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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 20, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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to bring more people inside art galleries and glass here they are all cool and essentially to touch. teach people look. art should not be intimidating. promise that baby formula will soon be more widely available within days. it will get better. but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal. coming up on the nine. we'll talk with the pediatrician on how hospitals are dealing with the ongoing formula shortage and what parents of infants and babies can do now. then two men are dead and at least one san francisco police officer fired their gun will have the latest on a deadly shooting investigation coming up on the nine ghirardelli is getting ready to open a new and improved version of its chocolate shop. we're getting an exclusive look inside the new chocolate factory before it opens to the public. and welcome to mornings on to the nine today is friday. may 20th and we're looking at of course, the golden gate bridge.
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i mean, i snicker. of course you know what we're looking at. but it's always worth mentioning that the marin headlands is beautiful at any time of year. but this time i really do like it and go up there and get some beautiful sunsets. the warriors . the golden state warriors are hosting the dallas mavericks tonight at chase center for game two of the western conference finals game one on tuesday. you may know the warriors showed fans they still have the magic we all know and love. and they made beating the dallas mavericks look easy. seven warriors played players scored in double figures that game and tonight they have another chance to win at home. the game starts at six o'clock. welcome to the nine and you know, i have to tell you that when the warriors win like that, it makes it easier on the old heart rate for warriors have little pep in your step the next day. this is kind of the perfect friday night in the city, right? whether it's mild, take mass transit in, you have to pay a million dollars to park it to catch a game. we actually sent ktvu james torres. he has been living his best
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reporter life there outside chase center all morning long, he tells his fans don't need a ticket to watch tonight's game, which is sold out, but you know, you can still kind of show up down there at thrive. city, right, james? let's let's show you a little bit about thrive city here. it's not totally thriving just yet, but give it a few hours. it's going to look a lot different, but behind you see some of the gates that already being set up here. those have just been put up within the last hour or so. so we see that setup starting way way in advance. if you're not going to have time to grab some dinner before you get out here, there are restaurants on either side of the place where you got some food. some drinks, though. folks here at the plaza asked that if you are getting some beers and alcoholic beverages, cocktails, you don't actually bring those out into the plaza. keep them in the restaurants. and then the first thing you'll probably notice right away when you walk in is the tnt, the nba on tnt set here. that's where we're going to see folks like charles barkley talking about the games because we know that the national broadcasters are keeping their eyes on the golden state warriors as they hope to make their run over to the nba
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finals. but really, we're all the i's going to be on this afternoon and later tonight, right over here on the 75 ft screen just outside the cse center. and that is what thrives. city is going to be all about now, just a point of clarification. it's not going to be an official wash party. that's only during the away games. but the arena is still very much welcoming people here in the area tonight. starting at 3 30 this afternoon thrive city will host its pre game fan fest. and once the game tips off, fans are welcome to sit out, chill out and cheer on the doves on its massive outdoor screen. we talked too long time warriors fan in bay area rapper mister fab this morning, he says, connecting warriors fans to the team through thrive city. is something pretty special. we do have an expensive ticket. i think we have one of the highest tickets in the in the n b. a, um so to give it give the fans the true core fans a chance to even feel the excitement and feel the energy of being like at a basketball game. um, that's dope. um, i just i just, you know you definitely can feel the
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difference. now some have raised questions and had some conversations about the rising number of covid-19 cases in the bay area inside chase center or throughout thrive, city masks or proof of vaccination are no longer required. infectious disease experts say it's very much still safe to go to these games. but be sure to stay away . if you're feeling any sort of symptoms, if you're feeling sick at all, if you are heading out to chase center tonight, be mindful. there was a game at oracle park as wl for the san francisco giants. that is starting at about 7 15. tonight's a little bit about an hour of a difference. so traffic around here after normal business hours. gosh it's going to be a nightmare. so let's take you back out here live to thrive city. let's give you a look at that 75 ft long wide screen here . you know we were playing some highlights of the plains. the commercials all throughout the day here, but come about six o'clock tonight. they'll actually play the game here. even though it's not an official watch party. people can still lounge around and check it out
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when it comes to, actually what you can bring to thrive city you can pretty much bring anything. no weapons, of course, and you can't bring any outside alcohol. those are the two real big rules that you want to watch out for before you were coming here this morning. now thrive. city will have its official watch party for its first away game of the western conference finals. that's happening on sunday. the game happening in dallas, you do have to r s v p. for that event, it is free. you just gotta let them know they're coming. you can rcp up to two people and do that through the warriors website will put a link on that on our website ktvu dot com. for now, we're alive this morning in san francisco. i'm james torres ktvu. box two news, james torres. thank you. elon musk is denying reports he exposed himself to a flight attendant on a spacex plane. business insider reports spacex paid as much as $250,000 in hush money to a woman after the incident in 2016. the woman worked as a member of the cabin crew for spacex's corporate jet fleet. she was also an onboard masseuse was during one of the massages, she says musk exposed himself on
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twitter must call the allegations a politically motivated hit piece. now to musk's attempted by twitter leaders inside twitter, a challenging his assertions that his deal to buy the company is on hold in a meeting with staff executives said the deal is moving forward as planned this, according to a report by bloomberg. executives also said they will not be renegotiating the price must agreed to mask is continued to raise concerns about bots on the social media site as a possible deal breaker . solano county is among more than a dozen northern california counties is still under a red flag warning for high fire danger. authorities say today's hot temperatures and strong winds are causing dangerous fire conditions during the third year of this drought kind of condition that if a fire would start, it would spread rapidly and very easily. some parks will be closed today as a precaution, and firefighters across the bay area are prepared to offer mutual aid if a wild fire breaks out. we make sure that all of our apparatus and our firefighters are ready for such
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a thing. we make sure that we check our equipment out that it's in working condition. the red flag warning for high fire. danger will stay in effect until these areas until at least eight o'clock tonight. the state's office of emergency services says it's prepared for that high fire danger. callow es says it's prepositioned firefighting resources to protect communities that could be threatened in a wildfire, including lake and colusa counties. there's a new plane equipped with cameras and sensors and mcclellan airfield near sacramento. it can send real time images and projections to people on the ground. it's time to talk about the weather. i have always been saying in the last few days, i've been saying a lot anyway. that this doesn't seem like a typical made to me, steve. well what i'm hearing is that this is i can't remember it ever being this windy april and may i think it continues. you guys also into early june is the way it's looking here. ah lot going on. we mentioned. of course, you know the red flag warning out to the valley wind advisory in the hills. yet here i am on may 20th talking about
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thirties for lows valley ford again. most of this, almost all of this is marin sonoma cannon. dropped to 37 walker creek ranch east of marshall, 37. west petaluma. i saw 38 39 39 3 observations so i went with the 38 the casio 39 freestone 39 point reyes station. i mean, you're talking almost on the coast, almost 42. that is really cold water. temps are incredibly cold, but they obey briefly hit 47 degrees. i have a message into the weather service. they're looking to see the last time that happened because nobody can remember. 48 san francisco bowie, you do not see all consistently water temps this code for us. it's been a long, long time, so that translates into some much cooler conditions, especially coast and back. we are running noticeably cooler than 24 hours ago. san roses down 15 degrees nevada 14 livermore. 10 conquered nine. so if it feels cooler, it is now there's a lot going on. but mount diablo is only 43. that's really cool to have a north wind
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of 42 mph. mount st alina's 41. they had augusta 73 52 sonoma amount napa north to 23, nevada , north 20 fairfield, north of 33, now conquered has turned north. santa rosa, north oakland northwest. so the breeze is kicking in here. san francisco though northwest northwest west west so again, this is mainly confined to the higher elevations or areas east as far as the north or northeast wind. the temperatures. if you get that northeast wind, it can be pretty warm. already napa conquered 66 other locations upper fifties sixties but everyone's pretty close here. it's this system dropping into the intermountain region, right right there. that generates the difference in the pressure, gradient. you can see the airflow coming right down. so that's what's giving us not only the red flag warnings in the valley also some of the stronger gusts northeast bay hills eastern solano, contra costa county, so this is a northerly breeze also up in the oakland berkeley hills. so again, fire concerns are front and center, even though it's only may 20th sixties seventies eighties. it does look like some of the high
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temps or cool off a little bit, taking us into the weekend and will go up again for a few days. then it looks much cooler in the next week. you guys steve. thank you. lawmakers are doing what they can to get baby formula back on store shelves next here on the nine. the new action promised to help struggling parents and we'll talk with the bay area pediatrician about what families can do and what parents should not do in the face of this ongoing shortage. plus the us throws more support behind ukraine as heavy fighting continues in the east. i'm trying hard. give ukraine i've trying hard. give ukraine i've got the no matter what type of dog you have... or, cat you have... frontline® plus lets you take them everywhere... no matter how you define it. frontline®. the #1 name in flea and tick protection. get fast, reliable internet for any budget.
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is t stop on a six day trip to asia. president biden along with south korea's president, tortoise, samsung electronics campus. that's a model for the new samsung semiconductor plant being built. in taylor, texas. at the train the plant president
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biden talked about the close partnership between the u. s and south korea and the importance of the semiconductor chips made by samsung. this plant also reflects the close bonds innovation between our countries. much of the technology and machinery that is used to make these chips was designed and produced in the united states. and by uniting our skills and our technological know how allows the production of chips that are critical to both our countries and our essential essential sectors of our global economy. president biden's asia trip will also include a trip to japan, where he will meet with indo pacific leaders about trade and the global economy. brushes invasion of ukraine is nearing its 1/100 day. the united states is sending more aid to ukrainian forces as heavy fighting continues in the east trading has the latest from ukraine. more aid is on its way to
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ukraine. the us announcing yesterday the shipment of $100 million in military equipment, including 18, more howitzers and anti artillery radar systems. that's in addition to $40 billion aid package passed by the senate this week. the pentagon says more weapons will be in ukrainian hands very soon process here that has to play out in terms of what we proposed to the ukrainians, the back and forth we have with them and then ultimately, the president authorizes. ukraine's troops continue to put up a strong resistance against russia recently launched a counter offensive here in hark it. ukraine's military says russian troops are still shelling parts of the region but reduced attacks on the city itself. moscow now shifting focus to the doass forces launched an attack on several cities in the luhansk region. the region's governor says the violence, killed a den people and destroyed more than 60 houses. sonoma occupiers are trying to increase pressure, the bombing
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and shelling of other cities, the air and missile strikes of the russian army. all this is not just hostilities during the war. russia claims more than 1700 ukrainian fighters surrendered at the house of stop plant this week. an unknown number remain inside, but those who do remain indicate they will continue to fight. british intelligence says russia will likely move troops from mariupol to reinforce operations elsewhere in heart care trading ktvu fox two news the u. s senate and the house of approved a bill to ease the baby formula shortage for families on a government assistant program and on capitol hill. the fda commissioner was questioned by lawmakers on the storage of baby formula. they say they're frustrated. the fda failed to prove a whistleblower complaint about improper procedures and an abbott labs in michigan last fall. that plant closed in february, leading to the shortage, lawmakers asked when parents can expect more formula on the store shelves. worship
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began to see improvement within days that within a matter of days, they'll be able to find formula on the shelves within days, it will get better. but it will be a few weeks before work back to normal shortage was caused in large part by the lack of action by the fda, and by corporate greed and consolidation. president biden has invoked the defense production act to boost the production of baby formula and relief for families within saint vincent babies could be on the way soon. those first flights of baby formula are scheduled now. federal officials, putting the finishing touches on plans to import formula from europe, millions of children that were affected by the formula shortage right now, some parents are turning to potentially harmful practices to find ways to feed their little ones. let's talk more about this by bringing in kaiser permanente pediatrician dr kristen jackson. thanks for being with us. hi good morning. thanks for having me today. of course, is it's such an important topic as the formula shortages. ongoing babies are still being born and also repeat
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reading reports. some older children are being sent to the hospital because they can't get enough nutrition. how are hospitals handling this dire situation? yes well, certainly with our newborns here in our hospitals, we really encourage mothers, um to breastfeed and most of the mothers that are having babies. that's their goal . so we are supporting them. in that way. we have great nurses as well as lactation consultants , inpatient to sort support babies and that way and their families. um and then also to keep up a reliable, uh, breast milk supply with pumping, so that's one way we're supporting our families. once these families are discharged from the hospital, they have the added support of our lactation consultants that they see. relatively when the baby is 3 to 5 days, all taken to support the goal of most of our of our mothers and our families. let's specifically addressed those
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babies who are exclusively formula fed. essentially the breastfeeding ship has sailed. it's not a possibility. nothing the parents can do now. are you hearing from parents who are stretching or limiting the formula? they're able to give their little ones in hopes of making it last. yes certainly. we've heard stories about that, and we are strongly discouraging watering down the formulas because that can really lead to some serious health complications and babies. for healthy babies who are on the formulas that have been recalled . we are encouraging them to switch over to alternative equivalent formulas, and they generally do okay with this after several days of an end of an adjustment. the other thing we're encouraging is for families to reach out to their local, cbs or target or walmart prior to going to see what they have in stock as well as checking online. they're sort of always been a quiet yet robust
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online breast milk exchange. i know there were milk banks. we're talking about what happens in neighborhoods. what do you say to parents? who get a note saying, oh, there's a lady who lives you know a couple of streets over. she's offering up the breast milk from her freezer because her baby's grown out of it. what do you say to that? yeah. so we encourage families if they're going to go down the breast, um milk bank route to use an accredited source again just because there are better controls for health and safety. we also are discouraging families to make homemade formulas. these were things that were done in the 19 forties and fifties. um and it wasn't without risk to the infant. so we're definitely discouraging that and we've seen in the past babies being hospitalized after having homemade formulas. remember in the days after both my little boys were born, it was all about the weight gain. gaining weight means better health. are you seeing babies
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who aren't gaining the weight? they should be when they come in, maybe for a regular checkup. so not at this time. we definitely especially for myself as an outpatient pediatrician. we're getting the emails and families are stressed more the families with babies who are a little bit older versus the new moms. and so we are providing as much research assurances we can and if needed, bringing in babies more frequent or more often, if there's that concern and of course, there were children who are not babies or infants who were lying formula for their special dietary needs. will. doctor i'm so glad that we could shine a spotlight on this ongoing crisis. there should be help coming very soon, and i know parents are eager for that news. thank you so much, doctor jack jackson for having me today course, of course, is something we've been talking about here in our newscast and also sort of in the background. it is. it is a parent's worst fear that they are not able to feed their baby end of story. so there's also a mental health component for the parents who are struggling with something they can't do much
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about. parents have been going through a lot. at least last few years, right? yes, they have a big weight out there, so we'll continue to follow that story. the investigation continues into what led up to a shooting that left two men dead in san francisco. coming up on mornings onto the nine. well, no one police officer fired. they're gone. ktvu is amanda quintana will have a live update for us. but first as covid continues to surge across the u. s the cdc is now urging a booster shot for children. i'm steve harrigan in atlanta. that story ahead.
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san francisco could be more than a billion dollars short per year in funding needed to meet a state affordable housing goal. new requirements go into place next year that will require the city to build 82,000 new homes by the year 2030. over a third of those have to be affordable. the mayor's office of housing and community development, says the city will need billions more
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to meet that goal. the cdc wants parents of children over the age of five to take action now against a rising tide of covid infections. reporter steve harrigan is in atlanta with the new booster. those children are now eligible for cases of covid-19 are increasing across the u. s federal health officials are warning it could get worse over the coming months . nearly one third of americans live in high risk areas for infection. cdc advisors, urging americans to use the tools available to them to help limit the spread. we urge local leaders to encourage the use of prevention strategies like masking and public endorsed settings and increasing access to testing and treatment. another important tool vaccinations. cdc now recommending a third dose of the fighter vaccine for children between the ages of five and 11. the fda authorizing the booster to be offered at least five months after a child's latest shot. one pediatrician believes the authorization for boosters comes at a good time as kids get
9:25 am
ready for activities like summer camp and travel. we want to make sure that god forbid if they do get the virus that they don't have a severe illness from the virus, and also, you know less of a chance of getting it on to others who may be more immune compromise. just how many kids will get get a booster remains the big question only about 30% have had the initial two doses of the fighter vaccine since vaccinations among that age group were opened up in november . but some parents say they are eager to get the extra layer of protection feel more safe if he is protected because i think everybody right now is like to relax about it. the us is currently averaging more than 100,000 new cases each day. in atlanta. steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news. salable a bay area attraction for locals and tourists alike is reopening today in a whole new way. how
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the ghirardelli ice cream shop in san francisco is now a whole chocolate experience. gas is going to talk to them live and boy, what a segment. i wish it was taste and smell that's coming up just ahead of the ground opening before that will also bring you new information on a shooting that happened on oakland freeway this week. the two big questions that still remain. no there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus. at hampton by hilton, contactless arrival means she can skip the front desk, go straight to her room, unlock her door, and head right to bed. book our family of brands at to new memories. hilton.
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nine on a gorgeous friday 80 looking good, both ways. emeryville berkeley and beyond. traffic is flowing. a lot of people maybe choosing to work from home today may be calling it a little sick to enjoy the sunshine. i hope you are pre weekend day is getting off to a great start. maybe you're going to take a long trip out of the bay area. what is it 3.5 hours or so maybe you're going to yosemite. keep this in mind because starting today, reservations are required to drive into or even through
9:29 am
yosemite during peak hours from six a.m. to four p.m. the park service says that reservations will be required to day through september, and it's melted meant to help manage congestion and improve the visitor experience. however if you're a last minute planner and an early bird, you can still drive into the park without a reservation before six a.m. you can also drive in without a reservation after four pm you still have to pay that $35 car entrance fee and that gets you into the park for three consecutive days, one of the best bargains in the world just to be able to drive through nature's beauty. people come from all over the world to see what we have in almost our backyard. when you said before six am i have no issue with that. i get up early, continuing my dad's tradition of get up at three. get on the road at four late. we're late. we're late. he just wanted to get out there early and see it pays off. literally you know you can get in, right? yes, yes. alright well, hopefully, people have fun doing that this summer. new this morning police in oakland investigating a deadly shooting that investigators say may have been an act of self defense. the
9:30 am
gunfire was first reported shortly after 12 30 this morning on west cyprus. rhodes officers say they found 51 year old men lying in the driveway of a home. he was later pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say a 74 year old woman believed responsible for the shooting had a restraining order against the man who was killed and police say that woman is not facing any criminal charges. at this time. we're following a developing story for you from san francisco . this is where two men died last night after an assault in shooting. we know police were involved in one opened fire, but there are a lot of questions as to what exactly happened. ktvu semantic in town is our newsroom . now you're working through what we do know about the incident. that's right. garcia police are still investigating how this all played out and how many officers fired shots last night. officers were originally called to mariposa owen street for an aggravated assault in progress. that was just before eight last night. there were two men there, and we know at least one officer then fired their weapon. one of the men was
9:31 am
pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital, but it's still unclear what each of the men died from whether it's related to the initial assault call or the police shooting. police say they are still trying to figure that out. officers were equipped with body worn cameras, as always, if anyone does have a surveillance camera in the area that may have captured the incident, we do ask that they contact the police department. because that footage can be instrumental in helping us to identify what happened before and after officers arrived on scene. the incident is being investigated by the san francisco district attorney's office, as well as the police departments, investigative services division internal affairs, the department of police, accountability and the medical examiner. the police department says it's committed to transparency and accountability and will hold a town hall about this incident within 10 days. this is a developing story, so there's still a lot that they we don't know right now, but we expect to learn more soon. we will bring those you those details as soon
9:32 am
as we get them. live in the newsroom. amanda kintanar ktvu fox two news. thank you. family members, friends and co workers are now mourning the death of an oakland father, who was shot and killed right in front of his young son. homicide detectives say it happened wednesday night outside a busy filipino restaurant, the victim co owned and oakland's fruitvale district , witnesses say the 11 year old son of june an avo watched in horror as his father was shot at least six times. you see everything that happened. we see his dad. going down collapsed. he's a why somebody, my dad. he loved people. so far there have been no arrest in this case. sources tell ktvu. the deadly shooting may be tied to a vehicle sale, saying the restaurant owner bought a truck for a relative that turned out to be a stolen vehicle and he was trying to get his money back. we have learned that two people were killed and another
9:33 am
was injured in a shooting wednesday night on interstate 5 80 in east oakland, officers found a nissan sedan overturned near the seminary avenue exit. as of this morning, no arrests have been made and no word yet on a motive. as we approach the one year anniversary of the shooting at a wta headquarters in san jose, the building where the shooting took place has been demolished. this is time last video that we're going to show you here outside of the building being torn down. the transit agency made the decision to demolish it so employees would never have to go back to the site to employees have created an eternal flame to honor their coworkers who died in that shooting. to build it. workers started with a propane heater and then gather details to make it a personal trip. the horrendous loss and this is just a tidbit of what we could do to try to comfort you know our fellow coworkers in the families
9:34 am
of the victims. it's more of their souls will live on through through the flame every time it's lit every time you see it. once it's finished, the memorial would be moved to a private area at the guadalupe yard. the torch will be officially unveiled at wta's private memorial next week and will be used to light candles for the vigil. in seattle, a dramatic rescue after three people, including a child ended up in the water when the rubber raft took on water and started to sink. we got in the water. the child was the only one wearing a life jacket as the boat was pushed toward the bridge on lake washington by waves and high winds, in addition to the three people on the raft, some good samaritans in another boat, who tried to help also ended up needing to be rescued. everyone made it out, ok? says handles a japantown is getting a new park. when complete. the park will include public art shaded seating, children's playground and exercise equipment. it will also
9:35 am
have features highlighting the history of the area. the park has been 20 years in the making , and is expected to open in 2025. one thing that the community always needs is more open space. we're so thankful that we can provide that, especially in a downtown corridor like this, and one of this size, so we appreciate that. coming to fruition. the new park will be named highland ville park in honor of san jose resident john heinle in german immigrant farmer and businessman in 18 87. highland set aside a part of his land. to help house chinese american immigrants seeking refuge, one of san francisco's most famous food landmarks, is reopening to the public today, the ghirardelli ice cream shop at ghirardelli square, welcoming visitors back with an entirely new look and new features. for the first time , you can actually see chocolate bars made on site before you wolf down. hot fudge sundae the size of your head. let's talk more about what's new by welcoming justin reece, vp of retail and e commerce at
9:36 am
ghirardelli chocolate company. thank you so much for joining us. you're a deli square. absolutely do i understand you guys are melting chocolate and making bars there on site. absolutely there's many signature experiences here and you're really square. but one of the new things we're doing is making fresh chocolate bars. right here on site, the only place in the us where we do this, so, justin, i have been to your factory there in san leandro. the smell as you are approaching is indescribable. is that part of the allure here? oh yeah, that absolutely is one of the big parts of the lure here. one of the things we wanted to do with the stories bring a lot of those senso real elements out on display. so one of the things here we do the handmade hot fudge and small batches. we make the waffle cones right behind us here in the chocolate tear station. and of course, we make the fresh chocolate bars and that brings that whole since we're real experience of the smells and the tastes of the
9:37 am
sites that you've seen insanely, andrew neil here. you really swear? okay, so i know that's not willy wonka next to you there, justin, i have the gentleman in the gray suit. introduce yourself and tell tell us how you're part of the big unveiling today. um well, hi. my name is joel burrows. i'm the ceo here at ghirardelli chocolate company. and first of all, welcome to ghirardelli square. we're so proud of our history and the bay area. we've been associated with the barriers since 18 52. and what better way to celebrate 170th anniversary with reopening one of our flagship stores right here in san francisco, can i tell you one of my earliest memories of going to the city with my family is stopping at that ice cream shop? i think back then i had to split a sunday these days. i can manage one on my own. i mean, especially through the pandemic as we look at how your company really has had to evolve in the past two years. i have used more of your bittersweet chocolate baking chips over the past two years, and i think i did the whole, you know, 20 years prior ghirardelli really is a big part of so many people's lives, and justin will swing back to you.
9:38 am
why do you think that gary deli name just those little squares of chocolate are so important to us here in the bay area? yeah well, thanks for being a consumer would love to hear the stories that makes us very proud . thank you for that yet. look we've been a part of the city's fabric is your mission since 18 52. so we have a long standing tradition here. in san francisco , and we're very proud of that heritage in for making premium quality chocolate. we do everything being to bar we've really been the pioneers and that space and one of the few american manufacturers that do that in between that and the great city of san francisco. that's what makes us so special. and since we have the ceo next you can we just talk chocolate for a minute? what's your favorite ghirardelli chocolate? what's your favorite sunday combination? it's such a difficult question. so my favorite year that chocolate is dark sea salt caramel perfect blend of dark chocolate, luscious caramel with just a little touch of sea salt. if i'm coming to geared, high square. i'm sorry. i've got to go with the world famous hot fudge
9:39 am
sundae. i feel like i have to, but trust me, it's my favorite product as well. and i think you're doing the right thing by eating the whole sunday. it's really it's really amazing experience. so thank you again for being a supporter of ghirardelli. we appreciate it. i think my cardiologist would disagree. but let me let me tell you, it's like once you're within eyesight of ghirardelli square, you almost have to go right. go in. take a look at a sunday sit down with the family. it really sort of is a whole event in itself. justin do i understand you guys are giving away free sundays to the first so many people in line today. yeah that's right to commemorate 117th anniversary. we're going to give out free 100 seventy's sundays for the 1st 170, who arrived today so we have a ribbon cutting ceremony coming up at 11 30 will open to the public today at noon. have you ever like and again i'll reference the willy wonka thing again because we just rewatch that movie with gene wilder. have you ever done like the teacup in the river and just drink it down? either of you just drink that melted chocolate? i mean, we have an
9:40 am
amazing chocolate tops here. so we have our amazing, um folks here making product with real chocolate, and sometimes i dream about, you know, leaning under that cup and just drinking straight from it, but i'm told that's definitely not a thing that i can do. we're very proud of our great products here and i will have it the way that most customers have it. so there you go. got to keep a clean look. and if you as the ceo can't do it, and then we would dream about it either. well, look, i congratulate you both for number one, feeding us through the entire pandemic a little bit too much and number two trying something really new and innovative, just as people are beginning to get out there and have fun again, so i wish you a lot of success with this new and improved ghirardelli chocolate experience shop. they're at the square, gentlemen. thank you both. thank you. thank you course, of course for a bit excited for that interview when i say that ghirardelli has been a part of my life for you know, the 800 years i've been alive. i
9:41 am
mean it because it's family outings to the shop and me and my little kitchen, you know, making cookies on a random tuesday morning, which i did way too much of for the past two years, but it means something i do try to buy local and for sure with ghirardelli well, obviously we've been there, too. we're excited. it's open again. we're also excited to announce zip trips. it's back every year. we take the show on the road and visit towns and cities across the bay area this year. we are kicking things off in the north bay two weeks from today. in fact, we will be in petaluma. that's june 3rd. then we head off to union city over to venetia down south to santa clara over to the coast in pacifica, dublin and martinez wraps things up. look we are so excited to get back out there to meet you and showcase these amazing cities. of course, all the greatest zip trip hits are back taste of the town. zip trip trivia. we are really, really excited to bring back what really has become a ktvu tradition and we love it. i hope you do too again. it's going to be on in about two weeks, all right. the opening is organization is spending a lot of money in its efforts to stay
9:42 am
in the bay area coming up on mornings onto the nine the millions spent each month to show how much the a's want to stay. but first, some east bay bicyclists have a new way to get around safely after the break. we're live with the executive director of bqe space to talk to us about how much this (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪
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marc islander heritage month here in the bay area this morning. we're heading to a new restaurant in berkeley that's serving up a lot more than just korean comfort food. it's serving up a piece of nostalgia with a side of home. ktvu greg lee takes us to korean, super it in korean culture. food is important, not
9:45 am
just for nourishment but for identity community and in many families, including my own away to show love. we do everything through food. meeting people business just i think also breaks ice with that in mind, she moon and hey, young eun opened korean super red in berkeley. the small space on solano avenue was meant to make diners feel like they're at home. it's like having meals at home like small like soup and, like small rice and small citation. so like more home style. the menu includes dishes like job chair glass noodles with vegetables, stews and rice plates with meet the recipes unique to the owners, families and traditions. things they want to share with the community. but we also added more of a comfort food and we use a lot of vegetables. in our sauces and in our dishes. korean super rep not
9:46 am
just an eatery. they've also utilized the space to include a mini mart of sorts designed for people to take a piece of home with them. you know, they're learning more about korean culture, and people are also wondering why we have so many instant noodles. so i think now they know how that's the style of crane. amen. from the wall of ramen to home made bad chan or the side dishes served with meals to pre cut pieces of meat for korean barbecue, two sauces and key ingredients. for every dish. you can find the groceries. you need to make korean meals at home. union said it's led to grandparents and parents sharing stories of their favorite childhood snacks with the new generation come together and they introduced there is yeah, i used to eat and that's still the. like i can feel it like happiness and like everyone is like, feel like home culture
9:47 am
have price for more than a full belly or a bag full of groceries, moon and eun hope customers leave feeling the love they put into sharing a piece of their korean heritage will come in as strangers and leave us friends and family and. yeah it will be a little bit closer because we shared a meal together in berkeley. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. you can see this in all our reports during this asian american pacific islander heritage month, todayo where every day here in the area, this annual event used to be called by to work day and you'd be encouraged to ride your bike to work but starting with the pandemic when many of us work from home organizers encouraged us to bike wherever wherever you're going. take your bike. energizer stations are set up today across the bay area for cyclists to stop by and get something to eat or drink. and to celebrate by two wherever day bike to east bay opened the mill
9:48 am
via st protected bike lane. it took seven years of planning and work for the back line to open. we're joined now by ginger jew, the executive director of bike east bay, ginger. welcome back to mornings onto the nine thanks for joining us. you must be happy on a day like today that bikers have another protected lane. yeah i'm standing here in front of the berkeley high school, the site of the brand new mill via st protected cycle track. we had a ribbon cutting this morning with elected officials from berkeley. lots of different community groups. and i'm just so excited to show you around here. we've got berkeley high behind me. and our brand new green bike lanes where people can feel safe biking and walking in downtown berkeley junior, this is a great time to be a bicyclist. but it's also a great time to welcome people into the fold because gas prices are really high, and people might actually be considering saying, you know, i've done i'm done with $6 a gallon, maybe
9:49 am
even more. i can ride my bike to the store. i can ride my bike places, and now they're going to feel safer doing so. do you think this is a good time to be opening these kind of lanes? oh absolutely. you know what? it takes 100 bucks to fill up your tank. people think you have new options for getting around town and hey, look at the weather out. it's blue skies such a great weather to be biking around. and it's a great way of whether you're working from home or community work. still a great way to get a little bit of exercise to just to help on your bike and one thing i really love about these new protected lanes is one thing we really hear from people is biking and traffic is a little bit scary. we don't want to be mixing with cars. and as you can see in these pictures, uh, the new protected bike lanes really separate people from traffic, so that means our kids. our families are going to feel really safe. i've got some people on bikes here riding by feeling happy here on bike to wherever day. you know,
9:50 am
ginger, i think that you know, i've ridden my bike in san francisco and then the east bay and i really love those protected lanes. but walk me through. let's just say that i was a new biker. and you know, i want to go to the store, whatever. um i should have, like a bike lock, right? i should have a helmet. what else do i need? yeah that's great. um getd also some way of carrying your stuff i have. i have actually my bike here and i've got these pain years on the back where i can stick a whole bunch of groceries. maybe a six pack of beer. you're feeling good it's friday. on one day i'll say bqe stay. we have classes for people who are new to biking. if you go to bqe spade .org slash education teach everything from adults to learn to ride for the first time to urban cycling one. oh, one ah, two classes where you can practice riding your bike with license our league certified instructors, and we also do classes like how to carry things by bike. so if
9:51 am
you're interested in getting those groceries will show you the ropes. how hard was it as a policy decision to get the cities are? how hard is it going forward to get the cities to make protected bike lanes? this one took seven years. that's kind of a long time. i don't know if a lot of bike riders can wait that long to have these kind of lane's pop up. well you know what we're storing excited about here in the city of berkley. is there so much both political and residents support for better bike infrastructure, just better biking access in general. and here in berkeley. i'm so excited to share that, um, at the south side of the university of berkeley campus, there's a network of protected bike lanes, so it's going to start growing in the next year. and also, even just this week we had city council approved protected bike lanes on hopkins . that's over there by monterey market where we all like to go get our cool veggies and the mushroom section, so that's going to be a lot safer to go bike as well. and we just have so much momentum here happening
9:52 am
in berkeley people know that sustainable and equitable transportation is the way to go and one way we can do that is by accommodating more biking and walking on the street like these great green bike lanes behind me. ginger you're right. i love me some monterey market. so thanks again for joining us and really excited for bike riders all over the east bay, especially there in berkeley. thanks for coming on. and thanks for being excited about this project. yeah for sure. and everybody come to our party tonight at lake merritt. we're going to be at the pergola. there's going to be pedal powered music and a fight disco will be there from 4 to 7. o'clock. alright. see you then. awesome my sister in law bikes to work every day and you get a workout on your way to work like stuck at the gym for an hour afterward. feel like okay, look, if my car if you're a car driver at all you feel like i have an alternative do things without my car and more people doing that. all right. let's look up to the heavens here as a spaceship is on its way to the international space station. next year on the
9:53 am
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there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports for your betting planruction. they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
9:56 am
ah.o space shoulders of atlas. boeing starliner spacecraft is finally on its way to docking with the international space station. it blasted into space yesterday, 2.5 years after its first launch didn't go as planned due to software glitches. starliner is a private spacecraft developed by boeing and partnership with nasa. it's designed to transport astronauts to and from the international space station on unidentified buyer has just spent the most money ever for an artwork by michelangelo. christie's auction house in paris, put up the sketch featuring a nude man with two figures behind them. the winning bid more than $24 million. experts believe this is michelangelo's first ever nude artwork dating back to the late 15th century. it was sold to a french collector in 19. oh, seven. and was forgotten until it resurfaced just before the pandemic. a groundbreaking new
9:57 am
art exhibit opened this week in new york city. it brings technology and art together. ted lindor takes us inside the exhibit that's meant to make art understandable and accessible to all. usually an art galleries. phones are discouraged, but for a new exhibit from one of the world's most renowned pop artists, phones opened new worlds. these are the works of japanese artist takashi murakami. now on display in new york city's gagosian gallery. visitors can use special snapchat filters to unlock virtual reality experiences that help bring the paintings to life. many of the brightly colored avatar seen gracing the walls and the gleaming figurines on the gallery floor or physical pieces modeled after the same digital works. murakami created as n f. t s in the metaverse. people still do not understand. and fts t stands for non fungible token, they're essentially digital property that people can own and collect and from our economy has exhibited a tribute to the blending of online and tangible
9:58 am
art. history oh, i wanted to express how i digested the unceasing history of art created by human beings. these paintings , for example, are inspired by ancient chinese vases valued at tens of millions of dollars. like kami says no one thought the vases would one day hold such value when they were created nameless artisans through the paintings on those faces, but through the history, it all became valuable. and when i saw them they moved me and motivated me to paint them. the works are open to the public until june, 25th. if you can't make it to the big apple, you can tour the exhibition virtually by visiting gagosian .com. or by using a vr headset. ted lindner fox news. a new analysis suggests the irs could be missing out on $50 billion in unpaid crypto taxes. the british banking firm, barkley says anonymous crypto transactions make it difficult, if not impossible, for uncle sandy track down, everyone involved who owes taxes and let's say the $15 million number is an
9:59 am
estimate and that the actual total is probably a lot higher. president dave saville says the team is now spending $2 million a month and its effort to build a new waterfront ballpark in oakland. cavill tells the athletic sports site. the large investment proves the a's are serious about staying in oakland . they say that $2 million includes salaries for people working on the ballpark project consultant fees as well as the expensive providing reports on howard terminal project to city and county agencies have one of the lowest payrolls of all major league baseball team, so it's interesting. $2 million. sounds like a lot of money. it is, although that project means a lot more i think to them we're looking in the long term right about that parallel path thing. dave cavill always tells us whenever he comes on the night of people are not happy about that. but i think a lot of people over the last few days judging by the twitter comments to say okay, good. this is maybe taking hold. a lot of ace fans are hopeful that the team will stay commitment. all right. good to have you doing double duty today. by the way, right. here
10:00 am
we are. it's friday can do it all. thank you so much for joining us. meet us back here for our next newscast that's coming up at noon. have a marvelous friday wherever you find yourself out in this glorious sunshine. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, here is our special guest host, michael rapaport! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ ♪


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