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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the place them game he like, doesn't want to quit. exactly so that was a lot of sports, but i've got even more coming up in about 25 minutes. alright jason. thank thank you. next at 11. we have breaking news tonight out of san francisco, where police have been involved in a shooting in the cities. dogpatch neighborhood. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. authorities say officers opened fire after responding to an assault and one person is dead and another wounded. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach. we did get video from the scene at mariposa and owens just off to 80 in the last hour here, this is again in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. the police department did give us an update just a few minutes ago from the scene, they said that they responded to an aggravated assault shortly before eight o'clock involving two men. upon arrival on the scene, officers contacted two males in the area. during that contact an officer
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involved shooting occurred. officers rendered aid and requested medical attention to the scene. medics responded to the scene. one individual was declared deceased at the scene by the medics. the second male was transported to zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital and trauma center. kill somebody again with life threatening injuries. so again, one person killed, one wounded. you can stay up to date on this breaking news by downloading our ktvu news app. we will be sending alerts straight to your phone as we learn new information. a new map of california, released today by the u. s. drought monitor shows that the entire bay area is in a severe drought . the designation means a longer fire seasons, stress trees and increased water temperature. the map also shows that the central part of the state is in what's known as extreme drought, which means that fire season that last year round significantly lower reservoir levels and inadequate water for agriculture, wildlife
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and urban needs. 17 northern california counties are under a red flag warning tonight that is includes solano county. there is an elevated fire risk in these areas and residents are being told to prepare as ktvu is elissa harrington reports. solano county is the again the only bay area county under that warning. it was a warm and windy afternoon in fairfield flags were waving trees blowing around in the gusty wind. solano county is one of more than a dozen counties in northern california under a red flag warning. brooke bingaman, lead forecaster at the national weather service, said there's dry fuels humidity in these areas can expect strong wind. that's the kind of condition that if a fire would start, it would spread rapidly and very easily because of the high fire danger. the city of fairfield closed some of its parks and open spaces through saturday. firefighters stayed hydrated and ready for any calls to make sure that all of our
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apparatus and our firefighters are ready for such a thing. we make sure that we check our equipment out that it's in working condition, fire chief kris concepcion said. they trained year round. they even did a controlled burn monday. firefighters scorched dry grass and brush on a section of calendar hill right behind several homes. they canceled a second training exercise because of the elevated fire risk. we monitor the weather very closely to make sure you know to see what's happening and the winds start picking up. absolutely. we ask people i don't take any kind of risky behaviors that risky behavior could include using a weed whacker or other tool that could cause a spark. residents should use caution and pack a bag in case of an evacuation. noticeably not under this red flag warning this time is the bay area fuels in the bay area aren't quite as dry as they are in the central valley, so we're near critical fire conditions, but not quite at that red flag warning criteria in solano
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county. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. marines to water districts are getting ready now for the threat of wildfires, the agencies are working to clear dying trees and vegetation around critical infrastructure. crews are also installing new generators that will keep water pumping stations up and running during power shutoffs, fire officials say the last major wildfire in the mountain watershed was back in 1929. and stay with us chief meteorologist bill martin will return to tell us about today's conditions and what we can expect overnight and into tomorrow, the san francisco district attorney has charged a man for harassing an abortion provider, authorities say aaron jonathan hurley is facing felony stocking. and misdemeanor charges of vandalism, trespassing and obstructing freedom of access to a clinic. hurley is said to be a leader of a group of anti abortion activists who defaced and damaged a madonna and child statue at san francisco general hospital. then harassed the doctor at the clinic and at his home the next day. the purpose of this activity. was not simply
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to express people's views as protected by the first amendment , but it was to instill fear intimidation. and harassment. against members of our community for doing their job. a second suspect, christian turner was cited and released and an arrest warrant is pending for lauren handy. another suspect accused of vandalism and repeatedly stocking that doctor. axios is reporting that the department of homeland security is preparing for possible violence if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade according to a may 13th data department memo. law enforcement agencies are investigating a wide range of possible threats on social media. potential targets include churches, abortion clinics, the supreme court building and the justices themselves. a dhs spokesperson said the department is committed to protecting americans, freedom of speech and other civil liberties. and including the right to peacefully protest. hundreds of
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parents came together to hear from the top candidates for san jose mayor. the forum was hosted by rocketship public schools, the largest charter network in san jose. the candidates were asked to introduce themselves and to talk about their vision for the city. experience homelessness experience some issues with the healthy choices and i really abusing my body in high school, and now i'm so proud to be standing in front of all of you and say that there is a future committed to building a city government that solves our biggest challenge is affordable housing, homelessness, trash crime supporting our small businesses in the city hall that serves all of our residents. equally well, i'm not raising my two children. my son, my daughter, sofia and all the issues that we're dealing with here in the city are very personal to me. challenges with homelessness, the lack of affordable housing public safety so deeply in the activism of the community, i believe it can make us the safest city in america again. clean city that we can
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address homelessness that we can make this an affordable place for people to live. jose has big problems, almost this public safety blake. and it is time for us to work together, and it's time for us to restore san jose status. spence is the sixth person running for mayor but did not attend tonight's forum. the candidates are vying to replace mayor sam liccardo, who turns out at the end of the year. the primary election is june 7th. the santa clara county d. a s office has dropped charges against a woman for any crimes in connection with the death of her boyfriend. 41 year old jessica garrison of san jose, was released from jail today after prosecutors declined to file charges against her and police say garrison and her boyfriend, victor chavarria. we're fighting over a gun inside an apartment on south 10th street early monday morning, leading to shots being fired. garrison was grazed by a bullet . silveria was shot and killed. new allegations against tesla ceo elon musk, the report that
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says spacex paid woman $250,000 after she accused him of sexual harassment and tourism, bouncing back the new numbers that show hotel occupancy in san francisco is inching closer to pre pand if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs.
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insider reports the money was to settle a sexual misconduct claim from 2016. the woman worked as a member of the cabin crew for spacex corporate jet fleet. part of her job was also to work as a private masseuse for elon musk. it was during one of those massages that musk allegedly exposed himself to her. he also reportedly offered to buy her a horse in exchange for this massage business insider says that when they reached muzhi called the allegations, a quote , politically motivated hit piece and quote. new at 11 in san francisco firefighter has been arrested and charged for allegedly attacking a coworker. authorities say. robert mohammed attacked a fellow firefighter gabriel shin, at shin's home in oakland. back on february 1st they say mohammed used a breast spanner wrench to attack change and suffered a broken arm and a concussion in the assault. mohammed was arrested six days later. he now faces assault with a deadly weapon charges. san francisco fire would not disclose muhammad's current job
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status community meeting in east palo alto tonight after a deadly shooting in a park in broad daylight, ktvu lamonica peter spoke with east palo alto mayor tonight who says he is committed to curbing crime in that city. it must have been about 50 kids out there. all of a sudden, all of this transpired and i'm ducking and dodging at the same time. i can't duck because i'm looking for my baby. i'm trying to find my son. it was a scary mess. it's the loitering that triggered this that caused this . that was the foundation. for all of this. we have to stop the loitering. i fully support cameras on the parking lot. just a quick overview on the process tonight on thursday, east palo alto city council held a town hall meeting. with the community. local clergy members and police to start a dialogue about the deadly shooting at jack farrell park. many people said they don't want to go back to living in fear of violence in
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their city. we cannot solve this. crime and we cannot stop any continuation of public shootings, violence without working together. others criticized police for a slow response to tuesday's shooting and police not being properly equipped to give cpr when i got to the scene, i didn't see any cpr being administrated, nor did i see a mouthpiece when we asked the officer where his mouthpiece was, he said. he didn't have one. city council members also expressed their own feelings. after ralph fields jr was shot and killed at the park, one council member said, fills his cousin and nfl player shouldn't be associated with the case. adams had nothing to do with what happened? he put exercise equipment in the park, and he's trying to get back to our community. there should be that we should never associate anything negative with his name . mayor abric a says he will keep the community updated on the case and encourages people to stay engaged. we're not where
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we were before. and i think the consciousness of the community has grown. there are no immediate plans to hold another town hall meeting, but the mayor says that counseling will be available to anybody who needs it. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news number 11. san francisco's hotel industry has seen a comeback from pandemic close. san francisco tourism officials tell the chronicle that april, hotel occupancy reached a pandemic error high of 67% occupancy is almost double from last year. at that same time, mayor london breed has been championing the return of visitors to the city breed tweeting today, tours and conventions returning to sf bring back visitors to our hotels and jobs to one of our hardest hit industries fill our small businesses with customers. and bring vibrancy to our streets. the antiviral drug packs love. it is considered a breakthrough treatment for covid-19 one that offers protection against severe illness for those at high risk,
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but there are growing concerns about people who finished taking the prescription drug and then becomes sick again shortly afterwards. in a statement, the fda said it is aware of reports of covid symptoms returning after finishing packs covid treatment. the agency said that in the clinical trial, there were some patients about 1 to 2% who tested negative and then became positive again earlier today we spoke with infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong, about the value of taking paxil vivid for some patients. the combination of vaccines plus packs love it, even for unvaccinated people. we can really try to drive down that's in this country is close to zero as possible if people embrace all of these new tools data has shown that paxil vid reduces the risk of hospitalization or death from covid-19 by 89% among higher risk adults who have not been hospitalized. frustration in the south bay. today's protest from valley fair
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employees who say they should not have to pay to park where they work. but at first and endorsement for the aids, the organization that says it approves of the teams plan to build a new waterfront ballpark. in the weekend is just around the corner. now we'll take a peek at what you can expect for friday, saturday and sunday. i'll s oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order.
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managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller. alls concept of a ballpark and mixed use development at oakland's howard terminal, the greenbelt alliance says while the aids proposal is most well known for the ballpark component their focus is on the 3000 homes included in that project. the group is a strong supporter of adding housing without sprawling out onto wetlands, farmland and open spaces. you see regions
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approved plans today for ucsf to build a new hospital at parnassus heights. officials say the new hospital will address us ucsf's capacity problems, increasing inpatient bed capacity by 37. the emergency department will also expand by nearly 65% the plan will also allow ucsf to renovate the existing moffitt and long hospitals at pronounces heights. construction is expected to start next year with the hospital opening in 2030. the plan will cost $4.3 billion protest today at valley fair mall in san jose employees. they're frustrated about a new plan that forces them to pay to park. at their workplace interviews. jesse gary has their message to mall officials. san jose's recently remodeled retail jewel, the westfield valley fair mall, more than two million square feet of retail space new shops opening by the month and hundreds of thousands of shoppers annually browsing and buying. and oblivious to most
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small demonstration taking place on the front sidewalk. we're asking the lowest paid workers to foot the bill for an upscale mall, a handful of san jose state students who work at the mall are outraged because part of their minimum wage salaries must coverage fees for them to park at the mall during work hours. it's really tough when trying to manage you know my finances efficiently. it's taking dollars away from my education. is taking dollars away from my investments, and it's taking dollars away from just my future. valley fair had an ongoing problem with non choppers parking on its site for several hours. the incursion made it difficult for paying customers to park costing westfield money. so in february , a tiered pay to park system for shoppers and workers was introduced. in an email marketing director marie maynard says employees can purchase parking passes for $40 a month over the course of a year that equals $480 frustrated by it,
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because clearly free parking is a traditional standard thing that goes with the job. san jose state strategic management professor dr robert chapman woods says two factors are forcing retailers to pass along costs. one is an ever increasing minimum wage and the other inflation prices are going up at the retail level. in many cases, they're not going up as much as the wholesale prices are going up. that's going to be something with us for some time. the students vowed to continue letting passersby no. not only does it cost to shop cost them just to come to work. i just want them to stand by those who are making them money at the end of the day. gomez is hopeful for face to face meeting with more management so he can better explain the true impact of paying to park. he'd like to see employees get free parking cards while they're on the job. on the san jose santa clara city line. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news restaurants in walnut creek will
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be allowed to keep their outdoor dining spaces at least through the summer months, the city council voted to extend the city's outdoor dining program. it was launched two years ago after indoor dining was banned due to the pandemic. the extension allows restaurants to maintain their outdoor dining spaces in areas like former parking spots out there on the street. the council plans to consider a long term outdoor dining program at its june 21st meeting, which would be implemented over the next year. if approved. alright i hope you got a big weekend planned up. it looks pretty good. the weather is going to be slightly cooler tomorrow and then just level off, but by cooler instead of 90 upper eighties low nineties, it will be in the mid low eighties in the hot spots. and then it'll warm up a little bit for the rest of the weekend. so it's a nice looking weekend ahead. we do have that red flag warning mainly for the central valley, but it does pick up solano county in a wind advisory. for the north and east bay hills and the valleys of the north and the east bay and that says in effect overnight tonight into tomorrow
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morning, and that's it should be over after that, and i think most of us won't even notice the wind. it's just if you're up high elevation in the northeast , but you might notice it, but i don't think many are going to notice when unless you're out in cordelia or out in the back a bill area or davis or winters or fresno. uh so with that in mind and get ready for the weekend, the way it looks good. the high pressure warmed us up yesterday . kind of weakened a little bit today, and then as it did it sort of started. those winds are blowing right? here in relation to that low, the winds are blowing right down the valley. that's where the wind advisory comes from. and then the high just sort of stabilizes the low the low that's out here now this one stays clear of us or further away from us. so the pressure gradient doesn't get so stiff. and we don't see the winds. but with that said tomorrow morning , this is it about 10 a.m. so between seven and 10 a.m. tomorrow right here, this bullseye that purple that's a contour right, so it's representing when wind speeds of 45 to maybe 50 miles an hour. if you look at the legend there. so
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this is what you're watching for. this is the footprint and you can see it's mainly east of us. so in concord, oakland, livermore, santa rosa not going to notice it or should notice it, and then it warms up with the wind stay down quickly. after that, and then it warms up on on saturday. so the winds right now 33 miles an hour in novato, 35 gusting at sfo. current temperatures. run behind where they were last night at this time, and then we've got a forecast for the next few days. that's going to be pretty much the same except slightly warmer on saturday and sunday, so mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow and then the five day forecast pop it in there and monday's warmer state, but that's not until next week, so looks good. i hope you have a nice weekend. i'll see you back here on on sunday night. all right. we'll see you then. bill. thank you. poll shows. nearly a third of americans think the pandemic is over the new axios ipsos poll shows. 31% of americans say the covid-19 pandemic is over. there
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is a large partisan split with 59% of republicans, 27% of independence, and just 10% of democrats, saying the pandemic has ended. but 56% of people say it's a large or moderate. it's a larger, moderate risk to return to their pre pandemic lives. alright golden state warriors revving up for game two of the western conference finals tomorrow night out of the j center. jason appelbaum will have reaction from the team about just how physical the rest about just how physical the rest of this series may ♪music playing♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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gooe warriors and mavs a day off before they get right back at it. tomorrow night in game two of the western conference finals six p.m. tip off at chase center, the warriors. they were nice and loose at practice today
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. coming off that 25 point win in game one, jonathan commingle. want to scotto anderson having some fun jordan pool is the best free throw shooter in the league , and that's one reason why he takes the extra shots after practice and speaking of players , auto porter jr was one of the seven warriors to score in double figures. it felt almost too easy for the warriors, but game twos, things ramp up flashback to game two versus memphis dillon brooks that cheap shot on gary payton the second and then draymond green, taking an elbow to the face that required stitches, and the warriors aren't expecting dirty play, so to speak. but they are expecting things to ramp up quite a bit. i mean, anytime you beat the team in the playoffs, that's always going to be the number one. adjustment is just raising the level of physicality . so yeah, we expected at some point in the series, you know? and it's always been this way
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for me as a as a player or coach. it's just after a couple of games. it just starts to get testy because both both sides wanted so badly and nothing personal. it's just competition. eastern conference finals game to jimmy butler in the heat coming off that big win in game one, but the celtics did get marcus smart and al horford back. they both missed the opener. second quarter tyler hero, the miss peyton pritchard ahead to jason tatum, who slams it home. he had 27 the celtics led by 25 at the half. look at this move drops him. yeah, that's smart with the jab step, and max strauss goes down. and then he calmly drains the jumper . the bench goes nuts. smart head 24 points. 12 assists, nine rebounds. boston cruises 1 27 to 1 to two even that series up at a game of peace game three on saturday. tiger woods got off to a great start at the pga championship, but then he faded
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fast tigers first tournament since the masters seven weeks ago, and just a second in the last year and a half coming off that car crash started on the back nine birdie. two of his first five holes. got that one to drop on 14. so he's a 200 par, but then trouble out of the sand on number eight. the ball flies past the hole and then rolls all the way to the edge of the green. woods bogeyed seven of his final 13 holes. he limped in at four over par. 74 today's leader was in tiger's group rory mcilroy, who capped off his round. with a birdie. mcilroy sits all alone. at 500 par. anytime david beats goliath on a walk off it is worth showing you check this out. the last place orioles tied at six with the first place yankees in the ninth , when anthony santander hits a rocket to left. and his teammates don't waste any time doesn't even cross the plate. no
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before even crossed the plate. he gets gatorade bath super soaked in his face, but i'm sure he's having a good time. was he just won the game for them next day. i have a little walk off day. i have a little walk off there [ alarm clock blares ] claire: mm. [ both groan and sigh ] remember before we had kids, when we could just lie in bed on a saturday? that's how we got them. why did i have to be so sexy? a few months ago, luke joined a club soccer team. and at first, we were thrilled. but then we realized it takes over your whole weekend. and not in the cool "mythbusters" marathon way. luke sits on the bench a lot, which means we sit in the hot sun for like eight hours just to see him play five minutes. but what a five minutes. tell 'em about last week. oh! yeah. luke stopped a goal with his face. yeah. too bad he doesn't remember that. yeah. what if we sent luke to the game without us today? we can't do that. missing one tournament doesn't make us bad parents. my mom never went to any of my stuff. i'm fine.


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