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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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actually it's a good time to have a red flag warning as compared to august. august is much more intense september, but may you know you have higher fuel moistures. we're just in a better situation all around to handle a red flag warning. so this isn't a level 10. this is more like a level three red flag warning, and it really does just impact the red flag warning officially only impact solano county in the bay area. so back to bill and fairfield, travis and those places, but it's still you know, it's something that concern yourself with certainly and we will keep on it and pay attention to it. winds could gust up to 40 miles an hour, pointing out the coastal section here because literally this whole week. almost we've had gale warnings three days in a row, gale warnings offshore right offshore. um, and now as those winds clock around, there's nd of no, this is northwest. now they're going to clock up to north kind of a little bit north northeast and as they do that, the winds become an issue for the central valley, and that's where we are. we're the bay area's kind of in
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between this event right now, right? it was all going on off shore earlier this week last three days now it's almost of these winds are gonna be going on east of us, so we're kind of right in the middle, but in the hills of the north and the east bay wind will be a something you'll notice late tonight or early tomorrow morning, gus could go to 50 miles an hour. red flag warning stays in effect through tomorrow, and we'll have the full forecast, which you can expect coming up. all right, bill. thank you just want to let our viewers know you can use the ktvu weather app to actually track conditions under this red flag warning the app is free to download. from your appstore. well many victims of the kaldor fire are pleading with fema tonight. if we had female assistant, i mean, we would be able to least start to rebuild them a home to have somewhere to live. otherwise our daughter that's 14 may not have a home until she's 18. nearly a year after the kaldor fire destroyed homes victims say they need more help to recover coming up later in tonight's newscast, what they
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hope will reverse the decision to cut them off from federal funding. and we are following a developing story out of fremont . someone has been killed after being struck by an amtrak train . fremont police officers say this happened around 3 30 this afternoon right near the train depot on fremont boulevard. police say the victim is a woman. no word yet on what led up to this collision between the train and the pedestrian here. the capitol corridor has stopped in fremont for this investigation. all passengers who are on that train or being put onto another train. and we'll continue on to auburn. an anti abortion group is accused of invading a san francisco clinic and harassing a doctor. police say members of that group not only targeted the doctor at work, but also posted fliers in his neighborhood. referring to him as a killer. ktvu is brooks jarocz tells us, the leader of that group is now facing several charges, including stocking, interfering and vandalism. this anti abortion group is accused of entering a clinic back in march
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, where abortions are performed saying we ow who you are. weme know what you do. the district attorneyays the doctor in staff were terrified for their safety and for their patients. alleged leader of the group aaron jonathan hurley, has been arrested in charge. now he's from los angeles, facing felony stalking and misdemeanor charges of obstructing freedom of access to a clinic, trespassing and to vandalism charges. and check out these photos. hurley and others are accused of defacing and damaging a bronze statue of madonna and child at san francisco general hospital, covering it with fake blood and stickers with the doctor's name on it. a day later, the d a says the group illegally accessed the women's options center, harassing the doctor and his staff. and then that night went to his home. they're accused of putting permanent stickers at neighbor's houses. and on the doctor's front door that said, killer lives in your neighborhood. the purpose of this activity. was not simply to
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express people's views as protected by the first amendment , but it was to instill fear intimidation. and harassment. against members of our community for doing their job. we cannot tolerate it. criminal laws prohibit this behavior. and i'm here to tell you we will enforce those laws. now in this case, a second suspect, kristen turner, was cited and released and an arrest warrant is pending for lauren handy. another suspect accused of vandalism and repeatedly stalking that doctor . we should point out district attorney chase a. boudin is facing a recall election and has held a couple of press conferences this week. in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. oklahoma's legislature has given final approval now to another texas style anti abortion bill. abortion providers say it would be the most restrictive abortion ban in effect in the country. the bill
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would prohibit all abortions except to save the life of a pregnant woman or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest that has been reported to law enforcement. and now heads to republican governor kevin stitt, who is expected to sign it. new at six. vice president kamala harris spoke with a group of abortion providers today, telling them that they are serving on the front lines in a war on women's rights. many of the doctors, nurses and abortion rights advocates who attended the meeting work in states with some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the country. the vice president caution that other rights such as the right to use contraception could be at risk if the supreme court overthrows roe v. wade also knew it. six axios is reporting that the department of homeland security is preparing for possible violence if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade. according to a may 13th department memo. law enforcement agencies are investigating a wide range of possible threats on social media. potential targets include churches,
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abortion clinics and the supreme court building and the justices themselves. a dhs spokesperson said the department is committed to protecting americans, freedom of speech and other civil rights and civil liberties, including the right to peacefully protest and oakland man and father who was known for bringing the community together was shot and killed right in front of his young son happened right outside of popular filipino restaurant in oakland restaurant the victim co owned ktvu crime reporter henry lee as the story you see everything that happened. pc his dad going down june and abba was shot in front of his 11 year old son outside the filipino restaurant he co owned in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood, parent target, and, um six shots and then come out on the ground. alright just screaming died at the hospital, whereas only child learned the news collapsed. he's a why
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somebody, my dad. he loved people. it happened outside the lucky 37 restaurants at fruit bill in brookdale, about 9 40 wednesday night, fellow restaurant owner jose ortiz, who helped a novel opened the business, said his friend tried to reason with his attackers when the government pulled the gun on june. say, hey, take it easy. take it easy, and they sat him and then he ran away and higher in the garbage skin. oakland police are investigating whether the shooting had to do with the victim buying a truck for a relative only to learn that it was stolen. the restaurant owner may have been trying to get his $15,000 back. a party this month was celebrated the father turning 40 and his son graduating from fifth grade. here's a lot about his family. he made sure everyone was good even if he wasn't you put a lot of people first on thursday, a steady stream of well wishers, leaving flowers and notes of condolence novel will always be with them
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not going. because you're here, he legacy. people in this community is all we're going to be alive his filipino dishes from lumpy, a two chicken adobo relatively rare in the predominantly latino fruitvale neighborhood vision was to bring ilipino lture. that don't was nowhere to be found. city council member noel gayo also helped get the restaurant off the ground, you know? not only were they committed to their family they were committed to the neighborhood. but the culture oakland police are asking for the public's help to help bring justice for the victims, son and the community in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. another freeway shooting in the east bay is renewing calls for more traffic cameras. two people died in another person was wounded in the latest shooting. this was last night on 5 80 in oakland. officers responded just before 8 30 found a nissan sedan overturned right near seminary avenue. no arrests have been
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made in the motive does remain under investigation. they area officials hope that a plan to add 200 more freeway cameras will lead to more arrests when it comes to freeway shootings. when people know they are being watched. they behave better. we know that from experience and we know that the evidence in these cameras have been powerful tools and actually convicting people. the cameras will be installed mainly on ierstates0 and 5 80, as well as highwaysour and 24. last year, there were 144 bay area freeway shootings. 16 cases ended with arrests. huge probably the most hated person in this country. power outbursts inside a courtroom as the man accused of killing 10. people at a buffalo supermarket goes before a judge. coming up what we're learning about the suspect and the leader of the fda gets grilled on capitol hill for his agency's response to the country's baby formula shortage, plus we're asking the lowest
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paid workers to foot the bill for an upscale mall. they say it's just not fair. coming up. employees at valley fair mall are pushing for a policy change. so they say going to work will for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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thee federal government that fire burned more than 220,000 acres and destroyed more than 1000 structures. a decision by the federal emergency management agency has cut those survivors off from federal funding to help them rebuild their homes and lives. ktvu greg lee explains. residents of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pleading with president biden to overturn this decision. the philosophy of the citizens in this area of south county. is that were the forgotten ones in this eldorado county produced video counter fire survivors described losing everything. and the painful process of trying to rebuild the
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15th largest wildfire and state history burned more than 200,000 acres from october to august. last year, flames leveled most of the town of grizzly flats. if we had female assistance, i mean, we would be able to at least start to rebuild them a home to have somewhere to live otherwise, our daughter that's 14 may not have a home until she's 18 nearly six minute video a plea to president biden and fema to overturn a decision. vision to. states request. to provide financial assistance to individuals. fema did approve governor newsom's requests for money for local and state government, but not for these grizzly flats. residents trying to rebuild it doesn't matter what party you're from people that need help need help, and it's not right that other fire impacted areas that had less damage than us in this state. we're taking care of, but yet we're not president biden actually visited the state to
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survey the damage in september. fema's denial has prompted bipartisan outrage. we're going to take care of them, and there's a lot we can do. those were the president's words spoken to these families in september, appeal to the presiden his authority to keep his promise to the victims of the kaldor fire. a fema spokesperson sent us this based on documentation provided by the state and collected in our joint preliminary damage assessments. the agency determined that the impact individuals and households from the counter fire was not of such severity and magnitude to warrant the designation of the individual assistance program. 40% of those people out there had no insurance are were underinsured. and there was a lot of veterans to. we need to help them any way we can. response to the denial california senator alex padilla has introduced a bill to reform federal wildfire disaster response in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox two news as of
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today, piedmont schools will require staff students and visitors to wear a mask indoors . in an email, the district said . that's due to a rising number of covid cases and a shortage of substitute teachers. they say there have been 58 new cases just this week, including eight staff members. the disict says the quirement will stay in place until the end of the scho year in less than three weeks. well this afternoon, the cdc approved visors booster shot for children aged 5 to 11, dc panel made the recommendation to administer the extra dose five months after their initial two doses. and then the cdc quickly followed through and adopted that recommendation. nationally only 29% of children in that age group have received their initial two shot vaccine series. but according to the bay area news group, 60 to 73% of children in that age group have received their shots in bay area's largest counties. six tonight, moderna hopes to get its covid-19 vaccine authorized for children under five years
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old. the company asked the food and drug administration today to authorize use of the vaccine for very young children. it estimates the vaccine is about 51% effective against the virus for kids under two years old efficacy comes in slightly lower at 37% for kids ages, 2 to 5. the fda is commissioner told the u. s house subcommittee today that the administration will make a decision about the authorization as soon as possible. right now. stock futures suggest investors maybe seeing a little bit of a turnaround on wall street come tomorrow, and any gains would be welcome following today's losses and yesterday's massive selloff today the dow lost 236 points the nasdaq was down 29 in the s and p 500. gave up 22 points. the s and p is now down nearly 19% from its latest record earlier this year, 20% drop is considered a bear market will gas prices in california they've
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hit another record high have triple a, says the state average for a gallon of regular unleaded has now reached $6.06, the highest ever recorded. that is compared with the national average of $4.58 here in the bay area. prices are even higher. in san francisco. the average jumped 24 cents from just last week to $6.29 a gallon in both oakland and san jose. the current average is $6.16 a gallon and a bill meant to guard against price gouging by oil companies is moving through congress, but it's not likely to make it to the president's desk. the house of representatives approved the bill, mostly along party lines. it is backed by democrats and would give the president the authority to make it unlawful to increase gasoline prices in and excessive manner. supporters say that oil companies have seen record profits as prices continue to rise, the industry says high prices, though, are a matter of supply and demand. the bill faces an uphill fight in the divided senate. alright i hope
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you had a nice day out there temperatures a little bit cooler but still still pretty pleasant had some gusty winds at times and places still along the coast. it's windy. the gale warning goes away along the coast here in the next, you know, won't be around tomorrow as those wind shift inland. and give us that red flag warning and the wind advisory as you see here for the east bay hills, north bay hills, east bay valleys, solano county area in this this area represents a little bit more than the red flag warning. i'll show you what i mean. so that's the wind advisory and then the red flag warning kind of pulls back into the inland valley, except for solano county and fairfield and vacaville. and out, not area, but you can see you know, dis includes santa rosa in the east bay hills or whatever, but so you know you have wind in your area. the reason again for those the concern in this area, you're just going to have really aggressive winds coming right down the valley and that's high fire danger, although this time of year is, as we've been
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saying, it's not as. tough or hard or or, um give you were looking for. it's not as intense because you're in may fuel moistures are higher temperatures are lower, right? and there's this isn't an extended red flag warning. this thing is going to be one and done in 24 hours. but it's still something to pay attention to. and with that in mind, these are the forecast wins for friday morning when the winds are the strongest. and if you look at vacaville, you'll see that 43 mile an hour wind. and again that's down at sea level. that's our town level. so that's the plan. um don't don't discount it, but don't don't freak out about it because i think it's it looks like it's going to be a little bit less than then what we're concerned for, so i'll see you back here in a little bit. we'll do the full forecast. we look at the five day forecast and a little bit of a nice warming trend for the weekend. all right, bill. thank you. federal traffic safety officials say. it's beyond tragic that nearly 10% of all us traffic fatalities were in california
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last year. 4258 people were killed in crashes. that, according to the national highway traffic safety administration, that's an increase of more than 10% compared to 2020. this comes as more people are driving following the pandemic lockdowns. new federal funding from the infrastructure law will send more than $240 million to california for highway safety. valley fair mall employees worry it costs too much to keep their jobs coming up their protest over fees that they say are unfair. and the u. s government maybe working without billions of dlars. it's due each year. coming up. online deals are suspected of driving the suspected of driving the problem. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company swasn't fair.driving the problem. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm.
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sout will convince mall operators to make some changes. ktvu jesse gary reports. they say they can't keep up with the parking fees to work those shifts. san jose's recently remodeled retail jewel, the westfield valley fair mall, more than two million square feet of retail space new shops opening by the month and hundreds of thousands of shoppers annually browsing and buying. and oblivious to most small demonstration taking place on the front sidewalk. we're asking the lowest paid workers to foot the bill for an upscale mall, a handful of san jose state students who work at the mall are outraged because part of their minimum wage salaries must coverage fees for them to
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park at the mall during work hours. it's really tough when trying to manage you know my finances efficiently. it's taking dollars away from my education is taking dollars away from my investments, and it's taking dollars away from just my future. valley fair had an ongoing problem with non choppers parking on its site for several hours. the incursion made it difficult for paying customers to park costing westfield money. so in february , a tiered pay to park system for shoppers and workers was introduced. in an email marketing director marie maynard says employees can purchase parking passes for $40 a month over the course of a year that equals $480 frustrated by it, because clearly free parking is a traditional standard thing that goes with the job. san jose state strategic management professor dr robert chapman woods says two factors are forcing retailers to pass along costs. one is an ever increasing minimum wage and the other
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inflation prices are going up at the retail level. in many cases, they're not going up as much as the wholesale prices are going up. that's going to be something with us for some time. the students vowed to continue letting passersby no. not only does it cost to shop cost them just to come to work. i just want them to stand by those who are making them money at the end of the day. gomez is hopeful for face to face meeting with more management so he can better explain the true impact of paying to park. he'd like to see employees get free parking cards while they're on the job. on the san jose santa clara city line. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news wanna. creek restaurants will no longer be allowed to provide single use utensils, food accessories and condiment package unless specifically requested by the customer of the city adopted the new rules this week in an effort to reduce waste in the food services industry. the ordinance also applies to third party food delivery apps and requires the delivery services to include a
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method for requesting single use utensils and other food accessories. also in walnut creek restaurants will be allowed to keep their outdoor dining spaces at least through the summer, council members voted to extend the city's outdoor dining program. that was launched two years ago when indoor dining was still banned due to the pandemic. the extension allows restaurants to maintain their outdoor dining spaces in areas like former street parking spaces. the council plans to consider a long term outdoor dining program at its june 21st meeting, which would be implemented over the next year. if approved. people who work at the buffalo supermarket where a gunman killed 10. people say the suspect went to the store before last week's shooting. still to come here at six. what else? we are learning about the suspected gunman as he goes back into the courtroom, and we'll talk with people building a memorial to honor the lives lost during last year's wta mass shooting. and the golden state warriors run away with the win in game one last night over those mavericks later in sports, jason appelbaum
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will have what draymond green and head coach steve kerr it is saying today about the physicality in the series moving forward.
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. of s charged for allegedly harassing eight san francisco doctor back in march. erin jonathan hurley of los angeles is facing felony stalking charges and several misdemeanor counts, including trespassing and vandalism. survivors of last year's kaldor
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fire and el dorado county have been cut off from federal funding to help them rebuild their homes and their lives. it was a decision by fema officials say losses were not of such severity and magnitude to warrant the designation of the individual assistance program. now residents and lawmakers on both of the aisle are pleading with president biden to overturn that decision. restaurant owner who was known for bringing the community together was shot and killed. right in front of his young police say this happened outside the lucky 37 restaurant at fruitvale and brookdale around 10 o'clock last night. police are investigating whether or not the shooting was connected to a car that the victim recently bought. that turned out to be stolen. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, the suspect charged with the racially motivated mass shooting in buffalo, made a brief court appearance today, alexis mcadams reports family members of some of the 10 people who died were also searching for justice. he's probably the most hated person
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in this country. the teen accused of carrying out buffaloes deadliest mass shooting back in court, walking in wearing shackles and an orange jumpsuit. his family members of the victims sat front row. hey you're a coward. 18 year old peyton genderen, now indicted by a grand jury on first degree murder charges, nearly one week after investigators say he murdered 10 people because of their skin color. one of my biggest fears is that when it reopens its not going to feel like ours anymore , black communities across the country have been fighting so long just to feel like something belongs to us. what's being called a racially motivated shooting happened saturday at this tops grocery store on the city's east side, the gunman firing dozens of shots. i could hear it going from the produce area. carry out cafe deli bakery , meat department and coming closer and closer. and for a
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split second, it stopped. and i thought, oh, my god. thank god. the police are here. the police are here. and it started back up again. rose is a manager at tops and says genderen has been inside of that store at least a dozen times since march and once asked her why she worked at an all black store using racial slurs to describe the customers. talk to him. i've seen him in the store. he's been in the store. gender and will be bac court in about three w. authorities say they're looking into the possibility of filing federal charges in buffalo, new york, and alexis mcadams fox news in southern california new information emerging in that deadly shooting at a taiwanese presbyterian church in laguna woods, we are learning the suspect, 68 year old david chow mailed a seven volume diary to a chinese language newspaper prior to the attack, the world journal says on monday. it receives stacks of pages and a flash drive. the paper said the writings referred to a destroying angel opposed to taiwan's independence from
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china. investigators have said how was motivated by political hatred against taiwan. i feel like it was a sense of some sort of closure, maybe that families can gain from it. bta employees want an eternal flame to honor the lives of co workers who were lost during last year's mass shooting next week will mark one year since that shooting left 10 people dead in the south bay. ktvu s and ruben shows us how construction of a memorial has been a labor of love and healing. it started with the flicker of an idea a way to honor the friends they lost one year ago. and now, after months of designing, welding and assembling what've to employees , called the eternal flame is finally taking shape. it's more of. their souls will live on through through the flame every time it's lit. every time you see it, it was something coworkers felt they needed with
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the anniversary of wta's mass shooting fast approaching on may 26th nine employees were killed. that day. 1/10 died by suicide in the weeks that followed the horrendous loss and this is just a tidbit of what we could do to try to comfort you know our fellow coworkers in the families of the victims. to build the torch workers started with the propane heater, then gathered the details that would make it special. a bit of light rail overhead line bent into a ribbon. some railroad ties crossed to make a roman numeral 10. and the names of those who died carefully engraved. we had some real close friends. tragic day. we're just hoping that justice once it's finished, the eternal flame will be moved to a private spot at the guadalupe yard and let those who built it say the process has been healing . they hope their coworkers feel that to just hope that they can.
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connect to it kind of like i'm doing right now. i don't want him to be sad, but just to remember the torch will be officially unveiled at wta's private memorial next week. they plan to use it to light the candles for the vigil. in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. 35 year old man was injured early this morning and a shooting in san francisco's mission district. police say that man was shot while walking on mission right near 16th street. bart station. this was at 12 45. officers say the man did not see anyone open fire only that he heard a loud pop. the man was taken to the hospital. his injuries are not considered life threatening. anyone with information about this case is us to call san francisco police leaders from sweden and finland met with president biden at the white house today. the us strongly supports their push to join nato as a result of russia's invasion of ukraine. fox news. greg palkot has more now from kiev,
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including the response from moscow. nato's door remains open . president biden offered the united states full support for sweden and finland's nato bids. the president met with leaders of both countries today after they officially submitted applications to join the military alliance. if talks go well. approval of the bids would bring nato right up to russia's border. that's a move president vladimir putin has warned could face consequences members joining nato is not a threat to any nation. it never has been. nato's purposes, defend against aggression. that's just purpose to defend ukraine. russia continues its bombardment in the east, ukrainian forces have made gains around the city of kharkiv. have also blown up a bridge in order to prevent russian adnces. russian forces are still gaining traction in the donbass region. at least three civilians were killed in an attack yesterday. the shelling continued this morning
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. we are in constant communication with the ukrainians about what they need on a almost daily basis. so we already have some thoughts about the future systems and material that will go. meanwhile more ukrainian fighters have left the besieged steel plant in mariupol . there are growing fears about what could happen to them in moscow's hands, as russian officials consider possible war crimes charges. horizon military and civilians stand together to defend the homeland. therefore the longer it takes, the more we will defend the country, and today, the senate voted to pass a $40 billion aid package for ukraine. and keep greg palkot fox news. expect to start dialing numbers with a 350 area code before the end of the year , coming up where numbers will be assigned that new area code and the fda commissioner gets grilled over the baby formula shortage. the debate was a government inaction, market consolidation or corporate
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vala code. the three the new 350 excuse me. 350 area code will serve phone users as far west as tracy and as far east as yosemite. the changes being made to ensure that enough phone numbers are available in the region currently served by the 209 area code. the new or the 209 area is projected to run out
6:41 pm
of available phone numbers by the end of the year. existing phone users with 209 area codes will keep their numbers. the head of the fda faced a barrage of questions today over the agency's slow response to the baby formula crisis and as foxes chad program reports. today's hearing comes after the house passed two bills aimed at speeding up production and the distribution of the formula. more money formula product bipartisan inquisition into why the u. s. can't nourish the youngest americans. we need also to get to the bottom of fda slow response and forcing parents to play a game of russian roulette that they did not know. they were playing lawmakers apoplectic after the fda failed to probe a whistleblower complaint about improper procedures at an abbott lab in michigan last fall. the plant closed in february. food taken from the mouths of babes. unconscionable that we did not have a backup plan for this supply chain issue. it was just
6:42 pm
like nobody did their job here. lawmakers quizzing fda chief robert, calif. on when exasperated parents can feed their kids begin to see improvement within days that within a matter of days, they'll be able to find formula on the shelves within days, it will get better. but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal . democrats pinned blame on a favorite target corporate america. the shortage was caused in large part by the lack of action by the fda. and by corporate greed and consolidation. the house and senate spread it to approve a bipartisan bill to expedite formula distribution. we want to be as fast as we need to be. it's never soon enough to have food for crying baby bill is passed also okayed an extra 28 million to boost the fda. but most republicans opposed that bill. throwing additional money at a problem is the wrong approach. the $28 million bill
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is dead in the senate. the house plans are hearing next wednesday with baby formula producers. including abbott. on capitol hill chad program, fox news. alright we are tracking the forecast. and we're not that far from the weekend. we'll take a look at what you can expect. the five day forecast is next. thank you with that we check in with heather holmes and look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus heather. like new tonight and the lead bay area high school is returning to remote learning as covid infections rise. what that decision means for graduation. also new tonight, another bay area movie theater, sadly closing its doors. when the final shows are happening those stories and a lot more coming up live tonight on the seventh over on ktvu. plus we'll see you in just a bit heather holmes. q. but first after the break, see how boeing gets a second chance to pull off
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