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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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inches on the ground at dia, still fewer than yesterday. 11 inches is more than we usually see for the entire month of february and we are just 2 days in. next comes the cold. meteorologist kathy sabine joins us, there won't be a lot of melting the next few days. >> no, but at least it will be sunny and we don't have additional snow expected. the snow and ice on the roadways is causing people to slow dune a bit-- down a bit, probably a good thing. the winds have eased on the eastern plains, there are reports of 2-4 foot drifts and we had 11.3 inches of snow the last 24-36 hours at dia, a 2-day snow record for february 1 and 2nd, anyone 11-20 across douglas, genessee, evergreen, conifer, with temperatures in the single digits. the snow and ice will compact and won't go anywhere soon. the storm system is east of us
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wind createing the potential for blizzard conditions east of north platte and haze, concerns for high avalanche danger in the central and southern mountains with the snow and wind. we have the heavy snow pwind heading for the-- and wind heading for the northwest, severe weather, the threat of tornados, hail, and heavy rain will create travel delays outside memphis and atlanta tonight and tomorrow. skies are clearing, no coming to an end, just really cold tonight. you can see people going pretty slow out there right now as the roads remain icy and snow packed and the snow really piled up on the side streets. the plows haven't gotten there. it will allow for extra time here. temperatures will continue mid teens and lower 20s for now and drop into the single digits overnight. adele, we have sunshine tomorrow but we won't get above freezing. we do have 50s in the forecast later in the week and will talk about the california forecast for the little football game. >> we are jealous because it has
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even with that storm gone, freezing temperatures and snow-packed roads are still making life sub-awesome tonight. the commute is not as bad as expected. drivers are taking it fairly slow except the one camera we take live, those people are zooming making us look like fools. with schools closed we noticed fewer cars on the road. westbound i-70 from canss border opened. eastbound-- kansas border opened. denver public works says residential snow plows made one pass on every side street in the city. denver deployed 80 plows covering more than 1,000 miles of city streets. a spokesperson says the plows are designed to take off it top layer of snow, not down to the pavement. some spots did not meet the threshold of 12 inches the city decided to use the plows anyway.
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inches, maybe didn't reach the 12 mark but we have a lot of wind which caused drifting. today was an appropriate day to put them out. >> public works says deploying the plows costs $50,000 in overtime costs. in this case, there wasn't any ot because all the work was done regular 8-hour shifts. the postal service is asking for your help to make life easier for mail carriers, asking to clear the snow and ice around mail boxs and slots. it simply makes it safer and easier for carriers to deliver your mail. january was a particularly deadly month for avalanches across the west. february is starting similar form. 2 days in a roeshthers foegs forecasters issued new-- forecasters issued new warnings. >> as coloradoans dig out, a warning from the colorado avalanche information center. >> this is a fair ly major storm
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subsequently we are seeing a lot of avalanche activity. >> deputy director brian lazar says a massive amount of snow during the past 48 hours is creating new concerns. >> any storm that drops 3-4 feet of snow in a 2-3 day period is a big event for colorado. >> that is because all the new pack. lazar says this week's storm all but guarantees dozens of avalanches, particularly through the central and southern mountains. >> just the snowfall alone is triggering avalanche tz. >> last month was the deadliest for avalanches since 2008 after 12 were killed. 9 occurred in a 10-day period. >> the snow pack can adjust to change but it needs time, and so any time you get a really big and rapid load, you need to give the snow pack a few days at least to adjust. >> even then the level of danger rill stay high. lazar says just because a warning has expired doesn't mean
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>> we ease out of conditions like that. we will go from very dangerous to slightly less dangerous. >> in denver, nick mcgill, 9 news. >> lazar told nick it is possible the current avalanche warning could be lifted in the next day or 2 but it might take a few more days before the mountain snow pack adjusts. jefferson county is hoping to increase the reward for the person that shot an off-duty person, 2 tried to rob marquez in the parking lot of his girlfriend's apartment. it turned into a shoot out. marquez was shot and is in the hospital. he returned fire and hit a suspect in the leg, a juvenile younger than 18 and in custody. the second suspect remains on the loose and they are looking for leads. the reward for information is now $8,000. call crime stoppers if you can help. a vote so close we had to wait until the day after to learn that hillary clinton won the iowa democrat caucuses. state party aphyllouss say it was the closest race in the
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democrat party said it would not do any recount of the results by how close they were. spokesperson said they won't challenge the result. race for the white house now moves to new hampshire, a week from today the first of the nation primary. clinton and cruz are celebrating but sanders who leads back in new hampshire and rubio might be riding the momentum after the stronger than expected showings in iowa. a young broncos fans get a surprise. we got to tour a place many broncos fans won't see. they said "i do" to each other, this super bowl sunday
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chances are this snaeks story is-- next story is as close as you get to livei stadium unless you have thousands in your pocket. the home of super bowl 50, the only time people are being let in to take a look around and take pictures and video. a lot of people working to get ready for the game. score boards tested, we saw it at 37-37, 90 minutes left in the clock. no sign of the dual broncos logo on both ends of the field. we saw a panthers painted football. nobody would talk about the mistake. as for the grass on the field, it is a hybrid bermuda over seeded with perennial rag grass, mowing is daily at 3/4 of an inch. it kept commercial watering to a minimum during the drought.
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hospital colorado brought the broncos spirit to patients. a broncos pep rally, drum line, cheerleader. daniel is battling cancer and created a video called "go, broncos, go." they are making him the ambassador, going to the super bowl with his dad. for one couple going to the super bowl from colorado, it will be a celebration no matter what the game's outscome. 9 news reporter victoria sanchez explains. >> reporter: in the small town of bellevue, foothills west of fort collins, things move a little slow. it is not unusual to wait years for things to happen. >> you just wonder if you will ever get the opportunity to go. >> dennis and judy became bronco season ticket holders 2 weeks after saying "i do" in 1970. 3 kids and hundreds of home games later, they are headd to
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time to cheer on their favorite team. >> i check my e mails and go, got one from the broncos. i open it and it says congratulations, your season ticket account was selected. >> hours after the broncos peat the patriots in the afc championship game, judy told tennis they were headed for california. >> allows you to purchase 2 tickets for super bowl 50. >> going to the game would make it special for any fan but it extra special for the brewbakers. >> our anniversary is the day of the super bowl. >> they will celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary in the most romantic way possible. >> i will buy her a beer and a hot dog. >> the best gift would be another super bowl win. >> we love peyton manning and hoping for the cinderella story for him, because it has been one for us. >> 46 years in the making. in bellevue, victoria sanchez, 9 news. >> judy and dennis are driving
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morning for what could be a once in a lifetime anniversary road trip. >> hope they get a nice surprise. >> well, may not be a surprise. they may be counting on it. temperatures already in the teens out there. >> and they are only going down from there.
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today was a snow day for thousands of students out of school and parents off work. ruby hill was a popular place for fun in the snow. dozens packed the hill to enjoy the fresh powder on sleds and tubes. >> hi, there, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. just looking around at all the heavy snow, things are calm and quiet and you can feel the temperatures are starting to drop. taking a look at the roadways around the area, the cloud ceiling beginning to lift but the roads are icy and snow packs. temperatures today half of what they typically are this time of year. average is 44 for denver and it getting colder. the low this morning quite cold and single digits tonight. at the airport this hour, 20 degrees, winds northwest at 8, that creates a wind chill of 10. calm winds in the backyard, 18 degrees outside the studio and
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drier air work in as the storm tracks off to the east. so far almost a foot of snow with the 2-day storm event. the average for february is about 8. we are off to a mighty good start. but we are headed into march and april, before we know it 2 of the snowier months. they may be a trend with the el nino system. low pressure is rotating into the midwest where gusty winds are creating winter storm warning areas and blizzard conditions east of the north platte area and ahead of it, a line of storms that could produce rotation and we may be looking at hail and funnel clouds outside memphis and st. louis. there will be airport delays in indianapolis, chicago, cincinnati, those headd to jackson and atlanta will deal with heavy rain. a complex storm system on the move but it will affect half of the nation. and that is where all the winter weather and travel advisories are. drier northwest flow is coming on the back side of this system. that means we will have more
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little ripple in the atmosphere that leaves a few flurries possible later in the week. heavy snow tapering north to south. concerns for avalanche danger. lots of sunshine tomorrow but not much of a warm up. we have sloernt low temperatures tonight-- overnight low temperatures tonight with lows in the mountains well below zero. chilly in the high country tomorrow. great skiing and snowboarding with 1-2 feet recorded. highs in the 20s unless you are in the foothills where you may not get to 20 tomorrow with all the snow you have in the front yard. in the denver metro area for tonight we have snow ending, clearing skies, light winds and a low of 6 which is where we start tomorrow. temperatures, low 20s in the early afternoon, below freezing late in the day. it is just not all that warm and another little ripple coming in will keep us below average with a few flurries thursday into friday. spike to 50 on saturday and another storm and chance for
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get a chance to melt off some of the snow and ice. no snow and ice in california for the super bowl. the forecast calling for highs in the lower 70s. beautiful conditions for our guys. everybody in the state getting excited about the big broncos game. kind of the dog days of winter, if you will. although this cat, i think maybe changed its mind about going outside. that is a lot of snow. hi, everybody, if you close your eyes and try to visualize what is going to happen in super bowl 50, what does it look like? the broncos are keeping their peepers wide open for now. in fact most of them are snapping pictures and taking videos of every moment. but late at night when it is quiet and nobody is around-- >> thinking about my coaches, my teammates, seeing everybody smiling, a lot of flashes, going to be a great day. >> like i have this vision of the confetti falling, going and
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getting pictures of that moment because that is geing to be one of the best-- going to be one of the best pictures of my life. >> and now i am visualizing 9 news sports reporter rod mackey live at the broncos team hotel in santa clara. hey, rod. >> reporter: like that, here i am. super bowl 50 may match the broncos and the panthers, but as so often happens in super bowls and in football, we tend to talk about the individual match up's like the quarterback battle. take cam newton, he has a reputation as a runner. peyton, though, he shows he can move as well. that famous, infamous, 12-yard run by number 18, the most impressive of his career. >> i doubt i will get to run that much on sunday because of the 12-yard run i had against new england. it was a good chance carolina may send somebody to spy me, whether they drop somebody to,
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i think we will find out early in the first third down whether they have somebody spy me like other quarterbacks. >> reporter: aaron matas joins us and despite what peyton said i am guessing cam will be the only one we see run. >> he will run. he will throw, and cam newton will celebrate. newton often crit icized for his on the field dancing but there is a simple way to keep him from busting a move. >> turn his mic off. >> what some see as just having fun, others view as arrogance. >> when they see more of me, i need not, you know, have to explain myself. >> there is one word to describe cam newton's season. >> he has been awesome. he has been awesome. >> but for some reason the likely mvp takes eat for having a good time. -- heat for having a good time. >> dancing, making big plays, i do the same thing. if i was a quarterback i would
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>> i am not breaking any bones, i am not doing anything that may physically hurt them. i am just doing something that i love to do. i am happy. >> why can't cam carry himself more like, well, peyton? >> i don't run any touchdowns, for one thing. if i ran a touchdown, i promise if i run a touchdown on sunday i will celebrate. i can assure you of that. >> as a whole, the broncos have no problem with newton dancing. >> go ahead. we will just do our best to make sure he is not doing it sunday. >> they just don't want to see it again this season. >> don't want him to celebrate? don't let him score. >> reporter: first of all, i don't get it. i don't know why people don't enjoy watching someone enjoy playing the game. i agree with the broncos, don't want to see him celebrate, don't give him anything to celebrate for. >> reporter: you would think von
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cam was the one and only player picked before him in 2011. von says he is his second favorite guy. 18 is number 1, as he is with us and all bronco fans. we have much more coming up at 7:00 to 8:00, broncos tonight special edition, we will see you then. drew, back to you. >> thanks, rod. i am joy watching him play. obviously don't want him to have too much fun sunday but i think newtson great for the game. his celebrations and his fun and joy seem a little forced to me, unlike magic johnson who was pure natural happiness, i don't understand that comparison but he is good for the game, for sure. >> you wonder if you are watching a brand. >> yes, that is what i am trying to say. >> but it is a nice brand. >> you bet. why not? >> fun to see manning dancing in the end zone. >> yeah, right.
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>> that is stocks took a tumble as prices for crude oil and natural gas fell. dow fell triple digits, just shy of 300 points.
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snow is done, cold settles in for a few days. we drop to single digits tonight, where we start tomorrow morning, meaning some roads will be icy and snow packed and some of the side streets that the
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lot of snow. it surprises you when you pull in, hello. moving into 30s midweek but maybe a few flurries thursday. saturday is amazing. next storm is saturday into sunday. then melt off the snow, temperatures mid 50s close to 60 degrees. >> could have had the super bowl here after all. >> yes. >> there is the dice on that one.
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all hail to clooney. george and take "e.t" inside their old ho date night. arriving in style, amal's recycled wedding look. plus co-star's channing tatum's next role, dirty dancing live? >> i'll totally play baby. you don't put channing in a corn
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