look at where the cases are happening, the highest there
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even in san francisco in the wealthiest zip codes if you look at the state, uh san joaquin valley in the central valley were the highest traditionally for all other searches. they're the lowest right now. and that's because, um, they've had a lot of exposure to natural. immunity and coming 12 after omicron in january leaves the people who didn't get it naturally at risk . and as we all go out and as people come into san francisco you're seeing a big risk. but like somebody said to me, it's um it's probably the best time if you ever wanted to engage with like to do it now because we have so many tools available, and i think what summers cisco did early in the pandemic. when we didn't have tools when an infection translates into hospitalization and death, uh, was much more important to be sheltered in place at that time and real quick. we're hearing more recommendations, strong recommendations from local and federal health leaders who say
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we should be masking up again in public indoor settings. have you doctor changed where you mask up these days? i think i've always been somewhat careful, even with all of them asking, you know, you kind of feel antennae go up . when you're in a crowded indoor area. i continue to do that. um so it really hasn't changed for me. i still wear at least statistical mask. if i'm a plane for a long time, then maybe a higher grade mask, but but essentially, that's what i've been doing. okay dr. peter chin hong. as always, we appreciate your time and your expertise. thanks so much. casey. a of course. part of the warrior is gearing up for game one in the next round of nba playoff tonight. coming up on mornings onto the nine we're live. inside chase anywhere. the dubs will host the dallas mavs in the conference western conference finals and also had making national headlines mental health month or spotlighting senior citizens up next. we're talking live with a psychiatrist about how families can help their loved ones navigate depression and loneliness.
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ligr citizens face with depression. so joining us now is dr drew me grin who is a psychiatrist or geriatric psychiatrist at kaiser , oakland. good morning to you, doctor. thank you so much for joining us. of course. very very pleased to be with you today, dr megan, as we age, depression may manifest differently in older adults standing younger adults of what ages in seniors. does depression really affect generally we're looking at above the age of 50 up to that point, your well being starts to, um you know, increase from 50 to 85 swells, symptoms of loneliness, worry and anger, which then start to decline at that point, and so we're very mindful of people who have depressive
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symptoms over the age of 50 60 65 because that's abnormal, typical for the asian physiology . so you're saying by the way, seniors are reportedly less likely to say they're depressed or that they have low mood. why the hesitation and how do you help them? in those situations when you know something's wrong. right and so that's difficult for older adults because depression manifests differently in them ability to recollect or ability to recognize depression as a manifesting them younger individuals might recognize that they are depressed per se with their mood. full results may not notice that i mean, they may notice that they're presenting more to the primary care physician for physical or somatic complaints. they're not able to find reasons for these things to occur. um and they have increased amounts of loneliness or isolation, which is very distressing to them. so obviously one reason that it isn't uncommon for many seniors , senior citizens to feel lonely and they don't feel as needed as they used to the kids of perhaps all moved out. they're all grown up. how do you help them through
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this process? sure. and so this process has been being more difficult because of covid covid has increased the amount of isolation, loneliness that's occurring with her older adults. unfortunately with the odds being almost twice as likely as depressive symptoms, and so oftentimes what we need to do is look at things increase positive affect of the things that increased their time spent with friends. family interactions. quality moments during the day often times something that we call behavioral activation, very effective for them, which is establishing a daily routine, looking for meaningful activities in their daily life and really avoiding things that reduce their engagement in those activities. oftentimes people also find an enhanced sense of purpose or even just simply expressing gratitude is being very fulfilling and increasing their feelings of engagement. so i get some of those are some things family can do, but you know, often people where people are going through depression. younger folks, they go to therapy. is therapy helpful with this when it comes to hear citizens absolutely. and so if you have an older adult that's having of depression, they actually would likely prefer a counseling over medication
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likely because of you know, holly pharmacy, the number of medications are already taking as well as you know their vulnerability or likely to have adverse side effects of medication. the difficulty with order adults is that because of perhaps generational understanding, they prefer to accept the responsibility for addressing and resolving the depressed sentence alone. reaching out to help. also, maybe perhaps some a bit of stigma associated with acknowledging the need for assistance right? that used to be an ongoing problem, no matter what age you are, so now we have this ongoing issue. i want to know in terms of what we have covid effective covid into this. how concerned are you? and how big a problem is the issue of depression, mental illness in senior citizens. stir and so prior to covid. the issue of depression order adults was already an issue. clinical depression was not terribly high , but people who are older who have depressive symptoms, so feelings of black, enjoying
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pleasure from previously pleasurable activities. depressed mood hopelessness, feelings of 56 severe loss or guilt that was up to 25% of people. older adults exacerbated that. and so there's a recent study in ireland that showed that there is almost a threefold increase in the rate of depressive symptoms, and it's covid compared to pre pandemic so this is something that we have to be highly mindful of, and vigilant towards you know, those that we love that are older in the bay area. the issue always is breaking that stigma right that there's something wrong about addressing issues of mental illness and depression. so breaking that cycle is really the first step and letting people know it's okay to talk about it are dr drew migrants. psychiatrist said kaiser oakland. thank you so much for your insight into this subject today. appreciate it. course appreciate you have certain alright. it's time to talk about our weather because it is getting a little warmer, right? steve, that is correct. we're running about anywhere from two to maybe about 78 degrees warmer, and if you get that north breeze, it can even be warmer by about 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. one location is santa rosa
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, shannon curtis, downtown santa rosa. current temp at nine a.m. i c. 67 degrees, so yeah, that is noticeably warmer. north wind is kicked in around santa rosa sonoma county airport was 63 so close enough. temperatures aloft are getting warmer. ben lomond mountain is now 70 northeast 14 , diablo north at 32 sonoma mountain north at 14. so there's your 2 to 7 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. concords plus six petaluma plus seven so we are running warmer already compared to yesterday. santa rosa 82 yesterday went 92 to death that north wind continues that will make it oakland. there's not really northeast breeze yet, but all go 76 conquered from 85 to 93 that would be in about line with what they were showing already. and san jose 76 to 84 degrees, so the fire weather watches now back. you knew it wasn't only a matter of time because the hills are drying out there. most of our brown already most of the supplies to the valley, but it does include solano county. maybe some of the higher elevations from this system, which is going to move
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and then start to dig towards nevada, as it does now. usually these systems are what we get in the fall. september october, they're dry. this one does have some moisture with it, but we'll get a little bit of a breeze. er, it's not roaring, though. right now. i mean, everything's okay. little bit of a north wind, but not that screaming northeast that we've seen too many times. fifties sixties on attempts here. i'm not sure about that brentwood but still 50 sixties. temperatures are warming up pretty rapidly. it doesn't take much. it was very little fogs up down towards santa cruz and monterey, but this twice already. we'll get a jump on those temps, and the next day it cools down and everything is pointing towards that the bulk of this wind looks to be in the higher elevations. or out to the valley but still needs to be watched. sixties seventies eighties nineties today looks like well, he's back down shift a little bit on those temps for thursday into friday, then have what looks to be a nice weekend. you guys steve paulson. thank you. world cup kicks off in november, but u s soccer just made a big announcement this morning about paying its men's and women's teams coming up on mornings onto the nine u. s. soccer making that historic
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announcement about money for the men and women. also ahead. we will update the investigation into a supermarket shooting in buffalo that left 10 people dead over the weekend with the president called a poison in america and what he said to people who stand by while racist theories are espoused. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians.
9:22 am
what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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he'll be back in court, june 10th charges of murder and attempted murder were filed against 68 year old david chow. he also faces enhancements for lying in wait for the attack inside the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods. investigators say child spent hours putting chains on the church doors and putting superglue and the keyholes. they also say he had three bags filled with molotov cocktails and extra ammunition. did set up a scenario where he made people
9:24 am
feel comfortable. so they weren't alert to the danger and he concealed his purpose. investigators say they think this was a politically motivated hate incident and the child was upset over relations between china and taiwan. a 52 year old doctor who tackled the gunman was killed in the church shooting. five other people were hurt. investigators in buffalo, new york, are learning more about the deadly mass shooting where 10 people of color were killed. president biden went to buffalo. he called the shootings and act of domestic terrorism and urged all americans to condemn white supremacy. white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison running through. it really is. the president and first lady placed flowers at the shooting scene and met privately with family members of the victims. the president pledged to fight for gun control. until you get the money out of it is gonna be hired. and it's a lot of money getting me off for
9:25 am
guns, guns purchases like who needs an air 15? is not a hunting rifle. the only thing you heart with a r fifteens as people. law enforcement officials have called the shooting massacre racially motivated hate crime. when the president returned to the white house, he spoke out against the buffalo gunman's apparent motivation and others who hold the same beliefs. we have to not only talk about how we're going to end the hate but who is responsible for generating there are reports the gunman's white supremacist views are linked to what's called the great replacement theory claims white people are being genetically annihilated, and supporters of that theory claim it's been happening globally for years. experts say that perceived threat leads to hate crimes and violence. certainly see this kind of unrest when you have periods of tremendous change and stress, and we have a lot of issues that we're dealing with. right now. you add all of those things together, and what you're going to see is what you've seen
9:26 am
historically in the united states is an increase in xenophobia. the experts go on to say the u. s has a difficult history with many groups, including native americans, african slaves and even today's immigrants, social scientists say changing demographics and economic uncertainty or causing america's melting pot to boil over in anger and fear. this morning. we've learned that a shooting in san jose has turned deadly. last night. police were investigating a shooting at the rancho del bubble, oh golf course in san jose. police had said one man was shot and had sustained life threatening injuries now police have confirmed that man has died. no word yet on a motive, or if any of the suspects have been identified or detained. one person was killed and three others injured in a shooting last night in east palo alto. police say a man died on the way to the hospital after being shot at jack farrell park to other victims took themselves to local firehouse. investigators believe it was a targeted attack. police are still looking for those involved. a mountain lion
9:27 am
attacks a woman while she was walking her dog coming up on mornings on to the nine. the small animals she's praising for saving her life. also ahead. the warriors are playing the mavericks in game one of the nba western conference finals at chase center tonight. what warriors head coach steve kerr is saying about playing a tough opponent. another crazy day? of course it is—you're a cio in 2022. so what's on the agenda? morning security briefing—make that two.
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yean francisco symphony. it is not the oakland symphony. however this is my kids. middle school band contact night. it's nice, all right. i like the u. the highlight of the past two years. welcome back to the nine. i am sorry to make you hear this, but look it was the joy of the past two years that i've been saving up last night. george gershwin, of course, rap city and blue. there's a part where a trumpet
9:30 am
solo supposed to happen. you actually hear the music teacher, mr todd singing the trumpet solo because the trumpet kid didn't show up. for the past two years, my boys have been doing a lot of zoom, trumpet and trombone lessons. i mean, to be able to sit in a school gym and to listen to my little boys playing those horns, people it made the past two years worth it. so you know, back when the pandemic started. we talked a lot about what do we think we're going to miss the most? let me tell you. that is what i missed the most. so i mean, the andre if there's something that you wish you could do again or you have not been able to do again. is there something that you like? can't wait to get back into? you know, i've i've done quite a few things over the last few months only because i got vaccinated good, but going to visit family with without having to wear masks. that type of stuff was fun. but going to visit them over the last even after getting vaccinated. i still had to. you still have to be careful because you're traveling back east. some of those places would take it that seriously. so i'm hoping one day i could just go and not
9:31 am
have to worry about that. that's that's what i miss most. yeah i'm hoping just to be able to not think about it. remember when we went to the super bowl? and we got on that bar train like this means. yeah i didn't worry about it, and i want to get back to that. i have to be in a crowd. i'm not gonna worry. hopefully we'll get there one day. alright, well happening today at the warriors will play the dallas mavericks in game one of the western conference finals. ktvu sema, gazans live at chase center and emma. i've really enjoyed your reports this morning. you must be excited to be on the same floor. where the warriors will play tonight. well thank you. it's exciting and it's really spectacular to be inside chase center right now decked out in so much bright warriors gold and when fans come here tonight, everyone will have one of these cold blooded t shirts waiting for them at their seat. and once the music turns on and the game gets going, the energy here is going to be electric. coach kerr said yesterday that the mavericks proved to be a top team to beat
9:32 am
but one that the warriors can handle. to have home court. fantastic um, we're excited to open up in front of our home fans and we're. dialed in on on dallas, fully aware of how well they've played not just in the playoffs, but really, since about the new year has been one of the best teams in the league. so huge challenge ahead, but challenge great opportunity. coach kerr said the warriors looked good and felt good yesterday when they hit the practice floor inside of chase center, and it's looking like otto porter is going to be back in action tonight after missing game six with memphis with foot soreness gary payton is recovering from a fractured left elwell and we'll find out tonight if he's able to get back on the court. tickets to sit courtside in the v i p section are still available, but you'll have to shell out between 5000 and $27,000 to get a seat
9:33 am
tonight. tip off is at six o'clock reporting live at chase center. demagogues. ktvu fox two news. emma thank you. nice work this morning. this morning. both men and women's u. s. national soccer teams will not get the same pay in prize money for the first time. the u. s soccer federation says it has reached bargaining agreements with the unions. for both teams. the two teams will pull the payments to get from fifa and spit it equally. just a few months ago, the women settled a gender discrimination suit that ended with them, winning millions in damages to bring them to equal pay with the men's team. until the results are still coming in this morning, and several primaries across the country. melding were very reports from washington with the latest details on tuesday's primaries. a nail biter in pennsylvania, with no clear winner wednesday morning in the closely watched republican primary for u s. senate fund ceo david mccormick , running neck and neck with trump back celebrity tv, dr mehmet oz and kathy barnette, who enjoyed a late surge in the
9:34 am
polls, appearing to land in third place, the votes are tallied. i am confident we will win. we are making ferocious charge. we can see the path ahead. we can see victory ahead and it's all because of you. the winner will face off with lieutenant governor john fetterman, who won decisively over congressman conor lamb. fetterman clinching the democratic nomination despite suffering from a stroke on friday. we're going to run the same race we ran in the primary when it's the general, it's still getting out meeting folks everywhere across the state, making it to every county in north carolina republican congressman madison cawthorn is officially a one termer. cawthorne lost his primary race to state senator chuck edwards. after a recent string of controversies, including bringing a loaded gun to the airport and photos and videos showing him and sexually suggestive poses. carter lost despite former president trump's please for voters to give him a
9:35 am
second chance. still, some say trump's hold on the republican party is solid, ultimate victor last night across the country was donald trump so far 65 out of 69 trump backed candidates have won in states that have held elections, a sign of the former president's influence over the gop. as a possible 2024 presidential bid and washington mouth rivera ktvu. foster news, northern california woman creditor dog for saving her life when she was attacked by a mountain lion. it happened near the town of big bar about 220 miles north of sacramento, have been trinity county. the woman and her dog. eva were walking on a trail when a mountain lion jumped on her from behind and dug its claws into the woman's shoulder. the woman says the dog started fighting with the cooper and the big cat tried to pull the dog down the trail. that's when another hiker stepped in, grabbed a pvc pipe from his car and used it to hit the mountain lion. eventually did let go of the dog ran away. state game officials say they've taken a dna sample from the woman. now
9:36 am
they'll try to capture any mountain lion in the area and see if they can get human dna samples from any of its claws. we look for traces of saliva that would in turn, have dna from the mountain lion. if it's in fact, a mountain lion, and then eventually if we can get a hold of the mountain lion itself, we would try to look to see you scrape those swabs underneath the claws of the mountain lion to see if you can identify human dna, and, in fact managed to match the two for now, the woman is being treated for rabies. it's still uncertain whether her dog will survive. congress is moving closer to giving ukraine a $40 billion relief package this week. the senate is expected to pass the bill despite objections from some republicans who say the money would be better spent here at home. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell strongly backs this measure, saying it's in the national security and strategic interest of the us on the ground in ukraine. russian state tv released video of ukrainian finders leaving maria poles steel plant after weeks of
9:37 am
fighting there. soldiers that that continued to resist their did so bravely and skillfully. and move that's likely to anger russia. both sweden and finland are pushing ahead in their bids to join nato officially put in their applications this morning , president biden is set to host the leaders of both countries tomorrow. at the white house news locally now in san francisco. family upset feeling violated after someone tore down two ukrainian flags that were in front of their home surveillance video shows that this man in a giant jacket tearing down the ukrainian flag outside of a home in san francisco's inner richmond. after tearing down the flag, the man leaves, he comes back and takes down a larger ukrainian flag from the wall and throws it onto the sidewalk. he was clearly after the flags now whether he was after them because he's just nuts, or he was after them because of the significance of them. i don't know i have family over there that are in the middle of this
9:38 am
bothered me a lot. san francisco police reviewing the video now in hopes of identifying the individual here. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd. some of oakland's leaders want to redirect some of the city's cannabis tax money to fund new programs. the city gets about $7.5 million every year in taxes from cannabis businesses. council members lauren taylor, trevor reid and noel gallo now say that money should go into an emerald new deal fund. the fan would pay for social equity programs like reentry services, mental health initiatives and affordable housing. we are here to directly address the impacts that they were on drugs and had especially considering that now there is a burgeoning industry that is creating significant wealth. in the same vein. that incarceration. and death. from the war on drugs was perpetuated. currently the annual cannabis tax review
9:39 am
revenue goes to oakland's general purpose fund. for the first time since the 19 sixties , congress held a hearing on ufos. caroline shyly reports, lawmakers questioned pentagon officials on what military files show about encounters with what are now called you a ps unidentified aerial phenomena. videos of ufos shown at this congressional hearing seems straight out of a science fiction movie. us navy personnel recorded what appears to be triangle, some flashing recorded several years ago. off the coast of the united states. but pentagon officials told the committee that danger of unidentified aerial phenomena is very real for military aircraft and potentially national security because you a piece pose potential flight safety and general security risk. we are committed to a focused effort to determine their origins. it's rotated and intelligence report released last year counted 144 sightings of flying objects that u. s officials couldn't identify
9:40 am
, including this one taken from an f 18 that shows a spiritual shape zinc past. and is this one of the phenomenon that we can't explain? i do not have an explanation. for what? this this specific object is. some sightings have been reported near military bases, raising the possibility they could be aircraft powered by secret technology from russia, china or another foreign adversary about finding alien spacecraft about delivering dominant intelligence across the tactical operational and strategic spectrum. after this public hearing members entered a closed session, saying some of their investigation needs to remain classified to protect national security in washington, carolina shively box news one of the world's leading experts on these unexplained objects is british journalist nick pope. he says there are two explanations as to why the number of such reports increased to more than 400. it could be a ramping up of the pace, but it's equally likely and this is the good news. i suppose that there
9:41 am
are more robust reporting procedures in place now the navy de stigmatize this a few years ago told their pilots and radar operators. if you see something, say something, um, as we've all been told, and the reports are coming in thick and fast. this was under reported for years. pope says in the past, military officials didn't want to talk about what were then called ufos because they couldn't explain them. congress plans to hold more hearings like the one held yesterday, we'll see what finally comes out if we finally get the information that everyone wanted to know what are those things up in the sky? some mysterious looking all right? so they come on the nine. it's the inaugural event up next we're introducing you to the healdsburg wine and food experience with the chef that's participating in the first ever sonoma county
9:42 am
when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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jonh bay. the restaurants started in oakland and became an east bay institution. the owners are opening a new restaurant location at great resort and casino and rohnert park. and the opening is expected in the next two months. all the classics will be on the menu like their famous smoked ribs, beef brisket and so much more it's the first time event, the inaugural healdsburg wine and food experiences communist sonoma county this weekend and joining us in studio right now is chef dustin valette. welcome back to mornings and to the nine this festival inaugural. what did you guys decide to have it? you know , this is really exciting for hills, burgenstock county. i grew up in hills berg and we grew up in this beautiful agricultural town. we knew how special it was. but now we get to showcase that everyone else in the nation nationwide event and it's for a good cause to your helping grape growers in the county, right? we are really good stuff. all of the proceeds is a big, basically big
9:45 am
awareness of what we do at their summit county in healdsburg, but also really giving back to community helping out with ff helping out with people who are who need our help. so it's food and a concert, too. but let's get to the food because you have brought priorities priorities here right and wine and wine. you can go up there and eat well in beautiful is it is it in the town square? where is it? it is right there by the madison who's right in the downtown hillsboro. around the plaza. we have a couple of real venues. we had the rodney strong concert, which is going to be fantastic, big event just outside. we have another kind of grand tasting just outside the square. but literally, it's a downtown hub right there. what have you brought? all right. so today we're doing something kind of healthy because you gotta have a broad understand. we want wine, love varada, by the way, but anyway, delicious. so what we have right here. we're actually gonna finish it right now. so we have down here a little bit, baby wild arugula, a little bit of pickled green peaches. that's these fun. little guys are zooming in on right now. a little roasted strawberries. and, of course, the best part. you got to have this big, beautiful, gorgeous barada were like this right here on top.
9:46 am
we're gonna break this guy open and let kind of showcase our beautiful that is then we're gonna put on here a little bit of a bus sonic gas streak. this right here is infused with little bit of our roasted strawberries. we have a strawberry glass it which is this beautiful kind of strawberry liquid. we're kind of poor around. we're gonna finish it off with little bit of a crispy lo mo. this is a house cured charcuterie. we do it adds a really beautiful nice textural crunch to it. and also it's a great dovetail into the f f a so this right here, the future farmers of america. they're doing a big kind of charity auction on saturday following week, but we're actually purchasing a couple of their pigs a couple of their different livestock and utilizing that for the big barbecue on friday, along with some our dishes at the vip event we're doing at the matheson. dustin i've been fortunate enough to eat your food and to eat the food of chefs over the years and doing this job, and i understand that putting sweet and salty together is not unusual taste great, but someone might see. oh that's a little too much sweet. what balances that out so really good
9:47 am
question. chef over here. i love this. i like now. apron stat. the man's gonna be cooking tonight. we gotta go kind of fun. so think about those great flavors that salty, sweet umami . right so we have this great acid. so we took a little bit of the balsamic, which has a great acidity to it. we infused with strawberries. we actually use a dried strawberry or sun dried strawberry. then we took the beautiful bright champagne vinegar baths infused here, the little gas streak and these are fresh strawberries. these are going right here in healdsburg. beautiful fresh kind of civic strawberries. then this little kind tray over here. we'll get the zoom in. we'll do the live. zoom in. there we go. so this is both pickled green peaches and pickled green strawberries. so these little guys you can see right here. those are the undeveloped peaches and dry creek peach. gail, there is an amazing job. we took those we pickled those a great acidity, and we also pickled the green strawberries under ripe strawberry. so my colleague gosha, who's sitting there over there says i don't want to go and to a place where makes food that i can make at home. i tell you, i can't make this at home.
9:48 am
all right, so i right? yes, you can come on. easy demos, 101. we got this at home. you're going to have chefs making things that are going to kind of expand our palate, right? we are so across the board. so of all heard, you know chef horn amazing barbecue master. he's there on friday. he's doing a big barbecue is taking the whole back area of our restaurant. it's gonna be super fun again really focused on ff a focus on kind of the sustainable future of agriculture, especially the next generation. on saturday, the big grand tasting super fun that one will be doing a lot of guest chefs. we have justin chappell. we have lizard. just amazing guest chefs. we've all seen, you know, food network all the time , along with some really big celebrity local shops. we have doug keenan serious. we have dusky sts from zazu black pig meat company. so a lot of good local guys really kind of showcasing their craft. so if you're watching at home, those are chefs that we people in the food community. no last question is, yes. i really like that. you're helping the agricultural farm families in that neighborhood because people might think of healdsburg as you know, one country and upscale,
9:49 am
but there are also families there who might be struggling. absolutely and that's what we're all about. i mean, we want equality for all we're sitting back. there really kind of showcasing a craft. we're teaching. we're helping. we're trying to educate with the big f a was a big part of is really looking to the future. look in the future farmers and saying, how do we make this sustainable? not just for today, but also for tomorrow. how do we inspire the next generation? last thing here, the restaurant we were talking about just that. how do you inspire the next generation is teaching your cooks is teaching your sous chefs is making your sous chefs try to become owners trying, making the wine cooks become? you know, your sous chefs is really spending time to teach and hone in on that craft. and get them excited about the future. alright i hope that people come up to the heels for food and wine experiences weekend friday to sunday. it's going to be great. dustin valette. thank you so much for joining us on wait a minute. before we go. hey, andre. yeah come over here for a second. this is the interactive part. right? this is the best part. here we go. give me a cheers. look me in the eye. cheers there you go to alright.
9:50 am
i'll handle this part. gentlemen thank you minutes here. some more tickets will go on sale for san francisco's outside lands festival. starting at 10 o'clock fans can buy single day tickets instead of the whole weekend package. regular one day tickets go for 1 75 $395 will get you a vip ticket organizes also released the festival schedule. we know caesar and phoebe bridgers. they're headlining on friday. green day performs on saturday post. malone closes out the main stage on sunday. coming up here on the nine looks screen time is a struggle for so many parents, children glued to their phones locked onto their laptops coming up. how experts say we can cut back on the time we all spend online without yelling tears or threats. stay with us.
9:51 am
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the new record high in gas prices. the average price in california now $6.05 a gallon this morning. that's 35% higher
9:54 am
than a month ago and nearly $2 higher than one year ago. san francisco, averaging $6.28 this morning. san jose and oakland are both at $6.15. generally the cost of living in california is higher. the incomes are higher and basically, the oil companies will charge in accordance with people's ability to pay. so if there are many people whose ability to pay is higher in california, guess what companies charge higher still tough to see those prices. alright analysts believe the high prices will last into the fall. but it also depends on what happens in ukraine. and record high gas prices, fueling a surge in the sale of electric cars. latest data show that the new electric car registrations now jumped 60% in the first quarter compared to the same time last year. registrations for all veal because including standard gas cars are actually down 18% because of a shortage in parts are keeping dealer supplies down. no oil change on an
9:55 am
electric vehicle and no spark plaques on an electric vehicles to the actually safe on this as well. so overall electric vehicles are also cheaper for consumers. you get in the car, you put it in drive and you go. there is no turning it on. there's no key. there's nothing like that. you just put it in drive and you go. just got to get one. now tesla sell the most electric cars this year, followed by ford and hyundai. kia good luck finding one exactly. that's the thing everyone wants one exactly and then pay for it. the federal reserve chairman jerome powell says the fed will continue to raise interest rates until there is clear evidence inflation is falling. powell said his goal is to tighten credit and hopefully slow borrowing and spending without sparking a recession. he warns rising rates or cause short term pain, such as layoffs , hiring freezes in stock market drops, which we are seeing. this morning, the fed did raise rates by a significant half point earlier this month, is considering two more half point hikes in june. is about to get more expensive to take out a
9:56 am
student loan. federal student loan interest rates are set to increase come july 1st, even though the federal loan payment pause continues through august. the rates for new loans change every year regardless of the pause. undergraduate loans now carry an interest rate of almost 5% that's up from three and three quarters last year. federal student graduate federal graduate student loans are also up and they're at above the 6.5% mark. congressional democrats are proposing a new build a deal with the shortage of baby formula proposed $28 million in funding would step up fda inspections in an effort to get products to store shelves quicker. democrats say more fda staffing will also prevent fraudulent products from getting into the hands of consumers. formula recall at abbott nutrition added to the supply chain disruptions nutrition they receive when they are very young has such an impact on their entire lives. thanks security, their families feel about taking good care of them is what our country is about. in the closely
9:57 am
divided senate. the new legislation will need the support of at least 10 republicans in order to get to go to the president to be signed, limiting the amount of time we spend on our electronic devices can be hard for adults. it is especially tough for children who use them for school . fun and everything in between reported genocide shows us how companies are offering some new ways to help limit screen time. with two young kids, and gordon knows he's in for a lifetime of keeping an eye on them while they're online. but for now, my biggest fear is just them seeing something that's too scary or something that they weren't really ready to learn trying to keep your kids safe online can feel like a full time job. aside from reminding them not to share personal information or photos. you've got to worry about them talking to strangers stumbling upon inappropriate content or just spending too much time staring at a screen. there are a lot of free options you can use to keep an eye on your kids
9:58 am
online. melanie pinola is a tech writer, a consumer reports, she says tech companies are improving features that some parents might want to try. take microsoft family safety. it's built into windows and also available as an app for xbox android and ios. apple's parental controls for ios and mac are located in screen time settings. both allow you to limit screen time and set content restrictions on your kids devices. there's also the google family link app, which is available for android and ios with google family link and the google account set up for your kids. you can do anything from monitor their ac usage to seeing where they are on a map. the tools from microsoft, apple and google also allow you to put restrictions on the apps. your kids have access to and youtube allows you to set up a supervised experience for kids under 13 that determines the types of videos your kids can
9:59 am
watch a safer option for younger audiences like whitson son is youtube kids, he mostly watches science videos on youtube. that's how he spends most of his time on his ipad. time that whitson now has a bit more control over alright. by the way, it's healdsburg wine and food because we want to get the important part in first things first, and i want to mention how happy i am. you guys that we can do these things again? yes cheers about coming together, right. it's friends and strangers. it's joy can have a piece of the classy bacon. you guys. cheers on the wine. can i do it with my fingers? okay alright. it's all local port and some a county. well, basically cure it. it's got this crispy salty. my gosh. strawberry yum yum on there, too. good official name? strawberry young young. okay, there you go. changing the menu. very young. very young yum. that's it. thank you so much for joining us have a great event. thank you so much. you guys up there? thank you so much
10:00 am
down, the studio is fantastic. disappears again. thanks for joining us. trust me. we will be back for the new newscast. so thank you for joining us this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> ann our special guest host, michael rapaport! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop!


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