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tv   9 News at Noon  KUSA  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this is 9news. good afternoon, everybody. we start with breaking news and this is in westminster. police there are currently looking for two carjacking suspects, a man and woman. they stole a car using a car earlier today at 93rd and sheridan in westminster, happened around 10:30 this morning. the two suspects took off in a 2002 tan toyota avalon, the screen. a man and a woman stole this are dangerous. if anyone sees them, please call 911 right away. tricky travel in the boulder area. look at thighs side roads and people trying on get across them and through them. still snowy out there because it's so cold, nothing is going to helt for a while. and it's really just not in boulder this is happening where you live, i'm sure it's like this as well. so when can we expect some
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winds to stop too, that's what is an issue today. danielle grant is joining us from the back yard. >> bright blue skies, lots of sunshine, it's been nice to see but, gosh, the winds are picking up again in the back. i think it's going to be worse in and around the front range, foothills and out to the high country too. you can see right now over looking downtown denver, just beautiful, bright, blue skies, a couple of clouds overhead, gorgeous with this fresh coat of snow on the ground. this is what i'm talking about with those winds, 18-mile-per- hour gusts up in the northwest in boulder, 17 in broomfield, we are in that 20-mile-per-hour range from nederland south towards better berthid pass. 27 in longmont, up in the foothills about two below, what it feels like when you step out
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tabernash. a couple of flurries coming in with the northwest flow. weak disturbance, our storm system that brought this big time winter weather to our back yard is now plowing parts of the mid-atlantic states, severe weather with a little bit of snow into new england. rest of the evening, stay in the 20s, little bit of sunshine for that evening drive and we are tracking a cold afternoon but i have a slow little warmup in store and of course we will look ahead to the weekend. 9news reporter noel brennan, he was out in boulder today looking at the snowy side roads out there. he took his gopro along with him and he filed this report. >> reporter: the city of boulder is digging out after getting about 16.8 inches of snow from sunday night into tuesday morning. i want to show you what the side streets look like as a car here turns onto 8th street from pearl. you can see that this just totally is ice, much of the snow has been cleared away, but this is really slick out here.
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just like this. want to walk you over here and show you pearl, though, this is a little bit different as far as conditions go. there's quite a bit of snow left in the center of the road. it seems like all the snow has kind of gathered there, also it's just kind of slushy and underneath that slush is certainly some ice. so this is what folks out in boulder are dealing with this morning, it's kind of chilly out here as well but you know what? it's a beautiful day and at least the snow has stopped falling. >> noel, thank you. looks cold out there too, doesn't it? many sidewalks are still snow covered and be careful if you are heading out there today. now, our storm system turned really bad as it moves eastward. there were tornados that tore across south yesterday destroying homes and damaging schools in the midwest there was a blizzard that created all sorts of whiteout conditions and shut down major highways and schools. that system impacted about tens
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here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: face to face with a monster tornado, storm lives. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: the twister hopscotching through a neighborhood and college campus in rural alabama, while in collinsville, mississippi a direct hit, a neighborhood decimated, two dozen homes damaged or destroyed. the first baptist church next door ripped in half. >> you can see the complete devastation of our church. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: while pastor wade ricks and his family were still inside. >> my wife and i and my son came over to the church because we have cinder block walls and found a room and got under the desk and within seconds stuff started falling everywhere. >> reporter: more than a dozen tornados reported in the south, part of a massive winter storm that also pummeled the midwest and plains with heavy snow and
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millions of americans in the storm's path, some losing everything but the clothes on their backs. others nearly losing it all. national weather service forecasters will be out here later today to survey the damage, as will the pastor and his family and the people who live in the neighborhood behind the church to pick up the pieces where there are any pieces left to pick up. jacob rascon, nbc news, collinsville, mississippi. >> jacob, thank you. the teenaged driver charged with hitting a broomfield high school student in 2014 pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. the teen is not being identified because he was a minor at the time. but it was 16-year-old chad britton who was struck in the school's parking lot and he died at the hospital the very next day. investigators say the driver had been smoking marijuana before he got behind the wheel. bill cosby may learn more today about his fate when it
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against him in philadelphia. he's back in a pennsylvania court today for a second day of his bid to get this case thrown out. at issue is an unwritten promise of immunity that a previous d.a. says he gave cosby's now dead lawyer and that was a decade ago. cosby is accused of drugging and violating andrea constand while she was an employee at temple university in 2004. and now to the story that's on all of our minds, orange and blue, right? the super bowl is just four days away now. earlier this morning peyton manning spoke to reporters and one of them asked if he's thinking about the super bowl loss from two years ago and if it's affecting him going into sunday's game. >> so i was honored to be a part of that team and i just don't get into making comparisons. it was a real privilege to be a part of that team just like it's an honor and privilege to be a part of this team, gary kubiak has led us to this opportunity and being a
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not take it for granted. >> and peyton also said he doesn't take for grant it the leadership of pat bowlen who is not with the team as he is getting cared for alzheimer's. >> i know he'll be a lot on the players' and coaches' minds and in our hearts and there's no reason -- there's no way that any of us would be in this position today without the support and the role that, you know, pat bowlen has done as an owner and we are trying to do our part to honor him. >> for more on the team as they get ready for super bowl 50, stay with 9news for a special broncos huddle tonight between 7:00 and 8:00 right here on 9news. did you know the cdc is now urging young women to avoid all alcohol unless they are using birth control? we will tell you why. also there's new information regarding the zika
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the past couple of days have been chilly out there, gray and snowy, so it's nice to see some sunshine. it still is certainly cold outside across colorado, up in the mountains, the winds picking up and we are seeing just a little bit of light snowfall still coming down especially out there towards steamboat springs. our live camera, usually we get a great view of the mountain, not the case today. they are tacking on just a little bit more snow.
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everywhere you see in orange, northern and southern mountains down towards the san juans and toward the central mountains, high avalanche danger. keep that in mind if you're going to be going up, enjoying some of the fresh powder. bright blue sky sitting over much of the city and a good coat of white in the forefront too. the winds picking up in boulder and broomfield into the teens, 29-mile-per-hour gust in black hawk, loveland pass at fry miles per hour and further up to the north towards cheyenne, 25-mile-per-hour speeds and you can see along i80 a blustery one into nebraska. that's where we have a ground blizzard warning through tomorrow. i think the worst of the wind actually arrived later on tonight so if you have any friends, family doing road trips it's going to be a messy one up there. 26 right now out of the airport but with the northwesterly winds, it's making it feel more like 16 here in the 9 back yard, you can see our temperatures coming in about 22, sunshine, looks good, it doesn't feel good out here. it's cold. on hd doppler 9 i have been tracking what's been going on
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what's been going on with the winds as well. like i said, 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning, that's when i anticipate the worst of it basically from idaho springs north to the red side of the lakes and further up towards southern wyoming. we will have an occasional gust, 1520-mile-per-hour speeds around the metro area but that will be about it. quiet around here. not the case as our storm tracker system is plowing into parts -- as our strong storm system is plowing into north carolina and bringing a little bit of snowfall to maine. right now a couple snow showers dotting the horizon in the mountains. some will continue off and on throughout the remainder of the afternoon. overnight look for clear skies and cold temperatures. by 6:00 tomorrow morning you will wake up wall-to-wall sunshine, it's gorgeous, however, things quickly change as we get another little short wave drops into the state producing a little bit of light snow for the northwestern side of the state and then by 5:00 we will be looking at an increase to the clouds for eastern colorado. high temperatures today making their way into the low 30s but it won't feel like that with
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in frisco and about 17 in -- tonight eight, look for mostly out there and tomorrow temperatures a hair warmer, cool things off with a few more flurries friday, a warmup, quote/unquote, on saturday, back to the mid-50s and it should be a snowy one on sunday, a great day to stay inside and watch the super bowl.
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should avoid alcohol unless they are using contraception, which is the newest recommendation from federal health officials. it's a move to reduce the number of babies who are born with fetal alcohol syndrome. officials say it's because most women don't realize they are expecting until after the first couple of weeks during which time they could be drinking. there's also other research out today that suggests kids may struggle more in school when they have a parent with depression. the study included more than a million children and it showed that having a depressed mother or father at any time during a child's life was linked to poor school performance around the age of 16. and the most significant impact was among girl whose mothers have been diagnosed with depression. remember researchers now investigating the possibility that zika virus can be spread through sexual contact this as new -- here is 9news reporter tarhonda thomas. >> reporter: there still hasn't been any zika cases that
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country has had 30 cases of zika but they all involved people who traveled to other countries. the zika virus has popped up in more than 20 countries and now the world health organization says this is an international emergency. from haiti to japan, the zika virus is causing concern around the world. >> we need coordinated international response to make sure that we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: the question, why is the virus spreading so rapidly? in honduras alone, there have been nearly 3500 new cases. that country has declared a state of emergency ordering government workers to fumigate houses trying to kill the mosquitoes that carry the virus. sikhs is primarily -- zika is primarily spread through mosquitoes but new concerns it could be sexually transmitted. officials in dallas are investigating a case where it seems like that happened when a person who got zika in another country came home. >> and that individual's sexual partner then developed zika without a travel history.
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both individuals do have recent zika infection. >> reporter: in brazil zika is now classified as a public health emergency. the virus has been linked to 4000 cases of babies born with brain damage there. that's why pregnant women are warned not to travel to countries where zika is spreading. >> i would suggest to have an open conversation with the ob, i'm pregnant now, what do we need to do to monitor the baby's progress? >> reporter: there are new concerns that zika could lead to guillain-barri syndrome which causes sudden paralysis. this farmer in brazil has been paralyzed for a month and doctors say they saw quadruple the cases in 2015. >> who is at risk? >> everybody. >> reporter: trying to control a virus that has no vaccine and no cure. a doctor who was working on a vaccine for the zika virus says it likely won't be available for a few years. in the information center, tarhonda thomas, 9news. >> tarhonda, thank you. with spring vacation season
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really worried about how the zika virus could affect tourism in certain areas especially the caribbean. airlines are offering options now to travelers who want to change tickets because of the zika virus, another group with exposure to the area right here, cruise lines, the caribbean is a key spot for cruise companies like for carnival, the region accounts for about a third of its passengers. stocks of carnival, royal caribbean, norwegian cruise lines having a tough start to this year. uber is now sharing more than just rides around denver for the super bowl. we will tell you all about it and if you love puppies, you will want to know what's going
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congress is holding its first hearing today on the lead contamination water crisis in flint, michigan. the state's top environmental regulator is among several officials testifying before the house oversight and government
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he says michigan should have required flint to treat its water for corrosion causing elements after elevated lead levels were first discovered. officials at somalia's civil aviation authority say they have found no evidence so far of a criminal act in an explosion on an airliner that had an emergency landing shortly after takeoff. somalia's deputy ambassador to the u.n. was on this flight. he captured this video on his cell phone. the pilot said he thought the blast was caused by a bomb. officials say the plane was headed to jabooty when the blast happened within minutes of takeoff. an official investigation is underway. hopefully we will learn more about what caused the blast this week sometime. uber has replaced the white and black u logo with a new design of an image that ceo travis calnick calls the atom and bit. it will use a unique color in each of the 68 counties it
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here in denver uber is sharing more than just rides today, from now until 2:00 offices can request puppies on the uber app and for $30 a chaperon from the denver dumb friends league will bring you a pair of puppies to play with for 15 minutes. amelia and marty had a chance to smuggle with a couple of -- snuggle with a couple of them this morning. all the pups are available for adoption. you will notice that as soon as you go to your app, it pops up to see if you want to do that. and, so, it is hard to get around the metro area right now with all the snow just kind of frozen on the streets. danielle will tell us when we might get a break but then also fill us in on what's going on in the high country.
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we can't stop watching this little girl. sloan anderson right there on her snowboard. she barely was walking and her parents thought, you know, let's see how her balance is like on a board. she lives in utah so they are
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this video is on facebook and so many are loving you watching it. look at her face. she is cute. many are sharing pictures because they were inspired by little sloan, so thank you for sending in your pictures of your little ones, getting up there on the mountain. >> cute. >> michael, that is impressive. >> way to go. this is fun. the goggles are bigger than their face. >> truly are. and we are having a ball here looking at them and we are posting them so please continue to share your pictures. little 3-year-old. that's awesome. >> get them up there. we have the best terrain in the world right here in our back yard, might as well do it young. >> now especially. >> they fall in just fluffy snow. that's it. it's perfect up there. incredible 48 hour reports especially down there, silverton, san juans, so 40 inches. >> 40 inches. >> at silverton, powderhorn, 24, 2 feet.
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he will dara -- eldora 13 and seven for crested butte. this storm system sat over colorado sunday, monday and tuesday. now it looks relatively quiet but cold. i think we could have a few flurries on friday. we will get a break on saturday, that will be just divine, 45 degrees, bust out >> no. >> fail. >> couple of flurries on sunday. great weather to stay inside. >> and watch the game. >> cheer on our broncos. >> make some chili. >> yes. everybody. enjoy the sunshine but watch out for that wind.
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