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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 20, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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out of vegetation, fire and conquered. small fire broke out around noon near willow pass. firefighters got the flames under control. after about 20 acres burned. they have not said yet what caused the fire? no buildings were damaged. the state's office of emergency services hopes strategically positioning critical firefighting resources will help protect dry communities vulnerable to fires. but it's important to understand our current warm, dry and dusty conditions could be much worse. we begin tonight's team coverage of the fire threat with ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. he has some perspective on the potential for wildfire activity . mark either. yeah, whenever we have the dry, gusty winds in place, and just a little relative humidity, that's when fire danger is on the increase. but remember, we had such an active april around here, and just last week we had some recent rainfall. fire danger. this is completely different compared to say, october, august , september and october, but still, as you know, we've had some strong winds here in the bay area, so the weather
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conditions are there, at least in terms of that could lead to a boost to the fire danger. but in terms of the real dry brush with their that that brush will continue to, uh to those that moisture values will continue to come down quite a bit over the coming weeks. not saying helena. that's a peak gust of over 70 miles an hour earlier today, mount tam 39 miles an hour oakland hills at about 34, miles an hour red flag fire warning in place until eight o'clock this evening. remember most of the barry and not under a red flag fire warning. national weather service sacramento they forecast for solano county, so they decided to have solano county under the red flag fire warning that will expire eight o'clock this evening. just to put this into perspective, this is actually a forecast model indicating fire danger. you can see the scale up here. and so most parts of the state and that yellow range moderate this is where it would be, maybe in the fall with the extreme fire danger. you can see the yellow approaching the orange in a few spots across portions of northern california. so this is the case right now, as we put this into motion, you can see
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those colors begin to fade away, indicating changing conditions for the better as we head into your saturday weekend that we're still talking about warm up, especially by sunday. we'll have more on that with your full update coming up in a few minutes. thank you so much mark our weather app to track the warm, gusty conditions over the weekend is always available to you. the app is free to download from your app store. while northern california's red flag warning expires tonight. cal fire crews refused to let down their guard. ktvu is tom baker shows us how it growing fleet of aircraft is doing its part to stop 95% of wildfires before they consume 10 acres or more. for more than a half century cal fire's firefighting air force has been critical in the fight against wildfires, but never more important than it will be this year. just north of sacramento is cal fire's central maintenance base. to go largest firefighting air force on earth . it's also a supercritical super busy refueling and
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reloading of fire retardant center, especially for larger firefighting aircraft. we can be up to 20 to 25 aircraft flying in and out of here more fire retardant than any other tanker base in the nation. with this week's red flag warning, the base has been hopping to be sure it can hop on new wildfires before they explode into firestorms. three or four fires before lunch today, and we've got aircraft flying a fire as we speak. account fire operates 13 air tanker bases and 11, cal fire helicopter chopper bases. they slow fires down so engines and ground crews. can put them out as of friday, thanks to mostly cool, wet spring weather . cal fire in the u. s. forest service have battled 1734 fires. fewer than the 2100 and 52 fires this time last year, but that's still more wildfires than the five year average of 13 47 this time of year. we typically start
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to see the transition when the live fuels dry out. but at this point in the year they're pretty dry and they're ready to burn with early release. inmate hand crews are in short supply. and of course, it's had an impact on the number of firefighters that we've had available to step. our our crews to make up for that cal fire has hired additional contract hand crews as well as assistance from the conservation corps and the national guard. without that symbiotic relationship. um you have a catastrophe on your hands immediately. fire needs more firefighters than ever, and there's a bill in the state senate right now. to grant them 1100 more firefighters. the question is, will even that be enough? tom baker, ktvu fox two news. couple of fires outside the bay area or getting cal fire's attention tonight and you county. some evacuation orders are in effect because of the golden fire. you see there it started today as a structure
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fire south of the small town of campton ville. it spread to nearby brush. dozens of acres have burned flames are about 10% contained. the edmonston fire started burning dry brush yesterday in current county, it is charged, charged more than 600 acres and is about 10% contained. we have no reports of homes or other buildings being damaged. firefighters have not said anything about a possible cause. firefighters in texas have a bigger wildfire to fight tonight. hey the mesquite fire mesquite heat. fire, in fact, has already destroyed dozens of homes west of dallas. it has been burning since tuesday. nearly 10,000 acres of charred five fighters of containment up to 90% so far, investigators don't yet know what started the fire. another fire in texas is 75% contained the twin starts. fire is burning northwest of austin tonight. claims have charged more than 400 acres and splitting up yesterday. firefighters have not mentioned what may have started the fire or whether any structures have burned. well, tonight we know the names of two men who died
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following an assault on a police shooting in san francisco last night, identified as 57, year old michael mcphee, 19 and 49 year old rafael mendoza. officers were called to mariposa and owen streets for an aggravated assault in progress just before eight last night. there were two men there. we know at least one officer fired their weapon. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital. officers were equipped with body worn cameras, as always, if anyone does have a surveillance cameras in the area that may have captured the incident, we do ask that they contact the police department. because that footage can be instrumental in helping us to identify what happened before and after officers arrived on scene. this case is now being investigated by the san francisco district attorney's office, as well as several other agencies. the police department says it is committed to transparency and accountability will hold a town hall about the incident within 10 days. it was six policing. antioco investigating a deadly
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shooting, they say was done in self defense officers recalled to the 2100 block of lemon tree way around 3 30 this morning, authorities say a man tried to force his way into another man's residents during an attempted robbery. the victim was able to shoot the suspect. the suspect returned fire, striking the victim in the lower body. the suspect died at the scene. the victim transported to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. police in oakley are also investigating a deadly shooting there. a case of self defense as 74 year old woman shot and killed a man early this morning, officers responded to a home on west cyprus road a little after 12 30. they found a 51 year old man dead in the driveway. authorities say the woman had an elder abuse restraining order against the man who was killed. the woman was not taken into custody. out of the latest on covid-19 due to the recent surge in cases, berkeley unified school district is reinstating its indoor mask mandate for students and staff. a letter to parents from the district superintendent says beginning monday. masks will be
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mandatory for everyone on berkeley's school campuses through the end of the school year. the last day of school in the district is just a couple of weeks away. the superintendent says the decision was made after discussions with city health officials. they see an increase in cases, including a number of classroom clusters indicates the virus is being transmitted in schools. the menlo park city school district is taking part in a new approach to covid test. the district is part of a pilot program to test air and waste water at their schools. ktvu s and rubin explains. the hope is to help not only their own students, but the greater good as well. the menlo park city school district. they're not only testing students for covid . they're also sampling the air and waste water at school in testing that, too. it's part of a new pilot program with a company called concentric by gingko. and with stanford. we reached out to stanford university and said, hey, can we be a part of this? are you interested in learning about what's happening at k 12 schools to they were for now, the pilot
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study is small with menlo is the sole participant, and they're only testing it two of their schools, but the hope is by monitoring air and water. scientists can see covid spikes or even new variants coming, so we would like to get to a place where we can provide californians and nationally, this sort of pathogen map to let folks know when things look good, and when we need to take precautions, researchers say. environmental testing also has the advantage of being less invasive. no swabs needed. hopefully maybe this will become sort of the normal way of testing for pathogens out of school population. testing is only just begun, and they're still experimenting with what equipment works best. sampling has been going on for a few weeks. final results won't come until summer, but the school district is already getting helpful updates. and so what we're seeing right now is we are seeing an uptick in the rates of covid in our sewage and what?
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how we responded is by reaching out to the community and saying hey, now is the time to put a mask back on the pilot program is expected to last eight weeks, although the end date may be flexible. no word on whether it might be expanded next year in menlo park and ruben ktvu fox two news federal judge has blocked the biden ministrations from ending in covid era health order that makes it easier to turn away migrants at the us mexico border. we're a nation of immigrants, and we are also a nation of laws and we enforce the law and we will continue to do so. title 42 enacted during the pandemic allowed the government to quickly turn away migrants, citing public health concerns coming up later in the newscast, a look at some of the large caravans waiting to cross into the us the archbishop of san francisco, said today that he is boring house speaker nancy pelosi from taking holy communion due to her support for abortion rights. archbishop salvatore quarterly own released
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the letter today in it, he says , if pelosi publicly repudiates her advocacy for abortion she could be admitted to receive the sacrament. the speaker who is a practicing catholic, met with pope francis privately last year . at that time, the vatican vatican did not say if the topic of abortion was discussed. so far, the speaker has not responded to a request for comment. we don't know how to patient acquired this infection , and that's why we're working closely with public health authorities suspect a second case of monkeypox may have hit the us coming up what they're learning about the virus and why the country's first case is so puzzling. plus we'll take you to michigan, where first responders rushed tonight to clear a clear to get a clear understanding of the casualties and damage caused by a large tornado. what's getting in the way of an effort to prevent future tragedies like the one that ended with the crew member shot to death
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baby formula area health officials are offering some guidance they say to avoid making your own formula. don't water it down to make it last longer and avoid giving toddler formula two infants. health officials are also encouraging moms to continue breastfeeding if possible. federal officials expect the supply shortage to ease within a few weeks. well health officials are now investigating a second possible case of monkeypox in the us following a string of cases in europe, foxes and apple up, anna iliopoulos tells us health officials are trying to trace the infection's origin. health officials in new york city investigating a potential case of monkeypox just days after massachusetts officials confirmed the first case in the u. s this year, the male patient currently admitted at massachusetts general hospital is said to be in stable condition. we don't know how the patient acquired this infection , and that's why we're working closely with public health authorities. monkeypox is typically found in west and
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central africa. but recent cases without any known ties to africa have been popping up across europe. there have been seven confirmed cases in the uk alone in the last month. health officials say the patient in the u. s had only recently traveled to canada, where there are no known clusters, the number of people in different places have all seemed to come down with it at the same time, and for some of them, there's not an obvious link as to where they got it from symptoms of monkeypox are flu like and include fever. chills and swelling of the lymph nodes progressing too rash and lesions on the face and body. most infections last 2 to 4 weeks, infectious disease professionals say monkey pox is rare, and it's not a virus that spreads easily. transmission can occur through bodily fluids, respiratory droplets and sexual contact. we have decades of evidence studying this virus looking at outbreaks. um we have a fact multiple vaccines for it.
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we have some medications that appear to work against pox viruses in new york. anna iliopoulos fox news. we're following a developing story in michigan, where a tornado killed at least one person and injured 23 others. these images coming to us from the town of gaylord, they show a lot of damage left behind. gaylord is a town of about 4200 people in the northern part of the state. emergency managers are still working to get a good understanding of the extent of the damage and the red cross is setting up to help those displaced from their homes. and barry weather. of course, we've been talking about fire danger here with the red flag fire warning set to expire eight o'clock tonight out toward the solano county, but a quick check on the radar just pulled it up. as you just heard that recent story from greg and you can't see the coverage right now on the radar, with with those thunderstorms developing across parts of the country, so i'll be watching out for that, with the radar activity over the next few hours out here across the west will closer to the west year
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toward colorado. it's interesting yesterday. denver in the eighties today, only in the thirties wisdom snowfall, and that is because that area of low pressure we've been tracking that helps set up the wind event today across the bay area. that is the snow producer out toward colorado. take a look at the numbers for today. not as hot as earlier in the week, but still pretty warm out. there are lots of eighties from eighties for alejo out toward antioch and livermore. san jose 79 in san francisco in the upper sixties. here is your weekend outlook for tomorrow. mostly sunny, mild to warm the hotspots in the upper eighties, so kind of a big temperature range. and then pretty much the same story into your sunday temperature is not moving around too much, so here's the upper level wind pattern here. the jet stream you can see the upper level winds are kicking up here and then a big trough. and then there's once again that snowfall. out toward colorado for today. for us, though, we are in the clear lots of sunshine for your friday and we'll check in on some of
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the current winds at the surface right now, and you can see fairfield still breezy here with winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. other areas have that westerly onshore breeze out towards the sfo you can see gusting at 36 half of bay out of the north gusting to 29 still breezy. down in the south bank current numbers for the six o'clock hour ranging from the fifties coast side sixties seventies and the warmest occasions in the lower eighties . here's our camera right now, where we still have mostly clear conditions, so we'll hold onto the clear skies overnight tonight into your saturday morning and temperatures will be in the forties to the fifties, so you can see a lot of clear skies first thing tomorrow morning and after that mild start temperatures recovered nicely into the afternoon hours . a big temperature range once again ranging from the low sixties coast side all the way to the upper eighties. well inland and looks like we're to turn up the heat next week, and we'll have more on that with your forecast your full update. in a few minutes. on wall
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street, the s and p 500 inching closer to bear market territory today on another volatile day of trading. that index is down nearly 19% since its record high in january, 3rd 20% is considered a bear market. ongoing inflation and recession fares are driving the sell off. the dow was up eight point, seizing a 600 point drop earlier in the day. the nasdaq was off 33 points. and even teetering on bear market. the s and p did take up half a point. bay area retailer taking another hit today, sales of dublin based ross stores fell more than 22% after cutting its profit forecast due to rising inflation. state officials said today that california is outpacing the nation in job growth. the state says employers created 41,400 jobs last month and the bay area added 11,500 jobs. leisure and hospitality, where the sectors with the biggest gains unemployment is at 4.6% down from 4.8% in march,
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the governor's office says that the state has now regained more than 91% of the nonfarm jobs lost during the early months of the pandemic. president biden is focusing on supply chain issues as he makes his first trip to asia as president is, fox's caroline shively tells us his visit comes as stubborn inflation, high gas prices and a critical baby formula shortage are leading to the lowest poll numbers of his presidency. for the first stop on his asian tour . president biden gotta look at a samsung computer chip factory . the model for a $17 billion plant set to be built in texas. this investment will create 3000 new high tech jobs in texas. and add. to add to 20,000 jobs. samsung already supports president biden spoke in south korea, but his message was also targeting an american audience struggling with inflation, a baby formula shortage and gas prices that hit a national average of 4 59 on friday. gas
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prices have risen literally every month since joe biden took office federal data out this month. shows that americans are also paying 10% more for food than a year ago. if you think the current food price increases are painful, i think they're just starting prices are helping drive. the president's approval rating is lower. a new associated press poll finds that 67% of americans disapprove of his handling of the economy. but one economist says the president isn't the one to blame 95% of what happens in the economy with growth with inflation. etcetera has nothing to do with the white house. it's all driven in the private sectors. that eight people found that president biden overall approval rating stands at 39% the lowest of his presidency in washington. caroline shively fox news. how'd you like trying to sleep through that right? well people in several san jose neighborhoods no longer need to worry about that sound jarring them late at night, coming up what's planned to help them rest easier and
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for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. juso take fire from russian forces. fox news trade jinx visited the village recently liberated by the ukrainian army to warn viewers that this report contains images that you may find disturbing. alexander pobeda hov opens the door of his
6:25 pm
stable, revealing the body of a ukrainian soldier. when i saw him, i felt a lump in my throat , he says. i've got kids of the same age 59 year old returned to the village of bil hope yesterday. only to find his home destroyed and many of his friends missing citizens on our street were forcefully deported , alexander explains. cars with russian license plates and people were forced in nearby we meet zoya gavrilov. she hid underground until this area was liberated by ukrainian troops. i didn't see it because i was in the basement. to say you can hear some of that artillery still coming in. it must be difficult to hear that all the time in the distance. russian troops are about 10 miles from this location. they've been pushed back by the ukrainians. but still this area remains part of the battlefield. down the street at a school, the body of
6:26 pm
a russian soldier lays face up in the grass. this building was used as a headquarters for the russians before being retaken by the ukrainian army. you can see the level of destruction at this school. russian forces were here for weeks as they attempted to take ukraine's second largest city of hard give ukrainian forces were able to push them back. but the destruction left behind is significant. you can see here. almost nothing left. despite fierce battles for heart kiev, the city remains in ukrainian hands and the ukrainian army remains in high spirits. everything is amazing. everybody is happy. everybody welcomes us. one soldier explains. everybody is happy we liberated them. on a normal day. it would take about 30 minutes to drive from hard give to russia. it gives you a sense of just how close the enemy is for those ukrainian troops and harkin tree angst. fox news.
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some people who left their pets set of brentwood kennel morning a tragic loss tonight, coming up the latest details on the fire that sent first responders rushing to the kennel and find out why train horns won't bother people in some san jose neighborhoods tonight. then tiger woods made a late surge. g h p in ship was it enough to make the cut? jesse gearing how that later in sports?
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wildfires. the office of emergency services has placed more fire crews and resources in lake and colusa counties in advance of extreme fire weather now through tonight. red flag warning is still in effect for the interior northern california valleys from the sacramento area to san joaquin valley. beginning monday, masks will be mandatory again for students in school staff when indoors in the berkeley unified school district through the end of the school year. the district superintendent says the decision was made after discussions with city health officials. they see an increase in cases, including a number of classroom clusters indicates the virus is being transmitted in schools. francisco catholic archdioceses borrowing house speaker nancy pelosi from taking holy community college community rather archbishop salvatore quarterly own says if pelosi repudiates her advocacy of abortion, she could receive the sacrament again. so far, the speaker has not responded. to request for comment on the story . you want the ktvu faxed e news at 6 30. a late night fire broke
6:31 pm
out at a kennel in brentwood. ktvu is henry lee reports. firefighters rescued about a dozen dogs but for others died. tragedy at the brentwood dog boarding and day care center. after a late night fire. four dogs died of smoke inhalation. about a dozen others were saved . obviously most of us, you know, all have animals as well, too. um so you know, it's a part of the family. and so we do everything we can happened at the dirty dog canine retreat and fitness on brentwood boulevard at about 10 thursday night. brentwood police in east contra costa. firefighters found more than a dozen dogs that were housed in the modular building room was filled with smoke all the way down almost to the floor at that point in time, but it does in dogs were rescued and removed from the building. four dogs didn't make it, including one that firefighters tried to save that animal was still breathing, so crews made every effort to form cpr on the dog right now, we still believe it to be accidental in nature, but again, we're looking at whether it was the air conditioning
6:32 pm
unit, or was it the power source leading to their conditioning unit? there were some challenges in the fire response because there are no hydrants in that area. unfortunately, the facility is in an hydrogen area , so we had to dispatch numerous water tenders in order to support fire attack operations ktvu. it's thankful for the quick action from first responders, which prevented the fire from spreading to other kennels in the building where someone was sleeping. in a statement, the business said. in part, we ask for privacy, kindness in prayers right now for the families of the ones lost the employees of our business and for our own family as we're all dealing with broken hearts, grief in the shock of this horrific accident, the company says it's also grateful for the overwhelming love it says has been getting from its clients and customers. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. an hours long standoff between fremont police and barricaded man in a burning condo has finally come to an end. it all started just after nine o'clock this morning when a fire broke out inside a unit at a complex on one m, a
6:33 pm
common just off highway, 2, 62 and fremont. complex was evacuated, but a man inside the burning unit refused to leave. he told firefighters and police. he had a gun. please say the man surrendered this afternoon after a brief struggle. he was taken to the hospital for what police called an emergency medical issue. the fire was contained to just that one unit. no word yet on how it started. railroad quiet zone is now officially in effect in san jose. matching that sleeping next to this all the time for more than three years. in fact, san jose residents living near train tracks had to put up with the loud horns blared throughout the night, but it's katy b's mark, sarah reports. that's not the case anymore. this is phone video from san jose resident chris wemp, who lives near the union pacific tracks. he says the all night train horns could not be more disruptive. so you wake up in a start wondering is
6:34 pm
a fire alarm going off in emergency, and it's kind of shocking here. in japan town had a news conference, city leaders announced. the federal railway administration, which oversees the nation's railroads and tracks has signed off on its plans for a quiet zone. that means between 10 p.m. and seven a.m. there will be no more routine horns at street crossings. in this case, we had thousands of residents who are disturbed. in their sleep every single night because of 19 operations of union pacific because of a change of routing. the quiet zone covers 14 intersections over a 1.8 mile stretch of tracks from montgomery street near highway 87 in the west, through 10th and horning streets to the north. there's been times when i've had say, eight o'clock meeting and i've been woken up at two am 3:30 a.m. maybe for him and then exhausted the next morning and needing to function in order for federal regulators to sign off on rail. quiet zone cities have to meet strict conditions at every single pedestrian and
6:35 pm
vehicle crossing, for example, here at seventh and jackson the city actually had to change the entire traffic pattern. 23 state network, uh, west of the mississippi union pacific, says it realizes that train horns can be disruptive, but unless approved safety measures such as gate arms and signage are in place, it's engineers are required to sound them so we can just change schedules. to accommodate local communities, and the quiet zone is a solution . at least a partial choirs or in this case is a solution that will help neighbors sleep better at night. many of the initial improvements paid for by the city where enough to qualify only for the nighttime quiet zone, but the goal is to keep the horns quiet 24 hours a day and another $8 million in funding from the state. should help make that a reality. this is good news. i think this personal question has been a great milestone because it's helped us really get the ball rolling on our ultimate cleaning. legal wishes. get the 24 hour plates. i'm built even with the quiet zone now in
6:36 pm
effect, union pacific says it's engineers are always monitoring the tracks as the trains roll through, even at, say, three o'clock in the morning if they see something on the track, a person or another obstruction they will still sound their train horns. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. the first funeral was held today for one of the 10 victims in the racially motivated mass shooting in buffalo, new york, loved ones gathered in buffalo to pay respects to hayward patterson, the suspect in this case, 18 year old peyton genderen made a brief court appearance yesterday. family members of some of the victims were also there. a manager at the tops grocery sources, genderen has been inside that store at least a dozen times since march and once asked her why she worked at a store with so many black people. dendreon will be back in court in about three weeks. a gun buyback is taking place this weekend in milpitas. santa clara county district attorney's office gathered reporters this morning to help promote the event. anyone can exchange their guns for cash this sunday. from
6:37 pm
nine am to one pm at the milpitas community center. no questions asked. milpitas police chief jared hernandez explains what happens to the firearms after they're sold. they will be collected. we will do a check of the gun's serial number to determine if it was lost or . 'll make efforts to returnolen it to the rightful owner. that who was in possession of that before it was lost or stolen. any guns that are not returned to owners will be destroyed. the county will buy back up to $50,000 worth of guns as part of its efforts to reduce gun violence and get weapons and other community. do at 6 30 state lawmakers failed to pass new rules about guns on movie sets. two bills were filed after a gun after a gun actor alec baldwin is holding went off and killed. the cinematographer on a movie set in new mexico last year. the bills outlined rules about how and when actors can use guns on sets. a state senate committee decided to hold both bills in committee after
6:38 pm
entertainment industry groups failed to reach a consensus on the proposals. this means the bills are unlikely to pass the legislature this year. president biden kent put an end to one covid era health order coming up how that will impact migrants at the border. and we'll show you how an iconic san francisco attraction
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this latest covid-19 surge in new york city, and a statement today the broadway league says all of the owners and operators of the 41 theaters agreed to require masks through june 30th. industry leaders say they will renew that requirement on a month by month basis, depending on covid-19 levels. at this time, there are no plans to enforce a vaccine requirement for people. that policy was dropped last month. a federal judge has blocked the biden administration from ending covid era health order title 42 the order makes it easier to turn away migrants at the us mexico border. as madeline rivera tells us, this comes as illegal border crossings are the highest they've ever been. in a blow to the biden ministrations, a federal judge ruled against lifting title 40 to the public health order enacted during the pandemic allowed border officials to quickly turn away migrants in order to prevent the spread of covid. they're trying to do away with literally the last trump policy that works in a time where the crisis is as
6:42 pm
high as it's ever been. last month, the cdc rule title 42 was no longer necessary. and senior administration officials added the directive was not an immigration policy or authority . but in late april, a federal judge temporarily blocked the administration from ending the restriction assured it's gonna get horrific, even with title 42 still in place. illegal border crossings are the highest they've ever been with new data from the vitamin ist rations showing more than 234,000 migrant encounters in april. the highest in the department of homeland security's history, and the dhs is getting ready for an even bigger spike. still, the administration insists the border isn't open with or without title 42. we're a nation of immigrants, and we are also a nation of laws and we enforce the law and we will continue to do so. however even some democrats wonder whether the administration is prepared really concerned that the biden administration right now they do not have a plan in place to deal
6:43 pm
with this, and, you know, hospitals and border communities are there really spread thin fight over title 42 threatening the latest coronavirus relief bill in congress as well? with republicans and some democrats, saying they won't vote for the funding unless it includes a reinstatement of title 42 in washington mouth rivera fox newf sunshine today but of a warm up this weekend, but the real heat that's set to move in next week. we'll have your updated forecast coming up. close down their homes with a look at what some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on k t b plus heather andre coming up new tonight it is back on the market. we're going to hear from the homeowner of san francisco's pink painted lady on why she decided to list her home just two years after purchasing it. plus a strange type of worm that thrashes around aggressively and can jump up to a foot in the air, while scientists are worried about this invasive species, making its way into the soil right here
6:44 pm
in california. of those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight on the seventh around, ktvu. plus thank you. we look forward to it. but first after the break, san francisco's ghirardelli levels up coming up the sweets destination. welcomes back visitors for a brand new experience. meet brett from apartment 2b. he's not letting an overdraft alert get him stressed. he knows he's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here?
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minr hugo ramirez, who was killed last year. ramirez will get his bachelor's degree in business with a concentration in finance . his three younger brothers matthew, cb, and max, as well as his friend, david. will walk across the stage to receive his certificate. the 21 year old ramirez just finished his junior year and was walking across the
6:47 pm
street and rohnert park when he was struck by a car and killed last july. the driver is now facing charges for the death. ramirez grew up in concord went to day lasalle high school. he played soccer for sonoma state and will be the first in his family to graduate. his family gave ktvu the following statement. we are grateful to sonoma state university for presenting hugo's degree to his adoring younger brothers. their pride today embodies the impact hugo continues to have on all the lives who have the privilege of loving him. we learned daily of those who are enriched and inspired by encounters with hugo's acts of kindness, his love and his grace. the commencement ceremonies for sonoma state began at nine a.m. tomorrow. an investigation is underway to determine what killed the whale in the san francisco bay. the adult gray whale washed up yesterday on brooks island near point potrero in richmond, the marine mammal center says that same whale was guided out of a channel near alameda back in april because it was in a hazardous for bringing the ferry boats in that area. marine biologists will conduct a
6:48 pm
necropsy to figure out if it was hit by a ship or died from some other cause. add a burial weather as we head into the weekend. we are expecting a lot of sunshine and temperatures will be warm, in fact, the real heat that's set to move into the area next week. but of course, we've been talking a lot about the fire danger across northern california. and the red flag. fire warning continues for a few more minutes until eight o'clock this evening for all these areas in red, including solano county, so the winds have been backing off some kind of heading toward the tail end of this warning, with those gusts already backing off the moisture levels, probably increasing. overnight so some improvement this weekend . here's the plan this weekend. lots of sunshine for your saturday same deal for your sunday temperatures not moving around much, but the warm spots inland will be close to the 90 degree mark. here's a satellite actually showing you the radar. you can see these. the snow coverage out toward colorado's. they have some still fall in there saturday forecast as well . it's all kind of linked up with the upper level winds. you can see a big ridge out here in
6:49 pm
the pacific. and a big trough out to our east and that trough is a setting up that snow before cast out toward the colorado for us. we have mostly clear skies some high clouds way up here out here in the pacific, up to our north and to our west. and the current wind speeds at the surface right now, you can see some areas still picking up that northerly wind out toward fairfield. but other areas have that the typical seabreeze for this time of day oakland airport westerly 23 miles an hour and some more reports for us fo gusting to over 30 miles an hour . the winds part of our forecast for tonight and still some breezy conditions this weekend. here is our live camera. we're looking out toward the ocean estuary here and looking out toward the bay bridge and current numbers out there. temperatures from the sixties and serve francisco to the eighties and santa rosa and conquered. san jose in the mid seventies. so here's the setup. once again, we talked about this area of low pressure to our east area of high pressure offshore. the pressure difference if you follow these upper level winds here, set up that northerly
6:50 pm
flow. as that system moves out to the east. the winds are back off this weekend, but still some breezy conditions for both saturday and sunday, but it will be warmer sixties seventies and eighties. this big h wants to strengthen into early next week and that will eventually lead to some nineties. here's the plan tomorrow morning temperatures most neighborhoods in the fifties and then into the afternoon hours. you can see all those colors representing the microclimate. so we'd like to talk about this time of year sixties seventies, all the way to the upper eighties by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, we'll take a look at the number of san francisco close to 70 santa rosa 84. conquered 87 livermore 84 degrees in san jose 83. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. not too much change into your sunday pretty much the same old story. we'll just call it nice for the second half of the weekend. but then you can't see temperatures warming back up monday, tuesday and wednesday. in fact, the hotspot inland not only close to 90 degrees but could be approaching the mid nineties by tuesday of next week
6:51 pm
, so warm this weekend. they're real heat that's set to move into the region next week. week ahead, mark. thank you good time for an ice cream, a legendary san francisco food landmark is now open again to the public. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony today for the newly remodeled gear, deli chocolate and ice cream shop. it has an entirely new look. that brings visitors behind the scenes in the chocolate making process. the reopening coincides with gear delhi's wondered 70th anniversary. the 1st 170 visitors today received a free ice cream sundae. this chocolate company has survived to global pandemics. earthquakes fires, other challenges and throughout all of this time and throughout all of those difficulties. they are, in a true example of what it means to be resilient, like the phoenix of san francisco and rise out of the ashes to create a beautiful space that puts a smile on people's faces. andre and i did not get free ice cream, the newly named
6:52 pm
ghirardelli chocolate experience store will make fresh chocolate bars in the store, as well as roasted almonds and hazelnuts in full view of customers. one thing your deli is not changing is its retail offerings, including its ice cream sundae bar. next in sports george george kittle talks awkwardness after the 49ers drafted trey lance and how they avoided any rifts in the locker room and look for another w w e friday night smackdown on ktvu. tonight that gets started at eight, followed by are 10 and 11 o'clock newscast.
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6:55 pm
dayh $12 million in prize money waiting for the winner, so we had to southern hills golf club , tulsa, oklahoma, where all eyes and cameras on tiger woods . he was on the cusp early, but made a charge late in the day. first on 13, then 16 both he birdies both. this is the on 13. and then the approach stop. on 16th sets up this easy birdie here, too. alright mr woods. meanwhile, will sell a torres is on fire. he birdies four holes in a row, saving his best for 17
6:56 pm
. over and around the trees. little rolled put his feet from the hall. this birdie makes him the leader through two rounds. nine under 65 tiger strong back nine, though, has him three over and slated to play saturday and sunday. and there's the mission is to go ahead and win this thing somehow and i know it's sometimes it doesn't exactly feel well. but, hey, that's just what it is. that's life. that's sports where we push it, and i'm really good at breaking things are really good at fixing things, so it's a great relationship. for those of you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall inside an nfl locker room. george kittle is your man because he provides a glimpse as he's appearing on the pat mcafee show, and he has glowing praise for second year qb tray lawrence and says jimmy g handled the awkwardness of dueling and sometimes alternating quarterbacks very well. some would say it's definitely awkward. i mean, you trade three first round picks for a quarterback like there's writing
6:57 pm
on the wall like it is what it is. it's the nfl's profession. everyone's trying to bring in younger, better, cheaper players . the lucky thing that we have here the niners is, i feel like we have a fantastic culture jimmy g could have, you know he could have been a said. you know what's not my job, not my responsibility to take care of this guy and put him under my wing. you know, but instead, what he did is he was a professional every single date and complained one time he showed up. he worked. he started. he got us into the championship game and help trade along the way. you could could have been a not nice person, i think is what he said. there time for a little cto on this t g. i f and we are. we'll celebrate. hand eye coordination and a new way to body surf. first a game of fast pictures patch lefty matt laboratory, throwing a nerf ball to teammate nolan gorman. look at that. we had to slow it down. makes the grab as you see slow. look at that. the newsroom every day. yeah one to another and team make teamwork work makes the
6:58 pm
dream work. 10,000 ft up, danny roman and sebastian alvarez. they're joined at the not the hip, but at the foot and stomach as they paragliding and body surf. back down to mother earth. now here's my question. i see the one parachute. but what about where's the other one? will he's he's a body. here's a wingsuit on him. the other guy, it looks like he probably has a parachute when he gets a little lower. usually what happens when you have when you have a wing suit on, it's pretty cool. we're hoping to. thanks yeah. no, you're not. you're not just a game to, though. where is their game is a little different than game. we're gonna look out. it always is, but we're gonna have highlights. game to a little bit later today, giants playing tonight against the padres big battle over the weekend for second place aids down in anaheim and, of course hockey, but we can't talk about going on and whether it's good for the giants camp warmer weekend. look forward to it. all right now look for us. thank you. so much for joining us news continues next ron ktvu, plus with heather
6:59 pm
and alex. we'll see you back here tonight at 10 o'clock. see, here tonight at 10 o'clock. see, y'all. hey. oh, hey. you work the lunch shift? yeah. got eight pounds of salmon that's about to go bad. do you know how to cook it? not really. damn it. so what are you and professor fussyface up to tonight? star wars on blu-ray. haven't you seen that movie, like, a thousand times? not on blu-ray. only twice on blu-ray. oh, leonard. i know, it's high-resolution sadness. well, i was going to take myself out to a movie tonight. you want to go? really? do we do that? what do you mean? you know, we haven't spent time alone together since we broke up. it's not a date, leonard. it's just a man and a woman hanging out, not having sex at the end of the night. sounds like most of my dates. sheldon: oh, dear lord, get away from me, you monster!
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