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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 2, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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come to the end of the show. thanks to our friends here at the hotel cafe, of course all of our guests, and we'll send you back to enjoy a little more handsome ghost, and we'll see you soon. down southern
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the snow finally shows up in force, a night of difficult driving and crashes. we have the latest on the storm and the school closings. >> iowa has its moment and offers a few surprises in the race for president. >> opening night of super bowl week while the crowds gathered to hear from the players, our broncos insider goes one on one with peyton manning. >> maybe i hit the fountain of youth in the next couple months and play another 10 years. >> and the broncos are blindsided by an unexpected opponent. 9news starts now. iowa couldn't fire donald trump, but they did not give him the job.
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caucus with cruz first. for the democrats the race is too close to call hillary clinton virtually side with bernie sanders both with vote. clinton has a lead of just four delegates of the hundreds committed. martin o'malley dropped out after a poor showing tonight. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman is in iowa. the snow is going full bore tonight. i-70 has been closed just east of dia all the way to kansas. kathy is standing by and we'll have more on the forecast. we're also keeping an eye on school closings. we just heard from denver public schools. there will be a one hour delay only for schools that normally start at 8:30 a.m. or later. no other major districts in the metro area have announced cancellations for tomorrow at least at this point.
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classes for only the third time since the 1990s. what closings we have so far you'll find on much better weather tonight in san jose, california, where temperatures are in the 50s tonight. super bowl week has kicked off in the bay area. media night was the big event this evening. each team spent an hour answering questions. we'll go out to the west coast in a few minutes. earlier today three of four buses carrying the broncos were in a fender bender coming back after practice. a driver slammed into a police court. it set up a domino effect. the other three buses bumped into each other. no one was hurt. it's coming down hard right now on campus of csu up in fort collin, the winter storm in full force there the last few hours, slick conditions for the drive home turning i-25 into a mess. close to the metro a lot of people are making the smart decision to stay off the roads tonight and the snow is starting to stick unlike
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the morning drive is looking more and more difficult by the hour. kathy sabine is in the weather center with a closer look at the storm. while not overly impressive the snow and ice is accumulating now and gusty winds are creating blowing and drifting east of denver and road closures expected. well over a foot of snow in the foothills already with 5 to 7 of snow across douglas county and in the downtown denver area. colder temperatures, ice and snow is sticking on the roadways and we're monitoring the wind out east for potential blizzard conditions. winter weather travel advisories extend across 12 states, a severe weather threat east of us with heavy snow bands wrapping back in from the east toward the west over denver, took all day to get that easterly wind flow going and now it's here and the heaviest snow is falling west of i-25 and east of limon and a gate where additional accumulation amounts are in the
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advisories continue for the northern mountains into the early morning hours as well and your earl morning commute will be problematic with about 4 inches of snow on the ground now and another 4 to 6 by early tomorrow morning. roads will be icy, snowpacked and slick. we do expect things to really improve as early as 9 a.m., but outside now you can't even see the lames and what wind we do have is -- lanes and what wind we do have is creating blowing and drifting in the city. bitter cold temperatures heading out the door tomorrow and coming up in our main weather segment we'll detail the overnight snow forecast and talk about the clearing skies tuesday, look ahead to a warmer weekend forecast and then a forecast for a little football game coming up sunday. >> heard something about that. thanks. roads are slippery and snowpacked. around 5:30 this evening seven cars collided on parker road near c-470 in parker. four people went to the hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. 9news reporter victoria sanchez was at that scene and is now in
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center on i-25 looking at road conditions. victoria? >> reporter: hi, adele. orchard road. the roads are snowpacked and slushy in some spots. the same for c-470 which we just got off of, but luckily there are not a whole lot of people on the road. we'll keep an eye on it and waiting for the snowplow to come through i-25 north bound. back to you. >> all right. thanks. iowa's caucuses do not mean much if you ask the candidates who lose. the iowa caucuses are key if you ask the candidates who win. ted cruz outperformed expectations tonight, credit perhaps to his strong field operations. the traditional approach was shunned by donald trump who failed to perform as expected. marco rubio finished third. you'd think he won. it's the expectations game and he beat them by a mile. on the democratic side it's as close as it could get to a 50/50 split, hillary clinton with a slim lead over bernie sanders leading him by four
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there, martin o'malley with a very disappointing finish. our brandon rittiman is in iowa tonight and we are beginning to hear from the winners and the losers. >> reporter: absolutely, kyle. you mentioned o'malley, he dropped out tonight. so it literally is just a two- person race for the democrats now as we head into the next states. bernie sanders is pulling way ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. him walking out of here with what he called a virtual tie really set him up to be a viable candidate heading into both nevada and south carolina and eventually colorado. today. let's hear a little bit from hillary clinton who declared victory and bernie sanders who declared it a virtual tie. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat
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the hell they throw up there. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! [ cheering and applause ] >> i want you to know i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will keep standing up for you. >> we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] >> and tonight while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: okay. so a little bit of a cross wire on the soundbites, but we did get to the ones on the democratic side of the ledger.
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virtual tie as good as a win for him heading out of 0 with and then yes, on the -- of iowa and then yes, on the republican side all three candidates coming out swinging saying we are viable go with me, ted cruz finishing first, donald trump finishing second and, of course, we're rounding out the field after that. so we're headed into colorado where we've got very competitive races on both sides of the ticket. of course, we talked about this in the past, kyle, when we get to the colorado caucuses one month away from today, the republicans won't be choosing a winner. the state republican party in colorado opted not to have a presidential preference poll. so they will pick delegates. that is going to lead to delegates that will eventually go to the national convention for the republicans, but on the democratic side there will be high stakes heading into colorado as long as things stay as close as they looked in iowa tonight.
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that could make colorado a potential kingmaker if there is a contested convention and if the nominees wrapped up by then, i suppose we don't get a say this year at least as the republicans of our state do not. brandon rittiman in iowa for us tonight. thank you. for the first time ever super bowl week started with a primetime event. super bowl media day was a three hour party with the teams taking questions from hundreds of reporters. fans paid more than $25 just to get inside the arena in san jose to watch it. the biggest interview may not have happened in that room. 9news reporter rod mackey joins us from the bay area with that. rod? >> reporter: that's right, adele. we were at opening night what they're calling media nowadays, but with so many cameras and so many reporters we wanted to see how inside broncos insider mike klis could actually get and he got peyton manning all by his lonesome. >> he's going to play till his 70.
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maybe i hit the fountain of youth in the next couple months and play another 10 years, but in case it's the last time i play a championship, this could be, no definite and something about telling them man to man, it wasn't planned. it was reactionary. you media folks are all over the field. you barely have time to move or talk to anybody. so i just took the time to tell those guys it was what i felt at that particular time. >> now all of the broncos were available and all did answer questions, but most of those questions were about peyton. >> he's never been a distraction, any of that stuff that's went on with him. he's a pro. he handles all this stuff. it really hasn't even been any talk about it. we've just been staying in the moment and doing what we do and playing our game. >> and it's a game that miller
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and for demarcus ware and selfishly for himself and it would be way lot better for us well. almost everybody is rooting for the broncos. >> i think a lot of us are going peyton manning at quarterback at age 50, trying tone vision that one. thanks, rod. there is new information about the weekend shooting involving bikers at the den coliseum. >> -- denver coliseum. >> crash after crash in the snow, we're talking to the the roads. >> kathy is back with the
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the department of corrections says 33-year-old derrick duran was involved in a shooting at the denver coliseum that left 1 man dead and several others hurt. the agency said duran is the corrections officer at the denver complex who has been on the job since may, 2012. saturday afternoon denver police say a fight broke out
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the iron order and the mongols. an attorney for the mongols says he believes duran is the shooter. he claims that photo was taken of duran moments before the shooting. duran is on administrative leave with pay. he was placed on an investigative hold saturday for first degree assault and released of denver police say they have not made a formal arrest. this morning i-25 and highway 287 were roads in northern colorado. they became nothing more than snowy trails by day's end, crash after crash reported up there. 9news reporter steve seager checks in with the drivers who headed out when the rest of us stayed in. >> reporter: i want to give you a quick update of what the conditions are like in den. you can tell pretty well from this brick wall behind me about 4 inches on the ground. we will admit since we were out here at 9:00, the snow has really picked up and actually speer boulevard has a little bit more snow. the cars going by are moving
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now cdot drivers are now on 12 hour shifts called snow shifts and we were at cdot's garage in aurora right when the 3:00 shift started. we hit the road with jorge fernandez on the 3:00 to 3:00 shift. his route takes him along gun club road in aurora. he sees everything out there on the roads including all the accidents and he also has to deal with those drivers who don't want to play nice or don't know how to drive around plows. we asked him what he wishes drivers would or wouldn't do when they are near his plow. >> don't try to pass the trucks. if you are going to let us know, very careful because there was a lot of times there's a lot of ice. >> reporter: you heard him there. don't pass the plow. he also says just because you have a 4 by 4 car with four wheel drive does not mean you can treat conditions like this like there's no snow on the ground. be careful with that. if you were wondering where any of the snowplows are, cdot has
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we have a link to it on kathy, i'm trying very hard to resist the urge not to be a kid and go build a snowman right now. >> at least make a snow angel. you make those so well and i'm sure you've noticed since we were out here last hour the wind has really picked up creating the swirling and blowing snow out here and temperatures are starting to fall outside as steve mentioned. roads are icy and snowpacked, visibility reduced. looking at the four snow models all in alignment with about 4 to 8 inches of additional accumulation by 9:00 tomorrow morning when the storm winds down. i expect we won't see more than 6 in the city with the heaviest snow bands shifting to the east. the areas in yellow is where we anticipate the heaviest snow to fall. once the storm exits colorado tomorrow morning, it will become an ice storm for our neighbors to east. the yellow and orange is a forecast for 8 to 10 inches of snow. some of that will fall as ice off to the east.
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of some of the heavier snow as we see wrap-around moisture bands come around this center of circulation where temperatures in southeastern colorado were fairly mild today and a lot of snow initially mentalling, just wet and sloppy early on -- melting, just wet and sloppy early on but not now. 22 degrees in the backyard, radar showing the bands wrapping back in from the southeast up against the front range foothills with the heavier snow band west along i i-25. bands coming up from the southeast pushing back towards the northwest, but on the eastern plains out toward fort morgan we're getting reports of gusty winds, blowing snow and 3 to 4-foot drifts, so travel not advised on eastbound i-70 tonight, many road closures that way already, i-76 becoming problematic as well. denver remains under a winter
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winter weather advisories out for 1/2 a foot of snow across the northwest plateau. the avalanche danger is increasing with all the heavy snow and wind tonight. storm is a rapid mover heading east creating severe weather outside cincinnati and down to atlanta tomorrow accident backside of it northwest flow will cut off the snow moving drier air starting to work in by 9 a.m. overnight tonight the heavier snow bands push into denver and shift east gradually. you will have icy and snowpacked roadways, 4 to 5 inches of snow on the ground. we'll double that number by the time you head out. we get some afternoon clearing, a cold night tomorrow, darker purple areas where the heavier snow bands are lifting from the southeast coming back in. 4:30 a.m. a slow drive, maybe some school delays, business delays. it's going to take some time to catch up on the roads. things will rapidly improve tomorrow. this system does not linger. lows single digits in mountains, teens on the plains
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with the potential for blizzard tonight. the gusty northwest wind will make it feel a whole lot colder than the fahrenheit numbers. we remain under a winter storm warning until noon tomorrow in denver with a total of 4 additional inch of accumulation, snow understanding midmorning, clearing by midafternoon -- midafternoon. unsettled on the backside of the storm a few flurries wednesday into thursday, a high 51 saturday. we cool off here on sunday. after tomorrow this is really our main storm system that we're dealing with here for the next nine days. let's look at santa clara, sunshine, 71 for the super bowl. now that is what we hope a winning forecast and hard to imagine 701 when man, this weather is just for the birds, isn't it? >> see what you did there. >> i did. >> thanks, kathy.
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show how broncos fans show their fried. we invite you to share your -- pride. we invite you to share your videos with us and other fans. today's challenge, pets cheering on their home team. tomorrow we'd like to see your kids' cheers. you can send your videos to
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hi, everybody. super bowl l is now tied. the broncos took an early lead by arriving in california first yesterday and then this evening at the first ever super bowl opening night event both teams were introduced. broncos looked a little board and serious. panthers seemed much looser goofing around and having fun enjoying the moment. so we're all tied at 1 high pressure 1, a close game -- 1- 1, a close game as the broncos like it and we're live, 9news reporter rod mackey is live at the hotel in santa clara. hi, rod. >> reporter: we're here with 53 broncos players plus the practice squad and injured players. as you can imagine, most of the attention was paid to bayton, -- peyton, no. 18 answering all of the
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>> it's special. it's certainly an honor to be here once again. this team is honored to be here. i feel like i have a good understanding of the significance playing in the 50th super bowl. this is a unique and special opportunity and obviously we want to take advantage of it. >> reporter: aaron, you and i were among the many reporters out there, but you had a little help. >> reporter: yeah. if you can't beat them, join them, right? the media day notoriously brings out some of the weirdest and whacky things you'll ever see in front of professional athletes. we thought it was a perfect opportunity for our correspondent to go out into the field. he not awaring the usual red, white and blue this time when he covered the world -- wearing the usual red, white and blue this time when he covered the world couple for us. he tried to find something more appropriate this time.
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so tell me about leading up to this game we're united in orange. now excited are you to put that broncos orange jersey on sunday? >> i'm not wearing orange, bro. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> you're trying to get me. i'm wearing white. >> reporter: you brought the wrong suit. >> still matching. >> reporter: no, no! >> why are you orange? >> reporter: that's what i'm asking myself. i thought we were wearing orange on sunday. >> nope. do you not keep up with our record in the super bowl? >> reporter: tell me about it. >> i believe we're undefeated when we wear white and we lose when we wear orange. >> reporter: i look like an idiot. >> i would agree. >> reporter: i brought 1 suit and come out here and find out you're wearing white. >> you got to keep up, man.
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>> reporter: crazy outfit, right? you're not wearing orange. you got it wrong, too, pal. united in orange, not united in white. >> that's okay, man. you got enough orange on for us. >> that guy sounded like somebody, but i can't put my finger on it. anyway we're putting him on the first flight back to denver. we're done with him. >> 7 a.m. flight, drew. we told him you'd pick him up. >> no problem. nuggets beat the hottest team in the nba tonight. nugs snapped the raptors 11 game winning streak. nuggies win 112-93. final night of the all-star break for the avalanche, chicago blackhawks coming to town tomorrow. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton answered hundreds of questions tonight but none more important than
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>> it's super bowl l. the mantra of the super bowl is black and gold. what i had in my closet was extremely limited. >> cam had no choice. it wasn't that he wanted to wear those pants. he had no choice. it was the only black and gold that he had.
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