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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mean, i feel like they redeemed themselves from last year. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth yep, tiptop is just two hours from now and is expected to be another thrilling game. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon heather holmes alex savage. the warriors, of course, delivered a blowout win in game one of this series on wednesday. but you know, the dallas mavericks will be coming back strong in game two for a preview of tonight's matchup. let's get to joe fonzi, who's joining us now live from chase center in san francisco. hey, joe. good afternoon, you guys, both teams very much know what's at stake here tonight. the warriors would love to go up to nothing taken early kind of stranglehold on the series, and it's almost survival mode for the mavericks, who don't want to go down to do nothing as they had home in the series returns to their home court for third game in the series and the fourth game of the series. actually, games three and four. the one thing that the mavericks know is coming off of that win
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over phoenix on sunday. they came in here on wednesday and pretty much got out physical by the warriors. the warriors took on their leading scorer, luke adachi, and basically we're playing great defense on him, largely through the efforts of andrew wiggins, and then other switches from time to time. don t child well under his seasonal averages. he scored just 20 points in that game, and i think it's fair to say that the mavericks know that they have to come out and be physical, just as the warriors saw in that game two of the memphis series when gary payton the second was knocked down, we haven't seen him come back yet. draymond green had his nose bloodied his i bloody and came back after stitches. the other thing that the warriors did so well in game one. the thing about these games is no to look the same. you rarely see teams played back to backs against each other. you certainly never say them. see them play 34 as many as seven times against the same team as they do in the playoffs. and what the warriors know is they were given that kind of mid range jump shot. against the mavericks in game one, and they succeeded in that because the
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magnitude kind of try to take away the three point shot and the slashes to the rim in terms of layups, so it remains to be seen exactly what strategies will be employed tonight, but both teams know that it will be undoubtedly more physical than it was in game one. they were physical. they were the aggressors dictated everything. and when that happens, you you're going to win. for whatever reason we tiptoe into series, and so that game is behind us. and now we gotta get ready for game two. understanding that you know it's hard to win on the road, but we've got to put ourselves in a position to do that at some point in the series, you know. and it's always been this way for me as a as a player or coach. it's just after a couple of games. it just starts to get testy because both both sides wanted so badly and nothing personal. it's just competition. well as you watch the dallas mavericks warm up on their end of the floor here. i think that point was made very well by by both coaches. and that is the
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fact that you know you will see a team sometimes on a back to back during the regular season. you never see a team three times in a row, and certainly not for or as many times as seven. and i think why you can say that. these playoff games take on such different. every time. and clinch game six. that's just the nature of playoff basketball. so anybody who thinks oh boy, the warriors had a pretty easy goal of things in game one. they should have this series under control. think again because you're going to see an entirely different dallas mavericks team. tonight you're going to see a team with an entire different to try to counter what the warriors did well, guys. yep, no doubt about it. all right, joe, have a lot of fun at the game tonight and go warriors. well, it's going to be packed house for game two with chase center and outside at thrive city in san francisco. about $200 will get you a ticket inside the arena for the game. the unofficial watch party, though at thrive.
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city outside is free for everyone. bay area rapper, community organizer and longtime warriors fan, mister fab, says connecting fans to the team. through that free open space is something special. we do have an expensive ticket. i think we have one of the highest tickets in the in the n b. a, um so to give it give the fans the true core fans a chance to even feel the excitement, building energy of being like at a basketball game. um, that's dope. official thrive. citiwatch parties only happened during away games. the first one for the conference finals will be this sunday night. it's free, but fans do need to r s v p through the warriors website. okay, so we are expecting traffic to be a little heavier than usual as people head into san francisco not only for the warriors game but also for a san francisco giants game. obviously that's happening there at the ball park just a few blocks away from chase center here we have right now skybox flying high above the
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city, and you can see that traffic is already quite congested again. officials are urging people if you plan to go to either. the warrior. game. or the giants to take mass transit , but obviously this is a friday afternoon commute combined with those two big sporting events, so it is going to be a little heavier than normal. and boy, you can see things really already backing up as people approach the bay bridge and head into san francisco. cruz this afternoon have contained a fast moving brush fire in the east bay that burned very close to some businesses. today this fire started about noon near highway four in the area of willow pass and devora roads. this is at the former concord naval weapons station. contra costa county fire says nearby businesses were evacuated for a time, firefighters still were able to keep the wind driven flames away from those buildings in the end of fire, burned about 20 acres and was fully contained about 1 45 this afternoon. no one was hurt here and the cost of that fire is being investigated.
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obviously fire concerns really heightened by what we're seeing in the weather department. rosemary high winds. it's bone dry, and it's going to be that way over the next couple of days. and when you have these types of conditions any time a fire starts. of course, there's huge concern, and that's what happened today. thankfully firefighters got that under control very quickly. the red flag warning continues. at this hour. there was a wind advisory for parts of the bay area allowed to expire at two o'clock , but take a look at some of these numbers, relative humidity in and around the concord area, although the winds have come down considerably in many spots still blowing over mountie avalon relative humidity anywhere from 14 to 23% in that area if we shift to the oakland hills relative humidity at about 25% into the north bay, though, where areas over sonoma county down to about 10% so critically dry and the breeze continues. now we are looking at improving weather as we get into the evening hours. here's a look over the red flag warning remains in place until eight o'clock this evening. you can see it's pretty much for the
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sacramento as well as the san joaquin valley. but if i'm moving closer, it does include a stretch of solano county, including areas like valeo banished to off towards cordelia and then into fairfield. better details on the improving conditions and what you can expect for your weekend coming up in just a little bit. all right. thank you. rosemary firefighters and police have spent several hours today at the scene of a fire at a condo complex and fremont's warm springs neighborhood now that fire burned through the attic of at least one unit there. at one point smoke was pouring from the building complex was evacuated, but police have been negotiating with a man who refused to leave . he barricaded himself inside a union and claims to be armed. negotiators have been in communication with that man and even brought him food. the food that he asked for. the fire started just after nine o'clock this morning there at that complex on when fema common just off of highway 2 62. as i mentioned, at least one unit was damaged before the fire was extinguished. no injuries have been reported. two men are dead
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after an assault and then a shooting by san francisco police last night, officers were called out to mariposa and owen streets for an aggravated assault in progress. just before eight o'clock last night. there were two men there, and we know that at least one officer fired their weapons. one of those men was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital, but it's still unclear what each man died from whether it's related to the initial assault call or the police shooting. police say they're still trying to figure that out. officers were equipped with body worn cameras, as always, if anyone does have a surveillance cameras in the area that may have captured the incident, we do ask that they contact the police department. because that footage can be instrumental in helping us to identify what happened before and after officers arrived on scene. this case is being investigated by the san francisco district attorney's office, as well as the police departments, investigative
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services division internal affairs, department of police, accountability and the medical examiner. the police department says it's committed to transparency and accountability and will hold a town hall meeting about this case within 10 days. the archbishop of san francisco, announced today that he is barring house speaker nancy pelosi from taking holy communion due to her support for abortion rights. archbishop salvatore quarter leonie released a letter today. and ended, he says, if pelosi publicly repudiates her advocacy for abortion, she could be admitted to receive the sacrament. the speaker who is a practicing catholic met with pope francis privately last year . at that time, the vatican did not say if the topic of abortion was discussed. but the pope has said that he sees communion as a gift and not a prize for the perfect we have reached out to the speaker for comment. a federal ruled today that the pandemic border policy known as title 42 must stay in place. for
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now. the biden administration had planned to lift those rules on monday. they allow border agents to quickly turn away migrants, including those who are seeking asylum policy has led to nearly two million instances of migrants being expelled. the judge appointed by president trump said the title 42 must remain in place while a lawsuit backed by 24 states. works its way through the courts. alright imagine trying to sleep through this. and it doesn't just happen once a night coming up live report on the quiet zone decision that has many sleeping soundly now in the south bay. times when i've had say, eight o'clock meeting and i've been woken up at two am 3:30 a.m. maybe four a.m. and 3:30 a.m. maybe four a.m. and then exhausted the next mo
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for more than three years. san
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jose residents living near train tracks had to put up with the loud horns that blared all throughout the night. but not anymore. a railroad quiet zone is now officially in effect. ktvu fax to reporter mark sayer joining us now live from the japantown neighborhood of san jose, with the quiet details mark alex. this all started back in late 2018. and that is when union pacific change some of the routes and timing on its trains . now under federal law, railroad engineers are required to sound their horns that pedestrian and roadway crossings. and that is when that complaints began. this is phone video from san jose resident chris wemp, who lives near the union pacific tracks. he says the all night train horns could not be more disruptive. so you wake up in a start wondering is a fire alarm going off in emergency, and it's kind of shocking here. in japan town had
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a news conference, city leaders announced. the federal railway administration, which oversees the nation's railroads and tracks has signed off on its plans for a quiet zone. that means between 10 p.m. and seven a.m. there will be no more routine horns at street crossings. in this case, we had thousands of residents who are disturbed. in their sleep every single night because of 19 operations of union pacific because of a change of routing. the quiet zone covers 14 intersections over a 1.8 mile stretch of tracks from montgomery street near highway 87 in the west, through 10th and horning streets to the north. there's been times when i've had say, eight o'clock meeting and i've been woken up at two am 3:30 a.m. maybe four a.m. and then exhausted the next morning and needing to function in order for federal regulators to sign off on rail. quiet zone cities have to meet strict conditions at every single pedestrian and vehicle crossing, for example, here at seventh and jackson the city actually had to change the
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entire traffic pattern. 23 state network, uh, west of the mississippi union pacific, says it realizes that train horns can be disruptive, but unless approved safety measures such as gate arms and signage are in place, it's engineers are required to sound them so we can just change schedules. to accommodate local communities, and the quiet zone is a solution . at least a partial question in this case is a solution that will help uh, neighbors sleep better at night. many of the initial improvements paid for by the city where enough to qualify only for the nighttime quiet zone, but the goal is to keep the horns quiet. 24 hours a day and another $8 million in funding from the state should help make that a reality. this is good news. i think this partial question has been a great milestone because it's helped us really get the ball rolling on our ultimate clean legal wishes. get the 24 hour plates and built now, even though all these new safety measures are now in place the train engineers are legally allowed to roll through here
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without sounding their horns. that does not mean that san jose residents in these residential areas are never going to hear another train horn. union pacific says that it it's engineers are always monitoring the tracks as they roll through here. if they see something on the track, a person a car even it's three o'clock in the morning. they're still going to sound their train horns, but at least it will no longer be a regular occurrence. reporting live in the japantown neighborhood of san jose and mark sayer, ktvu. fox two news. nice to hear that folks in that neighborhood are going to get some relief from those blaring horns, mark. thank indeed. yeah that that would be tough to try to sleep through. an investigation is underway to determine what killed a whale in the san francisco bay. the adult gray whale washed up yesterday on brooks island. your point, potrero enrichment. now the marine, the marine mammal center , says that the same will was guided out of a channel near alabama to just back in april because it was a hazard for ferryboats. marine pile just will conduct an a cropsey to find figure out if it was hit by
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a ship or if it died from some other cause report shows hundreds of sonoma county farm workers may have been exposed to toxic smoke during the 2020 wildfire season. according to the chronicle. research done at uc irvine shows at least 290 farmworkers or within the area of the new lightning complex fire and the glass fire. another 370. we're working just outside of that area, leaving them exposed to both flames and toxic smoke. many of those workers were let into the area under a system known as the ag pass program. okay lets workers into wildfire evacuation zones to perform essential activities like harvesting grapes as the new fire season approaches, the issue of farm workers safety will be addressed by the sonoma county board of supervisors next week. a lot of sunshine around the bay area this afternoon. a breezy conditions that continue at this hour. the wind advisory for parts of the bay area
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expiring earlier today, but as we mentioned before the break still a red flag warning for parts of solano county for very, gusty. conditions here's a live look from ktvu you can see the ripples there in the water and the oakland estuary. that's an indicator of the wind that continues at this hour. so a breezy one are right now santa rosa 20 to 26 oakland sustained at 20 to these winds will begin to ease up and we won't be as windy as we get into your bay area saturday. look at the numbers over sfo where were sustained at 25, a half moon bay 21 san jose 20 mph at this time temperatures around the bay area around the bay. a little. bit warmer. yesterday. but you go inland. temperatures. down. one degrees we have 67 in san francisco beautiful day in the city for folks that are headed that way for the giants game, or
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maybe to be out over there towards oracle park 79 in areas over walnut creek and in the south based 78 over jose. coastline but not too much. we're still very dry out there and then as we get into the afternoon, partly sunny, mostly sunny conditions expected temperature wise is going to be a mile start, especially for areas like antioch. tomorrow 60 degrees expected for you a lot of fifties around the bay, 50 to start the day in santa rosa and then getting into the afternoon. we are going to be above our 80. for san rosa. upper sick in san francisco. these numbers for tomorrow, the rest of the weekend and the extended forecast coming up. rosemary thank you. ukrainian authorities say their troops repelled the russian attack in the east as moscow struggles to gain ground in the region that is now the focus of the war. this comes with efforts underway to remove
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the dead from that steel plant in mariupol foxes, trade gangs visited a village recently liberated by the ukrainian army , and we want to warn our viewers that his report contains images that you may find disturbing. alexander pope maria hov opens the door of his stable , revealing the body of a ukrainian soldier. that's when i saw him. i felt a lump in my throat, he says. i've got kids of the same age 59 year old returned to the village of bil half cut yesterday. only to find his home destroyed and many of his friends missing citizens on our street were forcefully deported, alexander explains. cars with russian license plates and people were forced in nearby we meet zoya gavrilov. she hid underground until this area was liberated by ukrainian troops. no sure didn't see it because i was in the basement. you can hear some of that artillery
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still coming in. it must be difficult to hear that all the time in the distance. russian troops are about 10 miles from this location. they've been pushed back by the ukrainians. but still this area remains part of the battlefield. down the street at a school, the body of a russian soldier lays face up in the grass. this building was used as a headquarters for the russians before being retaken by the ukrainian army. you can see the level of destruction at this school. russian forces were here for weeks as they attempted to take ukraine's second largest city of hard give ukrainian forces were able to push them back. but the destruction left behind is significant. you can see here. almost nothing left. despite fierce battles for heart kiev, the city remains in ukrainian hands and the ukrainian army remains in high spirits. everything is amazing. everybody is happy. everybody welcomes us. one soldier
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explains. everybody is happy we liberated them. on a normal day. it would take about 30 minutes to drive from hard give to russia. it gives you a sense of just how close the enemy is for those ukrainian troops and harkin tree angst. fox news. b is among the candidates hoping to take state attorney general rob mantas job coming up here on the four today we'll hear from los angeles businessman eric early, his harsh words about the incumbent and what he's hoping to bring to the table. and coming up tonight. right here on ktvu. it is friday and that means w w e smackdown at eight o'clock and be sure to stay with us a
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. action is just a few weeks away now, and one of the most closely watched races is for state attorney general. the top two of the four candidates will advance to the run offs. they are
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democratic attorney general rob bonta appointed to the office last year. his challengers include sacramento county district attorney anne marie schubert, who is running as an independent. former assistant u. s attorney, nathan hochman, a republican who was endorsed by his party and another republican , los angeles based attorney, eric early, joining us now from or is alex michaelson, host of the issue is who recently sat down with eric early, so why does he think he's the right person for the job? well alex. this is one of the closest and most important races, especially with the governor's race, not taught to be all that close. crime of course, is issue number one in this race. eric early is by far the most conservative of the candidates that are running . he's a proud trump supporter, and he has a very different view on how to deal with crime. here's some of what he told me a little earlier today. i call rob bonta criminal lover rob bonta is a clone of george gascon.
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okay they have created what i call in california criminals paradise. i will do everything possible to lock up the prison cells again. i will do everything possible to set cash bail again. i will do everything possible to repeat this repeal this crazy law. proposition 47 let you steal up to 9 50 had a shot multiple times a day, by the way, and nothing happens to you and i will i will support loudly and all the time our brave men and women of law. enforcement, you know. in the state. we have to let them know again that crime does not pay. so eric early is not only an attorney but also a radio talk show host, and you could see that he's pretty dramatic in his presentation. it's clear that rob vontaze team would like to run against eric early because they think that he is the most conservative and it would be the easiest for them. to run against
4:27 pm
their running ads right now sort of trying to prop him up, but it will be interesting to see who ends up being the top two. it's thought that rob bonta will be one of them since he's the only democrat in the race, but who ends up running against him is going to be really fascinating. it's not quite clear who that's going to be right now, alex. so we talked to eric early. we also talked to the authors of that very buzzy new york times bestselling book called this will not pass written by to the authors from the new york times. this is the book that had those tapes from kevin mccarthy. all that attention. a lot of details in there about a lot of players from california, so we have that as part of the issue is as well. and you talk about your conversation with eric early, you know, as you step back and look at the big picture republicans really trying to break through and win a statewide election here, talk a little bit about why they sort of see a real opportunity with the attorney general's race in particular. well. rob bonta has never won statewide office. so
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he's not that familiar to a lot of voters again. he was appointed by gavin newsom when javier becerra became the secretary of health and human services. and people are fed up with crime. i mean the two issues that people are most frustrated with right now in california are homelessness and crime, so they see an opening there, especially potentially for somebody like isn't a repubn and running as a decline to state could she sort of be palatable for voters that are trying to send a message? rob bonta is somebody who has backed tessa baden in the bay area a cd a. george gascogne, both of them now facing recalls, so could bond to be sort of taken out. as part of that movement. we shall see. it's certainly going to be a race to keep an eye on here. appreciate it, alex. always good to see you. and if you want to hear more of alex's interview with eric early into the issue is coming up this weekend. it
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airs at 5 30 sunday morning. right here on ktvu. alright there is yet another illness making headlines this afternoon . it is not covid or the bird flu. this warning is about monkeypox coming up the cases right here in the us and what's being done to stop the spread. also the driver of a tesla operating on autopilot must stand trial for a crash that killed two people. how this case could set a precedent for drivers using those automated system
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just barely avoided going into
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bear territory. the dow was up eight points, erasing a 600 point drop earlier in the day. the nasdaq was down 33 points, said the s and p ticked up half a point. that index is nearly 19% below its most recent high, just shy of the 20% that's considered a bear market high inflation, rising interest rates , the war in ukraine and a slowdown in china's economy are all worrying investors. california is outpacing the nation in job growth, according to new state numbers, the state says employers created 41,400 jobs last month, the bay area added. 11,500 jobs, leisure and hospitality where the sectors with the biggest gains on employment is at 4.6% in the state, down from 4.8% in march. the governor's office says the state has now regained more than 91% of the nonfarm jobs lost during the early months of the
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pandemic. president biden is focusing on supply chain issues as he makes the first trip to asia of his presidency as foxes . caroline shively tells us president biden's visit comes as stubborn inflation, high gas prices and a critical baby formula shortage. are a leading the lowest poll numbers of his presidency. for the first stop on his asian tour. president biden gotta look at a samsung computer chip factory. the model for a $17 billion plant set to be built in texas vestment will create 3000 new high tech jobs in texas. and add to add to 20,000 jobs. samsung already supports president biden spoke in south korea, but his message was also targeting an american audience struggling with inflation, a baby formula shortage and gas prices that hit a national average of 4 59 on friday. gas prices have risen literally every month since joe biden took office federal data out this month. shows that
4:34 pm
americans are also paying 10% more for food than a year ago. if you think the current food price increases are painful, i think they're just starting prices are helping drive. the president's approval rating is lower. a new associated press poll finds that 67% of americans disapprove of his handling of the economy. but one economist says the president isn't the one to blame 95% of what happens in the economy with growth with inflation. etcetera has nothing to do with the white house that's all driven in the private sectors. that eight people found that president biden overall approval rating stands at 39% the lowest of his presidency in washington. caroline shively fox news and the driver of a tesla operating on autopilot can not escape trial over that deadly crash and los angeles suburb. a judge ruled that the vehicular manslaughter case against the 27 year old man will proceed. joining us now to talk about this rare cases. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza and michael this driver is believed
4:35 pm
to be the very first to face manslaughter charges over a crash while using tesla's self driving feature. how significant is this? well, it's very significant. i mean, that's a, um, big message to the public that when you drive cars like tesla that have this, i'll call it in automatic pilot. you don't get to a barricade your responsibility and driving that car. you're responsible to do the right thing in the car and you can override that autopilot and this judge was absolutely right and say no. you are going to stand trial for vehicular manslaughter for killing two people. now i know the car went through a red light. i don't know the speed, but it was fast enough. that ain't killed two people. you're driving it. you're responsible, albeit there will be mitigation. i'm sure that they will present at the jury trial. yeah that driver michael kevin riyadh was
4:36 pm
apparently going about 72 mph when he slammed into that car, killing those two people. you mentioned kind of the crux of this case. tesla argues, autopilot doesn't mean that these cars drive themselves that the driver is still in charge. how much will that argument and also speed play a role in this case? well at some 0.1 house to think that if you're in the car and you see autopilots moving this car into the 70 mile an hour range and the speed limit is a lot less than that override it. slow it down and not knowing or saying well, it's tesla's fault. it was the autopilot i'm relying on that's not going to sell. it won't sell to a jury. it won't sell to a judge. i'll tell you a story. there was a couple that bottom motor home and they had that cruise control and they put the motor home on cruise control and then go back to the back of the home. and
4:37 pm
start playing cards and boom off the freeway. it goes an accident and they tried to say it's the car's fault there was and the cruise control, not our fault that didn't sell either. i mean , people have to understand when they take a car that has cruise control or there's autopilot. they are in charge. they can override it. now all tesla have some responsibility in a civil case. absolutely that'll be the deep pocket for the victim's family to go after. but criminally you were driving the car. you should have been paying attention. you should have known that car was going 72 miles an hour. you're sure to put the brakes on and you should have noticed that red light. and when the judge was, you know, looking at whether there was probable cause here. he did, in fact, hear from a tesla engineer who testified. that sensors indicate the driver had a hand on the steering wheel. but then that same data showed no brakes were applied in the six minutes
4:38 pm
before that crash. so, what does that tell you? paul tells me they're not paying attention or you're going along with. i like to drive fast. i mean, one thing. i think a lot of us have noticed about the pandemic. you get out on our freeways here in the bay area, and people seem to be driving exponentially faster and not only faster. but weaving in and out of traffic. i don't understand. i mean, apparently, there's pent up covid effect has put people on the road and they want to go awfully fast. it seems to me that might be what happened. to the gentleman driving this car. oh, look, i'm going 72 not controlling it and then running a red light because certainly he could see the red light or should have seen the red light coming up and start putting the brakes on. but he didn't. he's responsible. a jury if it gets there, in my opinion, if those are all the facts we'll find him guilty of something, although there might be a little
4:39 pm
bit of mitigation, depending on what he tells the jury about the autopilot and what he thought about autopilot, but i don't think that it's going to have that big enough effect. as you mentioned it is two counts of vehicular manslaughter and obviously given you know the magnitude of this case, it's going to be closely watched michael cardoza, always a pleasure. have a good good weekend. thank you. you too. stay healthy. all thank you. tesla ceo elon musk is denying reports he exposed himself to a flight attendant on a spacex plane. business insider reports spacex paid as much as $250,000 in so called hush money to a woman after the encounter in 2016. the woman worked as a member of the cabin crew for spacex's corporate jet fleet. she was also an onboard masseuse, she says musk exposed himself during a massage. on twitter must call the allegations of politically motivated hit piece. mill and in music festival is coming to san
4:40 pm
francisco and coming up after the break. we're going to talk live with the organizer of the portola music festival about his vision for the two day event coming up this fall. and the winds are slowly dying down. temperatures will be warming 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal average for your bay area saturday. i'll have a look at what you can expect in the extended f this is what people with eczema said
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fors coming to san francisco. it's called the portola music festival. it's going to be held this september near the city's dogpatch neighborhood, right along pier 80. and it will feature mainly electronic and dance music acts for more on the event and what to expect. we're joined now by festival organizer danny bell. danny. good to have you on today. appreciate the time, so let everyone know who
4:43 pm
are some of the big names that will be taking the stage at the festival and what sort of the atmosphere you're going for with this event? thanks for having me . sure excited to bring the portola festival to san francisco are two headliners this year flume actually just released his third studio studio album today, which is excellent. and then we have the chemical brothers who have been obviously pioneers of electronic music globally, and we're really excited to have them coming to san francisco for one of their own one of their only two shows in north america for all this year. on top of that we have katrina to jamie xx m i a james blake and you know an additional 60 acts across two days. i love the background story on this festival. it's really meant to kind of pay tribute to a festival that happened back in 19. oh, nine, the portola fest, and at that time it was a way for san francisco to bounce back and try to show that it was recovering after the 19. oh, six earthquake, and now you have a
4:44 pm
time where we're all trying to bounce back again after the pandemic. talk about the inspiration for this festival. yeah i mean, i'll tell you i've been working on this festival for about six years. um, the main mainly is just you know the concept of it. there's this this style of music from electronic to alternative pop is really popular in san francisco. i'm personally a large fan of it. and you know, it just made perfect sense after the pandemic to try to bring something new to the city and really go for it when we were putting this together and just thinking about the name we're doing, just some research on the history of san francisco and just some great festivals, and this popped up and it just seems so perfect. you know, i love san francisco. my whole office does all these artists. this is one of their strongest markets in the world, not north of. city and helping come back. um and so you know, just like you said it worked like that working people here in
4:45 pm
the bay area, love to go see live music and support artists. there's no doubt about it. how important is san francisco? you think to the electronic music genre and the culture? um you know, it should be more in what i mean by that is this is a market that has really embraced electronic music. um you know, even as early as the seventies and the eighties there there is a small contingency, you know, dj shadow justin martin, a few other people who are actually on the bill and san francisco has historically been very important place for hub for electronic music, but it hasn't been over the last decade, and you know, part of the hope of portola is to really bring that back here and have this be real centerpiece of the scene. there's a lot of really great clubs and as i said, before, some of the great some of the best audiences in the country for this music, so i'm hoping this really kick starts it and brings it back to san francisco. okay, the festival is going to be held on september 24th and 25th. as we wrap up here, not
4:46 pm
much time left. but let folks know if they want to attend what they need to do. go to poor told a music festival dot com had a really great exciting on sale today and get your tickets before they're gone. see you in september. alright? sounds like a lot of fun. appreciate you coming on today. portola music festival organizer danny bell. thanks for doing it. thank you take care. typically get some of our best weather in september a around the bay area today. nice temperatures. the wind, though, has been quite strong in many areas. in fact, we had a wind advisory. that lasted into the afternoon expiring at two o'clock or so for the entire east bay for the most part away from the shore are hills as well as our inland cities and our north bay hills over a napa as well. the winds continue out there. they are going to ease up as we get into the evening hours and then not quite a strong for the weekend. here's a live look over from ktvu over the oakland estuary there. legacy san francisco in the backdrop, so a
4:47 pm
lot of sunshine out there red flag warning in place. we talked about this in the last half hour . we do have solano county included, as well as the sacramento sound like king valley area. so this governed by the national weather service out of sacramento, and that's why it extends into areas over solano county. but just a very dry day out there, andtrough that is die great basin and the pressurinuet does, it's going to ease that pressure gradient and the winds will begin to come down. still quite windy out there in napa with the augusta 24, nevada reporting 25 santa rosa reporting 22. oakland sustained at 22 as we take a little bit of a shift south here. san jose reporting winds to 20.5 moon bay is gusting to 25 hayward gusting to 30 temperatures in around the bay area mild to warm. we have 67 right now in san francisco. if you're going out to see the giants play, temperatures will
4:48 pm
continue to cool. 83 in napa 80 right now in areas over brentwood in 81 in concord. here's a view of the forecast for the giants game later today . game time is 7 15, a low sixties in the forecast and the northwest priest about 15 mph mostly clear skies as we get into the evening hours, sunsetting right about 8, 14 or so tomorrow morning temperatures will be relatively mild, especially in areas like antioch, starting at 60 degrees. in the north. people go 54 for napa 52 in the city of san francisco, one of the cooler spots for tomorrow upper forties to start the morning in pacifica and 51 over redwood city. afternoon highs will be just as warm as today, perhaps even a little bit warmer in some spots 84 into the north bay of santa rosa for the east bay. 90 degrees expected for fairfield 87 conquered and the closer to the water. nice and warm over hayward 79 for you there 80 degrees redwood city sixties in the city of san francisco low sixties in pacifica. again the winds not quite as strong as
4:49 pm
today for folks that are headed to tahoe for the weekend going to be nice here, temperatures right now in the fifties, south lake tahoe low fifties blue canyon reporting upper fifties and then as we get into the overnight hours, temperature's dropping into the thirties, just above freezing their 62 the afternoon high for tomorrow. 66 expected for sunday for us here at home temperatures will be a tad warmer on sunday. but then look at what happens as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures into the nineties for inland cities low eighties around the bay sixties expected at the coast back to you. alright. thanks rosemary. well, coming up monkeypox has now made its way right here to the us what we know about this rare disease usually only found in west and central africa, also preventing wildfires from turning into firestorms coming up tonight at five o'clock with a red flag warnings still in place. we're checking on a critical cal fire component, the largest firefighting air force.
4:50 pm
plus we've got you covered inside, outside and up above chase center in san francisco with a big bay area sports night.
4:51 pm
some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held.
4:52 pm
yes on h. recall chesa boudin now. a ss across europe and the united kingdom, the u. s now has its first confirmed case of monkeypox. 2nd 2nd potential case is now under investigation in new york city foxes nlds polis has the details. health officials in new york city investigating a potential case of monkeypox just days after massachusetts officials confirmed the first case in the u. s this year, the male patient currently admitted at massachusetts general hospital is said to be in stable condition. we don't know how the patient acquired this infection and that's why we're working closely with public health authorities. monkeypox is typically found in west and central africa. but recent cases
4:53 pm
without any known ties to africa have been popping up across europe. there have been seven confirmed cases in the uk alone in the last month. health officials say the patient in the u. s had only recently traveled to canada, where there are no known clusters, the number of people in different places have all seemed to come down with it at the same time, and for some of them, there's not an obvious link as to where they got it from symptoms of monkeypox are flu like and include fever. chills and swelling of the lymph nodes progressing too rash and lesions on the face and body. most infections last 2 to 4 weeks, infectious disease professionals say monkey pox is rare, and it's not a virus that spreads easily. transmission can occur through bodily fluids, respiratory droplets and sexual contact. we have decades of evidence studying this virus looking at outbreaks. um we have a fact multiple vaccines for it. we have some medications that
4:54 pm
appear to work against pox viruses in new york and a iliopoulos fox news. alright before we go to break. it is a real bittersweet day for us here at ktvu, and especially for alex and myself. we are bidding farewell to our beloved four pm producer sophie bala. i know it really is. we're gonna mr so much. yeah. i mean, she is sort of just the person who keeps this show. together she's she's she's smart. she does. she's she's smart. she's creative. she she loves to collaborate with us on stories. she's just essential to what it is that we do on this show. so we appreciate her. you know, more than she'll ever know. we certainly do. and sophie. your presence is really going to be missed in the ktvu newsroom. so best of luck to you, sophie we absolutely love wish you all the best. all right , well, we here at ktvu continue our celebration of aapi heritage month and coming up. we're going to take a closer look at a restaurant in berkeley that's serving up korean comfort food. and so much more. i think we do
4:55 pm
everything through food. meeting people business just i think also
4:56 pm
meet a future mom, a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand. cha ching. and this mom, well, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase.
4:57 pm
smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. all this month. we're celebrating asian american and pacific islander heritage here in the bay area. today we had to a new restaurant in berkeley that's serving up much more than just korean comfort food. it's serving a piece of nostalgia with a side. in korean culture.s important, not just for nourishment but for identity community and in many families, including my own away to show love. we do everything through food. meeting people business just i think also breaks ice with that in mind, she moon and
4:58 pm
hey, young eun opened korean super red in berkeley. the small space on solano avenue was meant to make diners feel like they're at home. it's like having meals at home, like small, like warmed up soup and, like small rice and small site ish is so like more home style. the menu includes dishes like chop chair glass noodles with vegetables, stews and rice plates with meet the recipes unique to the owners, families and traditions. things they want to share with the community. but we also added more of a comfort food and we use a lot of vegetables. in our sauces and in our dishes. korean super rep not just an eatery. they've also utilized the space to include a mini mart of sorts designed for people to take a piece of home with them. you know, they're learning more about korean culture, and people are also wondering why we have so many instant noodles. so i
4:59 pm
think now they know how that's the style of crane. amen. from the wall of ramen to homemade ban chan or the side dishes served with meals to pre cut pieces of meat for korean barbecue, two sauces and key ingredients for every dish. you can find the groceries. you need to make korean meals at home, said it's led to grandparents and parents sharing stories of their favorite childhood snacks with the new generation come together and they introduced what there is and make it. yeah, i used to eat and that's still the like i can feel like happiness and like everyone is like feel like home culture. we have a price for more than a full belly or a bag full of groceries, moon and eun hope customers leave feeling the love they put intoce of their korean heritage. they will come in as strangers and leave us friends and family and yeah,
5:00 pm
it will be a little bit closer because we shared a meal together in berkeley. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. it's critically important, it can mean the difference between successfully catching an initial attack fires in the early stages of its life and, you know, potentially catastrophic incident. now at five, a major firefighting factor the growing fleet of cal fire aircraft, the cal fire division, located just north of sacramento, is the largest firefighting air force on earth. good evening. i'm andre senior glee. it's been counted on right now as much as ever with a red flag warning in effect in northern california contained a fast moving brush fire. in fact, in the east bay, which burned very close to some businesses. the fire started around noon near highway four in the area of willow passed in evora roads. this is that the former concord naval weapons station contra costa county fire says


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