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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 24, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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ktvu two. tragedy in texas after 19 children and two teachers are killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school. my heart was broken today. we're a small community. and what? we need your prayers to get us through this to lose a child. is like
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having a piece of your soul ripped away. there was a hollowness in your chest. you feel like you're being sucked into it. a small community in texas, left heartbroken and angry after an 18 year old high school student opens fire in the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach here is what we know so far. 19 children and two teachers were killed, others injured as the gunman went from classroom to classroom. two classroom opening fire on those children and teachers. the gunman has been identified as an 18 year old who also shot and wounded his own grandmother before going to the school. responding law enforcement agent killed the gunman at the scene. the shooting happened at rob elementary school in you validate texas, that is a town of about 16,000 people about 80 miles west of san antonio. ktvu
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is jana katsuyama is here now, with the latest from texas, jenna. julie and mike officials say they believe that the gunmen , salvador rama's acted alone. but tonight those families 21 victims that were shot there tonight are grieving. the students at rob elementary school or just days away from summer vacation, but around 11 30 tuesday morning an 18 year old armed with guns came in and started shooting. children and teachers inside police and border patrol agents nearby outside, rushing to try and help teachers anybody that was in his way he started shooting every single person. we had several off course and officers tried to make entry into the school, but they were met with gunfire by the suspect's family members in despair rushed to the civic center from their homes and jobs , desperate to know if their children were safe. or among the dead, the number rising to 19 students and two teachers by
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evening, one of the victims. evo morales, 1/4 grade teacher at the school. her aunt shared these photos with ktvu, saying she had been with the district for 17 years, the sergeant says 18 year old salvador rama's who lived in uvalde. had abandoned his vehicle just before entering the school. investigators were seen searching this black pickup truck near the scene. the department of public safety says ramos was seen with a rifle, a backpack and wearing body armor. officials say he entered several classrooms and killed children in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade before ramos himself was shot by a law enforcement officer. the intruder is deceased, and we're not actively looking for another individual or any other suspects. in this case. my heart was broken today. where small community. and what? we need your prayers to get us through this. president biden ordered flags lowered to half staff addressing the nation with
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emotion and passion. he called for more action and regulation of guns. as a nation we have to ask when in god's name. we're going to stand up to the gun lobby when in god's name we do we all know in our gut needs to be done. i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage by night. some still waited to hear if their child is alive, told us that the year lifted 63 year old woman which passed away and a 10 year old girl. and that grandfather great grandfather looking for his great granddaughter seen here, hoping that she is not among the children who were killed tonight that vivaldi police department posted a picture on their social media page asking people to pray for the city. there were two local police officers who exchanged
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gunfire with the shooter. both of those officers were injured, but they are respected, expected to recover and right now there is no motive that they've uncovered yet as to why this happened, julie absolutely heartbreaking, janet. thank you. in today's shooting in your body is now the third deadliest school shooting in u. s history . the deadliest happened back in 2000 and seven at virginia tech 32 people were killed that day. in 2012, another 26 people were killed, including 20 elementary school children at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. and in 2000 and 18 17 people were killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland. florida reaction has been pouring in from lawmakers across the country, including some of our own leaders right here in california, pushing for more gun control. governor newsom tweeted the following statement. it says common sense gun safety laws work in california we have cut our gun death rate in half since the 19
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eighties. we won't solve this overnight, but let's stop pretending that these mass shootings are in inevitable horror. we have to experience on a regular basis. cemetery congresswoman jackie speier released a statement listing what she wants done to reduce gun violence, the congresswoman saying, i refuse to participate in another moment of silence on the house floor. i want a moment of action number one. no guns for anyone under 21 number two. all guns must have trigger locks that require fingerprint to be discharged. number three felony charges for anyone who does not safely locked their gun. warriors head coach steve kerr was outraged today as he spoke about the shooting ahead of tonight's game four. now we hav. when are we going to do something? you realize that 90% of americans regardless of political party, want background checks? universal background 90%
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of us we are being held hostage by 50 senators. in washington, who refused to even put it to a vote. despite what we the american people want. they won't vote on it because they want to hold onto their own power. it's pathetic. i've had enough. occur, has been an outspoken proponent of gun control measures for years. it is an issue that is very personal for him his father, a university professor in beirut, was assassinated in the 19 eighties . tonight many parents have asked themselves how best to address this tragedy. with their own children, children who will wake up tomorrow, grab their backpacks and head off to school. dr george woods, a psychiatrist and chief scientific officer with crestwood, behavioral health, joins us now to talk more about the impact of today's school shooting. dr woods. what happened in texas is heartbreaking and horrific lives have been forever changed for those who live in that small
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community described the emotional and psychological toll that something of this magnitude can have and how do they move forward? so mike and she was first of all. thank you for having me. i have to tell you that in and watching the intro um, i was overwhelmed myself. um, i was so moved. kathy. amazing carnage and sadness and tragedy. yeah this just with children, particularly is it creates what's called an anticipatory anxiety. um children don't have at their fingertips the ability to develop coping mechanisms and to have coping mechanism. that's what we're for. appearance before. that's what friends and that's what the oldest order a sibling support to model for them. coping mechanisms them through very difficult times to get them to lies. and yet how do
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you develop coping mechanisms and this tragic situations over and over again, and it creates this anticipatory anxiety. anxiety get overwhelmed. dr woods when it comes to approaching this topic for our own children at home for our viewers who have left families, i guess you could say it depends on the age group here and personally i have a nine and a 12 year old. i feel like i can't avoid this topic when it comes to that specific age. what would you say is the difference for me and my wife breaching the topic compared to the risk of them having to go to school tomorrow in hearing it from others from france. no it's always important. it's much like how we think about suicide. it's always important that those that love you talk to you about these issues. it's always important that those that love you tell you and give you the reinsurance that they are doing everything they can to keep you safe. there are always questions can't be
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answered. can you keep me safe there? can you keep me safe? well, i will do everything that i can't because that's who i am . i love you. that's why i'm in your life. doctor would you touched on this? just a moment ago about the coping mechanisms and how to talk to your children explain how children handle trauma differently than adults? children do not have the boxes. they can put the trauma into. um they are still growing. they don't have the coping mechanisms and we all developed. you know, i'm going to take a ride or i'm going to read a book or i'm going to turn the tub. you know, whatever it maybe they don't have those we model them, and so it's important at this time that we model those coping mechanisms. and we've modeled that doesn't love and caring that really they are looking fod violence repeatedly does it begin to sort of have a numbing
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effect? and if so, what is the best thing parents can do to try to deal with something to help their children through something like this? there are two things that you're saying number one. yes repeated. violence does no more, uh more more. our concern is that it creates one of two scenarios. people either overreact, uh, in their lives or their under yet because if they are not taught to act to respond appropriately to these kinds of cues. they made overreacted situations that may not really utilize it mean andrea in various important situations. so again, the family is key. loved ones of key talking with your children about this explained to them that this happened very far away that you are protecting them. that your school is safe.
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uh and, uh and that the next step, of course, is to go to the school and make sure that they have appropriate counseling available. to help your child work through this and we're carefully with and i agree. talking is important, but also as a family just to listen to each other. listen to your children and their feelings and hear them. dr george woods. i appreciate the conversation. thank you. thank you. all right , well, the number of active shooting incidents jumped 52% between 2020 and just last year , according to the fbi's latest report, there were 61 active shooter incidents in the united states last year. the report comes a little more than a week after the racially motivated mass shooting at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, where 10 people were killed. there was also a mass shooting at another grocery store, one in boulder, colorado last year where 10 people were also killed. the fbi says the active shootings last year were all carried out by men . with the exception of one the shootings occurred in 30. different states 103 people were killed. 140 were wounded here in
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the bay area, community leaders are getting ready to mark one year since the vta light rail yard shooting left nine people dead as ktvu mark sayer reports , the san jose city council today proclaimed thursday may 26th as a day of remembrance. like to ask everyone to take a moment of silence place. there was complete silence and bowed heads inside the san jose city council chambers as the city prepares to remember one of the darkest days in its history on may 26th 2021, employee of the wta guadalupe light rail yard opened fire, killing nine of his coworkers before killing himself . 1/10 employee died by suicide several months later. now the city has officially proclaimed the date as a day of remembrance . oh, words that can offer. that will be able to express the profound loss. that we experienced last year. the community of eta was challenged.
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are we rose together. and grew annuity standing with san jose's vice mayor, the president of local 2 65, to which many of the victims belonged, as well as the ceo and general manager of the wta this whole week weighs very heavy on our hearts. caroline kennedy then read the names of those lost lost 10. that day. we lost alex abdi jose. lars michael tim. paul. adrian. tap and then henry and with those 1, really dearly, miss. we've also had the tragedy effect. there's other 90 plus people who are in the yard that day and the other 2000 employees at vt. a the nine victims killed at the yard were all vita employees ranging in age from 29 to 63. they were busting light rail operators, mechanics lineman and an
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assistant superintendent on behalf of our brothers who we lost that day. two nour and remember them is. we're very thankful and appreciative of that. on thursday night, the city hall rotunda will be illuminated in the colors of the wta, white, dark blue and light blue. and while the community will come together to remember, healing will take time. it's gonna take a while, but we will heal. reporting from san jose city hall. i'm mark sayer, ktvu , fox two news. oh yeah, absolutely. they're going to win on thursday when they come home. the warriors hope to clinch the western conference finals tonight in dallas, but they fell short tonight's game and how fans watched here in the bay area next and we have some triple digit heat today a couple of records as well. it's going to be pretty hot tomorrow, but a change coming cooling off. we'll look into that with the five day forecast in just a few minutes, bmx riders protest in the south bay coming up at 10 30 their
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demands to santa clara city leaders as the future of their race track hangs in the balance.
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swee hoping for a sweep against those dallas mavericks, disappointed, though tonight has golden state
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drops game for 1 19 109. the warriors will now come back home for game five in hopes of reaching those nba finals. jason appelbaum joins us now with a look at tonight's game, so okay, what went wrong tonight? well i mean, the mavs played with desperation. their season was on the line, so i think that's number one but also the warriors. you know, they're nearly unbeatable when you know they bring the energy and the focus. but after three straight games of being locked in versus the mavs had a little let down tonight in dallas, and there was a moment of silence prior to the game for the victims of the school shooting, and you've audi texas, which is about 350 miles to the south of dallas, and then they played, and luca dancer went to work for two of his game high. 30 points. stormy weather outside the roof sprung a leak and there was a rain delay inside the arena water cascading down to the floor. put one fan broader umbrella came prepared. owner mark cuban not amused, nearly 20 minute rain delay and
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when they resumed more, don ships, the three over curry and the scowl. he had 14 rebounds, nine assists to go with those 30 points. maps dominated the 2nd and 3rd quarter. this this kind of sums it up for the warriors, draymond at the free throw line , and the ball just sits on the rim total fluke. the mavs led by as many as 29 before the warriors reserves mountain late rally to make it respectable, but dallas wins by 10 warriors still lead the series three games to one, and after the game er talked about having to play basketball game so soon after that horrific school shooting. as a coach. my job is to get the team ready to play. um difficult , um, to sort of keep perspective on a day like today. um but that's you know, that's um. the shock and the and the grief, the anger that's there
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from all of our guys on everybody's mind coming into the game. it's kind of hard. to stay focused on going out and playing basketball, knowing you know what happened, you know in this state and i got kids send them to school every day. drop them off. then you feel for the parents that are. you know, going through what they're going through? i can't even imagine the pain. yeah and you do have to wonder how today's tragedy affected the warriors and the mavs. for that matter. now it's back to san francisco for game five on thursday, and you win that one in the warriors are on to the nba finals for the sixth time in the last eight years, so they will have three more chances at it. up to three more chances. of course, they only want to take one on thursday to get back on the plane and head back to texas. so home fans home court all good. i'll have lots
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more coming up more reaction as well, coming up later in sports, jason thank you. thanks, jason. or thousands of fans packed into thrive city at chase center tonight to watch the game. they were hoping to see a win, but now they will have a chance to see the team win at home. ktvu elissa harrington joins us now live from san francisco with more on tonight's watch party, alyssa. that's right. you know, that's the silver lining, and that's what fans tell me is they feel like it's meant to be that the warriors need to win at home to take this series. i got to tell you, i was here on sunday when the warriors won and thrive city here outside chase center was so loud you had to shout at the person next to you just to have a conversation. tonight it got pretty quiet by the third quarter. this is how the warriors watch party started. sweet baby high hopes for fans, some who brought brooms to thrive city ready for the warriors to sweep the mavericks in the western conference finals
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. i brought my favorite item brew sweeping baby, keep the streets clean. this is how tuesday's watch party ended shock and disappointment as the warriors lost game four. the final score 1 19 to 1. oh nine. think they got ahead too much, and it was hard to catch up a playoff team four games in a row. it's really tight, really, really tough. um so it's disappointing. but you know, we got it. we got through this. the warriors were away in dallas to play the mavericks in game four of the western conference finals . during away games. warriors fans are invited to watch the game in the plaza right outside the arena at chase center. there is a jumbo screen food and entertainment. it's just a great environment. you know, everyone's here is hardcore warriors fan. it's just a nice vibe over here. we saw people in warriors, colors and some spray painted from head to toe, even though game four did not go as fans hope. they still expect to
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see their team in the finals. absolutely they're going to win on thursday when they come home. we know they're gonna handle business next game. i always thought it would be. you know, five games in this series anyway, so go warriors. now we know the next game is at home, but for future watch parties here at thrive city it is first come first serve in this place reaches capacity pretty quick. so if you do plan to watch a game here in the future, you are encouraged to arrive early recording live in san francisco . i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news fans keeping the faith. alright, alyssa. thank you. already it was hot out there today. we did get a couple of records, kent field 9700 and two in livermore, and then we tied a record in gilroy at 97 degrees. it's not gonna be quite as hot tomorrow inland, maybe a couple of degrees cooler, but we're still going to see upper nineties livermore may go 99 tomorrow. look at antioch. today was one. oh one. livermore was one oh two today. 100 santa rosa , 94 san rafael and then cooled off the coast. the fog is not
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there yet. the fog will get there late tomorrow night into the morning on thursday. but we do see milder temperatures at the coast in bay. obviously inland temperatures will stay pretty hot. we'll see a little cooling due to more of a sea breeze tomorrow that red flag warning still, in effect. it's a main impacts. of course, as we talked about last night continue to be this central valley section, but our friends in fairfield and vacaville. you guys are getting picked up with some of those winds. winds haven't really materialized in terms of severe, but there are 25 30 miles an hour at times. that's something to think about. these are the more some more highs from today. he'll bring 99 dublin 97 cooler tomorrow. a couple degrees big cool down thursday. i'll see you back here with all that. all right, bill. thank you for that still to come here, young children now getting their booster shots in the bay area y pediatricians say now is the time to get that third shot fighting in ukraine, now in its third month that continued signs of loss. as ukrainian authorities find hundreds of bodies in a collapsed apartment
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building. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money.
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of russia's invasion of ukraine . united nations is calling it the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in europe since world war two tanks reports from the ground in ukraine, where russian troops are trying to make gains in the east despite strong resistance. russian forces bombarding eastern ukraine today attacking multiple locations in the donbass. ukrainian officials said the strikes killed several civilians and destroyed infrastructure in the donets in luhansk regions. in the city of several donets. thousands of civilians remain as troops move in. we are in a position to provide more security assistance . we are in a position to provide more economic assistance , just as we will continue to impose increasing costs on russia should it not end its war against the ukrainian people in the ukrainian government, moscow shifted its focus to the east after facing stiff resistance around kiev and other big
10:28 pm
cities. russian leaders are defending their progress, claiming the offensive has slowed in an effort to avoid civilian casualties. ceasefires are being declared and humanitarian corridors created in order to get people out of settlements that are surrounded . the fighting here in ukraine is now in its third month. in a sign of the war's toll, ukrainian authorities say 200 bodies were found. in a collapsed apartment building in mariupol, the port city was bombarded for weeks by russian shelling. meanwhile some european officials are now accusing russia of trying to start a global food crisis by deliberately targeting grain warehouses. ports in ukraine russian warships in the black sea blockading ukraine and ships full of wheat and sunflower seeds. this is using hunger and green. to wield power, according to the u. n. some 4000 civilians have been killed during the war . so far, though the true number is believed to be much higher in
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heart tray angst, fox news a protest outside santa clara city council meeting, anticipating the decision that could affect bmx riders a live report from city hall after the break and students recognized 80 years later coming up at 10 45. the east bay school that gave honorary diplomas to people forced into internment camps during world war two and a little bit later tonight, five states hold their primary elections will take a look at some of
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too.
10:31 pm
these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. andt the santa clara city council meeting tonight. they want the city to deny the police activities league control over a bmx track. ktvu lamonica peters is in santa clara with more on tonight's meeting and what's next for that racetrack, lamonica. santa clara city
10:32 pm
council meeting is still in session, but both pal and the writers say they're committed to keeping the racetrack sanctioned , but without a partnership with usa bmx competing here could be in jeopardy. the city council has an opportunity either to you know, i think stick with their mission, which is to try to increase support for the kids, or it's an opportunity to regress it back to probably where it was in the in the late nineties, clara police activities league or powell has been operating this bmx racetrack for nearly 25 years, and on multiple occasions it's been the number one race track in the country. now some writers and their parents are asking the city to allow usa bmx to manage it. we're not allowed to hold events if we can't keep the sanction at santa clara bmx track. and i don't want that for my children because they really love the sport, and it's taking a huge toll on myself and my
10:33 pm
family and i know many other writers as well. we have to travel more than one hour to get to the racetrack because pal doesn't have an agreement with usa bmx santa clara riders can officially qualify for competition on their home track. the racetrack was also shut down last month after powell discovered volunteers. we're not keeping standard accounting practices after obtaining the necessary insurance pal says the track will reopen tuesday. may 31st usa bmx would like to just take the track and fully operated and. paypal does not want to do that. we want to do it the way we've been doing it for the last since 1998 since we've been sanctioned. where we operate the track and they are the sanctioning body just like they do for over 300 other tracks throughout the nation tuesday nights council meeting bmx riders made their case to
10:34 pm
the council in sad. sense they closed the track because i miss racing. i need this track open under us, say beam extinction in order to get myself ready for world and try to make state one again. people on both sides of this debate made their voices heard tonight, but no final decision has been made. so in the meantime, the racetrack will remain a practice facility. julie monica peter is in santa clara for us tonight. thank you. the san francisco unified school district, officially has a new superintendent. first of all congratulations to the board and dr wayne on your selection. um i look forward to working with you. i know you will do a great job. dr matthews. congratulations on your retirement and your just remarkable career in education. the board of education tonight confirmed the appointment of matthew wayne for superintendent
10:35 pm
wayne was selected after a months long search involving more than 60 community engagement sessions and an online survey. he starts the new three year job on july 1st in san francisco. children 5 to 11 years old or getting their covid booster shots. families started booking appointments right after the fda gave the green light for the extra dose. interviews christian captain has more on the recommendation from doctors as cases continue to climb in the city. this walgreens on irving in san francisco's sunset district has become an after school hotspot for families looking for vaccine boosters. just this week. kids ages 5 to 11 are now eligible for a booster shot five months after their second vaccine dose. families in san francisco say they're working out the logistics of getting their kids. this latest dose of vaccine. we just heard that the boosters are out for the five and older, so we're trying to figure out the timing on that one. like you said. it's based on availability and where we can get it. pediatrician dr winchell quark
10:36 pm
says the booster eligibility comes just as covid is surging across the country and in san francisco, with infection rates double the national average. the doctor says. now is the time to get kids boosted if they've already been vaccinated. get them if they're available as soon as you can. that means five months after your second vaccine with the higher covid rate in san francisco, doctor quack says many families have reported that their children have contracted covid. he says the virus is still mutating and that even if kids have been vaccinated and or have caught a breakthrough infection, those kids should still get their boosters. or risk getting sick again. people who said, do or, uh, you know, six last month or two months ago, and so there were more relaxed about not either getting the boosters or even wearing the mask it more cotton sick. so it's still going around. i was also in communication with an e r doctor who said that the focus should still be on making sure that those 65 older get vaccinated and boosted. but our
10:37 pm
pediatrician said with so many intergenerational households, it's important to make sure that kids and adults over 65 get vaccinated. and boosted in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox. two news. california's first case of monkeypox may have been detected in sacramento county. public health officials say they are investigating a suspected case. the individual recently returned from traveling in europe and health officials say they are waiting for confirmation from the cdc, but that the symptoms and preliminary testing do indicate a confirmation of the virus is likely. we have much more on the mass school shooting in new validly, texas coming up at 11, the bay area line force mint agency that says it's increasing patrols at local schools. and we had a couple of record highs today. we'll talk about that. triple digits upper nineties again tomorrow and then a big cool off in the five day and the giants taking on those meds, looking to snap that five game losing streak, jason appelbaum has the highlights coming up in sports. first an assassination
10:38 pm
plot foiled the man authorities say wanted to kill former
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saie georgia governor's race, one of several closely watched primary elections today. on the republican side, incumbent georgia governor brian kemp won the republican nomination for another term. and former football star herschel walker ran away with the republican nomination for us senate on the democratic side voting rights activist stacey abrams won the democratic primary for governor running unopposed. former president donald trump's press secretary, sarah huckabee. sanders easily won the republican primary for governor of arkansas, where her father held the same job for a decade. she will face nuclear engineer and former minister chris jones.
10:41 pm
who won the democratic primary. federal authorities have arrested a man who was allegedly plotting to assassinate former president george w. bush the justice department says shahid ahmad shihab shihab is affiliated with isis. he's in iraqi citizen living in columbus, ohio. authorities say shahab launched the assassination plot in retaliation for iraqi deaths during operation iraqi freedom she hopped allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars for a plan to smuggle iraqi nationals into the country to kill the former president, then smuggled them out across the mexican border. it shows that people would not only try to assassinate my uncle, former president united states but also seek to conduct a spectacular attack. shihab has been charged with an immigration crime and aiding and abetting a murder plot he could face up to 30 years in prison speaker nancy pelosi is pushing back on the decision by the archbishop to
10:42 pm
deny her communion within the archdiocese of san francisco. speaker pelosi says she respects that people have opposing views , but not when they impose them on others. the longtime san francisco democrats says she comes from a large family with many members who oppose abortion. archbishop salvador quarterly, only said he would refuse her communion due to her pro abortion stance as a catholic. still to come tonight. outraged families and activists protest at a bay area jail but they've got to do better. these are our families in their hands coming up after the break the demands from demonstrators who say the conditions at dublin santa rita jail are inhumane, and it was another hot one out there today, triple digits in just a few cities here in the bay area. chief meteorologist bill martin will break down the temperatures. when we come back with that five day forecast.
10:43 pm
i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins.
10:44 pm
now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. (music throughout)
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we can't wait. yeay , some bay area high school graduates were finally recognized tonight, mount diablo high school granted diplomas to students who are forced to leave school when japanese americans were interred during world war two. the schools, ethnic studies teacher and their students worked with an alumna from the class of 1958 to identify 40 former students to receive diplomas, and tonight those
10:46 pm
diplomas were granted to their family members. nice positive emotional experience just to see that, um the kids took it upon themselves to kind of research into what happened and to say, well, this would be a good thing to do since they weren't able to graduate. gail bosch received a diploma for her aunt. and she said the effort makes her feel hopeful for the future outraged over jail conditions in alameda county people today demonstrated in an effort to send a message to county leaders. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us at least 58 inmates have died since 2014 you know ideas. died february 27th 2014 1 by one the names of dozens of inmates who died while at santa rita jail, read aloud. a solemn ritual outside the alameda county administration building in oakland. the message to county
10:47 pm
supervisors. these deaths were needless and preventable. what the heck is going on? how can this be happening when it comes to the jail? there is no supervision leaders and legal advocates called on better jail oversight and ask that the sheriff no longer also serve as corner to avoid any conflict of interest. santa rita jail our county jail paid with our tax dollars, is one of the deadliest jails in california. ktvu analysis shows at least 58 inmates have died at santa rita since 2014 sensitive circumstances. by which the family was notified. one of them was leonard brown, whose suicide in march helped lead to the protest. his family says they were notified of his death until five days later, when a hospital wanted to harvest his organs. i don't think they really need to think about mental health and how to make that work, but they've got to do better. these are our families in their hands . rights attorney yolanda huang says many of her clients told her they've emerged from jail
10:48 pm
worse off. being in santa rita. jail is going to give you mental illness. death that our jail is very concerning we strived zero dust. county sheriff greg ahern says deputies are working with behavioral health and medical staff to improve conditions mitigation programs to try to reduce the number of deaths. uh number of suicides number of natural desk. uh number of assaults are justified in there. outrage into the concerns. alameda county supervisor nate miley says the sheriff needs more resources as well as you try to get more community mental health in place, so folks who are experiencing mental health issues don't end up in santa rita jail. the sheriff tells me some inmates have died of drug overdoses are already in poor health, or i haven't seen a doctor in years, but he agrees that more can and should be done to reduce jailed inmate deaths. at santa rita jail in dublin. henry lee ktvu quarks, two names. alright i mentioned those couple of records we had today.
10:49 pm
one tied record down towards gilroy upper nineties low one hundred's today temperatures tomorrow we very warm to hot but not quite as hot as today. we've got no fog at the gate, but we do have an onshore flow that's going to keep things at the beach is a little bit martin milder, i guess. mid sixties pacifica today. tomorrow they will be in the mid sixties again right along the coast in the avenues, golden gate park, mid sixties upper sixties. and then the fog comes back should be back tomorrow night. these are some more of the highs from today quite a quite a quite an array of numbers on the warmest days we've seen in a while. it's going to be another warm day tomorrow, slightly cooler, so fire danger remains that red flag warning remains. with a with the wind potential for vacaville and fairfield, solano county through tomorrow, and then this southerly surges. they're going to be the mechanism that does significant cooling. thursday so tomorrow very warm day almost as hot as today. thursday is the big drop the big temperature drop in the fire. danger will take a break to right. you get the big temperature drop, you'll see,
10:50 pm
i'm gonna show you the wind model here. and you're gonna see a couple of things. so the heat up and cool down here are the winds right now. those are current. here's the forecast model. we're in the wednesday afternoon. now and again. you look at the contours and you can see. okay there's that north wind. you can see the arrows coming out of the north. and that's the area of concern kind of out towards fairfield and vacaville. not so much conquered , but that red flag warning remains through wednesday morning anyway, and so there could be some issues there and then watch what happens thursday. right there. look at the contours, the winds just shift. come straight on shore. that's your massive cool down. right. it's pretty aggressive wind, too. i think it's pretty breezy on thursday as that wind right the locals through the high building the wind shift and the big takeaway for us is a rapid temperature dump. we're going to lose. 10 to 15. maybe even 20 degrees in some places over what we saw on tuesday or in tomorrow, the forecast highs tomorrow, then lot like today, just slightly cooler along the coast and then much cooler on thursday. nice looking data more
10:51 pm
another hot one. not not really horrible. you know, oakland kind of pleasant 83 tomorrow. uh san francisco president 74. then the five day forecast, obviously no rain to speak of, but this pattern with a big temperature drop on thursday, kind of hovers thursday, friday and saturday and kind of in a mild pattern, which is really harding. heartening to see because again, you don't want two or three days, a big heat like we're saying with big wins and fire danger concerns. you want to kind of one and done and that's kind of what we're getting. i'll see you back here at 11 and we'll update it, bill. thank you. the golden state warriors get down big in game four. but then they make a big comeback in the fourth quarter, but ultimately team tells short, jason's back with the highlights and reaction from players then on the 11 o'clock news. police make an arrest in connection with a sexual assault case at an east bay high school. what we're learning about the suspect.
10:52 pm
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised.
10:53 pm
sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. for controller, yvonne yiu. as an executive at top financial firms, yiu managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, yiu saved taxpayes over $55 millio. finding waste. saving money. yiu is for you.
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onee nba finals. good evening, everybody. the warriors were due for a letdown, and that's what they got against a desperate mavericks team tonight. in game four. stephan wants cano anderson's doing their pre game dance routine after a close first quarter second quarter belonged to lucca dodges in the mavs finished with the game high 30 matches up by 15 break, then storm outside the roof sprung a leak. there was a rain delay inside, fans came prepared mark cuban, not amused at the nearly 20 minute delay when they resumed action more don should more. mavs three over curry. and the scale. he had 14 rebounds, nine assists to go with those 30 points, er bench the starters
10:55 pm
with the mavs up by 29, but no quit in the warriors bench who nearly brought them back moses moody with the three and then jonathan commingle follows suit. as the warriors. they whittle it all the way down to eight, but that's as close as they got with the starters back in is going to drive and dunk to put the maps back up by 10. and then with all eyes on dorian finney smith gets free for the slam. smith had 23 of the mavs as a team hit 23 pointers to just 10 for the warriors. 1 19 109 dallas, forcing the game five back in san francisco. on thursday. defensively. we weren't sharp and i thought we let them kind of get into a groove. and once a team like that gets into a three point groove, it's tough to get him out of it fun. it's a game of adjustments and you got to figure out if you can't do it on
10:56 pm
the fly like you have a game like you had tonight. his next 48 hours to get prepared, come out with another level of focus. all right. it was a crazy night at the ballpark in san francisco . one of the wildest games you'll see with metallica kicking things off. hatfield guitarist kirk hammett playing the national anthem. it was metallica night and a career night for jaak peterson, his first of three home runs into the arcade that breaks a 11 tie . he was just getting started. then in the fifth giants of 62 peterson with a two run shot dead center of former excuse me, former a chris bassett. giants up 8 to 2 mets rallied to take an 11 8 lead in the eighth, but peterson ties it back up with his third home run of the game. three run, splash hit and we are
10:57 pm
tied at 11 peterson had eight rb ninth inning, the mets would take the lead on a sac fly and again it is jaak peterson, tying it back up. unbelievable the r b i single 12 all the next batter is brandon crawford. he's going to send everybody home happy singles to left, darren rough, all gas, no brakes. lightning safe. giants win at 13 12. their five game losing streak is over . how about the aids jed lowry in the eighties, they went back and forth with the mariners tonight in seattle, lowry, breaking the 22 tie with his third home run of the season as the 42 but the murders come back to take a 54 lead when elvis andrus gets ahold of one. that's the second homer of the year and we're tied up at five in the sixth inning, then in the seventh it's andrews again. ripping one to left. the
10:58 pm
mariners kicked the ball around a little bit that allows sean murphy to score all the way from first. andrews ends up at second. win it 7 to 5 to end there. three game losing streak. four hours. wide receiver deebo samuel was a no show for the second straight day of organized team activities, or otas, as they're more commonly referred to today. did they give us our first look? at trey lance as the niners presumptive starting quarterback. lance is entering his second season with the team after the 49ers traded up to take him third overall in last year's draft. in the seven on seven drills, which were open to the media. lance completed 15 of 17 passes so he looks sharp and he declared himself fully recovered from last season's finger injury. nonetheless the finger questions persisted. the middle finger then i mean, i couldn't tell you exactly, but, yeah, it was kind of between that. i mean, it was when your finger doesn't straighten all
10:59 pm
the way. it's hard to finish off that finger. totally if that makes sense. yeah we don't need to talk about anymore. i feel like i'm in a great spot now. okay percent. you don't have to have a procedure, right? no, no, nothing like that. apologize just 111 promise, man. all right. just just let them alone and check this out. we have a new world record for the longest rail ride on skis. this is a thing. it was set by swedish free skier. yes per shot her who , after six years and 127 attempts, 127th try was the charm, not a quitter. no one's gonna accuse him of being a quitter. he smashed the old record by completing a rail. measuring 506 ft. the previous record was 424 ft. so shader he bested it by a full 82. ft congratulations there. congratulations to him. it was quite the rail ride. right, jason. thank you. next at 11. i hope it's not her. you know,
11:00 pm
i've been to the hospital and all the victims here. they did not identify my granddaughter man looking for his missing granddaughter, hoping she is still alive after a gunman opens fire. at an elementary school in the state of texas. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now at least 21 people, mostly young students are dead tonight and what is the deadliest school shooting in texas history? good evening again. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. here is what we know. so far. 19 of the victims are children and two are adults . the shooting happened at rob elementary school in new quality texas, a school with only 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. the gunman has been identified as an 18 year old man. he was shot and killed in a shootout with law enforcement. ktvu jana katsuyama has been following the shooting all day, and she joins us now from the newsroom with the latest on what happened, janna. julie


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